Monday, August 01, 2011

As we Come to The Changing Line.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well now. It is something to see isn’t it? But I had a point in mind when I did it because I wanted to get it out of the way for myself ahead of time. I have certain gifts, I don’t think they are all that remarkable and I don’t actually possess them anyway because they belong to the true author and I wanted to demonstrate for the benefit of myself and everyone else what it is that happens when you get high in the interest of seeking higher things but sometimes, even often, you compromise your intent.

I am putting aside the use of all those comestibles I have used in my journey to get here. They have been a tremendous help and a source of great personal tragedy too. I think all of us do this to some degree because that is what the world imposes upon us and we want to be ‘with it’ and we want to discover things and for me that time of discovery is over and no longer necessary.

I did my radio show last night about nothing at all and talked about nothing at all because that is what we get up to so much of the time in our frolic of purpose and pursuit. I did it also because of confusion about an incident a month or so ago and confusion about life anyway. A lot of what we get from the world is garbage and we are the world and we have our own garbage and I delivered some of mine in the radio show. I said nothing we didn’t already know and I took fifteen minutes of your time to ramble and give you garbage so you could see that.

Sometimes we have something to say and sometimes we don’t and most of the time we talk about useless shit that means nothing to anyone because a lot of life is going through the motions. I was amused that Barbra Streisand was playing on the TV downstairs at the same time doing her lukewarm and meaningless back and forth’s and Johnny Winter was playing upstairs, thankfully, but you couldn’t hear either of them on the show from what I could tell.

I’m not going to be doing anything like that again but it needed to be done and I apologize for any disappointment that might have come to any of you because of my need to make a point. It will prove useful.

I will try to continue with what I am doing and there may be new media on the way soon as well but things are going to change now. Things are changing for me and for you and let us rise to meet these things and become the better part of what we can make from it.

Susanne and I have had the longest and most important conversations we have ever had recently and I could not be more pleased. We get along better than most people I think but the dynamics now are truly fine.

Everything is working better than it ever did and we have hope that it will continue. I think you will find that what we have been waiting on is now at the doorstep and we shall all do what we have to in that matter.

It’s going to be short and sweet today because I have nothing more to say and we shall see what the morrow brings. Life can be really amazing and over these recent months I have come to see how great the potential is in so many ways. Maybe most will not notice the difference from here on but some will and I surely will so be well and we shall meet again soon.

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Visible said...

And no, nothing much happened, I'm just getting ready for what's coming and putting oher things aside.

A.Mouser said...

Greetings Sir. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could do what you do.

Today, I have duties to take care of.... obligations... responsibilities. It's a burden I tire of, but people depend on me, you know?

There's this scripture I remember from a past existence... "Watch and wait...". I think I understand it better now.

Please keep writing. But, only when it suits you. (c;


est said...

oddly enough i was just sitting around and checked to see if you did a show

for the first time i listened through headphones
[good ones]

and damn if wasn't in the room with you

when nothing is asked
nothing is required

this -for me- is the
meaning of freedom

i learned this in grade school
when i said i'd raise the flag

i felt some pride the first time
but it soon became a burden

and i said over and over
what the hell am i doing

same with mowing the church lawn
every saturday for five years

i have successfully avoided
any commitment for 40 years

just forty more to go

Miriam said...

That's all great, Vis. Feeling changes every day on subtle and big arenas.
So much is internal that doesn't want or need public consumption, so I will just say Thanks again and again for being a Light to see by.

Anonymous said...

You've been making mention of *something* on the horizon for quite a while now. I think anticipation is not always such a good thing, it robs a person of the precious present.

I'm content with knowing that *change is a law*, and that includes drastic change. Suffering is born from resistance and non-acceptance. Resisting *what is*, results in suffering.

Sometimes we just have to surrender, and give up control, and trust that nothing is *wrong*, everything is as it should be.

We all get *exactly* what we ask for and what we need. It's beautiful actually, this school. I didn't always appreciate the beauty it, up to very recently I cursed it ;)

But now I see that The Designer knew exactly what He/She/It was doing.

Miriam said...

Here are more of the public outpourings of change~ this is again from Israel. Some have said that this may be an orchestrated movement to remove Netanyahoo for allowing Zionists to be exposed in the latest atrocities in Norway...but these things take on a life of their own, as the people find their power, they use their own Voices.
"Times they are a-changin..."

'Future is up to us': Israel protest gathers 150,000

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Honest and also a little thrilling!

You certainly are very kind to give credit where credit is due.

Respect, great health and service to you both!

Miriam said...

I had a great time just relaxing with you on the radio show.
Just soaking in the 'That Is Just So' wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I have in the last week started to comment on our local online newspaper articles.

This news article I was commenting on was re the recent tragedy in Norway; this was the tone of the conversation:

Norway are having ethical problems with Israel and are acting and saying so.
Norways PM says that they will not be bombed into silence.
The alleged murderer, on his facebook site, is described as a conservative christian.
I'm sure there will be more to come, possibly WWIII.

The other blokes reply:
This has nothing to do with Israel (Anonthy). Get your facts right, Israelies are jews. It's been stated that there could be links to Al Qaeda and Islam. For gods sake get your facts right before you start posting on something you obviously know nothing about. Innocent Israelies have nothing to do with this attack.

Norway is the least likely of countries for extremist Muslims to hold animosity toward because Norway:
has endorsed Palestinian statehood
is excluding Israeli investments
is accused (by Israel) of promoting anti-semitism
opposes developing settlements, by Israel... on ethical grounds
has announced it plans to withdraw from the Libyan war
authorities are funding anti-Israel film
ruling political Party has a history of criticism toward the policies of Israel
the summer camp where the shootings took place had just concluded a pro-Palestinian rally the day before
Anders Breivik is Anti-Muslim
There is more; need I go on?

I don't know that I changed this blokes opinion but the facts were presented (they weren't in the news article).


ps Maybe we could take our comments to our local paper when we see the truth being misquoted.
pps Sorry for the length of this

Bushukshi said...

Mornin Vis,

I used to question why it is that a pinnacle of pain must be reached by every individual in order to begin to see and walk a more spiritual path. The Cosmic 2 by 4 is a real wake up bitch when her alarm goes off. Even moreso, to attain a level of gratitude for that pain seems so paradoxical in this worldly understanding because for a time, the allure of the world seems so appealing while in this mortal shell.

Piti, piti wazo fe nich li:
Little by little, the bird makes its nest

“I think you will find that what we have been waiting on is now at the doorstep” ….yes, it truly is. We shall now watch and learn with open hearts.

Much love, gratitude, and best wishes to you for helping me on my journey.

Alikchi Bushukshi

Visible said...

I deleted a wonderful comment because I pushed the wrong button, sorry, it comes with the territory, please send it again.

Anonymous said...

Yep. A life lived within the balance of extremes brings unspeakable joy and tragedy.

Having 'experienced' the gamut ... on the occasioning simple day, I'll take the too white for Texas cross-eyed alien's warm up licks
(no offense Frank) over any also ran's finest performance.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,
Congrats on your decision regarding engaging with the "comestables"...but most of all thank you for your humility in sharing your "humaness". We have all either "been there" or will "be there" in terms of meeting the demands of one's heart and the Divine. One and the same, they be.
In love, M.

Anonymous said...

First - hugs and kisses on both the cheeks.

May all summers pass this way.
By the way, if havent mentioned before - love the pose in the new pic and what do we call the parrot?

Love how most likely the natural way your body posed itself - looks like the graceful buddhist bronzes of india, nepal and siam.

Just havent had the time to post some thoughts - but because this is the same mind - yep - the first thought that came to my head looking at the patsy was - he looked like the spawn of David Duchovny with Tori Amos.

And lo, today with new faux news about him having changed his appearance.

Again, Norway, yet another crypto-monarchy European country with vicious heritage and current claims to all the good things society should aspire to. Yes of course, unless you raise the head and look into their dirty and sticky fingers in world affairs.

Again, like for the rest of us - the joke is on the average decent Norwegian person.

Their govt however has been compllicit in a lot of dirty deeds hands in glove with the usual dirty dozen in secret military and security deals, around the world - raging ambition in the Pak-Afghan conflict – and continuing with the contain and dismember India. Norway has become IMPORT CENTRAL for immigrants from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan - who have brought with them the familiar contempt for the deity of Woman with the rise of violence and rape against Norwegian women and reported in an euphemistic and secular language.

In a further needle to India, the Norwegian army is neck deep in doo doo ; master-minding the Sri Lankan Tamil vs native Sri-lankans - posing that hideous civil strife as a Hindu Tamil vs Buddhist Sri-lankans, while the truth is that the LTTE leadership are crypto-Christians (not in any recognizable way aka Jesus) and are puppets taking therir orders from Norwegian military.

Ever wonder why of all the lovely ladies of the island of the times of the Ramayana of the Yugas that preceded the current Kali Yuga - Sri Lanka - that the only rep is the slum sexy ---MI-6 promoted nubile little LTTE daughter of a "Tamil freedom fighter" - MIA, of London.

The last fabulous Indian Prime Minister - Rajiv Gandhi - who recognized the stench of the MI6/CIA/MOSSAD hand and stauchly supported the Sri Lankan army with Indian Troops against the crypto-Christian LTTE army , nursed at the teat of Norway and other such benign seeming Scandinavian powers -----met his death at the hands of a so called Tamil freedom fighter - woman who was a suicide bomber, and blew him to smithereens in a hug.

So thank you Norway royalty and stooges - what you have wrought has come to visit your decent citizens in the very horrific garb that you have been covertly assisting.........aaaah the Apocalypse.

Rants later, I thought of you the other day and came across this lovely travel blog that you might enjoy - posting a link, go forward and backward as you like:

Durga Durga,


Sorry if this is a repeat posting -one of those days, beloved.

Anonymous said...

"You (Breivik) are no hero. But one thing is certain, you have created heroes. On Utoeya on that warm July day, you created some of the greatest heroes the world has seen, you united the people of the world (against zionism)."

16 year-old survivor of Mossad hit on Norway

Anonymous said...

Nygren, a known Mossad handler and right wing extremist in Sweden, received an e-mail from Breivik the day of the Mossad hit on Norway and directly absconded to a kibutz in israel to avoid questioning by the police.

Shades of the Mossad moving company director who fled to israel the day after 9/11 to avoid questioning by the police.

Breivik was working for Mossad, for israel.

Anonymous said...

Here’s freedom to him who would speak,
Here’s freedom to him who would write;
For there’s none ever feared that the truth should be heard,
Save him whom the truth would indict!
ROBERT BURNS (1759–96)

Explains why the entire MSM needs to be controlled by the zionists.(grin)

Perhaps the evil evolution of modern day zionism proves Adolph Hitler was right in his thinking - albeit wrong on his actions.

Chimp with AK47 said...

The last frames show the perfect poster boy for Mossad - weapon raised over head in monkey-pride efter a job well done (in Utoya?).

bholanath said...

As long as we're on the subject of what's not so 'cool' in Norway - check out Eco Barbaric Tourism in Norway.
According to a recent Norwegian blog, this is still going on since 2005.

Mo visible said...

Who nose ? that's the nasal angle.
Mo Visible

Mouser said...

Mo visible,

You open an account in August 2011 (yesterday/today) and start writing about noses!

What is your angle? Why do I smell a troll at work?


siamsam said...

anyone feel sorry for satan's helpers:

Source: Natural News

In a new twist to the TSA saga to which we can only say, “We told ya so,” the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that reveal TSA employees are reporting “cancer clusters” among their own employees who work near radiation body scanners. At the same time, DHS refuses to issue dosimeters to TSA employees because, obviously, those dosimeters would indicate alarming levels of radiation exposure. So it’s better to just keep everyone ignorant and keep irradiating all the TSA employees and hope nobody notices, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Santa's little helpers get candy.
Satan's little helpers get cancer.

Visible said...

new smoking mirrors-

The Dolhins Sunbathing on The Armageddon Train.

Anonymous said...

Hey mouser do I smell a rat?
Mo visible
WV terati

Anonymous said...

pierre said...(this might be a duplicate post)

what we (blog consumers) lose on the backstroke, we'll (I guess) pick up on the backswing.

The Byrds, a Time for... this'n'that


wv: matbe, or not, that is the questuion

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Some writers on Biblical Ufology — see Nine Theories of Extraterrestrial Contact, which I discussed in the Noory interview — have pointed out that Jehovah acts like a murdurous psychotic. Christian O'Brien (The Genius of the Few) is particularly astute in his psychological profile of the Biblical father god, and A. D. Horn (Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins) flatly asserts that "Jehovah is a lizzie" — that is, a predatory reptilian. Horn does not cite Gnostic sources, but this is exactly what you will find in the Nag Hammadi materials. The Apocryphon of John (NHC II, 1) and other cosmological texts use the term drakonic for Jehovah, or the Demiurge, as this pseudo-god is also called. The name given to this entity in the Mysteries was Yaldabaoth, YAL-duh-BUY-ot. Roughly translated this means "breeder of the hive, or horde."
The ET Deception

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

One of the most thoroughly researched and in depth books on UFO and alien phenomenons is..

"Alien Identities: Ancient Insights into Modern UFO Phenomena" by Richard Thompson (Sadaputa Dasa).

Sadaputa Dasa (1947-2008) held a PH.d. in physics (quantum theory and mathematical biology) as well as being a devout practitioner of Bhakti yoga.

He was also a chief designer and initiator of the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium at Mayapur, India.

"Alien Identities" as well as his last work "Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative To Darwin's Theory" are both well worth perusing.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Unheimlich and Strano.



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