Friday, June 13, 2014

On Not having Boat Drinks in the High Tower.

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Today is June 13th. It is also a Friday the 13th and a Honey Moon. As for the astrological side of it, as is usual with so many astrologers there is such a blizzard of associations and intersecting WTF's that no clear picture can occur but which give a wide spectrum of handy info for 20-20 hindsight. I don't know what any of this means but probably hardly anyone else does either.

Here's an interesting take on what many of us already know about the Satanic side of organized religion. I'm going to take exception to this use of the devil's hand signs and yet one more time post the photo of one of India's greatest saints in the last several centuries, RamaKrishna:

Lord Ramakrishna

I will also bring attention, once again, to photos of me holding my hands in similar fashion:

Les Visible

This occurs in states of heightened awareness, brought about by meditative states or the ingestion of psychedelics. My hands go into moving mudra during the aforementioned states because, for whatever the reason, I had a massive kundalini experience at the age of 21 that has impacted on my entire life and, no doubt, always will.

Let me be brief in the analysis of this consideration; THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER. Both good and evil draw their capacity to perform from the same well. All evil and compromised secret societies have taken everything they know from perverting the teachings and truths of the societies of light. In this Kali Yuga the corruptibility factor for seekers after the light is great and there are many who have fallen under the spell of The Shadow; think of the tale of Saruman and you can understand how powerful secrets came to be stolen from those whose task was and is the protection and preservation of them.

On the other hand, powerful angels watch over the secrets of the light and nothing gets stolen that they are not aware of beforehand. This all happens for (drum roll) the purpose of demonstration. The most important secrets are never in danger of being shanghaied. It should be stated here that it is an impossibility for a corrupt consciousness to comprehend the higher mysteries at any time. Even if they came into possession of them it would do them absolutely no good and there is a good chance they would be incinerated on the spot. At no time are we in any danger if we are not deceived. Because there is no power that can harm us so long as we are sheltered beneath the eternal wings.

You can ask, "why would a deity who purportedly loves us, expose us to such relentless temptations and difficult conditions, given the inherent weakness of human nature?" It is hard to grasp sometimes, while at the same time we can see how we have, each of us, fallen many times, yet we are still here and we still aspire because forgiveness and mercy are always at hand. It seems that the real problem to look out for is getting to the state where one is resistant to the act of seeking forgiveness; where one has convinced oneself that they are right and become deaf to the advice of their better angels. So... it's not like we are set up to fail and then denied any redemption. It's our decision not to seek it. It's up to us if we become stiff necked and proud beyond measure in the extreme paucity of our knowledge. There are only a few ways that we go wrong. Sure, you can point to a multitude of errors and expressions of bad judgment but they all come from just a few points of origin.

I've pointed out that telling line from The Lord's Prayer; "Lead us not into temptation" on several occasions. That should be an eye-opener, but for many there is an automatic snooze factor that kicks in whenever they are faced with some knotty conundrum of a question that puts them outside their comfort zone, or which might require some kind of undesirable change in their nature. This is visibly apparent in Fundieland. It's also apparent in Iconoclastia and Ecclectica. It shows up everywhere that people become convinced they are right to the degree that they no longer rigorously field-strip everything that passes before their mind's eye. This is yet one more example of why, "I don't know" is among the most powerful mantras that there are and probably why it was given to me by The Man on the Beach. There are some others that have deeper and deeper meanings, imports and importance as you go; "Be still and know that I am God", "Cave Dei Videt" (beware, God is watching) and "Leave good footprints". I have to smile when I think that somewhere, someone, for sure is saying, "Right Visible, I don't think that's been the case with you." It's an admonition folks, not a statement of policy; much as I might wish it to be. However... the jury remains out on many things as to motive, meaning and final result. I'm content to leave the summing up in the hands of The Great Summoner.

When we observe the seeming unfairness of existence and the ongoing frustrations so many of us experience, while the worst among us prosper and have boat drinks in the High Tower... it can be trying to say the least. The hardest job any of us is confronted with is to break through the years of enforced negativity that has made its way into the subconscious, where we are often unaware of the influence that it exerts on our every day existence. This is another reason and one of the BIGGEST reasons to insulate your life with spiritual disciplines, especially meditation and prayer and ESPECIALLY to remember that prayer is a conversation when it is at its most effective. After all, if you are going to ask something, should you not expect an answer? When do you not expect an answer? Most likely is it when you are speaking to someone who is deaf (would you do that?) or dead, or non existent (would you do that?). Any of that sounds like an expression of futility and impotence. Would you go through the trouble of planting something that had no hope of breaking out of the ground?

Think of the subconscious as The Earth and that we seed it every day with our thoughts and feelings. We always have done. Ergo, weeding is one of our (should be) chief concerns where we have planted undesirable things. Following that we plant desirable things. It should go without saying that nothing grows that is not watered and exposed to sunlight, except mushrooms and a few other things... maybe and most of them don't see the light of day because they should not see the light of day. I'm not knocking mushrooms and I'm aware of Ginseng (grin).

It doesn't matter how many times we have been wrong. It doesn't matter what crimes we may think ourselves guilty of. The only unforgivable crimes are the ones which bring one to the point where they sneer at redemption because one has then put themselves in that situation; right? Short of that one need only go to the cosmic laundry for whiter whites and brighter colors. One should give up the ghost every night and awaken reborn, imagining themselves reborn in the light of a new day. One should awaken filled with vigor, expectation and promise. This is how it should be. When it is not it means we are being weighed down by that which we have not addressed and we're going nowhere fast until we do. Do not measure the ineffable by your own being. Do not engage in anthropomorphism. Do not construct a God who is only a bigger you. Such a God is not as forgiving as the real ineffable and is lacking in various areas of critical need. We are 'vessels' and 'vassals', nothing more. We are defined by what fills us and by whom we serve and as the song says. "You got to serve somebody." Regardless of how independent you might think yourself to be, you are not. You are in service to something. It is best you decide on who that will be. Become a conscious servant. What do you think the divine is? Is the divine some autocratic bureaucrat sitting in that great hierarchy in the sky? The divine is the greatest servant of them all and a veritable slave to love. Can we do better?

Start today. Start now. Whatever may have gone on before does not need to continue. At all times the light is pouring down. Walk in it and you accomplish that by going about all of your business as if it were the divine who were performing it. This is true in any case because that is the source of all power and the rightness and wrongness of any of it is defined by intention; not forgetting, as has been said by 'someone', "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions" The Master did not say this himself. If like attracts like then good attracts good. That's how I see it.

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Anonymous said...

thank you good sir.


Gerry Donnelly said...

Vis, God sends down fresh water from the sky, to whom he pleases,every day. I know the Satanists are spraying clouds of alumium particles into the sky, and MonSatan-co is creating Zio-crops,but these will come to nought. Best of luck with the posts.
Gerry Donnelly.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fully agree with #1, but if I must serve someone, should I use Lea & Perrins, or Teriyaki sauce? And considering the toxic diet of individuals these days, how long should they be fed an organic cornmeal diet before. . .

Oh, never mind. It's not like I live in Cambodia, Russia, PNG, or The Land of the Cabbage People, which I left behind 46 years ago.


Oh, and then there's Liberia. My, what a failed economy does to people.


And I read the concept of EAT THE RICH took on quite a literal meaning during the Cultural Revolution in China, but considering what a pain in the butt it is to hotlink, you can google that. (And considering some of the stories I read here and there, I wonder if it's still in practise? After all, they are quite a pragmatic people.

Nice comment to wake up to first thing in the morning, huh? What would y'all do without me?

Anonymous said...

Hey Viz - I figure you will probably refrain from publishing this (with good reason), but I thought you might get a kick out of it anyway...

("Michael Rivero", a musical parody, based on the song "Lady Madonna", written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, made popular by the Beatles.)

Michael Rivero
Sheeple at your feet
There's no need to wonder how you make ends meet
It's agency money
The CIA pays the rent
All the rest comes courtesy of PayPals sent

Friday night you claim there are no Chemtrails
The West Memphis Three did not kill anyone
Monday afternoon you're quoting yourself...
(You're just) Gate-keeping scum

Michael Rivero
Working for the Feds
How'd you fit that ego in your tiny head?
(You're just) Gate-keeping scum

Tuesday afternoon you shovel Snowden
And moon-landing deniers are so dumb
Thursday night you claim there are no HAARP towers...
(You're just) Gate-keeping scum

Michael Rivero
Sheeple at your feet
There's no need to wonder how you make ends meet

Visible said...

The only reason I would refrain from posting that was if I had written it.

Jenny said...

Vis- you are so correct sir- there is one power.... great post here. Also enjoy the comments as I always do. I am these days enjoying watching the circus here in the u.s. though I often wish to live elsewhere- bee safe y'all, jen

missing munich said...

Vis, just two words to sum up what this post meant after another day in the grinder: Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I so needed this today, Vis...thank you.
I read it first thing this morning but my poor half asleep brain could barely decipher it..tonight's rereading made all the difference.
May everyone everywhere be happy, at peace, etc.

insaim said...


interesting about the Mao reveloution (some gruesome pics.)

also interesting considering that Writing in the New York Times, David Rockefeller claimed the “social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


David Rockefeller is a deluded arse hat not fit to e fertiliser.

And I'm being nice.

Anonymous said...


ISIL in Iraq is Islamic milieu's the latter-day equivalent of the Khmer Rouge(who were essentially penny ante Chinese Red Guard wannabes). And, predictably, they're owned and operated by the -CIA-MI6-Saudi-Mossad zio-combine.


BCii said...

insiam, that short essay was easily the most harrowing read I have had in a long time. I would hope that's a phenomenon we've left behind as present humanity of Earth. But, in light of that article, it wouldn't surprise me too much if something like that were to break out somewhere in the U.S.A. before all is said and done.

BCii said...

Not to unduly scare anyone, but if the "division of America" pinpointed by Robert Phoenix in his latest article is close to accurate, and in any way a portent of trends to come, then a "Cultural Revolution U.S.A." might be a distinct possibility. If things keep polarizing, I don't see how some form of conflict could not be in the works. Will sovereign, truth-and-freedom-loving humans be forced underground? It would not be the first time. I suppose we are all being given the chance to answer the question, "Whom do you serve?"

Anonymous said...

Before I went deep into mountains at age 17, I have heard that finding wild Ginseng in a deep taiga forest was something of a magical Nature. I heard stories. Lots of them. I saw markings on trees while hiking through deep mountains - they were left by those who identified their path to the plants they found. One could read those "signs" clearly if one was acquainted most intimately with forest.
It happened one day. I was walking through deep openings when I noticed a streak of light from above tree crowns penetrating deep into the bottom cover. Amidst that, I noticed striking red dot. It was so strong, pulling me closer. I could not take my eyes off it and kept walking towards it in awe, while being careful not to stumble and fall being affixed to it. The closer I came, the stronger the pull was. When I approached it, I fell on a ground on my knees and cried. It was an ancient Ginseng plant at about 3 feet tall with red berries at a top of it. I was mesmerized. I knew that moment it was gift from God. Tears were running down my cheeks at this moment of joy, happiness and appreciation of everything I had endured in my life up until this moment. I studied the plant from the very top to the very bottom. Later on, upon scouting the area, I found down the hill a small family of younger plants that became such because of momma plant dropping those berries.
I gently dug momma plant out. While doing so, a giant earth worm thick as my thumb (size of a small snake) was trying to crawl away deeper into ground. When I laid the plant on a bark of a tree layered with wet moss, I could not help, but kept staring at "her" - it was an image of a lady with long hair and curvy body playing a guitar/citar... I cried and thanked God in my Soul.
I placed her into vodka in a jar. I gave spoonful to my paralyzed father every day who was in pain from his injuries. Eventually he started walking with help of crotches.

Miracles are found everywhere, every time. God is the Master. God is Miracle. We are merely His Slaves, yet have our Free Will.

Even Ginseng growing in a dark gets his/her Sunlight at such high intensity it makes plants' berries turn Red.


Eudoxia said...

LTBTB & Insiam
"David Rockefeller is a deluded arse hat not fit to e fertiliser"

Could not agree more. Interesting that Richard Rockefeller the heir to the Rockefeller fortune was killed in a plane crash last Friday while piloting his own plane leaving daddy's 99th birthday bash. He died in a place called Purchase - shame daddy wasn't on board with him. I don't know too much about Richard Rockefeller does anybody else? I dare say we'll all know a lot more in the ensuring weeks.

Ray B. said...

Sometimes, we find the ineffable dabbling in unexpected places.

I have been catching as I can the children's TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender", because there is 'something' there embedded in it. It is of the Light, even though shot-through with fight scenes.

Well, lo and behold, I just watched an episode with a complete discussion of all the seven traditional chakras. Brief, but accurate! Even what you need to do to clear them out...


Love to Push Those Buttons, I thought this might amuse you:

"To Serve Man" is a 1962 episode of the television series 'The Twilight Zone'. The episode, along with the line, "It's a cookbook!", have become popular in pop culture. The story is based on the 1950 short story "To Serve Man", written by Damon Knight.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant work, Visible. So important, so well and clearly said, so in need of repetition.

Always a tonic, Vis.

galen said...

rushin2, beautiful story. Epiphany. Thanks for taking me there.

Here's another lovely story:


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Only Thinking Makes it So.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, I have it on good authority that the proverbial "road to Hell" is not, in fact, paved with good intentions. It is, instead, paved with shortcuts.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Walking Down Memory Lane with Broad Daylight Awareness.

galen said...

Thanks, Elliott. That's one of the most concentrated directives of spiritual guidance I've ever come across. A veritable "short-cut" in itself.


Peaches said...

Visible I can't tell you how happy I was to see your vid. I remember when you first moved there and how you described it and it looks like that place in my mind, except for a few tarps. But the wood! You told us about the wood on the ceiling and walls, and I was kind of wonderin' hmmm? but seeing it just now it looks beautiful.

A work in progress. A ways to go. I love projects.

I'm so glad you did this vid and looking forward to more.

Love, Peaches



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