Friday, November 20, 2020

"It All Depends on What Lesson God Wants this Country to Learn; a Prayer for our Country."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is an important posting so... I hope and pray that you will consider all that gets said as being serious, sober, and genuine.

I don't know what's going to happen and I don't want the reader to get the idea that... because I am optimistic, bad things won't happen. They well could. It all depends on what lesson God wants this country to learn. It is true that for some time, the atmosphere of materialistic trance... the drive for senseless acquisition and convenience (which has given rise to spontaneous acts of impatience and rude behavior) have been escalating. Along with this has come a sense of entitlement where the exercise of appetites is concerned. Certain people have become icons for decadence and hedonistic mayhem and much of the public has dutifully followed their lead.

At the same time, there are countless voices that celebrate selfishness in a 'treat yourself right' manner. “Oh, what the Hell, you only get the one life.” That... is BULLSHIT. We have been conned by sleazy, lying, carny barkers who make a living selling, You Name It. Greed is good! No, it's not. Millions of people have been seduced by those feel good, air-kissing, “let's do lunch.” sybarites, lost in a world of self-fellating excess, performing frottage on The Devil, who they have installed in the place of a disapproving God, BECAUSE... he lets us do our thing. It's that Kalifornia Flu and it is quite a bit more of a health problem than this anemic virus that has been built up into a Halloween monster, for the purpose of social control at the hands of The Globalist Agenda.

Point of fact; MANY of us have been deceived... willingly deceived. We like promises and we like hope, whether they materialize or not, while we are waiting for our imaginary rich uncle to die, and leave us the keys to the candy store. People have become like the guy who says, “You know, I was thinking about getting that for you.” (and didn't) BECAUSE 'it's the thought that counts'. It's that easy-sleazy, corner-cutting, phony faced, pretend friend thing. I think a lot of us would be very disappointed to find out how few friends we REALLY have.

I HATE to deceive myself. It is a crime against myself to do that and though I tend to think of myself as unimportant and of no significance, I draw the line at treating myself badly, due to amplifying my mistakes in life to an absurd level, as any number of us tend to do, and guilt lashing myself like a Medieval flagellant. If God loves me, and I am certain of this, then it is probably okay for me to love myself too. It took me a long time to grasp this simple understanding.

Okay... I've been dallying about here and it is time to get to the point. It is not certain that our world will not soon turn to shit. An unfortunate number of us have been working on doing just that for a good long time. We are ripe for a spanking from the cosmos, at least some portion of us are. At the same time, I CANNOT shake this seemingly unfounded and irrepressible optimism that follows me around like an enthusiastic puppy.

Today, while reading the latest negative downers about the improbability of voter fraud leading to a disinfecting cleansing of our mounting apprehensions, as well as the DEFIANT and in your face intransigence of the conspirators and collaborators, who are defending the indefensible, once again... I felt the creeping dread of the possibility that the bad guys could win. INSTANTLY, The Voice appeared in my mind to say, “I already told you about this. This does not help. Have I not been telling you, for years, that certain things would come to pass and YOU SEE them right in front of you, no matter whichaway you turn? C'mon Visible, get with the program. See it all as a beautifully choreographed dance. Yes, it is not going to work out for everyone. BUT...” and there I will pause and move on.

It is difficult not to be influenced by the avalanche of negativity, recrimination, outright lies, and slander. It is heartbreaking to see so many people with that win at all costs mentality. Even sadder is the level at which they are brainwashed into compromising their own humanity while taking a dump on their integrity on their living room floor. Perhaps they never really had much of it. I'm going to go with the optimism and I hope you will too.

I'd like to ask the reader to pray for our country, that the right outcome takes place. I am not asking you to pray for the president, although I do, because prayer influences the angels that nourish our higher nature, and ANYONE who is in power, where what they do affects the lives of millions of people, NEED divine guidance. Prayer... sincere prayer is effective beyond what most of us imagine and if the hundreds, actually thousands, who will read this post, would say a prayer for that outcome, which will lead to the greater good, I KNOW it would have an effect. If we don't care then the Celestial Realm WILL TAKE NOTE OF THAT.

There is a powerful and well funded international movement seeking to destroy this country, and lead the majority of us into servitude to Satanic Force. This phony virus and the exaggerated and made-up numbers are one example. THEY are VERY SERIOUS about what they intend and it is not good. It is alarming to see how many people buy into this patently fraudulent scam and that is NOT the ONLY scam.

Dear God, I pray, with all my heart, that you will intercede on behalf of us who believe and serve you in this difficult moment in which we find ourselves. I pray that you will intercede with your host of angels, even on behalf of the ignorant and deluded who know not what they do. Lord... I KNOW you are all-powerful and I pray that you will give us another chance, here in this time of awakening, in this glorious apocalypse of revealing truths. Lord, the Age of Brotherhood is upon us. I pray that these will all serve to activate your compassion and love, on behalf of all the decent people trying to find their way through these times of confusion. Lord... there are so many wonderful people here. I discover new evidence of this EVERY DAY. We are individually defenseless against this churning machine of destruction that seeks to turn our existence into Nightmare. Only you can control the outcome, Lord. None dare to oppose you, or do so to their great regret. You are all-powerful and merciful and I KNOW that you hear the prayers of your sincere devotees. I ask you, Lord, to comfort the hearts of so many who are throttled by fear and doubt.

I know, beyond all possibility of disbelief, that you are intimately aware of everything at all times. Not even the slightest tremble of a single leaf on a tree escapes your notice. You have even said as much. I know you have a plan. I fear for the stability of those who are not as convinced as I am of the FACT 'that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose'.

Please, dear Lord, comfort, and console the hearts of those in whom doubt and despair, war against Faith and Hope. I am convinced that you are here in our hour of need and that you will direct your angels to see that justice is done, even for those who have no understanding of the meaning of the word, or who are lost in the dreamscape of selfish intent. Many honest souls spilled their life's blood for the principles upon which this country was founded. Crazed and godless revolutionaries now cry out for judgment against ghosts and the long departed. I do not doubt that many of them were those responsible for the crimes they now seek to address, such are the ironies of existence.

I KNOW that you are privy to every intention of the heart, no matter how skillfully it may be concealed from the human eye. I pray that you expose, completely expose the ones whose intentions are to enslave and destroy us under the banner of failed ideologies that resulted in the deaths of many millions every time they came into power. You have told me you intend to strip them naked before the eyes of the world, and with the force of this Awakening, I see the truth revealed more and more with each passing day. I believe that you have arranged this entire drama for The Purpose of Demonstration and I see it in action everywhere in these times. Please defend the undefended in their hour of need. The pathological criminality of these times MUST BE ADDRESSED and I know in my heart that this is what you intend. I know that is the very meaning of an apocalypse.

Lord... you spoke with Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah, that if there were even ten righteous men you would spare those cities. I pray this same prayer, Lord, but I pray for my entire country. I KNOW there are many more righteous than that in this country and I ask that you spare us on this account as you promised Abraham you would, even though that did not turn out so well because there WERE NONE. We have not come to such a pass yet, though more and more fall by the wayside as time goes by. I know that terrible judgment is being held in abeyance this very moment for parts of this country and it is only your mercy and compassion that withholds the angelic swords of fire. Be merciful, Lord, expose the wicked among us and reveal their plans before the eyes of the world, foil their plots and strip them naked before the eyes of the world that we might have respite enough to mend our ways.

Please hear our prayer, oh great and invincible master of all things. I believe that the healing and transformative power of this new age will usher in a time of universal brotherhood. Please give us the time to come under that sway. Lord, I pray believing and I thank you for hearing us.

Please, my friends, pray in your own words and God WILL hear you. The Power of Prayer is limitless.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I share your optimism, though there is no discerning reason for it. It's an innate, instinctive kinda thang. I am enjoying watching the wrong side of history go down, I must say. . .again for the umpteenth time. Rock on!

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

I just say to personally keep your intentions pure and hope and pray for the best because "who knows" really. I saw screwy election results too, but I can't get my hopes up about the oft-promulgated "big news week" and that Rudy and crew are on top of getting to the bottom of these election shenanigans, which I saw too. It may just be theatre and the very little time left to get busy on making the proper court filings or whatever they would need to do to get the truth out is running out. No offense meant that I am a doubter and I see the good intent with well-wishing that the President prevails in getting the truth out, which I certainly do to; just hard for me to trust it, and I will try to contextualize my feelings.

The Q drops had ineffectual results on me. They got my hopes up, putting out dates that "big news" would happen, just to move the goal posts time and time again on the flubs, never deigning to give a clarification of what went wrong and why. I was on record with a certain phone number, 999-9999, saying very similar things that Q would parrot about a sudden change involving the news outlets being taken over forcibly by a well-intentioned "real deal ground crew" that would lay it all out, using the emergency broadcast system and all that jazz, many years before Q came around, eerily and quite honestly enough. Q made mention of something very similar, that all the sudden good guys will swoop in, and nothing ever materialized there, what I said or what Q has been saying. The Q group has been claiming to be "in control" and I certainly never said I was in control or a patriot. There is even, from Q post 240 on November 30 of 2017,a reference to the #9 phone number. At any rate, it's kind of personal that Q hyped "things" up for years and nothing happened just like my hype, of which I am embarrassed about. And, like I said, no offense meant to anybody with this. I just personally can't get my hopes up. Hope and good intent is powerful and I hope to be dead wrong about Q and that operation and my other strong doubts. There is a little time left, and I hope and pray for the best, but am jaded by it thus far. I think intent and hoping for the best is awesome, but it is hard for me to manage that currently, and that's just my friggin' problem. Take care, everybody!.

Oh yeah. I did plumb and figure out the "deep mystery" of penning paragraphs. So, I will try and make my rambling writings somewhat more reader friendly like suggested to me by you guys in the future. I am still a broken record, but I just thought I would throw this out about my doubts, and that I hope you guys are right and I am wrong. Take care, everybody!

Eskimo Joe said...

I did a cursory search of headlines 12 hours after President Trump's Legal Team Press Conference and boy oh boy the msm sure played loose with the facts and mostly concentrated on Mr. Giuliani's hair dye running down his face! There was nary a word about the information they presented. Methinks that Trump's Legal Team has the perpetrators on hook, line and sinker!

Much love,

Eskimo Joe

robert said...

Dear Visible One

Thank you for creating a prayer to articulate our desire for mercy for all humanity

Prayer is the way to certainty

Fear of the One is the beginning of wisdom but no other fear is valid.
We may motivate our animal mind with fear to perform rituals from fear but there is no power to lift our personal concerns to higher consciousness.
Unless our prayer comes from a release of our spirit from the center of love all the way home, it will fall short of the attention it may demand.
How we pray is more to the point than what we put into words.
To pray without ceasing is more than a mantra repeated
The emotional state of consciousness is the main ingredient and yours carries the tune!

"Point of fact; MANY of us have been deceived... willingly deceived"

Darkness has descended on the mass mind.

Thank God, humanity's fate is not determined by democratic corruption, of the mob mind
Since the Ineffable is ineffable, the will of the One not divinable by human consciousness, should we despair if the entire mass goes dark if there be one human being worthy to redeem?
Is it Noah's flood we are having flashbacks over? Is the Creator stuck in repeats or is it our little minds?

The few who keep their hearts and consciences clear need have no fear of being spanked by mistake, of collective punishment like human agencies do

Fear of mass spanking is Satanic stew stock; repent from the point of love!

Ray B. said...

Vis, I am also irrationally optimistic around our future, even though I have no clue about what actual 'form' it will take. There has been enough background work in the æthers to cascade-down into impressive changes Down Here. There have also been Cleanings (when necessary) on Good Guy types, so they are less likely to do "Wrath of God" things when the time comes - out of projecting old pain. Whatever changes happen, it should be interesting...

Since I am aware that I have little picture of what is really going-on Down Here, my prayer/meditation efforts are simple: I just get into a neutral/positive space and affirm, "Best and Highest." At some point, it appears Received and I quit.

Higher Beings are telepathic, so they automatically 'read' all my thoughts, emotions, slants/prejudices, and accumulated information. They take that into account and then go beyond that - into what is "Best and Highest" from their viewpoint. Their 'tricks of the trade' bag is much larger than ours, so the results can be amazing and even counter-intuitive.

And, give thanks when the Manifestation occurs...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Eskimo Joe said...

'I did a cursory search of headlines 12 hours after President Trump's Legal Team Press Conference and boy oh boy the msm sure played loose with the facts and mostly concentrated on Mr. Giuliani's hair dye running down his face! There was nary a word about the information they presented. Methinks that Trump's Legal Team has the perpetrators on hook, line and sinker!'

I watched that Press Conference in the small hours this morning,  and like the Four Yorkshiremen, have to say ' There was nary a word about the information they presented? You were LUCKY! In my f*****g Country (the UK) there was no mention of any of it at ALL'

In fact THIS is the latest from the BBC,  following their policy of saying "Donald Trump has no evidence at all" twice in one story -

Collective Prayer works wonders, Les, and this must be why the UK is so locked down, literally and in terms of Media Coverage - because it is almost literally Godless - the Religion with most adherents that Pray and Worship and actually  believe in God is Islam. And they have this 'Satanic Verses" deity they mistakenly worship, so guess who is getting all the Prayers for Britain? Yep - why I call living here in the UK "Living in The Stupid Soviet"

A minor little bombshell from that BBC farrago  of propaganda -

' In another development Twitter is preparing to hand control of the presidential @POTUS account - currently being used by Mr Trump - to Joe Biden on inauguration day even if Mr Trump has not conceded his loss by then, a spokesman for the company is quoted as saying by Politico.'

brian boru said...

Hi Les. I certainly join you in hope that the evil is exposed and, more importantly, punished. However, my faith is not as strong as yours. I remember a few years ago on the anniversary of the bombing of Dresden when I was railing at the injustice of hundreds of thousands of innocents being roasted and the perpetrators not only not being punished but being lauded. You said then that there is never really injustice. Karma moves through the ages to right wrongs. Those who presently seem to be innocents may have been very guilty in some previous existence and now their karma brings the justice, although it might seem to be gross injustice to our myopic view. Perhaps it will be decided that the bad guys appear to prevail again and we pay for our willful ignorance and cowardice. I sure hope not but using your argument it's certainly a possibility. Perhaps the people have to experience what so many others experienced for the 'purpose of demonstration'. Even then, I don't know if those 'demonstrations' have the effect they should, in my myopic viewpoint. For example, many Russians still believe that Stalin was a great guy! The vast death and suffering that he and his system brought has been swept under the rug or sanitised. The human experience is certainly a puzzle to us without the visceral connection that you and others have achieved with God. As always, best regards and thank you for your work.

Anonymous said...

Then Ferd Coyote said:

We're beleaguered and punch drunk by years and years of torment from that lying fake news. They have held America. My reasoning is solid: they're liars. Yet when I see their lying headlines, my mind lends them some authority. Was I hypnotized? Was I mini-tavistocked? It's some unholy shit they've done to the minds of Americans. We need to all be aware of that and fess up and repent of being so weak and vulnerable. Shame on me for allowing them any authority at all. They're Canaanite magicians with a shiny object. I have boycotted all fake news and even the pro-law ones are half fake too, with their salutes to the bogus 'pandemic'.

For the swamp to be drained, doesn't it have to be like this? They've been lured out and have stepped right in the quicksand. If that's President Trump's doing, then his balls are only matched by his genius. Will these swamp creatures poison the rivers and destroy everything they can before they escape? Now is the time to finish them off. If those communists get in there, the lying fake news media will be an organ of the state, for one thing. For another thing, elections will be as bogus as Jezebel's kiss an there will be nobody to argue it. Tey'll be dad or in jail.

Does this have you thinking war as the final court, if all other courts fail? I cannot and will not concede to being governed by such putrid beasts in human form.
Everybody I work with feels the same way, but we're timid about even talking to eachother about it, courtesy of the scribe's shiny object.

Here is the blueprint of the scribes and their blueprint.

1Ch 2:55

And the families of the scribes which dwelt at Jabez; the Tirathites, the Shimeathites, and Suchathites. These are the Kenites that came of Hemath, the father of the house of Rechab.

Tirathites are the 'LOUD SPEECH' element of their structure. Shimeathites and Succathites are the monopoly and censors. You can search those names to their roots. In this case, they're not tribes, but functions. Rechab means rider as in

Gen 49:17

Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward.

they also have names that mean 'softener' and 'sophist'. Their entire Talmud is sophistry. They're God's enemies. We should all know John 8:44. God has EVERYTHING to do with this.

Can President Trump be a President to stupid people? NO. His rallies show that Americans aren't so stupid as those scribes infiltrating and posing as alt-media would have us believe. Silent (((censored))) majority would be the opposite of loud mouthed squeaky wheels that get the grease. We are not alone. Don't be intimidated by poison blowfish. They only kill you if you eat it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"BECAUSE... It Can Lead to the Most Important Thing You Will EVER Discover."

Robert W Helton said...

Worry not.
I pray in silence, best I can.
Let the chips fall.

Adam said...

HA! Yesssss! I was reading away thinking "oh I wish Vis would come up with an awesome prayer that we could collectively use" and then the very next paragraph - you did!

Thank you, loved it.



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