Sunday, April 29, 2012

Find that Sage in the New Age Bin.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Perhaps a little more strolling down memory lane, with the usual digressions, allusions and references, which is the reason for the post in the first place, not just a need to travel in private spaces, or get self-indulgent in some astral, woodland pool of nostalgia. We're always looking for resonance and simpatico here, if it doesn't resonate with the reader and provoke memory that mysteriously links to the appearance of things long forgotten, then, what good is it (grin)? Seriously.

There are all sorts of strange things coming out these days. Joni Mitchell says he is a plagiarist and I see from the search that it involves paintings as well and there are many references to his stealing from Jack London and others for his books. I had long ago heard about some information concerning his not having written “Blowing in the Wind” (a non-informative article, embarrassingly apologetic and even making Bob 10 years younger than he is) and “Don’t think Twice”. There's a lot of smoke there. There must be some fire. The idea that Dylan could have accidentally, just osmosis like, inhaled these tunes out of the atmosphere is pathetic. I'm not judging him, cause I don't know. I'm just pointing it out cause it came up in my windshield today and it relates to the activity of Mr. Apocalypse. I've never had this problem of draining a suspect lizard out of the ethers. Perhaps we have entered the time of crashing icons, breaking like cheap china, on the unfinished flooring of this new age. I do come up with the occasional cheap and metaphorically tinkered lines here and there but... good grief! I'm busy (grin).

I miss Maui and working with my former collaborators, Bud the Birdman and Franklin Russell, named on our albums as Bud the Creep and Franklin Stratosphere or Franky Blue Stratos. Franklin was so named for being something of an airhead and Bud; “Why do they call you Bud the Creep”? “You'll find out”. No matter how bad things got for me on Maui and... they got horrifically bad sometimes. (I was between Woodstock and Maui during the darkest period of my life), if you don’t count my childhood; no matter how bad it got, there was always the soothing presence of the ocean. I would sit on the seawall in Kihei in those troubled times and such a sense of peace would come to me, though there was little enduring peace. By day there was the maintenance of the efforts to create or earn my daily bread and by night, the efforts to create or spar with the locals in some beach-side park. I reflect on how totally crazy I must have been to do things like that and can't fathom it, or how I managed to emerge unscathed, given how badly mauled you could get from unexpected and unfortunate encounters, much less, looking for trouble. Bud and Franklin were around for a lot of that. Bud was a fairly accomplished martial artist and, although nuts in his own way, not the same kind of madman as me.

Now and then, people come out of the woodwork, mostly due to Facebook. Sometimes I remember them and sometimes I don't. I travelled between a haze and a blur on occasion and there were always people coming and going, or peripherally connected to whatever weird creation we would get up to. Some of them went on to become spiritual teachers and some of them just went on and some of them go on and on and on, accompanied by titles and relative degrees of self-importance, all of them, unique peas in a pod, speculating on who is the pea soup and who are the chunks of carrot. You can scroll down and see all their vast credentials and justifications for why they are gurus, but not really gurus, just regular folks, reflecting back to you what is hidden within for whatever the fee is. They are on some kind of a circuit where they go from place to place to get together, with an assorted group of characters who do whatever it is that they do and not do, somewhere between one hand clapping and one hand with the clap. There is a seemingly endless list of books, an endless list of audio CDs with dozens and dozens of Dr. Wayne Dyer. Of course there are DVDs, with another several dozen from Dr. Dyer. There are 83 different card sets for divination and ritual self-abuse. I don’t doubt that our vomitus superficialitus doctor is there represented too. And... how could we possibly advance without kits? Yes, there are 63 kits and the good doctor is represented in multiples again, as should be expected. Somebody is getting rich. You too can become a spiritual teacher, nearly overnight for only 4,000 dollars and you get impressive documents of achievement that you can frame and put up on your wall.

I don't think I'm welcome somehow. Perhaps I am too cynical. I don't have my own set of cards and kits. This is the kind of thing you become when you have the whole package and a lot of degrees. Of course, if you really want to go for it, you become part of a husband and wife team that channels schizophrenic entities going by the name of Abraham but there's some number of them. You become so successful that you publish over 700 books at the beginning of the bio and then you have 800 at the end of the bio. Now that, that is impressive and includes mobile phone apps. Somewhere near you, this year, is any number of events and boat cruises. If you're a trust fund baby, a lost soul with no road map, an ambitious huckster with no moral compass, or just a garden variety psychopath, you need to know where to get your instruction manual. Then you can become any one of a number (or all of them) of permutations of 'coach'. Coach this, coach that; past life coach, future life coach, Karma coach, the types are vast and all of them cost money. Of course there are money coaches too and they also cost money.

When I was on Maui, I ran across all sorts of people in the new age dens of Makawao, Kula and Kipahulu. Kipahulu, past Hana, is infested with trust fund beneficiaries, who preen and posture in their own little fiefdoms. I met one lady from Australia who had inherited 30 million dollars.; She liked to walk around topless, dressed like an incarnation of Ishtar, when dressed at all. She had a lot of cute boys around her and owned a slice of paradise high on rocky cliffs. She was a mean customer that you had to negotiate around. The scammer scene in the new age trust fund moneyverse is something else; those who live off of them and give them fealty and admiration, for the fortunes of their birth, sans anything of value. I wasn't ever invited much because of my enterprising efforts at defacing their posters at the number one posting zone, where I was employed as the Deli Lama. I got around to making my own posters and there would be a host of people coming around each morning to see what new outrage I had gotten up to; Les Visible channels Ted Turner from the Haleakala crater, or one imaginary talent after another, where I claimed to be able to do this or that. The community was not amused, so... there went the invites (grin).

I'd run across Elan Vitale here and there. He inherited some humungous amount of money from his parents and made himself into an artist who could rent commercial properties for tens of thousands a month. I'm not dissing him, just strolling down memory lane. He put an enormous, near full size, metal whale up in one of the Kamole parks. I see now where he is divinely inspired, or so it says on the web site. Here's a mean customer who also made his millions. I was close with his brother for a while through association with the same woman named Kim. She disappeared into New Zealand and I never heard from her again. I often performed at Piero's Cafe. These days, Piero is also a very successful artist. He's got quite an impressive spread way past even Kipahulu in Kaupo.

I realize I can pepper this treatise with all sorts of names, famous and not so but I'm coming to the end of this particular ride. I don't know what my point was... maybe just bringing things up and seeing what gets said about them. Here's a memorial page. There are some shots of Poppy. He was the one that was going to get my song to Willie Nelson but he died a few days before Willie got back to the island.

I think about Maui a lot. It used to dominate my thoughts when I wasn't there and was in Woodstock or somewhere. Since I came to Europe it's receded. I remember all the good things about it and tend to forget all the problems and dangers of the place. The mind journeys on imagination's ship. It remembers what it wants to remember and forgets what it wants to forget, or thinks it does.

Life comes in stages and certain things automatically arrive in each stage, whether you are ready for them or not. You think you got here or there by choices, or accident and maybe it's something of both but different things come at different times and we should never try to convince ourselves that we haven't gotten everything we wanted. You never know what's around the corner and the best you can do is to prepare yourself rather than trying to troubleshoot around corners you can't see around.

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Shitbag the Clown said...

L. I'm sure you knew this but Robert Zimmerman is the real name of Bob Dylan. Never been to Hawaii but Hawaiian Indica is my all time favorite happy smoke! [:-)

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible
You have been on a roll. Maybe DHL has been delivering on time ! That DMT stuff is almost like K, but then there are many ways indeed to activate and also shut down the pineal, sunshine and fruit of the Bodhi-tree did their bit some millenia ago, along with the middle path instructions, but then who would consider that the middle path between seven centers would be somewhere in the chest area? 'S'atori without activating the Heart would seem to be along the one ( left ) hand with the clap, in the forest or among the many trees in the city.
Forgetfulness and memories indeed, self-remeberance maybe a key, or shall it be with a capital ' S '.
But then what would G randpa know about 'S'armoung, dancing like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, he being a teacher of dancing. Pearls from the Holy Reconciling, result of Holy Affirming and Holy Denying, simultaneously experienced. A part that Mouravieff forgot about in that coldness of Zurich. But then even if they have VIP's from'S'prungli the only thing that comes from 'S'witzerland in their 'S'wiss chocolate maybe the milk from 'S'wiss cows, the rest of the ingredients from far way, maybe from Oaxaca or Vera Cruz, with a little Morelos and Cuba . 'S'till swiss chocolate it is, must be something in chamomille flowers or the grass of the alps.
Those ridiculous 'S'ufi teachings that all in one's daily life must be generated by one's own hands, in service of others, how antagonistic to the Jesuit 'New Age' ways, but then very much within their own lifestyles. Something about the spiritualization of ego, G ranpa used to say, but then that was a warning from his tradition.
Keep the fingers dancing on the keyboard, please, much gratitude arises spontaneously, it is all for purposes of 'demon'stration , afterall.

While in Woodstock, did you have a chance to visit the Dharma-center, a few miles out, Kagyu lineage, dance with Karmapa in what was to have been his last incarnation? Can anyone imagine, the fellow left the keys to his next incarnation with a non-Tibetan Rimpoche, ahhhh the Dragons must have had a plan!
Or was it hatched by the Dragonesses? Maybe a live birth? All the traditions have their protectors, of the tradition, not of those who claim to present it, and some are rather ferocious.....
Overcoming Fear they become like virgins, in their purity, as 'S'akyamuni reported.
Grrrrr Grrrr from the Dog Nation, Siempre Fiel.
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom, Shiva/Shakti tango is on.
Love and Peace

Anonymous said...

"And in that golden softness we will heal..."

Ever wonder why GOLD has value..? it be used to reconstitute the atmosphere on another planet, maybe ? ?

Zamzummim :
{there is another definition}

two fellers' workin on the Kings Highway...get it ?

John Rambo meet Michael...

...and Zechariah :

maybe talk to the Almighty in the AM...Amen....Roger That River man....Over

Anonymous said...

I never "got" Bob Dylan...back in the 60's and 70's I would read articles in various Zio-owned publications which stated that he was an incredible poet/prophet/musician. But whenever I heard that nasally, bleating voice of his, and thought really hard about his lyrics, I surmised that I was either 20 points shy of the IQ it took to perpetually praise him as a genius, or he was simply being hyped for reasons that were then unknown to me. Nowadays, I understand viscerally that it was the latter. If you've ever read "Inside the LC" by Dave McGowan ( you know what I'm talking about. Amazing coincidences surround the top names of the music scene from "back in the day". Whether it's Stephen Stills, David (Van Cortland) Crosby, John Phillips, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Cass Elliott, or a host of other Big Name Stars, there is a common thread that binds them all: they were each born into military-connected families, and many of their fathers were high-ranking military brass, intelligence agents and/or agency spooks of various stripes and flavors. In Morrison's case, his father was U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison, and he was no "ordinary" admiral - he was in charge of the entire U.S. naval fleet during the Gulf of Tonkin incident (which gave rise to the Viet Nam war). Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. In Frank Zappa's case, his father (Francis Zappa) was a chemical warfare specialist assigned to Edgewood Arsenal (the home of America's chemical warfare program). For full effect, you should simply read the above-referenced series of articles. When you boil it all down, the music stars of the Hippie Culture were mind-controlled creations, and they each had a pre-programmed agenda. Nobody gets famous by chance. Nobody has a chance to be famous, unless they were given the full mind-control treatment before they ever picked up a guitar and started plucking away and crooning in a jabber-rocky voice like the previously mentioned Mr. Dylan. But that all makes sense when you stop to think about it. Anyway, it's a great read, check it out if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible and all who hang out here with positive intent.
When I reflect on my path to now, stuff I used to wonder about (like why me? Both good and what I thought was not so good), I see it totally differently today. The stuff that was miserable when it was happening only proved I had the potential to be considered for better things; I’d just have to develop them and awaken. A lot of that miserable showed me where the building blocks are and the insight on how to use them properly. All I can say is that if I had received what I thought I wanted long ago, I’d probably still be in deep slumber; oblivious. I’m glad I didn’t get what I thought I wanted. Lotsa times I got the two-by-four instead, but apparently that’s what I needed to getta peek at the dawn. And once I really did get whacked with a piece of wood upside the head and I really did see stars for about 2 brief seconds. Don’t want no happy daze. Serena

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Really like that song.
It worked well.

The only new age talent or old age initiative I've ever really exhibited for the majority of my life is self sabotage. I reckon that's the opposite of self promotion (and it's really gonna hurt).

But even at that I was so lame it actually attracted assistance from various demigods and demons who threw me a monkey wrench or two, poked a couple of sticks in my spokes, tossed me in the fire and pulled me out.
Still not that impressed.

How minor miracles, right in my face, up close and personal? No?

I was killed twice but neither time could/would I even muster the impetus to accept the offer.
Ganesha knows, he was there once. He wasn't laughing.

Nowadays it's the Supreme Lord pestering me all day long. From sunrise to sunset to dream time. Even then He shows up prodding and that accusing without really accusing..
You know, the unsaid but unmistakable shape up, fly right, get a life.

Yes, I'm listening..

Clarity said...

Visible and All,

You are loved and appreciated because you are genuine and real. Those out to make a quick buck are either complete frauds or are using their knowledge to take advantage of others.

Everything we need to know is within is. Yes, first we need to realize, understand, and accept this. We need to learn how to get to the place where we can find the answers or wisdom we seek. We need to know how to differentiate between thoughts/hopes/wishes and true inner knowing. And we need to trust what we learn from within.

Getting there requires awarenes and learning, and some assistance is helpful on occasion. That should not be coming in the form of a quick fix package promising all the answers. It just doesn't work that way.

This is just one reason why you are so valued. You speak the truth geopolitically, but regardless of the topic and the forum, you consistently show, through your words and by example, the ultimate universal truth. And in return you ask for....

We all know the answer to that.

Love to you and all,

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Pop Psychology has become a religion that is well established in academic, professional, and government institutions. Pop Psychology is shaping up to be the state-sanctioned Establishment religion of the future. The Psychologist counselor, theorist, and lecturer is the new Guru. Now you can get an on-line Master's Degree in Mythology from Phoenix University. The professional shamans of Psychology interpret the ancient stories of Mythology to diagnose patients, like consulting a crystal ball. I wouldn't fit in with the Pop Psychology crowd, because I think that Carl Jung's theory of Subconscious Archetypes does not hold up as an explanation for ancient Mythology and symbolism.

Visible said...

Homer, I knew you would like that song. It's what makes you and I so very much the same person. For some reason god made so many of the elements in that recording work, from the harmonies to the solo on the musical break running like clean water. If one persons hears and gets that. that tune has done its job.

It feels so dark and confused in this moment. I can't imagine why I would feel so optimistic but I do. Maybe it's that old saying about it being darkest just before the dawn. When I wrote that song I was in no better place and much worse for a lot of the others. At least no one is going to come around and say I stole any of their material. They wouldn't dare. Maybe that's why I'm optimistic, even though I can't see a reason at the moment. I get into all of that at the radio show, which I ought to send in now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

Serena, right spot on. I could not have stated it better.

As for the music industry comment, interesting stuff and yes, now it all makes sense. Awakening is frightening and oh so cool at the same time.
Meanwhile, Vis, all sorts of things are happening. A former tribal spy has come forward condemning a war with Iran. Murdoch is on the rack. An Argentine woman from a small town has taken on Monsato and she is winning. The current wacko admin has decided not to go ahead with laws that would would stop kids from working on their family farms due to the outrage response of the sheeple, no maybe people. GRIN. Sorry I didn't post all the links but I am an idiot when it comes to that kind of no how. No matter, you all can find it if your interested.
Vis, wow what can I say. I am finally seeing a Light beginning to appear. Thank you for flipping the switch
Love to all

Visible said...

Hey, like I keep saying, you'll see it happening in front of you. Linda, you are seeing it. What more can be said. They are on the run and I am truly glad it is not us chasing them. Hang in there folks, tune in to the radio show, maybe there's something there. I never thought I could talk so fast with so few notes.

Richie (Dana) said...

The whole thing is kinda sneaking up on you.
When I was a kid I remember every few years you would hear about some nutcase who thought he saw a flying saucer. Now there are hundreds of people coming forward with video to claim they saw one too. Sure some of them are a hoax, but not all. Curious that the Gov just came out today with a story that we are possibly alone in the universe.

I say bullshit to that and additionally am very curious as to what all those aliens are doing out there right now. Is perhaps something very unusual going on with this planet during this time period?


All you need is Love.


Sim said...

Memories of Hawaii

Nice, and then some....


Gregory F. Fegel said...

This is a subject that we've discussed before, and I don't want to get too deep into it, but if the Laurel Canyon crowd were being handled by Spooks, we could also say that it might appear that much of the rest of the entertainment industry, before and after, were likewise being supported or managed by sinister agents. For example, it's well known that Sinatra and his pals had Mob connections. Since the bad guys run our government and our economy, how can anyone succeed in business, or in entertainment, without playing the game that the bad guys run? When you work in Vegas, you play by their rules, right?

They say that during his musical heyday, Jim Morrison was alienated from his father. Isn't it normal, a kind of cliche, for Army brats and Preacher's kids to rebel?

In those days, I often wondered why more anti-war songs weren't written, and why more artists didn't use their bully pulpit to denounce the Viet Nam War. But I couldn't afford to attend concerts, so maybe I just didn't get a chance to hear what they said onstage. If the Laurel Canyon conspiracy theory is supposed to indicate that the LC artists were there to lead American youth into Perdition, I've got news for you -- we really didn't need their example, or their guidance, to do the things we did.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Richie (Dana):

The bumper sticker says: "I am a Space Alien and I VOTE."

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Today we're protesting the annual AIPAC conference in Portland. My sign says "Al Qaeda is CIA".

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible, Mr. Apocalypse and friends. Glad to hear that Joni Mitchell is feeling better and I've no reason to not believe her.


Ben said...

Vis, All,

Jesus said "Freely you have received; freely give." Jesus also said that His Father disciplines His children... I guess the inverse of that would be that those that are children of the devil are not disciplined. I think I could name a few examples of that.

Judging by the life you've revealed to us, Vis, you are dearly beloved by the Father; you are one of His children and your gift is beyond price. I've said this before, much of what you write reminds me of John the Baptist, who came to prepare the way for his Master, Jesus the Christ.

One of my favorite thoughts of John was when he yelled at the Pharisees and Sadducees "You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" I can just picture him, standing in the Jordan River, wearing a skin... long-haired, bearded, wild-eyed, full of righteous rage at the duplicitous, hypocritical, law-giving usurious elite.

Did they listen? No... of course not. They had a role to play, for the purpose of demonstration.

The only song I've ever enjoyed of Robert Zimmerman's was "Knockin on Heaven's Door" and that probably had more to do with the movie (Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid) than anything else. Zimmerman was promoted because he's a member of the tribe; he sold his soul and has admitted it. In some respects I somewhat think that he regrets this.

For Richie (Dana): I have really benefitted from some of your latest comments; you have been blessed with some rare wisdom.

bholanath said...

Coming soon to a state near you: bills in 25 states seek to publicly identify animal abusers just like sex offenders (online registries).
Seems like another example of Mr. A's "expose & disclose" program.
Would help to identify the "paths"/wetikos early...but a generalized 'path' registry would be even better.
Of course, in old indigenous societies it was easier to ID the types in their midst and there would be an unfortunate hunting accident...
dance on, all

anon via Homer prabhu -
that was fucking hilarious, thanks!

Sami Retired the Hog Nostrils said...

Found some great stuff in the dollar bin lately. Janis Joplin, BB King, Aerosmith, R.E.M. A Muddy Waters box was in there for 3$(!) but I didn't pick it up due to insufficient funds, went home to get some cash and it was gone when eye returned, grrr!I saw a bunch of rap crap in there but 1$ is still too high. A neighbor has a bunch of good vinyl and a usb turntable I'm after. Might do some horse trading and try and get them. Isn't Madame Blavatsky the mother of new age. How new it is from 200 years ago.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gregory, I keep my original sign from the protests before the Iraq Shock and awe atrocities.

My sign for any protests I attend.

It says in big red letters "YOU BASTARDS!"

When I was with the folks in Austin at the Capital, before Iraq, a camera crew came up to me and asked "who is that sign directed against?" This because I was off by myself apart from the main crowd and standing by the not so secret agent types so they could get a good look. It was obvious the news people were wanting me to say I was protesting the protestors.. I looked at the guy and his cameraman and said "WELL DUUUUH." He got a little perturbed and snapped "I'm serious, who is that sign meant for." I said "they know who they are, don't they"
as I looked at the agents.
He and the cameraman then spun around and left in a huff.

This sort of thing happens to me regularily. Must be why I'm not getting invited to too many parties. (;>)

Well, that and you know..

Have you ever seen or read "Dialectic Spiritualism?"

It's Srila Prabhupada's discussions of various philosophers, theologians, mystics and psychologists.
Everyone from Origen to Socrates to Sartre. His opinion on Jung is very interesting.



or for complete audio


Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,
You are great! I lived on Maui on and off for a number of years and basically knew all the persons you refer to. Reflecting on the whole scene, I feel so melancholy. I'm sure that it is mostly a self-reflection of dis-functional disconnection. But also the "sage scene" was dis-functional and disconnected in so many ways. Cosmic and petty. Elevated and tragic. Inspired and recycled. Egalitarian and elitist. Active and lazy. Enlightened and deluded. Illuminated and corrupt. Great promises as promises never fulfilled. Clear but saturated with drama. And yet most of Mauians never ever knew this was going on. Simply ordinary people with ordinary families with ordinary concerns.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Another sign of the changing times ...

Perhaps! Perhaps. Perhaps?

As I wonder and as I wait, I find myself shrugging more and more lately. I think I'll go back and listen to the song again.

david griffith said...

'Good composers borrow - great composers steal.' - or so I was told. Pretty hard to not beg, borrow or steal when song writing.
This ditty cheerfully borrows 'I get a kick out of you' as the verse chord framework although the melody differs a bit.

The coin of the realm has caught halitosis
Missing all claim to respect
The peers of the realm - are no satisfaction
See them gone with no regret

Before I get much older
Going to need to get much bolder
If I’m going to be a soldier - for what’s true
So what is true?
You & you & you & you & you
If not you - then who?
Parasites suck at our minds and our bodies
All the while enjoying the view
So who is there left - to answer the calling
If not for me and for you

Before I get much older
Going to need to get much bolder
If I’m going to be a soldier - for the truth
So what is true?
You & you & you & you & you
If not you - then who?

In the book of arrivals - they’ll note our departure
Unless we stand up to be counted
Counted for what - might cause you to pause
Truth, love and life if you want it

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

pierre said...

perhaps a shortcoming on my part but I find pre-rejection is seldom disappointing.

Fukushima is downright scary these days.

Robert Heinlen showed up too in LC, the right winger postulating extreme left wing views (but with Ron Paul anti government and 70's "great disruption" individualism thrown in)
(little point from radio show, Frank Herbert wrote Dune with the big special K grubs).

one thing that has changed from the top 10 centralised control (RIP) is the internet. how and for how long who knows? and without shared commentary on common turfs across the board, who can comment in general from now on? or is it not that simple.

Anonymous said...

You reference Joni Mitchell as a man and not sure if that was meant purposely because it was done multiple times...
And as always I love how you communicate.


onething said...

Hagelin ran for president some years ago. I voted for him.

Anonymous said...

my goodness, please reject my previous comment, I just went back and reread and realized I misread. So sorry for the comment and won't eat dinner while reading your blogs next time ;-)


onething said...

Oh, man that is one beautiful song, a perfect song.

I am not sure of two of the words.
What does it take to be a human being?
What does it take to take a head from the sand?
What does it take to hear God in the morning ?
Are we all saved?
Are we all damned?
I went to China to see the queen
She gave me a rose but it died on the dream...
I went to Africa to see the war

I was not born with castles in Spain
There’s a pot on the fire, cooking so slow
Filled with the floods of old hatred
And they serve it up with slogans and songs
That make torture and violence sacred
And we are the dupes of the armchair crew
From the smoke filled board rooms of Satan
Who sit and play chess with Arabs and Jews
And death’s always served – there’s no waiting
Oh give me a wide incredible sky that is only hung up for the looking
And I will lay in the sun, until kingdom come, and I’ll rise on the first breeze of morning

What does it take to give and not take?
(Unless you can give in the taking)
What does it take to release your dark needs?
When your own heart can tell you it’s breaking
All we hear the thunder and tremble in bed
Then we’ll wake to evil
Not knowing the cravings that drive us
Like a devil’s possessed for the gates of an unwanted fortune
No matter how great are the towers of ruin or the demons that drive men to war
You can go free as the stream to the sea if you have love and want nothing more
Oh give me a bright unsinkable ship that will sail me through storm and confusion
Yeah let love be the lighthouse that rules the night tide and I laugh like the sun with the angels
Love is a clean, sharp sword to the heart, and it cuts to the quick silent center
And God alone knows ‘cause only God goes, and we are the path that he’s making
What does it take?
I don’t even know
I am only a finger that’s pointing
The one spoken word is the one spoken truth
When you listen to God in the morning
When you listen to God in the morning
When you listen to God in the morning

Visible said...

I missed the part where someone called Joni Mitchell a man. Some strange things go on around here and I never see most of them.

Visible said...

Okay, now I see, sort of.

Antony said...

Thanks very much for the expose of these sickly sweet pick pockets.
Salvation for dollars and all. Beware the devil rides a white horse. The path gets a narrower, Roll on the apocalypse.
Keep up the good work.
Love and light... my arse.
Peasant stock having a bad day in miserable England.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're not fond of Wayne Dyer.

His books helped save me from suicide back in the 80s and got me to read the Tao in the last year or so.

I will not condemn him.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Make Your Own Angel, Put Wings on a Whore.

Visible said...

Nobody asked you to condemn him, so I don't quite get the point. He is a huckster and a snake oil salesman but it has been said by those who know, referring to the Christian religion and some of the frauds who work the circuit that salvation may come through anyone and it is no less genuine for that.

Ray B. said...

Visible, Monday, April 30, 2012 2:07:00 PM

"...that salvation may come through anyone and it is no less genuine for that."

I'm glad you wrote that. I was just about to 'pipe in'. Since I'm here, I heard an old Buddhist or Hindu tale a few decades back that I'm about to misquote badly:

A sage pulls his primary student over, and confesses that all these years he has been pretending to be enlightened, etc. He is very sorry. The student responds for the master not to worry: Because of his teachings, the student and hundreds of others have become truly enlightened, etc.

I have 'been' through lots of teachers. Each was limited in various regards, and each provided one or more 'pearls' that I needed in that moment. Blessings to all of them. My 'intent' is to grow and to remember. All-God manifests in whatever/whoever is needed to pursue the next increment of that intent. (I guess that includes discernment, too...) Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

exactly and precisely so Ray. I don't know who that person was but my suspicion antenna went way up reading the comment. An illumined teacher once said about me, "You cannot bullshit that man". I don't know if it's true but it felt good to hear it.

onething said...

No such thing, really, as children of Satan. God is all there is, was, or ever will be. Only one source to any existence of any kind, no outside to God who is everywhere and everything.

He's the only show in town.
That's the rub, isn't it?

Thus we amuse ourselves.

But please don't think that I do not take evil seriously.

Richie (Dana) said...

Agreed 100%

Question: how do you banish evil from a universe of Love when evil does not respond to Love?

Answer: Implant Godlike beings to analyze and experience evil in all forms and bring back that knowledge for all to know.

It is the ultimate conspiracy theory.
It is an inside job and we are the intent of the Divine will.

My train of thought is expanded in the next blog which was written before I read your clear and stunning comment.
You waited until the end to post this?

My hope is that many see it.

Soldier on my friend, all is well.


Anonymous said...

pierre said..( 4 glasses and self barred for today)

" Dont it always seem to go that you don't really know your ho from a bo. They crossdressed paradise put up a darling c**k"

the gardener said...

"Stella Blue said...

Ya know, Visible, Balboa Press affiliate to Hay House is currently doing a contest for a 50,000 word work of fiction publishing prize--deadline June-something."

I entered that contest via Louise's FB page-I was deluged with emails and calls from a very nice sounding man for a few weeks-then one email said something about 'publishing packages starting at $1888 or some such so I asked the man the next time he called-and it was funny-because he called from other state but the number showed up as a local call 'made from a Verizon cell phone' *screams*... I asked him if 'this contest cost money' and he said the 'publishing costs start at...." and I told him 'no thanks-don't call me again'...

Never got into Wayne Dyer but the band REM did save my life one sad summer of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn at 19 degrees which hard ball squared my natal Venus in Aries... the peeps couldn't quit smirking at me as they eagerly told me they had no work for me... That square hit me/hurt me for almost two years. Very sad times for me.

As for Bob Dylan---his exwife lived in my town and I ran into her friends all the time... never got into him in my youth but had quite a breakdown once in the SmartNfinal bulk restaurant supply store when I was about 45 and 'Lay Lady Lay' played on the musac play list. Got that song.

Sobbing pushing my cart or dolly or wth ever. Then... it was over and finished my shopping with my then little one soberly asking 'are you ok mom?' Pure heart.

So yes, we take it where we can find it. Just like how politicians can turn from normal to sould in the shocking blink of an eye after election. I remember seeing Bobby Fiedler do that in the 70s at the heat of the bussing rush-so do many who turn from normal helpers and healers into packaged assortments.

It was funny reading the lists of packaged salvations... thanks les... I MEAN VIS!

In the late 90s there was a 'school' where you could 'earn' your Enlightened Master certificates and teach on a pyramid scheme level pay plan-it cost so much for each layer until at the top you'd pay like $20,000 with testimonials from all over the world-with their pictures even. Don't remember the name but it took the cake for money making enlightenment-they were really aggressive with their selling too.

Only went to Hawaii once, in late 70s... it was so horrible we left about five days early. One creepy interaction after another-but the pot dealers stalking and threatening us at Hana took the cake. We were driving by an airport and just said 'let's go back home'... and did-ditching the rental car with all our was so outrageous-I had some big sticks of Maui Wowee laid out at the top of my big purse and had a heart attack when the stewardess at the top of the plane said she needed to 'look in my purse'... I was so trapped... I just opened it up and there they were and she said 'ok' and we got on... that was a miracle. How hysterical. lol

the gardener

the gardener said...

PS for Gregory Fegel...

did you come across the new one about some Euro guy in the record industry who was invited to a secret meeting with some heavies at some mansion in LA where they signed confidentiality contracts and the heavies told them the 'prison for profits told them to swing Rap to ghetto gangster rap to prime the pump to get lots of people in prison'? In the late 80s or whenever it did turn to ghetto rap as the music d'jour.

An unPC friend of mine said then 'what happened? MTV has turned into NTV!' House parties time etc... so yeah, I think everyone whose names and faces we know are bought and sould.

Which reminds me of a latest relay about the modeling industry. A teen friend of ours is total model material-six foot tall at 14, totally photogenic, very creative and talented beautiful girl-her mom's friend who's an artist takes her to an agency in SALT LAKE CITY and the girl there tells her 'you have to suck dick to get famous' or maybe it was to just work. So the artist tells this kid who tells me 'everyone who is famous in modeling has to suck everyone's dick' WHAT THE HELL? The price of fame and fortune. I couldn't believe it was outed like that. Needless to say the kids got a soul call out on that.

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

Mayday! Mayday! Incoming!!!

Visible said...

"In the late 90s there was a 'school' where you could 'earn' your Enlightened Master certificates and teach on a pyramid scheme level pay plan-it cost so much for each layer until at the top you'd pay like $20,000 with testimonials from all over the world-with their pictures even. Don't remember the name but it took the cake for money making enlightenment-they were really aggressive with their selling too".

Heh heh, time share spirituality.

That is a strange tale about Hawaii. One time I was on a flight with my friend Bruce Bardol, back when you could still smoke in the back of planes and we lit up a pipeload of hash. This Brazilian stewardess came over fairly soon and was shortly joined by her companion; both of them highly attractive. We had quite the conversation. Funny how things used to be and how they no longer are.



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