Sunday, March 07, 2021

"On and On They Go with Soul Deadening Fragments of Incomplete Doctrine."

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Not your usual Origami.

How come the homeless had no COIVD problems? How come there's no COVID with the migrants who are pouring in without testing? I could go into sundry details here and with many more examples, but I'm not going to waste my time cause you can't fix Stupid. I AM NOT calling the reader stupid. I'm just past the point for I feel entertained pointing out the obvious. People not seeing what is coming is the reason for their not being prepared. People not seeing what is coming have their attention on other things. I'm guessing they are REALLY important because... why else would anyone ignore their own well-being?

The Avatar can come and be noticed by few. When has it ever been different? There is little or no historical evidence of Jesus. The religion that formed after him, except for early on, was based on an incomplete teaching. The failure to include Karma into the tenets leaves something like a building missing a couple of critical pillars of support. Also, leaving The Divine Feminine absent and laying all of the cosmic implications on Mary, the mother of Jesus, is absurd.

As is the case with all of the great teachers and Wayshowers sent from Heaven, there is a simple teaching for those possessed of simple understandings and then there is that which is entrusted with the initiates for posterity. Beyond that is Inspiration and Revelation. Then... at the deeper remove is what cannot be spoken of. All day long, luminous intelligence vibrates upon the rays of The Sun but is unnoticed except by the rare few who bathe in them.

People drop by here occasionally and other locations where we appear and leave us a collection of mind-numbing scripture that is usually insisting that their way is the ONLY WAY. No one is improved when these appear. People, for the most part, are annoyed or ignore it. By now, people know that those rattling off memorized quotes have no contact with the force they are referencing. On and on they go with soul-deadening fragments of incomplete doctrine.

You can read all the books, but the important parts are missing. They are indicators, not the destination itself. You can do Yoga with the soccer moms but the important parts are missing. You can light incense and chant all day, but the important parts are missing. You can wear the robes and funny hats and learn the secret handshakes, but the important parts are missing. There is a doddering old fool who sits on St. Peter's Throne and mouths platitudes. The best part is how he bends whichever way the wind blows, accommodating temporal demands of The Will of Darkness. The corruption in established religions acts like a metal press from which all virtue was squeezed out long ago.

We are limping through the wreckage of a dying age and it is never pretty. It stands to reason that the glass-half-empty crowd would see only the negative aspects of what is PASSING AWAY, instead of the dawning light of a fresh and vital new age coming upon us. The World is in turmoil as what once seemed so solid now crumbles away. Those who will survive are those who can let the past go. The rest will be swallowed up in it as compost to feed what is to come.

Last time it was God in human form (after the River Jordan) who came to exemplify the Piscean Age; The Age of Sacrifice. His blood bought and paid for all of the centuries that came after. The blood is the force that has fueled the generations. This is all going to change now. A new version of Ageless Truth is soon to walk among us; may already be walking among us, awaiting Investiture (a new River Jordan). It is all going to be very different and very much the same. Some will say it is that Second Coming we have been hearing about. The Sun King will be coming again, but the religion will be unlike what preceded it.

The long guarded secrets of The Sun Disk and all manner of ancient technologies are going to resurface. As has EVER been the case, the simple form will be the primer for the many who are ceaselessly coming and going. Then there will be the deeper truths of initiatic teachings. Unfortunately, there is VERY LIKELY going to be a (or several) worldwide event(s) that will stand as a reminder for those who survive. I hesitate to say much about world catastrophe, BUT... such events seem to be a common theme of world transitioning. SOMETHING is going to happen. At the same time, The Awakening is also going to spread around the world, as the living light of The Avatar becomes more and more present on this plane. Massive changes in the way we understand things are on the horizon.

By now, YOU SHOULD KNOW that they are trying to drag you through the Gates of Hell, by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE! What is the story with LEGISLATING the acceptable parameters of one's sexual nature? Have you ever read, B.F. Skinner, or any of the rest of the Brave New World apostles, working to bring you a New World Order? There is a CERTAIN SCHEMATIC that leads to worldwide imprisonment and it is done at the cultural level with SHUNNING and ex-communication from social groups. For myself, I have self-excommunicated myself from the general social order. I don't want to be swept up in a net when the hands of destiny do their housecleaning.

Certain group and individual efforts lead to a culling of the herds. There is the Lemming Syndrome, which you can see in operation every day. All of it is a byproduct of ever-intensifying pandemic insanity. What explanation could there be to justify the destruction of your own country? Have you been invited to Patagonia for The Tribe Jamboree? I understand they do a great Cub Scout on a skewer down there.

People? Dear reader, these people are crazy. They are stark raving batshit and it is getting worse. Much of their behavior has now been relegated to Death Cult reflex action. It's gone Subconscious!!! Yikes~! As God is my witness (yours too) it is what it is. It is a long drawn-out death rattle.

Last night, to my keen disappointment, I watched, “Coming 2 America”, which is a sequel to the original, “Coming to America”. How can I put this truthfully and with tact? I can't, it was a complete piece of shit embarrassment. I don't think I would leave home for a year if I had been in it. Fortunately, there were no roles for white people, except brief cameos by those who were in the first film. Then it occurred to me that MAYBE it is I who have changed and not Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood has gotten worse and there is no outrage or depravity they won't find a way to virtue signal over. I'm just seeing things better because there is less to cloud my vision these days. When the emptiness of plot or quality becomes obvious even to people who can't see themselves in the mirror, you know that something vital and shining is coming into play.

Black militants want a black supremacy so the usual troublemakers created a white supremacy straw dog. The problem, cosmically, is that they weren't black in their last life. Another problem is that EVERY RACE has been enslaved. There are also far worse enslavements than just those of one race before another. That is what 'the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine' is after. They want all of us awash in chaos and confusion, sexually tormented and drowning in an ocean of temporary things, while at war with one another. They want darkness across the face of the Earth. They want to bring into physical embodiment the demonic realm. Having given themselves over to Possession they now seduce and mesmerize wherever the necessary level of vulnerability is present.

We are looking at the next incarnation of The Reign of Terror. First, they engineer the climate and the setting, then they create the uproar that ignites the revolution. It's the canon at Ft. Sumter. It's Archduke Ferdinand. It's the enticed and orchestrated invasion of Poland. It's all those signal events of subterfuge in the interest of WAR. It's happening right in front of you at this moment, with Gender Issues, Migration Issues, and in a soft landscape of drugs, alcohol, and delusion.

Look at the names and backgrounds of those who run Social Media. Look at the herding of consciousness into a prison of invented words and artificial postures, arranged as bricks and bars around all of those who stood still long enough to have it constructed around them. Normal people are the most endangered species on Earth.

There are some very bad spirits with bad intentions moving through the air at this time. The most egregious forms of violence, directed outward, at targets manufactured by those who groomed and shaped the rage in the hypnotically transfixed... will be acted out in the denser urban environments. I don't want to scare anyone, BUT... isn't it better to see it coming; whatever that is? I don't know how long it will last or how bad it might get. I do know what they intend to happen. So... it is my recommendation that you live somewhere outside the near zones of the primary, secondary and tertiary targets.

It is also important that you have the light within to banish the darkness. BECAUSE... THEY are hard at work seeking to torture, enslave and kill you. The only weapon they have is the fear they wield. They can't get to you unless they have ingress or a handle. Then again, waving a red flag at a bull or teasing a lion is NEVER a good game plan. Regardless, sometimes things need to be said. As I watch what is taking place in this country and in the world, I get the palpable sensation that SOMETHING is definitely going to happen. I don't know what it is. I only know that it is.

End Transmission.......

I apologize for not leaving you with rousing hosannas here. Sometimes, most of the time, the post just writes itself and I'm stuck with the results, just like you.


Anonymous said...

To say you nailed it is an understatement. I could feel the Truth of what you say as I read.
God help us get through this time of tribulation as it seems good man alone cannot solve all that is and will be happening.
Its a way one street then. No way around what is coming except to meet it head on and hope the awakened will be spared the worst of it.

Saul Mine said...

I am most grateful for my current situation, as long as I can continue it. :-)
I've begun gardening just last season, and I'll tell you hwhat, that is one positive environment for mental health. The plants strive to survive, they never give up and they give one a reason to get out of bed in the morning, just to see what the plantings have done overnight. It is also a privilege to consume the blessings from the effort you've put in.

Thomas said...

Well put, Visible. It is what it is.

Heavens! Good it is that God is Real, and that we are souls. Every day, the Sun, every night, countless stars. Always, fresh life grows anew.

I think it is good advice to stay out of the hot zones - and to keep hold of oneself.

P.s. @Bodhati; I'm glad you liked it. So did I! After watching it, I imagined these big cities of stone in their prime, each with their own flavour, with wild nature all around them, and the inhabitants flying from one to another with silent machines, peace, prosperity, and friendship reigning - and everywhere, songs of praise to the Creator. Maybe it was so?

I repost the link if anyone is interested:

(and maybe the one in Utah you linked to was part of it? Doesn't seem unlikely to me.)

Ray B. said...

Vis, this was one of your best posts, ever. Seriously. Thanks!

Vis: "The Avatar can come and be noticed by few."

I wanted to riff on one, 'minor' aspect of this. Several times lately, I have been told to just sit/lay down and be quiet. 'Work' needed to be done, oftentimes on me. And, this work was time-specific, not accomplishment-specific. (I asked.) In other words, whatever was intended to happen in this time period had to happen now or the opportunity was lost. (If I heeded this 'notification' and provided space for it to happen, lots of very interesting things occurred - on and away from Ray.)

The key here is that modern society is set-up to distract one from this opportunity for growth. Usually, the 'tap on the shoulder' is subtle; it is easy to shrug off. (Speaking metaphorically here; each person will have their own 'cue'.) The bad-guys win if one is too busy or preoccupied. That is the whole reason for the tumult - to keep one from looking within, or even being aware of their within. So, try to be as aware as possible of when you are being visited...
Vis: "Also, leaving The Divine Feminine absent and laying all of the cosmic implications on Mary, the mother of Jesus, is absurd."

I always thought it was interesting about the phrase, "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost." Given the innate superiority of the female to intuit what is true or false - far superior to male intellect - I expected the baddies (mostly non-physical) to go after the females. (Speaking mostly archetypally here; males can embody female archetypal qualities and vice versa.) And so it has been: Females were systematically dis-empowered, and the 'wise' ones were persecuted or killed. A holocaust far greater than any other.

Women were even written out of the patriarchal canon: The phrase above was obviously based on the family unit (ignoring the spiritual side for now) - Father, Mother, and Offspring. Notice what is missing? Mother (Isis in that day) was hidden behind the ambiguous "Holy Ghost." Also, note that only Sons were mentioned; Daughters were non-beings in the rabid patriarchy. "Daughter of God" - oh, the blasphemy!

So, I am looking forward to the arise of The Divine Feminine in the time to come. Can you imagine just looking/feeling at someone/something and knowing instantly where they were coming-from? Cool... (It is an innate 'gift'; mostly obscured in this time.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I also got that constantly increasing feeling that "something HUGE is about to happen". My guess is they will engineer massive rioting in the big cities again, thru the staged trial of that cop who kneeled on that black crisis actor's neck.

We're in Vrindavan now, and this place is ruled by Krishna's consort Radha. All perfection can be found here. Pretty much every religious group in India, not just the devotee groups, have their headquarters here. I can't think of a better place to spend the apocalypse

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Prophets pray their hearts out with no thought of profit and we watch the sun shine through the clouds

The truth must shine despite the gloom and long investment in solidified fear.
Birth can be seen as a violent life or death struggle
or as the inevitable unfolding of intention higher than the physical playing field, wrapped in layers of love.

Our mental upheavals and wars with our own spirit have us occupied by the pied piper.
However chaotic the transitions of the ages past, this show must go on for more than the usual suspects! This climax will be unique and unprecedented and unpredictable by the intellectual yet idiot gangs.

The fear train is carrying off the ill-gotten dreams of control and conquest.
The best laid plans of corrupted integrity are collapsing right before coming to be locked into place

The collusion of the carbuncle crowd is going off sideways like a ripped firecracker!

But the collapse of the imprisoning illusion is coming true to form
The projected future of the psychopathic parasites is crashing hard despite desperate overtime conjuring by the media magicians of the dark hole persuasion!

The feedback howl of missed targets and missiles homing back on their senders is distracting and confusing the children of light but that is just another test of perception.
Are we paying attention to our inner vision or listening to their tell-a-vision lie to us about being pissed upon for ages while being told that it is God's will raining down upon us?

Those striving for peace and good will to all beings will cease their striving and begin to let higher perception shine on.
Those continuing their con game of strife will come to violent collision with their karmic burden and be crushed like cigarette butts out of any virtue.

Those who are dancing to the devil's tune will fall off the big cliff
Those who are swayed by the spirit of harmonic convergence will stand the strain of glory and hear their hearts sigh with relief and jump for joy

Walking in balance over quaking earth is just another forgotten skill to be reborn.
Holding on to the lovely learning dearly will guide us to play our parts in quiet gratification and loud rejoicing as the One vision pushes illusion off the stage for good.

Hold calmly to our purpose though we comprehend but little.
There is no logic in fearing the inevitable, to miss feeling the coming of our greater presence to be free.

Good to be here is what we must remember as the show raises hell to high heaven for a final kiss to death departing!

Asil said...

Degeneracy is embraced as virtue by those who sold their soul or quite simply do not have a soul. For the rest of us keep the faith in the Divine who will see us through.
Love to you Visible for your fantastic and insightful essays.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Now They are a Big Clown in a Larger Portion of The World Inside Their Minds."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. Several mystics I listen to say this month is gonna be a doozy, and a couple of them point the Equinox as bein' a gateway. (Levi from Rebel Moon was one. Can't remember the other.) We shall see.

Aggressive Truth said...

Because they have a plan they can't follow. God, show me mercy, because I'm being attacked by a mortal.
They fight me and oppress me all day. My enemies bite me all day long
many brazenly fight me. When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.
It is in God, whose word I praise, that I put my trust in. I'm not afraid. What can an ordinary person do to me? They hurt me all day, they only think how to hurt me. They hide to attack.
They watch my every step, hoping to take my life.
Reject them for they are wicked.
God, bring down the nations in your anger. You know what my wander looks like.
Please collect my tears in your wineskin. Are they not recorded in your book?
My enemies will withdraw the day I call for help. I am sure that God is on my side.
It is in God whose word I praise, in Jehovah whose word I praise,
it is in God that I put my trust. I'm not afraid.
What can an ordinary person do to me? I am bound by the vows I have made to you, God. I will show you my gratitude. Cause you saved me from death and you didn't let me stumble
thanks to which I am still alive and can serve You, God. Psalm 56 of King David. This is not a joke because I am, you can touch me and you see the Antichrist now. One would not exist without the other. I will tell you that this civilization has gone to the very bottom of moral existence. Democrats have high marks with Catholics for their achievements in the field of stupidity. It will be an explosion. Whoever has eyes should see, and whoever has ears should not hear what the spirit says to the congregations. You were able to see from the first day 6 years ago, I said that I must not lie. One man with only an iPhone would not be able to handle it without the help of the Lord. Although I got grace from him, I am nobody. It is not my merit, and the name of Jesus will last the next 1000 years because it is an honor for me to serve a high priest. Happy are those who live in the time of Mr. Apocalypse. What do these words mean? I was to arouse God's charism that those who cannot see could see (Jesus' parable of a blind old man). do you see now So you fix yourself to be a better person. You would never have thought about it before my first comment, now what do you think? I can destroy you or save you. My condition is simple and that's why they hate me. Hands off the kids, or I'll cut my head off. The viper no longer has a head, now it has a tail. Thank you even though I know I've made you irritated at times. Shock therapy, the words you remember so I was successful and love you, may the Lord take care of you.I will give my children happiness, and it will be for me somehow. Material world never more exist for me. Greeting Les and take care. :)

bigloner said...

vis, when i first started reading, im thinking of the video i once saw of three chinese chicks walking abreast on the sidewalk thumbfucking their phones, eyes glued. the secular focus is everywhere and universal. the skies could part and jesus could descend with a shout, or a bigass asteroid could come riproarin in and the clueless wouldnt blink. anyhow, the three gals keep walking up to a stoplite and two of the three wait at the curb, the third keeps walking until she is splatted down by a dumptruck in real surveillance camera time.

but at the end of the read, im thinking the apocalypse is more like

it cant be a nuclear war or else the population of china / russia / iran / israel would be decimated as well. its only usa / england / australia...not even the canucks. so 2025 has the us population at 52 to 60 million. if not the canucks taking a hit as well cant blame it on something like yellowstone or cascadia. what is it then? some kind of covid, LLC that only attacks a very narrow band of dna, wtf, except canada? rapture televangilists shouting yew, yew and yew...yall gonna die! need not apply. cant figure this one out.



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