Friday, August 13, 2021

"All You Can Do is To Go the Right Way Yourself and LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS!!!."

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Possibly, and in some cases, very likely, there are those confused, and wondering how there could possibly be a Golden Age coming, given what we see on a daily basis. The most ignorant and debased among us have been appointed to be spokestards for the rest of us, though most are paying little attention to begin with. The World of the present is like a gigantic supermarket that glows and radiates attractive force. The shoppers are aflame with appetite and desire, for products, daydreams, and each other, unless it happens to be Walmart.

If you could see them with the infrared eyes of a werewolf (or any wolf probably) the shoppers would all look like that little flame character that you see at the gas company. This is going to result in weeping and panic when a large percentage of what they are used to is no longer on the shelves; the shoppers, not the werewolves. The werewolves will be in Fat City.

In recent times we have grown accustomed to being assaulted with slogans; “Men can be women and give birth naturally,”. Monsters in hellish landscapes give birth to SOMETHING, so it stands to reason that people who CAN'T give birth to actual human progeny, do give birth to SOMETHING. “Black Lives Matter”, except to other black people, since they are killing each other in record numbers. We are all free to live our own truth irrespective of there being no such thing.

I am thinking about adapting Joni Mitchell's song “Both Sides Now” to modern circumstances. “I've looked at sex from both sides now.”

♫ Flaming strands of demon hair

and soft stool ice cream in the air

and barbed wire tattoos everywhere

I've looked at sex that way.

But now the darkness blocks the light

Hate is born for all things white

So many things I might have done

but sex got in the way

I've looked at sex from both sides now

from in and out and from behind

it's sex illusions I recall

I really don't know sex AT ALL

Goons and freaks and bondage wheels

the stoned and fucked up way you feel

these fairy tales are nightmare bound

I had my sex that way

The ones who bent me were so slick

I see now I was really sick

I hung myself in tranny-land

with ropes I wove from sex ♫

I could go on and on, but it would only make me angry and tired. This could and should be The Transgender Liberation Front Anthem.

PETA is now becoming one of the major killing zones for animals, and they have started taking people's animals from them for the most preposterous reasons. They took a man's lion away from him because it loved him too much. Everything these days is an example of dreadful irony or toxic hypocrisy. How can we expect a Golden Age to emerge from this?

Well now... what you see is not what you get in the end. As the Ignorant, Sexually Deviant, and Terminally Ambitious have taken over the airwaves of a compromised media, nothing is what it seems to be. The real meaning of the dramatic changes we are experiencing is not easy to see. This applies to longstanding terms and conditions, bandied about all around the world in politics and religions. For instance, the spiritual meaning of Jihad is the cleansing of unrighteousness from one's own being. It is not the meaning being given out to those who are paying little enough attention already. Abolish borders is actually about abolishing your own borders within as a precursor to The Age of Brotherhood.

Don't be deceived by appearances! Just because manifest conditions LOOK a certain way, does not mean THEY ARE THAT WAY. Most of the time people identify aspects of life according to their own preferences and prejudices. If it is something you can eat or hump, then that becomes the currency of understanding for those who like to eat and use each other for trampoline practice when they do The Horizontal Hula. The doomed and out-of-control troglodytes and thugs running around the world and performing mayhem on the unwary will not be around all that much longer.

The ravening zealots will not be around much longer either. All of the slogans and propaganda being disseminated at a wide reach is fabricated by The Usual Suspects, and as we can see, their intentions are to destroy whatever social harmony may still be present, and kill everyone not in agreement with them. It turns out they are also behind The Vaccines. Look it up! What do you know? It turns out they are behind just about everything that plagues existence at the moment; as has plagued existence over the long term. This is because they are agents of The Prince of Darkness. There is NO LONGER any doubt of this. It is self-evident. We are presently suffering from The Race Hustler Industrial Complex.

Huge agencies have been founded by the ones who print the money in order to fight the conclusions being reached by YOUR LYING EYES. I, and others, are telling you things are not what they seem and THEY are telling you what they want you to think.

If you have the patience, and if it matters to you at all, here is a site that has almost 200 pages of researched revelations, concerning The Usual Suspects and Evil in this World. Maybe you might put this aside as a reference source if you should find yourself in need of a wakeup. They have all manner of interesting articles. I'll just leave the subject there for your consideration at some later date, perhaps.

Most of us DO NOT WANT TO SEE what is really the case. It makes you liable for what you know. It can at least make you very uneasy. People would rather go down to the barbecue joint or some meat-rack accident zone, and not have to THINK about any of the unpleasant realities of life at the moment. “Maybe it will change! I'll just keep my head down until it does.”

Unless you are aligned with Heaven, you will be forced to make an uneasy truce with forces in which no peace has EVER been present. You become a pinball in an arcade game for the amusement of sociopaths. Appeasement has NEVER WORKED. I usually consider, “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves” to be a good operating mantra. Don't pick fights you can't win, and the ONLY way not to lose is to pick the side that has ALREADY won. I cannot explain how this works to someone whose resistance to the living truth within is their main course of action through the field of play. I can talk about FIRE to people who have not seen it, but it is like trying to explain physics to a tribe of Brazilian headhunters. They have their own way of understanding existence, and it works for them, within the framework of their society.

Some of us... just a few of us, are born as predators and there are demographics where the percentage of predators is much higher than it is elsewhere. Some of us are raised to hurt others, and in some locales, it is a group enterprise. I have turned a more penetrating eye to the low-jinks of a certain group of people in recent days, and I am truly stunned by the patterns of behavior I am observing. They are The Bad News Werewolves with rabies. That is a perpetuating thing.

The Good News is that The Avatar is coming and so is the fleshing out of The Age of Aquarius over the decaying corpse of the Piscean Age. The levels of corruption are presently at a higher level than at any time since Babylon. Sodom and Gomorrah are REAL, insofar as eternally transforming matter can be considered real. Let's say it is relatively real and it does hurt if you hit it at any speed.

Then... there are times when it hits you. Whaddayaknow? It's Friday the 13th. If the mouse stays in its hole the cat can't get it. If you keep your kitchen clean the vermin won't come. If you scour corruption from yourself it has no power over you. EVERYTHING in this world affects you according to the way in which you identify it and according to WHAT you associate with. That is the cost of doing that form of business.

You can't tell people who are hostages to their senses that there is an invisible world, impressively populated by entities they can't see. Depending on your level of conscious awareness, on that depends the quality of the life forms that are around you. The invisible nasties DO NOT come around where there is a particular concentration of LIGHT. Most of the time we invite them in on The Avenue of Appetites. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. Like attracts like. It is VERY SIMPLE!

If you permit Heaven to shape you then Hell can't touch you. Each radiating chakra that is associated with your being opens into an entire floor of specific life forms and possibilities of experience. It is like taking the escalator to a different level of a department store. It is as impossible to explain this to people with no reference points as it is to explain Fire to those who have never seen it; much less how to prepare the Fire, and cook on it.

Hard as it may be to believe, all of this will be worked out one way or another. People will go to the location their intention, and direction takes them to. You can't tell them they are going the wrong way. They will get angry with you. All you can do is to go the right way yourself and LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS!!!

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Sorry about posting a Petri Dish where an Origami should have been. I seldom know what is coming down the pipe.

Some links for your consideration=

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fully vaccinated man dies but it could have been worse
Fully vaccinated man dies of COVID-19, daughter says he was cautious


Kicked out & banned from @fourtwentybank in Palm Springs CA for trying to use the mens bathroom as a transman 😓😡 #discrimination #lgbtq #stitch #ftm

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This sounds like it will work as well as their other strategies. Do they think the Chinese and the Russians won't tell them about it?
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Anonymous said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Appreciated, indeed! NOSTRILS UP!

Franz said...

"The ravening zealots will not be around much longer either."


The hottest item on twitter (etc) is the cover of Time Magazine saying The Last Days of the Taliban... 20+ years ago.

You realize the Taliban might outlast Israel? They might even end up OWNING Israel. Rough justice is still possible, even if Cosmic Justice is superior. Things are getting interesting.'

Ray B. said...

Vis, a PD in VO clothes... ;-) Thanks!

I have a ladyfriend who is still fairly unaware. She has the various mainstream news channels droning-on for hours. On the one hand, I have an opening into the current programming (word used in both meanings). On the other hand, they sound like scraping fingernails on a blackboard. Roll with it...

The good news on the Unseen planes is that bad-guys continue to get Cleaned. They either go 'neutral' or even start to clean-up their mess. So, I expect a cascading-effect Down Here. Cool...

Other than that, as Vis said, "All you can do is to go the right way yourself and LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS!!!"

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. That is all I have to say. Thanks

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Cathar Prophecy

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Strange and Inexplicable Lightning Fills the Sky on Friday Night."

Anonymous said...

Oh my Allah

I wish you didn’t do that to Joni Mitchell’s song

You did it rather well though. Like extremely well!! You perfectly matched the metaphysical tune and melody. My regretful applause indeed

Still....I will never forgive you

Much love

Anonymous said...

About the fully "vaccinated" man dying:"Doctors said the condition of the father could have been worse if he was not vaccinated at all."

Visible said...

Bryan, I was REALLY hoping someone would get that. Thank you!



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