Thursday, December 17, 2009

Surviving the Storm or Missing the Boat?

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Perhaps as a result of recent spiritual practices and a more determined focus, I am experiencing periods of serenity. Maybe it’s some sort of emotional or mental climate change. Whatever the cause or source, it’s welcome. The distance between now, and the last time I felt this sort of deep equilibrium, is probably wider that the distance between Sidney and Broome because I could have walked there and back in that period of time.

Yesterday I listened to the latest interview with Cliff High which I linked in the comments section of all the consistently active blogs. I didn’t do this because I share this man’s premonitions of the future. So far I haven’t run across anyone who sees it the way I do. I don’t actually see it but I can feel it. I linked it because it’s thought provoking and disturbing. I did not send out the other spiritual PDF to the readers because I buy the party line. I sent it out because various portions of it are inspired and inarguable in the cosmic sense, regardless of what name tags or masks you attach to the single prevailing deity. The Sun is a seat of divine consciousness; a regent who rules for around four hundred million years. However, he is, in reality, simply an extension of the single controlling and all pervading ONE.

What makes Cliff’s interview so riveting is his obvious high (pun intended) intelligence and tremendous grasp of his subject matter and many ancillary areas of inquiry. The man is extremely informed. He’s also- and you can tell by his manner of speech- a humble man, with an atmosphere of humanity. He’s not a religious person. I could classify him as a visionary scientist. He’s extremely articulate and that can only come from years of disciplined application to his field of study as well as being comfortable in his skin. That requires an amount of honesty. There are any numbers of glib types around but often that facility is not seated in the virtues and, these days, occasionally a sign of psychopathy.

As I listened to Cliff, I couldn’t help but get frequent images from the recent film, “2012”. It all seems pretty fantastic. Then I looked at my own life and the supernatural experiences I have had along the course of it and all the inter-dimensional and other inexplicable visitations and I am left not knowing what to think or what to say.

My visceral brain tells me that this “Shape of Things to Come” phenomenon is overly dramatic. Cliff has indicated that his modality does tend to amplify possibilities so that’s a disclaimer as to intensity. Still... I consider myself a reasonable man in possession of some amount of objective capacity. I’m looking for the truth. I’m not looking to prove something I want to be true or to disprove something I don’t want to accept. I want to see more clearly so that I can adapt more completely. I want to give myself over to a greater awareness and be absorbed into it. That’s my goal. I have a certain amount of work that has been assigned to me in relation to the outer world but that’s not my deepest and most compelling concern. I’m after the continuous presence of the ineffable, nothing else and nothing less.

Toward the end of the interview there were people calling in and talking about where they had put themselves and wanting to know from Cliff where he thought a safe place to be might be. This part of the program gave me a rueful smile and a sense of that particular blindness and desire to live that is a characteristic of all life. We want to feed and copulate and entertain our minds. We want to live forever as what we are and the actual reality of living forever entails constant change. Death and change are interchangeable.

Perhaps you can imagine the terror that comes to those who have spent their life in the acquisition of material things and are seated behind their locked doors and often unaware that Death has a skeleton key. All that is familiar to them is represented to them in the reports of their senses. They have spent little time exploring the regions beyond the senses and therefore it is the terrifying unknown. It is really just another country. One should make it a point of studying the bandwidths of the different rays and how they relate to each other. There’s a lot to be gained there.

There is a reason why the television and radio is always on in the homes of the elderly. It is the necessary and incessant distraction that is used to turn the mind away from the contemplation of what awaits and what lies beyond the constricted parameters of their daily routines and repetitions of the same old same old. Death is a liberator but we seldom see it as such. Yama can have more than one face but you are advised to give him a friendly visage.

Yes, there is a great harvesting on the horizon. It is also an aperture for departure to many further locations. We aren’t all going to the same place and I don’t mean that in any context of Heaven or Hell. The universe is a very big place and it has a lot of locations. Each of us has a destiny that involves Self Realization as the completion of our state but we also have particular areas of employment in which we demonstrate what we are individually. As a result we go to different places to learn more about how to do what we do better.

I have come to realize that everything that happens to me, every small event in every day, is geared toward my improvement and ultimate liberation. Since I don’t know the end result of each following condition, there is a natural impulse to rebel against circumstances, instead of cooperating with them and exponentially easing my passage through them. Just the other day I was told this and so I’m watching it now and I can see that it’s so. I don’t want to fight against the force that is leading me out of the brambles of this tangled realm. Sometimes I feel like a child being given a bath. Instead of enjoying the warmth of the water and the loving hands I am resisting the experience and turning it into something it’s not.

Where would one go to live in order to be one of those who survive? I’m laughing. It’s not funny in a lot of ways but I am laughing. Several years ago I got the message that I should look for somewhere other than where I was living. Where I was living (and still am half the time) is a pretty secure and pastoral place. Where I am now is even more so. It’s not in a mountainous area surrounded by even greater mountains like the first place but it is definitely out of the way. It’s also not on the way to anything but more of the same. There’s water in several directions and I suspect a kilometer high tidal wave might reach here, depending on how much force was in it. A tidal wave can only go in one direction. Am I in that direction? I don’t know.

For some reason, thoughts of survival do not enter my head. I will survive in any case. I am eternal. I will change and in time I may well be very different than I am today but it will still be me and I will still be somewhere. I know that the shit is going to hit the fan. I’ve been very conscious of that for at least ten years. I’ve seen it coming and I’ve seen it verify the shapes I expected it to take so I am pretty secure (poor choice of words?) in the reality of it imminence. There’s going to be a whole lotta shakin going on. If my presence is required I will remain here. If it is required elsewhere I will go. I’m not going to hoard weapons and ammunition and large supplies of food. I have no real material wealth and that doesn’t trouble me. I’m just going to continue to reach within and serve without in whatever small way I am able to.

My gut tells me that what is coming is going to be a surprise to everyone and not the same as what anyone is predicting. It’s going to be different and it is going to have a definite spiritual element. My gut tells me that promotions and demotions are on the horizon in a very big way. My inner sense tells me it’s all under control right down to the smallest particle. I look at the night sky and I see the order and symmetry of it all and it tells me that this applies in every case. I recognize there’s some wiggle room in the dynamics given free will but I think that’s a bit of a misnomer somehow too.

My advice to myself is to work on myself and seek to improve as a human being and to be mindful of the indwelling presence as much as I am able and to consistently seek to be more mindful. I do believe the rest will take care of itself.

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William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best
It's weird that what you write on is often what I've been thinking about a few hours or minutes before. Well, maybe not so weird.
Yeah, I was thinking what are the wealthy going to do when no one wants their "stuff" anymore?
Money, jewels, gold-valueless.

Pstonie said...

I think you're right about the surprise. One of the things that I noticed about the interview is that nothing was mentioned about the coming context change, which was supposed to happen on the 29th but has recently been moved to starting tomorrow.

Either the HPH guys don't know what it is or they won't tell, I'm thinking the former.

I also don't care if I die really, I would just like to see some of it. I want to be there when people will have no choice than to wake up or go completely mad.

Todd said...

That's good writing.

Anonymous said...

My gut tells me your right. I keep saying , "expect the unexpected".

moon said...

Les that is what cliff call "love the wave".


paolocaruso said...

Lets look at it this way: do we really think Ben Bernanke is so creative, innovate and brilliant, that his decisive decisions avoided catastrophy, and his leadership and that of a US congress and a guy named Obama is going to make everything right with deficit spending. Do you really believe that the US will tame Afghanistan and defeat Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, etc.
The only positive commentaries and predictions in the MSM are from pundits that happen to be jewish. So I look at this as some sort of psychological retail ploy as in "that suit is really you, would you like a tie with that".

I think the scam has outdone itself to the point that any previous cyclical data is no longer relative. The shitsky is going to hit the fan. I think Americans are for the most part brain dead and are due for a rude awakening.

Mind you, part of me is not wishing for this, but the other part say.. hey what the fk did they expect.

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for answering also my (non spoken) questions about Cliff and the PDF you sent me.

The fact that you seem to answer my questions to the Divine, surprises me less and less. Given your growing readership you might have your work 'cut out' for you!

When listening to the dire messages from Cliff, I wondered what my reaction to this would have been a year ago - I would have been scared sh*tless, I think.

In the mean time I have had, a rather rude awakening. I lost my business, my savings, my wife, my health (cancer) and my home.

But all this was not yet enough for me to seek inside.

Only on the very verge of actually dying from starvation, I finally cried out: 'I have had enough of this life; if this was it, I have to say it was somewhat of a disappointment'.

The next day I was rushed to hospital for intravenous feeding and further recovery.

I tell this story, and that's what it is now for me really, and should be for you - only a story! to answer some of your readers questions on what hardships it can take before you start looking for the answers inside.

Looking back I now see it as setting the pre-conditions (loosing all material stuff) and providing the drive, the opportunity and time to study all different methods of 'seeking' and finding answers -in short, a gift!

In this quest I have always found a 'safe Haven' here at Visible Origami. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Les and all!

Which brings me to a question. If the 'sh*t is going to hit the fan' pretty soon, how can we best assist our 'still sleepwalking' friends and relatives?

I myself 'don't know' (grin)


Rebel 4E said...

Wherever I am,
There I am....,

Facinating read..



"Make no mistake. The times we are in are supposed to be scary as hell. That's a very strong element of the equation"

"However, the fear that is created is not the end of the story -- it is, more importantly, a trigger for our mass awakening"

"The fear we have experienced, and are all experiencing to varying degrees, breaks down the complacency that has kept us in a static, miserable, lonely and depressing state of being -- and renews a sense of the mysterious, the unknown, and the magical"

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

While reading your article several thoughts came, sort of all at once, beginning with a remembrance of two proverbs from the Christian Bible:

"Cursed be the man who puts his trust in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from the Lord." (Jeremiah 17:5),


"He that trusts in his riches shall fall: but the righteous shall flourish as a branch." (Prov. 11:28).

As I understand it, the gist of a curse is that it causes the person who is under it to sort of go in circles; year after year making the same mistakes. And the sin of trusting in riches is a commonplace door opener to a curse.

But it can get worse: A lot of the time a curse functions as a beach head for a demon to come to and to operate from who will try its best to amplify the curse and all its ingredients, not only as an imperialistic ploy but also as a mechanism of self protection, as a shield to prevent itself from future exposure.

The satanic realm works a lot like a military dictatorship in which everyone lives in constant fear and is perpetually preoccupied with his own self-advancement. Each foot soldier has to answer to a more powerful superior (and up the ladder it goes all the way to Satan himself) so that at every level each soldier is stuck in a situation in which he has to perform, or else. And this makes it all the more unfortunate for the person being inhabited by a demon, because they usually go forever in the wrong direction.

We can see the consequences of it in the ruling class who have put all their eggs in the one basket of the love of money (and the power it affords them), as they live out their lives devoid of compassion and the things that make life worth living. And it's everyone else who has to suffer for their selfishness and greed. But it's not all bad for us who are suffering now because we're doing the suffering now. The fate of suffering that awaits the ruling class is a lot different, a whole lot worse, and without end.

Boulderdash said...

Thanks, for another wonderful essay.

Your writing continues to sooth our souls as the world approaches the climax of civilization (or is it, uncivilization).

WV - cante - sing on, my friend...

Peter said...

***Perhaps you can imagine the terror that comes to those who have spent their life in the acquisition of material things and are seated behind their locked doors and often unaware that Death has a skeleton key.***
For some inexplicable reason,that line put a huge smile on my face. The imagery of locked door and skeleton key was vivid, beyond description.

Dammerung said...

I wish we could turn Terra itself into that Heaven; into that place people want to go. If the places of our childhood memory could also be the places of our afterlife rest. I want Los Angeles and Akihabara to be connected with non-stop hoverflights to New Jerusalem, a short maglev ride from the Summerlands. I want to go forward without leaving the Earth behind.

I wish we could work because we love what we do and not because we need to keep the rent paid up. Authors should write and not wait tables. People who love model trains should have a fortune in criss-crossing miniature railways behind their downtown store front and should be able to teach children all day about the difference between L and HO scale.

I don't understand how we've gone so far astray or if it's even possible to accomplish this. Maybe Terra herself is too young and immature to support us in such an endeavor; maybe humans simply can't peacefully coexist. Still, it's a nice idea. The idea of which keeps me through the days of keeping rent paid up. But if only the places of our childhood could also be the places of our ascension...

Anonymous said...

"Well someone stepped from the crowd he was nineteen miles high
He shouts retired and disgusted so we paint red through the sky
I said the truth is straight ahead so don't burn yourself instead
Try to learn instead of burn, hear what I say, yeah, yeah.

So I fin'ly rode away but I'll never forget that day
'Cause when I reached the valley I looked way down cross the way
A giant boat from space landed with eerie grace
And came and taken all the dead away."

Origen the heretic said...

"Free will is a golden thread running through a matrix of frozen events." R.A.H.

Gentlepersons, choose your thread.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

"I have come to realize that everything that happens to me, every small event in every day, is geared toward my improvement and ultimate liberation. ..I’m not going to hoard weapons and ammunition and large supplies of food…I’m just going to continue to reach within and serve without in whatever small way I am able to.
"My advice to myself is to work on myself and seek to improve as a human being and to be mindful of the indwelling presence as much as I am able and to consistently seek to be more mindful. I do believe the rest will take care of itself."
A cogent and superb summing-up.

I had become thoroughly disheartened and disturbed by what is happening on this beautiful planet, and emotionally tossed about. Since I started reading your spiritual posts about half a year ago, I've become serene. Sorrowful, but not despairing.
I've been able to re-connect with what I'd read earlier, recall forgotten events, and read new material too, some from your pdf files. Though I feel as strongly now as I did then about the injustices, cruelties, exploitaions, and dishonesties being practised by individuals and whole nation-states, I'm convinced "All shall be well", and that all that is being allowed to happen is for just and fair reasons. There is free will. But the One is supremely just and caring. "There is providence in the fall of a sparrow."
One can only wish that the suffering and pain of all could be lessened and cease sooner rather than later; that the changes that are due will be swift, the suffering connected with them, short, and positive transformations in spirit, lasting.
From what I've read in parapsychology, in sources like the Journal of the Soc for Psychical Research, The Churches' Fellowship for Spiritual Studies etc, and autobiographies or biographies of (mainly British) mediums from the late 19C to now, for a period, at least, after the disconnection of the link between consciousness (spirit, soul, etc) and the body (physical death), the discarnate consciousness can think into being whatever physical surroundings it wants. And what it creates (by desire and thought) is perceived also by the others in its perceived company, who are also at its level or frequency of vibration, so it's not a hallucination.
A good thing that choice plays a part, for some may want to recapture childhood surroundings, but those whose childhoods were filled with pain and suffering would not want to recapture theirs.

moon said...

Dammerung, people do coexist and live in a tolerable harmony, as humanly possible. Heaven is not on earth and thank god I don't need to day dream about my childhood, thank god I am no longer a child that need nursing and guidance from big people, thank god I know what I know now and I wouldn't go back a step not for all the false promisses made by delusionist degeneret people that you may call big brothers, promisses of more richess built on beheaded civilizations.
Wake up it is time to go pray that the wave doesn't take you too far from your litle school playground where you still go round and round.

Anonymous said...

"If they make you hate them then they win". Richard Nixon

We are our own worst enemies. We created the PTB. And because of our own greed and arrogance the PTB have been able to lead us around by the nose.

I believe people need to purge their souls of hatred and rage.

Dammerung said...

We must be prepared to utter the all-important word against Authority: "No"

I still don't know, however, if it's right to tell them "No" and then cut off their blind them, cut off their hands, and kick them down the stairs into the street.

No heroism, no evil, no right, no wrong - just human beings, fighting and dying as they do.

Dammerung said...

Kheireddine said...

What the Hell would you know anyway? I won't have anyone else define what I should want, what I should hope for, how I should live.

People who think they have the Answer are intolerable. There are more Answers than there are Questions.

Joe Bloggs said...

Great Scot! Sweet moohsick for mined ears, and no added shure gear, ether - brill.

"there is a natural impulse to rebel against circumstances"

No, there ain't! No way, it isn't so!

from the loutspeakers:

Get back in line! No fooloolink around in the rear seats. Stop fidgetin', you might get aauwwwwhhhh


yeah, sorry Roge, the bears S.W.A.T mademe doowt

Anonymous said...

"Which brings me to a question. If the 'sh*t is going to hit the fan' pretty soon, how can we best assist our 'still sleepwalking' friends and relatives?"

By your example of fearless faith
and great expectation for what is
to come following the 'self
destruction' of what presently is.

Have love for all and give freely.

Anonymous said...

Having lost a second brother to cancer last week I have been doing a lot of reflection. I have been wondering how much their desires, dreams, perceptions and beliefs go towards creating that next reality? I also look at their lives and I don't experience time but a single enity. Since time is an illusion we are more like a particle that holographic. Time is just the shifting perception of a hologram.

When we reach enlightenment we will turn to light and become like a beautiful ornament in the holographic crystal.

Stay in the light, be the light...


Anonymous said...

So we are a lot of people around the world sensing, feeling that some kind of big event will change the future. I am quite sure something will happen.
What bothers me is what will happen to all the normal, decent people?
It is also like we now have a choice. Wich path will we choose?
Will we continue to sell our souls for nothing?
Will wisdom and love get a chance?

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 18.61

īśvaraḥ sarva-bhūtānāḿ

hṛd-deśe 'rjuna tiṣṭhati

bhrāmayan sarva-bhūtāni

yantrārūḍhāni māyayā


The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone's heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy.


Arjuna was not the supreme knower, and his decision to fight or not to fight was confined to his limited discretion. Lord Kṛṣṇa instructed that the individual is not all in all. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, or He Himself, Kṛṣṇa, as the localized Supersoul, sits in the heart directing the living being. After changing bodies, the living entity forgets his past deeds, but the Supersoul, as the knower of the past, present and future, remains the witness of all his activities. Therefore all the activities of living entities are directed by this Supersoul. The living entity gets what he deserves and is carried by the material body, which is created in the material energy under the direction of the Supersoul. As soon as a living entity is placed in a particular type of body, he has to work under the spell of that bodily situation. A person seated in a high-speed motorcar goes faster than one seated in a slower car, though the living entities, the drivers, may be the same. Similarly, by the order of the Supreme Soul, material nature fashions a particular type of body to a particular type of living entity so that he may work according to his past desires. The living entity is not independent. One should not think himself independent of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Animadverto said...

Thanks Les for this revealing post. While this is not a surprise to me it has enabled me to - what I refer to as - "getting the fix". I was really close to the fix point, as it was, this just achieved the absolute.

I did a little extra looking around regarding the moon topic that came up in the broadcast and, once again, was able to "get the fix" I was searching for. It reminded me of the very last scene in the first Space Odyssey movie.

My only anger is how could things one Earth digress to the point that they have and this certainly does answer the question. The Elites are all scrambling to save their own “inbred” hides at the cost to everyone else. Unfortunately, all the people I know, if I were to tell them, would look at me like I am mad. It’s really funny because they think I am anyway, already.

No skin off my back at this point. I will just laugh right back at them. Its different with "the fix", the confidence is certain.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,
Your writings are an inspiration to all that read them. As to the future, I agree there will be no safe havens in this reality of human existance. For what is coming to this realm of existance no one will be able to put a stop to. It will not be a time to worry or be afraid of the coming events.

One must think of one thing, and that is to simplify ones thoughts and the way you live, and be of the purest of heart. Think of the beauty of this planet and all it provides, and the innocense of your children.

Once you find that inner peace, there will be no need to relate to all the greed, corruption, and evil that surrounds mankind. It is soon to vanish, and all those that have made that inner vibrational connection will be transformed to a destiny far greater than what anyone can imagine!

The human heart is where it all starts, for that is where the whole universe presides. Its in all of us, you just have to believe and let go of everthing else that has been programmed in you from the very beginning of your life.

Once you let go, humanity will finally realize what the multiverse has in store for you, and where the rest of the civilizations of the universe await. Then maybe one day, eons from now, we will all meet our creator at the source where it all began with open arms.

But thats not whats important, for he or she will be there, its the knowledge and wisdom you learn along the way, and the many discoveries that await along the journey, that is whats important!


Just A. Human said...

It is almost midnight here. I just took a break from my own writing, and ended up reading your article. I have been reading your articles, on and off basis, for a long time. I can say that none of your previous writings (that I have the honor to read) have revealed so much of you as this one.

It seems that you try to modulate the signal enough to hide the original frequencies!

All this monkey business is going on for last 20 years to prevent the “happening”. They know not that their own acts are ushering in what they have been so desperately trying to stop. Funny, No! (Pardon the influence of my past French colleague).

It is simply the matter of bringing the evolutionary marvel, The Earthling, under control. You will feel the beauty of truth when the gracious and compassionate Human assumes the control and command of your physical form and inducts it to the corridors of humans. There is always peace and tranquility for humans.

Steve B said...

Yet again Les, you write a masterpiece!!!!! This whole setup of yours is eternal. You know, I used to get so angry when I heard things in the whore press but now, and for a long time gone, everything they spew out just brings a wry smile to my face, they are all sinking fast and they know it, they are to be swallowed up by the ocean, we are the ocean. Fantastic writing sir, even when you rant you bring a sense of serenity.
For the ones amongst us who are not yet rousing from their slumber I suggest they play 'road to hell' by Chris Rhea a few thousand times, when that sinks in, then they will be ready for Les Visibles and all the awareness that he brings.

Peace Les

su said...

Living where I do with the second highest murder rate in the world, death has become something we have had to face often.

A year ago I heard a friend of mine in the village had just heard of her fathers murder on his farm. I got on my bike and rode to her house and found her sitting with pain, with grief in her study. In front of her was a flower and two roses. She told me the one rose was for her father and the other his killer.
She said this from a space of deepest peace.

That singular experience did more to form me than anything else. Including having children.
It shifted my perception about death and acceptance of violence.

I am so with you on this platform, I am okay if this body dies, I am not this body.
I am open to the infinite possibilities opening up right now.
What a journey and what an amazing time -

Anonymous said...

Hi Les
Once again you hit the nail on the head before i found your writings i was a lost soul but now i am much happier and serene you have the insight that is needed in this mad world so clif is spot on when he mentions you in this issue
cheers Dan

Anonymous said...

Hello Les.

I'm happy to take what the cosmos is throwing. I cannot wait, actually. No fear at all.

On the other hand, GMO... aspartame... fluoride... chemtrails... deforestation... nuclear waste dumping... war... rampant mercury/squalene vaccination craziness... twisting climate change/solar change into global warming taxes... state-sonsored terrorism... cancer, AIDS, etc... so hard to keep dealing with/dodging these hits to the psyche.

Maybe Obama will ride into Copenhagen tonight on his lavender-expelling jet to save the world? Pfssst.

We feel guilty that them with a whole lot less in other parts of the globe are getting the shaft harder and faster, and rightly so. I joined Amnesty a few years back to campaign for political prisoners, only to find Amnesty were taking advertising money from population reduction think-tanks. Everywhere you turn...

Keep doing the best you can locally, I guess. Enjoy saying that word 'NO' to TPTB. Pushback, I think it's called. And then hang onto the biggest tree, in the next coupla years.

Love your words Les.

Mark, in Worcestershire, UK.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Norway Spiral and the Ticks on the Run.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les! it's uncanny laddy, I ordered The Shape of Things to Come report last week, it just arrived as I'm reading this current article of yours. Half Past Hurrah!! : )

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les and everyone.

That was a good read Rebel I hung onto that one.

John mentioned the Ukraine. did have a link about the spraying over there and black lung. If it is in the German press I am happy to see it. It looks like any excess vac will be given to the third world to (help them.) In the U.S. they are trying to get the vac to the school children faster to (help them.) Doing it for children, it takes a village.
If you are going to have population reduction it only makes sense they kill the children first.

It is also mentioned some doctors simply pretend to give the shot to those mandated for it. Many hundreds becoming sick in Ireland after the shot, a French health minister summoned to court concerning the vaccinations and more.

This is the most amazing bullshit I have ever come across. The WHO will not release the 12 flu advisors they use but Russia is seriously questioning the evidence of the whole affair.

I also saw a link somewhere concerning planes forced to land in India and a plane shot down over Chine, don't remember where right now. Probably rense.

Indian students are protesting GM corn however, so good news there.

In other tidbits Diana was a Rothschild, this one was news to me, (Rixon) and her death is sparking acrimony among the power elite. (Alta)

Russian triangle UFO seen over the country, pic in a British paper. (Alta again)

Ride the wave as they say, any other choice?

Anonymous said...

Form from Sound

Material creation begins from sabda or sound, which manifests all the material elements and is present in them. There is sound in ether; sound in air; sound in fire; sound in water; and sound in earth. Although vibration of sound is invisible, it creates visible vibrations in shape of form. In traditional Indian music, there are presiding gods and goddesses for each of the ragas and raginis (melodies) that can be invoked by sound. For example, it is said that when an expert vocalist sings the Vasanta-raga (spring melody), one can see a beautiful youth (Cupid) bedecked with flowers in the sky. In other words, the sound vibrations of the song create a visible form in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Just in!
NASA has found proof of life on Mars.
Pathfinder's CD recorder was stolen..

John said...

Rebel4E, thanks for that link to divinecosmos. That is fascinating. I will choose that as my new reality framework. I prefer it to all the others presented so far.

Here's a long video the same guy, David Wilcock, did with Project Camelot. I'm going to watch it now.

Hey, Mick. ;)

John said...

Here's the link for the video that I think I omitted...

John said...

Wow, Les. I just heard of David Wilcock a couple of days ago. And, now you posted his Norway Spiral video on SM. What do you think of this guy? I'm digging into what he's laying down.

Visible said...

I don't know anything about him. I never heard of Rik Clay either until someone posted about him today (or whenever it was).

I see a certain portion of the news, enough to see what the liars are saying and then the shades of gray that lead away from it into the direction of the truth. Otherwise I keep to myself.

Nothing going on out there is much different than what is usually going on with the human self deception as it continues for whatever millions of years it crosses... always starting over again. It probably goes on forever.

the BCth said...

I've been into David Wilcock's site for about a year, and I find his viewpoint and the information he brings out to be consistently uplifting and inspirational. His work is definitely a staple of my Internet sanity diet. :D

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Anonymous said...

That totally resonated with me - I have never left a comment before but this time I just had too.

If you don't mind - I would like to print that off and keep a copy of the words that remind me not to fear.


Anonymous said...

David Wilcock reminds me of the 90-day wonders that emerge in AA. In the past few Project Camelot interviews I've heard, he's eased into using "we" and "our" when referring to Bill & Kerry's enterprise. He uses/repeats alot of others' work, often seeming - to me - to speak beyond his own knowledge or experience. The Edgar Cayce reincarnation aspect of himself doesn't quite jar with my studies of Cayce either. Perhaps I'm just out of his signal range, but I remain skeptical.


Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

How do They do It? It Baffles the Mind.

John said...

Rebel4E was the one whose post first led me to look at David Wilcock.

I posted about Rik Clay. If you haven't heard his many hours of interviews I have them saved somewhere...some of them were from a 'pay' section of a website.

David Wilcock, right or wrong, I like his tone so far. I'm still in the middle of his 'Return to Camelot' video, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

William--Like your comment about gold. Gold has some practical application but nothing that would justify it's high price. Mostly all people do with gold is hoard it. Paper money is worth more than gold because at least you can wipe with it.


John said...

McCob, when paper is in short supply dried corncobs do the trick, in a pinch.

Anonymous said...

truth shake
hearts arouse
medicine maker
peace wave sounds
by the power
of true peace
blow the four winds
medicine cheif
scatter seeds
far and wide
mother nature
old and wize
father heaven
living light
eternal river
open eyes.


Anonymous said...

John, Thank You, I will keep that in mind.


Jen and Ron said...

Aloha! I'm a fairly new reader and just wanted to thank you. You put into words what I can't. Somehow you are able to put all the fragmented pieces of my own thoughts into a stream of words that actually make sense! I came to visit via Shape of Things to Come and George Ure. I had to go find the Dog Poet! :)
Nice tunes too! Jen



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