Friday, December 24, 2021

"Christmas at the Supermarkets and Satan at the Movies, and a Farewell for Now."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are two main sides to Christmas in this world. There is the spiritual side and the commercial side. Because of the massive, temporary power of The Usual Suspects (due to Material Culture), there is also another side of mockery and hatred. They are like the sociopathic cat with the tormented and barely alive mouse. The good news is that they can't kill the spiritual side of Christmas. The Carnal Realm cannot touch The Spiritual Realm. On the other hand, the spiritual realm can most certainly touch the carnal, in the same way that water wears upon stone. It just takes a while, and that is the source of all those repeating lifetimes until the carnal and the material are worn away, and transformed.

The Usual Suspects and their not so merry band of jackals, who follow along in their footprints, hoping some swag will fall from their sacks of stolen gold, are a kind of life fable, with a little more of the Grim Brothers than most of us would like. Since they have gotten away with crime after crime against Humanity, they have gotten predictably arrogant, and believe there is no limit to what they can accomplish because... who? Who is going to stop them?

It is out of this mindset that serial Jesus murderer, Sciophobia Silverman, and her porcine sidekick, Poncho Rogen, came up with a little Christmas pornography called, “Santa Inc”. They did it because they could. I include the link in the post, because of the comments from the public who have already watched the movie. Keep in mind, this film will be seen by children. It has been slammed in a way almost never seen before. It got so bad at Rotten Tomatoes that they cut off the comments section. So did youtube and other sites owned and operated by The Usual Suspects. It has the lowest ranking of any film of all time. I have been much entertained by the comments at IMDB. They are not so good as the Amazon Gummy Bear thread, but it has moments.

My point in bringing it up at all is that the vast majority of decent people on this planet have finally had it with their nonsense. Day by day, it is becoming more and more clear that they are behind most of humanity's troubles. There are other demographics to be included as well. Evil is not confined to any particular race, color, or creed. They seem to find each other, temporarily... until they fall out over the crimes they commit against each other. The World IS waking up. It is godawful slow, but at least it is happening. Santa Inc was a really bad move on their part. I have yet to see it.

Oh! did I mention it's not a movie but an 8 part series? An 8 part series and it is on HBO Max. Here is what Silverman and Rogen said; “All the negative reaction is the work of White Supremacists and racists.” They have repeated variations of this over and over. Rogen is the guy who threw his best friend under the bus when it came out he was a little too free with the ladies. He then acted like he barely knew him.

Now they are also using the latest COVID iteration to cut off all festivities in whatever locations they are capable of effecting it in. It is a non-stop assault upon our well-being by those in a panic over the coming of Judgment on this plane. They seek to please their master who cannot be pleased at any time.

Ah well... it is an ancient tale and it has come to term in these times. Justice may grind slowly, as some have said, but... it grinds exceedingly small, and inexorably so.

Let us move on to stranger things. I can't complete the cycle of the story because it reflects well on me (grin) and I try to avoid that. Anyway, I went into the Fry's Supermarket, where I rarely attend, unless by seeming accident, or in search of something I can't get at the nearby Safeway or Sprouts or Costco, which I prefer, but are a long drive. I can't live in dense population zones. The place was jammed and once I had gotten what I wanted, I wanted out. There is a grim desperation that accompanies many people in the holiday season. I suppose it has a number of origins. I find it disturbing. I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I do as much as I can, not to be in such environments at those times. Sometimes it is not avoidable. This was one of those times.

I whipped down the aisle and directly into a mostly opening checkout line. The cashier said to me, through her pointless mask, “Can you believe it? It's Christmas already.” Ever the humorist, I replied, “You mean, today?” “No” she replied. “It isn't until Saturday.” I said, You know... it seems they are trying to kill out spirituality these days. It's not going to work though.” Then I noticed this fellow of a darker hue. He was in front of me and about to conclude his business. He was dressed in rough clothes and worn sneakers. He might have been a laborer, a mechanic, someone who works at a trade. I said to him, “Has anyone ever told you how much like Dave Chappelle you look?” He turned on me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “All the time.” He really looked like Dave Chappelle, but... I don't know what Dave Chappelle would be doing there at that time of year.

Then he came toward me and stuck a hundred dollars into my hand. It happened so quickly I wasn't able to avoid it. They were some of the most well-worn bills I have ever seen. I said, “Hey, I can't take this.” He said, “Of course, you can, it's Christmas!” Then he spun out of there and disappeared. It was an odd moment. He had this look about him that completely belied his appearance. It reminded me of that saying, “treating with angels unaware.” I gave twenty dollars to the guy putting our groceries in the bag we had brought and tried to give twenty to the cashier who said, “We can't accept that.” I said, “Of course, you can.” I wasn't thinking, and she wasn't amused. Oh... what the heck. Now I have to tell the rest of the story, just remember, I get no credit for any of it.

My friend and I were driving home and we were going to stop at Safeway. I said to my friend, “I wonder if that guy is still around?” A couple of days previous, I had seen a man standing with his back to me holding a sign. It is odd in that neighborhood because we don't get many transients or people down on their luck. At least I don't see them. I remembered that man though and would have wished to turn around into the lot to see what he was up to, and maybe I could give him a little something.

We came into the Safeway parking area from a side that we almost never use, and there was that fellow who had a couple of younger children in cheap lawn chairs. One seemed near asleep and the other seemed embarrassed. There was the dad (I am assuming he was the dad) holding a sign lettered by a Sharpie. It said, “Please help us get home to Florida.” There were half a dozen Jerry Cans there; the type you put gas or water in. Was he hoping to fill them at the gas station that was right there in the parking lot? Did he have a car nearby, and did he intend to take all the gas needed before he left? It was odd. Odder still was that as I reached out with the remaining money, he took my hand and gripped it tightly. He didn't even look at the money. He also had piercing eyes like the fellow who gave me the money. He said, Thank you! Thank you so much!” It seemed to be of some greater importance to him.

You would have had to be there to see these characters. It was as if they were connected somehow. The rest of the day I felt this energetic intensity. It was a much stranger affair than I am capable of illustrating for you because words don't do it. Ever since there have been these odd periods of feeling stranger than usual. This is especially weird because I feel strange all the time anyway. Some of it has been salutary and some of it has not. I figure it is all good, but that sometimes... it can hurt on the way to a greater good.

I can't shake the feeling that events are closer than they look in The Event Horizon, like the message you see in the side mirrors of a car. I am also coming to believe that there is way, way more going on than I am aware of. Yes! Of course... that would be true, given how little I know to begin with, but what I mean is WAY... WAY more than I thought, and you already heard what I think about not knowing much. It seems sometimes that there is a vast curtain all around, and if one knew the magic words, or was even standing there at the right time, you could part that curtain and see The Gears of The World in operation. You might see all manner of other curious items as well, like the workers behind the appearances, and those above them, and those above them, like a spiraling column of beings of ever-greater intensities of light. I know I've said similar before, but this is how it seems to me.

It seems like a painting by Gustave Dore or Albrecht Durer, but more than that; as if the imaginative architectural mind of MC Escher were added. I just mess up when I go reaching for similarities and it's not that similar... not really. I just feel like whatever it is it is closer than we think, and it will be far more dramatic than we expect it to be; those of us who are even aware of such possibilities. A lot of people now think that Here is all there is. I can assure you, absolutely otherwise about that. I get these thoughts and feelings that are graphic in my mind but for which there are no words to paint it in language. We've all had this feeling. I have it all the time (grin).

Okay... my friends... this is adios for at least a fortnight. I expect that even saying this 3 times in 3 successive posts will not be enough, but whata ya gonna do?

May the most profound essence of The Lord Christ rain down upon you all through these days, and forever. May God richly and profoundly bless you one and all. I'll close with an extemporaneous attempt at Poetry that seems to want to stream at this moment, and is as close as I ever come to speaking from my better nature. Hopefully, this comes off...

I want to dance with you, Lord
in the pristine rain forests of your hidden kingdom.
I want to dance to the music of the light
that shines translucent through the foliage
and gleams in the eyes of the spiritualized animals
who dance with me
in the naked wonder and adoration of you.

let me... dervish like across the planes of being
celebrate you in the glistening splendor
beneath the spectrum of your sunlight love
that touches everything
and gives life where there was none.

The temple bells call to the wind
that ring them true and call again
the endless ringing resonance of destiny
not happenstance

You are the king that shines like the day
at the endless round table of the qualities of God
You are the love and the lovers too.
You are the gestalt of the innuendo
You are the Om in basso profundo
You are the cloak of immortality
that contains the darkness too bright to see
You are the essential part of me
that is unspeakable mystery.

That is my task
to venture into the pit of the bottomless self
and pacify the monsters
and return with the star
that shines forever in the clarity
we are

Not what we seem

in this tedious life
that dreams it is real
in this wasteland of strife
of hunger and want
that seeks to complete
the thing that is missing
the reflection that shows
How far we are distant from
what little we know.

There's more that wanted to go on but I have to stop at some point. I have the rest of the day to think about!

Merry Christmas my friends, and those of you who are not Christians, like myself, it is the same, single, and unique ineffable that is referred to in each of the traditions. It's not like rooting for the wrong team is it? Heh heh... Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End Transmission

You know? I see where all the links I have are about deviance, outrage, and a heavy dose of Hypocrisy so... no links today. However... if enough of you want them I will return and put them in.


Anonymous said...

A most gracious Christmas gift was bestowed on you by some angels. I loved your story
Merry Christmas
See you next year

Anonymous said...

Greeting viz
Thank you friend!
merry christmas ... the right words are....inadequate.
much love ; ]

Laura said...

Merry Christmas and all the other divine salutations for this Season of Light! Thank you for all you are and do, for the sublime expressions of wisdom and intuition. May you be blessed abundantly 🙏🏻

Love and Grace ~

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Of course you can, it's Christmas'

Perfect line - not a hint of patronising- casual but precise choice of words, ditto the physical appearance,  even the money notes are weared and teared looking -  that's an Angel alright -

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Visible!
Thanks for all you do and have a fantastic and well deserved break. Love and a shit load of festive cheer to you.

Sukh said...

Merry Christmas Vis and thanks for everything you do; God bless you!

On the links, regardless of the rough subject matter, I think they are still interesting enough to look at so I vote to bring them back.

Visible said...

As Time permits, I will oblige. my dear friend.

Anonymous said...

No links today, YAY!
Nothing to dampen the spirit of the day...

Best supermarket story EVER!

Merry Christmas to All with Love,

Chinese Sneakers said...

Just want to express how much eye appreciate all you do around these parts, Vis.


Visible said...

Chinese Sneakers, it is great to hear from you! I heard from Dodgy One also. I have to remember you are all lurking out there. It is a comfort to know this.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

May you have a peaceful, insightful time, and may you find more Epiphones. . .I mean epiphanies of your tastes during your hiatus. (Had a hilarious epiphany/Epiphone conversation with a former rock star named Pat Nevins, who I was lucky enough to have as a boss in lettershop processing a long time ago.)

Ants said...

Merry Christmas and thanks for all the posts especially when things got dark, your output matched it.

Duntoirab said...

Merry Christmas everyone.
Whew, the days getting longer now, and the sun is shining brightly in our Scottish village this morning. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Great story!
Merry Christmas, Visible!!!
Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Visible and friends!!!


jamesc said...

Merry Christmas Visible! Thanks for your tireless efforts.

Anonymous said...

Is it something like this?
Merry Christmas every day, Visible prabhu!
Bhagavad Gita 5.18

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful Christmas post, Visible. Perfect and much appreciated. God bless. Jeff

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Mr. Visible.
Very nice post for Christmas.
Thank you.

God bless you.


Anonymous said...

And a partridge in a pear tree..

Guldur said...

I am the one lurking there as well... not posting much anymore.
Thanks a lot for the wonderful post, Visible, blessed you are. Good to know and be reminded at times.
Merry rest of the Christmas time to you!

Frog said...

Merry Christmas Visible!

dave1010 said...

No Dog Poet Transmitting for at least a fortnight will feel like two weeks without sunshine. Thanks for all you do.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed New Year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - I await the next missive with eager anticipation- always good to get a dose of sanity 😀

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm with dave1010, sorta. Though for me you absence is like a fortnight without nose pets. We love ya and await your return, hopefully to a year of trip-reset for the right side o' history.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone
Thank you Les
love and blessings

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You Have To Go Beyond Appearances to See ANYTHING Real at All. Appearances are a Lie."



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