Thursday, March 25, 2021

"It is Up to Us to Escape from The Prison House of the Senses, which We can CERTAINLY do With Help."

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Most people don't want to find God. Oh... they'll talk about it like they'll talk about losing weight or making a religious retreat. Who actually does that anyway? Oh right. Then they get a certificate of accomplishment and a participation trophy. Here is a little something that I know EVERYONE has the time for, simply because they certainly had the time for all of what they got up to, right? Get a diary, which can be any sundry store notebook, and record at the end of each day HOW you spent your time; what you did, what you felt, and what you thought about it at the time, and what you think and feel about it now, as you retire, AND what you intend to accomplish on the following day.

Do this for a week. Pay special attention to how well you followed up on the things you said you would accomplish each following day. After a week, take a look at yourself. That's you. By your works, you are known. “As a man thinketh?” How about feeleth too? I'm not gender-exclusive here, but perhaps my white male privilege is showing as I unconsciously exert my privilege through omission of the female aspect. Actually... I am merely quoting someone and it is unlikely I would EVER buy into such absurd social programming.

When you commit an action, you leave tracks, You leave Karmic DNA. The SAME THING happens when you Think or Feel. It occurs on a different plane but it STILL Leaves tracks. This is the reason that those who love much are forgiven much because the angels of God see the Love Marker in the karmic trail. We confuse the idea of Heaven in our minds, thinking the government of Heaven must be similar to that of Earth; As above so below, right? It's a mirror of distortion that reflects imperfectly through the lens of the times. Like... but unlike. On our plane, selfish interest is the driving force. In Heaven it is impersonal. On Earth it is personal. This is the key to success in Heaven and on Earth, act impersonally. That sounds like foolishness to a materialist.

It is true though because it is Heaven that dispenses the rewards that make life living and without them, there is no joy, nor even pleasure after a time. All is desolation and an empty waste at the end. I am talking of the REALITY of life, without spiritual guidance and support, YOU ARE DOOMED. I hate to put this as plainly as I do but the whole essential purpose of life here is freedom and that CANNOT BE FOUND in temporal things. This means that inside of us, where it counts, something is missing, and what is missing is the VITAL element for existence. Without this element, you are blind, naked, and... once again. DOOMED.

They say, 'you can't cheat an honest man'. There is no bait to conceal a hook in. The honest one doesn't see it. Swims right by. Sometimes when I look at humanity it is like looking into an aquarium with schools of fish working their mouths and then all suddenly darting at the same time. I do not want to give the impression that I hold humanity in contempt. I do not. I can love with a full heart and also not like someone, or something. God's like that. He might love you but that does not mean he likes you.

How many times in your journal of a week did you take note of the presence of God? How often did you yearn for God and seek God's counsel? How often did you defer concerns to The Divine? This is how I measure my life and the gain and loss of it, whether I paid more attention to Heaven than to The World. You can measure your spiritual state by your level of detachment. Pain is caused by attachment and faulty reasoning, due to one's vision being obscured by base desires. In other words, when you can't see where you are going, you run into and trip over things.

It is a very basic consideration that you must answer to or give account of sooner or later. Either you have adjusted your life and objectives to the presence of God, or you are getting bad information from somewhere. In the False Light, to a separated mind, everything makes sense. In the True Light, none of it does and even though you may move through crowds and come and go in the dusty marketplace of life you are alone and solitary within... and everyone is, though they may not want to know it, though they may do everything to avoid knowing it. This is the cognitive dissonance and denial of the mortal mind. We scurry like cockroaches in all directions when the light goes on and before that, we live in the atavistic fear of it coming.

How can ordinary life here be anything but a tragedy since it ends in death and according to conventional wisdom that's all there is? Does that make any kind of sense to the deeper part of you? Why is it that ALL the great teachers who have come here have been in common accord about a finer, sweeter land in a cleaner and more peaceful world somewhere beyond here? How is it that our world has been shaped and defined by the spiritual teachers who have come and gone? Have we not seen their message distorted for the material profit of the priest class and The State? It doesn't take long for the timeless message of love to degenerate into something less attractive than love. After all, Love is THE attractive force!

This is how people get all the things and places they get to. They love at a lower level some specific part of life, be it goods, or wealth, be it power or privilege, or another person, be it whatever temporary thing that has stolen the heart and attention of those lost in the pursuit of it and that is the whole of life. It SHOWS us what happens when you do this... or that... when you find out, “What's this button here for?” Yet we are left in mystery because we cannot see (with a few exceptions) what lies on The Other Side. We also do not see those who come here time after time to be evidence of karma returning on them. We are unable to associate past acts that we never witnessed, coming into their lives. People argue back and forth about it, but that changes nothing.

There is a teaching that is timeless in its authenticity and perfect in its application at any and all times. It is called Ageless Wisdom. It is held in trust by a fellowship of Initiates to assist in shepherding humanity through dark times; times like the ones we are now coming out of. If you are searching for a higher understanding then you need to encounter one from that fellowship. Members are present here and there, hidden in the midst of the populace and set apart from it as well. You have ONLY to ask and to seek within. There are states of consciousness where they are always present and one has ONLY to raise their consciousness to particular levels to contact them. One must also be careful because there are shady intelligences that lurk in the byways to snare the unwary. Anyone who is HONEST with themselves will have nothing to fear because the duplicity MUST BE WITHIN YOU in order to resonate with such foreign influences.

Long ago, we said that all one had to do was to go into seclusion for 3 days with nothing but water and then to reach out ceaselessly for The Divine WITHIN. If sleep should come, one sleeps with the thought of and desire for God and awakens with the same thought. It is not that something should HAPPEN in those three days, but what will happen following them. There are degrees of intensity that one could bring to this search, but... we are admonished NOT TO GO TO EXTREMES.

You have to ask yourself, “how much effort have I actually put into finding God and how much elsewhere?” Few of us are capable of deeper inquiry into our divine nature. IT COSTS TOO MUCH. Ah... but the rewards? They are past telling. The thing is, we can't see the rewards because we shy from the levels of integrity and devotion that are required. Ah... but the rewards! I KNOW what I am trying to say here to be true. It is for each of us of our own accord to come to terms with ourselves concerning the matter of what is real and what is not.

It is up to us to escape from the prison-house of the senses, which we can CERTAINLY do with help. Help is there if one manages to impress the dispenser of it. It is possible to do this. One has ONLY to put their attention on it to the necessary extent, where one shows that one's hunger for the truth is greater than the accommodations made for comfort from the darkness. It is important to know that you are watched and monitored by entities from planes of existence that you cannot perceive in a sensory fashion.

Either God is real, or God is not. It is up to us to resolve this cosmic question for ourselves. I went looking and I found what I was looking for. Now all I do is talk about it and try to live it.

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Thomas said...

This pretty unshakeable sense of hope... it can be clouded, if I think too much about what *could* go wrong, but then it comes back when I think about other things, especially God.

I've been thinking about what it means, and I have a theory:

If we take it as a given that Sri Yukteswar was correct when he said that the Kali Yuga ended in ˜1750, and that it takes 200 years for the change to be finished, then we entered the new Satya Yuga age in 1950. It also gives me a sense that The Mother is gentle, gentle - she wishes neither to frighten, nor to destroy Her children. Further, that would mean that there will perhaps not be any violent, cataclysmic changes - but a gentle dissolution of the old system, at a rate where people can learn to live in new ways - no quick destruction, but subtle, gradual change.

This theory would also fit nicely together with the concept of "cymatics", where patterns are created at different, soecific rates of vibration, and in between those specific vibrations, there are no patterns (one can see it demonstrated in this short, 2-minute video, it's pretty fucking cool!

If this, then, is true, that would mean that the new pattern is already in place, energetically - and furthermore: that all the evil institutions were created in the 200 year intermediate "chaos"-period.

This would make sense, given that e.g. the Illuminati organisation was created around 1730, I think, and then poisoned freemasonry over the next ca. 100 years. Rothschild, also, made his massive fortune during this period. And of course, there are more to find in this regards. French Revolution, 1789. 2nd world war, just before the chaos-period finished. Visible, with your knowledge of occult history, you can perhaps find more?

Then the hippies, 1960-ish, just after the new pattern was in place. They were corrupted by bad drugs and bad rock-and-roll, and finally Charles Manson. But still, many of their ideas live on, and are spreading, subtly, close to the surface. A new, much more de-centralized system is perhaps what fits the new pattern? Closer to nature, less focus on technology (but not anti-tech), more focus on love, peace, creativity?

(1/2 - continues)

Thomas said...

(2/2 - continued)

Then I'm thinking - perhaps Yogananda was the avatar for this age, that gentle, spiritual giant, whose ideas are also spreading, slowly, slowly, but surely? He left His body in 1953, just after the new pattern was in place. And His ideas are being disseminated by the organization He created. He also said that He had dreams of small, scattered, God-seeking villages, all over the earth. Other things that speaks in favour is that He was very clear on the fact that *all* religions were started by genuine seers and prophets, and He spoke of "a coming world civilization". I guess that an avatar for such a chaotic time as the last hundred years have been, or now, would need to be very, very gentle - as He was - to not get people to destroy each other over disagreements over whether he/she was genuine or not? A spiritual, subtle influence... ? Who knows? Not me! :)

Or perhaps it's like you said some times, Visible, that the avatar will wake up in the heart of every person that is ready?

Can't shake this hopeful feeling... Don't really want to, either :) - and "faith is the substance of things unseen", so... In some sense, hope is a real force, and should be nurtured - a detached hope, not hoping for anything *in particular*, but simply hoping for goodness to come, is perhaps best - because it will be true *no matter what* - since God is at the end of the journey for everyone :)

Assuming the theory is correct, some will probably not be open to this new pattern, and will "cannibalize" each other (then again, God lives in everyone, so perhaps more than we might think can adapt to it?)- and the old, corrupt institutions, especially the secret, evil societies, will be hollowed out from internal strife, and end up as dry husks that will crumble and be taken away by the wind?

Another thing that speaks in favour of the theory, I think, is that the evil plotters do not really seem to have very much luck with their plans. Most often, they go somehow awry (hah!). And their ideas, such as the "Singularity", are totally delusional.

So... ?

Can't shake this feeling of hope... :)

Marga said...

Amen & Hallelujah!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up!

robert said...

Visible among us, so our hearts can see something deeper than lies.

"Anyone who is HONEST with themselves will have nothing to fear because the duplicity MUST BE WITHIN YOU in order to resonate with such foreign influences"

How fast can we give up our favored lies about ourselves and stop blaming creation for our destructive deceptions?

"It is up to us to escape from the prison-house of the senses, which we can CERTAINLY do with help"

It is not the limited bandwidth of the sense channels but the illogical inferences our betraying mind has built its fort upon that frustrate our desire to be free!

Too easy to keep the blinders on by insisting that only what comes through the sensory pinholes for the mind to narrate a story around be processed.

Throw out the whole for a hole to go down into...

Pretend that there is nothing beyond the sense perception, even to the point of defying our heart's need to put things into balance, into perspective beyond yet inclusive of the limited information we receive.

How easy to distract the puzzle solving mind from putting together a coherent, encompassing vision of the emanating creation, when the hyena mind blocks out the details which clearly belie the simplistic fool's paradise erected over dead bodies!

Those flatness lovers, hypocrites in hiding, are not even diligent about the facts the senses do provide!

Self-deceivers habitually ignore and discard the evidence which even amateur love detectives can perceive from sense-based facts.

First and foremost is the blindness of habits which ignore our automatic reflexive lying to ourselves.
From there, where integrity dies another day, it is trivial to go blindly through the sensorium, pretending to have beings separate from all others.

Now add into the picture, what artists, scientists and lovers have long uncovered by faithful application of the holistic mind of reason, about the larger picture we frame ourselves within!

This larger picture already includes Heaven, as human blindness is the comic/tragic deliberate choice to ignore the general for the particular, the common good for personal agenda, the immense Beauty for a ugly half-truth.

We are playing house in the darkest corner of the basement, below ground and wonder why the Sun does not reach our dreams in time!

Open perception is the door to higher ground, as it includes the harmonic analogs, the octaves above and below our physical senses, which we can directly perceive when the sense channels are cleared of noise and the brain farts we make to stink up the show.

Every experience freed from the coercion of mental fantasies favoring events controllable by insane impulses, simply resonates with multi-layered meaning, as great art and music rings us out of our puny minds.

Beating on the senses as if their limited training wheel nature is the problem is yet another deception by the shadow mind, hiding its own lack of light behind dissing the brilliant design of the human body.

We have the power to choose our experience in every second.
How we focus, how we react, how we feel about what happens, inside and out.

"Thinking makes it so" as we pay over and over for the mental habits we created to coral our unlimited capacity to feel the spirit's will within us.

First we learn to stop the automatic thinking machine
Then we can learn to think like the Artist in Residence and begin to join in creating beauty again.
Every fractal fragment, like a grain of sand perceived in good sense, sings the same tune of being, if we stop making too much damned noise to hear it!

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Long ago, we said that all one had to do was to go into seclusion for 3 days with nothing but water and then to reach out ceaselessly for The Divine WITHIN. If sleep should come, one sleeps with the thought of and desire for God and awakens with the same thought. It is not that something should HAPPEN in those three days, but what will happen following them. There are degrees of intensity that one could bring to this search, but... we are admonished NOT TO GO TO EXTREMES.'

Kismet :) As it happens, I have some days off work next month and I wanted to do something like that. I was going to buy a book on Fasting or something.

But three days off with just water - is that actually possible?

Visible said...

3-7-to more days even are nothing much when it comes to fasting. The first days will have toxin discharging and that leaves one in different states depending on their health. I've done more than that without anything but the positive effects. People should not fast if they have certain conditions. 3 days is nothing when it comes to fasting. Many people have done over 40 days but then it can be problematic. Krishna warns against extremes.

If there is any concern, try 48 hours or even 24 first. You will be amazed at how long a day is once you are so engaged. The act of crying out for God like a child cries out for its mother is a powerful tonic for angels and their lord. It is a heavy attractor. Like many parents, God will throw out a distraction and continue to until you call him on it and say, "I don't want that. I just want you." God can be seen as the Divine Mother as well. The Lord God and the Divine Mother are two faces of the same coin.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Vis. And great comments as well. I know this will sound crazy, but often times I don’t try because I have 58 years of experience that tells me I’m just kidding myself if I think I can do such and such at this point in my life. The heart is wiling but broken. The flash is weak and will pull any trick in the book to get you to follow after its appetites. I don’t want to be one of those who, at the end say, “I thought I had more time.” I took a total ass kicking from my years in Army Intel and was punished for “failing” at weight loss and fitness regardless that I never failed a physical training fitness test and was way below the maximum amount of body fat. I did cry out to God just last week about it because now that I broke my ankle, it’s an even bigger mental hurdle. Psychological abuse is so hard to get past.


Guy Reid-Brown said...

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that beautiful advice, Les, so beautifully put.

I am honoured.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize. “Let us make man in our image.” So simple.

Man (noun)

"a featherless plantigrade biped mammal of the genus Homo" [Century Dictionary], Old English man, mann "HUMAN BEING., person (male or female); brave man, hero;" also "servant, vassal, adult male considered as under the control of another person," from Proto-Germanic *mann- (source also of Old Saxon, Swedish, Dutch, Old High German man, Old Frisian mon, German Mann, Old Norse maðr, Danish mand, Gothic manna "man"), from PIE root *man- (1) "man."

The subversion of The language.

From DESPOTISM MADE EASY (note that the word despot has been subverted as well)

III. Subvert the language: The rest is easy

Words that have a specific meaning are not reform-friendly. A specific
meaning can lead to benchmarks in which an action or concept is
assessed for its connection to reality or productivity. Real reformers know
that the real action resides in the process, not in the results. Words that
have a universally accepted meaning enable the public to make
determinations that are independent of the reformer’s vision. Worse yet,
they can foreshadow the emergence of unauthorized solutions. Don’t
allow your reforms to be compromised by viable alternatives.
The name of the game is to replace the national dialogue with
incoherence. Once you establish conflict between the former meaning of
a word and the new and improved meaning, it’s a relatively short step to
subverting the rule of law. A people unable to agree on the meaning of
words cannot offer unified resistance....the rest at link.


Visible said...

I don't mind if someone I KNOW is not the person they are presenting themselves as, so long as they are civil and courteous. Anything less is incitement to low-level underbrush wars and that would set an undesirable tone to the comments section. I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les, I thank GOD that you are in this world dispensing His Knowledge & Wisdom.
May Goodness & Mercy follow you all the days of your Life.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Most People, Ruled by their Personal Ambitions, Assume the Position and are Made Pregnant with Evil.

Anonymous said...

Man (noun) AKA Manu and of course Shatarupa(Brahmi).

And never the twain shall meet, it seems..



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