Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Scrimmage of Ignorance on The Playing Fields of Karma, in The Land of Endless Cause and Effect.

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I am going to begin today with a spiritual experience from last night. The reader can take it any way they like. I had been going through a certain amount of discouragement, following the previous evening, when I was caused to believe; or caused myself to believe, that I was not receiving communications that I was deserving of (in my mind) and also the sense I had been getting that my efforts were futile. This was later 'revealed' to me as the usual efforts of those empowered to discourage us and I felt a degree of shame for falling for it again. It proved to not be the case at all.

So... I was walking from my office into the kitchen, engaged in an internal conversation that I had just initiated, when that force I call, Mr. Apocalypse gripped me from within. There is no other way to describe it and this has happened to me more times than I can remember, when I am physically arrested in a manner that could best be described as dynamic tension. Perhaps you remember reading comic books as a child and on the back page, quite often, was an advertisement from a man named, Charles Atlas, who was offering his course on dynamic tension for body building. He would often present a comic graphic of a “99 pound weakling”, having sand kicked into his face by a bully.

Charles Atlas claimed that this system would prevent this awful engagement from happening later on, if you studied his course. Since I have experienced the results of his courses, I can tell you THEY WORK. I didn't get them from Charles Atlas. It was gifted to me in the aftermath of my Kundalini Awakening by The Man on the Beach, who I had met several months before in that same year. I met him near my 21st birthday at Lime Kiln Creek at Big Sur in Kalifornia and the awakening took place in the late fall in the wooded countryside of Virginia, on the other side of the country. As a result of this internal flexing and maintaining of a state of continuous tension, which was sustained for nearly 3 years, I developed an incredible physical strength, which was demonstrated in various ways and at various times, some of them in dangerous prisons, as well as in the confines of a maximum security unit for the criminally insane. There were ONLY TWO such federal institutions in the country. The one I was in now houses Homeland Security. I was on the same ward that they once imprisoned Ezra Pound in. It often amused me to reflect on that during my stay.

So... I was grabbed internally on my way to the kitchen, by Mr. Apocalypse, who said, more or less verbatim, “You silly boy. Don't pay attention to these agents from the infernal realm. You have already achieved all that you can from your own efforts. You must now wait for your guide and guardian to arrive and take you the rest of the way.” Then he continued, with serious force and vehemence, to detail to me what he was going to do with those who are deceiving and misleading humanity. It was startlingly similar to what happened to me in Italy, when I was banging my knee against the futon back. He even reminded me of that episode. He went on to reaffirm the ingenuity and craftiness that was going to be employed. He indicated that he was going to take their own tactics and turn them against them, while exposing them in their most vulnerable moment.

He said to me, “I know you expect some amount of surprising events to take place but I assure you that you have NO IDEA of the level of surprise that is going to be generated, in those witnessing it and those experiencing it. IT IS GOING TO BE UNLIKE ANYTHING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED BEFORE.”

One of the situations I run into with my efforts, are those who appear under many guises, seeking either to disrupt me, or to initiate arguments. Often this comes by way of 'by the book' Christian fundamentalists, sometimes virulent atheists, sometimes those with an ax to grind. People believe what they are capable of, by virtue of the landing they are on, on the spiral stairway of life. You can't tell them anything, so... engaging in argument with them is pointless AND I DON'T. I am so often reminded of the case of Galileo, when the papist theocracy insisted that The Sun revolved around the Earth, Galileo, who was far better informed, said it was actually the Earth that revolved around The Sun. He was tormented for this, for telling the truth. The important feature here is that The Sun WAS NOT INFLUENCED BY THE POSITION HELD BY THE CHURCH. It continued as it had always done (and still does) and The Earth continued to revolve around The Sun. In other words, The Truth is not affected by misinterpretations of it. It is not changed by any arguments otherwise, no matter how skillfully they may be delivered. The main weapon of Mr. Apocalypse, in a time of apocalypse is... THE TRUTH. That is the intention of all of the REVEALING and UNCOVERING and the fruit of which is... AWAKENING.

The cardinal influence which activates awakening is the impress of The Truth. It doesn't matter what you say. It doesn't matter what armies you have arrayed behind you, to enforce what you say. It doesn't matter to what degree you can control the force of appearances. The Truth rules supreme. In terrestrial affairs, in times of material darkness, this appears not to be the case BUT... in the time and place of its own choosing, The Truth will appear, as an illuminating light, in a space of darkness, it will banish that darkness and it will outline and define EVERYTHING that has been exposed by the light, by revealing its innate nature, by revealing WHAT IT IS... then, ALL ARGUMENTS TO THE CONTRARY ARE BANISHED, along with the formerly concealing darkness... BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT LIGHT DOES. That is what The Truth does.

Adversaries to what is said here, appear on a routine basis and compose about 2% of the readers and those commenting. They are nearly always anonymous and they often seek to present themselves as separate individuals, when... it has been established, to my satisfaction, that it is often THE SAME PERSON and hence, the need to be anonymous. I read no more of their comments than it takes to identify their motives. I never post them. Those so engaged should consider their time to be wasted but... if this is entertaining or satisfying to them to do so, have at it. I've no quarrel for my part with 'by the book' Christians. I am not in agreement with their, 'my way or the highway' doctrine and dogma. I believe God presents in EVERY LEGITIMATE RELIGION. I believe God is incomprehensible and indefinable and can ONLY be comprehended and understood through his primary expression as God in the Flesh, be it Jesus the Christ, Lord Ishvara, Gautama Buddha, Lord Krishna and others and THE PRIMARY EXPRESSION OF THAT GOD IN THE FLESH IS... (drum roll) LOVE. Love informs my code of behavior and instructs me in all I do. I fail to acquit myself on occasion. I still have shortcomings but I also possess a dogged persistence that WILL NOT BE HALTED, no matter what.

That anyone has reached the super conscious state, is proof that it is possible for everyone to do so. If one is fiercely and absolutely committed to being realized, it can be accomplished in as little as six months, according to Swami Vivekananda, who had achieved this. If one wishes to read the works of Swami Vivekananda, those works can be found here. Simply scroll down and click on the hot-linked Volumes.

I recommend in Volume 1 that you read the chapter, “Raja Yoga” and the section titled, “Lectures and Discourses”. Further I recommend you read, in Volume 2, the chapters, “Bhakti Yoga” and “Jnana Yoga”. The chapters that precede them in Volume 2, are also of priceless value. If you read these and you CARE TO BE INSPIRED, these readings will, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Remember that you can, if you are sufficiently focused and industrious that you can accomplish this in 6 months; SIX MONTHS!!!!!!! Those who do this are of a singular and rare composition, but even if it takes two, or four, or six times as long... so what? You will get there IF YOU PERSIST.

This is why Lord Krishna said, “Success is speedy for the energetic” in the Bhagavad Gita.

One does not learn... without the benefit of experience. It is our single teacher. One of the greatest offenses against Truth and human progress, is the fantasy that God can only be found and understood within a particular religion, or a particular book, or by following a single teacher. This, like so many other offenses against humanity, was done by the priest class, for the purpose of personal power and for financial gain. If God is infinite and incomprehensible, immeasurable, then... HOW CAN GOD BE CONTAINED WITHIN THE COVERS OF A PARTICULAR BOOK?!?!

Keeping yourself within the confines of a particular religion, is like using training wheels on a bicycle. Once you can ride the bike, you no longer need those training wheels but people are insecure, no matter how they present themselves otherwise; until you KNOW THE TRUTH, you will be confined in your erroneous personal interpretations, because it is THE TRUTH THAT SETS YOU FREE. Scriptural books are fine, within the parameters of the written word ...but THEY CANNOT TAKE YOU BEYOND THEM! What can take you beyond them, is The Spiritual Book that is written in vibrant, flaming, hieroglyphic letters upon the human heart and that VIBRATES from the subconscious, the awareness of the meaning of these letters, into the Self Conscious Mind and which then activates a communion with the Super Conscious. I have seen these flaming letters, written into the fabric of every manifest thing and they are the code that maintains that object, thing or animated entity, in its unique state, as differentiated from everything else.

The physical realm is a realm of lies, because it is a realm of appearances and it is the infernally motivated among us, who manipulate these appearances, to the advantage of the lies they tell, in order to imprison us in a world, fashioned out of their fabrications, for the purpose of their material profit.

You must, somehow, find the courage and determination that is needed to embrace the living truth that is present within you, otherwise you WILL REMAIN IMPRISONED IN THIS WORLD AND YOU WILL FEED UPON ITS PRIMARY FRUIT, WHICH IS SUFFERING. You will be driven by longing for what CANNOT BE FOUND IN PHYSICAL FORM. You will be battered from pillar to post by the eternal forces of duality, on The Playing Fields of Karma in The Land of Endless Cause and effect.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another excellent work. Here, we are programmed to be stupid, but so few see through it and overcome it. At least the number is growing. (If everyone lived like us in my household, the world could not be as it is. No credit card, no TV, no cell phone, used cars only, no designer anything, and despite being at the low end of the economic spectrum compared to where we used to be, no debt. If we can't afford it, we don't get it; not that we want very much. Just the basics and tools of the trade. Well, we do get higher quality food, but not eating out hardly ever anymore pays for that, and I'm a killer cook mostly though not exclusively of Mediterranean hybrid style stuff. I also drive as little as possible. Work and errands about covers it.)

Visible said...

I'm going to say this one time and that is all you are going to hear from me again. I offer this in the spirit of good will, as it is my nature to aspire to a finer state of being and to be a more complete person, as God in his mercy continues to remove my shortcomings.

So... how can I best put this. You sent in half a dozen comments or so at this posting. I didn't count them and I didn't read them. For whatever brief moment it took to identify them as coming from you; mostly by your use of these H.P. Lovecraft styles of names that I observed as I scanned the text. I am not familiar with them nor have any desire to be, I just delete the comment and move on. I don't know the details of what you said and I don't have to. I know where you are coming from and what your intentions are and I want nothing to do with any of it. I am only taking the trouble to tell you this out of kindness because it took a degree of time to write all of these and neither I, nor anyone else read them, or ever will. What I am saying is that this is like a message in a bottle where, due to a flaw in the cork, it filled with water and fell to the bottom of the ocean and then the sands covered it. This message and the bottle it is in will never come to the shore and no one will ever discover it.

If you want to write these weird testimonies to cthulhu and other dark Gods of unremembered times long gone, have at it. They won't be read and they won't be posted and I'm fine deleting them. This will be my ONLY mention. Alright... I'm done here.

As I inferred earlier, I'm pretty sure you're trolling me and if that is not the case then you are mentally ill; possibly a combination of both. May God heal your peculiar infirmity.

tasmith said...

Thanks, Visible! You must know the times your musings speak directly to my personal struggles, TRUTH and LOVE have been my focus, I know they will never be defeated and ultimately win! Your honesty with humility shines and The Book talks of your kind leading many to understanding in these times. Surely you know this! Keep shining your light through this present darkness and I look forward to meeting you someday! Love you!


robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Thank you for sharing your inner journey with the world, as it grounds any loose thoughts that even when in deep, ongoing relationship with the One, through the inner presence of the Spirit of the Christ, the Child of the One, the struggle for balance and mastery of self, continues!

The wounded inner child is almost immune to logic alone, so understanding where we human temples stand in the grand design is not sufficient to quell the self into acquiescence, to end the ongoing resistance to the will of the One.

The dynamic changes from prying sense pleasure and ego stroking from our hands-on focus, to finding ways to discourage the desire to serve even when all distractions have been removed.

Somehow, our human nature finds ways to balk and drag our asses in the face of duty, mutely daring the Father to discipline us just to get more Divine attention!

After enough suffering, we relent of our overt resistance and return to the long journey up the spiral stairway to heaven, where our residual unconscious limitations in hiding maintain their friction along our way.

Without infinite patience and forgiveness, NO ONE WOULD grow out of their selfishness and into dynamic partnership with the One!

Switching contexts:

How amusing!
Hasbara have been assigned to downvote in Pocketnet.

The illusion that opposition to revelation is somehow organic and grass roots is easily dispelled by analysis, logic and reason.

Since when did fools focus long enough to make a determined effort?

Though ultimately foolish in the end, the fear-trained focus of minions convicted of their own worthlessness is demonstrated for all to see in the consensus control efforts on ALL comment supporting internet sites.

Just like the lock-step mockingbird media, parroting their daily dementia, spew IDENTICAL narratives, so the fallacies used over and over and coming from the same limited mindset appear simultaneously in comment sections all over.

Tag darkophile, you're it!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Reading about solar minimums, freezing weather, crops destroyed, food shortages, trucking industry getting slaughtered, economic collapse, uprisings everywhere. . .I think in 2020 a lot of us are gonna get what we deserve. Karmaville on steroids.

I wonder what the powers that think they are have planned for the Solstice?

Anonymous said...

Hey there Switching Contexts,
You noticed that too, they just don't/wont allow the simple truth to be said.
I often wondered if its what they believe themselves or is it to test other's beliefs.
Many would rather believe science is the truth even if it clearly tells a person nothing.
The journey goes on nevertheless. The clash is coming.
As Jesus said, he did not come to bring peace, but rather a sword.
Merry Christmas from Alex in Manitoba

Ray B. said...

An inspiring column. Thanks!

Vis, what you described as "a certain amount of discouragement, following the previous evening, when I was caused to believe; or caused myself to believe, that I was not receiving communications" is familiar. There is a big tussle going-on 'up above'. Some higher folks want us to wake up; some do not. The 'not' folks frequently try to block communications between our lower parts and our higher parts. Many times, I have initially tried to get in touch with my Higher Self, only to run into a wall or be continually fended-off/distracted. They can even 'inject' feelings, such as sadness/discouragement.

After a while, you get used-to the 'sense' of HS and other higher parts and can immediately tell whether there is interference. This is a proper use of the intellect - to determine whether something has 'changed'. Then, you can either wait it out (if you don't yet have the tools/friends to push-back) or take the 'fight' back to the intruder.

In the first instance, earth-plane-us actually has the advantage: Many higher folks are by-definition 'un-grounded'. They quickly lose concentration and move-off to other things. Keep checking on your 'connection', and sooner or later it will be back. (And don't do anything permanent or stupid while being 'influenced'.)

In the second instance, there is actually help at hand. Helper-types want to help; they will just not 'interfere' unless asked. (Part of the baddies' plan is to condition people not to ask...) Several times, I have asked, there was a tussle in the æthers, and the sense of interference went away...

However, helper-types do not want to be 'babysitting' forever. They have a life, too. They hope that we will learn to reconnect with our higher parts - to become more whole. So, ask for learning to come into your life (from a good-guy; test for same) and then practice. When you have learned all from one source that you can, move on. Fall down, get up, fall down, get up - learn...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Arcturian,

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Merry Christmas and here is a much revised copy of an old posting from Visible Origami."



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