Thursday, May 21, 2015

One Way or Another, We All Live by Example.

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“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.”

People think of Nature as a single reality with countless expressions; forever coming and forever going, at least until The Night of Brahma comes in. There are two distinct variants of Nature however. There is common Nature and Cosmic Nature. The latter resides on and manifests from the causal and astral planes. Speaking of Cosmic Nature, the Bhagavad Gita talks about the qualities of The Wise; “humility, lack of hypocrisy, harmlessness, forgiveness, uprightness, service to the guru, purity of mind and body, steadfastness, self control, indifference to sense objects, absence of egotism, understanding of the pain and evils inherent in mortal life,birth, illness, old age and death, non attachment, non-identification of the Self with such as one's children, wife and home; constant equal-mindedness in desirable and undesirable circumstances, unswerving devotion to the divine by the yoga of nonseparativeness, residing in solitary spaces, avoidance of the company of worldly men; perseverance in Self knowledge and meditative perception of the object of all learning of the true essence or meaning therein. All these qualities constitute wisdom; qualities opposed to them constitute ignorance.”

The collective of those is a tall order, is it not? It is intimidating to consider all of these as regular expressions of our being, yet, it is what we must strive for. It isn't as if we go about the effort of acquiring these, as if we were traveling with that version of Euell Gibbons and stalking the anything but wild qualities of god, or something like that. In actuality all we have to do is intensely search for the divine and these things will be added to us in the course of our seeking.

One of the most difficult arts is that of recognizing that it is the force of the divine (modified in countless ways) that expresses itself through every life form. There is no other prime mover and it encompasses the whole spectrum of good and evil. In India they have a tradition of greeting one another with, “Namaste” and palms together, bowing to one another in an act that says, “I salute the god within you.” Of course, that god might be warped or insentient, so we get all of the desirable and undesirable expressions that are possible here.

In times of material darkness, the majority are materialists. In times of predominant light we have general expressions of that sort. It really depends on the time zone of the age, or the age passing on the screen of the timeless. It's like fashion. Depending of the sexual persuasions that drive that particular industry, on that depends what you are likely to see. In the world at this time we have two prevailing drives in a clash of cultures. One is driven by an unbridled licentiousness and the other by a closed circuit religious fundie force. You might see these as opposites in expression. One is far too uninhibited and bound for perdition and the other is far too inhibited and bound for bondage. Well, they both result in bondage.

In the west it might seem that they have to employ more tailors and seamstresses but in fact they are dealing with less and less cloth and it gets made in far away sweatshops in any case. In the East they have to employ more headsmen and whip hands to enforce the Sharia way. Both are mentally ill for the same reasons based on badly handling the same force in a different way. The West has plenty of this as well and it is expressed in censure and disapproval.

It is the same divine who seeks to dance and does dance in all of us but we as supplanting the divine are, for the most part, very clumsy and we rudely bounce off of one another because we have little grace or skill. The force of the divine in expression is ratcheting up and pressing down upon those who will not, or are not capable, of letting it pass through them and as a result there is an increase in bad actors flailing about and lashing out. This is because their ego is challenged by this divine force and they react against that, insisting on a personal supremacy and altogether blind to the fact that they are blind and naked and have little if any power except the power to screw things up. When you see people raging and making a nuisance of themselves, THIS is what is motivating them and there isn't much you can do until the wind up tin soldier, having run into the wall and fallen down, runs out of crank and ceases to jerk about in a pointless irregular circle, spinning on one side of it's being. It is an exercise in frustration that leads nowhere but to abject failure and that is the reason for the frustration.

Life is not easy at the moment. There is the impact of what we can see and hear; what we can identity according to sensory report and then there is what we cannot see or hear but we still have a kind of sensory report on that, even if we cannot identify or isolate it from external cause. It manifests in our feeling bad for no observable reason. It manifests as flashes of anger and outrage when there is no observable cause. We are seeing a lot of this sort of thing at the moment and that is because many of us have done little work to find a greater balance and are very unprepared for handling these forces when they come upon us and so we behave like spoiled children, which can be ugly and dangerous when expressed as an adult, or facsimile of the same. Few of us are actually adults and the worst of us are the ones with pretensions of higher learning; expressions of the culture vulture syndrome, where they make claims to all kinds of learning and knowledge and yet have no self control.

Life is a tempestuous ocean. As you go, you encounter people with varying skill sets, or lack of a skill set. Everything floats on this ocean so 'most everyone' is hanging on to some physical item that they have chosen as a means to identify themselves with. Many have attained too little success in this world, where success as such is no success at all and only seems to be and they are angry at this and believe the world has failed to recognize their genius, of which they possess none. The world of the moment does not celebrate anything of the kind and you get millions of Kanye Wests running around and declaring that they are geniuses, based on the most tawdry and profane productions. Success in this world seems to rely on one having the capacity to screw over their fellows and make a profit at it.

It serves the cause of reason that one with real ability will simply produce these abilities and remain free of the drive to become attached to the fruits of them. The best of us that is generated, is generated through us, not by us. It stands to reason as well that if one is gifted in this regard, they will fall afoul of many due to their possession of abilities not shared by the rest.

The world of the moment is in a nose dive, spiraling toward a dreadful awakening, expressed in a fierce and sudden contact with the unforgiving earth. It is a wake up call that cannot be denied and it is not necessary. Disengaging the autopilot is not recommended but, they know better and there is nothing you can say to those who know better.

The bulk of this posting sat here for several days as I considered what to say and keeping in mind that I personally don't have much to say. If what is evident is not evident it takes a remarkable skill to make it evident to those who have no intention of seeing or hearing.

Ultimately, living by example is all we have and we all do live by example... for better or for worse. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And now for the good news:

Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015

If this is fer real, see ya on the Otherside. I won't be posting after next week. And if you wanna get outta this, I hope you're on high ground.

Oh ye gods, this is something I'm looking forward to. Man epicentre of 9.8 would be the ride of a lifetime! Must be in correct room for two storey drop, being our flats are built into a hill. Two storeys down in front, only one in back.

Of course if nothing happens, I'm going to e-mail the sausage casing who put this video together a virtual nose-lick. Yes, he will find a 'sluuuuuuurp' in his inbox.

Losing it for no reason. I've been doing that a lot, lately. Wonder if it has something to do with the smart meter or other EMF crap, or just that I've gotten to be a bigger bitch in my old age as I become increasingly exasperated and more contemptuous of what is?

I dunno. It comes and goes.

Oh well. With any luck I'll be a'meetin' Sirki in about a week. If not, I'll have an e-mail to send.


Kazz said...

As a child of God I revoke any and all contracts I have ever entered into on the grounds that I was mislead and was incompetent, so I did not know what I was doing.

I DO NOT CONSENT to the enslavement of my self or other's. I DO NOT CONSENT to this place of existence being taken over and removed from Prime Creator's control.

I AM and always will be the property of the Divine Creator who is the alpha and omega. I stand under the protection of the Divine Creator and stand firm as a servant of Prime Creator. I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT to any being or non being, nor anything in creation, which contains every aspect of existence and non existence, to come between my relationship with Prime Creator.

I AM no longer bound by Man's law/UCC law/Maritime law/Satan's law as I AM A LIVING BEING and not one of the titled dead. I AM NOT A CORPORATION (CORPSE) AND I NEVER WAS.

All agreements that were made under the cestui que trust are all void, as is the foreign situs trust, because these trusts were breached the moment they were entered into. Any contracts that were created without my Free Will and full knowledge are breached and therefore void. Any contracts I entered into where there was a failure to disclose are breached and therefore void. Any contracts I entered into where there was no equal consideration are breached and therefore void. This includes all contracts entered into on my behalf by others.

I stand firm with my brother Jesus Christ and any failure to adhere to this path is not of my Will. I AM ONE WITH THE DIVINE CREATOR OF ALL AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

All that remains is the formality of cleaning up the mess I have got my self into.

I pray the Divine will forgive me for losing my way. I pray the Divine will hear my prayer and remove any and all obstacles so I can unbind my self from the mess I have created.

I pray the Divine will light my path so I can live on earth as it is done in Heaven, according to the Law of One, where the Golden Rule applies of LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Wow! That is a scary scenario and if it happens then one can expect tsunami in Hawaii and a big one at that. I'll be looking to go up the side of the mountain if needs be, though I am several hundred feet up and a couple of miles in and furthest away from that sort of thing in the island chain.

If you are in California I don't know how high you need to get (is there a pun there?) probably Arizona is a good idea.

I don't know what to say. That guy is quite a scholar and scientist.

Visible said...

The movie San Andreas comes out the next day.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "It is intimidating to consider all of these [Bhagavad Gita qualities] as regular expressions of our being, yet, it is what we must strive for."

Like most religious creeds, I found much variation in the 'doing' when I traveled through India. I met several Masters who evinced beyond-mass-consciousness abilities. Cool. Shows that it can work.

The average person on the street, however, seems to have taken the Bhagavad Gita words and interpreted them as 'Heaven good, Earth bad'. I can see this as an emotional reaction to the history of Greater India. They have been overrun by everyone from the Aryans to Alexander the Great's army to the Islamics and down to the British. (I could see the Sikh religion as an adaptation to the Hindu 'indifference to sense objects': "You are God. But if you are dense enough to threaten me, I will kill you.")

The main thing I saw as a practical result of this 'split' was a denigration of the lower chakras. Rather than each chakra just being a unique aspect of all-God, there were now 'good' chakras and 'bad' chakras. In turn, this sifted down to ignoring and suppressing urges based on those chakras. Inevitably (just like head Christians banned and thus twisted various things), this led to 'held pain'. Accumulations of this (and the avoidance of touching feelings, because it might 'connect' with the old stuff) then led to the result of headiness (stale, non-grounded intellectualism) that is endemic throughout the population. Not good. (This is broad-brush, of course. There is much variation.)

Ironic, because I believe the Bhagavad Gita does not explicitly take this stance...
Vis: "It stands to reason as well that if one is gifted in this regard, they will fall afoul of many due to their possession of abilities not shared by the rest."

Reminds me of the way Nikola Tesla was treated...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Buttons, I remember seeing a large photo in the lobby of a hotel on the beach just south of San Francisco. It was of a surfer who was riding an absolutely-huge wave coming into that bay just after a major storm. Magnificent and scary. I thought of it with your 'ride' comment...

Kazz said...

Dear Ray. B,

In reference to your statement, 'Inevitably (just like head Christians banned and thus twisted various things), this led to 'held pain'.

Since Christ stood against any authority over Man other than God it only follows that anyone who tried to be the head or leader of Christianity was not following the example set by Christ, because Christ told us always to look to the Father. Since 'being' 'Christian' means to be "Christ like" then it only follows that those who did not follow Christ's teachings were not Christians.

It is not rocket science to comprehend that any vegetarian who eats meat ceases to be a vegetarian, just as any Christian who strays from Christ's teachings ceases to be 'Christian'.

A person can call their self many things, especially when they are at the mercy of the grand deceiver (satan), but that does not make it so. I would have thought a man with your depth of vision would know the difference.

Cheers Kazz

Ray B. said...

Karen Norman / Kazz:

You are exactly right. I had fallen into the trap of being too 'surface', or perhaps being too brief.

At the time, I was thinking of the ban on Priests being married and having families. The then-head 'Christian' (the Pope) had announced this 'wisdom' a thousand years after Jesus (who was likely married to Mary Magdalene), simply in order to protect Catholic coffers from having to support a Priest's family after the Priest's death. $$$.

The resultant 'twisting' (of the second chakra) that I referred to earlier had to do with that edict. Much harm has come from that 'Christian' who was not a Christian...

Perhaps, I should have simply stated, "Inevitably, this led to 'held pain'." That was the point being made. 'Held pain' has all kinds of consequences; none good.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. It sounds like you would make a good Gnostic Christian. They refused to have a formal priesthood (they alternated church members giving sermons, etc.) and even had male/female equality in their church. How radical, and it got them near-exterminated by 'Christians'. Maybe they were the real Christians, after all...

Anonymous said...

While it may be possible to trust someone who claims to "know" that "God" exists, they deviate from Truth the moment they claim to know the nature or commands of such purported Be-ing.

It is better to ask them how they know that they know a Divine Be-ing exists.

'Faith' does not cause knowledge, and does not prove a thing, it is a belief, and belief is a tool.

The preponderance of the credible evidence indicates that "God" is a device by which minds are shackled, and flesh is torn.

To employ more common language, it is the Devil that is in the details of 'God.'

Meanwhile, the gods are boundless and ignored.



Visible said...

I believe you are confusing religion with spirituality. They are not the same and your claims are also projections and no more provable than another person's faith. Anyway, faith is a personal thing and not subject to the interpretation of one who is outside the framework of the inner workings of any specific person's belief systems. That is between them and what they believe in.

Anonymous said...


I can prove that you don't understand proof. Are you ready for some riddles that you can't google an answer for?

The fool hateth correction
The fool has said there is no God.

Rub those together until they have children. 30 fold 60 fold 100 fold.

When you opened your fighole, you surely didn't know you were exhibiting yourself as the example of what was said in this article.

If you understood proof, you would have shut up a long time ago.

Go to Erolon.blogspot and find out just what you did to stunt the growth of your amygdala, until it doesn't even resemble a human brain in an IMRI.

You're a tedious and tiresome pest like a roach. Squash one and the very next day, it's back.

Your master Lucifer genetically engineered and bred you to do just what you do.

Anonymous said...


The only thing you proved is your response is nonsense, and you sound like the fool. I hope you didn't breed.

Anonymous said...

This is anon 3:17

I left some holes in that for you to argue. You never saw them.

Once again, you hold yourself forth as a not so shining example.

You're a stick in the mud, not an holistic structure. You should NOT have any voice in Human affairs.

The original meaning of the words Human and Manu was 'spirit man'. You're not Human.

Anonymous said...

Im not Insiam but i'm still in 'Insiam'

Psycho c.nts!!!!!!!!!

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up-

It is LIkely They are not Living in Scrub Brush Country



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