Sunday, June 08, 2014

More than Any of These Things and All of These Things.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I keep thinking about that life fraught with difficulties thing which I attempted to address in the last episode. I suppose one of the reasons is that I am in such a situation for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is transiting out of a familiar environment of 15 years duration. That's 3 times longer than the other longest period of duration previous. The other periods of duration only got to five years once. One might say that the consistency of that period haunts the uncertainty of this one. It's not as if I were looking into the face any of the major concerns that some people face such as starvation, no water, eviction or whatever is going around these days, including plague and the sudden discovery that you live in a really bad neighborhood AND you signed a lease. It's more along the lines of not knowing what's coming and measuring what I have to do against my ability to do it. None of these things have redlined yet. It's more a matter of it being all in the mind. It is all in the mind isn't it?

I've tried to point up areas of endeavor that will ensure a better potential for whatever it is you are going to run into and which can also seriously affect whatever that might be as well. One of them is meditation. We've mentioned that. Another is mind control; not to be confused with things like Silva Mind Control, Tavistock or MKUltra. It involves standing at the gateway of the mind and not allowing anything into it that is not reflective of the ineffable. This is what you do when you are not meditating. Another practice is to have a positive mindset at all times and that is no easy thing because you have to take it all on faith and your faith has to be greater than any situation that comes along to challenge it. On a positive note, concerning maintaining a positive mindset... do you really have a choice? I won't explain that. It should be self explanatory and if it isn't yet, it will be, if you think about it.

There are a few key assets you need to have to make it through this body breaking, soul crushing experience, called 'life as we know it in these perilous times'. If you have these things you have a chance. Without them, only a gambling junkie, devoid of good sense would bet on you. You need faith, certitude and determination. You need to meditate on a regular basis and you need to control the mind but... more than any of these things and all of these things, you need Love.

If you try to find Love in the world around you, you could get lucky for a time but the Love in the world is like a seasonal flower and even though some of them might hold their bloom for a time ... the bloom comes off eventually. The petals fall and the force of the attractive no longer has the adhesion it had. It lacks the motivation that inspired it, when it looked like what you wanted and then turned into what you did not. This is the primary reason that the only Love worth pursuing is divine love because divine love is a perennial and it is always Spring. It is forever and right now at the same time. It is the absolute fullness of the moment and the promise of unending perpetuity and if any one of us possessed an awareness of the higher sciences as they existed in times of greater light, you would know that all of this is a provable scientific fact. It's real. Nothing else is. The irony is that what truly is cannot be seen with mortal eyes and everything else is everywhere to be seen. Enjoy whichever aspect of your free will choices you choose to make.

Finally the good weather has arrived for more than one and a half days (grin). It's a pleasure to have the sun come slipping though the skylight in the morning, like it did this morning and why I am at the keyboard at 7:00 AM with the rest of the movie from last night, "Waitress", which is a real joy and gives a whole new meaning to the art of baking pies. I'm learning not to project into the Land of What If on the continent of Maybe, Maybe Not. That's a pretty crowded part of the planet and Mr. Visible is not crowd friendly. No one has much fun in projection land, except maybe for the act of projecting, which some people seem to favor simply because they like that wishing and hoping thing and are not inclined to look at the mound of whatever that is in the other hand. I have learned to pay attention to what's in the other hand, if only due to the weight of it (grin).

The Russian Spruce has filled the cathedral ceiling on the left side of this living space and the incline wall beneath it as well. I am not inclined to turn and look at the other side of the ceiling and wall. I expect that will fill up at some point too. The thing about projection is that we don't have to do that ourselves when we have someone in residence who is so much better at it than we are. There's this saying I heard that states, "Let go and let God." It's hokey enough but true I suspect for all that.

I've been remiss at something, being as busy as I am. It used to be if something occurred to me more than once, there was adequate time to engage with and take care of it. Now things come and go in my head but I'm busy at something else. In any case I wanted to give out public thanks to Dr. Glenn Dormer for flying in all the way from Sweden to spend a week with me and to build a stairway to my loft that will probably be there when the pyramids are dust and will certainly still be standing when the rest of the house has fallen into the eventual decrepitude that all impermanent things must confront one day and that's no projection, that's a fact of life. I imagine this stairway could handle as much traffic as the Spanish Stairs and still be there as long as. That traffic could be a reality if my rock star status heads up into some greater profile but like so many things, my hearts probably not into that (grin). In fact, I know it isn't, despite the intensity of poignant dreams that have come to haunt my nights of late. I seem to have stumbled upon a doorway into things that once were but never were as they came to be; a place where things take place in the way we imagined them but not as we experienced them.

I'd forgotten what a great film "Waitress" is. I'm a sucker for thing like this. "The Girl Next Door" (2004) and "Interstate 60" does that to me as well. My father, who on any account was not a nice man, once said to me, "You're a dreamer." He meant it in that way that implied these dreams, whatever they might be, would not come true, mostly because they hadn't for him. Well, I suppose he was right as far as it goes, in respect of whatever I might have been dreaming about at the time but we don't know where we're supposed to go, especially not with our having usurped the province of the true helmsman/woman/it (Do I really have to do that? I saw a comment somewhere from someone who was responding to one of the multitude of politically correct nonsense going about these days. It has to do with disenfranchising the word 'he' and replacing it with 'hse'. He said that that did not embrace the totality of the needs for all and the proper terms should be s/h/it. Heh heh... uh huh.

About dreaming... there's the big dream that encloses all of us in the vast glimmering spider web of Maya. She (he? it?) spins that web of false light theater everywhere between the borders of that stage so great that nearly everyone is standing on it (pushing and shoving) and almost no one is sitting in the audience. Then there are all the dreams within the dream that is being dreamed and this is all because the divine is sleeping in the great majority of us. Then there is what I call the dream spiral that true dreamers embark on and which goes through progressive levels of awakening, right up the spinal channel into the higher and higher estates of consciousness, into godhead and immortality. Like Lao Tzu said: "He who is useful is immortal." This is why karma yoga is listed among the greats. As you strive in service, the lifeblood of eternity climbs up to the top of the tower, slays the black knight on the way and frees the princess from the chamber. Many fairy tales are all about illustrating deeper truths. Life itself does this every day in the examples of all of the surrounding lives that the careful observer can take note of. The lessons are everywhere and some of them are telling indeed.

What throws most people is (as has been said many times) they only see one side of the Mobius Strip. Everything doesn't get sorted here... or so it appears but then... due to ignorance of the other side of the Mobius Strip, we don't know what people were up to before any particular go round. Everything is karma, save for grace and it's said that even that is more or less based on it. In these times the only sure route is Bhakti Yoga because of the power of Materialism. Love cuts through it like a knife through warm butter. It is the channeling of sexual force that lights your lantern, which is what that parable about the five foolish and five wise virgins is all about. It's hard to find your way through the darkness without a light; something like a miner's head lamp.

Intensify your focus. Like they say, "concentration is the secret of the magical art" and- "all magic is in the will." Of course you have to figure out which will that is and learn not to impede it. We can think of the magical art as anything we wish it to. A rather notorious magician once said, "magic is anything I say it is." Determining what your magic is; the pursuit thereof is key to the process and there is no greater magic than Love. I'm not pushing the performance end of generating phenomena. I'm pushing an alliance with Love as the source of wisdom and understanding and the sure and certain capacity of love to steer you right. For me, the only valid magic is the effort to increase your love until it overwhelms you... and it will, should you be unflagging. This is what the magic of light is all about; a continuous and incremental increase of Love's awareness within. Everything else is some form of delusion and at present... delusion is manifest to the sound of a million jackhammers tuning up on the street where you live.

Time to go as I expect others to roll in shortly... hopefully shortly. Once again Dr. Dormer, thank you so much for walking the talk and blessings upon you. That said and... this being Sunday... Aloha and

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

Because it is Origami and this particular subject did not apply to the subject matter is no reason why I can't call it to attention in the comments. Though my language may be questionable, let me say, 'fuck D Day and all the sad deluded robot ponies who rode in on it. I can add nothing to what is said in this brilliant analytical article. This is the truth. My god how I long for the downfall of these corrupt institutions of the criminal elite!

sage691 said...

Totally agree on your thoughts regarding D-Day and I would add Memorial Day and all of the other BS holidays.

Happened to be with my kids the weekend of Memorial Day. They were shocked when I told them that it was all BS and that the Americans and Russians were no kind of saviors of anybody during that time. I pointed out how the "Greatest Generation" has always been credited with this remarkable propensity to seldom, if ever, talk about their time overseas. Which was attributed to their great courage and stoicism. More BS. No, they went to Europe and raped, murdered and plundered in a manner unimaginable in these modern days. Then they came back here to much fanfare (and a pack of lies dribbling down from the top of the pyramid), knowing full well that they were no kind of heroes but were, in fact, the worst kind of animals. They remain(ed) silent to the end of their days, quietly scratching their heads and wondering what in the hell got into them. We know, of course. Demons and darkness.... mind control. Thanks, Les

insaim said...

sixth hour sixth day sixth month

D -day landings commenced at 6am. young blood sacrificed to prevent europe being dominated by Germany.

well that worked out well then!


Anonymous said...

stage managed mass murder...

I knew a sketch artist who was there...

he was very sensitive to the
REALITY of what he saw and was
adversely affected, it took years
for him to regain some semblance
of "normalcy" to his life...

the ten virgins story, may have other implications and meanings
also, but one would have to be familiar with the history of the Children of Israel who never turned into the "PROSELYTES" of
the Money Changers & Pharisees..

that assist the children of the ADVERSARY of ALL mankind,

*** because they are STOOOPID {spiritually blind} ***

who not surprisingly managed to help produce -
the UN, the IMF & the Jewish State
in Palestine thanks to the


of proles, dupes and stool sculpture deity cult members

Cue the Stage managers @ the VATICAN

Now that is Chutzpah.



Anonymous said...

The sun that melts the butter also hardens the clay.

peacepioneer said...

Thank you Les, for being. We are all being formed into communities of like-heartedness. As the Mayan people have proclaimed, the digital and analog realities will diverge beyond each other, and we must choose one or the other. As you know, the digital reality is duality laid bare. Submission and domination. The analog universe, belongs to love. Interestingly, the Mayan wisdom keepers proclaim that consensus is the only external governance that can propel our evolution beyond this point. Like unto like, love unto love! Creativity is the coin of the new realm, and you are a rich man! Thanks again for sharing your wealth with your fellow earthlings!

DAD said...

Les , is more ! Dad was in Italy late in the war and never spoke about it. I agree with your post Les . The things seen cannot be un seen . I hope if peace is deserved for him now that he is free of the the silver cord he has it. It did not seem he had peace much while here. The longing for the downfall of the corrupt criminals is something we all long for . Peace on earth is peace with in. Thanks for being a peace guide Les. David

Anonymous said...

I have long suspected that war was primarily about genocide, and secondarily about the usurpation of material wealth and native resources - not to mention implementing fiat banking systems. I was at a convenience store in Atlanta, Georgia, several years ago, and got into a discussion with a marginally awake clerk behind the counter. Can't remember what triggered it, but we ended up talking about war. I told him what my views were, which I normally wouldn't do, given that most people are typically in the same state of awareness as a hunk of cheese. He looked at me, ashen-faced, and said, "A high-level intelligence officer in the Navy came in here yesterday, and told me that war was about genocide...thinning the ranks of those deemed unfit!" You will notice that wars are never waged in high-end residential suburbs. Yep. World War II was a dry run for what is evolving now. They didn't have the bullets to finish the job back in the 1940's. Time will tell if they have enough this time...

galen said...

Peacepioneer, will you please expand on this a bit:

"...consensus is the only external governance that can propel our evolution beyond this point."

I'm hung up on the word "consensus." In fact, in most contexts, I find it a very scary word. So, just wondering.


Thomas said...

oh yeah! To Love!

about the gender of The Absolute... I don't know, but I believe it's both He and She, but probably more the source of He and She, so It. But whatever, Jesus spoke of It as "Him", as does Yogananda. Other saints as "Her". Why shouldn't you be allowed to write what you please, and interact with It in your own way?

May all of us experience a steady and unfailing increase in our Love, for the Divine and Its Creation, yes please good Lord.

thanks Vis! :)

BCii said...

"The thing about projection is that we don't have to do that ourselves when we have someone in residence who is so much better at it than we are."

Everything (though there are no separate 'things', only relationships within the Allness) is projected from the mind of God. The worlds are projections of God. We can project on top of that, based on pitifully limited perceptions, and merely detract from what it really is to the real us, or we can trust in the One who knows the Whole and is the Whole. When we are at One with that Whole, we perceive it just as we are meant to. It is God's greatest gift, the peace and joy that this BE-ingness imparts.

There is a gap between those who have felt this BE-ingness and those who have not. Until it is felt, our understanding will be a shadow of the real knowing. Those who have the knowledge, in whatever part, put words to those things that can never fully describe them. They are beyond words.

I note a tendency in myself to go concept first. That's the map that allows me to navigate my way closer to the experience. Then, bit by bit, the experience shows up over the horizon, it opens up and fills in with depth, color and detail. Then, as I draw it in and it draws me, as I begin to live it, it becomes immersive. At least, I'm guessing it does. Hoping. I'm not there yet with any more rarefied concepts, more exotic realms of awakened perception. Just navigating the basic levels here, really.

I must leave it here for now, sleep beckons. I will read the rest tomorrow, God willing. Thank you all for being here.


Odin's Raven said...

Here's a study showing that D Day was unnecessary for the defeat of Germany.
No Overlord

'The massive allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944 was not necessary for the military defeat of Germany. The German Army had already been destroyed on the eastern front, and the German war industry was being devastated by the combined bombing offensive. '

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

galen, I stuck my head out the window this morning and nary an evolution in sight.

Devolution aplenty.

Evolution/devolution is far more about consciousness than physical bodies.
A particular body is a result of a particular consciousness.

As far as these wars for depopulation, it just doesn't make sense.

Yes, if they some day max it out to a nuclear radiations/detonations, chemical and biological juggernaut, it's possible, probable even, but just stop and think about it. As horrible as all this murder and war is, it's in reality limited and select.

There are 7 BILLION people. Killing folks at a million per year would take 100,000 years to achieve anything resembling depopulation.
A Sisyphean endeavour in comparison to Mother Nature's cataclysmic potential.

Meet the neo-demons, same as the old demons. They kill for $$$ and control and sadism and jockeying for position.

Most of the Kali yuga populace hardly notices for the same reason they hardly notice the 60 BILLION innocent animals slaughtered each and every year. A conservative estimate which doesn't even account for the ocean life extinguished.

All part of the Kali yuga DEVOLUTION in progress.


galen said...

Seems India is being pushed on us again, especially on youth, kinda like the 1967 variety. CNN is pushin' it as a spiritual right of passage, a place to attain certain bliss. They've even coined the term "India Syndrome." The steering is so blatant. I can't explain it, but I never wanted to go. Links, in case you haven't seen the coverage:

I'm sure the Creator meant we have to travel to far-away exotic places in order to be spiritually fed (ha). And I love traveling, but not because someone is programming me to do so. Anyway, something off with this picture. I'm sure there's something geopolitical attached to it, as I am sure many good people of India understand the contrivance as well. Let's hope those open hearts who visit can sniff out what's real and what's preposterous. And of course, can't help but reflect on Vis's India Odyssey. Maybe at that time the "bliss" was hidden (ha again). Either way, he knew it was inside. And then there were my own long-ago divergences with Hindu popes (not that there aren't some genuine ones), divergences that thwarted awakening and stole money. Gotta hand it to youth; in many cases, we left no stone unturned.



missingarib said...

Vis,memories the referential points of our life-echoes in a digital canyon .feedback to our perspectives.
The song that reminds one of a lost love ,a mother ,father ,brother, brothers that populated our responsibilities ,dreams,devotion ,behaviour and empathies .
A life in pursuit of an understanding of what love is.
The sweet and sour memories triggered by the ineffable for us to review. The reaffirming of a longing for the one moment, the one word that explains creations dynamics --the lions roar.

The interpenetration of all things that manifest one reality in multiple forms.
The nun Wu Jincang asked the Sixth Patriach Huineng, “I have studied the Mahaparinirvana sutra for many years, yet there are many areas i do not quite understand. Please enlighten me.”
The patriach responded, “I am illiterate. Please read out the characters to me and perhaps I will be able to explain the meaning.”

Said the nun, “You cannot even recognize the characters. How are you able then to understand the meaning?”

“Truth has nothing to do with words. Truth can be likened to the bright moon in the sky. Words, in this case, can be likened to a finger. The finger can point to the moon’s location. However, the finger is not the moon. To look at the moon, it is necessary to gaze beyond the finger, right?”
"the dream spiral that true dreamers embark on and which goes through progressive levels of awakening, right up the spinal channel into the higher and higher estates of consciousness, into godhead and immortality."

bless you les -
live long

est said...

then i awoke
+ realized
one more day,

how many more ?
i wonder, constantly

sorry to say
i'm sick
of 'civilization'

so i will throw
the dice and see,
what will come up, today

damn it
snake eyes

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you for letting me build in your domain. It was my pleasure to lend a hand.

BCii said...


Interesting that India is being pushed on the young today. Travel, of course, has the potential to open one's eyes in a lot of ways, but the whole 'pilgrimage' idea, where some vaguely defined "higher realizations" or "spiritual experiences" are "out there" somewhere in an exotic locale to be plucked like souvenirs... god, what pitiful stupidity. Those who fall into this trap are easy pickings for the predatory charlatans infesting that country.

On the perversion of ancient wisdom in India... yesterday, I triggered my wife's memory of a scene in a movie that really cut deep when she saw it. She remembered it showing a widow being burned alive with her dead husband while people around them (led by a priest, of course) chanted "Ram, Ram, Ram." So much for ahimsa. A Westerner shot the woman in the forehead to end her suffering. My wife can't bear to hear that mantra because of that scene. She says it's possibly because she was victim of something similar in a past life.

May the moon-feeding minions in the priest class suffer their due "rewards" sooner rather than later -- and may we all return to our proper relationship with the divine Feminine AND Masculine, both of which those priests have helped to utterly pervert.

Anonymous said...

Civilization is an exercise in purposeful delusion. Without lies and the liquor and drugs that help to support them civilization would crumble.

Nothing quite so sad as the death of a soldier in a foreign land! Some men love to hear the cannon balls roaring. But most soldiers are just working class boys that want to do right by their neighbors. When one of these boys dies their family doesn't want to think that they died so that bankers and industrialists could get richer. Rather they need to believe their kid died for something noble. So, memorial day and d-day help to re-enforce these beliefs. The result of this philosophy is that any peace activist is seen as a weak sister or subversive.

I used to live next door to a Viet Nam veteran. He was a marine with 24 confirmed kills and a bronze star. I would come home from a gig in the wee hours of the morning and see his lights on which pretty much signaled he was home and that I could go over to his place and burn a joint with him. He couldn't get to sleep because when he closed his eyes he could see the faces of the men (boys, women?? it was Viet Nam) he killed and it bothered him in a most profound way. He told me flat out one time that the lucky ones were the ones who didn't come back.

3000 yrs of history show that wars do nothing to make the world a better place. Quite the opposite. In spite of this observation wars keep happening and nothing ever gets better.

Violence, guns and armed revolt will not solve our problems.


Anonymous said...

i agree with your sentiments on the "d-day" 666 thing (good one, isaim)

and a raise it to - fuck ww1, ww2, and every one of them for the entire 20th century (and 19th, now into the 21st)... as they have all been instigated by history's worst criminals - the international banksters - who profit from, fund, foment, via their owned, controlled global media -including the psycho-entertainment portion (that has most of humanity duped, deluded, brainwashed beyond belief), they are responsible for every "war" - which are in fact, nothing but mass-gangster raids of genocide, destruction, pillage, ...

respects to all


galen said...

Sometimes I wish I had an interpreter to explain some of the posts to me. Oh well, I extract what I can. And Homer, I did see a glimpse of evolution today; it was in my garden, there was dirt everywhere and it kept telling me about how it came from rocks; it was kinda screamin' and showin' off. I'd like to understand how it might affect human thought. Perhaps it's why we sometimes have to get down and dirty; how else to understand dirt, not to mention it's grandfather rock? We just gotta be goin' somewhere, no? Slow, I know. Backwards now and then. And some talk about "quantum leaps." Haven't seen one of them since Nadia Comaneci stopped the world on a dime and conquered gravity:

Maybe devolution is evolution in disguise, a very convoluted way to go about things, but when convolution is intentional, it can be unintended. We've got a lot of work to do. Sigh. . .


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


What would solve the problems is doing as little as possible, spending as little as possible and boycott completely companies that are destroying us, like McDouchebaggles, KFC, pharma companies, Monsatat, processed food. . .but expecting to change the ways of our collective idiots is like expecting me to start a hurricane by blowing my nose in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..


Visible said...

What happens if you blow your nose in the right direction? We're assuming hankys are not part of the equation due to the buffering effect.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dreaming of Slender Man in the Angst Abyss of Comatosia.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Unbuffered, if I blow my nose in the right, or should I say 'wrong' direction, we generally have to move the furniture back to where it was before, and some times upright it. After all, I do have quite a respectable honker. But I generally do use some sort of hanky alternative with nostrils pointed down so as not to generate extra work.

Anonymous said...

Waitress was a great film. Kerri Russell was sublime.

Your writing is insightful, amazing and most enjoyable. Thank you.



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