Tuesday, August 24, 2021

"One Can go Mad Trying to Drink the Knowledge from the Ocean of Endless Knowing."

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All that we aspire to is within us. That means The Divine is right there at all times. We cannot know this if our attention is on other things. After a time, as The Dream takes an ever greater hold on us, The Divine becomes like a dream... far away. However, every now and then, one of us finds The Divine again and The Divine lives in them. This is going on in this world all the time. They are a rare breed. You are fortunate if you have met one because they can take you with them if they are so disposed. Then again... Karma, always Karma, until it is no more. They can help you with that too.

Some call it The Brotherhood of Light. Some call it The Great White Brotherhood (except that is now racist, even though it only refers to forces of The Light) some call it The Initiatic Brotherhood. It's been around for a very long time. Shambhala is one of their main ports of call, but there are numerous others in finer and finer atmospheres. One can learn about them if they are of a mind. The column of light goes up and in forever. There is always someone ahead and someone behind.

When The Divine is consciously resident in someone, it is The One. There is only one. It is because of this that The Wise immediately recognize one another because they are looking into a mirror. The same thing happens when they are looking at you. They do not discriminate between life forms. They merely understand them. They are resonant with The Divine in everyone. Even those deeply sleeping can feel it tremor in them, even if it is well after the fact.

Of course, there are degrees of advancement among Masters. Some have a fuller presence within. This is the nature of it. The ineffable slips into you and makes himself comfortable and then he expands in a widening aura that can take many generations to come to flower. Still... as Krishna said= “Success is SPEEDY for The Energetic.” It was said that The Buddha's aura extended from his physical body for many leagues. A league, for your information, is 3 miles. Imagine that!

The aura of The Sun extends far, far beyond that. As you can see, by this comparative, there are degrees of advancement, ever on and on. One evolves and ceases to be human. One eventually becomes a star on the vast carpet of night, spreading light in The Darkness. The Light, after a certain point, appears as darkness because it cannot be seen with mortal eyes.

We have The Eternal resident within us. It is always there. We would not be alive otherwise because The Eternal one is the life in us. It is The Recognition of this that is The Key to Everything. If your attention is on The World and its moments of uproar... well, there you are. If your attention is on The Divine... well, there you are. Concentration is the secret of the magical art. In one way or another we are all practitioners of the art; Bad Practitioners and Clumsy Dancers, but we are here to Learn. What we learn depends on what we give our attention to, and our desire makes some things more attractive than others. Some of us are wise enough to Unlearn, and as we do, the hooks and tangles of The World melt away. We willfully enmesh ourselves into the sticky strands of The Web. It takes a real artist to free us.

Those who call out from within ARE HEARD. Depending on how far you have drifted, it can take considerable time to return to The Islands of Sanity, and ONLY The Winds of God can blow you there. Ramakrishna said something like, “We must lift our sails to the winds of God and let them carry us home.” That's not verbatim, but the meaning is still there.

The force of illusion must be great indeed. People everywhere are caught up in The Dream. Meanwhile, the power of Divine Liberty is flowing, through and around the squalor and depravity of these fallen times. Look on the bright side, it had to happen. There has to be something to save, right? One is better off by making the determination to be saved by doing the groundwork that is required. Don't blame me. I didn't make the rules. It used to be that I didn't follow any rules unless I saw a good reason for it. Of course, I didn't know what the rules were. I do now, at least a little.

I wonder sometimes at what real masters can see. Early on, when I arrived in Philadelphia at The Guru Bawa Fellowship, I lived a few blocks away in an apartment. One day I was called in to see Guru Bawa because one of his translators had made a complaint about me. I can't remember her name, but she had this boyfriend, Bill Still, who had some rather unusual personal habits. We won't be discussing those today (grin). He also liked to smoke pot. He liked to smoke pot at every opportunity. His girlfriend, the translator, concocted a story in her mind that I was providing her boyfriend with pot. It was a common event in my life, for some time, to be accused of things I did not do. Bill had gotten the pot from Larry Schwartz who lived at my apartment.

Guru Bawa started lecturing me about drugs. I tried to explain it to him but you can imagine what I was up against when the person translating was the person accusing me. I was unable to make the truth evident to Bawa. Why couldn't he see through what was happening? I tell this story to point out something I then noticed several times as my life continued. We ONLY know what we are permitted to know, even Masters only know what they are permitted to know. Bawa was known as a saint, more than as a master. Saints are those in which Regenerated Innocence has been realized. They can also be masters, but not always. My point is that there is as much, if not more complexity in the invisible world, as there is in the visible world.

One can go mad trying to drink the knowledge from the ocean of endless knowing. Simplicity is ALWAYS the best course to take. Knowing unnecessary things can get you into unnecessary situations. These days we know a great deal more than we used to, and not all of what we know is true. Many people are living their lives based on what other people have told them. Tell the truth and you will be in small company. Tell a lie and you might have a line outside your door.

All of us are walking around with the object of our pursuit present within us. It is easily accessible, but it might not respond as we would like. It does not appear accompanied by conditions we insist upon. It only appears when those conditions are not present. One can learn nothing when filled up with all kinds of information that contradicts what is real within us. This is the separated mind at work. You have to free yourself of everything you previously permitted yourself to be influenced by. If you intend to build the new, you must tear down the old. Fortunately, you do not have to concern yourself with this because that process is carried out by The Guardian Angel.

I did have a reason for bringing this up today, and I assume that you come here because these things interest you. Let me share again, with a little more detail, what I do each day. I am not suggesting that this is the answer, only that it works for me. We ALL share in common certain necessary forms of behavior. We all eat. We all excrete. Most of us engage in some form of sexual congress. We all sleep, and, most especially, we all breathe. These are common behaviors, daily events we engage in. Some of us eat more than others, and the same applies to the other behaviors. It seems to me that in these acts lies immense opportunities to Spiritualize them. I am prayerful and affirmative with each of these as if they were a divine ritual. This means every time I perform one of these actions, with the exception of breathing, I do so... but I compensate for this by an unrelenting remembrance of The Presence of God.

My ONLY focus of sexual attraction is now for The Divine. A little study into arcane laws will tell you that “As Above, so below” exists in ALL WAYS.

I hold The World as a projection of The Mind, and I watch how I label and define anything. Unless God is with you all the time, in a conscious resonance, you are intermittent and inconsistent. It will take longer, and the lack of persistence will tell on you. This is VERY CRITICAL at this time because The Winds of The Avatar are blowing, and if you can lift your sails to it, you will have the power of God at your back to sail you Heavenward. Conversely, there is a whirlpool of regression swirling, and it is sucking everything not anchored, down into the recycling machine. That's just how it is. You can see it in all the media and in the attractions of The World. It is a suffocating death grip. It is cultural Fentanyl. Another time I will talk about my experience with Fentanyl. It is a Death Cruise, an engineering feat to make death appear desirable and as a comforting friend.

If you make every event in your life dedicated to The Divine, all of your acts will become divine. Yes... it might take some time, but if you are determined it can seem like no time at all, and there is a righteous joy and satisfaction that attends the thoughts, and words, and deeds of the committed soul.

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A few links for today. I don't have much for some reason, but the internet is jumping with news. You can find plenty at The Truthseeker.


Ray B. said...

(Before reading blog...)

LtPtB, I thwart those 'misplaced' posts by doing a copy/paste/save to a temporary file on my computer before sending the comment. If the original doesn't show-up by the next day, I just copy/paste from the temporary file to a new 'Post a Comment'. Easy. It is a habit now. I got pissed after a few long comments disappeared en-route to various sites.

(Interestingly, after I mentioned in a prelude to the next copy that this was an identical copy, the comments stopped disappearing. The perps were not causing lasting harm, and further deletions might even expose their agenda. No 'upside' for them...)

Anonymous said...

You have not met my teacher yet.
When he passed on, his body turned purple golden.
He knew a lot and more.
Sometimes, he would not say much because it is our karma to resolve or it was a test.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ray, most of my comments aren't really that important, and the second one I make is usually better, so. . . Sometimes my comments are just there to 'push buttons' so to speak. As of late, it seems like my first comment is always getting lost in the aether. It's happened many days in a row of late. What's funny is said comments weren't an issue with the state of things, but hey. The system may just be trying to annoy me. All I'll say to that is MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA! ALL I HAVE TO DO IS WAIT!

No further comment on the subject.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Now to comment on this beautiful post. It's so like, totally. I myself am living for the next realm, and have basically dismissed this one; since I can't stand it anyway. I also seem to be living in a different world and am but mildly inconvenienced by this one at present. I've been much more inconvenienced by it in the past, and I can thank my own doings for that (NOT!!!!!!!! Gods, I can be such an idiot at times. Ignoring intuition got me into some mighty hairy situations. Got out by the grace of Source in the most interesting ways.).

I suppose that is the benefit of joining the Tang Ping/Lie Down Flat movement, where you do as little as possible. Just working hard enough to make ends meet, and doing the bare minimum else wise, living in the virtual world, observing the era go down in flames on the internet, and reading or listening to my favourite mystics, who all seem to saying the same thing in different words.

Nostrils up!

Unknown said...

You kicked another goal with this dear brother.
Massive love for you Visible & your InVisibles as well.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an excellent VO ! Thanks.

Vis: "This is VERY CRITICAL at this time because The Winds of The Avatar are blowing, and if you can lift your sails to it, you will have the power of God at your back to sail you Heavenward."

In this regard, one of the most important things which I have learned is the art of doing nothing (grin). By this, I mean both being receptive to 'prompts' from Above and providing the space for said things to operate on and through me. It has been impressed upon me time and again that many higher-phenomenon will not happen if I am up-and-about and distracted by earthly culture. Some of them are even time-dependent, meaning that they have to happen today or the opportunity is missed. And to reiterate, much requires that I am semi-immobile (not even walking around) during those workings. My reward is all kinds of Unseen experiences and energy-work - 'outside' and 'inside'. Very cool.

(The counterpoint to this is a society that has been 'manufactured' to keep one both outwardly-oriented and running through life at high speed. Guess which part/aspect of all-God benefits from this situation?)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Flowers Attract Bees and Hummingbirds. Shit Attracts Flies."



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