Saturday, February 27, 2021

"Over the River and Through the Woods and Right Back to Where we Started From."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am beginning to see how a culture gets to the point where the most irrational behavior is considered NORMAL. They begin to move the dial on the collective perspective slowly by steps so that by the time a particular phase is reached the people have no idea of how they got there.

I also see that until The Avatar has driven the darkness from the inner planes we won't see significant change here and once he does, there will be rapid and remarkable transitions.

We have an instinctive tendency to immediately think that anyone who disagrees with us is wrong. That's not necessarily true and life should have taught you that by now. I learned to listen. I could always change my mind but I have been saved a number of times by listening to people. I trust but then I verify.

It is now a thousand dollar fine if you separate toys by gender in a California department store. Here's the deal, the entire country now has to bow to the tiny splinter demographic of the sexually confused. This is, without question, a Satanic effort to force humanity to bow to the whips of the lower nature while it is on bad acid.

You should choose who is going to eat you because someone or some several somethings already are. If you make yourself tasty to the order of light you will be translated into it, the same way your food is translated into your own body. Everything is consuming something else. People are being eaten alive this very minute by hungers and appetites. This is literal truth. The fires within burn you up. Got to put the flame on low. It might seem weird to say that everything is being eaten, including ourselves but if you study the matter, as some of us have, you will see it is true.

Many fear they will lose their identity by being absorbed into something greater than themselves. Not true. Who you are is not who you are now. You actually become more and more yourself as you are recycled upwards. I've been to that place where all sense of self was gone. I thought it was cool though I know that the usual reaction is terror at the thought of the loss of self. I was fortunate in that I had no real sense of self to begin with. It had been hammered out of me. We're all being worked in the Forge of God, shaped and tempered, dipped into the fire and the cold water. It is an agony of sorts, like being on The Cross, which is another literal reality for all of us but is generally misunderstood as something else.

Okay... okay... I'm moving through a lot of different territories here. Most of it may seem unconnected. It's not. Everything is connected, BUT... when you are trying to talk about something that can't be talked about, it is a big help to draw up a map of the territory you are using, to allude to something you can't say, and then maybe the perspicacious reader will see that what was actually being talked about was at a right angle to everything else being used to frame the picture. It becomes like trying to spot the sailing ship in the mountain. It's right there. It is plainly in front of you, but it's not apparent. The mountain is all you see. Most people don't see it right off. Some do see it after a while and some never see it at all.

I just constructed that image using a ship and a mountain. It could have been anything else; horses galloping in the ocean waves, a dragon concealed in a cliff's face, or a face, or faces woven into pretty much anything. There are those who use tricks of manipulated focus to deceive others and those who are saying nothing, like those who hide the cow eating grass in a snow storm.

My point is that we get addicted to the way we see things and because our perspective is created from the assemblage of what we like and what we don't like, our perspective is out of sync, along with all the other people who are out of sync, but what they can't see is the one harmoniously woven and moving through the fabric of life, not hindering anyone else, in that space beyond good and evil.

You can't fix the world. You can ONLY fix yourself. I know I repeat this again and again, but it's important. It is important the way that Faith, Certitude and Determination are important. People can't help meddling. They think they are helping. They get into all kinds of straits through meddling. Think of all those dramas of Shakespeare. He illustrated the conniving of the human mind as well as anyone, ever. Lao Tzu describes the destinies of character and the fruit of intentions like no one I have ever seen elsewhere. The deeper truths are hidden beneath the surface actions of waves on water, restless, never ceasing, back and forth, up and down. Sometimes it gets tempestuous, though you never get the stillness of a lake on the ocean and not much time goes by before the surface of the lake is disturbed as well.

The secret to life is Harmony. When you can be harmonious with the good, the bad, and the indifferent you have arrived. Impersonal Love is what makes this possible. You can tell the state of the culture by the number of people on a spiritual quest, and what they are up to otherwise. You get a Babylon, or you get a Golden Age of Athens. You get the climate of the times. Something undesirable for many is leaking through the seams of this transformation. It is, cosmically, an atmosphere of growth. However, growing pains hurt. Some are more willing than others and suffer less. There is nothing you can do about a Heavenly Imperative except to be harmonious with it. Well, yeah, there are many futile reactions and degrees of resistance that you can mount. Good luck with all of them.

For many people, in a time of runaway materialism, it is no longer possible to hear the truth and often it provokes scorn and ridicule. Those who cannot hear must feel and that is the unfortunate side of life and that is OBSERVABLE by anyone with their eyes open. It's sort of like people who keep rebuilding their beach house in a hurricane zone. Oh... they might be fine for a while, BUT... sooner or later there will be problems. We got a double feature now. We got Jupiter and Saturn setting the stage for what they do.

This is no big deal for those who are harmonized to the Heavenly Imperative. It is ALWAYS at work in the affairs of humanity. The shifting and threshing, the timeless harvesting of temporary persona, consumed by the greater persona, in one direction or another. The wars and rumors of wars; presently on the horizon, as a matter of fact. The plagues and natural disasters hover invisibly like specters in the air, like mist traveling up through a forested mountainside. These are all the fruits of the uncertainties of minds focused on personal gain. We don't even have real plagues yet. Some felt called upon to invent them. This reminds me of all the fabricated historical data that is force-fed into the undefended mass consciousness. They tell you what to think. They tell you what to do.

They hold fraudulent elections and then laugh at you afterward. They herd you and bully you into one perversity after another. They program your children into perversity. They are determined and relentless but there is one thing they do not have and that is a Heavenly Imperative. No matter what they do it is NOT going to turn out well for them. They will come out on the wrong end of the Heavenly Imperative.

God doesn't always stay in the background. The times between his arrivals are great and no one here remembers anything about the last time God came in person. Oh... he's always been here in a few living souls, BUT... then there are the times when he comes with a big splash. That's where we are. Of course, the depravity and dumbing-down have gotten to such a pass that major corrections are necessary and that is the Heavenly Imperative.

One should absolutely turn their attention within in times like this. The greater the distraction outwardly, the richer the prize for those who remain undistracted. You can literally see people stampeding to the cliff's edge if you've got one of those time-lapse cameras in your head. First, The Awakening is going to proceed until such time as Heaven feels enough effort has been spent and then comes Revival and a renaissance. For many, it will be of no interest to them. They just won't see it, like the form hidden in the picture.

God help us.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, an Awakening blog. Thanks!

Vis: "Many fear they will lose their identity by being absorbed into something greater than themselves. ... My point is that we get addicted to the way we see things..."

I figure that I got a "pre-training" in that, a few decades back. Out of nowhere, I began to wake up as 'someone else'. (From friends, all the way up to Bush the Elder.) In the first moments of awakening, I was literally them. Freaked the hell out of me, the first few times it happened. It was the 'strangeness' of it, compared to being Me. I fought like mad to get back to My personality. (And succeeded, after a few moments.) After waking-up as another several times - and living through the experience - my hackles slowly went down, and I could 'observe' another for a few seconds before awakening. Finally, the experience got so 'mundane' that I just noted when it happened and pretty-much ignored it. (For the record: No drugs, alcohol, etc.)

I half-expect that this is how our planetary Awakening will begin. It makes sense as a deeper interpretation of 'Brotherhood'. Some folks will be able to handle this; some won't...
Vis: "You can't fix the world. You can ONLY fix yourself. ... People can't help meddling. They think they are helping."

I encountered three levels of this: One teacher emphasized that interfering almost automatically brought-on trouble. It was recommended to wait until the person came to you and asked for help. Another teacher noted the above, but emphasized that a person could be reached through their Soul. It bypassed the personality. If you addressed the person's Soul impartially ("This behavior is not appropriate."), the Soul might agree and the person's behavior would just change.

(For most people these days, the Soul is behind their chest area. It is not the Heart Chakra; it is 'higher' than that. It penetrates a few inches inside, and is also a foot or two outside. Think of it as a stretched-out American football in rough shape. As a person Awakens, their Soul moves up their back and then up the back of their skull to a vertical position at the tip of their head.)

The third way to 'fix' others is to assume that they are being influenced from Outside, and act to remove that influence. Most people these days are wide-open to any form of telepathic/empathic influence. That is why things are getting stranger and stranger. The good news is that one can 'remove' those influencers. Then, the person(s) being affected in this manner will 'revert' to their innate personality (for better or worse). This is a non-obvious way of 'fixing'...
We are in for a wild ride ahead, as higher forces duel for control of earth-plane humans. As Vis opined, "One should absolutely turn their attention within in times like this."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Sonny, come heah and sits in ma lap. I gots a little sumthin' to tell ya.

Ya know, I been underemployed fer the last three yea-ahs, and I ain't been able to buy yous all no Christmas toys. In facts, we ain't even had us a Christmas dinner, but this yea-ah it's gonna be differnt. You is gonna gets a present this Christmas, and we's all gonna git us a Christmas dinner.

Boy, ya know you's the youngust on' heah. Furthest from gettin' a job an' all, so this is what me an ma decided. You's gonna be the family dinner this Christmas, and yo' present from me and ma is that you get to pick how you're cooked.

(I came up with that one years ago. My months in North Carolina kinda had a strange effect on me, and you triggered me into remembering this in this post.)

Wonderful post, and I am so glad that what is going on has not too much of an effect on me. Gotta wait in line at Trader Joe's, gotta wear a masque in stores, credit union, and work when there's customers, but in some ways the conveniences neutralise the inconveniences, though I shan't bore the readers with the details.

Anonymous said...

want to share this, hope it's as interesting to you folks as it is to me. Some of you might be familiar:


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A poem from Soren Dreier:

In the Year of 7.

It goes with what you say, Les. Along with all the other mystics I listen to or read.

Anonymous said...

Hello Visible... over the river and the dog poet has been seen at the rumor mill.....awesome
one love .... terrance

Thomas said...

Seriously good one, Visible. I really like how you weave your points into natural imagery with this one - like allegory. It makes your points somehow more simple, yet also more subtle. They are easier to grasp intuitívely, because it is more obvious that they are not themselves the essence of the points, but images of the points, that the imagination itself must help unfold. Maybe this is also the reason that many masters have employed a similar style - perhaps because it helps in training the intuition and spiritual discernment of the listener?

Amen to the last - God help us. And if we ask Him and let Him, He will, our Sweet Creator!


Here is a video by "Academy of Ideas" that may be of interest, and that seems to be speaking to some of the same matters as your post - 13 minutes long, and adorned with **beautiful** works of art:

"Is a Mass Psychosis the Greatest Threat to Humanity?"


You talked of me writing a week or two ago - I don't know if this qualifies, but I have had a long discussion with both an orthodox Jew, a "protestant muslim", a couple of neo-nazis, and some materialists in the following link - I think (hope) that it is a quite clear expression of my thoughts. The article itself is long, and there are many comments - and very intense disagreements. If you have the time/inclination to read it, I'd be happy to hear what you think:

(my first comment is #63, then #108, 196 and then the discussion really starts at comments #274 -˜ 375. Perhaps the easiest way to find them is by using the find-function (ctrl+f), and searching for "Faber")

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Doing the work of the ages with an audience, like cooking food at BeniHana's in front of the diners. We salute with our continuing attention!

"The deeper truths are hidden beneath the surface actions of waves on water, restless, never ceasing, back and forth, up and down"

Isn't it amazing how all the flat-screen consumers have been seduced into totally believing the flat out lies and condemning anyone who has depth of vision as the outliers in the parade of life?

As if all the depths of life brought to awareness by artists, scientists and visionaries have been canceled by the death cult.
Not even as if, using the monolithic media massage, people's flaccid minds are stretched as thin as latex balloons over ever more absurd dead elephants they have swallowed.

To even be broad minded is a culturally condemned character flaw, much more to be deeper minded than the walking zombie living stim to stim, ready to get their mad on at anyone who just wants to live and let live

"Those who cannot hear must feel and that is the unfortunate side of life and that is OBSERVABLE by anyone with their eyes open"

This truth is being cruelly exploited by media massage.

Remove all facts and coherency from public discourse by holding struggle sessions 24X7, demanding that people see the non-existent clothing on the emperor of dementia, and the remains can only emote, and do so only in approved groupthink words too!

Because of all the stress feeders stirring up the astral with their death cries on their way out, an unguarded mind gets instantly invaded with sentimental emotionally triggering images and a stress feedback loop starts to howl us out of our minds.
If only out of our minds was a transcendental trip and not a soul-stealing vacuum operation!

Sing along with the heart of creation or squawk like badly setup walkie-talkies!
Get with the program that rings true or ring out the dead.

"They tell you what to think. They tell you what to do"

And if you demur, they tell you to go to hell, without any reflection or irony!
The hell which is already occupied by the lost souls who lost their integrity and their minds to the pursuit of phantom pains.

"One should absolutely turn their attention within in times like this. The greater the distraction outwardly, the richer the prize for those who remain undistracted"

This truth is no longer ignorable by using all the props used to maintain confort zones of reality denial.

Resistence to existence is futile as the energy from within is ramped up for us to take the up ramp.

Turn from personal striving to ways to listen and learn from Life speaking to us all from the main station, the beyond Gigawatt radiance we were trained to ignore since childhood.

We will be blasted by our own reactions if we do not learn to hear instead of just unconsciously feel pain from our wrong moves.

Eyes on the prize, the timeless knowing and endless feelings as we let go of bad times and spikes of deadly emotions.

May our walk lead others to walk away from their oppression and slavery into the supernal and sustained celebration as soon as heavenly possible!

Anonymous said...

This post was a tasty treat... I’ve consumed it three times over the past three days and it gets better each time : )

The comments were a fine desert...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Human Nature Trends Toward the Dark Side. One MUST have a Minder."



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