Friday, December 03, 2021

"Some Part of Truth Goes Beyond Thought. Why do You Think We have Symbols? Truth Goes Beyond Symbols Too."

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We have a website called Next Door here. I don't bother with it, usually, but they always send me notifications; yadda-this, yadda-that. I saw this one thread, where residents were complaining and it seemed like everyone was sick or had just been sick or had been sick, got well, and got sick again. I move through this Scamdemic but I don't notice it. I've been exposed to it. It had no effect. I'm not saying that means anything, just being candid. The contributors were saying that kids had been out of school for many days and that they and their relatives had been sick, on and off, for some time. Weird.

I believe this latest iteration of the complete hijacking of the common cold and the seasonal flu is going to prove the tipping point to this BS enterprise, which... as you should know by now is a fabrication of The Sabbatean Frankist sector of The Usual Suspects. I don't really know who is who and what is what, but I do know that a leopard doesn't change its spots. I also know who manufactured the vaccines BEFORE there was even a virus. They have been cooking up this kill-n-maim shot for a while, and... as you saw, in yesterday's links... the ordinary, working day public is catching on.

Why are all these people sick? Why are their children sick? You can chalk that up to Materialism as well. There is Stress in abundance in every age group. For children... the pressure to be transgender or gay is enormous. Conflict between the races is being stoked by The Usual Suspects. Our heroes and celebrity icons compete with each other to see who can be more Woke and damaged. Our politicians are COMPLETELY sold out and the culture is in free fall.

Spirituality is a bird on the wing, headed to a further shore. Without a representative amount of spiritually-minded people, Materialism tromps all over the moral compass and gyroscope of Humanity. It seems, short of a more critical inquiry, that there is a powerful and well-funded effort to destroy the human race or... genetically twist it into a zombie race of Orcs and Trolls who beat each other to death, under the jaded eyes of an emasculated elite, who can get no pleasure that is not brought about by the suffering of OTHERS.

It should be PAST OBVIOUS... that agents of The Perpetual Underworld, are working with a fury seldom seen before, to destroy life as we know it. I have explained, as far as I am permitted to understand it... why this is happening. It is TRADITIONAL for The Avatar to drive The Resident Darkness on The Inner Planes, out into manifestation on The Material Plane for Judgment. It happens every time he comes again. In between his visitations, a great deal of corruption occurs, over the course of time. It is one of the main reasons that The Avatar has to come back at all. The other main reason is that... over the course of time, spirituality leaches out of the human dynamic, due to Materialism, and The Avatar has to come and pour Spirituality back into the human dynamic. It is similar to the Trend toward Entropy. It is just what happens.

This time he will Literally be pouring the spirituality in, given that Aquarius is The Water-Bearer. He is going to awaken in the human heart as his primary residence. Will he be noticeable as a singular entity within AND apart? This I do not know. I do know that he will come in the human heart where a place has been prepared for him.

Do you remember the section in scripture that describes two men laboring in a field, and one is taken and one is left? Two women are doing something else, and one is taken and one is left. It is a harvesting, and those with the right credentials will be harvested, and the rest will be sent to The Wardrobe Department on the Moon so that they can play the roles their Karma indicates during the coming 2200 year cycle. Harvesting is ALWAYS taking place but in a smaller fashion. Determined souls attain Liberation. Sometimes they hang around or come back, to assist the rest of us in our struggles to be liberated. Some of them just go up the flue and that is all she wrote.

I realize that as far as I have seen, I am the only one talking about this; the coming of The Avatar. Maybe there are others. I haven't seen them. This is not an effort to present myself as unique. It is an indication that I am not on the common stream of contemporary thought. That can make me a lone gunman lunatic or the smartest guy in the room. I am not a gunman of any kind. I am also not the smartest guy in the room, so... what am I saying? I don't know. That's not very satisfying or comforting. I realize that. Sometimes I wish I knew more, and sometimes I am glad that I don't. Didn't someone once say something like, “In much knowledge, there is much sorrow?” Something like that.

What I write comes from two sources. One of them is the amalgam of all those I have read, who convinced me of what they had to say. The other is The Intuition. As to the first source, all of those I have read who have convinced me of anything, are ALL in agreement with each other about basic enduring truths and Ageless Wisdom. These sources are sometimes separated by hundreds and even thousands of years from one another. They spoke different languages and came out of different traditions. Yet... they are all, pretty much in agreement with each other. Hmm...

During all the comings and goings of The Wise and The Foolish, The Simple and The Clever, The Good and The Wicked, there have been certain constants which have continued without interruption for millions of years before those I follow even walked here, and will... likely... continue for millions of years to come, and that is The Sun, and Nature in myriad forms. The Sun is the source of all manifest life. Tradition tells us that The Avatars all come from The Sun.

I know that Atheists and Materialists are unlikely to believe anything like this, BUT... they cannot say it is not so, especially concerning the time frames. As far as The Avatar coming out of The Sun, they are welcome to argue against the traditions that promote this as being true. In Occult Teachings (meaning what is concealed from the common mind) and in Occult History, this is a widely accepted belief.

Atheists and Materialists do not venture into The Occult (hidden) EXCEPT when they are motivated by self-interest to seek out means by which to gain Power and Influence in human affairs. Then they go to The Dark Side... to the Reversed Kabbalah. It is in their nature to do this. It is the way that they are made. In Times of Material Darkness, more of us gravitate to The Dark Side, whether it be by intention OR inclination. This is another part of the reason that The Avatar comes among us, to save those that can be saved from their own intentions and inclinations born of ignorant desire.

How does The Avatar come into position to be The Avatar? Many, many lives go into the preparation. You might not know this but there are a number of souls seeking to be chosen for this high honor; the right to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of humanity. It can take aeons to come anywhere near this opportunity. Each Avatar has specific abilities that have been tailored to the needs of the times they have been chosen for. The same avataric characteristics are not present in each avatar. USUALLY, a specific quality prevails above all the other splendid characteristics that one must possess to be Avatar.

There are lesser avatars who come and go in the generations and leave their footprints for others to follow. The Avatar is a general persona that is occupied by a specific soul. It is similar to Lord Vivasvan sitting in Lord Surya's seat as The Sun God. It is similar to the Jesus the Christ construct. Jesus was a man. Christ is a station. This sort of thing confuses most people, especially the dogmatists and fundamentalists. When I say that The Avatar is always The Avatar, that is a blind. It IS true, but... there is always more to the story.

People like to object to things. They sense that they are not getting the whole truth. You NEVER get the whole truth. What a stupid thing to imagine to be possible. Portions of The Truth remain forever beyond the reach of words. Some part of Truth goes beyond thought. Why do you think we have symbols? Truth goes beyond symbols too.

It is a source of endless amusement to me, to see and hear people arguing about what they have so little understanding of. Character INDEED... is Fate. It is best to stop monkeying around with what you do not understand. It is less than amusing to see how many people coming and going on the internet at any time are angry, and even outraged... often over NOTHING. They are just angry and don't know why. This is only one of the gifts Materialism gives you.

What you see in front of you in these times, and hear about outside of your line of sight... is not going to end well. How can it? For endless millennia we build Towers of Babel, and locations for Babylon. Take a close look at human life. God is real. Nothing else is.

End Transmission.......

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Todd Ethier said...

Great work again Les ! Thank you ! Just thought I'd maybe send along this link as well. Warms the Heart to watch , crank up some volume ! ... Speaks to me of that something with-in the Human Soul and Spirit that just cannot be "taken" , just "surrendered" . We see far to little of this anymore, BUT , it IS still within many ...[0]=AZVMusnNiyiqb1BNWxVPa-6m7HrW6iOYZzAXEjHwFVwiLtsQuJ8rA3K-vENvsUlH_FNn3esHsVAYOmsJ1Y7KY2nwaP7i3s9bO6zMhcMCW8ndppxzXimjbOnpxSNEAw5PX6QgXJ3A2dTwVNrcQRtfHBZTkYxIP0VYnVytGlLXPc4Fgg&__tn__=-UK-R

Anonymous said...

There was an article in my local newspaper about covid which contained the phrase 'debunked ivermectin'. I despaired at the the thought of the extent corporate/government/media collusion and corruption that is driving this hoax. That moment passed when reminded that this insanity is merely a material byproduct in this apocalyptic time.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I suppose it all amounts to, what world are you existing for? This one, or the next one? I'm quite frankly fed up with those existing for this one. I stopped doing that a long time ago, yet the masses are feckin' programmed to live for this one. Hence this one is fecked up to the hilt and beyond.

Thank you for all you do and I send you a gazillion virtual nose pets, and twice as many snorfles. . .to your lovely schnoz of course. It's not quite a awesome as Gary Lee Weinrib's, but close enough. ;O)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Once That Adjustment is Made, Serenity Comes Upon the Waters of Your Heart and Mind."



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