Monday, February 22, 2016

Waterboarding the Immanentized Eschaton

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Before we get into the important things; whatever those turn out to be, let us mention Trump's comment that waterboarding is not torture, just some kind of mild playfulness and how he supports it. The more I see what is going on through my 'mirror darkly' perspective, the more I am vindicated, in my own mind, in defense of the 'stalking horse' meme. It is much more glaring than the John Kerry/Bush the Stupid formula. It goes without saying that you can't present such a litany of outrageous statements without there being a solid basis for this claim.

Let's see what we can find that we said before and which can be said another way. I can't think of anything new. Try as I might I cannot think of anything new. I did see “Shooting the Warwicks” which, if you like black comedy, is right up there with “Very Bad Things.” This is a unique indie production and it absolutely nails reality TV.. It shows that you can do a whole lot with a minimum of financing.

The more time passes, the more I see the hand of Mr. Apocalypse and the more I am able to generate a large amount of faith in this archetype. Not a day... not a day goes by when I do not see his influence at work. Mr. Apocalypse is employed by someone and that means one's faith can also be increased in the one who employs Mr. Apocalypse. It goes without saying that Mr. Apocalypse cannot be employed by the Prince of Darkness because he 'uncovers' and 'reveals'. He does not obscure or conceal. The definition of the word apocalypse must surely apply to the animated front man who carries out the will of the apocalypse and is a time segment in which the will of the one who sponsors the apocalypse, sees his work accomplished, through that which he has produced for the purpose of the fulfillment of the task.

We talk, occasionally, about the dance of the astrological archetypes, as they pass into new relationships with each other, so that what their interaction implies can be carried out in human affairs for the purpose of demonstration. Our physical, mental and emotional bodies are a unique and specific combination of these planetary forces and just like the planets do, we rub up against one another. What this suggests is that fate and destiny are the musical score that expresses through the relationships of the planets, as the combination of them in our being, vibrates like sympathetic strings to the larger bodies moving in space. In my mind, astrology is a bonafide and legitimate science. The only problem with astrology is the astrologers. One might say that most all of the sciences are potentially bonafide and legitimate, except for the uses they are put to by the scientists, who are paid to justify the agendas of corporations and other powerful interests and to put the stamp of veracity upon them, which is what happens when you emblazon a lie as an imprimatur upon the face of whatever illusion is prevalent in these times of material darkness.

Manifest existence can be compared to many things. One thing it can be compared to is a gambling casino. We're not going to go into all of the intricacies of how this concept can be expressed and proven to at least resemble the idea up to a point. We'll look at only one comparative and that is the games that are played in search of fortune gained. Games like dice and roulette are random affairs. You might get lucky for a little while, when the dice or the wheel tumble and turn in your favor, but... inevitably, you will lose. There are other games like Blackjack and the other poker formats where a person's understanding of the game, or their ability to count what is going on, gives them real odds by which to beat the house. Then there are games where both chance and understanding are present (like Backgammon) and where the knowledge of the players weighs the outcome heavily in the favor of those who understand the moves and strategies. Of course, no matter how good the player is, they will lose a few here and there but they will win overall because they know what is going on.

The game of life is much the same. Someone who has a grasp of the principles in play, is far more likely to be successful than one who lumbers about in the darkness, without any real idea of what is going on.

Of course, at this point one has to consider what success means to them. This is not to say that a seemingly positive outcome will not come about regardless of whether one's motivations are material or spiritual ...but in both cases one will come to know whether or not their success resulted in something they could live with.

It has been said that manifest life is a casino, where the gods bet against each other in terms of the outcome. I've had some evidence that this is true. I can't say that I get it in its entirely but there does seem to be some truth to this and scripture, fables and allegories; spiritual tales contain more than a few examples where the writer has referred to this feature and used whatever medium they were employing to illustrate an outcome.

For many people, the idea of an all encompassing deity is wrapped up in a mist that is generated by the limitations of the human mind and that is where images like, 'through a glass darkly' and 'the cloud of unknowing' comes from. The other predominant feature that has often been mentioned around here is 'anthropomorphism'. If you go looking for the definition of anthropomorphism in general, you will not get the definitive meaning of what we are employing the word for here. You have to go somewhere that our intentions can be discovered, in order to get what those employed at these websites intend. So we thought we would go after something sufficiently complex, like this because then you can grab at least one sound-byte that covers it and maybe even watch a few angels dance on the head of a pin, while you are at it. Heck... you can even bet on the outcome of how many angels remain upright and that goes way back.

Some people are totally obsessed with gambling. They will bet on anything. For some reason they have convinced themselves that at some point, surely, a moment of larger success will arrive. It probably doesn't occur to them that no matter what temporary largesse may come their way, they will, soon enough, risk it all on something else, until eventually they are left with nothing at all.

There is a phrase in the Bible, I think it is Malachi 4-10 where the deity, speaking through someone, probably Malachi (grin) speaking on behalf of the almighty says,“and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.” That is what I am gambling on. My idea of gambling is to bet on the sure and certain outcome of the promises of the ineffable. My idea of gambling is to not count upon the promises of this world and rather rely upon the certain conviction that god loves me and will find a way to justify my faith in him/her. Him/her is only inserted in case someone comes wandering in here and has any kind of gender fixation on how the almighty defines itself through whatever vehicle the almighty might prefer... at the time.

If you have come around here often enough, you also know that there are other quotes that we are very fond of and this is one of them; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” Consider just for a moment, how beautiful that statement is. Consider the one before it as well and there is many another that exemplifies the wonders of the generosity of the divine. That is what I am gambling on. I am gambling on the certainty that these statements are true. I believe they are. I believe they are far more true than anything the world and its used car salesmen/women have to say about it or anything else.

One of the joys of life is when you have gone too far to turn back, given that you are going in the right direction to begin with. What would that right direction be? It would be that direction that matches the direction of your heart and soul, once the former has swallowed the mind. For some, the right direction is that which results in the rewarding of what can be acquired here. I am not going to judge the correctness of either in any universal sense. I am here to make my own decision based on what my values are and that is for each of us to determine for ourselves. That is the bounty or loss of free will. You can go along with the promise of the world, or you can seek out the opportunity to align your destiny with the will of the ineffable. In other words, you can support or oppose the will of the ineffable. You can walk upon the path of your best interests, as it is known in the mind of the divine, or you can get yourself a steaming mess of pottage in a bowl.

We pray that this missive finds all of you well in this moment and that it will continue through all of your moments until there is only one moment that expands forever, well beyond the reach of any words that are incapable of defining the meaning of it.

End Transmission.......

Technical difficulties made a radio broadcast this Sunday impossible but that will not be the case next week since the broadcast is done.


Kazz said...

Vis - 'Someone who has a grasp of the principles in play, is far more likely to be successful than one who lumbers about in the darkness, without any real idea of what is going on.'

Does not the legal maxim state, 'that which is created can never be greater than that which created it?'

If all the governments, corporations, and religions are constructs of man then how can they have any lawful power over their creator, Man, unless he lawfully consents?

Is it not true that all statutes and acts only have the force of law with the consent of the governed?

If the basis for all lawful contracts dictates that man and woman must be under their own free will, and not operating under any coercion or force when they enter into contract, HOW CAN ANYONE LAWFULLY FORCE ANOTHER TO DO ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWFUL CONTRACT OBLIGING THAT WOMAN/MAN TO PERFORM????????

Vis - 'You can go along with the promise of the world, or you can seek out the opportunity to align your destiny with the will of the ineffable. In other words, you can support or oppose the will of the ineffable.'

Is it not the Will of God that Man should live on earth as it is in Heaven?

If this is the case than is it not then God's will that Man should be one of the living under God's law, and not a dead slave/legal fiction under Man's law??

Since all constructs are created by Man, if you serve these constructs instead of God are you not going along with the promise of this world and not living with the Will of the ineffable???

Food for thought.

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Thoughts/feelings brought up by your Blog (thanks!):

Vis: "Games like dice and roulette are random affairs."

I am reminded of a section in (Dean of Engineering) Robert G. Jahn's Margins of Reality (1987), where Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab ran tests on individuals calling dice or cards correctly. Most individuals indeed came out on the 'random' side. However, two important exceptions stood out. First, a few individuals went way beyond the laws of chance in, say, their first fifty rounds. Then, it was like they became bored with the repetition and lost their focus. Only after that did they converge on the statistical 'norm'. Apparently, humans don't like rote behavior (half-grin). Second, there were the 'concealed' or 'negative' psychics. These folks got the calls wrong so-often that they were obviously not 'gifted'. However, when you did a statistical analysis of their answers, they stood out like a sore thumb. They were 'wrong' way beyond the laws of chance. Somehow, they knew what the correct answer would be, and made sure to guess wrongly (perhaps only subconsciously). Just as psychic as the early-round people, but 'hiding' the talent. Woo-woo...
Vis: "It has been said that manifest life is a casino, where the gods bet against each other in terms of the outcome..."

Another book, Neil Freer's God Games: What Do You Do Forever tackles the bored gods problem. (Note that these 'gods' are way-down from all-God.) If you are effectively immortal, what do you do once you have exhausted everything you had real passion about? This has real significance in that native earthlings may have had to contend with just such 'gods' - the Anunnaki (by whatever name) - 'passing the time' with each other...
Vis: "For many people, the idea of an all encompassing deity is wrapped up in a mist that is generated by the limitations of the human mind..."

Book week (grin). I am reminded of Ken Wilber's The Spectrum of Consciousness (1977), where he discusses different 'levels' as we slowly grow into mini god-hood, and how each level has a different view and understanding of themselves and further-on deity. Sigh. And yay.
Vis: "One of the joys of life is when you have gone too far to turn back, given that you are going in the right direction to begin with."

That is a nice synchronicity. I was trying to 'summarize' my current mood. Your phrase fits elegantly. Hard to describe, but a perfect 'felt sense'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Way late to the party, but Welcome to Annabelle! (And any first-posters I may have missed.)

David Fiske said...

I loved this post Vis. Thank you. When we focus on the less that is all we see but there is That more and it certainly awaits us. On our pilgrimage we can smile and be kind, a little bit more than usual if we truly know that Love hold us all. You know that Vis and it counts for much. At times recently I feel my breath coming down and rising up and meeting in the heart where a door waits to open and what I feel then is great joy and certainty. Practice diligently and often.

David Fiske said...

Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's teacher)
"Paramatma pervades inside. He is shining in the heart of all. He is seeing everything that everyone does. No one can escape his or her work being seen. Anyone who considers that his or her work is not known about, is inventing Paramatma's blindness. This is deceiving oneself, not anyone else."
The truth of the matter then!

torus said...

In any moment
It could fall apart
We had better direct it
Or it will fall apart

In any moment
There is
... only it's unformed
Moving on its own

In any moment
It could fall apart
We had better direct it
Or it will fall apart

In any moment
It can become once upon a time
And the story of a desperate
Attachment to an "I", a "me", and a "mine".

The fearful urge
They urge you on
The fearful urge to control life
Based in fantasy

In any moment
It could fall apart
We had better direct it
Or it will fall apart

The fearful urge
To control life
Is based in fantasy

We had better direct it
Or it will apart

In any moment
It can become
Once upon a time and the desperate
Feeling that you're not doing it correctly
Because it's never what it should be

In any momen
There is only an unformed
Inexplicable Happening
Moving on its own

In any moment
It could fall apart
We had better direct it
Or it will fall apart.

torus said...

The preceeding was a humble attempt at "rap". Songs that I'm working on; "Songs From a Future Self".

"In Any Moment" was borne from toothache.
We had better direct it or it will fall apart. In any moment it could fall apart.

Despite my inadvertent role in creating the toothache - I ultimately didn't "ask" for the pain. The pain is "moving on its own". Give us this day our daily nerve endings...

In any moment, there is only an unformed , "happening"...moving on its own. Inexplicable.

I'm taking the tooth-pain personally and I'm taking the collective pain of the planet personally. Anger makes me shake a rattle at the sky!! Resentful of my self-aware status and the ability to not only embody, but to reflect on the pain as well. See the pain as atonement, give the suffering meaning. It just is. God declared it "good" not me.

In any moment, it could fall apart.
The story of a desperate attachment to an "I", a "ME", and a "MINE" - living "in" and "knowing" a world of "things".

We had better direct it
Or it will fall apart.

Nick Tesla said... me some karen norman
that was a court worthy rant about consent
i'll tell ya what, between mr visible and th folks who follow there's a heap of ponderin goin on and that can't help but be a good thing

missingarib said...

The U S election penny arcade is humming with overflow business.The money changers dressed as Trappist monks blend well with the wall paper and the candidates are all banging the flippers on pin ball machines. Over in the corner playing the pin ball machine is the pin ball wizard Trump . A high score will get him four years of free play.
With Venus in blue jeans at his side and a Kenny rogers sound track playing Trumps' dream of operating a world class wrestling franchise in D C seems possible.

Whether the world is reflected in a dew drop or a tear drop is a function of faith. "For many people, the idea of an all encompassing deity is wrapped up in a mist that is generated by the limitations of the human mind." When the phrase thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven is understood and only fools wager the outcome.

“And yet all loneliness, angers, hatreds, envies, and itchings that (Hell) contains, if rolled into one single experience and put into the scale against the least moment of the joy that is felt by the least in Heaven, would have no weight that could be registered at all. Bad cannot succeed even in being bad as truly as good is good.”
― C.S. Lewis

live long

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm so old.

This post reminded me of what a sad old Persian once told me: "I am unlucky in Chess."

Go figure.

Mr. Nah

Kazz said...

What do you know the battle was not really with the system but with my self :o). My ignorance and inability to see with clarity appears to have been the problem. Now I see more clearly I realise what I thought was a problem turns out to actually be a HUGE blessing. Thanks to my latest run in with the boys in blue the Divine has taken me one HUGE step forward on my journey. I now see the path ahead clearly, as if the Divine shone a torch, and it lights the way home. I have been lost in a sea of confusion for a very long time, but thankfully the Divine has steered my ship to dry land and safety. Much work is still required but I do believe I see the light breaking through the dark night and the brilliance of the sun over the horizon is amazing :o).

I had never stopped to consider before how much hard work goes into the construction of the world in which we live. What an arduous task it must be to maintain. What a thankless task. Just trying to maintain and upkeep the structures necessary in this world to provide for the needs of humanity must be mind boggling. Systems across land, air and sea must be in place, all working simultaneously to maintain harmony within the One.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the players involved in this process for their tireless effort and dedication. You guys rock and I love you all.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

might just pop this one in here from David Graeber's Debt The First 5000 years as it has a good harmonic to it.
reminds me of the Indian in the Clint Eastwood Jose Wales movie.
he quotes this from Peter Freuchen's The Book of the Eskimo's (1961)

...significant is to instead make fun of oneself. The Danish writer Peter Freuchen, in his Book of the Eskimo, described how in Greenland, one could tell what a fine delicacy someone had to offer his guests by how much he belittled it beforehand:
The old man laughed. "Some people don't know much . I am such a poor hunter and my wife a terrible cook who ruins everything. I don 't have much, but I think there is a piece of meat outside. It might still be there as the dogs have refused it several times . "
This was such a recommendation in the Eskimo way of backwards bragging that everyone's mouths began to water . . ."

"Freuchen tells how one day, after coming home hungry from an unsuccessful walrus-hunting expedition, he found one of the successful hunters dropping off several hundred pounds of meat. He thanked him profusely . The man objected indignantly:
"Up in our country we are human! " said the hunter. "And since we are human we help each other. We don't like to hear anybody say thanks for that. What I get today you may get tomorrow. Up here we say that by gifts one makes slaves and by whips one makes dogs . "

Unknown said...

a perfect illustration of the root mistake underlying our cultural catastrophe.
all the technological,monetary, or political tricks posing as solutions,
will only sink us deeper in the mire without a conscious change in this basic orientation.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....
mind you Graeber, who's mother was a Polish Jew, has taken me through the horrors of the Afican slave trade, mentioning the London coordinators but not that 90% of the slave traders, just happened, to be, Jewish...

one learns to insert between the lines.

Kazz said...

Question for you guys, in what country is it lawful to drag a woman (not a corporate fiction) off the street, where no contract was lawfully agreed to, and no plaintiff with a valid claim exists, then arrest her because she does not want to be forced into a contract. After which woman is then thrown into a holding cell because she does not want to comply with these men's orders, firstly because they had no lawful authority, and secondly, because they were NOT woman husband. Keep in mind that woman, under God's covenant, had not agreed to any of these harms. It does not stop there though because then woman is told she will not be removed from the holding cell until she commits fraud and signs a monitorised security for surety, which breaches said contract's validity because woman was not operating under her free will, and she was coerced into said contract which provided no equal consideration whatsoever.

The answer is Australia!!

Congratulations for building a system that has enslaved your women, put them in direct harm from men you have no control over, and all this is done against the law and paid for with your hard earned taxes in the name of our safety, of which we have none.

What I see is a world full of constructs that have been developed for one reason and one reason only, to trap our consciousness.

Woman has to stand up and fine tune this system to work the way it was meant to on her own because woman can't find any men with big enough balls to help her correct the system so it can operate lawfully.

No wonder women turn into lesbians. Just my luck I don't like taco's.

One very pissed off Kazz

Ray B. said...

Ah, we have gotten Kazz back; I was wondering who had written the previous post! (grin)

Seriously, I have considered going the 'direct' route in trying to reestablish "of the people, by the people, for the people." There is a problem with that: Psychopaths/sociopaths have no empathy. (With possessed or nonhuman types, it is even worse.) So, if I (or you) got really-effective, I (or you) would have an accident, heart attack, etc. No empathy means you can do just about anything to 'insects' that are annoying you. And since they own the media, few would even hear about your 'martyrdom'.

My answer to the above problem was to 'put out a call' for what might truly reform/transform the system. Heartfelt. In my case, it led to going within, getting clear enough that I could contact Higher Self, and then 'running across' various allies. Then, 'we' could operate from 'top down' and 'inside out' on various bad guys. This way, there was a true chance of reforming/transforming 'all' the system.

Back when I was in the military, I was always taught to fight a battle on-the-battleground and in-the-manner of your choice; not of your opponent's. In your casting-about for ways to truly reform/transform the system, note what are the opponent's preferred playing-fields and favorite stratagems. Their 'strengths'. Do not meet them there.

Instead, ask-within what are your innate or potential strengths. (You may not even know what they truly are; doesn't matter.) When you are given inner-direction what these are for you, meet your opponents on-the-battleground and in-the-manner of your choice. (Remember: Ultimately, we are after the head of the snake, not bits of its tail.)

Kazz, you have the inner strength, the passion, and the wisdom to be a formidable opponent to our bad-guys. "Hit 'em where they ain't..." (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Sailing Down Shit River in the Cloaca Maxima.

Visible said...

Damn!!! It happened again. Sorry Karen; the computer, or something, ate your comments. I hope you can repost them

Kazz said...

I can't imagine why :o).

The Bible created constructs within which we could all live, under a frame work built by the builders/carpenters. First they created the Old Testament where satan ruled, and then the New Testament was created as an alternative where Christ rules. The thing is Christ doesn't rule people, he leads them. Christ is my brother, not my master, just as man is my brother and not my master. The very basis of law is 'do no harm', and the base it is built upon is natural law, which states NOTHING in creation is greater than that which created it, so we should not bow down to anything in creation, especially each other, because as co-creators God is our only authority. If your system does not hold to these truths then all you have done is built yourself a different prison, and that is what I see these constructs are for, to contain people.

This world was created by God for man to enjoy, not work tirelessly away on an illusion.

While these constructs have helped me greatly to evolve, there is a point at which they stop helping and then hold you down, that is unless one does have the option to be free and fly with our creator. If this is not the case then your system breaches the natural law of creation. God created man to be free, it is man's system that enslaves man not God. If you are a part of that system you are just as enslaved as those you enslave. That is why Jesus said, 'as you do unto others so it shall be done unto you'.

This co-creator is more than happy to help people evolve, that is what this co-creator enjoys doing :o). I cannot help if you refuse to communicate with me at an adult level, and instead persist in hiding in the dark like little boys. I am not afraid of you, I am not hiding, why are you afraid of me, I mean you no harm.

Once truth enters all dark retreats because it cannot remain where there is light. Until I see your system and its full operation I cannot tell you whether or not it is something I approve of. The thing is, my interest is in your well being as well as my own, because you are my brothers, so if man is safe and free, and man makes sure woman is safe and free, the world you have created really will be a marvel to behold, but if this is not the case then you are all slaves of your own construct. Very sad :o(.

If you are going to keep locking me up, even when I know how to navigate your system, this is not going to build trust, only destroy it, and that is what this system is built upon, trust, isn't it?

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

what country? pretty much all at them at most times, back to Mesopotamia as far as we can ever know... what Graeber is teaching me about slavery, ownership, different strokes for different masters, same old slaves, including themselves. In Australia now random roadside drug tests for motorists to detect .0001% cannabis that was smoked more than 9 days ago, taking one officers advice, but still keel hauled before the system... judge let that one off to reel in another day.
much have I to learn.. but there is more shenanigans than you can poke a stick at, or , given a fulcrum called satans footstool, and carrying a large enough stick called usury, unbalance the earth. best trust there is a god and that they are pushing their luck. nothing is new, just the snowball gets bigger.
it's enough to make one go find a cave.

Kazz said...

It is really rather simple pierre. Once one bows to anything or anyone in this realm the Divine departs from them. This is why the lower demonic energies keep creating systems where we have to bow. There should be no one between us and our creator!! This is why Jesus told us to give glory to our Father in Heaven, and not him. Jesus understood that it was that which lay within him that was greater than anything in this world. not Jesus his self.

Lucifer/those with knowledge who lack God's presence think they have bound satan but in actual fact satan has used this global construct to take over the world, whilst conveniently separating those with knowledge from those who have no knowledge in a holding pen. It is true that for many thousands of years satan has worked alongside lucifer, but once the NWO comes in there will be no need of builders, because no new constructs will be necessary!! Notice how everyone is being forced to either work under the legal fiction or claim a benefit under the legal fiction? Notice how all the homeless are being picked up and put into jail under a corporate fiction? Notice how anyone who refuses to bow is either put into a holding pen or slaughtered? When satan's NWO comes in everyone will be conveniently trapped beneath the corporations, and those who stand above the corporations will be the damned leading the damned!!

Although I have never seen the ecumenical church or its workings I will bet it has a system of hierarchy to which people must bow. If this is so then this is definitely a system of satan and not of God's. God is not fickle and his people do not break his laws. Satan uses this system to get us to butcher each other. The indigenous people who have been being slaughtered for thousands of years were already operating as God's children, directly accessing the Divine from within. This world system that is operating has been removing God's people from this world.

A true shepherd of God walks among their sheep so they can be recovered when they get lost. A true shepherd does not immerse their self in material wealth because they know such things draw them into the world away from the guidance of God, who resides within. When satan has successfully taken control of this planet he will use the ecumenical church as a sacrifice to bring in his NWO, because these people have breached God's Covenant God cannot protect them.

This causes me great heartache because many of these men and women are wonderful people. They are brave, hard working, kind, and loving individuals, but it is my understanding these people are being misled. If I am wrong the ecumenical church will have a structure where no one bows, because that is the only kind of structure God's law permits.

This world is up side down to Heaven because it is the reflection of Heaven and not Heaven itself. When Jesus said he was not of this world he meant he belonged to the spiritual kingdom, not a physical one. If I speak falsely then where is Jesus and the other enlightened beings who should be in air bodies, not bodies of flesh and blood?

People have to make up their own minds but I know truth when I see it. That is what the indwelling spirit is there for, discernment :o).

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

Les, thanks.



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