Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"The Avatar is Sweeping Away with a New Broom those Powers, Principalities and Rulers of the Darkness of this Age."

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The world is spinning and tossing in a restless sleep. Brief moments of wakefulness are rising like a wave in the surface mind and then falling back, beneath the surface, as the force of the quotidian dream state pulls us down. Everything operates in a wave-like fashion. Everything is vibrating. Every few thousand years, a new feature is released into the human psyche and becomes a part of our being and acting. You might refer to each state, before and after something new is introduced, as A WAVE; a human wave, as in The Third Wave, The Fourth Wave and... like that. Each feature is a kind of awakening, a discovery, a kind of; “What is this?” or “Look what I found.”

New abilities emerge out of the subconscious and then become a part of the pattern of our times. Yesterday we talked about the different personas that appeared in consecutive decades and how they were reflected in the culture. We've been in a downward spiral for awhile, as people became more routinely stupid and self-involved. Now... something very interesting is taking place. I doubt that much attention has been given to it so far BUT... the most recent human appearances, those who are still in school and just coming into puberty or... a couple-few years beyond that are proving to be; at least to my eyes, very different from their predecessors. They're more alert, more sane and stable, more thoughtful and THANK GOD... less robotic and politically correct. This is merely my observation BUT it is what I am seeing. They are REJECTING THE PROGRAMMING! The Zeitgeist is altogether of a different order. Something 'like' the 60s is now appearing on the menu, we're hoping it will result in a Pricks Fix (inside joke).

I mentioned elsewhere that Lady Nature is showing signs of Indigestion. You can only shove so much down her throat before she reacts. She is incredibly patient BUT... every now and again she feels compelled to rock the house, SHAKE things up a little bit, or more than that. I would definitely be looking for something dramatic, along the order of Natural Phenomena. I'm not a predictor of events but this seems certain. The Awakening is reaching everywhere and prior to awakening, one tends to toss and turn as they come into being awake. Lady Nature has been dreaming too.

Yes, Mr. Apocalypse has been Exposing and Revealing the formerly concealed. It's happening all round the world, causing the good among us to get better and the bad to get worse. Given the startling changes that have been taking place, it is easy to overlook the most potent action that Mr. Apocalypse has been engaged in and that is AWAKENING. This awakening is not just a human enterprise. It is happening in every realm and it IS happening in The Natural World as well. It is also happening in the Invisible Realm. We may not be seeing that but some number of us are most certainly feeling it. I've been having to drink large amounts of Chamomile Tea and even Red Bali Kratom because of the hyper tremors taking place below my surface mind. I was warned about this previous to its happening so... I'm okay but this is not a mild development.

For some reason I am getting as many as a dozen Friend Requests a day now on Facebook. I'm not like most of Your Wokenesses. I don't categorically react to Facebook, or any of the myriad new forms of social media that have become an every day part of so many people's lives. Some very strange things have happened to me in recent times. I no longer get angry. I no longer sort the world into Good and Bad. Not that there is no Good or Bad but that the parameters are always shifting and what was previously Good is now no longer good (in some cases) and what was Bad, no longer bad. YES! Some things ARE ALWAYS wrong; timeless errors of the human estate but then... there are those lineaments that are subject to change.

So... to me... Facebook and all similar environments (can I call it an environment?) are more cyclopean in their nature. They can be, EITHER, OR, depending. It is peculiar though, that out of the blue I would be inundated with these Friend Requests, given that I haven't done anything to provoke it.

I dislocated my shoulder and that brought me several weeks of slowly diminishing agony. I couldn't figure out what the point of it was. THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS. For the first several days, my discomfort was so extreme that I didn't notice much else. It wasn't due to the state of the shoulder. That had been returned to its socket. It was due to the force exerted by the medical personnel. The result was deep bone bruises all up and down my arm. They told my friend that it took all the force they could muster to put it back; whatever the reason for that was. Anyway... as the suffering diminished, I found myself paying careful attention to all of my movements and I started thinking that simply paying more attention might be the answer and THAT LED TO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT. It occurred to me that I might apply a spiritual effort to the 'paying attention' factor and it was something I had NEVER BEFORE been able to practice with any consistency. The Inner Voice then said to me, “If you can maintain this, you will never have a repeat of that kind of thing again.”

For whatever the reason, other than the obvious motivation to avoid injury, I found myself able to do this thing that I had not been able to do before, except in times of extreme focus, when my life was on the line, or worse. It had been present right after the Kundalini Rising and for some time after but it eventually integrated back into the routine day to day. NOW... I am able to do it almost all of the time and this has been happening for a couple of weeks now so... I don't know what to think. However, thinking is a secondary issue here.

I am beginning to get a clue. Glimmers of revealing light are starting to break through the shell of my ignorance and I am thrilled at that, despite the giddiness that has become a regular feature of these times. You know how it is? You are trying with all your might BUT not all the time, still... you are giving it serious attention, however, in Sisyphean style, you find yourself merely treading water, not getting anywhere, sort of swimming in place because you are going one way and the current is going another and this is what happens when you are trying to walk in all ways contrary to the world. For whatever the reason (I'm repeating myself), you don't give up. Maybe it is the good offices of your angels, or somehow you've managed to come to the fore, despite all of the opposition that presses on you and then... one day... against all expectations and appearances, YOU BREAK THROUGH! You are suddenly on another plane of awareness and what was heavy labor, a real ordeal, has now become nothing at all. You just do it. There aren't any other options. I'm probably making a hash of explaining this so I'll move on.

Suffice to say that BIG CHANGES are taking place. That's obvious in the material sense but I am not talking about the material sense. For materialists this area of energetic expression is all they are concerned with BUT... for those of us with an oar in both worlds, these BIG CHANGES are happening in both locations. For me it means the approach of The Avatar. Mr. Apocalypse is The Herald who goes before him. When The Avatar appears, he doesn't just show up on this plane. He precipitates downward through the planes, originating from that place of the greatest intensity of concentrated conscious light and then the lesser concentrations and then to The Atmic Plane and then to The Buddic and then to The Causal and then to The Mental and then to The Astral and then to The Etheric AND THEN to this place of the least light, bringing with him the light from that point of origin and sweeping out every location with a new broom, cleansing away those powers and principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age.

As I understand it, he is coming to emerge in the human heart, in those hearts that are open to his appearance. Once having arrived, he is set to galvanize the force of Universal Brotherhood, which is the prevailing feature of The Aquarian Age and it is due to this that I KNOW a Golden Age is coming. Of course it won't show up everywhere. There are locations of human misery in search of company that will retain their present character throughout, but EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WILL BE AFFECTED nonetheless. Even the hardest hearts will not remain unmoved and Mercy and Forgiveness WILL BE on tap for those who have an interest in them.

The most advantageous act that anyone might commit at this time is to be WELCOMING of his arrival and his presence. Clear out an area in your heart and designate it as a welcome zone for The Avatar. He is simultaneously aware of everything at once so... you won't be overlooked in respect of having done so.

Yes... appearances can seem grim. This is the result of the agents of darkness polluting the mindscape with negative imagery. It's their job to bring us low and curb our enthusiasms. Don't let it happen to you. Reject these false appearances out of hand. Remember, APPEARANCES ARE A LIE. Nothing that seems to be going on in the world at this moment is anywhere nearly as important as what is going on within you if it is permitted to occur.

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Visible said...

Sorry about the song. The wrong version went up and the drums really are conflicting with everything else. I'll replace it with the better version as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

That’s what I’m talking about! I trust this is what all your new FB friends came around to read. I myself have also been experiencing that non-polarity aspect and find myself going neutral on many subjects. I’m guessing that we’ve been hit with some big “forgiveness” upgrades.

A pleasure as always to hear your take on matters, Visible. Thank you for sharing your lessons and gifts with us.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A very inspirational post, I must say.

Ray B. said...

Great last few columns, Vis. Thanks. Busy...

Vis, I want to thank you for 'introducing' me to the angelic line-up. Ever since Higher Self checked them out, there has been increasing working-together. Above a certain level, HS does not have the 'chops' to accomplish things. It can observe and communicate, but does not have the raw power to overcome obstacles. That is where HS seems to have an 'agreement' with certain angels to clear-out/clear-up less-than-nice entities and forms. Curiously, it seems to be the same 3-4 angels that keep popping-up. Perhaps, they are 'familiar' to HS and Ray in some way...
Vis; "When The Avatar appears, he doesn't just show up on this plane. He precipitates downward through the planes... bringing with him the light from that point of origin and sweeping out every location with a new broom, cleansing away those powers and principalities and rulers of the darkness of this age."

A version of this seems to be happening via the angelic types. When they are Transforming (I don't know if Cleaning like HS does covers what they do...) down the levels, they are changing things toward the better. At some point when an entity or form has been 'finished', they keep going downwards. What they are doing is categorically different than what a just-Cleaned entity would turn-around and do. The angelic types seem to be doing Something that I just can't get my inner-eye around. I can tell there is a Starting, a Doing, and a Stopping - but I can't get a 'downshift' of what is happening like with a just-Cleaned entity. I am thinking it is more reality-shifting stuff than behavior-changing stuff...

And yes, intermediate-level Beings seem to be becoming more involved. Exciting times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kevin said...

I dislocated my shoulder on Friday the 13th, I am just now starting to get some mobility back. I got a hairline fracture in my shoulder after they put in back in. The Ketamine was wonderful though, as I went into another dimension while I was on the table.

Visible said...

Wow Kevin. So it goes. They had Ketamine and did not give me any. Strange world. I could certainly use some these days, given the creaks and assorted backhands of life

Anonymous said...

Could you elaborate on the practice which you had not been able to maintain before? The one the shoulder incident brought up?
I’m guessing it had to do with practicing the presence? I have had my own string of workplace mishaps recently that seem inexplicable. Anyway, greetings from New Mexico!


Visible said...

Ah bodhati (K). How are you! Yes... I am able to act and think as if God were doing these things in me and living his life in mine but on a very uninterrupted scale. I forget for brief moments. It is the reverse of what I had before when I would remember for brief moments. It can be very tiring. I will do a podcast and video about it shortly.

I am sorry to hear you are having mishaps. I was told that so long as I could remember and be in that state, there would be no mishaps.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

Gogggle (sic) sir gested BMG - bulk material glass, sum sort of amorphous material... Witch huff coarse reminded meek a la geek (joust kitten! Eyeblink ham vitriola contra base mud fudge) of Use and how mush ... Chew do/don't mean to/ half hell-epidemickey meadshelf, so chairs to you! You gottem, smilest Hum steel runtin arunt in cirque coils. Tars vert!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"On the Critical Matter of Angels and Becoming Free from Ignorance and Material Bondage."



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