Saturday, September 17, 2011

When in the Course of Human Events...

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When in the course of human events (I have heard that before) it becomes necessary; seems like a good place to start. This is Origami in real time and also the blog that started it all; makes sense to me, hopefully that proliferates.

I get my news from few places. Coincidentally some of them publish my work. When I say few, you only have to look around the place here to see what I like because there isn’t much of it. I am talking about alternative news; for the mainstream, I use a Squeegee.

I have a, very few, long time, internet friendships and they have been more or less consistent and have brought me many readers, on the way, some have gone by the wayside. I tried to interact with IntelHub and Before it’s News but something went fugazy with their infrastructure and the table settings didn’t jibe with my nouvelle cuisine. I have been a chef and a ref and I have been in the ring with hard guys and you know what happens then ...and I could kill you with a fountain pen in a dual use sort of a way but I am not into that in the first place. There was a nice Norwegian guy from The People’s voice who used to print my work and we fell out over some odd dynamic where he got the impression that I was teaching people magic of the wrong flavor or simply wrong by way of revelation. I don't know where he went, I actually liked that guy.

There was a man named Harold at a place called JustGetThere and that was a fun experience and some chapters of the forthcoming book was published there, as were many other articles over time. I feel like that is still there somewhere but I guess we lost touch and I had to put a lot of time into making things appear there when I thought I was short on time, my fault. Then there was Uruknet and the lady there got annoyed at me for a couple of predictions I made about an attack on Iran that didn’t happen and wouldn’t post me anymore, which is too bad because that readership was a good link into the hinterlands of kindred spirits. That was my fault. Then there was SOTT and I still don’t know what’s going on over there and there are no hard feelings on my part because I can only operate on what I know and remember and since I was there, I have my own take on the matter, which differs from theirs, I guess. In their defense, one has to consider that I am combustible. This is why very few people invite me to speak anywhere because I am unpredictable and uncontrollable concerning the truth as those people near Luzerne discovered and that does not imply that I didn’t carry a load of my own bullshit.

I’m one of those people that Warren Zevon was talking about in the song, my shit’s fucked up. I think he wrote that song when he found out he was going to die of cancer after having lived a reckless highway punctuated by not even being able to show up and then clean himself up and write and sing and play like the tiger that he is and then he dies.

He was a good influence on me. I like his work. No, I’m not scheduled to check out soon, I don’t think and I don’t know. Hey! That rhymes with Rivero, which brings me to the two Rivero’s. One of them is the consummate shit sommelier and the other is the guerdon for the righteous and you can catch some of the flavor over here.

There was another Christian guy who had me on the radio. I liked him and I thought he liked me. I know the audience enjoyed our talk. Then one fell upon another and I went into the comments section, ignorantly assuming that I could make peace and now that's gone too. All kinds of things come and go or never arrive or will show up one day but in the meantime there are a few people who post my work that I rely on and count on. It goes without saying that I would do what I do regardless of presence or pervasiveness.

I am writing this in the one blog that usually doesn’t show up at Michael’s site because I no longer send him my work and I don’t blame Michael for that, I blame myself. I found that I was cutting corners in the way I said things so that Michael would post my work. The other people who post me don’t have this problem. Michael is an atheist and I am the diametrical opposite. He is what he is and I am what I am. He’s a powerful force for good in so many ways. He is the only guy I know who comes from The Tribe and delivers the sort of things that god told the Jews they should do, which, given that it generally comes with the persona, they ignore. That is the biggest conspiracy.

Being born a Jew is an event because you get the keys to certain toys and tricks that is the summation of that circumstance that we are coming upon a conundrum that cannot endure. Probably Michael and I should wife swap because my consort is the same way as he is. We live in interesting times. We do indeed. My only problem with Michael is that you can’t cock block god. The question is religion and it has killed as many people as money, greed and lust has killed, relativity speaking,

The cycling of reincarnation shows us that when the blind lead the blind on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth we will have a lot of blind dead guys gumming each other to death in total darkness; not the best idea for a sensory deprivation chamber is it?

I wish people could sort their laundry beforehand. The reason that they don’t is the cause of their being taken to the showers in the first place with the make believe gas and the lice did not get the punchline. We had Photoshop way before there was photoshop and there is no we in we but, yes, there is.

Rivero is a unique and rare comestible and we share the same reckless disregard for the tools who think they run the place. It’s a shame about our wives (grin). However, I have to make the declaration that Michael Rivero does believe in god and profoundly so. Otherwise he would not have the stones, the currency or the courage to do what he does so... maybe it is just a contradiction of terms, a baby and the bathwater thing Any fool can see that there is a power that inspires and interferes to the point that well, either they left the lights on and no one is home or it’s dark and crowded. I don’t know which.

There’s something funny going on somewhere because you can’t hit all the right notes and then miss the root tone. He say’s “ah” and I say “om”? So why am I saying this? Because I am a ‘head them off at the pass’ kind of a guy. I like to be on the other side of the bridge when it burns. I’m just not going to tailor my work according to certain guidelines. I’m doing my own apocalypse on myself and there ain’t nobody else.

I could see where this might blow up into an international incident but I am heading it off at the pass. I’ll just write what I write, god willing (grin).

The thing about god is that I met him in person. He was Krishna, Buddha, Christ, I don’t know. You can be sure when it is the man himself in the brimming fullness of his being and as it so happens there are witnesses. Life went on along the supernatural train tracks of my life. A few months later former congressman John Hall, from NY. Along with some other musicians went off to a house in the woods in Virginia owned by a Col. Jones, whose son Terry ran off to Canada to become a folk singer, when my kundalini rose and it was never the same between us after that. He told his parents that I was wanted by the police and they came and took me from his home with spotlights and drawn guns. Coincidentally, Douglas Hume, brother of Brit Hume, went all the way from D.C. to Big Sur to confirm that I had met the man on the beach that day. It was at Lime Kiln Creek, summer ’67. He ran into a man named Donovan who wanted to string a bell across the valley and he corroborated the meeting but all of these details are explained in earlier postings.

I’m a pretty interesting conspiracy myself, Michael. I know this post is brief with no backup but that’s why I have God as my excuse, catchall and solution. It’s all explained in Tom Wait’s “Step Right Up

I’m sure this will amuse dismay and fascinate a handful. I just hope I didn’t piss anybody off.

End Transmission.......


Richard said...

Well Mas Visible, after listening to Z, hope
you can enjoy the sunset with CCR and ' Love the one you're with'.

woof woof from the Dog Nation.

Visible said...

Yes, I know his name is actually Rivera, I was having fun. Being playful is called for in these times.

Anonymous said...

I think I can safely speak for the majority and say, you got us all by the short and curlys. Sometimes we may even be a lil scared to say some stuff because we don't want to and don't want anyone else especially some stupid troll, to offend you into quitting. Because what would we do if you quit? Cry? I know I would, I would cry real heavy tears. You're Uncle Les that I haven't met yet but hear from all the time...I just wanna say thank you for doing what you do and hope that you know that no matter what twerp comes around here wielding their twerpmanship, this space you created and have nurtured and maintained for years cannot be replicated or invalidated - it’s way too important...

p.s. i think "love your life" may be olive farmer...maybe

wv: glediona - ahh...i got nothing..

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Les, I’ve never thought of you as being religious but that’s probably because I associate that word with churches, cults and sometimes even cockeyed craziness. There are some good things to be learned from some religions (I’m thinking, in particular, of the actual teachings of Jesus whose only exhibition of wrath that I remember was directed at the money changers) but I don’t think there’s any need to gather in groups to learn any of that and some take the right path without even a book or a mentor to follow. They simply know and then they do. No, I have only ever thought of you as being spiritual, with a connection to something that is as big as the universe, call it the Cosmos or God or whatever and with an amazing gift of being able to put what you know into words. You will keep on driving towards what you want to become and that is a very good thing indeed.

I’m not religious myself. I have only the basic tools of conscience and curiosity and both get rusty at times. My instincts for doing the right thing are generally good but not infallible. I’m trying to learn though and you are a great help with that process. I also learn from Michael Rivero’s website, among many others, and I’m grateful to have so many sources of gleaning what I want to know, even if the sorting out process is a challenge at times.

This is such a poor attempt at what I think I’m trying to say that I hesitate to post it ... probably it’s too simplistic ... hope it’s not too stupid ... oh what the heck ... I will press publish. Please realize it’s not meant to be offensive to anyone ... only my opinion.

truthsoup said...

Hi Les, I had to do the (grin) thing when I read this post. I, too, have always thought Rivero had too much courage to not have any spiritual connection. I think many people claim atheism in an effort to reject mainstream religiosity. Maybe, just maybe, he prays in secret. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

truth movement needs to pull together...
in fighting within the truth movement is pathetic...

we all know who did it,,,israhell with the help of inteligence services from britain america and probably a few other places,,,,

come on truth movement lets get it together,,we get the entire truth only when we have removed the vampire rat squids...

superman is not going to do this for us nor the x men,the only thing that can is all of us together....

come on lets do it....

respects neil

Anonymous said...

look peoples I have just been over to the community site,even amarynth has got the hump..

we got to do something....neil

neal said...

I always thought M. Rivero was agreeing with you when he responded to an earlier post, that may or may not exist at this point in time. He said something to the effect the the supernatural can be explained by the workings of the unconscious mind. Maybe he was just commenting on the lack of externalization for himself, not arguing against the larger reality. Or maybe that outside thing for him is easier to relate to on the inside, or in everyday things.

I don't know about that, only that when the One presented, I wanted to die, but the situation was "I could kill you, but I choose not to, and there are other plans now that you are remembering the hard way, try to pay attention, and cultivate."

That is an internal drama, with physical scars, why would anything really remembered be otherwise?

Thanks, Mr. Vis, for not being cruel, and allowing all manner of transmissions to take place. It does allow for a little more stickiness, with all that jumping, and shifting, and not wanting to hurt anything in the process.

Anonymous said...

At the twilights last gleaming.

Death to the New World Order!


bholanath said...

Vis, Neil, et al -

Might it be time for a really really serious, unprecedented, focused, grounded-in-love, uncompromisingly intentioned, surrendered, world-wide syncronized circle-up initiated via these venue-pages?
True human consciousness demonstrably arising to defy the death-cult/extinction agenda?
Worth considering/discussing/experimenting?
Critical mass and all that.
Just a thought that comes and goes for a while now...


Denny said...


The explosion, subsequent fire and hole in the side of the hull of the stricken Norwegian passenger liner was caused by a gigantic, evil octopus...

Freddiegjedde, where the hell are you..??!! Norway is in dire need of a new Max Manus!

Anonymous said...

mr visibles in no way was that first comment aimed at yourself,I am sorry if it came across that way.....neil

Anonymous said...

You kind of have to be a member of the click to be a "truther". It kind of suits you that sometimes you stand alone Visible. By that I mean, what your message is, is what's important and you never need to walk on egg shells delivering it. There is no room for ego or fragile personalities. It's about an uncompromising and unfiltered, matter-of-fact message. I was a troll once, trolls are bitter and unhappy, but they still read you Visible, because deep down they know you're right.

Anonymous said...


This post caused me to seriously think about why I enjoy your blog; honesty, truthfulness, information, sincerity. Many others possess the same, save one factor: EGO. Confidence in self and ego are different. With time, I've watched a few of the "mentioned above" egos inflate to dangerous proportions. It overshadows the message. I think it was John Lennon who said "once they've got you violent, they know how to deal with you". Well, once the ego gets inflated, they know how to deal with you. What I've learned about you, Les, it doesn't appear that your ego is in jeopardy. That seems largely due to the spirituality factor, how you’ve involved yourself in such and how you view your own position in relation to the Divine. Good teachers teach by example. Thank you, Les!

est said...

simple yet effective :
a man is putting a puzzle
of the world together

his son wanders by,
and sees his difficulty

'just turn it over'

and there, was the man

rinse and repeat
as needed

no one knows
an-others path

but the destination
is sure

Anonymous said...

Les, you got a mainline to my conscious/unconscious mind. I was thinking I was just imagining it at first, but the Warren Zevon reference just sealed it. Yeah, kundalini. Yeah, whatreallyhappened.

I think I know where you are coming from on the religion thing. I'm an atheist too, but I believe in higher powers having met them and all.

Your writing reming me a little of Hunter S Thompson without being derivative. Funny that coz Hunter was
a good friend of Warren's.

Yeah, he wrote it about getting his
cancer and knowing he was gonna die.
Class act.

Keep on keeping on young Les.
I think you may be getting close.

Love to you chap - look forward to
sharing some space with you some time.


Anonymous said...

Frankly I'm sure you won't mind me saying this, but It doesn't matter one wit if Mikey believes in "God", what matters is "God" believes in Mikey. That said, it will be a great time when we all get together. Tony Clifton sez Hey.

Layth Shusha said...

Hi Les, May i poach a few of your clientelle to my blog post on prince william and his "occulted numbers"?

It is a piece of research of many hundreds hours comprised in a 1 hour read of which the first ten minutes are the most important.

Discover how old he was on his mothers funeral and his eclipse coincidenes in:

Anonymous said...

When in the Course of Human Events, if by good fortune one touches upon fine inhuman events, good things are sure to follow..

Sri Balaganapati is one such event.

Anonymous said...

I raise my glass and dedicate a toast to you Les. YOu are a guiding light on the path of truth, a warrior for what is good, and one who has my highest respect.

Here here!


Anonymous said...

Sri Les Visible,

Greetings to the one who cruzes the 18 million ethernets of the internet
Greetings to the one who created all these blogs out of himself
Who permeates and rules them and who's consciousness shines out through them
and who's words dwell in me.

Greetings to the one who is one alone and speaks for the many as one
Who sees the substance of things unseen
Who always has more of where that came from no matter how much that may be
The shinning light that lives by example

Greetings to the living light behind these messages
Who composes these essay's and says the unsay able in so many ways
Greetings to the qualities and virtues that make up the personality of the one
Who removes the cloud of unknowing that shrouds and blinds this world
Who humbles all those who come here
And who's words dwell in me

Greetings to the one who is in touch with his unmoving center
From which spirals the hard hitting sentences
Like the spiral of a closed fist of perfect concentration
That holds his house in place
That makes sense of it all
That forms and reforms those ideas that do not begin or end and leaves them
To dwell in me

Greetings to you who endure and will prevail
Who touches the life in every thing
That meets and greets through knowing
That scatters himself into uncountable lyrics and gathers them all together again
And leaves them to dwell in me

Greetings to the dynamic within which you display
Greetings to the one who very well knows the time and place from which he speaks
And shares it with everyone

Greetings to the one who's idea is to wake all those who will be woken
Who uses his intelligence within his design and forgoes the result of them
Greetings to my virtual friend who cannot be known
But who's words can be practiced and enjoyed
Then left to dwell in me

Greetings to all you have done before and all you will do after
Greetings to the one who commands respect from his superiors and inferiors
Whose every effort strives to serve the entire
Who is the one who waits with enduring patience
For his readers to catch the spirit of his thoughts words and deeds

Greetings to the mind inside the mind of this Visible dream
Who waits and watches forever
And teaches me to abide in me

Greetings from within the sleep that struggles for awakening
That cries out for union with the beloved
That cries in this moment for awakening to the one who dwells in me

Many greetings
Much gratitude for all you do

Hare Krishna


Zionist and neoconservative rhetoric often refer to the Palestinian claim that they were expelled from Palestine in 1948 as the “Big Palestinian Lie”. Instead, the Zionists argue that, rather than being expelled from Palestine, they fled.

It is, of course, classic Zionist Chutzpah. The obvious question is; why then did they flee? It wasn’t just to escape the fighting; it was through fear of what would happen to them if they stayed. The Palestinians that fled had heard of the atrocities that the Israeli fighters had committed on Palestinians elsewhere such as at Deir Yassin, Lydda, Ein al Zeitun, among many others.

The Palestinians that left weren’t refugees from the fighting; they were expelled through fear of being killed by the Palmach, the Irgun or the Haganah forces of Zionist Israel.

The latest lie about the Palestinian expulsion came from Sol Stein writing in the neocon online rag National Review Online. This time, however, Sol Stein has exposed himself as a liar. His lie is so obvious. I have emailed him to let him know that his claims are false and why they are. This is what I said to him:

Hi Sol
In your article “The Palestinian Big Lie: The Palestinians distort the origins of the conflict with Israel” which recently appeared in National Review Online, you wrote:

“Almost immediately, Safed’s Arabs began streaming out toward the Syrian border. There were no expulsions of Arab civilians by Israeli forces.”

Yet Ben Gurion wrote in his diary on 7 June 1948:

“Abraham Hanuki, from Ayelet Hashahar, told me that since there were only 100 old people left in Safed they were expelled to Lebanon.”

How can you say there were no Arab civilians expelled by Israel? You are contradicting, not just a Palestinian claim that, indeed, there were expulsions, but a claim by Ben Gurion himself.

I look forward to your explanation.

Kind regards
Damian Lataan

Needless to say, I’m not holding my breath waiting for a response or any form of explanation because any response, other than an apology to the Palestinian people, would simply compound the Big Zionist Lie.


"Hamas Opposes Statehood Bid"

This is zionist based disinformation.

This is an attempt by israel to scuttle the bid for Palestinian statehood.

This is simply not true.

Do not believe it.

The only chance for Palestinians to not be completely genocided off their own land is for statehood through the UN.

End the Genocide said...

Hamas been co-opted by the iraelis.

The TEA party was co-opted.

Julian Assange was co-opted.

Co-opted: Infiltrated, led and neutralised.

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it."

Anonymous said...

Les is More Visible,
When being playful,
Cuz this abberation will manage,
Its own demise,
Les is always More.

Anonymous said...

first summers light
bright spring fire
universaly centered
heart sailing higher
aligning the lifts
waves on the breeze
on a tip of a pinpoint
where lightning weaves
a tip toe of thunder
a roll of the cause
piercing pure sunlight
crumbles all wars
swords into feathers
where the truth plays
the drums of all freedom
lifes eternal flame


Anonymous said...

old man kirwan
heart of all truth
mighty lord visibles
rivero too
john lash and bho
nina and charles
sign of the times
free acre isles
old mr silber
dublins and life
rixon stewart,mr tsarrion
farrakhans height
the life of us all
filled with compassion
lets get the job done
the people to action


I know its a silly poem people,I wanted to fit everyone in their,every single one of you who stands for justice and truth I know there is millions possibly billions....
thats just the way the poem came out

mr farrakhan i see that deep deep love you have for your peoples, mr nasrallah aswell,cynthia mckinney,old mr tarpley.....the list goes on and on

come on people its 2011,the world is stuck in a sort of swamp,lets use our true selves and pull her out....

love all you people....neil

Anonymous said...

bho just read your comment,,,I agree absolutely completely...neil

Anonymous said...

also I left of susie su and chickory,two of the most beautiful flowers in this great wonderful world.....

love you peoples...neil

Anonymous said...

greetings to you Hari Krishna,ever present depth of all depth,light of all light,beauty of all beauty....neil

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post.

It is by suppressing our ego that the Devine can open our eyes and work through us.

We are strongest and at our best when we sincerely know and act as one who is nothing compared to God.

This is a paradox. Not unrelated to the cosmic truth that the more we give away the more we have.

Peace, Mouser

Anonymous said...

mrs peasant from 12th bough and noor and laurel amyrnth more of our beautifull flowers also someone called lea jones and anisa abd el fattah,all beautiful beautiful hearts,,,,I just cant name everyone ,,,I do want to though,massively...
and in no way do I hold anyone more than anyone else...all of us are a part of the great garden or forest or whatever particular word that comes to mind....

deep deep respects to you all,...neil

and sorry for filling up the comments section lord visibles...neil

Erik said...

Wow anonymous,

Greetings and much gratitude for your beautiful words ...Hare Krishna!

Chills and tears on a Sunday morning; a perfect summary of the gratitude arising in all of us here on Origami...


Anonymous said...

Death to the New World Order!

It's too late baby, it's too late said...

If you are al-Qaeda in Yemen or Libyan you are supported by US/Nato.

If you are al-Qaeda in Afghanistan or Iraq you are bombed by US/Nato.

Think about that fact.

According to W.Tarpley we are witnessing the de facto decline of the American empire.

America must fall so that the NWO can come into being.

The American Constitution and Bill of Rights must be scuttled in order for the NWO, lead by zionist Rothschild, to succeed.

Anonymous said...

also eric and his tireless work and great big heart.....neil

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

yep, Lawyers, Guns and Money.. and the Divine.

wv: entsmso. cum together, right now, over ...

Anonymous said...

sorry mr visibles,am going to have to name some more people,mr squad,mr sideshow timster,david icke,rense mr kaminski,mr chippalone only if he comes back and stops trying to write everyone off,cliff high and urban survival,the archdruid,publius,turey,zoner terrance pangolin scraps hsw from ninas,john from the painting site and nobody respects to you sir...
covkid andjes and everyone at the community site
and I just cant think anymore,and have to take my son to football.....

all of these people have signed an internal agreement with their true selves,,,,,that is a beautiful thing

respects neil

Anonymous said...

The story of cheezuts and how he was hung on the cross by his friends isn't as bad as it is told in the big book.

A man gets crucified on the law so that he can be clean of it.

I've wondered, betimes, about that phrase in the creation parable: "I curse the ground for your sake." None but a true poet could have authored that. I am convinced, however, a real juu wrote it down without so much as having a clue what it meant.

Things never seem to change. Only we do.


Visible said...

A new Ssssssssssssmoking Mirrors-

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Bonking in the Box Seats.

Freddamedgjedda said...

Denny said...


The explosion, subsequent fire and hole in the side of the hull of the stricken Norwegian passenger liner was caused by a gigantic, evil octopus...

Freddiegjedde, where the hell are you..??!! Norway is in dire need of a new Max Manus!


Freddamedgjedda said...

In this article David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford is talking about the destruction of two US underground cities with nukes, done by good elements in several government branches. According to the article the Illuminati/Bilderberg/Rotschils-cabal has no choice but to surrender or be arrested. There are so many insiders who have turned, and independent investigations closing in, it is solving itself. The unveiling is kicking into high gear!

"80 different countries have now formed an alliance against the Old World Order / Nazi-esque cabal.

Two huge underground cities were destroyed on August 23rd -- which may be seen by historians as the critical moment in which the war was won."

Denny said...

Freddamedgjedda: 8:56 00 PM

The Nordlys became yet another victim of the rothschield octopus, and talking of limpet mines, Norway could sure do with another Max Manus...

Interesting about the underground cities. Maybe from now on there'll be no more sightings of those "Von Braun" UFOs...

Alpha Silex said...

The intervention of true GOOD has begun. It IS loving, it IS benevolent and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fear. Let the purest form of love flow, the best way you know. The light at the end of the tunnel is here. Please embrace it fully everyone, that is all it wants from us. Blessings to all, friends.

Anonymous said...

The energy is building lots of good comments here.
The day will come when we all stand together and what a day that will be.

Thanks Eric


victoria said...

I stumbled upon your Smoking Mirrors post several months ago and was immediately hooked. Your "litmus tests" lifted my heart, as someone who measures by the same yard stick. This is the first time I've read the Visible Origami post and it sounded like a goodbye. I hope I'm wrong. I enjoy your writing so very much.

Freddamedgjedda said...

I know very little about Max Manus, and I know nothing about Nordlys(Northern Lights). That is by choice because something that is a blockbuster book and movie makes me very uninterrested, in most cases. Same with the MSM. We the Norwegians are so proud of our freedom figthers who kept fighting Hitler, and how they fought for our independence and so on. I don't buy this crap history, why do we after WW2 up until today only have German, Japanese and Swedish cars on our streets? Why did we make deals with the same people that financed Hitler. Why are all of our military gear German? And most of it is prodused after the war? Was that "legal"? How could the people go along with this? There are many other points, my opinion is "we the people" lost the war(s),(like "we the people" always do) and we have to review our identity and our history, on a national and a global level. This is obvious to most readers of this blog i assume.

Yes Denny; I really hope these nuked underground cities are the gamechanger it is said to be! No Chemitrails over my head for several days, but that can be explained because it is hunting season in Norway nowadays. They always stop spraying during the hunt, because that is when the rich boys come out to play.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Norway enlisted their fair share of Waffen SS to the cause. As did every nation in Europe.

The cause of course was defeating the true enemies of Norway, Europe and as it has definitely proved out, the world.

The true enemies.
Who else.
The Jewish Bolsheviks.

Anonymous said...

forgot to say yesterday about wayfarer diane, gudrun all beautiful flowers...the mighty estaban,my good brother....and every single one of you..

anyway peace neil

Anonymous said...

and also veritas 6464,well everyone over at kennys....neil



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