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The Sleepwalker Factor on the Road to 2012

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Life can be very tough or it can be a walk in the park. The jury is out on which is preferable in the long run. I know people who had an easy go of it early on and people like myself who had a rough time. In later days, I find that those who had an easy go do not now have the will for persistence, because they had nothing to grow against in the beginning. Like it or not, adversity makes us strong.

Another point is that we are all given propensities that we must experience and overcome. The majority of people settle for some compromise with their shortcomings. They justify them. They deny them. They put a cloak of virtue over them or they plead the exigency of circumstance as the culprit. This all points to the prevailing disposition not to be honest with oneself. Failing that, we fail in any case because we wander in a carnival of the unreal.

One has only to watch the world and the personalities who play upon the stage; small stage, large stage, no matter. In many cases the smaller the stage the better because the humiliation is less, as is the sense of loss. We note the wide success of despicable characters in our present day. By example I will mention Tony Blair. Very few people who have his acquaintance, in his theater of operation, like him very much and most leaders in the European Union would prefer he not be named as president shortly ...but the forces behind the scenes are a different matter. There’s a reason for all of this.

We note the preeminence of certain so-called spiritual leaders who express very little of the spiritual in their intentions and deeds. We note that many spiritual teachers are nothing more than business men in mufti. We are not referring to the Islamic meaning of the word in this case. We note that through the ages there has been a wide divide between those whose ambition has over reached their good sense and those who have labored in selfless service.

I’ve said a number of times that everything is under control. As with anything that has a cosmic meaning to it, there is a complexity of interpretation when the mind becomes engaged. The mind is both your greatest enemy and potentially your greatest friend. It depends on who is running the show. Well, you and I are never running the show. We might think we are but that is simply an indication that we will find out otherwise at some point. The impact of this awareness is not usually subtle.

Most people on this planet are warring against themselves as they move through the continuum. For some the struggle will not abate until they have achieved the balance and harmony sought. For most, an arrangement will be made and their personal cassette will play out until the tape ends and another is programmed to follow.

I’m not concerned with people realizing their dreams and personal ambitions. Some will and some won’t and in neither case is satisfaction going to be the enduring result. I’m concerned with the people who have realized that all dreams and ambitions are temporary fantasies.

At one point I wanted to be a major league baseball player; an archaeologist, a rock and roll star and a few other things that I got some degree of proficiency in. At around sixteen I began writing poetry and that consumed a number of years with the lifestyle that attends such employment. This evolved into the dramatic arts and musical performance that then embraced stand-up comedy with political overtones. My activities in most of these areas brought me to the attention of the law enforcement community and a whole lot of trouble.

I worked as a restaurateur and on the radio. It was pretty clear to me as I went that nothing I was employed at was going to be sufficient to what I was actually seeking but I had to maintain some kind of environment and support system, while I was searching. I still do some part of all of these things except for the baseball but they are just routine extensions of something that is going on at another level and whatever I might be doing is an expression of that, like this post.

We’re all doing some version of this at the moment. We’re not all engaged in something, apart from the things we are doing, that influences what we do in terms of our personal evolution. At the same time, yes we are all doing this but with different results. Some of us are consciously engaged and some of us are sleepwalking. You cannot engage a sleepwalker in a conscious exchange. They are not relating to you at the time. They are relating to the dream they are in. A sleepwalker will not be capable of rational understanding and exchange until they awaken partially. Let us use the example of someone coming out of sedation after a medical procedure. There’s a difference between being under the influence of nitrous oxide in the dental chair and a surgical anesthesia compound. Ergo there is a difference between the relative states of different sleepwalkers. If you’ve had an operation, you may remember how you were as you were coming off the anesthesia. You might remember that you were somewhat incoherent and you might not have understood what was being said to you.

The reason for the world, as we know it, is due to the sleepwalking factor. Those who operate in a predatory manner are aware of the sleepwalking factor. Some of them are sleepwalking too. Some of them are partially awake but it is always difficult to define the mindset of those engaged in conscious evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It could be just as difficult to understand those who are doing good for the sheer joy of it and it can also be difficult to tell the difference because some part of the one group masquerade as members of the other.

In times of material darkness, the spotlight is on evil as the preferred route to follow where success is concerned. As a result, many sleepwalkers are encouraged in their dream state to take this route; the dog eat dog syndrome. Up is made to appear to be down. Forward is presented as backwards and vice as virtue. There is an agreement between the sleepwalking predators; the semi-conscious predators and the hypnotically manipulated, uncommitted sleepwalkers to behave against their own best interests because of false labeling. Everyone agrees to embrace a convenient lie in expectation of their piece of the pie.

This sort of thing goes on from age to age with occasional interruptions in the routine. We now approach a time of such interruption and the sleepwalking brigade is going to be meeting a force of awakening. For some this is going to be more traumatic. It depends on the degree of sleep one is experiencing. There’s no way around this. It’s going to happen. It is happening now and there are some numbers of people who are coming out of the sleepwalking state. For many of them it is a disconcerting experience but accommodation is a natural result in the process.

There was a great teacher of the last century named Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. He said it the best in terms of what is coming. I’ll have to paraphrase because I doubt I remember it exactly. He said, “When God comes to awaken you he first shakes you gently on the shoulder. If that does not work he shakes you harder. If that does not work, God picks up a two by four”. Whatever the case may be in your particular case, awakening is the demand and it will be achieved at whatever the cost of the action required.

If you’ve been suffering at the hands of this world from the seeming curse of being partially awakened then you’re going to be in positive anticipation of what is coming. If, on the other hand you have been sleepwalking through the fields of appetite, you will not be so welcoming based on the degree of your sleepwalking resistance. What I have been discussing here is now closer than it appears as you can read at the bottom of your side view mirror.

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This fellow seems like the real deal too. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos lately.

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Anonymous said...

I've been trying to wake up for a long time now, but I keep hitting the damn snooze button. I am thinking the snooze button is gonna be gone soon. Although I am ready, been a long time coming and apparently I need some help clearing that last bit of sleepy fog.

Thanks for sharing.


Frostwolf said...

Les, thank you for that. The partial sleepwalking notion truly resonates with my experience.

Funny you should mention personal ambition. I've used it like German Chocolate Cake and Vodka. Addictively. And for the longest time it's not worked. It's taken the form of writing the "angry play." On the surface that might seem noble--at least it did to me. But over the years since getting sober then saying goodbye to the Evil White Powders (sugar and flour) and the 110 pounds what went with them, I've slowly become uncomfortably aware that this was something else I would need to let go of.

And last week, I was just getting angry again, and I decided to try to write another "angry play" and I felt it totally backfiring. Ah, awareness.

Really what's going on is that I've been putting off taking action on an awareness that I need to take some concrete actions "ex-Matrixia." To act on taking the red pill. Now that I'm hyper-aware (or partially awake but with this prism face of it glaring bright as the sun in my eyes), I'm entering into the acceptance phase that will lead to some action.

Gosh it hurts though. I have to pray to remember gratitude and love during the day. Not to take the b.s. around me personally. I can't satisfy others' cravings to be special. Heck, I've discovered my own are but vapors. Temporary pleasures as you noted.

Molto grazie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. Good stuff.
I would have to agree with you on the sleepwalking thing. I find it hard to see how we will ever, not do this walking in sleep to some degree?
As a kid it seemed like I did less of the sleeping and more walking. As I focus my ideas, they return to issues of my past, most of the powerful ones are from early on as a kid. What events put me to sleep? I think trauma and pain started the rest state? Not sure why, I think I didnt have anyone to share ideas with so I just put them in the dream vault? A tipping point came as I stop dealing with ideas and just lived via social events and goals? Later, life turned around for me, and I think I turn with it too, but anyway I found myself alone. I had time and the nature to start walking awake agian. I guess for me, wanting to deal in others worlds was better than dealing with mine? Im thankful and happy to deal with myself now. Still have a long list of things to deal with, but Im not waiting for others to help? It may seems silly and simple but it took me years to figure this out. Selfhood!!!
I cant say Im not still sleeping. Thats way to hard to get around. Being awakened dosent replace the problem but gives light to it. I find taking little planned naps helps now. I wish to be all I see at all time, but Im thinking thats tons to ask for all at once. So I work on issues than I dont. I have to make time to sleepwalk some still? I dont know? I couldnt have been ready for the battle without sometime in a restful dream?

Anonymous said...

"it is easy to wake up someone who is really sleeping, not someone who is pretending"

Anonymous said...

As we pass from one dream into the next grasping at what what appears to be. It is all an image created in our mind, an interpretation of something out there that may or may not be real.

The dreams all blur together to make a super-dream that is our life. When we realize that dreams are reality and reality is a dream then sleepwalking is a natural state for those who do not open up and see what there environment is. A dream within a dream. The trick is to interact with your dreams and crate a reality.

the BCth said...

As they so often do, Les, this post of yours deeply resonates with and speaks to me, my situation, and my state of mind. Thank you so much for continuing to write. Your blogs are like lampposts on my personal shadow-stricken path.

I started to watch the HamsaYogi video and could not stop the tears from coming. Maybe yoga is something I would do well to take up. I will take it into serious consideration.

nina said...

hummmmm, hummmmm, Oh I could drink a case of a case of Dog Prophet transmissions and I would still be, still be on my feet, hummmmm, hummmmm

Unknown said...

Pratical suggestions to deal with a traumatic life

Visible said...

I'd appreciate if you people did not use this space to shill for fundie propaganda sites. If you want to give a link to aware Christian teachers that's fine but this kind of thing I don't approve of and I'm only leaving the comment up for other readers to draw their own conclusions.

This site is a demagogic and demonic location that I've personally got no use for.

I hold Jesus Christ in high regard but that does not extend to those posing as Christians most of the time. Along with your masters in Israel you are making the world worse than all of the rest of the world put together. The two of you are a plague on the planet.

Anonymous said...


Been lookin over Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov stuff. It seems to me I knew a man like this, we all have? Im not saying he's not a real gift but where did people like this go? My grandparents say many of the same things? At first I was reading his words as a newbe but in a second I remembered much of what he said. I thought this way as a kid, a bit? Thanks for road map!!!

Josey Wales said...

Hi Les,

Josey here.

I was doing a lot of deep thinking, then had super and went out side. I look up at the shy and see this giant cloud shaped like a huge dick w/scrotum traveling backwards, heading toward NY City.

Not sure what it may mean, but it gave me a laugh.

Anonymous said...

I know Les and perhaps many others hold "Jesus Christ" in high regard, but I, for one, have to respectfully differ.
In 60+ years I have known with absolute certainty that many Masters have and do exist (I have had my molecules rearranged by them a few times - that's my criteria for "the real thing"), but never have I encountered any convincing evidence that a particular individual named "Jesus Christ" existed as ascribed to by "his" followers. Nor have I had any "visions", revelations, or felt any presence whatsoever identified with such personage. Just putting that out there for the record. On the other hand, besides the Masters, I have experienced a number of archetypal elemental presences and devic "deities" from whom I have been given invaluable lessons, initiations, and information.
I personally have not seen any benefit from said belief system in any way to the human race, sentient beings, the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged, the finned, the 'one-leggeds', the air, the water, the mountains, or the planet Earth. Ditto x10 from the BS known as "judaism". Nothing original that can't be found in the Vedas, Shaivism, Taoism, Sufism, or aboriginal animist traditions.
I personally would feel nothing but joy if these BeliefSystems would just find another planet, since this one can't take any more of the hell, destruction, and desecration that has been parceled out for the last 4000+ years. I don't really regard either one as real religions, but purely political scams masquerading as religions. Nor do I believe in the historicity of ANY of the characters whatsoever.

This "star of david" crap is givin me crazy-mind. The "birthplace of Krishna"? WTF? This symbol is a simplified version of Shri Yantra. Shri Yantra is interpenetration of Shiva/Rudra --- Shakti/Kali/Vak [Sophia]. Rudra and Kali/Vak are the original indigenous dravidian polarity. The lingam and yoni. The yin-yang. The lingam (OMG - a "PHALLIC" "god", how awful! How disgusting! How pagan!) is ALWAYS conjoined with the yoni, for fucks sake! (pun intended) Shaiva is the combined male-female, heaven-earth, spiritual-material (etc etc) unity. Shava is the "corpse" - materiality without the feminine spark of beingness/livingness, "dead" inanimate matter, without the "i" denoting the omnipresent life-giving feminine principle - the Goddess - the original ancient mother of all creation. The core of matriarchal (and balanced) human societies.
Shiva is not some pseudo-historical savior-godling. Shiva is the original, pristine, uncorrupted Self, the true human archetype (Shiva and Shakti both have 3rd eye open). Not a savior-god like Krishna, Ram, Kalki, Buddha, Balaram, etc. These are imaginary "historical" avatars based on forgotten, confused pre-history. The whole Vaisnav (Vishnu, Krishna, Ram, avatars, etc) thing looks an awful lot like another part of the priestly classes' scam to co-opt and/or erase the Goddess. Same with the Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva trinity crap.

Anonymous said...

The Trinity always has pertained to the Goddess. The Vaisnav "goddesses" are not about the original sovereignty of Her. Radha? Oh please! A married woman who has no genuine sovereignty/will to resist running off every night to worship at the feet of the "flute" playing playboy adolescent godling? Lakshmi? The "wife" of Vishnu, the "goddess of material wealth"? Sita? The daughter of a king, who gets herself abducted and abused by a demon (due to her own material craving, and disobedience) so that her husband, Ram, can "rediscover" his divine nature, only to turn around and condemn her to the suttee fires or be swallowed up by the earth? These Goddesses once held their own in various localities, but were "demoted" to "wives", etc. I personally see Vaisnavism as being full of anal "purity"-obsession, ritualism, re-enforcing and celebrating the material-spiritual separation, and full of injunctions about the "only true scriptural way" to realization. Reminds me of the JC garbage.
Why is it that young Krishna-freaks are taught to vilify Shiva and/or Devi bhaktas as "demon worshipers"? I've never yet heard a Shaivite or Shakta demonize Krishna. They just smile and join in on praising what they view as a cool teaching story for some. Most of the ISKCON elders I've known "grew up" to be Shaivites or Shaktas or both (some still in the closet). Buddhists also demonized Shiva and Shakti, probably because hinduism had become corrupt, but so what? (They also co-opted the Shri Yantra in totality!) The six-pointed star is found in Islam and practically every culture on earth.

Anyway, rumor has it that beneath the "vatican" lie a shitload of Shiva-Lingams. Makes sense to me. So does the idea that original Rastafarians were Shaivites, what with the dreads and the ganja and other indications - probably just eventually got inundated with the Abrahamic crap.

So, now that I've just about pissed on all the sacred cows in the field, I sit in anticipation of incoming (shit). Just please don't quote scripture. Or at least indicate chapter and verse clearly so I can skip over it.

"Without earth, there is no heaven" -John Trudell


Visible said...

In all my journeys and searching I've never gotten a Jesus Christ hit either but Yogis that I much admire reference him with respect. My feeling is that there is no historical Jesus as he is painted. It's a continuation of that dying God thing.

I have seen many Hindu deities and Buddhas right before me as holographic images vibrating on the higher planes and I have had real experiences with Sufi saints.

They say everything is mind so perhaps all these gods are projections of the mind. BUT... then I consider the real experiences that I have and have to say there is something conscious and it speaks to me both in the female and male aspect.

Anonymous said...

Not intending to cause anger, offensive language or disrespect, which seems to be pretty easy to do...

"Why is it that young Krishna-freaks are taught to vilify Shiva and/or Devi bhaktas as "demon worshipers"?

Au contraire...

Prabhupada: No, vaishnavanam yatha sambhuh: "Amongst the Vaishnavas, Sambhu, Lord Siva, is the greatest Vaishnava." So we worship Lord Siva as Vaishnava. We give respect to Vaishnavas. So why not Lord Siva? Lord Siva is a big Vaishnava. But generally, the devotees of Lord Siva, they take Lord Siva is independent God. That is offensive. If you know that Lord Siva is also a devotee, you can give more respect to Lord Siva. Krishna will be pleased. Devotee (3): Shrila Prabhupada, he does not chant Hare Krishna, he chants Om Namah Shivaya
Prabhupada: That's all right.
Devotee (3): It's all right?
Prabhupada: He will gradually become devotee. When God, Lord Siva, will be pleased upon him, he will advise to worship.

Zel said...

Castaneda had it right, when he spoke of clearing the island of the tonal of all things unnecessary -- that which offers resistance, but is not rooted in the spirit, will be washed away by contact with the power that's out there, whatever you choose to label it. I've heard variations of the same thought, from other cultures, so I'm not trying to sell his books.

I've had it rough in my life, and never really minded given that I nothing else to compare it against, but it's only when I lost everything but my health, that I truly learned the meaning of the thought which Castaneda expressed--somewhere, sometime during that time, when I had nothing to fall back on but the spirit, something in me awakened(he would term it the second attention)--since then life's only gotten better, and better.

This was four years ago, and I can truly say the person I used to be died then, although the person I am has some of his mannerisms, and so, I don't fear any unveiling, any apocolypse, or much of anything for that matter, good or bad...

I will admit to being curious about the concept of a boost in awareness, offered by a seemingly external force. This was a new concept to me until two years ago - I'd always considered boosting awareness solely my responsibility, but I wouldn't turn down a free boost - if it happens I'm ready to surf that wave, if not, I'll keep paddling on my own.

If there's truth to what Les, and other people speak of on various blogs, the world will be a very different place three years from now.

DumbGoyNot said...

This may seem off the subject, but I don't think it is. The New World Order kingpins imagine that by crashing the US economy they'll have the Americans all squealing like three hundred million piggies over the death of their god of consumerism, followed by them groveling at the oligarchs' feet and willing to do whatever it takes to get their god back. But what the oligarchs fail to consider is that due to their (almost forgotten) Chrisian heritage the Americans perform miracles when threatened with something really serious, and they pull together and unite against the foe.

But the oligarchs are Satanists, and one thing all Satanists have in common is egomania. Any egomaniac who has power over another person will strut around and brag and threaten and imagine themself to be all powerful over the other person. That is until the other person gets fed up and retaliates. Then all of a sudden the strut is reduced to a waddle and the brag is reduced to a whine. After the formerly oppressed person gets a taste of freedom he becomes truly unpredictable in the eyes of the Satanist, and truly frightening to him.

Second to the money, the only other major ace in the hole the Satanists have is that they own the mainstream media, and with it the means of mass deciet and confusion. It'll be interesting to see if the adversity of an economic meltdown will be a wakeup call sufficient to wean people off TV and movies.

This morning I emailed some of my friends an article titled 'The Unacceptable Cost of Judeo-Christianity; its Legacy of Pain', and one of them called me this evening and said the article is "Psychobabble." What he fails to understand is that anyone who acquires his knowledge of the world from TV news is in no position to be evaluating what is or what isn't psychobabble.

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

The time has come, the time to separate the sheep from the goats.
I am the Way,the Truth and the Life.
Nobody comes to the Father except through me, I am the door.
Those who reject me bring condemnation upon themselves.
I do the work of my Father who sent me.
Now is the time of judgment.
Should the moderator censor this comment, then there is a price to pay.

I am The Faithful Witness(Yeshua/Duke)

Visible said...

Besides comparing yourself to God are you going to send me to Hell Duke? that's the first thing the fundies think about is Hellfire and punishment for those who get in their way. I put this up so that people can see what I'm talking about. Please send me another comment with a similar threat because I do feel at a loss for not having rejected it.

God does not view me as you do, nor does whomever it is you are talking about have any power over me. The single and great power is within me and a part of me. you're not likely to be in a position to separate me from that. Which being is it again who seeks to separate humanity from God?

Rebel 4E said...

"Whatever the Thinker thinks, the Prover will prove. And if the Thinker thinks passionately enough, the Prover will prove the thought so conclusively that you will never talk a person out of such a belief, even if it is something as remarkable as the notion that there is a gaseous vertebrate of astronomical heft ("GOD") who will spend all eternity torturing people who do not believe in his religion"

Peace (-___-)

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Mr, President, you are a Low-Down, Snake-eyed Liar.

tim said...

What is Reality? The concept that "everything is mind" is completely true. Prove a pencil exists. No matter how hard you try, you will only be explaining your nervous system and brain. Everything is electrical energy, electro-magnetism (light), a different vibrational frequency perceived by limited senses. True meditation opens the perceived frequency range as you know. Your words explain this so elequently.

Visible said...

And sometimes they even have weird science on their side.

Uh... uh... good grief!

daniel guimond said...

There are many levels of awakening, like a series of veils that one traverses on the way back to the root. After studying in every direction, it was by returning to the basis that the greatest change occured in me.

We sleep when we are concerned only with receiving the bounty, and satisfying our endless desires. As soon as the desire is fulfilled, we go back to suffering.

Meanwhile, when we begin to exert our energy in order to bestow, there are no possible downtimes. If we bestow onto others, we receive the same goodness in return twofold. Then, as we begin to bestow in order to return to the Light what the Light gives us, which is everything, we start reuniting our point in the heart with those around us.

We even begin to see that the others are being raised along with us. And this is so because in fact, we are but one great soul, with billions of points which are made to reconnect.

The sleepwalker will not awaken until he begins to care for others as much as he cares for himself. Those are all the commandments into the one!

kikz said...

OMG that link was hilarous! les :)


live! and let... zombiez sleep....

i just intensely dislike having to navigate round them out in public...such'a bother :) small favorz that they are relatively slow >:)

Hank said...

To Duke I would just say that only ignorance is certain. When one thinks they know something, they may end up ignoring a greater truth. Personally I believe heaven is in Rome and cappuccino is bliss, and I'm not sure where you are, but if Rome is our intention, I'm sure our paths will be different, but if the intention is clear, we will both enjoy the bliss of cappuccino.

For the rest, I just don't know. I've read and heard many philosophies as to how to reach that higher plain of spiritual awareness, but I have reached a point where I'm not sure you can get there by traveling anyone's path but your own. Much the same way we all go through the same motions to walk, we all do it in a unique manner, some to the extent that they can be recognized at a distance, even when their face is not able to be seen. We can be taught how to ride a bike but eventually one has to ride alone.

I am not certain we need anything other than the knowledge that the higher plain exists, and a desire to get there. I have come to believe that the directions on how to get there are already in us, and we have but to trust them. It's kind of like, build it and they will come. All knowledge exists. If you make a place for it in you, and throw out the welcome mat of I don't know, it will reside.

I think that for far too long, we as individuals have allowed others to define what success is. I was lucky and realized at a relatively early age that what others saw as success would never make me happy. I just never saw or felt the joy of materialism. I always seemed to have the knowledge that life was a journey, and much like the wagon trainers that had to dump all their stuff in the desert in order to get to the other side, I saw stuff as a burden.

I have come to view religion and government and nationalism in much the same light. Just more people trying to define my success. I don't know if I'm ready, but I believe that one has to eventually learn to ride this bike of life by ones self, and I want to try. God is there, even though I don't have the capacity to fully understand the nature of god, and some of god is in me, and I believe they will naturally connect if I allow it.

Hopefully I will see you all in Rome. You do like cappuccino don't you? Peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Peace be with the reader.

The time has come, the time to separate the sheep from the goats.
I am the Way,the Truth and the Life.
Nobody comes to the Father except through me, I am the door.
Those who reject me bring condemnation upon themselves.
I do the work of my Father who sent me.
Now is the time of judgment.
Should the moderator censor this comment, then there is a price to pay.

I am The Faithful Witness(Yeshua/Duke)

Obviously spoken by Spirit through someone wise enough to get out of it's way. :)


Visible said...

I'm putting you self-righteous fundies on notice. You show up every now and again like head lice and I can only itch for so long before I reach for the Quell.

God is one and the same in all true embodiments at all times and places. Anything to the contrary is self-indulgent, elitist sanctimonious horseshit. My God can definitely kick your God's ass so keep it in mind.

Anonymous said...

Les, it's not an easy road.
But I guess this is why we chose to be here in the first place.
To grow in so many ways.
I sometimes pretend to be asleep, and just live life, watch "Dancing with the Stars", and forget all the realities that sometimes I don't want to look at.
it's fear. Fear is what keeps us from really waking up.
Whether fear of change, fear or the unknown, fear of the "danger" that the media machine puts on us, Fear for our loves oned. Fear to let go of all the "known" that makes me comfortable,
It took me a while to see the ignorance that was in me before I really took a look within and even looking at my own shadow self sometimes is painful and I stubbornly kick and scream until enough pain and suffering sends to a place of total surrender that in some things, I am just no in control but I am not completely powerless over my own thoughts. I can always look within for answers, although I want to look out there. I want someone or something to just make it better, make it right, and it's just not the way it happens.

I think I am starting to get more courage, everyday to see reality, under the insanity that is presented inside & outside of me, and everyday, something, someone outside or inside of myself gives me a little more strength and courage to be.
Thanks so much.

Duke said...

Peace be with you Les.

I cannot for one moment see how you can say that I am comparing myself to The Great Spirit(God) that rules over all.
On the contrary,I am saying that I am HIS servant. The message is clear, the time has come for those who are corrupted to be exposed for what they are.

I am The Faithful Witness
(see Revelation 1:5)

kikz said...

if your wish is to wake...

you can do so... in 8:51 min/sec.

dr. bruce lipton explains -

the perception of belief

this is 7th of 7 of this wonderful little series.

if you never, ever follow a link i leave or never ever watch another video...

give this one 8mins and 51secs.
please. :)

Hank said...


God is not a ruler, and does not require servitude. You have posted yourself as the perfect example of this article. You are a zombie and obviously incapable of any true understanding. Suffice it to say that you have shown up at the wrong party and are inappropriately dressed. Enjoy your bliss.

Anonymous said...

Duke is kinda crazy ain't he?

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

I am reminded of something Les said on "Reflections in a petri dish"

"If you are going to tell the truth- and God help you if you do- you can’t be concerned with the static that ensues and it’s pointless to argue about it. It either is or it isn’t and that will show itself in time as it did in the case of Galileo and many others. It comes down in the end- as does everything- to what you value and hold dear. It speaks to intention and ultimately, to where you end up."

I am The Faithful Witness

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with Anonymous 2:02 AM, as well as Bholenath 2:02 AM. Way to go Bholenath.

I also really dig John Trudell, as well as Castaneda of course. There is more to Castenda than meets the eye.

Also, Anonymous 3:03 AM is merely parroting a form of subtle condescending BS... imo. Its rather dumb if you ask me..

I also much agree with what Visible so succinctly said to Duke:

"God does not view me as you do, nor does whomever it is you are talking about have any power over me. The single and great power is within me and a part of me. you're not likely to be in a position to separate me from that. Which being is it again who seeks to separate humanity from God?" --and-- "God is one and the same in all true embodiments at all times and places. Anything to the contrary is self-indulgent, elitist sanctimonious horseshit. My God can definitely kick your God's ass so keep it in mind."

And lastly, Hank is right-on where he says (to Duke): "You have posted yourself as the perfect example of this article. You are a zombie and obviously incapable of any true understanding. Suffice it to say that you have shown up at the wrong party and are inappropriately dressed."

I myself say that the religious fundamentalism of characters like Duke, is a suffocating disease and sickness of the mind and spirit.

The antidote is simply to be as real (meaning being sincere and truthful) and as kind and loving and compassionate as you can towards all.

Because everything really is 'under control', the universe (totality) demands balance. However you treat the universe, is how the universe will treat you. Surrender to truth and you will become imbued with light and life.

--- long john

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.


" And many of them said, He hath a devil, and is mad;why hear ye him ? "

The Faithful Witness

Visible said...

There's a new Reflection in a Petri Dish up now-

The not so Nobel Prize.

Anonymous said...

"Also, Anonymous 3:03 AM is merely parroting a form of subtle condescending BS... imo. Its rather dumb if you ask me.."


Do you know what subtle means?
Is a simple refutation, actual recorded speakings of a pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada, paying extraordinary respect to Lord Shiva and advising all the Vaishnavas to do the same, subtle?
Srila Prabhupada is rather dumb?
Do you hear yourself?

Or do you hear a parrot?

Melvin Sneardley said...

Me listens to straight edge hardcore music from time to time and one of my favorite titles is not hard you're just soft. Rock on L.V. no one does it better.



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