Saturday, September 03, 2011

Les Visible, Lord Buckley and Whatever.

Dog Poet Transmitting.....

'May your noses always be in the wind without coercion for direction.....'

I think most readers know that I prefer the truth, even if it comes back on me and I defy anyone who has evidence otherwise to prove me wrong; given that I don’t care what people think, even if they are people I care about and I am sure we could find evidence of that. Let me depart from the usual expectations and allow me to indulge myself. I suppose most people know that I prefer a metaphysical expletive to a street level curse; given that no one really knows anything to begin with but... I have my druthers. So, take an excursion with me through the things that formed me and get an eye-peek into what I found relevant and memorable over what I didn’t and won’t mention.

As you know, I prefer a spiritual explanation over an empirical box containment and that is why one of the first people I appreciated was this man and if that isn’t enough, well, I have many an example by the same. You know me as someone who has an opinion of politics but I get my take on that from the same place as well.

You know me as a person who is generous with my time regardless of the response and I also get that from similar places but these examples don’t tell the half of what has influenced me.

There are exposures that have encouraged my growth all the way from the early holy books, to Fawlty Towers and Deadwood and the living doubles on every level to the heroines of movies like this that I lived with, in the process of going through what it took and maybe I just don’t want to mention what is really true because it may prove an embarrassment to the people involved who can no longer get work in the industry because of me.

When I watch movies or listen to music, there is always a personal angle because I lived a lot of it and a great deal more that the screen does not possess the technology to render into a form recognizable to the technology of the mind, or the emotions to translate. In other words, if you haven’t been there then there is no point in describing it to you and most of the time, people like me and the people I learned it from, have no recourse but to talk around things and that is the reason certain literary devices were created for in the first place. That is where jazz came from and where all of the mystics and crazies who found the ultimate came from because we don’t fit into the holes created for the molds they tried to make of us.

I’ve never had much money, because it has run through my hands to where “I thought” it was needed, which doesn’t mean I disrespect its value or don’t know how to manage it, I do and have. I was given a couple of things to ease my passage; certain gifts having to do with dealing with human interaction, both positive and negative and the company of the goddess in her most beautiful aspects and both of those are provable at any time; on the one hand by witnesses and on the other hand by witnesses and the present tense itself, so it’s not worth arguing about and a lot more easily present and past than any of the lying histories I am exposed to every day.

Well, you have your alternatives, don't you?

I’m not a product of this world and neither are you; not if you are reading these words, in any case. If you came here to begin with then you know the river runs through it (pun intended). I’ve made it a point not to claim to be able to do or ever have been what is not provable to the extent that it would never wind up in court. The fact that that gets overlooked by those arguing to the contrary makes my case better than I ever could and the fact that I am past the age where any of this should apply and still does makes it even more concrete.

Think of me as someone picked up hitchhiking by the goddess of all things who is infinitely concerned with taking me home and attending to my every need, while being desired by everyone who comes into contact with me at any point in time. This is an easily observed and proven fact but for some reason it escapes those who would seek to diminish this real condition. That force I am speaking of has serially moved me from one state to the other into states of extremity of varying periods of short duration to make this point and still the point is not made.

I would have had this done by the original author but this is a better copy, seeking out the author you get the story behind it.

People ask and inquire of me and people who have met me, “How can he say the things he says and not even get bad words, much less actual contact” and it goes on and on and still doesn’t happen. One would think I had heaven and earth at my beck and call but the truth is that I do and so do you, if you would only get a clue about what it takes.

I have tried my damndest to get certain points across but have been unsuccessful. I’ve moved in and out of certain worlds and, in my own small way, influenced products and events in the same way that you see phrases and ideas from these blogs appear all over the place in the most unrelated locations and I’ve got no part in the actualization of these things because I am only just passing through and anything that works from me was just something passing through.

Given what is coming up now and I mean, very shortly, this is probably the best time to try to make a point that will be as routinely ignored as all of the rest of them. You get out of everything what you put into it and that is above as so below. I speak with authority on certain matters only because I actually possess it but only for the commission of the work under consideration.

It would please me no end if you would join me but your faith is not up to the task, or in some cases, perhaps it is; irrespective of that, what is required is more than people care to invest and certainly less, given that, that they have hope of reaping.

Every time I have ventured into the pits and predicaments of existence I have stepped back out of them with nary a scratch on my veneer. The real wounds are below the surface. If I thought there was a point to the ongoing demonstration on my part it would be gladly given but the truth of that, in my own experience has been slim and none. I know we have heard that these are the times that try our souls but that got said long before the time in which we presently find ourselves and still, even provable demonstrations of which I have given several today, have gone wanting because they defy the minds capacity to assimilate.

Some time ago certain powers and states of awareness were given to me and I never thought much about it and that is probably why I got them and as most of my visitors can attest, I have amply proven this but even those who believe do not actually believe which would make me tear my hair if I had any but maybe I will if that’s what it takes.

Anyway, if you can read between the lines and if you are paying attention and if you already know from your experiences here how uncanny this whole scene is and in your own lives, how unheimlich it has been, regardless of your presence here then maybe you know why I am saying this at this time.

Some part of me wants to really start telling you some tales now, especially given what happens when seeming truth comes up against actual truth and some part of me just wants to pull my lawn chair out on the furthest reaches of that new mown lawn at the periphery of whatever is about to show up on stage. We’ll see what direction that takes and soon.

End Transmission.......

The Story of my Life


A.Mouser said...

Kudos my good man.

A teller of truth like no other.

"I want to ride in Geronimo's Cadillac"

Veritas inlustrat.

Peace, Mouser

DaveS said...

Mind if I pull-up my own lawn chair?

Feeling IT.


wv:reeadeu... your guess is as good as mine

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Forgive my impertinence, if it is such. I have no doubt that you are both imprisoned by and protected by the Divine. I also have no doubt that many that are "here" and in other spheres are also, in their own way in constant contact with the Spirit that drives all. In a moment of perhaps, folly, I went to the first "holy" book that was in near reach and asked a couple of questions with perfect knowing that I would receive an answer of truth. I do not trouble myself as to what "holy" book I use, whether it may be one of the Gita's, or, in this case the Bible. The Divine has a way of using any method to reach us. The first question that I asked was: What do I need to know about myself in terms of this message from Visible. My answer was : Ruth 2:8 :...Go not to glean in another field, neither go from hence, but abide here fast...
The second question that I asked was what is the reason for Visible? I then was sent to Jeremiah 27:12 : Then spake Jeremiah unto all the princes and to all the people, saying, The Lord sent me to prophesy against this house and against this city all the words that you have heard.

So, Vis, you are doing what YOU do, but others are doing what They do in a possibly more quiet manner...and all to the good graces of the Divine.
Yes, you are a needed & much loved (in spite of & probably because of, your lovable/Divine craziness & self-admitted
human weaknesses,) because you speak to that total abandon to the Divine. You are a mouthpiece for many. But, do not sell others short, dear one. The INvisible path is a much more difficult one and many who come here tread that noble path with many troubles and little acknowledgment. But then, we have no choice, do we?
In Love, M.

Noguru said...

Geronimo would have a Palestinian flag waving on that Cadillac. Thanks, Les.

Whitney Conway said...

"Fuck us all, anyway, for the limber-dicked cocksuckers we are."


Anonymous said...

Dearest Les --

Your work often reminds me of the story about Lord B who got annoyed at the women in the audience who were yakking and not paying attention... So he said he was going to perform a magic trick and asked the women in the audience at a Chicago Speakeasy to pass their mink coats to the front of the stage.

When they all complied he took the mink coats and made a huge pile out of them and then proceeded to set them on fire. He then explained that the magic trick was that he actually got these brainless bimbos to PAT ATTENTION.

When Al Capone heard what happened, instead of getting angry -- he congratulated the Lord on his excellent taste in firewood...

And so it goes with you, methinks...

Love ya'


wv Wintor -- as in the wintor of our discontent

Anonymous said...

"Y'know I'm really ready with John Lennon and Bob Dylan and Lord Buckley and Lenny Bruce and Lord Krishna and Jesus Christ, and lets get us all together into a band.
~ George Harrison 1974

In 1975, Greif was in France at a dinner party for former Beatle George Harrison. "Somebody mentioned to George that I was Buckley's manager. We went up to my room and stayed up and talked about Buckley all night. Harrison even did some Buckley routines for me, and I told him about the Crackerbox Palace. It was a little house that looked like a crackerbox. Something about the story must have struck George."

"I wrote down ('Crackerbox Palace') on my cigarette packet," Harrison told Musician magazine in 1987. "It was a good phrase for a song. Near the end of the single there's a line in direct relation to Lord Buckley: 'I met a Mr. Greif/ and he said/ I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace/ was not expecting you/ let's rap and tap at Crackerbox Palace/ know that the Lord is well and inside of you'... everybody thought I was talking about the other Lord."

Anonymous said...

Take me out to the Argentinian pampas, and let me Gaucho on.
Mo Visible

Visible said...

M. outside of your weird interpretation of things, not to mention your analysis, which was first in support and then by some active action of crazy logic disaproving of the findings, which in the first place I wouldn't credit.

Next time grab a diving rod; got one? Otherwise grab your dick and ask yourself; why did I mention all the holy books and just happen to happen on the bible? Finally, ask yourself if you think your audience is as stupid as you imagine and then go find yourself a ouija board.

"Well I can summon the very demons of the deep."

"but will they answer when you call?"

I'm way past subtle mechanics, no matter what the modality is and as far as who's in charge or who thinks they are in charge I speak to the one running the show every day and most of the day. Prove me wrong.

That's something misrepresenters don't have down because you know and I know that only someone who has the authority can say this and not get slapped down. So what's it gonna be? Cue Paradise under the Dashboard Light; irrelvant to the point but my way of saying that I have to go out now and take my visitor out for a beer.

Anonymous said...

The topic of truth is a comprehensive topic, for anyone who has ever endeavoured spiritual work. It's fine and well to get caught up for a while in the matters of the day, and get all hot and bothered with all the lies and hypocrisy flying around, but then something happens and other people's lies take a back seat.

I don't know much, and I don't understand, but I have learned a thing here and there, and when it comes to spiritual work, honesty is the hardest part.

I admire many spiritual adepts, whose advice I always keep close, and read over and over, and they all share the same thing: an ability to be honest with themselves, and acknowledge their humanity, and their wretched side. They expose themselves to the world, in the hope that someone somewhere might benefit.

It can be excruciating. Today I had to apologise to someone. Gosh, it was hard. I know on an intellectual level it's just the ego, and the ego isn't me, but it stays hard. Afterwards, it felt as if the world was lifted off my shoulders. An apology is like something that breaks tension immediately.

Well Les, I think that's why I keep reading your posts, because you have this ability to be honest with yourself, and admit your humanity, and sometimes your 'mistakes'.

It sound so simple, but it is so rare. I am only in my infancy in not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. It's empowering, rewarding, excruciating, frustrating, scary, wonderful and so much more.

But I know: "you will know, and you will be known". I find it soothing, regardless of all my mishaps.

I also know not to be too hard on people taking the illusion too seriously, because I was there once, and if the illusion didn't feel and appear real to people, they wouldn't be learning their lessons. I acknowledge the divinity in everyone, whether they're asleep or not. We are all going to the same place. Some will arrive sooner than others, but it doesn't matter. It was never a race. All is welcome. Spiritual work has learned me tolerance and acceptance. I still slip, but I'm making progress.

From a fellow traveller, who is happy to be here

Anonymous said...

As Lord Buckley said most immaculately,

"...There's only one path straight to the road of Love..."

25 years ago I thought I was the only Buckley freak. It was very difficult to find his recordings back then then but I did.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Im hooked! Good question Les. Did you choose to show Lord Buckley as an answer to your question?

Why cant you have both, a big cool jive ass mouth sharing "your truths" and a fat green lawn to lay it all down on?

Im saying its the ego that makes you pick?

All I can figure is the Goddess doesnt speak with or to the ego, but she still takes it for a ride?

Les you know you have chosen to assume others either dont care about your reflection on the music scene(ie yourself) or cant understand it. Thats fair but dont you want to get it off your chest sota speak? Just let it out, flow, why do we as your readers have to "get it" anyway?

Im saying cause the ego wants others to get it, respect. Was it not once you began respecting your own reflections that the Goddess picked you up?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Go and tell Lord Grenville.

Alpha Silex said...

September 6th or 7th, we will all see. Something.

neal said...

Crazy Horse hot wired Geronimo's (not their real names) car. That could be a wild ride, but only the uninvited are still around to tell the tale.

Anon 1207am, did you think you owned this place, and have authority to question? Maybe that is telling on yourself, yes I will call you out- nothing can happen without others approval. This is only a desert to you.

Crowd that out, leave it lonely, there is One that would explain that for more than you. I tire of hiding and fighting- it is now time to do what you will do.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

even if (little if) the Divine/God did not exist, for humanities sake, it would need to be invented given these shortcomings, I'd call it the Unfuckerupper, though it would be franchised as the Fuckyourapper.

Buckley/Groucho vid was amusing. I wonder though how much is scripted or not with Groucho's shows.


wv: absoz. absent complete understandings, this is nonetheless where I stand/sit for now.

Tom Lowe said...

"Whitney Conway said...
"Fuck us all, anyway, for the limber-dicked cocksuckers we are."



Anonymous said...


Just to correct the passage number you left for Jeremiah: It's Jeremiah 26:12 not 27:12. at least in the KJ version it is. I went to look it up.

Jeremiah 26:12
Then spake Jeremiah unto all the princes and to all the people, saying, The Lord sent me to prophesy against this house and against this city all the words that ye have heard.

I am also reminded of Jeremiah 27:14 which reads:
Therefore hearken not unto the words of the prophets that speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon: for they prophesy a lie unto you.

The passage number you left for Ruth was correct.

I believe the method you are using is known as Bibliomancy.


I don't know what that was about but your reaction to M seemed all out of proportion and in more ways than one.


Visible said...

When I get abrasive and it has been known to happen. It is triggered by the arrangement of a point and not the point itself. It's also triggered by the pain of doing the same thing over and over and finding the world does not change, no matter what.

Arguably, I could watch what I say better, or say less but it doesn's shake out that way all the time. There are a lot of things I could do or not do but that depends on the day.

I imagine if I am out of proportion it's probably a personal failing but when I see a different explanation for something that is itself wildly out of proportion, I tend to go out of proportion just for the sake of symmetry. I don't know if that makes any sense.

Sometimes I just do something for effect to see what happens because I'm not really sure about what I'm hearing and I need more evidence and being provocative is more likely to provide it than if I didn't push for it.

Sometimes I don't feel competent to the task of whatever it is I've wound up giving all of my time too but I find it immensely annoying when someone goes reaching in such an unscientific way and then acts as if it were an authoritative reality and then digresses away from the example they are using to say something that they didn't need to pervert scripture to accomplish in the first place. Sometimes it is better for the people who do this to just say what is on their mind in the first place and not use a juvenile setup as if that were some kind of evidence.

If they don't feel secure in what they really intended to say, no amount of compromised and translated mumbo jumbo is going to make me listen harder, especially when the translated mumbo jumbo comes from a book that is operative before the appearance of the one they claim to serve, instead of at least using the new testament.

Sometimes when I write a post the only reason I've done it is to gauge reactions and to get further insight that can only be provided by the sort of people who come here and have a lot more knowledge and awareness of what's being presented in the physical copy that I do. It's how I learn and I learned a lot today that I didn't know before.

I don't really care about anything from the book of Ruth and I really don't care about the fact that that entire book exercises such a bloody power over so many self righteous stooges whose only claim to power is that their weapons are more powerful.

I have a great admiration for Jesus Christ, as I understand the phenomena and regular readers here know that I quote him and the record of him more than any other teacher or holy book, although I never go calling him or wanting to be in that particular flock simply because Jesus was a man and Christ is a station and until Christians get that resonating in the cinderblock they call their heads we won't have much to say to each other.

I especially don't like it when my intelligence and the intelligence of the other readers is insulted by a transparent ploy that was designed for no other reason than to say something that could have been just directly said in the first place without some guy with a pea and three shells coming on stage to begin the process. It has the result of making me think that you think I'm stupid.

Let's be as clear here as we can be. You've a perfect right to think I'm stupid, wrong, misguided, delusional or whatever you think the case is but to set out to treat me that way without having a reasoned and considered argument and without having the stones to stand behind it on a personal level without tossing animal bones or pigeon entrails on to my living room floor kind of ticks me off.


Chinese Sneakers said...

Some fun milestones. Thanks for taking us along.

'Tis all about memory,' someone once said to me. That strikes me as over^stated. It's not the whole story, but it is essential to have a good lot of it--and you do, i am pleased to say. In fact, you have to be one of a very few intellectuals from your generation who still has full retention and the chops to go out hard on every piece. And because you've wizened along the way, you're adding a whole new take on the past.

But, seriously: Wow! that blonde with the cameras rolling was hawt, dawg (grinning); and Lord Buckley was a welcome new addition to the brotherhood.

Gotta' say, though, the matching of gay couples with lesbian couples came out of left field. i caught it, eventually, i think. It's a sardonic reference to their absurd need to be in revolt against whatever is well, divine--no?

My best wishes.

Visible said...

I realize that I am probably a knife or fork short of a complete table setting. You aren't telling me anything new and if I am actually the guy that a lot of people think I am, I am brutally apprised of that every day.

Most of you don't live with a constant and aching sense of separation from the thing you care about and most of you are not forced every single day to go to great lengths to try to ammend that or run your mouth like the fool I know myself to be. So maybe a lot of you don't have the preexisting condition playing bad air trombone in the back of your head as a precursor in the first place. I do.

I'm probably painting it worse than it is but the simple reply here is that most of the time when I respond in the manner I did, I'm just looking to see what the followup is and I get doubly incensed when I become aware that the only negative feedback is coming from the same campfire as the original donor and don't even try to tell me differently.

My mood is different now and so is my transport and avenue of passage, so I don't care one way or another about this whole business. I tend to run into this sort of thing every time I get light hearted and playful but wind up setting people's mink coats on fire (which story I had never heard before).

Not that it might matter across the board but I don't really care that much about the barking that attends the passage of this caravan across the empty hostile desert of these times that makes most of the world's actual deserts look like a sandtrap on the back nine at Burning Tree ( pun intended, not that anyone is going to get it).

My job, as I see it, is to distract, entertain and encourage you as we travel across it so that you don't mind it so much and wind up getting a lap dance from Fata Morgana when there is a far more beautiful and gracious lady waiting at the other end of the ride.

If I do say something that smacks of self promotion or appears to be unnecessarily provocative, I have my reasons and they are not always what they appear because, you must remember, I've got full control over what does appear and I do read it at least once before I put it up.

Meanwhile, we are that much further across these sands and that much further to our goal. Now this could all look like an elegant justification but I didn't have to set the conditions into play in the first place, did I? Hopefully some amount of respondent thought follows all of this cause now I have to go and write a Smoking MIrrors.

Alpha Silex said...

What the perihelion is going on here?!?

brian boru said...

Thanks for introducing me to Hoyt Axton. I'm fairly ignorant about music as a rule, but I know what I like.
I understand you most of the time Les, but the problem is, that to get to where you are coming from, people have to experience what you have experienced for themselves, and that ain't easy. I know; I've tried. To get to the core is so hard, at least for me it is. The chattering monkey mind stops me every time.

Kirwan said...

"After all, just look at our history. We began by slaughtering over 59 million Native people (the red people) that before we came here had been here for over 15,000 years. We then added to that by enslaving mostly black people and running their lives into nothingness for over 400 years as well. Now we've been murdering and enslaving brown people all over the planet because many of them do not believe in Usury or 'interest' or many of the "pleasures" which we and Israel market to the rest of the planet; mostly through sex-slaves, drugs of all kinds, and lately by selling the body parts of those that we (and Israel) have enslaved, for huge and illegal profits around the planet. We have invaded other places over two hundred times in the 230 plus years that we have been 'a nation.' And for all that time we have been the worst of the worst when it comes to our Colonial polices and practices that still continue to destroy so many people around the planet.

After WWII there was Korea (still not settled), Vietnam, Panama, Haiti (3 times), Grenada, Iraq (twice and still going on), Pakistan (still going on), Afghanistan (still going on), Somalia (still going on), and now Libya and soon to be Syria followed by a number of other nations in the Middle-East and Africa. And of course there were also all the unclaimed wars against Chile, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, not to mention Palestine since 1948. How can any of this vast military-machine be supported by an enslaved population?

So ultimately what is the point of all this aggression, this unvarnished hatred of anyone and everyone else who is not part of the Elites that control our private-for-profit financial systems? This is INSANITY INC. and we must come together to stop this slaughter and our global-destruction NOW!

There is a solution that is not very dramatic but which could work if everyone subscribed to it. Just STAY HOME for an entire week, do not answer the phone, do not go to work, do nothing for an entire week; beginning with the day that the SUPER-COMMITTEE is "seated." That simple act would bring this totalitarian government and the corporations that created it to their knees. Have you got the guts?

Because if you do not then lots of us are going to be seeing the inside of those FEMA camps very soon, and a lot more of us will just be shot: Since to them, our lives don't amount to anymore that a $.38 cent slug. By the way what is your life, or the lives of those you love really worth - to YOU?

I forgot to mention that in this coming contest the poor will be siding with what remains of the middle-class and together they will be attacking the wealthy and the super-rich; Of course the super-rich will also be targeted by the government as well, because they have too much to ignore, and too many of them are not candidates for the elites because that requires a blood-line to qualify.

So during the kick-off of this shut-down a large part of this will become a class-war, on top of a nation under siege. The gangs and the prisoners will also play their part. But the really interesting thing is that the symbols of the wealth, which these creatures have amassed at our expense, will be the reason they are targeted: Especially those that are just wealthy enough to have some goodies but not rich enough to have body-guards-say bye-bye, cause your lives will soon be over too!

It is really in the best interests of us all to rid ourselves of these tyrants forever; and the only way to effectively do this is to deny them the fruits of your labor. It's legal and the damages it will cause to their precious businesses will be able to change everything about this totally messed up world: Maybe NOT immediately but in a very short period of real time, we will get our country back."

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is better for the people who do this to just say what is on their mind in the first place and not use a juvenile setup as if that were some kind of evidence.

I especially don't like it when my intelligence and the intelligence of the other readers is insulted by a transparent ploy that was designed for no other reason than to say something that could have been just directly said in the first place without some guy with a pea and three shells coming on stage to begin the process.

Ah, but would you even publish it then? We know that in the past, you have not - sans pea and shells. :)
Not everything "well reasoned and considered" gets published here, anonymous or not.

So maybe a lot of you don't have the preexisting condition playing bad air trombone in the back of your head as a precursor in the first place. I do.

That sounds like a very distracting and disruptive condition.

If I do say something that smacks of self promotion or appears to be unnecessarily provocative, I have my reasons and they are not always what they appear because, you must remember, I've got full control over what does appear and I do read it at least once before I put it up.

Yes, you do have full control over everything that gets read here. Good point.

Also, you leave it up to others to guess at your intentions and then you wonder why you're misunderstood? Well then, carry on.

Visible said...

Chinese Sneakers; you got it in one. That is exactly where I was coming from.

JerseyCynic said...

Kirwan -- I've thought about what the effects of staying home from work for a week would bring. Now that we are a "global economy" (purposely), these global elites know they would have a long line of willing workers to keep the wheels turning for them. (see Mario Savio)
Our best bet is to take it locally -- within your monkeysphere

but then again....I was just at a high school music booster mtg with some of my fellow monkeys going over this year's calendar. When we got to October, I spoke up about the columbus holiday: "when the hell are we going to stop honoring this bastard??" they all just shook their heads, and rolled their eyes as if to say "there she goes again".

I have little hope for world peace in the real world. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to, though. Everyday I find my own inner peace more and more.
Les Visible has definitely helped me to sort out all of the noise.

Thank you, AGAIN Sir,

your sister from another mister!

Anonymous said...

"Life's a tale that can't be told" ... but may be indicated for the benefit of those themselves seasoned enough to 'pick up' on the story.

It's the story of One and all, various and many colored, and you continue to tell it well.

Contrary I'm sure to the occasional sensibility, it is nothing like a lone cry in the wilderness.

Anonymous said...

Visible and Kirwan said: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, from my heart.
Peace to all, from Minnesota

Anonymous said...


That wet nosed dog,
has stated his fallibility ...

perhaps we learn from ...

DS Sirius

Richie (Dana) said...

An impressive WOW factor, Les

I feel like I just got beat up and I think I know why. Your authoritative stance is an interesting challenge. No criticism here.....I for one applaud. It never fails to amaze me how few stand up for truth.

On the surface this piece is hard hitting in the physical world but we know that it not nearly as important as the inner. I did make an attempt to read between the lines. I know nothing but all I seem to see is Les giving the master of the universe all the credit. Certainly an interesting idea methinks. Perhaps when we finally realize how much we suck without God....we just may do the "right" thing and seek him out.

"It would please me no end if you would join me but your faith is not up to the task, or in some cases, perhaps it is; irrespective of that, what is required is more than people care to invest and certainly less, given that, that they have hope of reaping."

One of my recent wishes was to join you. That wish seems to be at least partially granted. Physical means are unavailable at the present, but there are ways. As for investment….I have little else that interests me. I guess it is the little things that present difficulties.

I do realize that I missed something.
My new wish is for the wisdom to see more.
My intention inclines to the Divine.

Mr. Visible.....I thank you Sir,


Anonymous said...

I would say removing ourselves from the system will work but as a concerted effort by the whole of serfdom,in one manuevre,everybody from everywhere.....

hmmm,and when we are past this trouble we make sure that we never embrace stupidity as a world view ever again...

we keep our stupidity for telling jokes which was probably the origonal intent of stupidity in the first place...

and if any shamans or community workers in the future see any of their fellows collecting shiney things looking miserable and muttering things about taking over the world,they will imediately know that that person has embraced stupidity as a world view and will be able to address the problem imediately,....

anyway thankyou lord buckley and lord visibles and everyone else


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
I am stunned by your harsh response to my post. I was neither critical of you, mean spirited or ad hominen. I am a long time reader & have left just a few posts which were short & encouraging towards you. Perhaps, you did feel that the Biliomancy was juvenile, but it was not a crime against you & seemed to say the truth about your purpose for being here. The same holds true for my own "message" towards myself.

I do not know the real reason that my post angered you so much & most likely, never will. I am sorry to have caused so much disturbance to you.

Visible said...


please accept my apologies I am dealing with a lot of things right now

MIH said...

A sure sign you’re still insane is your still hearing voices. Still expecting change for the better – change, for the better. Still saying “I,” yet thinking in “we” - still surprised at reversals. But when you stop you’re not insane, or anything at all.

Take it or leave it…

The muse is your Self and poetry’s what happens when will is given over to the revelation of inspiration. What does inspiration reveal but the unbroken past? This vision can only be interpreted through the artifacts that surround us – that which we can recognize.

Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, latitude of an event. Florida by birth and death of safety onwards I cannot control this strange existence. What God is God to these naked men? I will, and so it is and I am empty.

Awake again and in the desert and of the people and I am Crazy Hand and dream an ocean rising and know my father this cannot understand. I pass by stones that talk and pass and even now they are silent, powerless. But it was yesterday the child remembered the day before.

Words are the seeds of remembrance, because you think you’re going to stay a while. Here’s a clue: you speak not as your Self.

Anonymous said...

I've been kicked out of everywhere I've been, 'cept all those places where I found a friend.

I walked up to introduce myself and by God it was me. He reached out and hugged me and said,
"What the fuck took you so long, I left you a compass in our heart and directions in our mind. Remember, from when we were together last time?"

We laughed, played the jukebox, shot some pool... went outside and smoked one, said he always did it and not to worry, it was cool. When I left to leave he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around, he hugged me so tight I thought I would drown.

He kissed my lips and in my ear like a symphony he whispered, "Don"t forget the compass and the map. It's been really great to see you and I'll be here when you get back."




This ain't my first rodeo, but it is the last time I'm getting bucked off. I drew the greatest ride of all time! He's a blue flame, called Divine.

kikz said...

anon; crackerbox palace..

thx for the tie-in to buckley... i had no idea...color me, until now... clueless. :)
crackerbox palace
a decent version on the tube.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, but so much craziness is going on around me that I need to vent. Mr. Apacolypse is visiting my family of origin big time these days. What a friggin mess. I had to fly up to the so called heartland of America a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I opted out of the radiation machine and got groped in front of everyone. They asked me if I wanted go into a private area, but I said, no, let everyone see what I have to go through, grope away.

I flew back home without any incident. Unfortunately for me, I had to turn around and drive back up there with my two dogs, and my niece, who I bribed to go with me. We traveled right along the New Madrid fault line from Texas on up.

Here I am, in the good ol' us of a, trying to help my parents move into assisted living. Most of my family is of the fundie christian mind set. I can handle most of the dysfunction, but there are times, well .....

I started to think, after reading a few of Les' writings, I know the Universe, Prime Creator, the big Kahuna, has a sense of humor. So if the New Madrid fault line goes while I am in the hypocritical no "heart" land, I'm stuck with these Mother F'ckers. My home would be destroyed and I would be living with my dysfunctional family in the severely dysfunctional part of the Us of A. Great.

I hope and focus on leaving here in a couple of days, without any incidents happening my way, that would keep me from going back to my home. And then the electricity goes out in the hotel I am in right now. I wonder, just what the hell does this all mean??

I'm trying to keep the cork in the wine bottle through all of this, but I'm not doing so well.

Thanks for listening/reading

Life -- what I saw on my drive up here, lordy, have mercy. Lots of clueness zombie types ...... but one never knows what is going on inside the head of the little ol' lady who comes inside to buy her Gas Station Fried Chicken on Sunday afternoon in bumf'ck USA.

Peace and Blessings to us all. We need it!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Eternal Night Time of the Eternally Damned.

Anonymous said...

"as above so below" ?

I can walk for miles naked in 111 degrees, you won't get me out the door at 100 below

Anonymous said...

Here I am, in the good ol' us of a, trying to help my parents move into assisted living. Most of my family is of the fundie christian mind set. I can handle most of the dysfunction, but there are times, well .....

MR- it sounds like you've got a smorgasbord of family fun on your hands. :)

I empathize with your elderly relative situation. Luckily, I haven't had to fly since I was about 16 so I've avoided those grab assing TSA pedos so far.

My elderly folks aren't in assisted living but they do pay for live in assistance a few days a week; cooking, cleaning and other things it's difficult for them to manage now. I visit them a few times a week and they drive me insane but I love them and do what I can.

I know how it is to be stressed out living with the uncertainty of what's going to happen next, not exactly feeling secure with your circumstances or surroundings. Then I am reminded to TRUST in the Creator whose love for us is greater than we could ever comprehend or imagine. If we trust in the One, I do believe that everything will work out for the best. I think it's just a matter of taking it a day at a time and remembering that there is unconditional love waiting for us should we choose to accept it.

As for the stress, might I suggest some meditation? For me, yoga has a way of magically melting all my cares and worries away. Really, anything that takes stress off of the body rather than adding to it is a good idea. I've found that more often than not, drugs and alcohol interfere with my ability to get in touch with myself, especially with any overuse. Maybe some music
will help?

The Day Star

You'll be fine.

Visible said...

I find it highly amusing when the same anonymous toad who creeps around here on a regular basis wants to mention he's just passing through (pretending to be someone else) after writing a detailed commentary on his take concerning me and what happens here. Of course, I didn't and won't publish your comments because you're just looking to stir shit. You'll have to do it somewhere else. Meanwhile I will use the intent and tenor of the majority of the comments here to stand as whatever judgement of my work is acceptable to me. Good luck cringing and ambushing from the sidelines. It has no impact on me and won't have any on anyone else for reasons you can probably figure out.

Anonymous said...

Know what visible? I'll come clean. I'm the ass hole toad that creeps around pretending. I've said some shit, all of which I apologize right here and now for. It's not me man, I tried being that way and all it left me with was guilt and anger. The things you say and the way you say them are what pulled me in and to be honest, they still do no matter what the hell I was stupid enough to try and say. There's a tension in the air, in the atmosphere. I can feel it winding tight like rubber bands. It reminds me of a game I had as a kid, it was called kaboom. You put a balloon onto this air pump and draw cards to see how many pumps you will put into the balloon. The loser is the one who delivers the final pump that makes it go kaboom. There are no winners at this, only those who do not lose. What you talk about is about not losing and I get that. When it is not a game, not losing is a pretty good deal. I offer my sincere apologies sir. I know you probably couldnt care less, if that's the case, then it makes me feel better for me. I've had a couple so I hope I made sense. This tension is going to get greater and people are going to do things that they never dreamed they might be capable of. I'm gonna end it here because you've got things to do and so do I. Anyhow, I am sorry man, truly.

Visible said...


I'm looking for your comment which i just posted and now cannot see. Did you put it on an earlier post or is blogger playing games. Actually, I don't see any of the comments that I just posted this morning. I'm sorry if I didn't handle the exchange as well as I could have; no worries and no memories remain concerning any of it. Carry on and my sincere hopes that things improve for you.

Okay. I found it. I hope this is helpful for you. Let me know if there's anything I can do in some invisible way, I'll speak to my friends about your situation.



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