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Eat Drink and be Wary.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We've been coming across things like this that is also mirrored in other places and certainly more places than I have seen. I hear tell it's an internet hoax; one of those consummations devoutly to be wished but too good to be true. Still, 'something like that' has to happen. One thing for sure, they are jumping ship in free fall panic numbers. Something is up and if it’s not good for them it can only be very good for us. Anything that harms, retards or screws up the operations of bankers is good for us; with the exception of when their greed provokes them into serious mistakes and they take it out on us.

I don't want to talk about bankers today, that is more the province of the other blogs, which have increasingly bled over into this one and shouldn't. I feel more like talking about diets and disciplines; seeing as that has been being discussed in the comments section lately. I'm no expert at either one but I can talk about what I have experienced on my way, to the point where I find myself talking about it today. I'll simply mention what I have noticed, what's been effective and what kind of results I’ve gotten.

Americans have the most expensive piss in the world. They take the most do nothing vitamins that don’t assimilate, or they take them wrong, not with their food, often with their morning coffee and often enough with their morning coffee, while driving to their commitments, in some anonymous cubicle or corner office, overlooking the inevitable inferno to come and indifferent to the inferno within. Well, they are somewhat aware of that but it remains mostly background noise until it turns into significant pain.

People are mostly able to eat what they eat due to genetics and their well being is mostly reliant on youth. That was how it used to be, until modified foods from the satanic larder started showing up on the dinner table and then you also began to notice people snatching items from snack wagons and kiosks and eating whatever it is on the run. Then you add in the complications and deceptions that contemporary life forces upon the unknowing and provokes within the willing, who want to have their cake, your cake and pork it too, if they can get it to stand still, restrain it or deceive it into compliance. All of these things come to the dinner and breakfast table too. No doubt they show up for lunch as well. Toss in alcohol, the desire for which is fueled by depression and then toss in all those pills for depression and then toss in that stress is behind most disease and discomfort. Toss death into that equation again - in relation to stress and all kinds of other things I could mention and probably some I'm not aware of and diet takes on a whole new series of dimensions.

What I have found is that eating a healthy diet takes care of most people's needs comprehensively. It does for me. I've found that eating once a day is optimum. Of all the diets I have ever been involved with, the macrobiotic diet heads the list for most salutary and noticeably beneficent results. I've taken Blue Green Algae and spirulina and other things, now and then for a time, but the period fades and I just go on with what I've always done with some occasional enhancements. Dietary consistency is the consideration. You want to know what to eat, study the peasants, the common folk, in different countries. Look into which countries live the longest and stay the healthiest. You want to know what not to eat, visit fast food outlets, the processed foods section of the supermarket and uptown restaurants where the chefs are members of their own Murder Inc. You see the results in all the maladies that the rich get as a result of eating out every night, or ordering take-out all the rest of the time. This is the source of many contemporary problems coupled with a lack of regular exercise and no focus on anything besides what next to put in their bodies and what next to put in someone else's body, or have someone insert in their body or maybe just watch it happening, while manipulating the joystick. Of course, personal fantasies can take any shape and exist in a state of mild to severe possession of the faculties. Given this is Kali Yuga, the needle tends toward the severe. One of the primary offspring of fantasy is confusion. Then comes the twins, guilt and regret. Oh well, there's all kinds of things I could add here but for the most part you're already aware of what they are.

Of course, for me, the main ingredient is Love. If Love is invoked into the molecular structure of your food and if it motivates your thought and action it pre-empts dietary concerns, at least in terms of what is more important. Not having Love operative, in all the features of your life, reduces them to ordinary things. Love is what makes things extraordinary. Love is what really empowers food. If that weren't the case, then psychopathic rich people, who eat good diets, would be fine and dandy. You might argue that, according to the way things look at the moment that they are doing just fine and dandy. That's an imperfect perception, part of all the things designed to deceive us and depress us and kill our spirit.

All of the complexity of this world is a calculated effort to diminish the value of the few simple and truly important things that get lost in the shuffle, amidst all the plethora of useless and temporary things that surround us and on which the corporations depend on your routine and constant consumption of them for their existence and profit. I could have probably worded that better but I'm a little under the gun time wise.

The other thing that is all important is some form of meditation or similar spiritual practice. The consistent employment of this ritual, will insure your expedite devolution and transubstantiate the things you encounter; the things you produce, the things you ingest and add angelic ringtones to the things you profess. Nothing develops to its full potential without consistency of application. People fully engaged in these things and for whom these practices and principals are the centerpiece of their life do not have the problems that other people do and when they do encounter difficulty, they know it is going to be resolved in a positive and educative fashion. They acquire an ever deepening reliance and trust in the author of all things. They don't need to be shaken up and hammered with doubt and fear because faith and Love have come into residence and that is the point of the whole exercise.

I don't know about all of these specialty items that people seem to think are so necessary for their diet and their life. I can't say one way or the other. It may all be to the good and I approve of that on a case by case basis (grin).What I have come to find for myself is that the simpler the better, in all principles and practices. You can get simple and you can get highly complex in spiritual matters. I find simple works best for me. That said, let's just cut this short because I have other things on my plate. I'll be on Jeff Rense's Radio show, May 4th, 9 to 10 Pacific Time this Friday. Hope to see you there.

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El Douche said...

Watchin' my diet under doctor's orders. Checking every label and hitting up the organic aisle at the Sack 'N' Save. The prices are enough to scare you off. Spent 30$ yesterday and got a bag and a half of various foods. Found some organic soup that was 2$ a can. Sodium is what I have to watch. Two pretzel rods is 500mg of sodium. TV dinners can be as high as 2000mg of sodium. About a 1000mg a day is about right. Hot dogs, lunchmeat, chips all that is verboten from now on. Haven't had any of that crap in a month now and I feel like a 25year old. My voter registration came in the mail today. This election is going to be the one where we cast off the zio tentacles and globalist traitors who couldn't care less if the country becomes a smoking crater as long as they get theirs. I'll keep telling myself that voting matters but I doubt I'll start to believe it.

Copernicus Kidd said...

Prasadam for the mind, your words are. I was almost Kid Kushi for a while there and I attest to the vigor that grains, beans, veggies, and pickles - well chewed, will bring. Yogananda scolded those disciples who bickered over what to eat or not eat. He didn't want them to become overly scientific and thus distracted by their food. I like to think that he was the quintessential "carb loader" that is so loathed by our sacrificial remnant dietitians. A little extra weight is good when you run spiritual marathons. He was also careful to not mention vegetarianism among the Americans, considering it too radical for them at that stage. Important to remember for the more zealous of us cow protectors. Cheers Mate - to the Great Life!

brokenbeat said...

Thanks, Vis, for breaking it down: simple consistent healthy diet, exercise, LOVE, and regular meditation.

Would you please elaborate on your practice of invoking Love into the molecular structure of your food? Is your blessing a feeling/thought intention or do you also do any physical ritual such as hold your hands over the food?

Thanks in advance -- I appreciate that you are busy prepping for the Rense interview. I look forward to that.


John V.

kenny said...

One of the earliest and most influential changes in lifestyle for me some 40 years ago was the macrobiotic diet. It just made sense in its simplicity and apparent positive history and has been the basis for my diet ever since.

Thanks for the reminder/reinforcement that I am not alone in considering macrobiotics to be a valid concept.

Another early influence was the Jethro Kloss book 'Back to Eden' which was published in 1939. I still keep my old worn out copy from the early 70's handy.

Visible said...

I'm not prepping for any interview since I never know what I'm going to be asked ahead of time anyway so you can't really prepare.

I raise my hand over my food and I bless it with intention and certitude.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Thank you Visible for your post.

Madison Rupert at the Endthelie site profiles the just leaked US military Civilian Detainee manual from 2010 for the internment camps inmates in the FEMA camps now laying empty in the US.

The manual descibes in great detail the physical and psycholological measures permitted to 'facitate internees to develope positive attitudes to American policy. These include non-lethal weapons and silencing internees 'with a soft cloth around their mouth and tied behind the neck (sic)'.

Remember zionist Bolsheviks interred and murdered over 50 million Russian Christians less than 100 years ago.

Can't happen in America? Hmmm...

Respects, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 9.26


If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.
The process is so easy that even a leaf (herbs/grains) or a little water or fruit can be offered to the Supreme Lord in genuine love and the Lord will be pleased to accept it. No one, therefore, can be barred from Kṛṣṇa (God) consciousness, because it is so easy and universal.
The Lord obviously does not need or want your food, He does want very much your love and devotion which He will accept and return through your now blessed food. (prasadam)

lightandlongshadows said...

I built a number of raised garden beds this year. It was a bit of an investment but pretty rewarding. When I went shopping around for topsoil (4 yards) I was horrified to learn that some local suppliers are using "sludge", treated human waste, as part of their mix. Our landlords bought 11 yards from a sludge slinger. They have three young children, I haven't had the heart to tell them what they bought. They had alredy finished preparing their garden before I started mine, shame. The moral of the story is that nothing is simple these days, ask questions.

Despite the shite weather here things are coming up (potatoes, radishes, beets, carrots etc.) already. I still have things like peppers, tomatoes, along with a great variety of other things stated inside. C'mon sunshine! So far so good, it's fun and hopefully delicious and nutritious despite Fukushima.

take care all

Trutnman said...

Vis, thanks for sharing this. I, too am a one-meal-a-day man and have been for about two years now. I love it. I can drink all the beer I like and don't ever seem to gain any weight. I lost about 15 lbs. when I started and have stayed there (about 180 lbs) ever since. I used to be a big vitamin guy (growing up with a chiropractor for a father) but have also abandoned that. I never take any pharmaceuticals (poisons, all) and decided to take a similar approach with the vitamins under the assumption that if my body was getting vitamins and minerals from a source outside of food, it would cease to produce them. The human body is AMAZING! Just eat good, nutrition filled food and your vehicle will do the rest! Peace on you!

Steve said...

Hey Viz and all,

I am struggling with my health/diet at the moment. Since I started the HH colon cleanse I get blocked up at the drop of a hat.
I have been giving it a rest now for the last couple of weeks with a view of starting anew with exercise and some Castor Oil packs, (I learn so much here)
I tried a meditation coarse and it fucked with my head. That was a month ago and I'm still wobbly.

My diet is basically Organic Macro with a little meat here and there as I find I loose a lot of weight when just vegetarian.

I feel like a mess at the moment as every thing I do health wise gets smashed and thrown back in my face, more so than I have for quite some time, I know it will all come around and work itself out and I will be better for it though.

mike m said...

"Would you please elaborate on your practice of invoking Love into the molecular structure of your food?"

I believe I might have witnessed this the other night on a show about lions.

Apparently a male rogue lion came upon a cub that was sired by the dominant male lion of a pride and killed the cub.

The dominant male was in distress when he came upon his cub.

He at first stood guard against any scavengers but after awhile he began to eat his own cub.

To watch this without any understanding you would think it was quite gruesome but all I could see was the love that the father lion had for his cub and he did what he had to do so as to not let anything desecrate his sons flesh and blood and took the energy from his own son and put it back into his own body.

It was beautiful to watch and brought me on the verge of tears.

You really can learn a lot if your eyes are open to the natural beauty of this world.

Peace to all who desire it

brokenbeat said...


Of course you can't or needn't prepare for the interview --how silly of me. I noted that you said you had to cut it short and had lots on your plate and had an upcoming interview and I mashed it all up.

Not feeling 100% after my travels due to pollen and aircraft air, and maybe multiple passes through scanners -- a bit out of sorts. And your advice for regular meditation is a practice that I will resume - consistency and discipline are areas for needed growth for me.

Thanks for the reply. I observed a yogi spending a very long time blessing his food and was curious about the particulars. Perhaps he was offering it to Krishna as per the Gita quote. Apparently it is quite simple...Love is all you need...with intention and certitude...


John V.

Visible said...

Cap'n Spadgett;

I've had similar things happening to me for almost the last 3 years. As soon as I tried to apply consistent disciplines I got pounded and the last time I tried to do the colonic cleanse, I wound up with a hernia. The doctor told me I had already had it for some time. That's fixed and only very recently does it look like I am going to be able to get into these things again. It's just that time of the season I think.

Mike M. I don't have some magical routine that affects the molecules of food. What I have is a relationship within that when I bless the food that force will accept it into the components of the body it is building for me. The blessing is only to activate the awareness. I have no part in the process other than that, my acknowledgement and my faith operate in tandem with the force that accomplishes it. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegitus talks about how it is a process carried out by the sun. it is called the operation of the sun.

One have only the responsibility of crying out to the master within and surrendering into total reliance on it. Everything else is carried out by the one who does these things. We don't do them. I don't know any connection between the lions and any of this but I don't know much about anything to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Watched Denie work...

in the book Electrical Nutrition is a paragragh on diabetes..

When laughter is the best medicine, watching a city boy eat green persimmon usually does the trick.

Love & Laughter...are sounds the Father likes above singing and the sound of children playing

Most know that already though, Right ?

brokenbeat said...


I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with diet, cleansing and meditation. I am no expert, but I did have a minor 'spiritual crisis' earlier this year overdoing kundalini yoga. It took a week of concerted efforts to ground to stop feeling discombobulated.

I would advise that you spend as much time as possible in nature, preferrably barefoot on soil or sand and in the sun. Walking, hatha yoga or running in that setting is ideal, but standing or sitting is better than nothing. Proximity to, or immersion in the waters of beaches, rivers, streams and waterfalls help as well. A search on "grounding kundalini" will bring up resources with more techniques (even if your meditation was not kundalini centered). I seem to recall one called kundalini-teacher or something like that listing tens of techniques to ground.

Good luck to you and kudos for making attempts. You'll find a comfortable healthy path and pace. Just ease into it all and test with moderation.

BTW, on the health front, I just made a huge rookie error drinking copious amounts of Guiness and Boddington's last night right after a colonics. Avoid that at all cost!. It added to my funkiness from my travels with physical and mental effects. Oh and learn, I suppose.


John V.

Anonymous said...

The way things are going just be greatful you can put food on the table for you and ya family.Stay close to nature in every way,and ya should be alright.

Anonymous said...

Yep Vis, bad shit in bad shit out.
I had a fellow gardener find out the reason why their garden didn't grow well was due to the chicken shit had glycophosphate in it. Know your shit folks! Eat when you're hungry and drink when you're dry and if you're craving something it's because you're lacking something that food has.
The love factor makes everything better.........


Anonymous said...

holito compadre
Recently advised a food guru of your site, then you write of diets. I agree with you on one meal a day, it has helped me. Recently I have come across the idea that just like the mind the stomach\digestive system
is at its best when focused on one thing or type of food at a given time.
godspeed good pal

onething said...

Brokenbeat, I am curious, since you are vegetarian and also don't advocate eating grains, what do you eat? Do you eat dairy, eggs, fish?

My son always blessed his food.

Steve said...

Yo John, just call me Spadge will do.

I live right up the top of a Valley nature abounds right at my front back and side doors. Do I make good use of that? Well we can always do better so I guess that answers it. I love barefoot, stopped swimming in the river here as it is coming into winter, HARDEN UP!.

Yea. I guess I'm trying to say that I have done and do all these practices for years on and off, but right now feel as though I have been knocked for Six, (that's an aussie cricketing term) as in one hit, six runs straight over the fence, I think it's a home run in the US base ball?
Anyway where was I? Yes that's right, I'm feeling scattered and find it hard to concentrate and keep a train of thought going even though this has never been a strong point. I wonder who's playing in the footy tonight?

I hope you don't feel like I'm taking the piss, because I'm not and I do appreciate your response and concern. I was seeking some guidance when I sent my comment in but I'm trying not to take things to seriously and I'm glad blogger has spell check or you may really see who I am, and we couldn't have that now could we. Who said that? Not me, wasn't me, it was him.

Fuck, now, where was I?
Oh that's right, I'm here.

Ray B. said...

[Vis, this subject originated in 'Petri Dish' but I wanted to post it in the latest column to maximize the chances of SB getting to read it.]

Stella Blue:

I have been reading down through the 'Petri Dish' Comments and noted the 'Bipolar Personality Disorder' poster(s). One of my 'past lives' had much to do with psychology (the real kind, not pill-popping). At the time, BPD was regarded by most inner-oriented therapists as kind of a 'Hail Mary pass' by the pill-popper side to demonize those who would not 'fit in'. The category was invented just about the time the family therapy and systems theory camps were decimated by the 'government' switching funding to the psychiatric (medical) side. It is vague enough to be a good 'blind side' weapon.

To me, I see a pattern. You appear to be a valued and knowledgeable-enough poster to be attacked and induced to withdraw. I hope you choose not to do so. I have enjoyed both your stories and your honesty, and some of your prose has been of Vis-quality (high praise). Please continue your presence here.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. For you in particular, and for others in general, I enjoy the personal sharing. Facts are one thing; life experiences are another. We can all tell whether someone is sharing out of 'see me' desperation, or worse. I feel much closer to someone who is reaching out and letting their humanity shine through (including transcendent experiences). Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous for highlighting the bhakti yoga position - karma free food. The key is love and devotion even in the eating!

Denny said...

There was a time when I put the blame on a certain group of deluded psychopaths for the various poisons we're all being plied with daily, but now I put the blame on the ignorance of all those who actually take the poisons. It is only natural that when the ignorance of the masses creates a vacuum, then obviously the deluded psychopaths are going to fill it. My parents looked on in their own ignorance while morons in white coats stuffed my mouth with MERCURY..!

Then again, it WAS those very deluded psychopaths who were actually responsible for the dumbing down of the masses to begin with...

Then again, it was those very masses who actually ALLOWED the deluded pyschopaths to do it to them...

Then again, they were simply not aware of the imperceptible stealth of the said deluded psychopaths...

Then again, they should have been...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Pervasive Influence of a Poisonous Dream.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The Portal 2012 article predicts an upcoming restoration of US democracy by US Marshalls, supported by US troops. The article says that the US government was taken over by elitists in 1933, but the reality is that the US government has always been run by elitists. The Spanish-American War and the Philippino-American War were a demonstration of that. In my opinion, an intervention by the US military will not help us, unless the whole system gets revamped in the direction of populist ideals. Given the history of the US military as an unquestioning enforcer of elitism, I don't have any confidence in the US military for bringing positive change.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for your question and I appreciate your point of view. I don't expect you to have read every word of my blathering comments, so I'll try to be concise.

This topic can be viewed from a societal, environmental, spiritual and health perspective. Ultimately, for those of us fortunate enough to have a choice, it is a personal decision and one or all of those factors may play a role.

I am a far from perfect human, still learning and tweaking and striving to live with integrity. I am a failed vegetarian, otherwise known as an omnivoire. I don't presume to tell anyone what to eat, but I do have opinions on the meat and grain industries and the excesses of our western culture.

I haven't had beef or pork in 15 years (with a few minor bacon indulgences). I've had some lamb, but it doesn't suit me well. I recently tried some Bison and vennison, but my aim is to reduce meat consumption, not increase it, so I won't be making either a regular addition to my diet.

I do eat chicken, though less than before since I started buying the healthy stuff, which is pricey. I also eat turkey and fish. I know they both 'have faces', as Paul McCartney likes to say, and I intend to phase out consuming sentient beings all together. It has not been easy, and I am not the most disciplined or resolute and my lack of total integrity chaff at me.

I do eat eggs and some dairy products, but lactose intolerance limits that (as well as possible casein sensitivity).

I am still learning what I can eat and how to prepare it and how varied my diet can get. I eat a daily salad with mixed greens, spinach, avocado, nuts, cucumbers, carrots, tomato, olives, and pickled jalpenos, and dressed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. I have quinoa for breakfast every other day with nuts and either banana or apple. I'm still evaluating the quinoa, but had to let go of my cherished rolled oats due to sensitivities. On every other day, I have a three egg (high Omega3 due to flaxseed supplemented chicken feed) omelet with assorted veggies, olives, garlic, pickeled jalapenos and chicken sausage (the relatively good stuff). I lightly cook (stirfry in coconut oil and butter) or steam squash, carrots, green beans, celery and other veggies and have garnet yam (actually a sweet potato) mashed potato (coconut milk and butter) on the side. I will be adding sprouted short grain brown rice when I start sprouting.

I've learned that sprouting renders many grains less antagonizing and more nutritious. People have been doing this for ages, but i am slow to change my habits sometimes. I'm living alone and cooking for myself alone is not as fun as when I was married, but I'm striving to claim that joy for myself again.

I started juicing, but currently have only two drinks - 1) apple, carrot, celery, beets and parsley, 2) cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger and parsley.

I've cut back on nightshades (tomatos, peppers, eggplants) as they have substances that are similar to pesticides and I have antigens to those now. I am working to restore my leaky gut which has caused numerous minor health issues due to immune system attack on self as well as grain, dairy, nightshade components. I have eliminated most wheat and dairy, take probiotics and enzymes, zinc and B12.

I am drinking mostly distilled water to help detox and rid myself of inorganic mineral deposits. I have cut back my alcohol consumption massively, though I indulged over the last two weeks.

I am not the picture of health, but I'm taking measures to improve that in the midst of environmental stresses (pollution, EMF, etc). My physical health is really secondary to my spiritual and mental health, but it's all so inter-related.

Sorry for the tome - that's 'concise' for me.


John V.

the gardener said...

I had the fortune of working for an elderly lady who was chided in her high school year books c.1930 for her 'yeast eating habits' which, of course, would be Brewer's Yeast-excellent source of the B vitamins.

She was a forever vegetarian finding her way to our shared space via her interest in Krishnamurti who shared our same valley time/space. Plenty of Krishnamurti and Theosophists folks in my realm at that time and many many excellent veggie, vegan and Macro cooks... yum!

Her library was full of great books on health, diet and wellness. She had belonged to a group in the FIFTIES who were into the harm that electricity caused our bodies and one tip I still remember and do is: never hold onto say a blender or juicer while it is running-direct current straight up your hands, arms to your heart. Use a wooden spoon to keep the lid down or to hold it down as the machines work". She had a big notebook full of their mail correspondence (remember those days?)

We lived by the works of: Dr Bernard Jensen (excellent and unique food sociologist), Adelle Davis (whose books I've used to raise 'my healthy child') and subscribed to "Natural Health", "Yoga Journal" and a few other great mags with health and recipes.

But the one food that I got into was the grain MILLET. If you want to see your dog turn into a WOLF-make up a batch of millet like you would rice--- dogs just go crazy over it-Dr Jensen wrote about staple grain diets of people all over the world-Millet is one of the few ROUND grains-female Yin- and here we use it as cheap bird seed but in Africa where the people have those long muscular bodies MILLET is their staple grain.

Dr Jensen caused me to really look at how the US just had to be contrived to be the way it is through the diet staples-NOT ONE OF OUR STAPLE GRAINS, NUTS, LETTUCE, BREADS is the best for health or muscle building. Why so many are allergic to wheat and peanuts.

Rye builds muscle, wheat builds FAT. Almonds and pistachios are super immune boosters-Walnuts are usually toxin laden like the legumes Peanuts. ICEBERG LETTUCE until the 80s was about the only salad greens one could get in the supermarkets. NO nutritional value at all.

We did Rice Milk which is what I fed my child after he got off the Goat milk baby time. We did do butter.

But there is a great Millet, green bean casserole we made which I still crave and make up... We did special diets for our pets and all kinds of experiments food wise for health. Adelle Davis is hard to beat for a basic life diet.

That along with my family's Edgar Cayce health practices have kept us all healthy and doctor free for most of our lives. A hernia here, a heart stent there and that's all there's been mechanically wrong with five people with an average age of sixty years old. Most of us were vegetarians for long periods of time. I did prescribe to that point of view that 'until children lose their milk teeth and grow their meat teeth they shouldn't have meat'... though some people and babies need meat. My niece had teeth at four months and was enjoying turkey at Tgiving 8 months after her birth. *shrugs*

Also -soak almonds and other hard nuts in a cup of water until they are soft. Edgar Cayce said 'two almonds a day keeps cancer away' and also somewhere it was 'if you're constipated-soak and soften two whole almonds and swallow them whole-they will break up the constipation'. I felt like Quinoa was nature's 'scrubbing bubbles' and since constipation is a HUGE reason for so much dis-ease in this country-one of those dirty little secrets... try it.

Also I have found the 'diets for your blood type' books good advice except that they don't factor in the RH negative factor. I'm an A neg and that diet is one I've had most natural success with actually living it.

the gardener

Visible said...

Not surprisingly I am familiar with all of those writers, grains, nuts etc and their applications. That was a trip down memory lane except that I still employ much of it. I eat a lot of pistachios and almonds. Millet is the grain that Arnold Ehret recommended for his mucousless diet healing system. The dogs get it regular with brown rice and various things. I could comment a great deal about all of that but as usual I don't feel like I have any time. The good news is that I will sooner or later have forever. I already do but the presence and practice of it shifts.

the gardener said...

Not surprised you're not surprised :)

I think 'blessing your food' starts with cooking it with love. Total love and gratitude intentions.

That's one reason or maybe THE reason why it is so deadly to eat out. Think those who work at fast food put any LOVE in your food?

I have known several cooks at restaurants who do put love in their food. And I loved their food too-and their kitchens and them.

One funny guy who owned this great Mexican -when I asked him how he always was able to find avocados when no one else had them said 'I don't know... it was dark'... he laughed.

So food is a big deal. I'm always kind of blessing everything I have or do anyway-praying that we'll be kept strong and healthy in mind, body and spirit. Though I have in my hot blooded life time ended such blessed events like cooking with a plate of spaghetti thrown across the room. Bad me.

Donchu ever disrespect my FOOD man!

the gardener

ps-RE Niijii- I've heard the chicken's feed is polluted with ARSENIC too!

Steve said...


I like your concise, I'm going to print it out, thanks. I have a very similar diet but it seems to me you are a little more organised. But, I'm getting there.


Shit man, don't hold onto a blender?

I wonder what 8 years as a welder and 15 years using power tools has done to my heart???

Than you both for the "tips" I am going to introduce them into my diet.

Oh, one thing Gardener,
Do you blend the MILLET first so as it cooks quicker as I read that it helps for digestion.

When I do blend it It seems as though I am washing a lot of the grain away as it needs a good rinse after wards? If I don't blend it it takes forever to cook?



Steve said...

PS John,

Please ignore and forgive me for my rudeness in my previous previous comment, Its like I'm drunk but I haven't been drinking? Weird times.

brokenbeat said...


I didn't perceive any rudeness...should I have? ;-)

I try to give folks the benefit of doubt in general and especially in written communication as much is lost from speech. Even in spoken word, I choose to take the most positive interpretation out of respect for myself and to give the speaker the best possible chance to be and do the right thing. Sometimes even a slight can be turned into a positive and the whole discourse is elevated and the conversant finds another aspect of themselves that they were not expressing and they happily grow from the uplifting experience. It's not that I fish for complements, but I don't hunt for hurts either.

I should add that when I comment, especially in response, I don't know what knowledge, wisdom and experience someone has. Often, sarcasm and facitiousness might give me the wrong impression (especially when written with out emoters). That happened here once in a big way with a joke that I fell for. I did preface my response that I may have misread the comment and that perhaps my comment could be applied to assist someone with the position I was addressing.

So, my comments are not given as 'the last word' and may not be of much use to most, but may be to some. And they perhaps will stimulate discussion, sharing and much appreciated advice and differing viewpoints.

One last note on sarcasm and facitiousness- and this is not any kind of admonition, but rather my personal decision on interaction - is that I have strived to eliminate both from my communication. I discovered in working with some from certain cultures that there is no such thing in their experience and even in spoken word with exagerrated expression, misunderstandings resulted. I also had a tendency to preface my position with an expression of the position I opposed and many times I was not able to express my position as the preface was taken as same and I never got to my 'buried lead'. I now lead with a pithy direct statement, then do my balanced assesments.

I have found that being direct and not sarcastic or facitious is more honest to others and myself and this is important to me. Unfortunately, much of the fun I had with language and puns was lost and I enjoy being in the company of those that 'get it', reply with a wiity twist or word play and we're off and running the reparte track, taking that thread as far as it can go, trying to avoid the low-hanging fruit and reach for the more clever, nuanced phrases.

I am now working on regaining a more playful style and being less erudite and lugubriuos (there I go again! And spelling?). Vis is a terrific model, though I will find my own voice. I could never be Vis anyway, but would be happy being me -- whenever I do finally discover myself!

Cheers, mate!

John V.

the gardener said...

Cap'n... it not only vibrates our bodies but this group work done in the 50s with the old mimeographs even in the notebook was about our AURAS! That it like shatters our body's auras.

That book was the first time but not the last for sure that I heard about the dangers of sleeping with electricity pulsing around our heads while we sleep. I got a really great battery operated alarm clock after that and was already in a good sleeping room that didn't back up to major appliances at least but that work done by this cool group including my beloved... (til we meet again my dear!) got me into a lot of research about the outcries against wiring our houses, our streets etc with electricity-IT REALLY WARPS OUR AURAS AND ELECTRICAL BALANCES IN OUR ELECTRICAL BASED SELVES.

I had an electric weedeater for a while---I'd drape the long cord over my left shoulder so I wouldn't weedeat it... by the end of a few hours of working it my left arm WAS FROZEN stiff and my entire left side buzzed for a day or so. I 'had' to use it until I found a good lightweight one that always starts easy as I had at that time a pretty painful shoulder injury.

I am not exaggerating how much I avoid doctors-I probably had a ripped rotator cuff with that shoulder for a few years after falling on it from up high after hitting my funny bone in the elbow on a towel rack! with electricity shooting out of my hand, it wasn't very funny.
part one

the gardener said...

part two-sorry

Anyway I had that frozen arm and electrical buzzing that injury site and I was having all kinds of emotional heart harm going on as well and it caused me to really focus on my heart.

I think it was from here where ANOTHER great healing tool presented from one of our tribe who between us all must have experienced every damn negative bitch slap this world full of pathological energy thieves have in their endless repertoire.

"Breathe in and visualize that breath being run through your heart to cleanse it-breathe out that cleansed breath as GOLD DUST'.

I have used that enough times to realize its impact on me with harmful or hurtful thoughts or actions by others or self.

I was afraid to 'run it through my heart' as a tool of alchemy-turning LEAD thoughts/emotions into GOLD' but it did work.

As far as all the detrimental tools of our trades. Good luck having a doctor who cares one iota about your work history or life exposure to anything. Even the deadly meds they prescribe to you will be 'poo poo'd' off.

My husband had 'lost' a lung at age 45-along with TWO others from the North Tahoe telling how many didn't survive whatever had come their way long enough to have their poisoned lungs removed.

Anyway-a plumber by trade and I had never known a plumber before-never knew how much of their lives they'd be holed up in horrible dank spaces fixing and replacing leaking SHIT... never thought about who it was who'd get those cast iron TUBS etc into houses and up those stairs resulting in much physical damage to bodies quite young into their careers.

He had breathed his fair share of lead solder-mold, dank, god only knows what kinds of chemicals with the new plastic pipes etc but the doctors only cared that he had SMOKED TEN YEARS PRIOR TO HIS BEING THEIR PATIENT. Didn't care how many hours a day he'd spent in LA traffic when the air was dark yellow or brown visible.

So this old notebook from a great group of conscious smarties in the scientific exited 50s were working on things that bother our bodies and our auras-thus our souls and growth and health all along.

I am very sensitive to electrical anythings and I went through a spell where I had little to no appliances. I was surprised when an appliance repairman told me how often electrical surges would come through the lines and fry entire streets or areas of neighborhoods appliances and electronic property. How horribly inconsistent the energy flowing through our lines are.

I lost a neat vintage fridge I'd bought from him due to one of those brown outs they were selectively doing in my southern CA county. He told me that 'Edison has the records on all the surges and whatnots and told me how to present a claim to them for my fried fridge. It was all very secretive. But I did get a secret check from them to replace my fridge. Dangerous stuff coursing all around us and of course adamantly denied as to being harmful to our bodies even if you can hear those wires humming.

the gardener

Humans are tough beasts on one hand and extremely fragile on the other. The blend of corporations and government protecting them regardless of how deadly they are to the inhabitants of our shared elements is really a sickening matter on its own.

The 'using our own hearts as alchemical tools' is one of the healthiest works I have done. My heart has never felt stronger.

onething said...

Dear Brokenbeat - John V.

Thank you for your honest and detailed reply! Yes, I read every word of your blathering comment.

We are doing a lot of similar things. Due to the negatives of grains, I've been trying lately to actually have two meals per day that have no carbs at all. For breakfast I have an omelet with all the works - cheese and mucho veggies, sometimes bacon. It's a two egg omelet, but with all the veggies, it's quite large. The thing is, when you don't include carbs in the meal, you don't get hungry for many hours. That omelet will last me most of the day, although I can't eat it all at once.

For lunch I have a salad much like yours, and it also is a full meal that holds me a long time. And that was the reason for my question - without meat and its fat, and without grains and their filling bulk, I just wasn't sure how you could get enough to eat.

We just have to ask ourselves, why are there so many failed vegetarians, and on and off vegetarians? Why do they make veggie stuff to taste and feel like meat? Why is it that Dr. Weston Price could not find even one vegetarian society on earth with a long history of a cultural diet and excellent health? His criterion of excellent health was the adults had to have teeth without decay and no crowding.

I agree completely with the wrongness of modern farming. It is extremely inefficient, dependent upon oil, destructive of the environment, and nutritionally bereft - all the while cruel to animals. I am able to avoid it almost completely.

I don't mind eating venison at all because they are overpopulated, and I believe the reason for the spread of coyotes across the nation is that they lack their natural predator, the wolf. I'd rather wolves. My friend recently lost a dear terrier to coyotes. Wolves wouldn't have done that.

But that doesn't change the fact that I have no delight in their killing. Fact is, I hate killing anything, even insects. I swat wasps that come in the house, and we have killed two venomous snakes on our place, but leave all other snakes alone. I hated to kill them. The copperhead in particular was beautiful.

Speaking of sentient beings, I am again recommending The Secret Life of Plants.

I am going to try millet! Another grain that is supposed to be very good for you and lack most of the negatives is buckwheat. As for oats, I love them too, but they sure do bring on quick hunger and low blood sugar.

As for sprouting, there is a book I just can't recommend highly enough, and Gregory should read it too, called Enzyme Nutrition. It goes into the entire subject in depth. Very readable.
You shouldn't stay on the distilled water for too long.

Now, someone mentioned that walnuts are often toxic. That is sad to hear. Would soaking help? I understand that peanuts except valencia tend toward fungus.

the gardener said...

as for the millet-I've never had a problem with it cooking soft. I don't like to mess with the energies of foods too much or am conscious about it to a laughable degree.

Those potato peelers for instance-the energies used by them to whisk off the skins and their own energies upon the potato are too much for that grounding vegetable, imo, they like it better to peel them with a sharp knife. sounds silly I know and I've been laughed at about that a lot.

I am careful mashing them as well-I don't like it when people take to them like maniacs whipping them to a frenzy. lol

Here in Idaho I was able to help out at a community dinner in a commercial school kitchen. They have what looks like a big old wringer type washing machine with a lock down lid. Put the peeled potatoes in there, it fills up with water then it heats them up and boils them-then goes into a drain and rinse mode then MASHES THEM-that was an interesting machine.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the feedback and tips. I've learned much from Price, paleoguy, and who favors high fat, moderate protein (to keep leptin down, which he says is everybit as important as insulin) and low carbs. Much discussion on paleo diet sites on whether one can get enough good fat and protein on a vegetarian diet.

I'll seek out "The Secret Life of Plants" and "Enzyme Nutrition".

I am considering millet as well, tho I understand it has some possible triggering components, but then again, so does quinoa. I suppose the elimination and reintroduction method can suss that out for a given individual. I hear millet has cancer-fighting components (supposedly cyanide that is only released to cancerous cells. Ciurcumen in tumeric, pineapple cores, papaya leaves and soursop (known also as graviota that I enjoyed as a kid in Brazil) all are said to be cancer-fighters that we can use even sans diagnosis.

I drink less distilled than my early detox, but I don't think it is harmful as per conventional wisdom and mineralized water is not so beneficial. Read articles on this with doctor quotes on

Searches on soaking nuts will yield results. Sorry I don't have links handy. I recall walnuts not so bad really and virtually all, including almonds, have enzyme inhibitors.

It's all a lot of work, sorting out conflicting info, getting the right stuff, processing and prepping it, blessing and eating it at the right times in the right combinations in conjuction with sleep, exercise, meditation and right thoughts, words, deeds but in the end it is all worth it to have good physical, mental and spiritual health.


John V.

Steve said...

Hey John,

Thanks for your understanding and words of experience. I thought my comment bordered on rude in the sense that we hadn't communicated before and what I said could have been taken the wrong way. It's not my usual "style" (if I could call it that:-)
At the moment I don't know up from down and maybe that brings me into the center and I just haven't realised it yet? Dunno?

An interesting concept came to me yesterday and one I will be watching for.

I have been changed dramatically from my meditation exp (more in my response to Gardener below) and feel I have to be careful I don't go looking for the familiar me in my regrouping of these new energies. I find there is a part of me that is looking for habitual ground so as to rid myself of the uneasy feelings and emotions. There is another part of me that wants to let go of everything familiar and see where it leads.

When I was young I was fucking nuts. Heavy drinking and drug use was just part of the day. My nick name was Statistic because no one thought I was going to actually last that long. Well now 20 years later here I am, still kickin' (grin) and on the rare occasion I bump into someone from that time the first comment is often, "shit, your still alive".

I mention this for a reason. There was a freedom I felt back then where I really, really could just be myself. That kind of got lost as I had kids and "settled down" but I feel like I am finding that part of myself again, without the getting smashed every day bit.

Smashed on Love maybe.

Anyway, nice chatting and I look forward to your comments and any future discourse.

Steve said...

Madam Gardener, (takes off hat and bows head). Hang on, it's a beanie:-)

Thank you for your response.

As you can probably gather and sorry people for my continual mention of it, but I am a month out of a 10 day Vipassana coarse, and speaking from that experience I can totally relate to what you are saying in regards to electricity effecting the Aura.

By about day 6 I was able to sense the subtlest sensations, It was truly amazing. Any noise at all was felt more so than heard. I could feel the sound vibration hit me and move through my entire body. I could feel it in stages as well. What I mean by that is, I could feel the front edge of the sound vibration, it's core and then it's trailing edge as it would pass out the other side. At times I could feel every cell within my being, ALIVE and moving, I could not feel my body in a this part that part way any more. It was just one continuous whole state. In many ways indescribable. When it rained on the tin roof, WOW, and the 4am Gong in the mornings, AMAZING.

So from this perspective, I can see how these appliances and in particular heavy equipment can really mess with our "continuous whole state" for want of better words. "Simple living high thinking" is a motto Homer will be familiar with, and it appears it would work on so many levels.

We are "tough" creatures us humans, but it seems if we want to travel into the subtlest regions of existence we need to be careful of influences such as these.

Today's "job". Try and get rid of our fridge and put in a cool box that chills via the cool air under the house. I have been thinking of something like this for a while. It will cut down on the power bill and keep our food free of electricity.

I have some Millet soaking on the stove as I type this, I'm going to soak it for a few hours to cut down on cooking time and it's going into a Miso and Pumpkin soup. Help rid myself of this head cold that came on yesterday.

Big Love to you one and all.

the gardener said...

me again, just thinking about a friend of mine who lucked out and got to rent a cool old trailer smack dab in the middle of an organic avocado ranch.

He was a very determined veggie and he could have as many downed avocados as he wanted. They were almost football sized-the thin skin more watery ones but boy did he glean.

He was a frugal Capricorn with all the skin problems-psoriasis, and the other flaky one... he got on a mad avocado fresh salsa burrito kick and lost about 20 pounds, his skin totally cleared up and most amazing to me-it looked really juicy.

We'd just do them up plain and raw-lots of lemon pepper and tomatoes and salsa. Very satisfying. I did come up with a 3 or 4 grain mixture that replicated the texture of ground beef pretty well. It had soaked wheat berries in it for the chew... probably oats-maybe quinoa, I don't remember how I came up with it but it was like making a meatloaf mix. Made great meatballs. I remember baking up a load of meatballs and the texture was almost the same.

Doing a lot of veggie cooking for lots of different people as part of my holistic health care package-I came to see that with a lot of foods, it is the texture that matters most.

What I don't like about most veggie replica dishes is that they are usually soy. I didn't realize it until all of a sudden several of my pets had major skin breakdown and flea invasions that it was the soy in their commercial grub. Hard to find it without it but it's out there and I haven't had any problems with the pets and their skin since I stopped giving them soy based foods. I don't do soy since it became so tainted and then GM.

Soy gives pets and babies gas. I never do soy but the other legumes do not give us gas. We eat a lot of them and I think that once you're used to them it stops giving you gas. I found a bottle of 'Beano' in my cupboards from someone who kept some here because we have beans and bean dishes a lot. I love lentils for their quickness and the split peas too.

Edgar Cayce said 'everything in moderation' and I always work towards that goal.

the gardener
been plumbing and gardening of the rough kind all day today. My hands are really sore.

Happy Full Moon-first full moon in Taurus is the signifier of Beltaine. Very luscious one tonight with slight slushy hail coming down and low 30s this evening. I have had a lot of outside pipe breaks this season due to there having been little to no snow insulating the plumbing as per normal.

Visible said...

Good grief people! "we" have a same sine wave mind about so many things. Names, places, people, things, processes... heh heh Beano? I remember Beano. Definitely there is a folk country song in that line. So many things are coming out of the woodwork so that the walls are starting to look like Swiss cheese. Busy, busy, gotta drive to train station, make post, do radio show and everything else. Somehow it gets done.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Out of Function at Armagddon Junction.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Thanks, people, for all the precautions about the EMFs from appliances. My apartment is 280 square feet, and I like to sleep on the floor. My favorite place to sleep is just outside of the bathroom door, which is as far away from the noisy refrigerator as I gan get, without sleeping in the bathroom. Recently, the bedbugs have returned to my apartment; they've been cycling through the building, from apartment to apartment, for the past three years. I have found that if I sleep in the bathtub, in fetal position, the bedbugs can't get to me (because they can't climb the enamel), and they eventually move on. However, this time, I found that I can also sleep on the kitchen floor without the bedbugs finding me and biting me, so I've been sleeping next to the refrigerator fo the past few weeks. The refrigerator is noisy, and it makes me feel restless - EMFs maybe? My computer desk, where I spend most of my time when I'm in my apartment, is only about 3 feet away from the refrigerator. Anyway, tonight I'll go back to sleeping in the bathtub. I might consider turning off the refigerator.

brokenbeat said...


My God, man, that sounds miserable! What a choice of sleeping places -- in a fetal position in the tub or next to a noisy fridge. I'd opt for the fridge with earplugs, or better yet, unplugging it (weather permitting) to avoid the EMF and vibrations. I just can't imagine the cramped quarters of the tub are good for yer bod and will take it's toll in short order. None too good unless you're following the way of the fakir, and clearly you are not. Good luck with all that, Gregory.


John V.

Anonymous said...

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