Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Cat in the Kitchen and the Mouse behind the Icebox

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

'May your noses always be cold and wet.'

It is upon us. It is on the doorstep and the indications are not good because we are left with the continuing policies of those who led us to the brink, as they ruthlessly and indifferently repeat the definition of insanity, which is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The personal problem that I see for everyone personally is that the focus is on external events, instead of internal transformation. Both of these are guides for behavior, which involve doing and not doing. If our responses to things are the same as they have always been then we are also insane. It’s past time to step back and simply observe the lesson that is being demonstrated and that is the outworking of evil destroying itself. Evil has various engines of performance; ignorance, greed and the other dark passions that attend it. Aggressive self interest has the perception that it is maximizing its survival. The fact is that it is only increasing its vulnerability. Self interest runs up and down the ladder of relative position. It’s no less damaging in a hovel than it is in a mansion.

I’ve read the statistic that of all of the junk purchased in malls and elsewhere, 85% of it winds up in a landfill two weeks later. How precise that is, I do not know, but any near proximity of percentage, indicates the folly of acquisition, based on temporary magnetism to those material replacements for something deeper, which cannot be satisfied by the possession of junk. This is how it is in a junk culture, where the church of the moment consists of the worship of the temporary.

We are where we are, surrounded by what surrounds us and that is an expression of what we thought we wanted. Some of us have a whole lot of it and some of us very little. Some of us were in an easier position to gain these things and some of us were not so well positioned. That also is an expression of what we wanted being the result of how long and intensively we have wanted it, which has something to do with our position relative to gaining it.

Many think that the chaos and uncertainty taking place will confine itself to other places, if it happens not to be happening nearby at the moment. Many in protected states believe that that protection will hold because the system is geared toward the security of those who have more. Here is where the apocalyptic trend of the times comes in to play. We are not just subject to external circumstance. We are subject to the integrity of our internal being, as it matches up with the will of the cosmos. That’s where the judgment of the personal takes place, as it meets the push of the cosmos, in its inflexible movement toward transformation of the stage of contemporary being. Change is the universal constant and change is always determined by the intent of the universe, in relation to whatever demonstration it has in mind for us.

I’ve used a particular image on occasion that I find very relevant to these times. A mouse sits behind the refrigerator. The mouse knows that the cat is waiting, somewhere beyond in the kitchen. The cat knows the mouse is there too. The mouse is presently safe but the fear factor is intense. Will the mouse profit from its awareness of its security, or will the fear drive the mouse from its place of security, in search of another security, when it is already secure? There is a pertinent message here. If the mouse is not presently secure then that is a whole other thing.

There is never a time when some kind of system is not in place, even if the system seems to be some form of anarchy, there is always a method in the madness. Systems come and go. Our present system is going because the time has come to replace it. That’s not negotiable. Here we can take a cue from the wise man, Lao Tzu. He refers to the green flexible stalk and the no longer green and inflexible stalk. The green, flexible stalk can bend in the winds of change. The other cannot.

In times of stable and temporarily enduring systems, money, position and power can be serious protections. In times of instability they are liabilities. This is why it always comes down to the inner as opposed to the outer. The potential for sustained stability is far greater, with a dependence upon the internal because, even in times of a stable system, one is still susceptible to the same dangers because the potential for loss, injury and fatality is always there. Also, one’s own body is subject to all manner of things and wealth, position and power of are no account here, unless you think getting bad news from a more expensive doctor is a plus.

When you are not in harmony with the archetypes and that greater force upon which they rest and resonate, your own body will react against you, in the pursuit of this harmony. All disease and the like is an expression of this reaching for harmony in respect of restoring balance.

These are not ordinary times, in the best and worst of senses. This gets repeated at these sites often because it is of signal importance. Focusing on the outer and acting and planning against the possibilities of what may come to pass, is much less effective than a concentration upon the inner being, which is directly connected to the force bringing all external conditions about. This lesson is going to be demonstrated and taught to everyone who still believes that they can personally manipulate the external to their advantage. This is precisely what is becoming increasingly less possible by the moment for that very reason. One might say, “Live and learn”. Hard lessons are hard because of personal resistance to the presence of what is contained in the lesson. If one releases this presumption of knowing what is what, one may prosper and it is certain that the presumption does not contain the answer, or the situation would not be what it is. Somehow the logic of all of this escapes the general mind and that is because we want to hold on to what we have and we want to continue having, until we are just like the people responsible for the mess, which makes all of us responsible to some degree.

There’s no way of knowing how all of these wakeup calls are going to affect those under the spell of the dream being translated out of its former comfort zone. Many are deeply entrenched in this dream and get all of their meaning and modalities of action from the mouthpieces of those employed by the force that has brought us to this pass. It is crazy to be reliant for your instructions for living from those whose sole motivation is to profit from your confusions, appetites and states of distress. No reasonable mind would countenance such a thing but we are quite short on reasonable minds in these unreasonable times.

Something is coming in the external and something is coming from the internal and you can’t follow both of them, if they are in conflict with each other and, speaking only from my own perspective, they most definitely are. For myself, I seek to fall back upon the timeless verities, which happen to be timeless verities because they are enduring and the rest of it is not.

We are all subject to the playing out of what we believe in and the degree to which we actually understand the essence of what we believe in. In many cases we are reliant on mere words devoid of meaning. Words have power when the mind behind them apprehends their actual connection to what is true. They have no meaning when they are vain displays of compromised dogma and cant, presided over by greed-heads, power junkies and pedophiles dressed up like Halloween drag queens.

The truth declared to reside in all of these failing institutions departed a long time ago. There’s only one place where the living reality of truth and its various expressions can be found and you don’t have to travel across the street, across the waters or come out from behind the refrigerator to find it.

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Anonymous said...

"Something is coming in the external and something is coming from the internal and you can’t follow both of them, if they are in conflict with each other and, speaking only from my own perspective, they most definitely are."

Sure, Viz, but what is the internal of the current youth composed of? London is my home - the energy around here is buzzing. The mouse not only knows it is safe it is playing 'catch me if you can' with the cat.

Time to upgrade the frequency bandwidth - where is the 100th monkey?

VW Catint (ha!)

Anonymous said...

What is life? It's pathetic that Biologists don't have a good def of what is living.

Ever notice how governments are living things? They use resources, grow bigger, get old, get disease, and eventually... die. Threaten them and they react like any living thing to protect themselves.

Where is the gov today? It has grown into a meat eater... but now got terminal cancer it seems.... it's getting old... dying....trying to hang on life support and stave off the inevitable as long as possible.

And it's gone mad as well.

Tomorrow will bring death and rise of a new beast.

And, I hope, bring better life forms than the meat eater beasts that are so popular these days.

Best of wishes to the Vis and the like-minded crowd that have assembled in the forest to see the birth that is coming.

And God grant the new life form a better status than the old. (c;


siamsam said...

Yep, I have been living behind this fridge for a while now. Thought about making a run for it a few times but then thought better. The siamese cat seems to be more predictable. When it strikes it can strike hard and fast, but if left undisturbed it pays little attention to little old mousey.

Erik said...

Hi All,

I asked myself this morning ... "Why the looting in London?" Here's Visible's answer already:

"Aggressive self interest has the perception that it is maximizing its survival"

Oh boy, time (for manifestation and demonstration) is definitely 'speeding up' (grin)

siamsam said...

Thing about the looting. Maybe on a subconscious level these people are attacking( looting and burning) things which represent their oppression.

They are attacking those that are most likely to have voted for their oppressors. Yes, of course their will be victims. Collateral damage - as they say.

I can say with some degree of knowledge that these youths have been fucked left right and center. They most likely have never known a father - a family. Their minds are puddled with chemicals from numerous sources. A sunday joint does not have the same meaning (roast) that it did when I was young.

They sure don't seem bothered by the cctv - what does that say?

Just some observations

DaveS said...

Good morning y'all,

Riots in the streets of London? Seems like a no-brainer to me, just listen to a lil' bit o' Sublime and then seeing the po'folk rioting makes perfect sense.

How many of you know what it's like to be in the middle of a crazed mob? I had a bitter taste many years ago when the local college kids 'rioted' during their boisterous bacchanal known as Pioneer Days... I still haven't figured-out exactly what they were rioting about, and I don't think any of them knew either; it just happened and when the cops moved-in the SHTF.

Pretty mellow compared to the Los Angeles' riots Sublime wrote songs about and certainly mellower than London's current problem. Using the word mellow is pretty stupid, because even a small contained mob is dangerous.

I'm pretty sure a mob is one of Mr Apocalypse's blunter tool, but it works. And one thing that brings a tiny bit of joy into my heart whenever I see a mob running wild in a city is how often banks become the targets of their fury. If that ain't the work of a higher (if slightly more brutal, old testament) being, I don't know what is.

I rant, the markets make a false climb as the big boys squeeze the small investors, and the apocalypse moves on.


wv:seyso... Just because they seyso doesn't make it so. As you so you reap... or is it as you sow you reap? Could someone have been talking about female pigs? Damn too much coffee!

Erik said...

Hey Siamsam,

If that were true, shouldn't just "The City" be in flames? ;)

(looked at the map-mashups, it's the only place that isn't ... Hmmm)

I agree with the rest of your comment.

OK, time to step back again ...

siamsam said...

Sort of Erik,

But as you would imagine the city is well well protected. If you take note whilst visiting the city you will see so many lock down areas. Huge gates and check points everywhere. They can lock down the city in a minute.

Where would you imagine most of the police are right now.

I did say on a subconscious level - and it was just some thoughts :)

appreciate your response

amarynth said...

Clif High's ´globalrev' meme.

In Philly now I read there is a curfew on flash mobs. Flash mobs started with a wonderful message of song, touching people's hearts. Now in only a short time, the concept is twisted and torqued so that it now is a crowd of youngsters gone beserker and breaking and torturing and taking and showing the lowest of the low.

The meme however is revolution. It does not mean that there will only be 'good' revolutions for 'good' purpose.

We're also in a revolution but it is spiritual revolution where we reclaim our real territory with the divine. This process also has been twisted and torqued out of all recognition into vileness. The only thing we can do, is to clean the inner landscape while all goes to hell around us.

siamsam said...

according to the guy (first hand witness) being interviewed by the BBC on this pulled report things are far far worse than it seems.


Miriam said...

For the empaths out there, be careful what you define as Internal.
I had a few tough days when old wounds kept stabbing me, and I got caught by the cat and fought with ghosts.
Finally saw the ego tripping me up wanting me to make unimportant important and I said "Stand Down!, I KNOW the Truth of these matters, Out Demons Out!".

Realized that the trigger was the pain of the world I was feeling and I had taken it to a personal level. Being now aware of that hole in my shield I have rewoven it.

Different from mucking out my own barn as often as needed.

Back in balance it is easier to observe and join with others to send calm, love and healing.
Who will listen? Only those who wish to be strengthened in their own center and perhaps those who get a Divine 2x4 smacked into their head.
Hopefully the mouse behind the fridge.

I understand Neko's concern from the other blog, and from my own musings of that conversation plus Vis's wonderful reality in his words here, I would say that when I am in this center of balance that I seek each moment, especially when I have breaks and worry, that if it is clear that we must flee from what was once safety and no longer is, then we will take what we can of importance, and do so seeking that Internal Wisdom that is part of the Divine and know what to do.

Some already are prepared and willing to do this, and that is their Internal balance.
I have not had that momentum from the Internal/External balance and so stay secure where I am.

And unless you are hoarding food so that you will share with others, having to have guns and dogs to protect your commodities is as much a prison as locking into Futures Commodities.

My point with all these mixed metaphors(grin) is that the Internal Balance is what *is* sustaining and Vis says it clearly here:
"Focusing on the outer and acting and planning against the possibilities of what may come to pass, is much less effective than a concentration upon the inner being, which is directly connected to the force bringing all external conditions about."

Be aware, and be at Peace in the Divine Wisdom.

Anonymous said...

amarynth - I actually told our teen son just last night to stay away from flash mobs/mobs. Don't go to see what's going on. Just move on. (In light of the Wisconsin State Fair incident, for those who are familiar)

He had a problem with my choice of words as a 'flash mob'. He understood the original definition, and I was speaking of the morphed definition - of which I explained the difference. And reminded him that anything truly good will be infiltrated.

Synchronicity has been good to us.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes indeed, the problems the mice have are hugely internal, far more so than external.

If the mouse comes out from behind the fridge and burns the house down to rid itself of the cat, it only compounds its already manifesting karma with an investment in more of the same, or even worse.

A tenuous and foreboding future, not fit for mice or human beings.

Neko Kinoshita said...

“GlobalRev” is the meme alright, and we should remember the advice: “If you want to have a revolution, ask yourself if you are prepared to eat Rat.” But, what do I know?

I have no “Illusion of Safety” since I know that nowhere is safe. And, of course, everywhere is safe. Real Safety, as opposed to the illusion of it, is as solid as one’s match with the will of the cosmos, yes?

I’ve had my share of hard lessons, and there are, no doubt, a few more that I will need to learn as we move through this.

I’m not ready to expose myself by dashing out when I’m still safe, but I soon may have no choice as remaining hiding beneath a dumpster becomes a bit of an issue when it is about to fall on your head. But then again, that’s a whole other thing isn’t it?

There is more I want to say, but time and dust intrude, and I don’t want to start more miscommunications, so let me just say that I love and appreciate all of you guys, especially you Visible. The words may not always convey everything we intend, but the love is always there.


Anonymous said...

Perceptive as ever. Bonhomie and Luck o' the Irish ta ya!

Anonymous said...

"Focusing on the outer and acting and planning against the possibilities of what may come to pass, is much less effective than a concentration upon the inner being, which is directly connected to the force bringing all external conditions about. This lesson is going to be demonstrated and taught to everyone who still believes that they can personally manipulate the external to their advantage. This is precisely what is becoming increasingly less possible by the moment for that very reason."

Yes sir, very true. Great piece today Les. I have spent the greater part of five years fighting to let go and say "I dont know, but thanks for the help."

Love ya

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Les, take a moment to see this.Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Tom Lowe said...

The cat/mouse analogy becomes a bit more complex when one realizes that the mouse must leave the safe confines on a daily basis in order to get food, milk and water from the cat's bowls.

I note that in order to do this, the mice tend to become expert feline somnologists.

rdgiliad said...

Hiya Les!
This may sound kinda funny, (then maybe not) but whenever I browse the many articles at WRH
I chance upon an story that is
"different" than all the others,
then I say to myself; "that has to be one of Les Visible' stories" and sure enough, it always is yours! I must say, you write beautifully, almost like poetry to me. Thank you so much for the relief you give me when I read your work,
compared to all the other Hum drum or downright shoddy writing I see today (even from the MSM) you are a breath of fresh air to my brain! :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Beautiful close: There’s only one place where the living reality of truth and its various expressions can be found and you don’t have to travel across the street, across the waters or come out from behind the refrigerator to find it.

Oh Lord let me not die thinking I've been to Camden and to Kandern - but I've never been to me.

Yours, Mouser

Cats in the cradle and a silver spoon said...

"and there were rats as big as cats"

D.Bowie - Diamond Dogs

Little boy blue and the man in the moon

A theoretical fictional character? said...

Anonthy works for the CIA


Erik said...

Heh, found maybe better one ...

mohenko said...
looting by the elite,
looting on the street:
as above, so below

(Source: http://golemxiv-credo.blogspot.com/2011/08/european-banking-support-coming-apart.html#comments)

Anonymous said...

Very well said. Thank you.
""Focusing on the outer and acting and planning against the possibilities of what may come to pass, is much less effective than a concentration upon the inner being, which is directly connected to the force bringing all external conditions about."

The inner being has to send out thoughts of love and peace regardless of one's own pain and uncertainties, as some have said. Not easy, but not impossible.

There may be other dimensions to what is happening in London, according to this post in Aangirfan, which points out some similarities to what happened in Indonesia in 1998.
There were also several reports on the absence of the police in certain areas.


And this, which suggests a reaction to long-experienced injustice. Difficult not to react and figure out how to respond, when appeals for justice are ignored. A perennial problem.

"As can be expected the corporate media is only reporting half the story behind the London Riots.
The Guardian further elaborates on the statements of Darcus Howe pointing out that there have been 338 deaths in the custody of U.K. police and not one single conviction."


Anonymous said...

98% of us fat dumb happy slob Americans have been enjoying the eye of this hurricane since 1945. Too bad we never had to know what an eyewall is.

Methinks we're soon to find out.


Snordelfoot said...

Johnson calls for ending marijuana prohibition to curb border violence

Actually. the US Government is hoping that if they let the American people get stoned, nobody will feel like having a revolution because ... what was I saying just now?

Anonymous said...

A theoretical fictional character?, Tuesday, August 09, 2011 9:25:00 PM
I'm innocent of all charges, I didn't do it. A one armed man was seen fleeing the scene.


Rothschild said...

“When you have usury,
who needs alchemy?”

Anonymous said...

Something we can do while waiting for Godot.

"If you riot and protest with anger, resentment and hostility you are giving them exactly what they want. Let us give them exactly what they don't want, what they are terrified of - unleashed collective human energetic power."


Rob in WI said...

Your last few posts (I've been away for a few days) seem to have less esoteric references; aimed more at your readers who are stuck in the temporal delusion. I think its a good plan. Many readers aren't aware of some explanations that require an understanding of the "mysteries".

Anonymous said...

Hi les.

Great read about the riots



Anonymous said...

mountain touch
river breeze
flying birds
circle weaves
degrees of wander
ascending height
symbolic reach
dynamic light
blooming rose
summers warmth
living easy
bringing forth
the branches sway
changing times
tidal courses
of instance climbs


Andrew of Sydney said...

Dear Les,

An extremely and beautifully 'tuned' piece of writing, so timely and relevant and helpful to us all who I am sure, struggle to retain focus and an idea of importance normally, without the incredible deluge of 'events' that have appeared this year to take our focus from our true purpose or assist us to find our way to ourselves, perhaps? Both are true I am sure.

As for the many net journalists who claim prior knowledge of the imploding society around us, and the 'told you so's' ring loud and clear, I wonder if what will be coming soon will outstrip all those predictions, as the level rises and the game changes? I think even us humble people who read and contribute here might be surprised, as we grapple with an internal metamorphosis and external madness.

Your revolutuon for justice said...

In one NBC report, a young man in Tottenham was asked if rioting really achieved anything:

"Yes," said the young man. "You wouldn't be talking to me now if we didn't riot, would you?"

"Two months ago we marched to Scotland Yard, more than 2,000 of us, all blacks, and it was peaceful and calm and you know what? Not a word in the press. Last night a bit of rioting and looting and look around you."

Their revolution for justice said...

Time after time, I told those cluckers, you think this is bad, just wait until economic conditions get really bad. The demonstrations then won't be polite at all; the average poor person hasn't been trained in political correctness.

And now we're here. Britain has enough money to put on a Five Ring Circus (VIDEO) where - yes, as the "hooligan" suggested, rich people will get free stuff - and corporations can continue to pay their executives obscene salaries by manufacturing offshore for slave wages and keeping prices high at home, and there's no end of money available to fight unending wars that enrich the military/industrial network, but there's never, ever been enough money to ease local poverty and keep the jobs at home.

First they'll attack the bankers, then the zionists and then all jews.

Because poor, hungry people are not pc.

M.Kiezer said...

The former IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a financial rapist and he has been replaced with a debt whore. This is not going to solve any problems in terms of the austerity measures that are being forced on people like the people in Greece unfairly, because they did not incur the debt, the debt whores incurred the debt. That is why they are revolting.

As John Locke said in 1690, when the social contract is broken, the people must revolt and that is what the people must do now.

Super Libido Formula (Call Now) said...

Riots are diets for the system (shitstem).

Anonymous said...

Dude ... why don't you just come out and say what you really mean!

"unless you consider getting bad news from an expensive doctor a plus." Ha ha. You make me laff.

(Your reasoning is impeccable, your audience not far behind.)

est said...

" and you tell me
over and over and over
again, my friend

that you don't believe
we're on the eve
of destruction "

est said...


i'm going to see the
'expensive' doctor, today

i know already
the words he'll say

'if you don't cut it out
you'll shorten your stay'

and me to him
'let sleeping dogs lay'

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

High Thuggery and Criminal Skullduggery.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

how will the evil ones cope with having their illusion totally destroyed...their own fear alone will drive them to insanity...the more they howl...rant and rave...the more they will suffer as a consequence...

there is only one direction those who wish to miss the insanity can go and that is inward and admit the truth of it all...

no matter how much beings of Light are attacked...they must know that the power of the Truth is with them and their support is strong enough to withstand it all...

it is the demonic essense at this time who are crowding onto this plane in order to try and disrupt the "Clearing Process"...most of these demons are so engrossed in their own pleasure they have forgotten or abandoned their purpose for coming onto this plane and failed miserably to prevent that which is scheduled...

it will take strength indeed not to fall victim to the fear of that which is to take place...and the pleas of the minions and robots as they are discharged from this plane...

their pitiful wails will not be for lost love or missed opportunity to be of service... rather...they will be from the fear of what is to come...and from the anguish of knowing who they are...what they have done and what is to happen to them...

do not look or listen...avoid their anguish and pleas...remove yourself from their midst...close your eyes to them for even in this they are trying to drain you of that which is of value - - your Divine energy...

Do not regard them...

Do not look upon them as humans...they have never been human...they are souless ones created by evil...

they have never wanted or given love...they are demons...spawned and nurtured with your divine destruction in mind...let not one of you be reached by their false cries...not one of them will turn with humility and love to the true God...

they are incapable of love... humility and repentance...

there is a massive battle raging all around this globe...and yet so very few in it are aware of this war of the essenses...it will not be long however...before all will be forced to awaken to that which they have ignored for such a long time...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone"

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Whores to the Right of Me, Whores to the Left of Me.

Visible said...

new Petri Dish is up now-

When the Musics over it Turns into Shit.



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