Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Presence under My Olive Trees

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Tomorrow is Christmas; the day they decided to celebrate the birth of the Sun King. Louis might object to being preceded but he was as much the Sun King as any of today’s leaders are possessed of kingly virtues. Most leaders aren’t, nor most kings. Present day royalty... many of whom purchased or expropriated their titles are a pretentious lot. Some earned them in bed and some earned them by carrying out loathsome tasks that were too dicey for the regent to engage in. I’ll admit that Baron Visible has a nice ring to it but I’ve already got a title, it just isn’t operative here.

I’ll be spending Christmas alone except for the dogs. That is not uncommon for me. The same goes for birthdays. I can remember one birthday party in my life. It was attended by eight beautiful women, who were all friends of mine and one guy. That was nice. Otherwise it turns out to be a day like any other. I’ve no idea why this happens to me. I guess it comes with the territory...

A lady who lives across the way from me and who is very wealthy asked me to feed her dog while she was gone. It’s a German Shepherd who is about 15 years old. He can’t walk very well anymore and she mentioned that to me but what she didn’t mention was what I have been discovering in taking care of him. He falls down and can’t get up and sometimes it rains here and sometimes it can get cold. It’s been warm the last day or two- 70 Fahrenheit in the day. Before that it was cold and raining and the dog would just fall down somewhere and have to lay there until I arrived.

His water bowl was black with some sort of accretion that comes when water sits for a long time. Didn’t it occur to her to clean his bowl? I found him laying in his own wastes today. I lift him to his feet and try to care for him. He stumbles about the way someone really intoxicated might do and sometimes he falls down and I have to pick him up again. She feeds him this dry food which he seems to like. My dogs get hamburger or chicken and rice which I fix for them. It doesn’t seem fair, so I bring chicken dogs over to mix with his food.

He’s a wonderful dog. I took care of him last year around this time and he could get around pretty good. He’s a very big dog. He must have been something in his prime. When I come over to the house now, (which is surrounded by high stone walls with a chain link fence on the side that faces my property across the field that I walk to get there) I can hear him lifting his voice in a plaintive bark. There is no question he is crying out for help. I’ve gotten to where I’m checking on him now and again in the day but what can I do really? I can’t get him into his dog house and what about getting him out when he has to go?

I have to suppress my resentment against this woman who insisted on giving me a bottle of cheap champagne and some pastry for 3 weeks of attending to her dog. I don’t expect payment for doing the right thing but this is difficult for me. This noble champion dog is just left there after all those years of service, to lay in the rain and his own excrement because he can’t get up. He’s probably lying there right now. If I go over and lift him up he will just fall down soon enough again.

I can’t bring him back to my house which is what I want to do because my dog Poncho doesn’t play well with others and I’ve got a little German Shepherd puppy that I pulled out of an olive grove a couple of weeks ago and he’s real fragile and I have enough trouble getting Poncho to be indulgent of him. This big, crippled Shepard would be a problem.

This woman is a millionaire several times over. She could have hired someone to stay at her house and give the dog full time attention. It is little enough to ask after all those years of love and protection that this dog gave her and I just don’t understand people. I don’t understand people at all. They do this to their pets and they do this to their farm animals and they do this to each other. They are clear sailing in their minds and it just doesn’t seem to bother them.

Susanne has a sister named Tatina Lieberman (she married another Roger Nietzsche to get the Swiss citizenship; I’m referring to Bagwan Rajneesh... later called Osho) and lives in Basel in an apartment she purchased with money borrowed from their joint inheritance and never paid back. The reason we live with Susanne’s mother is because I found out, while we were living in Munich, that Tatina was trying to get her mother’s driver’s license revoked and put her in a home. I told Susanne we had to move down there.

Because we did this, Tatina stole nearly seven hundred thousand Swiss francs from her mother’s account and cleaned out her safety deposit box of certain valuables including Krugerrands and a kilo of gold. She also took items from the house. She’s a despicable character and she has no shame whatsoever. Every now and again she used to call and say that she had a terminal brain tumor but she never seemed to die from it. Now she doesn’t call anymore at all. She’s wired into the Osho fellowship and she’s got all kinds of pictures of Buddhas and goddesses and spiritual books.

Susanne and her mother and I, including the dogs, get by one way or another. I don’t miss what Tatina stole because it was never mine in the first place. Besides, I am one of the richest men on Earth, I hardly lack for anything important.

Susanne and I have taken care of her mother for the last ten years and I must say that it has been one of the most rewarding things that ever happened in my life. Her mother is just about as sweet a person as you will ever find. She is immensely grateful for every small attention and always has a smile on her face. She seldom complains and she’s also very sharp. So is that dog, whose name is “Black”. He’s deaf and he can hardly walk but he knew Poncho was outside of the solid metal gate even though Poncho made no sound and he unerringly found his way to the low rock wall where I had laid the chicken dogs for no more than a minute. Even though they were gone, he knew they’d been there.

Why am I talking about this dog and this Vampire Sister from The New Age on Christmas Eve? I’m alone this Christmas and I don’t miss people much anyway but I am alone and I will be alone through the holidays and until I head north, whenever it is that I do but... I’m not sitting outside like Black tonight (thankfully it is mild at the moment) and I’m not Tatina. Black is far more human than Tatina will ever be and right now he’s laying out in the grass (I hope he’s laying in the grass) and he can’t walk and his mistress went off on a trip and left him and I know just how fine a creature he is because I’ve been watching him for several years and I know a good dog when I see one. Meanwhile Tatina is living it up on her stolen dime ripped from her mother’s savings for her old age. Tatina’s defense of her theft was that it was for her old age. She glides through life, air kissing the empty space between her lips and the cheeks of the people she pretends to care about. She should be in Hollywood. There are plenty like her there.

The real reason I am writing this is out of gratitude that I am not like Tatina and that I am not in Black’s situation. I don’t know what to do about Black. The logistics are che non consentono. There are a lot of dogs worse off than Black tonight and there are more people like Tatina than we care to admit. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard variations on this same theme happening to some old lady or old man. I watched a football game tonight that was played in San Diego last weekend and I watched the crowd and they were howling and shaking their fists and jumping up and down and I thought, there are so many more of them than there is of us.

I’m glad to be who I am even if it means I am alone a lot of the time. I am truly glad that I never stole my parent’s money when they were unable to care for themselves and I would never leave my dog in a situation like I find Black in. I just could not do such a thing, so I consider myself a very lucky man. I’ve made my share of mistakes but they have been mostly crimes against myself, or reckless blows against the empire. People who knew the facts would say that I’ve had a hard life until recently but I wouldn’t trade any of it for what it has taught me. In the spirit of that I wish all of you a wonderful day tomorrow and I hope you know how to count your blessings because most of you are as rich as I am.

Something for Jesus Christ and Tatina too

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psychegram said...

I don't know what to say. Except ... I'm even more grateful to be with my family today. Yes, I know you don't mind being alone, weird hermit that you are, but ... it's still sad.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Les. And Susanne, and her mother, and Black ... and all the other fine people out there. All the best, man.

Anonymous said...

"Besides, I am one of the richest men on Earth, I hardly lack for anything important."

Thank you. Indeed, this is what each of us should strive to be able to say about ourselves. Are you rich in what really matters? If we focused on this definition of wealth instead of pursuing vacuous and fleeting material symbols, the world would be a much nicer place. Much blessings to you Les. My door is open to you should you ever come to this side of the pond (if you can tolerate a deafie...know sign language? Smiles!)

Visible said...

I did study sign language for awhile because I thought it would be a way to communicate internationally, such was not the case. I've forgotten most of it now but I do know the universal language and I live in Italy a lot of the time where more is said in gestures than are ever said in words.

Visible said...

Season's greetings psychegram...

You've been one of the good things to happen to this place.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. ASL is nothing like British Sign, which in turn looks nothing like Spanish or Italian Sign...each is a unique language much like spoken and written languages are unique. ASL and French sign are sisters, like the romance languages are related. There is an international sign called Gestuno. Notice the similarity to the word "Gesture"? Smiles. I think when two people/beings want to communicate, regardless of linguistic, physical, or other barriers, they will find a way and it will work. Much like you are able to communicate with canines so well.


Anonymous said...


Your not alone man. You reside in the hearts and minds of many. There are thousands with 7 figure bank accounts and they only are in the minds of those who are wanting their bank accounts.

It is sad to see so many grasp for so much material wealth only to end up in spiritual poverty. You only take what is in your heart with you when that day comes.

I also sit alone because my girlfriends family does not like my views. :) So much for freedom of thought. The thought police out in force.

In the spiritual realm there is an army at your side!


Visible said...

Season's greetings Amicus, of course I'm not alone... I was trying to express something but I might not have done it very well. I'll spend my Christmas with you; how's that sound?

CyanSquirrel... I should add, "and with you also"

I'm very interested in that international system. i will definitely look into that.

Merry Christmas Les! said...

It's your humility and humanity which maintains your sword so unbelievably sharp.

Love ya' man.

To you, Poncho, the wee scheffer and senór Black: 'Skål!' from Sweden.


Anonymous said...

That is cool. I was already spending mine with you. :)

I have a dog that is 16. took her off of dry food and her energy level shot up. She gets enough roughage from the biscuits.

I have seen many cases where people save and save and then... they die. Maybe they charge for the next life. :)

Then what a waste that is, ou only have to open your eyes to be in heaven.

Merry day tomorrow,and all of them after...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Les,
You could never be alone Les there is so many of us that owe you so much- in our hearts we are always with you.
I will think of you and be blessed. I pray we bless you back.

Thank you man.


Zoner said...

Les, the compassion you show for a dog, someone else's dog no less, is more than so many can show for their own family or lover, much less a stranger in need. It is very telling how people treat their animals, no?

I Imagine that the woman across the way purchased this fine creature for protection, or maybe because there was some cache in owning a fine animal. You sit in your home without the company of humans, but know the company of creatures that I'm sure treasure your attention and love as much as you obviously do theirs.

Christmas has vanished from the celebratory realm here - too much else to celebrate and more to mourn. I won't be driven to consume or purchase.

I'm sending a small gift for Black, Poncho, yourself, or whoever can best utilize it.

Thank you for inviting us into your heart and sharing it all with of us, good, bad or ugly.

Much love to you and All.


WV; tryin

Anonymous said...

with some energy
send a wave
a sprinkle of truth
some sun and rain
an olive branch
a feather free
mother nature
in the sky fly away
float through the
eye on inner wave
mother nature
most dont care
so I must
thats my job
in the fire
i'll throw a log
in the heart
sparks then raise
eternal peace
weave the ways.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Les, to you and your family. Thanks for being a light. Thanks for your wise and loving words.


Anonymous said...

What a compassionate thing you are doing for the dog. You have a good heart.

I had a similar experience last year, watching an elderly ill dog who fell down a lot when she went potty and could not get herself back up. Within a few days I told the owner that the dog needed arthritis medication, so I took the dog to the Vet and got the dog on both Rimadyl and Glucosamine. Within a week the dog was almost a completely different dog. She went from barely being able to walk, and falling down at least once an hour, to going on walks every night and falling down about once or twice a month.

It is amazing what love and caring, and sometimes medicine too, can do.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

-- Alexina

Dammerung said...

Perhaps your trouble is attachment. Even through compassion we become hopelessly entangled in illusory dramas. The Bodhisattvas choose their vow not out of goodness but because they are afraid of being dissolved into the neither-nor void of Nirvana.

veritas6464 said...

Papa Visible, I just submitted a comment on the Dish which has a reference to this story in it sorry I get caught up.

something like this..."I was swept away by the Shepherd story, at various moments I had flashbacks to Hemingway's 'A Cat in the Rain' - a beautiful simple story, well told".



P.S. As I sit here at the dining table in front of this Laptop, my wife is preparing a cold collation of anti-pasto and various delicious savouries - (Tam is a great cook) while my little girls play gently with their presents, cooing and giggling. I am very fortunate, I wish all men could have such a beautiful serene moment with their families such as the one I am experiencing NOW! Washing it down with a Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier blend sparkling wine, from the Barossa valley in South Australia - my Home State.

Safe and secure. For now.

veritas6464 said...

Papa,.. where are my manners, you are welcome at my table, please be my guest. I am much better company in the flesh, I have a tendency to be humourless in transliteration and my genuinely gregarious nature is also lost amid the lines.

"Barkeep, a bottle of your finest cognac and fresh horses for my men; for tonight we ride"!

"the light in me recognises the light that is in you."


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tears - I can now count them with two hands.


tom said...

why couldn't your mother-in-law hire a lawyer to get her money back?

hopefuly soon we'll be separated from 'boobous humanous'. they've got their path too...

merry christmas to all

m_astera said...

Hi Les, from one Christmas loner to another. We seem to have the birthday thing in common too.

I was thinking the other day of my first Christmas alone back in 1978. I was living in a small college town in Oregon and decided to go to the 24 hour laundromat, which was unattended (always) but open. While I was watching the machines go round and round a young Mexican fellow came in to use the pay phone. He was trying to get change from the change machine, but all he had was a fiver and that was before those machines could read numbers on money, so it just spit it out. He spoke no English, I spoke very little Spanish, but even sign language wasn't needed. I had a jar of quarters at home, so I went and got enough of them to for him to make his phone call.

Then it turned out he couldn't communicate with the operator, so I got on the phone and got him through to an operator in Mexico. I could hear him speaking to his family as I folded my clothes and left; all was well and it felt like Christmas to me.

Since that time I have, for one reason or another, been alone most Christmases, so that now it doesn't seem at all strange.

I went to the big supermarket today and enjoyed being in the rush of busy and mostly happy people, went for a long bike ride on the beach, wrote and answered some emails to and from those I care about. All is well.

Merry Christmas, Bro

Anonymous said...

Amicus it is so easy these days to find people who don't "share your views."

I have a theory, many of them simply have no views. They except what they are told. I saw this one some where and it sticks with me for some reason.

Those who have relied exclusively on the MSN for many years are like talking to an adult who still believes in Santa Claus.

I certainly identify with you Les as far as being alone at times. I am very happy when I am alone. Sometimes peace and quiet are refreshing.

moon said...

Les & All, merry chrismis and a happy new year. It translates into: I hope you enjoy meeting your family (chrismess) and I hope meeting your friends (new year).
I think we should be grateful to thank god in these aucasions, being alone is not cool in my book.
And a big + to all the comments above, Les you are a lucky mariachi :)


Anonymous said...

You might be 'alone' in the sense that there is no human in your physical space, but humans from around the globe are seeking the comfort and companionship in your words this day.
Thank you for your gifts.

Merry Christmas -

Ben There said...

Merry Christmas my friend. Im in northeast Ga and will be visiting Roy on Monday. Ill tell him hello from Visible.

(If you're alone you are in good company.)

reenie said...

You are a wonderful man Les,all the best to you and your dog friends.


Unknown said...

You have a good day tomorrow, Les, and hold in your heart the knowledge that many, many of your readers wish you well. You must know that you have touched a lot of us at the deepest level of our being. I believe that you, Les, are never really alone. Your thoughts resonate and strike a chord with our humanity. Bless you.
I know what you mean about people being uncaring towards their pets. It is so alien to an animal lover such as yourself. The animals in this world have not been treated as they should and that is tragic. Perhaps that woman who left her dog in such a state will reincarnate as an animal in her next life. She does not seem to have learned her lessons in compassion and caring for all beings, does she? I certainly don't know the answer but there must be some infallible rule about situations such as this, otherwise what is the meaning of it all?

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Les.


Erik said...

Hi Les and All,

Merry Christmas!!

Les, I might have a, rather late, present for under your Xmas tree.

Please contact me, so I can send the 'elves' on their merry way ....

Love to you, the dogs, and All,


Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up=

Dear Santa, here is My Christmas List.

m_astera said...

Dammerung, what makes you think that it is desirable or even possible to dissolve into the void?

My experience shows that the Creator likes individuality; else why would each grain of sand and each leaf be unique?

What is the attraction of ceasing to exist? Isn't that the attraction behind suicide too?

kikz said...

i remb... my first xmas alone..

sometime in my early 20's, the closest family member... a thousand miles away.

i'd realized 'it' was approaching.. and had dreaded it for weeks.

that xmas eve, alone, i spent next to the fire... even cook'd my dinner in it.

that night changed my life for the better and forever.

i realized that physically 'alone' wasn't something to fear or dread...or just something to survive or endure.

alone could be comfortably warm and peaceful. sometime in that night i realized that i really was alone yet somehow wasn't - i was keeping company w/the creator :)

it was a valuable lesson, i've imparted to my kids.. someday they'll have to face 'alone'...i hope my lesson makes theirs less scary.

possibly you are meant to accompany Black until he makes his way thru his transition....?

it will be a bittersweet always is.

big hugz*

Visible said...

There is a new Reflection in the Petri Dish-

It's Howdy Doody Terror Time!!!.

nina said...

You bring up a little discussed, but extremely important and common issue, what happens to the elderly in failing health and cannot be burdened with constant awareness of their surroundings. Tatina is on the same track as Black's mistress. Something happened to these people somewhere along the journey, some grave, long forgotten, perceived injustice that blinds them to the present and to the suffering of others. In a fair and decent world, Tatina and Black's mistress would be dumped into the Siberian forest with nothing.
In CA, a while back, there was an elderly, emaciated woman found sequestered in the back of her station wagon driven by a young man who'd been collecting her social for years. Then I traveled through some small towns of the US and discovered a batch of Nam Vets in various states of collapse, being taken in by families of people who had dreams of X-boxes dancing in their eyes. Entry fee is generally signing over power of attorney. These are just brief examples of evil taking place every day, everywhere.
One could give credit to Black's mistress if she had the sense to put him down, but not much credit, its too convenient, although it is an end to suffering. I'm divided on that one because in a case like Black's you'd never know if you'd done the best thing rather than just be with him as you've been doing.
Not enough people realize what is going on outside of web world, when you really see it all you want to do is escape back online. The problem of taking advantage of others and being unable to see beyond the trees is worsening practically by the hour. The thing is they do not and will never get is their payback is on the way if not already unfolding. Payback is inescapable.

Verification word: prics

Visible said...

Nina; I have seen the same things as you and even watched people try to do it and... goddamn, I love this... ruined their plans. On the matter of Black's mistress, I have to give her a partial pass. She really trusts me and knows to what a degree I would go to look out for the guy. Where she doesn't get a pass is in presuming it but she was right, it just wasn't morally correct.

I could say I won't do it again but Black won't be here next year for her to ask me.

As it so happens it is raining out now and I have to cross some muddy fields to where Black is and see what I can do. You can't make this shit up. It is my privilege and pleasure to do this even though I am really involved in something and a tad ripped (holidays and all). We never see that... we almost never see these opportunities because we seldom see what is seeing us; that one I have down. I am lacking a few others.

Better Built Craftsman LLC said...

I never really say much that's enlightening or even relevant here, but I, too, love you, Les. Thank you for all that you share.

There, that's as sappy as I get.

Merry New Year!



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