Sunday, March 14, 2021

"The Reason God Comes is the Steady Decline of Humanity into the Abyss of Common Appetites and Desires."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had nearly completed an entire posting when I realized I should put it aside. It wasn't a bad effort. It was very anecdotal, somewhat reminiscent, somewhat present time. I am changing so much these days that sometimes what got done the day before is no longer pertinent to the moment and the mindset of it. The title was, “The Catbird Seat is lined with the Corpses of Dead Songbirds.” heh heh.

It might have been amusing in some parts and not funny at all in others but I didn't want to talk about it anymore, not at the moment. I just want to talk about The Divine and the joy of The Presence. What happens in an apocalypse, attended by an Awakening, is that at some point God will put in an appearance. Any student of Occult History knows that God comes and goes like clockwork. He's always present for the earnest and perceptive, but sometimes he comes with a greater and more intense sense of presence. It is the presence that attends the arrival of The Avatar. It is an external event but the majority of its effect is Internal. Many people may never encounter The Avatar in person, but they will assuredly encounter him in a life and consciousness transforming manner by virtue of his radiance.

When Jesus walked in those 3 years, he directly connected with only a small portion of the earth's population, and with the ones he did make contact with, only a small portion of them received the deeper teachings. At the time when Jesus was here, the population of the Earth was also MUCH SMALLER. Since that time, he has touched an exponentially greater number of people. Of those, a much smaller amount have attained Christ Consciousness.

There have been many organizations that have come and gone between then and now. Some were misguided. In the religious arena, some were seriously and criminally misguided. There has ALWAYS been an inner brotherhood shepherding humanity through the incarnation cycles. Sometimes it is a secret order. Sometimes it has an esoteric school. Sometimes it is manifestly exoteric and a purely temporal affair. I was fond of The Essenes and their teachings. I've studied (what I could find) most of them. Of all of them, the Rosicrucians appealed to me the most.

They have a few rules and that is it. They wear no special uniforms and go about with everyone as if they were everyone else. They have no external hierarchy. They heal. That is their one noted power. They are anonymous and some of them live for centuries. I had an amusing experience a few decades ago. I had this girlfriend, Svargo, and I had been telling her about how I was tormented by The World and wished there was somewhere I could go. Perhaps she asked me if I had somewhere in mind; an idea of a somewhere. I mentioned The Rosicrucians. I meant the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order. However it happened, she called The Rosicrucian headquarters in Southern Ca. I think it was there and she spoke with one of the leaders and he said, “Please tell him to come here. We would very much like him to be a member.”

I was told that meant to come and stay there and live in the fellowship. I don't think that sort of thing happens very often, out of the blue like that. I didn't go. I've had a lot of experience with religious organizations that have living situations, and the same with ashrams. I have NEVER been in an environment of that kind, religious or arcane, where there was no tension, rampaging ambition and competition, most of which was behind the scenes plotting, gossip and slander, and... I always would think of the higher governing ranks in the Catholic Church, whose history I've studied. The Machiavellian intrigues and venal striving were amazing. They even had lineages like the Borgia Popes. There were so many figures that Shakespeare covered. I'm reminded what men who wanted only to glorify God like Michelangelo had to go through with The Church.

It's no picnic to be a spiritual teacher with an organization. It's like having a karmic replica of a Hatfield and McCoy feud. In real life (snicker) people come from all over to reincarnate into the blood families of people who may have committed all sorts of offenses on them in lives past, or with offenses pending. The Lords of Karma put people in truly surprising scenarios for reason beyond the ken of ordinary mortals. It made me sad not to be able to find a community of kindred spirits. Eventually, the blogs took care of that. When you are an outsider, it is usually a lifelong thing.

In any case, there IS a hidden fraternity of souls who labor through the ages to bring light to the darkness of the human mind. It is most often a thankless task in the material sense and it is with GOOD REASON that members of the inner order go about in anonymous fashion. This invisible hierarchy is responsible for all positive and wonderful changes in human nature. I know it looks like the psychopaths are running the asylum, BUT... as ever, it is for The Purpose of Demonstration. We are in a unique place in human history and since I KNOW that Heaven has authority over all things, I accept that all is as it should be, NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS.

It is my opinions and judgments that have held me back, because I, like so many of us, assumed that I knew things which I did not. I had to let go of it all, even the rational aspects because things are ALMOST NEVER what they seem, and certainly the causal nature of them goes GENERALLY unknown.

I was a very smart fellow and extremely determined. I was also very young. I knew so much, until the day I met The Man on the Beach. In the day that I spent with him, he said, “I don't know” more than anything else, much more than anything else and I remember well, walking with him by the creek at Lime Kiln Creek, and suddenly, apropos of nothing I can recall, I was saying, “I don't know.” The funny thing is that I was realizing, profoundly that I viscerally did not know. It was like a weight being lifted from my mind and all of what I thought I knew took a flier.

It was similar to when my personality was sucked out of my being during the kundalini experience and nothing remained. It was the precursor to it. It took me a while to realize that there was a self there yet. It was the self that the other-selves concealed beneath their riot of impulses that drove them through life. I've had various front personalities that merge into the next one, brought about by life changes, but I've never taken any of them seriously. They are the mask I wear in this masquerade ball that is the ever-changing dream of life. We all have one, or several. As I like to say, 'We all have other faces.” We have the everyday face and the evening face that changes as the planetary influence changes. Sunlight and Moonlight have different aspects, though they are both Sunlight. Then we have the face that shows when danger appears. There are the faces of appetite. There are the faces of trauma, sorrow, and love.

What I am trying to say is that it is no easy thing to EFFECTIVELY communicate with The Divine. Various protocols have to be in order. Yes... God is watching you all the time, but it is not often that he acts in a more direct fashion. He created it to watch it. When he does become more present and engaged is during the time of The Avatar. This period of time is like the bonus round in a game show. There are possibilities that exist which are not around most of the time. If God comes in person then he has a reason and the reason is the steady decline of humanity into the abyss of common appetites and desires. He comes to awaken humanity and that is The Awakening presently in operation. The apocalypse is to uncover and reveal Truth that was previously hidden. This is a wonderful and serendipitous time. Do not focus on the NEGATIVE.

If THEY can get you to be fearful and intimidated, they have done their job. THEY make themselves real to you as figures of authority and then they exercise that authority. For me, there is but one authority and I recognize no other. I see the temporal side of it but it doesn't impact on me. What does it say in The Bible? “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

In this world, there are people you can talk to and people you might be advised to avoid. If you can manage with “Hello” do so. If you can exchange details without strife then do so. With some, you can go deeper and with most, you must glide across the surface. Shine on regardless but sidestep dispute. You cannot reach most people with the deeper aspects of existence, but you can radiate them. Truth is infectious. Once planted it will grow if it can be planted. What does The Bible say about sowing seeds on rocks and barren ground?

If you want to be a Rosicrucian, act like a Rosicrucian and it will attract Rosicrucians. We are ALL radiating unique evidence of our presence, but I am in temporary form here. It makes more sense to let the timeless and eternal flow through one than to block it for foolish enterprises.

End Transmission.......


Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the deep blog. Appreciated...

Thoughts brought-up in reading the blog:

I had a birthday fairly recently, and my siblings called to wish me well. It was very apparent that they were, well, pre-awakened. Once a higher part of me 'got' that reality, I was shifted into friendship mode. It was kind of like a dance where offensive or limited topics got used for deeper purposes. At the end of the call, they left smiling. That was what was important. (I have previously intuited that this was because you might meet them in the astral or wherever after they had passed-on, and their memory of you from now would determine whether they hung-around or fled.)
Long ago, a ladyfriend went to visit Muktananda when he visited New York state. Later, she related an interesting experience. At their ashram, one 'celebration' was to have the ladies dancing around Muktananda to spiritual music. My ladyfriend got in close and danced as long as she felt appropriate. Then, she yielded the ground to others and danced more distantly. When she decided to move back in, she was literally blocked by certain dancers. They formed a 'wall' around him, preventing inwards movement to the guru. That was a lesson to her (and me) how egos still existed - even in a spiritual setting.
It is interesting how this Awakening is being framed around humanity. When Higher Self goes out to Clean an entity, 80-90 percent of the time it is non-human. Even just those entities who are residing on Earth. It appears that the 'net' is cast far wider than humans. Humans might even be a side-show in the Greater Awakening...
'Something' is getting close. In the last few weeks, each time someone got Cleaned, there was a final 'report' by Higher Self to some higher-entity about the Being's change to good-guy status via being Cleaned. (The entity 'came down' to verify the claim.) It felt like some map was being updated, just before a campaign started. Last minute, penciled-in map changes, as it were. This had not happened (to my awareness) in the years previously, so it seemed like a significant change. Interesting Times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...


Thank you for hosting the Presence here and making a hole in the depths in which we can find oasis from the onslaught of the superficial and those in unconscious thrall to their subjective minds.

"It is an external event but the majority of its effect is Internal. Many people may never encounter The Avatar in person, but they will assuredly encounter him in a life and consciousness transforming manner by virtue of his radiance"

Beautifully said, as befits the coherent content the words convey.

"It is my opinions and judgments that have held me back, because I, like so many of us, assumed that I knew things which I did not. I had to let go of it all, even the rational aspects because things are ALMOST NEVER what they seem, and certainly the causal nature of them goes GENERALLY unknown"

The unseen is not just physicality beyond the reach of the senses, nor just the extra information which scientific instruments bring to mind, subject always to interpretation.
The unseen is what genius gets glints of, the big picture, coherent holistic order generating all events and all resulting appearances.

Study and immerse how we might, trying to download creation in entirety into our fractal minds does not get us there.

Mercifully, with the key of holy (whole) attitude we can relate to the One Who Knows.
Genius is simply permitting the Holy Spirit to express, manifesting enough of the hologram to allow inference, vision and confirmation that we are doing the right thing in the moment and being present enough to feel certitude and joy.

The emptiest resonator rings the most powerfully.
But, it takes conscious effort to keep the heart and mind clear of detritus, a diligence in wiping clean the inner mirror so that we can resolve stars no matter how distant or dense!

We can ignore the egotists through whom a flash in the pan from Spirit escaped and which has subsequently been shamelessly exploited.

The wonder of a child provides a better conduit, and the Presence inspires more fruit through those grounded in Being, instead of living on mental clouds above it all.

"For me, there is but one authority and I recognize no other"


Why do the group thinking hyena gangs of useful idiots attack anyone who stands on their own sovereignty, keeps their own counsel and laughs at naked emperors making clowns of themselves while taking themselves deadly seriously AND demanding that all witnesses do so or else?

"You cannot reach most people with the deeper aspects of existence, but you can radiate them. Truth is infectious. Once planted it will grow if it can be planted. What does The Bible say about sowing seeds on rocks and barren ground"

When we dare to shine without fear of the unconsciousness in ourselves or others, we are serving
When we dare to speak from the prompting of the Spirit proven to be above personal enmity, we are working for the One
When we dare to act on our gift of pure Passion, at the level above personal gain or loss, we are Being what we are meant to be.

When we don't fall for the mass delusion but stand for the One communing vision, we are here for good

Why waste life beating around the bush instead of burning out all of our dead kindling in a signal bonfire to the loast at sea?

Why continue to pretend unconsciousness that we are only what we can see in dark mirrors?

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another piece of mental heroin to get me through the day, week, what ever. Another beauty of a ten nostril post.

Who needs stars when you can have nos. . .

Oh, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Viz; the reason I don't comment more is because you leave me speechless. It's hard to know what to say when it's just been said better than you ever heard it before. I don't know how far ahead of the common herd you are but when they catch up- Wow!


Thomas said...

It's an odd thing with the religious orders - the last place rampant egotism should be!

God grant people the spiritual discernment to take what is useful from them, and let the rest be!

It reminds me of a story, I think it was in Swami Rama's "Living with The Himalayan Masters" (great book!) - where a student asked his teacher: "what about all these hypocrites in these sham religious orders? They are misleading people! Shouldn't we do something about it?" - and the master responded: "You are right, it is not good - at the same time, though, they act like a barrier around us. The truly sincere will see through them, and come to us, while the merely curious are sorted out, so we can stay in peace"...

No cloud without a silver lining, I guess?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Citizens of the Kingdom of God are Fundamentally Different from the Citizens of the Kingdom of Earth."

Visible said...

That is one of my favorite books, Thomas. What a great extract from it. It applies as much to today's Smoking Mirrors as it does to this Origami. How many tales are there in all of the traditions and yet people move right by in search of some common whim. All they could ever want moves with them in their searches for everything else.

Aggressive Truth said...

Do you remember when I write about one women name Anna with no. of different passports. Check out the false Ellen interview with Łukasz Jakóbiak. Connect with Poisoning_of_Sergei_and_Yulia_Skripal
and New Jersey senior nursing permission + this was my girlfriend give you in this world this.
I understand that I don't like when someone hurt child, but this is to much. Really I'm that dangerous for planet? What I wrong do? I just say don't rape children. You are sick

Aggressive Truth said...

Now you understand. He put my shoes on because he thought I was dead and he's selling it. And tell me now Les why am I not crazy yet? Everyone wants to be me a trick. What a stupid nation. Beautifully Łukasz will fall



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