Saturday, August 06, 2011

Crimson in the Clover, Over and Over.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

What fascinating and unpredictable times these are. A couple of days ago I had had something on my mind that had floated around as a possibility but had never happened. It seemed like it couldn’t happen, or wouldn’t happen and then suddenly it happened. I had to go somewhere for it and I didn’t want to but I was compelled to but couldn’t understand why because it seemed like all the other times and I had come to a point where I didn’t consider it as a reality anymore. I went a tad apprehensively because I try to watch everything I do now and there’s no telling what something means anymore.

Then, yesterday, I was reading something by a writer who gets carried at a site where I do not, even though that site solicited me to be carried. When I didn’t start appearing, I wrote and asked them about it and got a nice response from someone, with an apology and then they still didn’t carry me, so I walked away from that. This writer was talking about how The Tribe are just pawns and sacrifices to some forever unnamed elite that is pulling all the strings and setting up the world’s biggest victims as the next victims, as if they had always been victims and he mentioned a number of writers, some of whom I think are dingbats, who write all kinds of prissy stuff about female sexuality and how women not wearing dresses is the cause of the destruction of western culture; whatever that is. My name wasn’t mentioned and I think that was because I lay the blame for much of what is taking place at the very doorstep of The Tribe.

I look at the names of the perpetrators of 9/11 and they are mostly all members of The Tribe. I look at the main financial demon and his name is Rothschild. I look at the heads of all the Central Banks and they are all members of The Tribe. I can’t really find anyone who isn’t in a position of prominence except for some royals and aristocrats and I can make a good argument for their place in the spectrum but why bother. Someone please tell me who these shadowy elite are, by names that are using The Tribe as helpless dupes. Someone give me other names for what happened in Russia and who are responsible for the murder of The Palestinians and so on and so on and so on. Don’t get me started on slavery, human trafficking and organ harvesting, much less false flags.

So I went to walk out my door yesterday while a light rain was falling. I was a little set back in my thoughts about this whole business and the way I can’t seem to communicate as effectively as I might and how I am unstable here and there in my intrepid search for self realization, as well as relative and absolute truth. I’m obviously not as effective as I could be because I’m still not who I should be but I am hopeful. I walked outside and I looked up at the sky and I saw the most perfect double rainbow I have ever seen and I have lived in Hawaii. It was something to behold and a voice came into my head that said, “This is for you, just to let you know that promises have been and will be kept”. Maybe I’m delusional and maybe any numbers of things are true about me, or not. I know what I heard and how it made me feel. This all came on the heels of what had happened the day before so I am thinking that long awaited transformations are finally at hand and right in time for predictions I’ve gotten concerning my upcoming birthday on the 22nd.

This is all a little personal but it does extrapolate out to all of us because all of us are loved and needed more than we know, not that we measure up as we always should.

I believe in a few things and some of those are fixed. I believe in the power and preeminence of Love, which I believe is the primary motive force in creation. I believe the quality and content of Love is misunderstood generally and that is due to the relative presence of darkness in this age. We see and know what we can, based on the clarity possible for us. Love has been redefined as something that has various levels of marketable meaning, according to the force of materialism that permeates through our days and ways. It’s one more item on the shelf and you get the expensive kind and the cheap kind and neither have anything to do with the real commodity that takes us through the darkness and out the other side. Some of us know that the highest form of love is sacrifice and service but we only understand that to the degree that we are in tune with the mind of the cosmos, as it moves us to whatever destiny awaits each of us and which is a common thing, far up the road.

We don’t actually understand much of anything and that is why we are confused and disappointed. It is why our hearts are heavy and our minds dulled by the incessant force of base magnetic attraction to what is decomposing as we look at it. We desire and we aspire but we have different windows of opportunity that appear in our various ages and if we don’t meet the higher end of what we are capable of, we have less possibility as each age passes, until death liberates us for another round. Since it takes everything we have, most of us don’t have the necessary force to offer the coin required.

This is one of the supreme moments of transformation that is ever possible here and certainly in this type of an age. That means that the essential basic force of impetus is geared directly to all that can be for all who will be. It means that despite ourselves we are making progress, though we could do better. I’m trying and I’ve been trying all my life but my tools and disposition have often run contrary to my best interests. Now I find that something or someone has changed me in some very positive ways as if, maybe all of my inconsistent efforts have finally amounted to something or... extra force of a generous and understanding kind has given me what I don’t feel I actually deserve but I’ll take it (grin).

I know that a lot of us believe that the dreamscape is real and that we have to function in it on certain terms, which always make us feel like whores and fools who have to sell their asses so that they’ll feel they lost something important and valuable, when it doesn’t work out in an equitable way concerning what we think our asses are worth. Yet, how much can our asses be worth if we are selling them? How much were we improved by selling out as opposed to holding out? Some of us have held out and we shall see what that is worth.

It’s an incredibly seedy scene that confronts us these days. I get that, ‘looking at a train wreck’ sensation’ whenever I view the world through the lens of the media reporting on it. I never can resolve my conflict in perception when I see people who are defined as being highly intelligent and competent, achieving what I see in front of me. This measurement of intelligence and competence is directly interpreted according to the relative stupidity of those people now trapped in the results of all that intelligence and capability.

Sometimes I wind up at a British news site and with very few exceptions they are all tabloids. Then there is a line of photos down the right hand side. Sometimes there are fifty or more, that show celebrities in various stages of undress, with commentary about who they are breaking up with and how fine their bodies do or don’t look now and I don’t know who any of them are. Occasionally I will recognize a name but I can’t place any of the rest of them but... they are celebrities. They are celebrities that behave like animals, rolling in roadside carcasses, and that is some kind of a standard for the rest of us. I’m glad I’m not them. I don’t actually know who I am but I am glad I’m not them.

I can’t get over some of the events of the last couple of days. I experienced some things that just weren’t supposed to happen and I get strange things happening all the time so, these were strange on steroids. The thing with the rainbow was a real heart warmer and whatever the actual truth of it may be, it has lifted my spirits when I needed it most.

It’s not easy, having to appear as a wack job, in the eyes of those with no faith in anything but their own abilities to present a deceptive façade. I never like doing that because you’re due to get exposed for it at some point. The universe is pretty unforgiving about that. I don’t like having to be naked all the time either but it’s the safer and wiser choice. I think, it comes down to the reality that it is far more important what the cosmos thinks about you than anyone else. Everyone else doesn’t carry my water and feed me by mysterious means or protect me from the actual and potential dangers of the animal mind. I’m not in Norway being eaten by polar bears and I think part of that is because I know better than to think I’m going to gain personal meaning by seeing what can and cannot happen, when I put myself in the wrong place at exactly the right season. “Script girl!” I’m not amused or entertained by it and that has nothing to do with the other tragedy in Norway that was manipulated by The Tribe to let everyone know who’s in charge. Well now, who is in charge? That’s one question. Who is responsible? That is another. How is it all going to turn out and who is going to wind up hanging on the hooks as the cosmos fires up the judgment train (I got a lot of trains)? Those are other questions.

Is it any of my business what other people do? It might be, if it affects me and... I think that was what was going on, when they got together to write that Declaration of Independence. Another thing is that none of these constructs endure beyond the time it takes for the lessons to be learned; then new constructs and new lessons come, if you need them or want them, because something looks like something and you need to see if that is what it is. I guess we will see what it is, all at once, or for a little while, because the apocalypse makes that happen.

Are the apocalypses all the same according to names and terms? I don’t know. In a million years will this be around for terrestrial consideration? Well, you have Atlantis and Lemuria and what you know about them. MS Word doesn’t even recognize Lemuria.

For myself, it comes down to not being the kind of person who makes my fortune off of the backs of others without their consent; cosmically no one gets where they are going on their own. They had help in both directions. I would say that there never was a time when so much help was available and when it wasn’t more important for you personally and you should take advantage of it. I would also say that this continues to happen and it always will because that is what happens on the road. It is up to each of us what we think awaits and is possible. You will get out of it what you put into it and everyone has a different idea of what that ought to be so... good fortune, my friends.

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No more bullshit from the zionist MSM thank you said...

Breaking; Nato heliocopter crash

The truth:
A Nato heliocopter carrying 38 US and Afghan soldiers was attacking an Afghan stronghold of Afghan civilians and Taliban. The Nato forces killed 8 in the stronghold before those being attacked by Nato returned fire in the form of a RPG which took out and crashed the attacking Nato heliocopter.

The zionist MSM spin:
A group of insurgent Taliban took 8 Afghan civilian hostage. A Nato heliocopter carrying US and Afghan soldiers was ruthlessly shot down by the terrorist Taliban as the Nato forces tried to free the hostages. Besides 38 dying in the heliocopter crash the 8 civilian hostages also were killed by the Taliban.

Same event, two stories. One the truth about zionist Nato agression and one of total bullshit from the zionist MSM.

Had enough yet?

Anonymous said...

"a voice came into my head that said, 'This is for you, just to let you know that promises have been and will be kept'"

Good fortune and happiness unto you my friend - for all the hope and rainbows you bring into the lives of those who read your works.

Peace and love,


Anonymous said...

hi les my friend,
i've been meaning to write you - especially since that message (on SMS I beleive it was) when you said you would "soon nolonger be with us." i cannot describe how my heart sank. i felt as if a part of my world had died. and that i had lost a dear, kind and inmportant friend. not since i discovered osho in pune (after he had left the body) have i listened to someome who speaks so much truth with so much love. there are many new voices for truth, but none matches yours for puissance. i am happy to know you feel god is with you. i believe he has kept and chosen, and given all of us, your voice that cuts through all (in my tradition called teh paraclete) to guide us and keep us steady, as this dark illusion dissolves to reveal reality - which is love and god - and the union of the two - us, you, me, humanity, man. be well inspired scribe.
yours, the german farmer

Cassandra of Troy said...

It's a cliche to say "I had the strangest dream," but I did, and it was about you. I have vivid dreams about people I've never met (including online acquaintances) and it always has that dream-like "this is SO weird but still perfectly normal" vibe. I'm not a longtime reader by any means, so where this comes from I can only speculate. If it means something to you, I'm glad.

You were in my house, always a barely-seen presence, just a glimpse of someone turning a corner, or just shutting a door behind you, but I knew it was you. You were apparently a guest here, staying in the guest bedroom but not interacting with anyone. Then one day you showed up in the foyer, dressed to travel with a duffel bag or some such thing, and you said "It's time for me to get going." I answered, "But I hardly saw you!" We talked of other things which escape me now. You gave me a gigantic hug (which was odd because we don't know one another, and you didn't look like your photo either--but it was still you, the way dream-people often are). Then, unexpectedly and most inexplicably, you stretched out into an easy chair in the living room and began watching TV (the comment about those vacuous celebrities is what brought the dream back to me).

Meanwhile I noticed someone had parked in the street out front, in the spot reserved for a disabled person who lives here. It was a red, sporty 2 door car. I went to holler at the driver to park elsewhere. The driver was a woman who had leaned over to open the passenger door, as if expecting someone to jump in so they could roar off. After waiting a minute, she stepped out and turned out to be a blonde. She walked up the front walkway toward me. I said, "You must be Suzanne." (or was it Susanna?) and she said calmly, "Isn't he ready to go?" Then the next thing I knew there was a stream of strangers piling out of the car, clown-car fashion. There was no way it could have held that many folks, but out they came. These folks, of all shapes and sizes, filed into my house for dinner, and it was all perfectly fine with me, although odd. I'm not sure what else happened after this, although I think you stepped out of the house briefly to talk with the woman. I seem to remember you had a little girl in your arms, about a year old, very sweet and calm-natured.

If this means anything to you, I'm glad to be the medium (it's not the first time). Maybe the clown-car visitors were everyone who comments on your blogs.

Whatever it was about, good travels!

Thomas Faber said...

Wonderful to see how you keep the fire burning, Visible. In my eyes, you're doing one of the most worthwhile things I see, anywhere.

As for myself, I've had all doubt beaten out of me, on a very magical journey. There are absolutely no coincidences, and our misunderstandings come only from ourselves. Our broken hopes are only ours, as are our failed expectations. I didn't find the girl, but I will, another day. God is certainly most real, but my experience says that there are many many entities working out of their own best understanding, and that the Divine itself is not always the direct cause of what happens, even if All that Is springs from it.

My own intuition has proven to be quite flawed, but I feel calm about that. Every day is new, and help is always there. It's not always easy, but it's all for the best, 100% certain.

All the Best, and good luck, to everyone :)

Neko Kinoshita said...

I hear you admonition, and I do understand that many of my actions perpetuate my position as both a whore and a fool. I do not actually enjoy presenting a deceptive façade, and I know it will not hold. The foundation of my current position (here in the cul-de-sac) is crumbling and cannot hold for even another month.
I continue to try and provide what little I can for those who are dependent on me, but sometimes I can see that it might be better to just let it all go.
My eldest continues to expect that she will coast through with every material thing she desires all without putting forth any effort or compromise on her part. The disappointment she in encountering as she discovers the effect of failure to plan is heartbreaking. But it is nonetheless her lesson to learn, and I cannot protect her from her own choices, or lack of as the case may be.
The younger dives deeper into anime daily, to the point where she is now showing preference for computer generated artists performing as a hologram projected before a live audience. This, of course, has the merit of being more honest than Lady Gaga as just one example. I worry that she is not connecting properly with the Universe, but the cats are assuring me that she is doing fine. Luckily for my sanity, I trust their judgment better than my own.
My spouse, on the other hand is approaching cognitive dissonance at a level I can hardly measure, as she frets over the elder, the younger, and the behavior of her parents as they continue to ply all of their children and grandchildren with a “reunion” to celebrate their own “achievements.”
I’m just rambling here, but I am trying so hard to listen to the voice of direction echoing through the winds of change blowing around the dumpster. The primary message seems to be telling me that it’s only garbage, and to let truck take it away…
Licking my nose to keep it cold and wet, as Jefferson airplane sings “white rabbit” in the background.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thanks a lot, les, now I've got that Tommy James voice echoing over and over.

Then again, those lyrics do sound a bit familiar, don't they?

I do believe this will work just fine..

Anonymous said...

Hello All.

The following quote from Mario Savio describes my current condition quite well.

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious—makes you so sick at heart—that you can't take part. You can't even passively take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all."

I have, after much reflection come to the conclusion that all problems we face can be solved with Integrity, Good Morals, Hard work and Unwavering Courage. Anything less than this is an insult to yourself and the Creator.

I do find it hard sometimes to realize how insideous the distractions to these principals, so pervasivly pushed upon us were accepted by me for a time. I will forever regret that.

Thanks for your Blog LV
Patrick V1.0

PS: Vis if your manuscript Spiritual Survival is available in PDF format. I would be glad to purchase it.

Miriam said...

Once again Thank You, Vis for speaking so clearly.

Anonymous said...

Les is always More,
more Love,
more Truth,
more Mojo,

the tribe are intergalatic,
middle managers,
they answer to their et bosses,
who answer to a boss,
that is unspeakable.

Les is always More.

WRH said...

It has just been announced that the Seals who killed some poor schmuck last May identified by the White House as Osama Bin Laden (the real bin Laden died in December 2001) all died in the crash of a Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan today. This is reminiscent of when Former Clinton body guards privy to his indiscretions were all killed at Waco, shot by their own forces.

So it looks like Obama may be cleaning house as he heads into the next election season by murdering off anyone who could publicly expose the lies and hoaxes he has used to cling to power.

Anonymous said...

cold misuse
savage reason
confusing action
psychosis grievance
greeds discomfort
unloving focus
disatisfied claims
stagnated motives
deceiving outcomes
polluting mind
clouding purpose
in soul confines
twisted principles
in the house of truth
liberation wakes


Anonymous said...

have missed the last couple of weeks,have been in some semi traumatised work psychosis,where I'm either going to work,at work or thinking about work all the time,its horrible,

anyway good post mr visibles,

respects neil

Miriam said...

Love and Blessings to you neil. Always wonderful to hear from you.
Call in for a mental health day...

Visible said...

How anyone can be in doubt about some things after seeing this is beyond me. How there could be yet more shadowy figures behind these guys who are using them for patsies is beyond me. The only thing behind these people is the devil.

Anonymous said...


Zio-ogre is hacking your hot link above.

Here is the link - working.

Visible said...

It comes up fine for me.

mayaseri said...

It's the Vis' birthday August 22nd 2011.Let's have a blast, internet style stories music bring your own beverage...Any Ideas?


covkid said...

Working fine for me too,although Pakalerts version has been erased.

Indra, planet Mars said...

"We are the intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of nearly every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it." - Marcus Eli Ravage, the authorized Jewish biographer for the Rothschild dynasty wrote this in an article in The Century Magazine, January 1928, volume 115, no. 3 pp 346-350

Anonymous said...


We have the ability to transform deserts into gardens, mountains into molehills, raging rivers into channeled creativity, canyons into lakes, and so on. Yet, by the mere ruse of familial heritage, religious dogma and violence an entire planets sentient beings are being held hostage to a dream where we are cutting it to pieces for a gang of Jehovah proselytizing, women and children raping, money shifting, natural resource grubbing, murdering... fuck sticks.

If the true Divine chose the Zionist to be our guides and friends, would it really look like this or would our planet look more like something envisioned with the New Shangri- La, Venus Project, or older Atlantes and Lemuria? Let the schreier moan and wale away to the fortuitous lot cast to the head of the tormenters. Luck is jumping a creek and only getting wet from your own stumble while destiny is being pushed in a river from behind; bound and gagged, with a farewell party in full swing while blaring through HD stereo, “Turn Out the Lights the Parties Over” by the chorus and not Don Meredith. I am working hard dear brother to resist revenge and shitzerintheirfood or schadenfreude. It's tougher than being married.




When a parent morphs into a wall that buffers reality, reality becomes the jack hammer. The wall is destroyed and reconstituted as another wall through invalidation. Or the Divine can hand lay you with the truth and as it unfolds it becomes apparent through your personal behavioral augmentation, and the wall becomes a pathway. Maybe by becoming parents of the alternative we release the throe demonstrated by the attachment to an outcome? I'm searching myself for what I already know is the truth and the confusion mirrors itself in my wife's, son's and daughter's pangs. Is it clear to me that holding up the facade of the wall is the real danger? Yes. As of September I hope to have removed myself from the metropolis in south Texas I live in to a safer, rural, co-existence with Gaia. It has become an easier situation right now with the flux. Trade mortgage payments with folks who want to move into urban or suburban locales, owner finance if cash is available and lending is frozen. It is working for many. Next, sun and water conversion for electric. My daughter (18) is undecided and my son (21) myself and Source have been developing his situation for around 6 months now and it is self perpetuating. Everything I do now is with the intention that promises were made and going to be kept. Expect the best from the Divine and prepare for the worst from the hive mentality and relocate with intention.

Your brother,


squexx said...

"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer."

-An exact quote of Harold Wallace Rosenthal, former top Administrative Aide to the then Senator Jacob Javits, who was defeated in the 1980 election.

Anonymous said...

Time at present is hanging~~ suspended disjointedly between a Kali-Yugafying past and a dreamscape future. There is a suspension, both as a halting of movement and in the form of a bridge. All systems, establishments and orthodoxies are unravelling into irrelevance. Those who must cling to something find only free-flowing air and blank space. In this roomy void the cosmic broom sets into motion. It is a time of confusion, introspection, unease and, once more, suspension of certainty.

Comfort zones more and more are getting dissed, as dissent itself formulates and reformulates without need for the automatism of formulae. The spinning top confronts the ticking clock in a spin-rinse cycle of overabundant options. But rulebooks, roadmaps and suchlike similar paraphernalia are sorely lacking except amongst those attuned to the serene empathic exhilarations of individual hearts beating to a harmonic coherence emanating from higher Source.

Who is it that is among the Chosen? Is it the ethically exiled practitioners of parasitism, plunder and predatorial precocity exuding from those who have elected to be the chosen elite of their own selected tribal WarGod of bloodlust and goldgreed? Or are the Chosen those self-discovered individuals who either never took the plunge or who jumped out of the gradually heating water before their spirits were parboiled in the dense atmosphere of corruption with its compulsory cling of conformity.

Yes, we can feel it in the air. There is a very tension, taut and tightening. To focus, one must channel into the flow through the widening gyres of cosmic convulsions, cascading consciousness into the calming conclusiveness of the harmonic whole.

Presentation is soon upon us.

Anonymous said...

(Hic!) I had to do this Les, Crimson & Clover.
I liked the original hippy version but I really like this one from Joan. Mind you the wording must have been difficult to come up with.
funny I just downloaded this today...
'because I’m still not who I should be' and we were talking Cat Stevens elsewhere... so this is for you The Wind.


zionist Rothschilds are taking over the world by usury (central banks) and murder (Nato) said...

... each of the five sons were dispatched to a major city in Europe to establish a branch of the Rothschild banking firm.

Son #1 - Amschel - Remained in Frankfurt and propelled Germany to financial success under Bismarck.

Son #2 - Salomon - Went to Vienna, Austria. he became a leader in the Austria-Hungary Empire.

Son #3 - Nathan Mayer - Went to England where he took control of the Bank of England.

Son #4 - Carl - Went to Naples where he became the most powerful man in Italy through his banking skills.

Son #5 - James Jacob - Went to Paris where he established the central bank. He was credited with dominating the financial destiny of the nation of France.

By 1850, the House of Rothschild represented more wealth than all the families of Europe.

• Nathan Rothschild was an observer on the day the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon at Waterloo, Belgium. He knew that with this information he could make a fortune. He later paid a sailor a big fee to take him across the English Channel in bad weather. The news of Napoleon's defeat would take a while to hit England. When Nathan arrived in London, he began selling securities and bonds in a panic. The other investors were deceived into believing that Napoleon won the war and was eyeing England so they began to sell their securities too. What they were unaware of is that Rothschild's agents were buying all the securities that were being sold in panic. In one day, the Rothschild fortune grew by one million pounds.

They literally bought control of England for a few cents on the dollar.

The same way the Rockefeller's went into Japan after World War 2 and bought everything 10 cents on the dollar. SONY=Standard Oil New York, a Rockefeller Company.

Frederick Morton wrote in his book, The Rothschilds: "...the wealth of the Rothschilds consists of the bankruptcy of nations."

There were other wealthy families in Europe and America which were allowed to join "the international banking club" such as John D. Rockefeller and John Pierpont Morgan.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if this is who is referred to as the entity controlling the puppets we refer to as the controllers:

steve said...

I see the impermanence of the world and I finally want nothing more from it.

Henry Velthuizen said...

Les Visible, how do you do it? I have only once managed to read through an entire post of yours. I'm sure you have interesting things to say, but the STYLE in which you write is something I find really off-putting. As I began reading today's entry, I came across these sentences: "A couple of days ago I had had something on my mind that had floated around as a possibility but had never happened. It seemed like it couldn’t happen, or wouldn’t happen and then suddenly it happened. I had to go somewhere for it and I didn’t want to but I was compelled to but couldn’t understand why because it seemed like all the other times and I had come to a point where I didn’t consider it as a reality anymore."
Would you believe that reading through that was enough to begin inducing nausea in me?
Why don't you write more succinctly and without rambling about stuff that you don't identify from the outset? I find it frustrating and physically nauseating (yes, really!) to read your style of writing. I wonder if others have similar experiences, or if they've already given up and moved onto other blog pages out of sheer frustration.

Copernicus Kidd said...

yeah, I'm starting to get tired of Makow too. he's been harping against precious metals like a circus chimp and hasn't uttered a peep about Norway despite the obvious Mason tags. i thought that was his scene ..... oh and apparently some Scotts are pulling the strings on the Tribe, so I must be a made man - just gotta work on my secret handshake. keep calling em like you see em boss vis.

Visible said...

Henry? Can I recommend some Dramamine and a Budweiser Tallboy? That usually works for people who find their way here by mistake and somehow got the impression I was supposed to be doing wide screen instead of niche work. This is a metaphysical blog. It's supposed to be elusive in places because it's supposed to trigger thought which depends on the thinker to gain a perception. I know it sounds like work but that's what the subconscious is for; the grinding down and channeling up.

There are a couple of people you might want to check out that might work better for you, Perez Hilton has a blog that might work and also Dr. Phil. It's all easily digestible and if it doesn't make you sick you have found your metier.

Putting on a dress to defeat the NWO said...

"Henry Velthuizen";

Grin. With a name like one would expect you to be able to compose your criticism and a level above grade 5 comic book.

Your (poor) diction, syntax and cadence are extremely female - so unless you're name is Henrietta, you are a complete fake.

Answer: Troll be gone!

Anonymous said...

Warm greetings Visible.

"...the wealth of the Rothschilds consists of the bankruptcy of nations."

I am going to venture out on economic ice and state that this whole global economic crisis is being orchestrated by Rothschild in order to bankrupt all western fiat currencies who use the US dollar as the world reserve currency in order to force the whole world to accept the Rothschild owned SDRs.

In the same way as the Rothschild IMF has been bankrupting third world countries for decades in order to get their resources at pennies on the dollar, Rothschild has intentionally put the USA and other western countries into debt to each other and to the 193 central banks which Rothschild owns. All the debt ultimately traces back to usury where there never was an eleveth marble so each country had to continually borrow more money every year to "balance" their budgets.

By having the world reserve fiat currency tank, Rothschild is now poised to implement his SDRs - otherwise everyone loses the equity in their homes and more.

The problem is that to allow a private group to issue and control the money supply of the world will lead to the Rothschild financial oligarchs controlling not only the money but also all the governments of the world.

It will be a form of banking one world government where everyone using the SDRs will be forced to accept whatever Rothschild decides.

This is dictatorship, and it goes against every single thing that freedom and the pursuit of happiness strives for.

Benjamin Franklin was right about the threat of the banks to liberty - only he didn't envision the threat would be for total global dominance.

If not stopped. Rothschild and his zionist accomplices are going to try to take control of the whole world through debt.

The Bible states usury is evil. Too bad we haven't been listening.

Too late? Never say never.

Anonymous said...

discord drives disunion
deceit consuls calamity
frustration gifts confusion
the devils own insanity
a sphere of false reality
misdirected sanctity
born through disrespect
navigating misunderstandibly
but a call beyond all gravity
push of whole vitality
whispered through existance
livening humanity
nourishing equality
reverberating livity
engaging through all instance
vibrating sense of naturaly


Rothschild zionism exposing itself as evil said...

Rothschild zionism exposing itself as evil said...

You know the game at the arcade called 'Whack-a-mole' where the player atempts to keep down up-popping moles who won't stay down?

Kind of like the zionist corrupt system running amuck now.

Up pops a truth bit and whack the zio-system tries to whack it down with zio-owned media spin or often outight murder since deadmen don't talk.

The zio-systems problem is that there are just too many moles of truth popping up simltaneously to be whacked even by Nato and Mossad put together.

The TalmudVision is now gagging on its own spin - the latest being all the Seals who got OBL suddenly died all together.

Zio whack-a-mole of truth is getting out of control. John Q. Public is waking up to the whacking ruckus.

Change is coming for the zio game of spin, lies and murder

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

LOVE...soon we will be living true love again...True Divine Beings know what true love means...for their true energy is love, compassion, joy, creation, unity...

it is this controlling Tribe that does not respond to true love...they can only respond to a crazed love...a sick perverted false love...they are getting more and more perverted as time goes on...

when the evil takeover happened loving energy by the divine creator was poured into this dimension trying to correct "The Celestial Error" this evil abberation...after pouring masses amounts of loving energy into this dimension...the evil demigod stole this energy for his own creation...that of the demonic essense or souless ones (which now accounts for approx 30 per cent of population)...

this demonic essense does not respond to true love...and never has been given eons of chances to turn to the light...and refuses...

this is why it was then decided to PULL all the loving energy this demigod was stealing...since then we have been witness to evil in self destruction...for evil is cursed by its own evilness...the evil essense will not be compatable with the new higher vibrating energy...

this demonic tribe is loosing energy...and with that their sanity...

those of the light...are feeling the new higher vibrating energy pouring into this is the father energy coming in for the final correction of this error...

many of those that are unprepared and unawakened are going to go stark raving mad as their false illusion was always their own freewill and chose to stay in the dark...this message of correction has been ongoing for one cannot say they have not been warned that an end to this evil and final judgement on a spiritual level was coming...that time is here...

for the lightworkers this will be a show unlike any we have seen...but long awaited...remain connected to your inner truth...

remain calm and assertive in your energy (don't let negative energy drain you) aware of the energy around you at all times...stay away from negative energy as much as possible...and rest is very important also...

Best Wishes Always

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Grim Reaper and the Slouching Beast Approach.

Visible said...

Crimson is blood and Clover is money, just in case that didn't transmitt in the original.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Glenn, I've had enouph. I have had it up to here...


DaveR said...

Once again I'm confused by people who come here and complain about the content. It's not like he paid for anything. Maybe Henry should start his own blog wherein he could complain about other people's blogs. Then we could all knowingly avoid him instead of accidentally reading that crap.

Visible said...

There's one person who is posing as several people and I know this from the syntax. He varies his approach in order to hopefully see print. Occasionally he does but he's not fooling anyone. Since I'm aware of what motivates him it doesn't really bother me and his inability to offer anything of value besides constant criticism and sometimes vituperative invective speaks to his frustration and lack of capacity to be creative. There's a whole lot of people like that.

Anonymous said...

@Henry V. Part of the enlightenment of reading different authors is in the author’s style. No two are alike. You may not grok a particular style that others appreciate and enjoy. Your post is quite telling. The author does not meet your particular preferences and therefore you see fit to trash the author. Conformity (lack of free will) and lack of respect for others is a hallmark of close-mindedness; a service-to-self point of view. Is this really where you want to be?

Anonymous said...


26 million living Americans are consolidating into a movement as opposed to a political party.
The force will offer a referendum vote in 2012 to dissolve the first Republic and usher in the 2nd American Republic where the Washington Capital will be transferred back to our collective future, Philadelphia. The Veterans promises are written in blood and
the Veteran movement will demand a return on our investments of blood sweat and tears along with our body bags. The Nuremberg II Trials will convene in Philadelphia and review then indict every domestic and foreign enemy complicit with
the first Republic decline! Stay tuned! A judge once remarked there is no formal definition at law for pornography but stated, he knew when he saw it.
Likewise the general population in North America will know it when it appears on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

spotted a double rainbow here (over my property) around a month ago.
They call this the Rainbow region, from the 70's when the weather was more tropical than sub, maybe drier since because of HAARP droughting the country in recent decades.
Im sure that the only Harp making such a beautiful rainbow would be played by angels, not devils.
Sun coming up each day (going down right now) , in a few days it will stonehenge style, be in between the Rocks. magic moments and, whilst material in a way, a reminder of the grace of nature, for those who would receive such things with grace.


wv: ishandw. sun literally going down as I type, in the shadow I is. There is a God.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

The Black Swan is on the Wing.

Anonymous said...

I love when things like the rainbow happens. A friend of mine had another friend who had cancer in its advanced stage. One day a couple of them decided to do a dress-up, and just have their own little party. Everybody had to be something. So they asked the lady who had cancer what she was going to be, and she thought for a while, and said "I always wanted to be a butterfly".

The day she died, my friend arrived home after the funeral, and there was a massive blue butterfly near the front door. She said she had never seen such a beautiful butterfly before.

So I was browsing through one of my books one night about signs and symbols, and found this about the butterfly which I shared with her:


Unlike the bee that goes from flower to flower with a great sense of purpose and intention, the butterfly seems to flutter about quite aimlessly, no great ambition lurking behind its beauty.

In view of the fact that the Greek word for butterfly, psyche, is the same as that for soul, it is interesting to note that winged creatures are universally thought to be able to communicate with other worlds and higher powers. There was a belief that human souls incarnated into butterflies between lifetimes. The connection between the spirit and the butterfly reaches across the world - from the Celts, who believed that the butterfly was a human soul in search of a mother, to the Aztecs, who believed that the last breath exhaled by a dying person took the form of a butterfly.

The lifecycle of the butterfly is highly visible at every stage, making it a symbol of transformation. Some Native Americans - particularly the Blackfoot - believe that the butterfly brings dreams. If a Blackfoot Indian paints a butterfly onto the wall of a tribal lodge, it is an indicator that any other patterns painted or drawn there were not simply the work of a man alone, but were inspired by the Great Spirit, for whom the painter acted merely as a conduit.


There doesn't seem to be a rainbow in this book, but these little signs and symbols have unique meanings to their observers anyway :)

Anonymous said...

He-he, I find Henry Velthuizen's comment most peculiar.

He says "I find it frustrating and physically nauseating (yes, really!) to read your style of writing."

after he said:

"I have only once managed to read through an entire post of yours."

With all the gazillions of blogs online, if I land somewhere and it's not to my liking, I click somewhere else.

I don't hang around entry after entry, and finally tell the blog owner to "write more succinctly".

The world has gone mad I swear...

[url=]Mad World[/url]



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