Thursday, August 25, 2011

Skateboarding with a Bent Wheel in Visibilandia

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

Welcome to my world; Visibilandia stretches as far as the horizon permits, according to the reach of my consciousness on any given day. I don’t know how big or small it is. I’ve never attempted to measure it and have no tools to do it with anyway, because the boundaries are always changing and the landscape is not a constant, given that more than one plane and/or dimension of being is in operation at all times and the number of dimensions and planes varies, according to the state of being at any moment. My world includes this world and other worlds. It extends at variable distances within and without.

The meaning and appearance of my world changes, depending on the point and perspective, which depends on the lens in use, or the lack of a lens and that depends on whether what is left of me is engaged in the analysis and observation, or whether it is ‘the witness’ that is so engaged.

People have various takes on where I am coming from and that is mostly determined on where they are coming from, because the same abilities and limitations apply to us all and this will vary depending on our depth and capacity. It is certainly affected by the degree that we can surrender the personal and it is also greatly affected by the degree to which the manifest world and what we have assimilated from it is allowed to affect the way we interpret and understand anything.

When I look at someone like Jacque Fresco, I see a man approaching the age of a hundred years, who lives on a plot of land in Florida, where he entertains a steady stream of students, seekers and pensioners, who show up and want to hear him talk. I see him as an inventor and a visionary, who wants to assist in the architecture of a new world. For all of his complexity of knowledge and experience, he’s a simple man. The movie, The Future by Design, tells you a great deal about him and I can tell a great deal about a person (my assumption) by simply listening to them speak. I believe I can gauge a person’s honesty and intention by what I get from the resonance of their tone of being.

We are all a kind of musical instrument, through which the cosmos plays a particular music. The spirit of the divine sings through all of us but sometimes it carries a tune; sometimes it is dissonant and it can be anything you can imagine because anything you can imagine is present here in someone.

This is a dark age and has been for some time. The historical record shows this and we’ve intimations and sketchy records of greater civilizations that self-destructed earlier on. As much as history is a lie, the one thing it doesn’t conceal, is the degree of violence that has preceded us to this point and the present gives ample proof of continuance. In times of darkness, the worst among us rise into positions of prominence, to perform the perversions of their will, upon the relative corruptions of their subjects. It’s a performance of informed ignorance, acting upon uninformed ignorance. Whatever may have been true and good and honorable in forgotten and more illuminated times, ceases to be any of those things.

The one perception that everyone should imprint upon their consciousness at any time, is that manifest life is a continuous series of demonstrations, for the purpose of lessons that need to be learned. All the world’s indeed a stage and we are each players having our exits and entrances, as The Bard so aptly put it. There is no eternal, shining city on the hill that finally comes into being for us to enjoy here. This world is change, period and you change until you no longer have to be going through changes here. Or you do not change sufficiently and you continue to go through changes here. Reincarnation, like Karma and other features of this plane of being are not metaphysical speculation for me. These things are verities that I do not question, because I have direct experience of them. Whether the reader shares these understandings is of no concern to me, except insofar as they are inconvenienced and retarded in their evolution as a result of it.

As unpredictable as this world may seem, it is highly predictable. Timing may be difficult but certainty of cycling events and conditions are not. A lawyer, who had been commenting at the blogs for awhile, got it into his head that he wasn’t being treated at his preferred level of importance. I thought this temporary state had been ironed out but certain kinds of rage, especially in the area of self importance, are not easily appeased. I didn’t post a comment of his and he told me that he could sue me for having made general reference to the contents of his comment, which I did not publish; how very like a lawyer and this sort of thing extends into every profession, where the practitioner identifies themselves with the practice. Doctors like to play God and it doesn’t matter that they are generally incompetent in terms of healing people. Scholars and experts pretend to knowledge and understanding beyond their capacity and become enraged when they are questioned on their omniscience. Religious leaders present themselves as agents of the incomprehensible and often behave like the unspeakable. Business impresarios are masters of justification for whatever they do to turn a profit. You can extrapolate from this through every pretense and profession. This is just how it is in times of darkness.

Men like Jacque Fresco and others who seek to do good by serving humanity, or in attempting to open the eyes of the public, are often reviled and identified as undesirable, while those preying upon them are viewed with awe and fealty. Certain mysterious seeming orders and lodges, that preserve the wisdom of more enlightened times, are looked at with suspicion, because those who have co-opted and perverted the original intent, paint them in this light through their agents in operation, at various levels of activity. In times of darkness, the outer organizations, that originally took their impulses from higher levels, can often become corrupt but the original tenets were sound before they got all bent out of shape in the service of self interest.

One of the complaints I have received concerning my commentary on Alex Jones and true believers has to do with his level of material success and wider spread of influence, as if I wished I could be like Alex Jones, or that great material success was my objective. Some say that Alex Jones provides an elementary service in opening people’s eyes but as a very savvy reader pointed out, that is not useful if the elementary equation equates to 2+2=5. It doesn’t make for a lot of greater good, if your message is peppered with a certain degree of truth, while major truths are ignored or presented in ways that conflict with provable fact. This is the very essence of disinformation. One can point to all of the correct things they said and use that to bolster faith in obvious lies.

In times of darkness, corruption is a given and over the process of time, what is suicidal and wrong, takes upon itself all of the appearances of something that is good for us. Logic is a fine tool but logic can be used to argue anything from any position and make whatever it is arguing for seem logical and appropriate. We all possess some degree of corruption but, like anything else, the type, degree and intensity have a lot to do with the quantity and quality of harm done.

I freely admit to a certain amount of personal corruption but I am trying to quit (grin). I smoke rollup cigarettes and I ingest psychotropic substances. I go to parties in the woods and dance all night and sometimes drink a certain amount of beer. I’ve engaged in some amount of sexual, wild child engagements, certainly more than most but all of these things are phases of experience, in an atmosphere of change and all of these things have been reduced by a considerable margin and will continue to be because they are all irrelevant to my objective. I’ve been told I was put through all of it for a reason in any case and I believe that is true because I have cried out and appealed with intense regularity to be freed of certain things but they remain until the time for them to go. My corruptions do not extend beyond the things mentioned. That is the key point.

Some people think I am an agent of the government or some shadowy organization that impacts on the government. Some people think because I appreciate the work of some and do not appreciate the work of others that I have to be acting on the behalf of some agenda. In truth, I am acting on behalf of an agenda. I work for the cosmos. You might argue that I’m not very good at it, or that I don’t perfectly represent its perfect intent and you would find no argument from me on that score. I’m a work in progress and I’m working hard. I would have to say that that is pretty much all I do. My mistakes pain me and inspire me to greater effort but all of my efforts are meaningless, until the time the cosmos decides on its own that I am deserving of a greater freedom from my shortcomings and limitations. It’s not by works that we achieve the thing, as has been stated by a much greater channel than myself.

Trying to tell the truth is a difficult art and there’s no great material future in it because most people don’t want to hear it. Of course, the truth is beyond telling and can only be experienced in a certain state of being but that’s incidental to our present status as corporate forms, who must perform and produce something. People talk about not talking and people talk about not doing and living in the deep unity of all things but they’re still talking about it and with rare exceptions, still not accomplishing it. We all have a job to do, whether we know what that is or not. We all have one job more important than any other job, whether we know it or not and that is to ‘know thyself’. Every other endeavor is pointless in the long run but we live in a short run world, where temporary gratification trumps restraint and the pursuit of more enduring things. Up is down here and wrong more often right than wrong. We go along to get along and get nowhere except more deeply entangled. Breaking out of the matrix brings one into another matrix. The one we are being freed from is a perversion upon the one we are escaping into and its all under control. The thing that deceives us, is an expression of the thing that frees us and in times of darkness, achieving that freedom is an act of superhuman effort that will still fail without the good offices of the one in charge. We’re basically helpless but not without help and we should cry out for it the way a baby cries out for its mother because it is the same principle.

Who we really are may not become known in a time of darkness and the work we do may not be seen for what it is across the board. That should have zero impact on our continuing at it. Sooner or later, the fool who persists in his folly will be made wise and as Blake implied, it’s possible that the palace of excess leads to the temple of wisdom. We are the road we walk so there’s no point in arguing about the various well beaten tracks and less well beaten tracks.

I’ve gone on a bit longer here today so I’ll leave it at this point. Good fortune awaits, take advantage of it.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ When Darkness Falls ♫
'When Darkness Falls' is track no. 5 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
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God in Country by Les Visible

-having to do with turning into a pillar of salt.

Don’t look back. You’ve heard that before. Bob Dylan said it for some reason. I figure he got it from Satchel Page whose admonition was based upon the fact that someone might be gaining on you. There are a lot of reasons not to look back. I’m less concerned about whether someone might be gaining on me as I might be about getting sucked back into the outgoing tide or inclined to repeat something whose result I forgot between the last occurrence and the one looking to happen again.

Nations repeat things. Religions repeat things. Individuals repeat things. Sometimes you repeat things to reinforce the message, like a good discipline or habit. Sometimes you do it because you just don’t know any better, or you do know better but you don’t care. Sometimes you repeat things because you just never get them and you think if you keep repeating them somehow it will one day make sense. That’s not out of the question.

There are people who think if they read Thomas Aquinas for a hundred years that they may come across some great truth. They think if they burn a lot of incense and focus real hard on the pageant that the baby Jesus is going to come out of the diorama and talk to them. Many like the sackcloth and ashes thing, or the dressed in black with veils and all sorts of sailboat rigging beneath. A death or a betrayal is a cause for great celebration in reverse. A close death can be good for years of despairing repetitions.

It could just be me. Then again, the chance that it may just be me in regard to anything is highly unlikely. But it seems to me that the billboard is not the product. What I mean is that the thing you are being sold in the ad it not the thing in fact. And further more, the thing in fact is not the thing that was advertised. What I mean is that Coke is NOT the real thing in the back of your mind. Everything that is being sold is generally being sold as more than it could ever possibly be, as something that looks and tastes better than it does, as both supple entwining lover and peace of mind.

The difference between the established churches of the world and Wal-Mart is that Wal-Mart is selling you something that you can take home and eat, or play with, or rub on your body and the church is selling you something that is supposed to make the time that happens in between all of this, and that time as well, worthwhile- and you also get a VIP ticket to the crossover world of whatever Disneyland they told you to be expecting.

The fact is, everything is selling you something. Even in nature, everything is clamoring for attention, whether by scent or color; what have you. At no point along the way is anything you are being offered the actual thing itself. How are you supposed to appreciate or understand the thing out of which everything is made when you only see it after something else has been made out of it?

Where’s the genie in the bottle?

Where is the living God on the altar, in the hymnal, in the air, or outside and down the road? Where is it?

Where is the essential thing that was before any of the things you brought out to your car from the shopping center? Where is and what is that shimmering malleable whiteness that is previous to the thing being tasted, or touched or studied?

What is it that is hiding around and inside of and behind everything?

Alright, is this just a Warner Brothers cartoon where explosions don’t hurt anyone? Is this one of those insane roadrunner things where Wylie Coyote gets destroyed a hundred times and nothing really happens to him? Or does it really hurt? Do you hurt? Are you aware of people hurting? Are you aware of people across the globe hurting because of something you support, practice, believe in? Is it for their own good? Are you confused?

When you broke someone’s heart, or made them cry, or broke their arm; were they a cartoon? Did you feel bad? Did you do it again anyway? Are you still doing it? For some people, other people aren’t real, not in the sense that it matters what happens to them.

Let’s take it on faith that the force or thing that all churches purport to represent actually exists. Let’s also take it on faith that it went somewhere else shortly before or after the church got built. Let’s assume that there is a basic contradiction between the thing and the organizations designed to contain and dispense it. What you see isn’t what you get. Caveat Emptor and yadda, yadda, yadda...

Perhaps the real source of all the heartbreak and cruelty in the world has to do with being sold a false bill of goods. All the disappointments in the world; all the finding out that what you thought was wrong, what you loved was false, what you did was meaningless; all this is based on having believed something that was falsely represented as something else. Have you ever felt like you were close to getting to the heart of thee matter? Have you seen that bright shimmering thing at the peripheral point- disappearing around the corner just when you turned to look? Have you felt it bubbling up from the deep internal springs? There is was and there it went away; where it came from and where it went remains a mystery.

The comfort of tradition and repetition; the solid feel of the pew and the pistol and the historical precedence and justifications for bad actions- or, just about anything you want to convolute into being perfectly okay, is not the thing it’s made out of. It’s not the thing itself. It’s a crystallization of something that is no longer breathing inside of it. God went dancing down the road just as soon as God was done with that particular story. God undressed and dropped those clothes that now hang behind glass, wreathed with incense and sometimes alleged to cry tears of blood.

It’s not the easiest thing to talk around and through the thing itself. I guess I just want to tell you that disappointment is to be expected when you buy the package that doesn’t contain the thing itself. You can look back forever. You can turn into salt. You can repeat the words and maybe get lucky, or maybe not... but it’s the thing itself that you are after and it is waiting for you to recognize a critical feature. It’s waiting for you to realize that this is an internal affair, that it is alive and that it is part of you and that it is listening in. It’s not outside there somewhere. It’s not in any of the places that are proclaiming the presence. It doesn’t satisfy out of a Coca Cola can; that way lies tooth decay and diabetes, period. You may get a taste of it in the presence of numbers reaching in a confined space, for part of a moment- but the actual possession of, the discovery of it requires a reach past the swirling clutter of the ages... constantly doing the ‘new and improved’ dance of Shake and Bake presto manifesto.

Sooner or later we got to leave some things behind and this may hurt. It hurts less depending on how you feel about leaving them. It may even feel really good. That’s up to you. I guess it’s because you can’t have the thing itself as long as... Well, I’ll stop there and let you take over.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Visible.

Thank you for your reflective words.


the BCth said...

Excellent! Reading this aloud was grounding, uplifting, and empowering all at once. Thank you, poet Visible. ♥

wv deader: dear reader, gift-words of light to make your dying darkness deader

Anonymous said...

Keep writing up a shit storm, Les, - you have wayayay more than 3 viewers!

Great to see you interact with comments left - the comments on your blog are zesty and informed and you let in the 'intelligent' debunkers. Lawyer litigation - made me chuckle.

Ann Anon

WV unplog


Anonymous said...

One thing I like about your blogs is your comments on the cosmos... the divine... that is in all and through all. Don't hear that much from others.

It seems that everything is under control. Yet at the same time, it isn't.

Er... well... doesn't seem to be. (c;

My thanks for being real Visible. Keep on being yourself (though I think you don't need to hear that because you'd do it anyway). That's what makes it wonderful.

Life on the stage....yeah, that reminds me of a song lyric I once heard... "...they're gonna put me in the movies... all I got to do is act naturally."

Yet, if it's truly natural, it ain't acting. (c;


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"The spirit of the divine sings through all of us..."

I have a voice because I sing. (Not the other way around.)

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Les,
I keep wondering about these worlds and dimensions you speak of. If enough concentration is given to one of these worlds, do the others fade? Can we collectively create an alternate reality that hastens the fading of this particular brand of hell?
Long ago I discovered that what happens to you is not nearly as important as your reaction to it.

An old man sat outside the walls of a great city.

When travelers approached, they would ask the old man, "What kind of people live in this city?"

And the old man would answer, "What kind of people live in the place where you came from?"

If the travelers answered, "Only bad people live in the place where we came from," the old man would reply, "Continue on; you will find only bad people here."

But if the travelers answered, "Good people live in the place where we came from," then the old man would say, "Enter, for here, too, you will find only good people."

-- Yiddish folk tale

Have a good day all...


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your writings for about a year. Nice! If you be from govt., you must be the cheese. Cause you are quite funny. A much appreciated temperance in all your writings.


Pond Owl said...

So many questions and so few answers and so little time? "Know thyself?" Just the story of my life that is. I certainly agree this is very important, if not the most important thing. It seems that all other life purposes stem from this. At least that is what I was thinking the other day if I remember correctly.(grin) But like Visible has said there are many unimaginable divine wonders that await our arrival(maybe not on this planet HA!) and something tells me that is true but it makes sense for "Know Thyself" to be a prerequisite. So I will try to "Know Thyself" as much as humanly possible(slight sarcastic tone here!) I know, I know, it isn't normal for someone to be this discontent but I never promised anyone I was normal!

But seriously a fine read this morning and I always enjoy the discourse with you, Mr. Visible. As different as you and I are I think I must share some of your affinities and attractions or I wouldn't be so drawn to this blog. After all your Sun is conjunct my North Node/Mars conjunction.(grin)You are still dishing them out so I say thank you, once again, for what you do.

Pond Owl

Josh in North Carolina

katz said...

L.V says: A lawyer, who had been commenting at the blogs for awhile, got it into his head that he wasn’t being treated at his preferred level of importance... but certain kinds of rage, especially in the area of self importance, are not easily appeased. I didn’t post a comment of his and he told me that he could sue me for having made general reference to the contents of his comment, which I did not publish.

First of all, let me say this: I am a woman. I am the most interesting woman in the world, but that is another story.

You say you speak truth? This little story above quoted, is a lie. I wrote you a message that questioned you about your motives in attacking others, and asking you what is the point of doing so.

You instead posted insults and accused me of "hasbara" BS. I didn't mention that I was a lawyer in my comment bc it is irrelevant. The only way you knew that was bc I sign my name, and I had mentioned that Eminem was an inspiration to me on my way to court in a previous post on rap.

But, you feel so truthful when you slander others, be it rap music, or Alex Jones, or even me. You are making it all up. Your proofs wouldn't stand up in court, and most of them are BS out your arshe. BTW, you accused me of obscenity, which I never use, unless you consider the word "arshe" an obscenity. If so, so sorry for your virgin ears.

Honestly, I used to think you were a passable writer, and I used to quote some of your words, but as time went on, I realized that you are full of hot air, say nothing, most of the time, and every now and then go off on a tangent about the beauty of Armageddon. That really gets on my nerves bc I have family and friends and I don't want them to suffer this type of outcome. After all, we have suffered a lot, having paid taxes all these years, and gone to protests, and having done all the things, including running for office that might help. But, people like you run away to other countries, use fake names and then demand that everyone post what you post, with your stupid "litmus" tests that cannot be applied in real life to real people due to the dangers inherent in doing so, when you are not using a fake name and not sitting around poor, far away from NYC or DC or Cali or any other state in the USA where the PTB can destroy you and everything you are trying to do, if they want.

BTW, this Sims person has some kind of issue w lawyers that he/she keeps sniping on me. I don't even know that person, nor would I try to help him do anything if he were in trouble. Classic underachievers usually hate those who actually do something w their lives. and, I included some grammatical errors and a few spelling errors, just for this person's happiness, since this person may also be a spelling nazi. it's not that I don't care about technical writing, but in a blog forum, I love the freedom of not giving a darn about these details.

As long as I am reading Rense and Whatreallyhappened, everyday, I am bound to see your posts, and maybe even read them. Unless they decide to unlink your blogs, I will be reading them, as I consume everything they link. So, if you don't want me to read your blogs, stop posting in public.

I don't expect you to post this. This is for you to read. When you are attacking me, you are attacking someone who passes every litmus test you can make up. I must say that your attacks are nastier than the worst zionist stooges in the worthless army of war criminals.

But, you love to eat those on your side that do not kiss your "arshe".

Richard said...

Woof woof from the Dog Nation.
If you keep rolling like that, methinks you gonna have to get a train, 'though not the type that Kim used to get over Siberia.
Thanks again for stepping out of the closet, and drinking that truth acid stuff, then burping out the fumes so loquaciously.
Shiva/Shakti tango with Kali , the immortals are calling.
Gracias and Regards
P.S. I too smoke them roll up kind, and between the Manitou and Samson brands, in rice paper of the Lion brand, the fumes of your words go in more deeply.

kikz said...

good stuff!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"We’re basically helpless but not without help and we should cry out for it the way a baby cries out for its mother because it is the same principle."

Another wonderful meditation.

DaveS said...

First, PoTai, I dig your cool smiley... where's my copyright symbol so I can copy? ;)

Willful ignorance must be like reaching Nirvana for so many of humans communicating in english...


What I'm talking about are all the fools who are trying to show how violent and evil Muslims are because their prophet, Mohammad, said some mean shit. Those idiots are so quick to judge yet, their own bible is full of anger and hate. Hmmm.

Why can't they see it?

My brother just got baptized for a number of reasons (some of them actually good) but I can't understand how he can't see the hate and anger being preached by men who say they have god's ear. And more and more I see anti-Muslim emails forwarded to me by 'friends' who I'd think would know better...

Sigh, again. (After meeting my bro, the gf thinks dramatic sighs run in the family ;)

Ummm, the whole "Muslims are preaching hate and the Christians are preaching peace", is a line of bullshit more potent than the best Peruvian flake. Seriously, how can someone believe such crap?

If you're so blind you can't see zionist (which includes such diverse sects as orthodox jews and mormans) as anything less than a hungry/greedy pack of evil freaks, geeks and weirdos, then you're missing the best teachings from the three (or with the mormans is that four?) religious off-shoots of Abraham's god – those 'lessons' that build communities rather than destroy them. A sudden thought: I wonder if these four competing sects; christians, jews, mormans and muslims are the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Another Hmmmm.

Why don't more people who read their 'word of god' not see the references to peace and forgiveness? Why do humans appear to enjoy hating and killing so much? And their own kind too. Someone tell me again why we're judged to be 'above' animals, when our actions tell otherwise?


Here are a couple of interesting websites: This one is really good!

There's one about Muslim hate too, but I won't link to it. I'm sure it's easy enough to find if one needs to read more from a crazy angry bi-polar god. What a prick that dude was.

In closing, I want to add that more religions have died than we can name, yet humans continue to search for an understanding of the magical life force keeping our world together. Why do we need to hate to do that? Why can't we celebrate our differences rather than needing to kill over them?


Sim said...

Katz; 3:59pm:

But, you feel so truthful when you slander others, be it rap music, or Alex Jones, or even me...

Slander? Don't you mean libel, Katz?

If you're a lawyer, I'm a fucking astronaut.

PS: Were your parents related, by any chance?

Freddamedgjedda said...

I kind'a like Putin myself. If he is true to his words we may have a true leader in a powerful position, and so he must feel lonely these days. There are plenty of good leaders out there, but not in the right places. Doesn't really matter anyway cause it will all become clear in due time.

Putin on hip-hop(sorry people I can't stop)

I seriously hate the mainstream expressions of hip-hop(diamonds are a girls best friend), but I truly love the grasroot exspressions of it! I am soon going to visit a hip-hop academy of the grasroot kind. Just a building with people, no official title. I call it an academy because that is what it will become, and already is...

It is in Pipa Brazil and teaches Capoera, Break Dansing, Graffiti, culture history and english to kids. Most of the kids were homeless and had heavy drug issues, until they got the chance to hang out at the academy. The person running it is a norwegian woman who I had the pleasure to meet. I am going down there to help them out and hopefully build them a skatepark.

Here is the website:

This is some realness in all the fakeness!!! Love and light!! Adonay

amarynth said...

To the Lawyer .. aargh, don't you have court or something similarly out of integrity to go to?

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

This is my first post here but am a long time reader of your blogs. I have no experience of the metaphysical but what you write about often gels with another author/master whose books I read (Macdonald-Bayne) and gives me much to think about. I appreciate what you do, especially on LV and wanted to say thank you.

On a different note the following is further confirmation that the Apocalypse has a sense of humour and is getting right into the swing of things. Presumably the 2 articles refer to the same event re the pope's visit to Spain. The photos are classic :)

"In a gesture that surely could only have been intended to say, “STFU,” God whipped up a surprise wind storm and knocked the hat right off of the pope’s smarmy head. The tumultuous weather shook the stage and knocked over a tent, literally forcing the pope to abandon his bigoted speech halfway through to seek shelter."

"The final discourse of the Papone was to take place yesterday evening in the Cuatro Vientos air base outside Madrid, where at least a million yutes had spent all day waiting under a merciless sun at temperatures that reached 45ºC (113ºF) and caused over 800 sunstrokes. The dark clouds started rolling in just as Papone rolled in, and just as he started speaking, the wind started, followed by thunder and lightning and abundant rain as if to wash it all away. By the time the storm passed, there were seven people injured, the Papone was gone and his discourse left unspoken."


Anonymous said...

Les, thanks for this offering today. I will have much to reflect on today.
Your post here indicates how invested in this system you are. In a post a couple of months back there was some discussion regarding the present system and rebuilding it vs. replacing it. At that time, you let all of us (all 3 of us) know that you were an attorney, so it’s no secret. And if I recall correctly, you were admonishing us about how we needed to “work within the system”. The system is perverted and so are human made laws. Yeah, you are really interesting. I’m glad Les posted your response today. I just had a vision too: I saw a woman come out of a public restroom and the back of her skirt was hiked up and tucked into her belt. She wasn’t wearing any undies either.

Terrance said...

Man.... You have thrown us so many gems of wisdom and experience !....your words help sooth the waves of panic ....because we all feel the life shaping events coming down the the track....thank you!

Visible said...

I noted and cracked a big smile about those events with The Pope. What my invisible friends have been telling me for awhile is surfacing all around, especially the humor and exposure parts. I expect these are just the preliminaries.

Anonymous said...

Since SOTT just published you again in their Best of the Web what do you think about your mention here?


Zoner said...

Les, you have just been played like a '56 Les Paul - kinda old, a little worn and frayed around the edges, but every little nick and spot of tarnish placed there by digging in and letting her rip. Most would opt for the "latest, greatest" shiny thing with more bells and whistles, but you are that piece that the Divine picks up, straps on and plugs in with when some really sweet and soulful vibes are in order. Don't ever let them take you in for a refin or even a fret job - you're a true classic just as you are, becoming more seasoned and sweeter sounding with every session. This one came through with the force of a pair of full Marshall stacks, Fuzz Face engaged and I do believe I saw the Divine whipping out the lighter fluid.......

wv; resconad those licks resonated right down to my conads

Anonymous said...

To Self Important katz

You're just another brainwashed imbecile. Get used to it. Please. Your gender is no defense for you. Neither is your religion/politics/interesting-ness/etc.. etc.... etc....

You betray your elemental confusion with each post.

DaveS said...

Damn, if it ain't just gettin' weirder?

Here is a link to a Market Ticker by that financial freak Karl:

Recommended reading... remember, this dude writes about political crap and finance, not biblical prophecy.


William Freeman said...

A great attempt at explaining the unexplainable.
Putting our "being" into words is an extremely difficult task. The fact that you try proves to me that you can only be who I take you for.
Thanks for that, Les.


William Freeman

wv: norbett - I know a guy with this name and yes....he is one.

Visible said...

Katz; I'm sorry you run into a little buzzsaw around here but presenting yourself a certain way tends to bring that sort of thing out around here.

The only real wiggle I have with you is that I seem to remember, though I could be imagining it, that we cleared up that miscommunication awhile back and everything was on the up and up. I was surprised to see you come out of nowhere (I thought) and jump on my case again. There shouldn't have been a re-referencing of the old issue if it had been put to bed, which I thought it was but as I said, maybe I imagined that, although it can be found in a fairly recent posting at one of these blogs.

Every now and again I hear from someone who wants to tell me how much time they donate at a homeless shelter and all the other good works they do and how I don't do anything as important as that in my own life (which they have zero information concerning). They're referring to my life outside of these blogs and my other creative endeavors. The thing is, I don't make it a point of listing whatever good deeds I've done or do and I try to make my life about service as much as I can. I feel that when one trumpets on too much about whatever they are up to that they steal the value of it from the eyes of God where the true rewards lie. The Bible is clear on this that those who proclaim their works before the eyes of others have their reward. Working under cover and for the sheer joy of doing it should be the way.

This is all detailed in that excellent book, "The Impersonal Life". I'd feel stupid talking about some of the things i get up to because they don't measure up by comparison with so many others of the tireless workers in the vineyards. It's like all those young dumb and full of cum heroes who think they're such hotshots and served their country and they can hardly compare with those actually defending their countries 'from them' who have also lost everything in the process.


On the matter of the SOTT question. I don't know what to think about that. There could be all kinds of things going on with that. It may be a ploy to see what I do or say. It could be a mistake at the hands of someone who is newly in the job that doesn't know about my status there and went ahead and printed my article on the merits or something.

The situation at SOTT as it concerns me does not concern me and I never think about it and probably haven't since it happened. I don't understand it and when I don't understand something I leave it to be sorted out by time and the river. What's important is that the divine knows very clearly whatever I did or didn't do and I have a pretty clear memory of it myself so it doesn't really matter what anyone says because even they know better or they have actually managed to convince themselves otherwise; no mean feat. The bottom line is that I don't really have anything to do with those people so none of this matters that much.

Just imagine how many scenes like this are going on all over the world. The idea is to free ourselves or put ourselves in a position to be freed, not further entangle ourselves in personal delusions and complications of conflict with a wide range of adversaries, real and imagined; much less going around making new ones for the sake of some sort of controversy that I can't see the payoff in on any level.

I've no hard feelings for any of those people and I hope they come to a better place as time goes by.


Visible said...

As for Alex Jones, he's a demagogue and I don't care for what he does to the minds of the uniformed and partially awake who buy into his dementia and paranoia. He's no different to me than the people at Fox, it's just a different product line made from a different arrangement of the same chemicals. Other things concerning Mike Adams have come to my attention too and they are not pleasant to be made aware of but I'm not going to get into that. Anyone with enough curiosity to do so can find out for themselves. On matters of health and products I think he's tuned in and probably of great value to most. Otherwise I am leery, very. I hope I've been clear enough here and I'm around if there's more to say.

Thanks for the guitar reference Zoner. I don't feel much different than I did when I was young nor behave much differently sometimes but I am probably in denial about some things (grin).

Anonymous said...

I don't like to see anyone ganged up on and so I just want to do a shout out to katz and tell her that I hear her and that she sounds sincere. Maybe she is looking for something in Les that Les cannot be. I think we all tend to look outside ourselves when navigating life and perhaps she should sit quietly and listen to herself. I truly believe that we all hold the answers inside of us--but we're impatient, or we do not think we are marvelous enough to hold those answers inside of us and so we seek them somewhere else and are disappointed when they appear to fail us.

Anyway, I send positive energy your way and hope you find what you're looking for.


Unknown said...

when is your new book coming out?

Visible said...

Love your Life, stop sending me these blowjobs for Alex Jones. As a favor to reader I seek to spare them the cloying sanctimony of your comments. Surely there is a forum somewhere that is peopled by pretentious old vicars with cold dead hands, drunk on port, who warm each other with false bonhommie and then slash each other to death when they leave the room where you might feel more at home.

Visible said...

Sorry if I spoiled the mood around here but that guy is a pest if epic proportions and he just won't quit. Anyway, it's good for me to do something like this now and again so that people don't get the wrong idea.

Anonymous said...

While we're at it, I guess it's not out of the question to wonder if perhaps the Dalai Lama might one day choke on a piece of veal?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Dalai Lama remark was mine.
(just so he knows)

amarynth said...


I keep a list of those interested in the new book - Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World. So, if you want to be on that for early notification, kindly let me have your details via this page.

Zoner said...

It is so true, Visible, that we are instruments.

You know, as the finish wears and a nick or gets laid on, something else takes place internally on that '56. The sap and resins that still reside in the core of the wood structure changes - there is a realignment of sorts that takes place, and the result is a sweeter voice and greater ability to resonate. This is greatly aided by USING the instrument and helping the process by creating a vibration that sets all those trapped bits free and allows them to escape, leaving the aformentioned newly-aligned, freer-resonating qualities to sing more clearly. This is why an acoustic made of solid woods benefits from being played a lot when new or even can be laid out on a stand while music is played in proximity to assist in the "break-in" process.

Waves of energy (sound in this case) affecting the unseen aspects of an instrument, improving the resonance and sweetness. It matters not how appearances change or what wear occurs to the parts - the profound change is all unseen but certainly felt and heard by those with ears to discern.

Always fancied myself as a Stratocaster-style (utilitarian, durable, engineered for comfort in use). Made of Koa, of course.

Anonymous said...

Interesting tectonic things are happening in the Canary Islands - right now.
Few people know, that a "mother-of-all-tsunamis" in the Atlantic could start at the Canary islands, due to tectonic activities, which would wipe out the entire East Coast of the USA (New York, Washington, Miami included), but the UK would be hit also - very severely.

Right now, what we know is that the crust is rising, with small but frequent earthquakes, because the magma is pushing it.

So wait and see...

P.s. Katz - the attorney(?) - doesn't come across as particularly bright and incisive with a keen insight.

Anonymous said...

To the nth Degree, Les.

No Credentials here. No Creed either. Incredible to me how people slip into that gamespace; but then it is now the fading months of the culmination of Kali Yuga and the bitchgoddess Success along with her minions and myrmidons always make the Dean's List, matriculate with highest honors and go on into highly extinguished careers serving up the same old shit and calling it Reality 101.

Weird thing about Pussies. Though they be living in an Echo Ridge Eden, most of those exiled from the mouldering old shack into the great outdoors would rather be cooped up with those housecats and a steady state stream of my crotchets and moods in order to have a constant supply of highclass fttles so they can munch down anytime fancy feels.

Case in point being Frieda Katz. She first got IDed as Fraidy Cat, cause she was leery about bipeds. Over time, as she learned things like where her meals were coming from she went through an amazing transformation into a people-seeking miss scoutcat, escorting me around the outer perimeters of the homesteader hovel. Namechange for her came about by way of pusstelepathy ~ where i'm stuck in the impossibly slow learner class. Over time it did sink in, though. See, she's big into reincatnation and as a HolyCause survivor (the young, healthy breeding stock did, ya know) and eventually lived into ripe old age and after shuffling the ol' coil, got her choice of reassignment into the status of pussperson, with the opportunity of wearing real fur all the time.

Not a bad kitty, Miss Katz. A right pussinable pussinality once you get to know her. Never gets stuck in credential games but is working on developing her full catrachter.

Unlike cats and dogs, there are more traps available for the reasoning (or unreasoning) process of the bipedalfolk. Ego, Fear and Greed make up the Troika pulling along the cabriolet of Credentialism. First you get your B.A. Hell, i'm a bachelor, but never did get the degree even when copping all too much of what they call education. You get that ol' B.A., or maybe its B.$. instead ~ or should it be bee-ess? Answer downloads at the next degree which is more of the same, more or less, anyway: M.$. That can mean more of the same, or Major $ucce$$, or many $urrenders, or manifest $uckups. You get the idea.

In order to become really "Impotent" as Blackfolk down south describe people with lots of credentials and piles of money and influence; you need to hafta, gotta, gonna go all the way with LBJ and get your degrees of credentialed certification U$DA Choice piled higher and drier. Shortform is PHD. You got a PHD and in more cases than not, it makes you into a titled Aristocrap.

Now don't go confusing aristocrapology with nobility. Nobility is both inherent to the individual and can be gradually eked out over time like that dude down in Florida who gives and gives and gives.
The truly Noble have a way of bringing out noble aspects in all those they meet ~ except sometimes when some folks have waaaaay too many credentials to concern themselves with mere commonsense solutions to life's pollution$.

As long as you don't take it all too literally and get stuck in the world of turdsforwords; it is possible to allow for free association to elicit elements of that innerspace which always draws towards Sacred Space like a pair of balanced dowsing rods.

Salute! Les and fellow questers and jesters:


Freddamedgjedda said...

Thank you Zoner! I am now more aware! I love it! I think the chakra-systems ties in with music, or rather vibations. May also be explained with light.

Some chakra systems have 7 chakras, some have 8, some 13.

This might be obvious to musicians, but it was not to me. As I understand it there is 7 tones in i minor scale. The 8th being the start of the next one, so you can see it as 7 or 8 tones in a minor. And there is 13 tones in a major scale is it not? Does this explaines the numbers of chakras used?

Are we then not individual tones of the song of life? Or tuning forks? Responding and sending different tones acording to our chosen vibrations. Or prisms if we think in terms of light? Taking in the light to split it as we see fit and apply it to the canvas of life.

Tom Lowe said...

" I am the most interesting woman in the world ...."

Well folks, that says it all!

Neko Kinoshita said...

Always interesting to drop by here and catch up on the tunings.

Nothing much to add to this enlightened discusstion, I just took a break as I pick up my shovel and walk to the mine

Oh yeah, lots of good stuff from too many to mention so just,


wv: supeds - what sheep become after boiling...

Gonzo for president said...

Les Visible you would do Hunter S. Thompson proud if he was still alive.

What was the cause of death - shot himself in the head and then reloaded and shot himself in the head again...right.

Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative. The word "gonzo" was first used in 1970 to describe an article by Hunter S. Thompson, who later popularized the style. The term has since been applied to other subjective artistic endeavors.

Gonzo journalism tends to favor style over fact to achieve accuracy and often uses personal experiences and emotions to provide context for the topic or event being covered. It disregards the "polished" edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for a more gritty approach. Use of quotations, sarcasm, humor, exaggeration, and profanity is common.

Gonzo journos said...

(Other) current and past Gonzo journalists:

Hunter S. Thompson
Les Visible
Mike James
Deek Jackson
Joe Bageant

- for an introductory couple of excellent paragraghs in the genre please see stickman's short rant on the previous scroll to this.

Anonymous said...

(re-post of stickman's rant)

"Power of sheer poetic depth in your writing as the geomantic gearshifting into Virgo quickens your channeling at the intensity of the glacial Lake Bonneville icedam blowout blasting out another Grand Coulee of flying boulders and cascading mudflows of swirling interdimensionality.

Pandora's box gapes fully ajar and Aladdin's lamp glows from Fukushima to the Halls of Tripoli as the dancing stick gathers the vibe of Coco Montoya's guitar-slinging sounds while the Seven Clans elicits the red-faced, greybeard, gimlet-eyed dude in full Harley drag effaced by the serenity of the ponytailed White Earth rock-gardener spiced by the silvicentric lullaby blessings from Miriam Makeba.

Confusion reigns as Zato terror bombs dessicate the deserted dungeons of Scipio Africanus while the great phallus of Direct Current philistinism opens to reveal another score for the Great Whore as the Saints go Marchin Into another cathedral of cornucopious consumerism all dressed according to the High Fashion imprimatur of Yves St. Laurent and all the good ole boys at St. Tropez and Club Med.

Oh yes, the channels are opening in nuclear metaphysical consequence to the pukings out of nuclear power. Channelings of Spiritus Mundi and of the cosmic Thunderbird harken to the apocalyptic cadences of the hollowed out Beats of Revelation amidst the lascivious lies of the Chosen.

It is all of a piece. It is all of a Peace.


Anonymous said...

'One can point to all of the correct things they said and use that to bolster faith in obvious lies.'

You have taught me to use the Dictionary and Thesaurus more than I ever have if only to look up new words you present to us in your essays: I give a word back to you.
sub·ter·fuge - noun, an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something, etc.

'This is the very essence of disinformation.'

Thanks Les for all that you do

Anonymous said...

Katz, Thursday, August 25, 2011 3:59:00 PM
Nickers in a knot lady; no need. If you do not 'understand' Les by now, keep reading, hopefully you'll get there – it's worth it.
I don't really believe you are as you say; what lawyer worth his/her salt would get petulant, as you have and with an internet presence??
Unless you get something from the interchange, well... keep up the good work then.
Les, this 'logger feels like a GodSend; they want something from you, they know you have something for them but don't know what it is and are determined to stir until something pops, feeding you their rot in the mean time.
Do you remember Ann Marie – I still miss her.
I don't miss Michael but I am sure they (the aforementioned) still come and have a read.


Anonymous said...

Could there be a connection here:

Astronomers discover planet made of diamond

Israel to launch civilian space program

Wonder who will pay for the civilian space program.


Alpha Silex said...

Standing "O". Bravo, Vis. Deep resonance, once again.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 18:6-7
In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.
Then the earth shook and trembled; the foundations also of the hills moved and were shaken, because he was wroth.

I recently came upon this passage and found it interesting because I was recently alone and upset over something and talking to whatever was listening, and the very next day my floor shook and rumbled beneath me; woke me right out of a sound sleep. Somehow my bed shook and banged back and forth against the wall but nothing in the house was knocked over - I was sleeping on the floor. Needless to say, I don't believe in coincidences and took this as a sure sign of response to my utterly sincere desperation - of what I asked about - the previous night. The Lord works in mysterious ways people. If I know anything, it's that God is good and sincerity never goes unnoticed.

Karen; I don't like to see anyone ganged up on either. While none of us is certainly above criticism or reproach, it seems pointless to feed negativity imo; there's nothing constructive in that. And very well said.

Steve said...

Yes my view is that to improve our lot is to improve and evolve personally internally, whilst the world may eventually become more conscious and heaven like after eons of time perhaps, waiting for external conditions to improve, one could be waiting a very long time.Every one's life is actually perfect really. if you wait for any external condition to make you happy you could be waiting and waiting...

Neko Kinoshita said...

Golly Fud, that was funny!

Silly, but funny.

Mathematicians “Discover” inside the numbers of a computer equation, an imaginary object in a two-hour orbit about a figment of their fevered calculations. All because they don’t understand what an “Oscillator” is.

I do have to admit, the second story was genius.


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Vis from the government where do I sign up?
At Jones School boot camp its
"ground hog, ground hog
one two three five
one two... three five!" hehe
(at not one blinks at this, as the ants go marching one by one blah blah, blah blah)

song for today, Yusaf Islam aka Cat Steven's On The Road To Find Out.

many surprises (good and not good) when I hear my own voice when, occasionally, I speak aloud.(that's the introvert's lot, all bases are not covered when standing on home base probably too much)


wv: corsl. of course its strapped to my waist, for a reason I guess.

Andrew of Sydney said...

"Of course, the truth is beyond telling and can only be experienced in a certain state of being but that’s incidental to our present status as corporate forms, who must perform and produce something."

Why Mr Jones, Ms Lawyer and many others are stuck in some void of delusion, regardless of how they might see it. These are indeed dark times. The truth needs to be stated, but negativity should not be created, only awareness which I believe you are seeking to share with us Les.

I'm awake while you are sleeping....

Anonymous said...

My Grandfather used to say; I don't go by size,I go by fit.
Mo visible

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Vis from the government? where do I sign up?
At Jones School boot camp its
"ground hog, ground hog
one two three five
one two... three five!" hehe
(at not one blinks at this, as the ants go marching one by one blah blah,
blah blah)

song for today, Yusaf Islam aka Cat Steven's On The Road To Find Out.

many surprises (good and not good) when I hear my own voice when,
occasionally, I speak aloud.(that's the introvert's lot, all bases are not
covered when standing on home base probably too much)


PS @DaveS why the hate males(sic)? cause its easier that way, at least
initially, but they get stuck in the initials, do not see the words, can't
get near the meanings (from which the words are derived). the real thing is
subsumed in the images, then played with as a toy in protected infantile
environments. that is not how we evolved as cooperative beings , otherwise we
would not be here. dog eat dog until the last dog don't work. (neither does
unconditional undifferentiated pussyfooting)

DaveR said...

Interesting comments here tonight. I must admit I've been skimming the comments more than reading them lately.

1st katz: Chill, just chill. We know you're a female attorney because you said so before. I doubt you are the most interesting woman in the world. No one is. There's no most beautiful or most intelligent either. I'm just gong to assume it's some hyperbole. It's Les' blog and if he wants to say he dislikes or distrusts someone or something, he's free to do that and if you don't like what you read then please read no more of it. God knows there's enough out on the web that anyone can go find something they like to read about. I myself skip reading a lot (most) of the web and further refrain from commenting almost all the time. I've long since gotten away from trying to "correct" those I think are wrong or that I disagree with. There's just too many and there's just too much, and besides, I might not be right either.

Zoner said...

It is so true, Visible, that we are instruments...."

There is an instrument maker (I saw this on TV, so it must be true) who makes cellos, I think. When they're finished he puts them on a stand with a machine that saws on them with a bow for weeks at a time. He tunes them twice a day and figures this breaks them in so they'll play in tune more easily when bought.

I'm only half way down the comments but I'm going to get back to this other article I got today and I wanted to drop by to share it with you guys. Anon @ 5:35 mentioned the article on about Laura Knight Whatshername on SOTT and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one hereabouts to know of Jay. I was pretty sure others would read him, knowing this crowd. Anyway, Jay has studied Alchemy for 25 years and put up an article recently about the Philosopher's Stone. His article is The Golden Age Has Begun!

Jay is one of the two voices on the net that I absolutely trust, unlike especially those pushing the White Powdered Gold. That stuff doesn't pass my smell test - though I may be wrong. One of the biggest things I don't like about it is that it was being pushed by Sir Lawrence Gardner, but that's another thing for another time.

I'm only a few pages into it, but if Jay says it's good I'm going to give it a lot of attention.

So have a read of what Jay says and I suggest reading the linked pdf (I am) and we can all talk about it in a few days. Caio!

Anonymous said...

Zoner, thanks for the link to the The Book of Aquarius.
I read parts of it for over an hour now and it sounds too good to be true but just like
Jay Weidners interpretation of Kubricks Shining at least it seems well worth the time reading for the entertainment value alone.
If this is true all the free energy stuff pales in comparison (although it would be included in the The Book of Aquarius of course).

Vis, I would appreciate if you could comment on this thing.


Visible said...

Michael; Sorry, I don't have the time and won't for awhile. I can't read the books that are lying around here as it is.

Anonymous said...

Vis, I understand your lack of time and rather see you writing yourself than judging the works of others, but this Book of Aquarius seems to contain a detailed and practical description how to create the Philosophers' Stone, here just an excerpt from The Book of Aquarius | 20. Apparatus:

Having now covered the theory, we can start with the practical operations for actually making the Philosophers' Stone. You first need to obtain the necessary apparatus.

For the First Part you will need two 500ml retorts for distilling the urine. It is important that this be a retort, and not some modern distillation apparatus. The reason for this is that you are only distilling on low-heat, so as not to destroy the life-energy. If you try to use modern distillation apparatus then the water vapor will not rise high enough to escape before it condenses...

If anyone here creates The Stone please feel free to pass around some samples. Thanks!


namuh v. said...

"Neko Kinoshita said...
Golly Fud, that was funny! ...
Mathematicians “Discover” inside the numbers of a computer equation, an imaginary object in a two-hour orbit about a figment of their fevered calculations. All because they don’t understand what an “Oscillator” is.

Was wonderin if anyone else noted that.

[orbiting a pulsar] "Pulsars are tiny, dead neutron stars that are only around 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) in diameter and spin hundreds of times a second" & super dense ... ya right. Beyond comprehension how anyone could think that was possible/stable to begin with.

There has to be another force involved, or to replace the above theory altogether. .... hmmm let's see - what could it be? Something electrical perhaps?...

Scientists now know that all of space (micro to the macro) is no longer empty. It is full of charged particles (plasma), and something they call dark-matter (cue the 'twilight' zone' music); of which, they admit, they know nothing about. Yet, they plough along with this gravitational model of the universe, as if it still makes sense.

I have come to the conclusion (as conclusive as a speculation can be) that the formost problem with modern science speculating about life and the universe is: that they built everything around the model that matter always existed, and energy came from matter. When it is actually the other way around.

All our lives, a large chunk of what science has been teaching us about, in how to look at life and the universe, was based on a false assumption; It's all a clever lie, as it turns out.

Visible said...

No book contains that information. I understand the desire that it were so but it is not. That is transferred by one who possesses it to one who has earned it. I won't debate it and I won't insist it is absolute but in my experience it is.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

One story about Sanatana Gosvami is “It is said that once a poor brahmana worshiped Lord Siva for a benediction, and Lord Siva advised the devotee to go to see Sanatana Gosvami. The devotee went to Sanatana Gosvami and informed him that Lord Siva had advised him to seek out the best benediction from him (Sanatana). Sanatana had a touchstone with him, which he kept with the garbage. On the request of the poor brahmana, Sanatana Gosvami gave him the touchstone, and the brahmana was very happy to have it. He now could get as much gold as he desired simply by touching the touchstone to iron. But after he left Sanatana, he though, “If a touchstone is the best benediction, why has Sanatana Gosvami kept it with the garbage?” He therefore returned and asked Sanatana Gosvami, “Sir, if this is the best benediction, why did you keep it with the garbage?” Sanatana Gosvami then informed him, “Actually, this is not the best benediction. But are you prepared to take the best benediction from me?” The brahmana said, “Yes, sir. Lord Siva has sent me to you for the best benediction.” Then Sanatana Gosvami asked him to throw the touchstone in the water nearby and then come back.

The poor brahmana did so, and when he returned, Sanatana Gosvami initiated him with the Hare Krishna mantra. Thus by the benediction of Lord Siva the brahmana got the association of the best devotee of Lord Krishna and was thus initiated in the maha-mantra, Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

Zoner said...

Michael, glad you're digging the read but DaveR seems to have brought that to the fore, not me.

wv; ratinall I'm tired of all these rats - I need to take a couple Ratinall to ease the pain.

Anonymous said...

"By their comments section shall ye know them" sounds like a good aphorism for the digital age. And by that standard, wherever Les is, there's a party like no other. And sometimes you meet someone who, if they get high with you, turn paranoid. And you gotta gently talk them down, "It's OK, I'm not the devil," etc., etc.

I was floored that someone made a lengthy YouTube video to debunk David Icke, starting with the notion that because Icke used to believe Alice Bailey's ideas, and well, she was a Luciferian, ergo... Mama mia, that's all I can say.

If the book I'm writing leads to attention of the quality I see here every day, I'll count myself blessed. Rock on, Les!

Anonymous said...

Don't know why but I just thought I should post this here. This song came out back in '98 and I didn't really discover it until just a few years ago. Listening to it again tonight (I don't even listen to hip-hop normally but this song has a nice tune to it) and the last stanza really made me stand up and go, "WHOA". were they actually trying to send a much deeper message?

Public Enemy - He Got Game (1998) (last stanza of the track):

These are some serious times
That we livin in G
And our new world order
Is about to begin
You know what I’m sayin
Now the question is…
Are you ready for the real revolution
Which is the evolution of the mind
If you seek than you shall find
That we all come from the divine
You dig what I’m sayin
Now if you take heed to the words of wisdom
That are written on the walls of life
Then universally we will stand
And divided we will fall
Cause love conquers all
You understand what I’m sayin
This is a call to all you sleepin souls
WAKE UP and be in control of your own CYCLE
And be on the lookout for those spirits tonight
Trying to steal your light
You know what I’m sayin
Look whats inside yourself and
PEACE, give thanks, live life and believe
You dig me
You got ME


ChewyBees said...

I question the authority and intent of any lawyer. The primary job of any lawyer is to make things so confusing and deceptive that a common man (ie not a lawyer, banker or statesman) hands over his God-given dominion and equal authority to the whims of strangers with evil intent. There is no other explanation for it. De-facto crown or district attorneys, defense attorneys or any attorney that carries a BAR card and oath is sworn to organization and society long before some peon. They are there to extract money. They do it one of two ways, you pay the BAR system (the court system) as much as they say, or you pay the penal system, wherein they make huge profits while you languish in their hell of purposeful creation.
All law is written in a foreign language called legalese. Just because you can read common English (or whatever your common tongue is) don't imagine for a second that you are even allowed to interpret or apply legalese. The second you try, without a BAR license and without the oath BAR requires, you will be in the deep oily water where only monsters and Corexant lurk.
The most important function of the justice system is to create and enforce the corporate by-laws of the banks. They consider every 'citizen' to be an employee (trustee) of their corporation, and therefore subject to their rules, codes, statutes and by-laws. And why shouldn't they? The citizenry panders and begs and whines their lives around this scam. No one questions it, no one claims their rights, sovereignty and dominion because from birth to abortion we've all been taught to bow, boot lick and roll over like the good bike-racks we are.
All encounters with the 'justice system' are encounters of trust. Trust contains three elements: Beneficiary, Executor (Administrator, Director, etc.) and Trustee. Their every goal is for you to admit you are trustee, and therefore an incompetent peon employee of their corporation. They have every means of trickery and intimidation at their disposal to get this to happen, and if you don't have the balls to stand up to it you will sign your own hairy hiney to prison because they said to.
Your duty, and obligation to yourself in all matters, not just a fraudulent court system, is to claim your right and heritage as the Beneficiary of any trust, and appoint yourself as the Executor of any trust. That leaves only one roll to play, that of public servant (trustee), and since you are the public, the servants will take orders and do as you say. All other men are of equal dominion as long as they DO NO HARM.
The 10s of millions of Federal statutes and codes are nothing more than corporate by-laws. Ask any lawyer, don't take my word for it. If they deny this, then demand their proof of the authority of any of it, and they will be amiss or only able to BS their way round it (like a lawyers truth).
The only other thing they have is intimidation by force. Corporate security thugs with semiautomatic weapons, tasers and any other tool of harm on the bat-belt are their means. Fear is a controller. The by-product of deception is fear. All legal is deception for profit. All lawyers are agents for a worldwide legal system. All judges are lawyers. I hope you are starting to get the picture.
Google Dean Clifford for more info...

Anonymous said...

ChewyBees, I was impressed with the video freeman in court - judge bows to Sovereign - Canada that I saw some months ago. Nevertheless I did not understand all that was going on. Legalize has its "special language" and this freeman also invoked some kind of linguistical trick i.e. not stating his name or his identity. In effect it looks like some kind of loophole in the legal system that if you do not follow their first rule (stating your name or whatever) they cannot proceed to molest you with their legalize logic. Does this trick work in other countries as well? Furthermore I doubt that the uniformed thugs know about either about their own legal system or this loophole and do their violenty dragging away thing without much of a thought.

Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Mea Culpa, Deus Ex Vomitus.

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up-

Getting Rid of Little Georgie Sorrows Shingles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les. This was a wonderful post. Just what I needed.

On the Philosopher's Stone topic, I believe the Philosopher's Stone is not a physical object. I think the Philosopher's Stone of alchemy and the Holy Grail of Christianity is one and the same thing, and that is the opening and balancing of the energy centres (chakras) all the way up to indigo, and experiencing the love of the Creator. Just as rare and "elusive" as the apparent "gem" amongst earthlings ;)

When one accomplishes it, then one can channel the Creator, and heal people. So Jesus was in possession of the "Philosopher's Stone", as was Buddha, Muhammed and others less known to us, I'm sure. The reason it's associated with longevity and youth and the like, is precisely because of the healing ability.

Visible said...

You are absolutely correct.

Visible said...

A new Profiles in Evil is up-

Dick Cheney, War Criminal and Chickenhawk Deluxe.

JerseyCynic said...

Life really is quite simple. It's just too bad we humans have to complicate it so. It's unfortunate that the self appointed ruling class has to do this (?purposefully), and probably even more tragic is that we (most) think that they are the only ones at fault.

Us amurkins just love love love the blame game.

I'm "getting it" more and more every day, Les -- almost there my friend. I'm sure it will be just in time to move into the next dimension.

Thank you again for another mind-blowing post.

JerseyCynic said...

oh - and one more thing...

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" - it's a lawyer joke (not really)



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