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"Certainly What is Called Acts of God Can also... Often be Considered Evil... According to The People they Happen To."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Plane of The Emotions is also called The Astral Plane. It has an upper and a lower area of expression, and could... in some ways... be considered to be different from one another in the same way that we imagine Heaven and Hell to be. The same applies to The Mental Plane, although... there is an argument that can be made that there are more than two levels to The Mental Plane, if you include The Buddhic and Causal Plane as representative, and... personally, I would, because it's all mind, after... a... fashion...

One needs to be careful when using words to describe and define what can pass beyond the reach of words. The Wise everywhere... nods in silent assent to that statement. (grin) Anyway... the basic division within both The Mental and Emotional Planes... is the separation between Carnal and Spiritual... Selfish and Selfless... Desire and Aspiration.

Sometimes The World is more materially directed, and sometimes it is more spiritually directed, ALTHOUGH... there is ALWAYS some amount of both of them present. In aspiring times... when a civilization is being built... you get remarkable architecture. In Times of Material Darkness, you get structures where the soul is missing... where beauty has fled... where conformity is enforced.

I'll tell you what the trickiest thing is for both priests and philosophers... poets and scientists. It is being able to divide what is considered Good and Evil from what is the outcome of God's Will. Certainly what are called Acts of God can also... often be considered Evil... according to the people they happen to.

Religious tales like those about Cain and Abel... Noah and his Ark... Sodom and Gomorrah... The Tower of Babel... are events that continue forever under different names with the same results... like roses by any other name, although we are not talking about roses here.

We are presently in a state where the conditions that existed in Sodom and Gomorrah are proliferating across The Earth. When The Supreme Court struck down the prohibitions to gay marriage... the stated intention was that WE just want the same rights as everyone else. That seemed acceptable. What could go wrong? Now... only eleven years hence... we see what could go wrong. Has it only been that short a time? My how time flies when you're not having fun.

There is a reason they call their sexual behavior... Gay... happiness is... observably... not the end result. Though... often the same could be said about heterosexual unions. It's a common feature of relationships that most people have trouble getting along in close quarters. It takes an extraordinary effort of will to accomplish that, especially if you are around each other all the time.

That is because we all need to grow... or die... metaphorically and literally. When you stop growing The Reaper comes calling. He knows you're in a jam and he's here to help you out. So... which way did you come in? Sometimes our relationships inhibit our growth, and that is when Heaven removes one or more of the players.

In these times... we are moving in one of two directions... toward a greater unity; which is a tenet of Brotherhood or... toward diversity and perversity; both are expressions of Material Culture. Fear is being in a state of separation. The objective of Love being Unity... it should be easy enough to see why Love and Fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

We are moving toward Love or Fear, and... both are a product of specific states of mind and being. Fear lives in a world of Us and Them. Fear is what drives people to become rich and powerful for the sake of wealth and power. It divides them from the rest of The Herd that is neither rich nor powerful. It causes you to live in a state of separation from your fellows... ergo... in a state of Fear.

At this time we are moving in one or the other direction. Those who are working to divide us through race... creed and whatever they can come up with, are damning themselves. They are the ones who believe that what you see is all you get, and you'd better get as much as you can, AND... they also believe that Sex is the highest expression that is possible for us; what else could it be? That is what they ask.

They are the ones that come up with all the psychoanalytic bullshit... all the mental games that label and itemize what they do not... and... possibly never will understand. Time will tell and they will... or will not... see. God is The ONLY THING that is real. Everything else is jerking off... literally. Everything else is a distraction from the contemplation of The One... that is Unity itself. Truth is the offspring of Love and Wisdom.

Harpocrates is the first iteration of Horus. He is the God of the newborn Sun. He is personified as holding his finger to his lips... for which he is also called The God of Silence. We can only... EVER... say so much here, and some might say we shouldn't say anything at all, BUT... every Wayshower has spoken now and again. There must have been a reason.

Harpocrates was standing on a crocodile. Maybe that might explain his message to be silent. Krishna refers to the crocodile in The Gita. That is... he says... what he is at that level of personification. Don't let the inference confuse you.

To know... to will... to dare... and to keep silent is written on the four forms of The Sphinx. Intention defines you and... all that you produce... which causes you to be known by your works. Many start out with ideals when they are young. Then... life sees to the outcome of whether those ideals were real or not.

There is ONLY ONE THING of importance in life and... that is finding God. This has been illustrated in many ways; completion of The Great Work... The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel... The Pearl of Great Price... The Philosopher's Stone... The Operation of The Sun. There are more; Christ Consciousness also applies.

First, you find God. The rest will follow. That protracted period between the first encounter, and The Rites of Purification which follow... can be egregious and of a most intense level of suffering. This is why it is said that... many are called but few are chosen.

Some believe they will find what they seek in The Magical Art. Some think Religion will be that sturdy boat on unruly seas. Some think this, and some think that, and some don't think at all. One finds God according to the sincerity of their quest... according to an absolute and full commitment. You have ONLY to love God more than anything else, and... the rest will take care of itself.

God does all the work. God takes care of all The Details. Your ONLY role in the process is to not interfere. That is not as simple as it sounds, BUT... The Love... The Love WILL take you to The Divine Unity, and nothing else will suffice. Once again... this process can go by various definers; Stilling The Reactive Mind... casting out thought... understanding that you do not know.

I have a rule that I abide by; if you don't know what you are doing, don't do it. It all comes back to the statement by Christ that... unless you become as a little child... you will by no means... enter The Kingdom of Heaven. You must ♫ put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water ♫ What is The Water? The water is the ever-restless seas of the mind, and... that leads back to...

...stilling the reactive mind. That leads back to The Cloud of Unknowing and the fundamental reality that YOU DO NOT KNOW. That leads back to becoming as a little child. That leads back to a unity of thought as the remedy for a divided mind. As soon as you think you know, you are living in a world of argument.. a world of demons dancing on the head of a pin. Let go of all that nonsense!

Love God more than anything else and all your problems will have to find another place to live. That will be no problem for them.

It is a tearing experience, and it hurts. It hurts because you are not fully committed to a singleness of purpose. People make half-hearted efforts and they get half-hearted results. It also takes much longer. Fix your mind with a relentless focus and let the heart drive you. It just gets easier from there, and... don't look back.

In these times there are only two options; step outside of the whirling tornado of material culture or go where the tornado takes you. You accomplish the stepping-out part by not wanting. The tornado is formed of collective wanting, and wanting never ends until you end it OR... you direct all that wanting toward one single thing.

End Transmission.......

Some links... God Willing (cause I don't have any at the moment) may wind up at GAB=

Continuation of Chapter 13
The Field and The Knower from The Bhagavad Gita


Within the body, the supreme Purusha is called the witness, approver, supporter, enjoyer, the supreme Lord, the highest Self. Whoever realizes the true nature of Purusha, Prakriti, and the gunas, whatever path he or she may follow, is not born separate again.

Some realize the Self within them through the practice of meditation, some by the path of wisdom, and others by selfless service. Others may not know these paths, but hearing and following the instructions of an illumined teacher, they too go beyond death.

Whatever exists, Arjuna, animate or inanimate, is born through the union of the field and its Knower.

They alone see truly who see the Lord the same in every creature, who see the deathless in the hearts of all that die. Seeing the same Lord everywhere, they do not harm themselves or others. Thus they attain the supreme goal.

They alone see truly who see that all actions are performed by Prakriti, while the Self remains unmoved. When they see the variety of creation rooted in that unity and growing out of it, they attain fulfillment in Brahman.

This supreme Self is without a beginning, undifferentiated, deathless. Though it dwells in the body, Arjuna, it neither acts nor is touched by action. As Akasha pervades the cosmos but remains unstained, the Self can never be tainted though it dwells in every creature.

As the sun lights up the world, the Self-dwelling in the field is the source of all light in the field. Those who, with the eye of wisdom, distinguish the field from its Knower and the way to freedom from the bondage of Prakriti, attain the supreme goal.


Visible said...

A fellow just posted this to the previous origami. I thought I would move it forward so that others could see it. If you follow the links at GAB then you saw where I praised this fellow just the other day.


In case you were not aware of it, your Litmus Test video was cited and linked on an Off Guardian article posted today: (I have added attribution to it in a pending comment yet to be approved). OG is a good site, if you've not seen it. Been calling things square since the c19 phenomenon started.

I've enjoyed your thoughtful writing, as well, for many, many years, and hope this finds you well.


robert said...

Another new day given to us to learn to love with more of our being here

Thank Visible for directing the story time for our "delightenment"!

Fix your mind with a relentless focus and let the heart drive you. It just gets easier from there, and... don't look back.

The tricky nuance with our focus: how do we focus?

Conventional manifestation trains us to hold a pinpoint focus on the One's desire staging in our imagination to be manifested

That works as well as we work it for specific, particular creations, comprehension and situations

On the true quest for union, our focus must be pulled out in a wide angle panoramic, and in fact, as Visible has alluded, to a 360 degree perspective which our physical senses can only dream about, stitching together two or more 180 degree views into a unitary comprehension.

How to focus on the One without derailing into momentary details?!

For experienced meditators, this art and this dilemma are at least familiar.

How can the heart stay open if the mind closes at all, shirking its purpose, its duty to stay surrendered, fearlessly open, and trusting what will flow from infinity into our mortal portal?

Our heart's drive is to be one with the One, no matter what.
Our heart is the fearless one, our mind the laggard bedimmed by memories of disappointment
We have missed our appointment to meet our Maker, even going the baby steps in the right direction, so many hard times

We all carry the shell shock from the Real crashing our party whenever we try to stand alone
Then we learn again that there is Love always pulling us back to balance

Our minds learn in cyclical trials to stay focused, not on any point in time but on the timeless center projecting the All
A full diffusion with a consistently wide open antenna is our way to approximate the universal
The way to be centered everywhere but circumscribed nowhere in imitation becoming emulation

Our hearts find room to expand into this expanding mental space

We cease having our desires stepped on in time because our perspective is larger than time-bound fancies

Too abstract?

We have other people to love along the way to learn to expand our focal plane into the spherical
We can serve people, laying down our personal so that the Impersonal can show through the way

To serve, we enlarge our focus to include more than we think
We take our eye off of consolation prizes and aim to be more than what we used ourselves to believe

For the solitary, we can send healing attention wherever our hearts go out, to whomever comes into our diffused focus when we fly above our persona's pay grade

Every time we realize we don't know, we shed another tear and another skin
Peeling to become appealing to a higher energy being

An endless journey to where we live already
But never fully feeling the immensity of what life is bringing
Home that knows no boundary but where it touches the boundless heart of the One

Independence of human growing
Free from other human's desire
Love on the way to One meaning

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

In the words of Glen Eric Hamilton (One Hell of a writer with one Hell of an awesome reused protagonist, though I'd still rather live with Oscar Wilde than the 'inanely psychic' Donovan Shaw who seems to figure everything out HOW???????), yes many of today's buildings are of 'saltine cracker architecture'. Great analogy, and I work in a town with nothing but, not to mention it's gonna be in the hundreds, and I get to work a long shift in an environment that is NOT temperature controlled. A feckin' sauna, bein' a dishwasher. Man, I may end up pourin' ice water over my head.
I suspect geo-engineering is at play regarding these heatwaves. Is it a foreign attack, or internal? When do the latest calipornia fires start? DEWed again, huh? Will we get any of that locally? How many people has the heat killed so far? How's that Deagle Report comin', with their projection that almost 70% of the US population bein' gone by 2025? Is it real, or is it Hopium? Man, less traffic and cheaper rent just around the corner, huh? Actually, I hope I'm one of the transitioned, though it's gonna have to be another way other than that bio-hazard they're callin' a vaccine.

Link to links on Deagle Report, if you've been under a rock:

Gotta use another search engine other than google if you want real info. Google is the Chuck E. Cheese or McDouchebaggles of search engines. It's total rubbish in all ways. I like Yandex.

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

Okay... a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Not Bad for a Really White Boy. He Looks Like a Bond Villain Now, and to Top It Off, He's a Walking- Talking- Mandela Effect."



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