Friday, April 20, 2012

A Thick and Toxic, Restless Soup.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

540,000,000 dum dum bullets and thousands of bullet proof control booths for The Department of Homeland Insecurity of the Zionist, Anti-Gentile Empire. This agency operates within the borders of the United States. You don't need a PHD in WTF to figure out what's going on, at least in broad general terms. Here is what we can speculate. The government knows much more than we do about all kinds of things and much less than we do about the important things; or else it doesn't care. Given that the government knows more than us, it is quite likely that they are informed about, some or several, pending events. When these events occur, they will create widespread panic, according to relative analysis. That's one scenario. The government has to protect itself 'and the privileged' because that is who they work for. One should have 'no illusions' about this. That which they are aware of may be of several possibilities; one is Fukushima, the other is natural disasters of some kind, which they are able to predict with a level of accuracy that motivates them to prepare for what results. A wilder possibility is alien invasion. I throw that in because there is no way of telling why they need 540,000,000 rounds of ammunition and all those control booths.

The other scenario is that the government, as a result of all the think tanks, agencies and pressure from certain quarters... is going to manifest this world changing disaster and are getting in place to follow through on problem, reaction, solution. As we know, they are old hands at this with the Oklahoma bombing, the Zionist engineered 9/11 and sundry events at other locales. They provided the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber, in order to implement the present persona of that monster, the TSA. There is no question that heavy and oppressive fascism is in the works and barring divine interference or some alternative measure, such as collective mass reaction; some form of spontaneous combustion, America is burned toast.

I don't personally care what label you give these thugs. Obviously they are all Satanists, wittingly or unwittingly, by definition of action alone. It is the movement and progression of the anti life, which not only seeks to destroy the harmony and quality of all life other than their own but... takes a singular enjoyment from carrying it out. They do evil for the sheer joy of it. You've heard the words of Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George Bush Sr. and various other miscreants concerning what they've been up to and how they feel about it. One thing should be uppermost in every mind capable of it, besides the awareness of who, or what, you rely on and that is that this is Kali Yuga. This is the period where a great deal of laundry gets done. That's basically what you are looking at; laundry.

The people who showed up as bad guys were those most disposed toward this behavior, prior to arrival. Those of us engaged on the other end are also acting according to what we were disposed to. The greater mass that is unconscious or sleeping, is here because of the opportunity for awakening as well as a quantum leap of consciousness. Think about it. Think about the things you can see happening and the fact that there are seven billion people here at the moment, give or take the miniscule comings and goings. This is because of the opportunities that exist. It doesn't matter that so many have forgotten this on arrival. That's what the force of awakening is all about. If you can awaken, the options will be revealed to you, the course will appear. It's like way stations of consciousness. They're all connected and in some way they resemble bus kiosks, which provide the buses itinerary to all points outward, as well as temporary shelter and a time for reflection before your bus arrives. When you are consciously participating in your awakening, it is similar to walking on one of those moving floors they have at airports. Those engaged in evil are in similar circumstances. They are participating in their own destruction on a similar treadmill. The unfortunate aspect of Kali Yuga is that prevailing collective consciousness distorts what's real. Things appear other than what they are. The collective emotional climate and the collective mental climate, exert a powerful influence upon individual consciousness. Also, we don't see the positive changes being made interiorly. I often liken it to driving on a slight grade, on your way up a mountain, but prior to the actual period of obvious ascent. You might look in the rear view mirror at some point, or you might pull over and get out of the car and then you can see the landscape far below, along with the thin and twisting white line of distant surf. You didn't think you were going up all that much. You didn't think you had ascended to that degree. It's gradual but constant. Eventually you make some serious progress on your way up. Few people persist all the way up the mountain. You pass through towns and communities until there are no more. You may still see a few scattered houses but then it's just a road through the forest. After awhile there are no more trees even, just rocks and earth and snow. At a certain point it might seem like you are very much on your own.

The world at this time is a thick and restless soup. It's toxic and flammable as well. In 1800, only 3% of the people lived in cities, now over 50% of the population lives in cities. Hive mentality prevails and perversion runs riot because it is promoted for profit and control. It also directs the individual into areas of being that serve the interests of the Satanists who create and promote it.

Free will is a funny thing. Understanding it is the problem, really. It's not what it's been publicized as; the right to act autonomously in all circumstances. That implies that there is no overriding authority. How is it that one can exercise free will in any case, given prior conditioning of whatever kind? We don't know what we don't know, so presumptions take the place of verifiable info and people act as if it were that, instead of a projection of belief brought into being by the press of their appetites. What free will is, is the right to act in your own best interests or to go contrary to them. I suppose you'd have to know what that is first but you don't need to know that in order to understand that it is so. The sun comes up and the sun goes down every day and it isn't affected by what you are doing. In fact, the sun doesn't rise or set to begin with, the Earth rotates, but that's beside the point.

Representatives of the angels dancing on a pin contingent, like to state that there's no proof the Earth rotates but there is quite a group of self fancied iconoclasts whose only interest in anything is the arguments it provides. They could often care less about what it or is not so. Caring to know what is so and being amenable to having it revealed is most of the battle to begin with. Getting your attention is a very big part of the battle and it being a battle in the first place has everything to do with not being amenable to revelation and caring about what is so.

Times of apocalypse are times of judgment and summing up. It is critical for the individual to keep this in mind. Otherwise you get seduced into believing in the power of the malefactors, visiting so much distress on the populace. You come to think everything is out of control. It weakens your resolve and opens the door to despairing and the other forces that attend it. You see a lot of that going around, along with rigid denial, isolation by distraction and obsession and 'me first' behavior, accompanied by the personal survival impetus. A lot of people are 'prepping' to survive, without doing the most important thing that should be on every list and which might even preclude that sort of behavior, or modify it.

My experience, through observation, is of a lot of troubled people, as well as people who aren't paying attention, don't want to know, or are totally engrossed in whatever they are involved in. Irrespective of appearances, everything is under control for the purpose of demonstration and that is what one has to adjust to. The proper frame of mind begins with the awareness of the proper pursuit of human consciousness. Without this in mind, one may very likely devolve into a beast for the purpose of demonstration.

If you've been here before, you've heard all of this before. You've got your game plan operating or you don't. You've got a focus or you don't. You're arguing or you can't be bothered. Having to argue is a sure sign that one has missed the point. Personally, it is of no great concern to me what medium others employ. If they work, fine. It not then one will find that out.

...All that can be said for the moment. The show is about to begin.

End Transmission.......

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Richie (Dana) said...

It almost seems like your last few posts where a kind of set-up, throwing out possibly contentious idea’s to gage the reaction of your listeners. I always find it interesting to watch how programmed people are to catalogue and box up any idea or person.
Slap a label on it and put it on the shelf. Then we can achieve that superior position where ‘we got that one figured out’.

“Having to argue is a sure sign that one has missed the point.”

This world and our current society has always been about division and separation. This is the greatest form of control. Pick any subject you can imagine and you can find groups that will gravitate right or left.

I refuse them all. If I subscribe to anything, it would be non-conformity and apparent chaos. The chaos I would subscribe to is nothing close to the controller’s version. It is more like freeing your mind of preconceived and programmed idea’s so as to leave room for new thoughts and experiences.

I know that many of us have been waiting with anticipation for what is outlined in this article.

This would be the real deal and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Have a nice day

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Although, as you point out, all this has been written before in your various blogs ( and other places ), the soup is more restless, and your writing more concise and to the point. Thank you.

Free will, as defined by most in the actions taken, is freedom to act out my wilfulness based upon my desires, most of which are on the level of Homo Erectus, and empowered by 21st century technology, is on the rise. The soup is thick with 'free will' and poisoned by the perversions within the desires.

Ahhh, for the Homo Sapiens Sapiens, aware of of the awareness of self, aware of the nature of desire within, its source and the reins placed upon it ( yoke - yoga ), by an act of will, so that power of desire may indeed lead to the goal.

May the Divine Presence in the Heart be the object of our Desire.

May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in bloom.

Woof woof from the Dog Nation, Siempre Fi.


Montana Wildhack and the Trafalmadorians said...

Greetings Lo Vizier! Been trying to comment but ziojoogle is giving me some static about "suspicious activity" from your address and a second captcha comes up then a 404 not found message. The alien invasion will be the next false flag. The thing about the inbred 'elites' is that they put everything in writing and often give not so subtle hints in arts, entertainment and media. The Independence Day scenario is in writing some where for sure. The revealer of the plans and schemes of the satanic joo world orderers is a guy named Alan Watt at cuttingthroughthematrix webpage. One of my favorites besides the Smoking Mirrors selection. Carry on.

mike m said...


A nod to upcoming 2012 Ziolympics, which will probably have some intrigue built into the "festivities".

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis, I sure needed your words today.
Yes, there are times when I feel as though I am on my own. When I first began to notice my awakening, there seemed to be a lot of folks on the same course and this gave me great hope and the courage of my convictions. As time's gone on, well over 30 years, it seems companionship is dwindling.
I am seeing and hearing things from folks and I cannot believe that they could believe what they are saying. I have friends dying of cancer who praise their doctors for being wonderful; yeah except they're killing you.. I have friends that are watching GCB on ABC and think it's hilarious. Nevermind the tribe is making a mockery of your beliefs right in front of your face. I am not talking about fundies here. Sometimes I think Kali Yuga is my own mind and everyone else is goiing(funny typo ;I think I'll leave it) on their merry way while I am thinking the sky is falling.
Your words keep me centered and give me comfort knowing that I am not alone here althoguh it sure feels like it as times.
My biggest problem is getting angry with the sleepers., I tend to measure them as a guage as to where the rest of us stand. Personally I am really tired of it all & I want to wake up. One other is it these Satanists can destroy the environment and then manage to make trillions treating (not curing of course) the diseases they caused. It seems like it's always a win win for them.
Thanks for your words and thanks for listening

Anonymous said...

once again, even tempered, incisive, precise ... money shot.

we're 'enjoying' the same dream.

you may be preaching to the choir, but your hitting notes precious few even know are there to be reached.

i am, for the most part, confident in the accuracy of my own observations. the bell of truth rings from within. but it's still something of a comfort to hear the occasional echo ... oh so clear.

so there you have it. give the piper his due.

Billy Pilgrim said...

L. if this gets through ziojoogle here is a page about origami typeface:

brokenbeat said...

Tres apropos, Vis; a salient segue from your PD post. Building off my last comment on same, I have moved from a bunker mentality born out of my primal reaction to the doom-and-gloom prognostications, past an ex-pat exploration to settle into a balanced, relaxed posture.

Having researched all manner of preparation for every imaginable eventuality and deciding I did not care to survive (physically) cataclsymic upheaval, I graduated to the option of relocating out of the beast to a relatively safe haven abroad. Realizing the challenges of establishing trust especially as an American -- targeted as bounty potential as well as scapegoat for atrocious policies -- I have nearly removed that option. In any event, it is clear that there is nowhere on this orb that is immune to some manner of physical and societal threat.

With much consideration and guidance from my higher-self and it's (and my) friends, I have come to a more balanced outlook of minimal, prudent, flexible preparation (mostly taking care of loose-ends and obligations) and cultivating more awareness and maintaining equanimity. Avoiding fear-porn helps in this regard, as does the knowledge that "I" will survive regardless of what befalls my shell. My main impetus is to acheive maximum growth with the time available and as the circumstances allow (and provoke) drawing on the energies and grace dispensed. This sense of urgency is matched by my sense of responsibilty to my higher self and duty to assist in the sealing and growth of others.

I have neatly distilled it to a prioritized emphasis on my health. At the top is my spiritual health, followed by my mental health and physical health. Farther down, and less defined are my financial, social, and other nebulous types of health. This are to some degree interdependent and attention is being paid to all sectors, but with a prioritized emphasis on the top three biggies with spiritual health ruling the day. If I find myself without friends, broke, with ailing health and deteriorating mental capacity, I will still consider myself immensely wealthy if I have spiritual health. After all, that is truly all we take with us -- the spiritual growth we attained here and the prospect of further evolution.


John V.

brokenbeat said...

Incidentally, I foresee the alien disclosure and deception as the coup de grace of our controllers. It may not be the very final card played, but it will be essentially that for many.

An invasion and subsequent confrontation of the invaders from benevolent aliens may follow the controlled disclosure that is underway, but the deception of the true nature of the aliens will be the most significant play in our history. The discovery that it is a deception and understanding of their true nature will be even more mind-blowing than the earlier incredible introduction. It promises to be a truly novel set of developments and will be "growth material" in the most powerful form. If any of us are still around, it will be a great challenge to maintain our composure. Good luck to any that are. Do your work now!


John V.

Patrick V1.2 said...

I wonder if caterpillars are ever surprised when they wake up one day and find out they're butterflies ?

Paul Von said...

Hey Richie Dana,

Nice post, and interesting link. Too bad the writer in the link, fails to mention (or recognize) the deleterious effects of man made EMF on the human organism. You see, pulsed EMF from wi-fi systems and ‘other’ man made devices like cell phones, actually taters and frays the fine stranding, which is an integral part of our cellular DNA sequencing.

Also too bad, the average person has no clue about electronics technology in general. Also too bad that people keep failing to notice: Industrial suicide, is not the happy and pleasant experience the commercial sponsors depict ad nausea. THE major problem is: Humans must actually survive in order to evolve…

Here are some links of factual and scientific interest, written by people who probably don't agree with the waxing fantasy of new age la.

Yes. It's allot of information.

brokenbeat said...

Damn auto- correct on this iPhone! It's the only portable device I brought with me on my travels...I must thoroughly review before posting (I realize I have said that before...)

Anyway, in my first comment, at the end of the third paragraph, that should have read "awakening" not "sealing". I dunno how it made that leap. Perhaps I almost typed healing... who knows. I know I am not "sealing" anyone and probably not really healing either. More like assisting when requested and simply being more of my true self and occasionally dropping some pearls to be gathered by those that can see and listen, not merely look and hear.


John V.

Citizen Elle said...

Maestro LV,
your words continue to be an elixir to so many of us... the discipline in your deliveries is beyond commendable. I love you & everyone here everyday for your subtle support in my game of life.

john v. thanks for the show of camaradarie. I, too, spent a small fortune preppin to survive, only to realize, maybe I didn't want to & that it would be an impossibility to have the right things, place, people around unless the universe intended that & if that was te case then what the H was a worrying about? I will be protected & taken care of. I then DID leave the US to be an ex-pat but am now back because, as you say, lo & behold, there were "societal threats" from everyday psychotics disguised as enlightened & loving spiritual beings.

~~~from the deep~~~
embracing the mystery,

Anonymous said...


Popocatepetl volcano outside Mexico City has awakened. The Powers That Ain't No More know what's coming.


Anonymous said...

Is god all-knowing? (The true believer will say "yes".)

Is god all-powerful? (Again, the true believer will say "yes".)

Does god know what is going to happen to each and every one of us? (Again, there is only one possible response available to the true believer here; "yes, yes, yes" he will cry - for if god didn't know that, he wouldn't be all-knowing; i.e., he wouldn't be god.)

Now, if god knows what is going to happen to each and every one of us, then god is a puppet-master and we are his puppets. There are no other viable conclusions here, based on the above line of reasoning.

But, the true believers will decry this statement, immediately, upon hearing it; "No!" they will exclaim ardently. "We have free will!"

Hmm. Interesting. If we have free will, then god cannot know what is going to happen to each and every one of us - which means he is not all-knowing. And if god doesn't know what is going to happen to each and every one of us, then he is not all-powerful. And you can obfuscate these facts by saying things like, "Well, it's all a mystery"; or, my personal favorite, "God has a plan for us all" (hey! - you just proved my point!), and etc.; but it's a house of cards built on a foundation of quicksand and even a little child could see through it if given a few minutes (which is why most children can't stand going to church).

If it doesn't make sense on a fundamental level, it cannot be true.

I like to break this line of reasoning out for fundies, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons/LDS-ers and various men of the cloth. Invariably, their faces will turn red, and their brows will furrow, and they will utilize the only remaining course of action available to them, and attack the messenger, just as they have been programmed to do in their various cults...and they will finally lash out and say something like, "Well, what do you expect from a non-believer?"...or, "You are so lost"...or, "Have fun in hell." (Or worse. I have had True Believers swear at me and get borderline violent after I have confronted them with these seemingly innocuous questions and their attendant conclusions.)

I did this very thing to two LDS-ers (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) whom I encountered a few years ago while walking down a road in Wilmington, North Carolina. One of the two young men was a newbie; he didn't say much, the other man was the Senior Kool-Aid Guzzler and he had boldly walked up to me on the road and asked me point-blank if I had ever read the Book of Mormon. After a discussion of approximately two minutes in length, involving myself and the Senior Kool-Aid Guzzler, the newbie said to me: "I never thought of that...part of what you said was in the back of my mind once before..." - and he said this in response to the above line of reasoning I laid out to the Senior Kool-Aid Guzzler, regarding God's allegedly all-knowing, all-powerful nature - and after about another minute or so, as he was listening to me refute his mentor's blanket proclamations about how one just had to have faith, and how god had a plan for us all, he took his tie off, dropped it in the dirt, unbuttoned the top button of his short-sleeved white cotton shirt, wiped the sweat from his forehead (it was the middle of summer), handed the Senior Kool-Aid Guzzler his bag of LDS literature, and walked away down the road...

True story.

brokenbeat said...


Great pearls there stringing together awareness, free will and desire.

Richie (Dana),

Thanks for link -- most informative. I have a small quible with his understanding of entropy and negentropy and think he got the definitions reversed. Entropy is disordering and higher values corelate to more disorder in a system. Negentropy is a measure of order (or a movement to same). Hopefully, this does not invalidate his over-arching premise as the chaotic mind was touted as the evolutionary state of higher conciousness. I reconciled this error with my understanding of Chaos theory in that a form of subtle order that exists within apparent chaos. Also, the classical thermodynamic definitions assume a closed system or at least with all forms of energy accounted for with sources and sinks. Neither case applies with our reality.

Speaking of getting words confused, I did just that in my last comment. I hesitate to correct a correction, but this time it was not due to an auto-correct or syntax. I got the use of the words "listen" and "hear" inverted in the context of what I intended to convey. I'm going to use a cop-out that English is my second language, albeit by only three months or so (Romantic languages are easier to vocalize than Germanic languages).


John V.

MR said...

During a reiki session I had a few years back, the practitioner asked who "Helen" was and who "Catherine" was. I told her Helen was my great aunt, who I was closed to as a child, and Catherine was my Aunt Helen's room mate in the nursing home. The practitioner said that both Helen and Catherine were so excited at what I was doing, and to tell me to do my laundry and hang it out to dry, show everyone who I was. Interesting choice of words -- both from them and from Les.


Rob in WI said...

You baked a great cake today, though, as you stated, its not a new recipe. The comments so far are tasty frosting. I think your musical talent is more as a philosopher than a performer. Your posts are like striking a chord, and the resulting vibrations metaphysical. Thanks; to you, and all who visit here, (even trolls and those who like to argue).
Be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Great Stuff - a Joy to Peruse.
Thank You. Les.

gurnygob said...

Free will, funny I was just thinking about that very thing last night in bed, or was I dreaming?? Anyway, I use to think we had free will but the more I think about it now ?????? Well, it seems to me that we make most of our choices based on fear or force or, no other choice to start with. Confusion is another big factor. A lot of the time it's a lotto whether we make the right choice or not. We never really know what the outcome will be until it's too late to change our minds. Should I stay or should I go? "A Thick and Toxic, Restless Soup." for sure.


gurnygob said...

Anonymous said...@Friday, April 20, 2012 7:19:00 PM
"Is god all-knowing? (The true believer will say "yes".)"

Well anonymous despite what I said about free will I would like to say this. It must be great being you. Gosh I am impressed that you are able to dismantle faith in God, just like that.

I had the same sort of argument with a friend some time back and my conclusion was this. Listen up smarty pants......because God knows everything about you, your past, present and future, it does not necessarily mean that he predestined it that way. It's one of the occupational hazards of being God I suppose. I have watched my children do some very silly things. I knew what the outcome would be in fine detail and I even tried to warn them but they just went on and did it anyway; and guess what, it happened just like I thought it would. Now, does that mean I planned it that way, because I knew the outcome? God is all wise and all knowing. Yes, he is in control of everything and knows the outcome before it happens. When my children made their mistakes, I was there, with a plan, to help them out. God will be there for those who put their faith in his love and his power to overcome. I expect he will be there for the rest as well, that's just the way he is.
You should go and learn a little respect before God teaches you some.


Thugs Galore said...

You said the word, Vis ... THUGS. The hegemony of the US is not limited to bombing once sovereign countries back to the Stone Age. The US extends its own vampire squid tentacles (Goldman Sucks isn't the only squid in the sea of morass) into the finances of all countries around the world. In the latest round of financial fiddling the US is dipping into the pockets of US citizens and what it calls "US persons for tax purposes" who have the audacity to live somewhere other than the sainted homeland. But it isn't enough to just search for tax havens and tax evaders, the US has to terrorize innocents who owe not a penny in US taxes with thousands of dollars in penalties for what amounts to tax form evasion. Fail to file or make a mistake on a form which demands enough information to practically give the IRS a key to someone's account and the penalties could literally wipe out his/her entire retirement savings. Lately I've been getting quite a disturbing look into the absurdity of citizenship based taxation (only the US and Eritrea do it). If anyone is interested in reading about how this financial tyranny is affecting honest people who happen to live outside the US and have in many instances only a slight connection to the US please browse around this blog a bit ... ... and read this article ...

Is it just me or is the wv getting harder these days?

William Jeffrey Fitzhugh said...

Unless wehang the ones who have done this there is absolutely no hope for future generations. They will be slaves. The people 1,000 years ago would have had a much easier job. The founding father of this country had written about them and knew not to even allow the into the country. They told about not allowing a central bank and a strong federal government. But we got them all and they run the show. They had such an easy job. Benjamin Franklin said to not even allow them into the coutnry. Now they control everything and we have to fight them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis
Great post again.
As an aside, has anyone else noticed that Exploring Reality Tunnels which is linked here( has been shut down, and not because it hasn't been in use recently?

Wally P. Taylor IV said...

We know who has done this. They are the bankers and the coroporate heads. They are the nuclear power plants destroying the ocean They are the Bilderbergers, TLC, CFR, and they commit crimes like 9/11, but our politiicans not only don't go after them, but they don't even discuss it.

Denny said...

Anonymous 7:19: PM

There is no dualistic God outside of oneself, omniscient or otherwise. My guess is that omniscience and free will pervade the universal psyche, and that they are accessible once every vestige of identification with the false self is completely severed. At this level there is no longer any false self questioning whether or not it has free will, or whether or not any separate God is omniscient... Or something along those lines anyway....


Vis: If it's true about all those dum dum bullets, bullet proof booths and railway carriages containing guillotines etc., as naive as this may sound, why doesn't at least one out of 200 000 000 people do the obvious thing - ie call the police..?

Surely it would be easy for the police to send faxes to every single police station around the country, with the information that the ruling elite are planning on killing everyone anytime soon. Then all it'd need would be for the police to round them all up and put the whole damned lot of them in front of "no nonsense" Judge Judy. Or am I being overly naive here..?

Anonymous said...

"The press of appetites" yes, indeed. Like a mirage in the desert to a wandering soul. Please keep these insights coming,Les! We are all subject to seeing what our appetites conjure up. Love and blessings to all! -Sam

onething said...


I've been having some trouble keeping up lately and haven't commented much, but I have read everything and listened to all the songs, many of which I like very much. I have a couple of favorites.

This was a very lucid post for me; I especially liked what you said about participating in one's own awakening or darkening being like riding that motorized walkway at an airport. I know just what you mean. I had an odd sensation when I read that.

WarmZephyr said...

Dear Visible, ^-^_~ Reading you is like having an intimate conversaton with my own, purer, interior being...a very witty strong-voiced invisibility.


Apropo of your writings, I'm now SO bloated with tension - of the anticipatory sort - that I could blow like a hydrant.


My feelings have something to say
They're in a state of revolt
I'm in quite some dismay
That my spirit's unable to bolt

From Error's decay
As it begins to molt
Distractions' array
Won't assuage my pain and tears
Nor make it halt (me)

At least I had some good years
And didn't turn into a dolt

Anonymous said...


Happy Unbirthday to you. May you find use of your gift as I have found of your words.

Apologies for not commenting much but I have been reading when I can. As you know we each have our part to play in the play and I have been a bit busy of late playing mine :)

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
WarmZephyr said...

You know it's bad... when all I can do is write poetry, please forgive me. ;-/

~home sweet home~

You are my people
I feel sane when I'm here
While with the spirit-bard
away from the sleeping sheeple
I have a respite from my fear

~dragon's end~

Staring down the neck of the dragon
A beat before it exhales
Fear grips Satan's mansions
As Source's remedy prevails

Gone will be its sick equation
Slanted towards the dark
We're no longer drifting in degradation
For Source has sent an Ark

We,as calcified spirit
The losing end of sport
Will rejoice - not fear it
When the ending-sound reports
~Warm Zephyr

MUCH LOVE TO YOU, Les Visible...the annointed one...AND the beautiful souls gathered 'round the warmth of his synapse fir(ings). (:-)) XO

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

OK2BME, like, Totally, in Sticky Wicket Township.

Anonymous said...

I like what you write and look forward to your postings. Today I was inspired to write what I was thinking as I was reading your post and the comments and would like to share them with you and ask if this part of the process of awakening? Keep in mind these are just thoughts inspired by what you wrote and what others wrote about what you wrote.

Human beings are a dynamic of chaos and chaos is the dynamic of the universe driven by the free will of the sentient beings occupying it. Free Will will always be cause for perversion it could be said perversion is a necessary evil for free will to exist. The unfortunate circumstance of waking up to our matrix and becoming aware is you never really got the opportunity to take the blue pill. The awakening is a cosmic coincidence in the chaos of sentience. There is no exercise of the free will as this awakening is occurring, either it is the cosmic time of your awakening, or it is not; you can neither chose not to awaken, or chose to awaken because this awakening is a total evolutionary step forward in physical and metaphysical acknowledgement on an individual level of the constructs of reality, and what will form the new collective sentience. If it is or isn’t happening to you is a matter of perception that can be tuned out or tuned in, but you have no choice in the matter of on or off; and nobody can usurp the final epiphany in this awakening regardless of all the suppressed secret esoteric knowledge they may possess and the dumb downing being done to our collective sentience by those who think they possess it all.
End of part 1 - JLKGreysotne

Anonymous said...

part 2 of musings

For what is coming there are no safe havens. There is no safety in numbers. As this evolution of awakening pushes forward the idiom “nowhere to run and nowhere to hide” takes on new definitions. The funny thing about the impending false flag alien invasion is it just might not be false but all us rational knowing people will think it is on faith that it is, and that will make it the perfect Pearl Harbor.
In the final analysis we all die alone as we are born alone into an alien world we come to call our own once we come to know the creatures we first see after suffering the trauma of birthing on this alien planet is complete. We all become thieves once born; going through life stealing someone else’s time or space in order not to endure ours alone. A vice we learn when sentience overwhelmed us in this alien world. This coming awakening is going to shift the paradigm on free will and remove some of the connections to perversion inherit in free will. It is hard to steal from another when connected in consciousness. We are the false flag aliens coming back to correct the error in our judgment because we cannot go forward until we do. Is that the real discloser that has been pending since secrets began that time is a temporary construct?
“I wonder if caterpillars are ever surprised when they wake up one day and find out they’re butterflies?” Patrick V 1.2
I wonder if when caterpillars become butterflies they fret that they grew up too soon and didn’t have enough time to get it right being a caterpillar only once. Did the butterfly that wings only once after transformation from caterpillar and is immediately eaten by a predator performed poorly as a caterpillar? How one awakens and to what they awaken too is all a matter of perception prior to that moment of epiphany. Everyone will awaken whether they realize it has happen or not, and the truly awaken will do it with a collective mind. That is the essences of the secret esoteric knowledge currently being perverted by free will and ego to own.
God is all knowing and also has free will so god just chooses not to pay attention. Never should a dog be bothered when it is eating is one of my personal golden rules; like meat the dog eats religion is high protein food and the religious are always hungry for more eating so I don’t bother them anymore about what they eat; because they get very defensive when you threaten their perception of the danger you pose to their food. Anyway, they will awaken whether to the new truth, which is the old truth only new and enhanced through the collective experience caused by the awakening or realization they never understood the old truth from the beginning. Zombie dawn anyone? In one way or another they will awaken and the paradigm will shift even if that awakening means lights out for some. This is the bases for religion and as long as there are awakenings there will always be religions built around the happening by people savvy to the esoteric mystery, i.e., the awoke who are in the light no matter how dark the light might be.


Thomas said...

A question of how to fight is quite apt here, and perhaps the Creator intends us to fight hate with Love, instead of fire with fire? hm, we will see? In all cases, it's sligthly different, I guess.

yesterday, a made a really bad choice, but with my heart. I expressed anger, to protect a Light Sister, in a very unwise and
frightening way for a lot of people who were there, because they did not see or understand what was happening. The spirits told me it was a shame I messed up such a good act as it was before, but that they would have been more worried if I had not reacted to the provocation with my heart like that. They just let me know that
I might have done it in a much more elegant way, and much more effective, and much more inspiring for those that were there, had I not used the anger as I did... I guess, in an ugly, instinctive sort of way, instead of a good, calm way. A searing lesson for me, that's for sure. Still, it was good enough, they say, heh ;) - better learn these things now than later, cuz' I think you might be right, when you say the shows going on soon...

Here's my take on free will. Sure, the Creator God is viscerally and perfectly aware of the DIRECTION everyone is going in, as in Being All-Knowing, but having a broad choice of ways and means to show us the stations in between. Some things can be said in many ways, and many things can mean the same. But, being that He destroys and re-manifests the entire Universe uncountable times in a second,
everything can change it's course. We do have free will, as a Holy and Invaluable gift from our Most-Generous Most High Creator,
and then It repaints the entire picture with the most elegant, magnificent and perfect "brush",
according to the choices that might have been made in the no-time of the Souls, amidst the myriad reflections of the world of Appearances, such that Everything Always demonstrates the workings of the Creator, for those with eyes to see, and them with ears to hear, albeit in the most opaque and mysterious ways. She knows that All Will return to Her, once Everything realizes that it
rightfully belongs in Unity with All Else, As One, in the "End", so she is Utterly and Perfectly Blissful, but she likes Drama, she likes Rhythm, she likes Dance and she likes Jazz. Like us, She likes to be surprised, in watching how the movements go, even if her program stretches over unknowable tracts of time. She likes that music is playing while the dance is going on. And how to have music without players? Thus, we are Free to spin around in the mix until we choose a direction. Moving towards her, we can choose to move in zigzag, spirals or flower-patterns, or how we like to paint a beautiful picture with Her Grace, Her Energy, and Her Inspiration. Moving the other way, away away from the Light, the movement is more like the rolling or falling or sinking of a stone,
but can also be like the swooping dive and re-rise of a frolicking and playful bird. That The One It is Perfect would be silly to argue, in my humble opinion, and thus, walking in and towards the Light and relying on It, is the only sane course. She hears Absolutely Everything, and she does take Job Applications, and is
the very best Boss, in my experience. And, as an added bonus, she knows our Real Desires far better than Ourselves, haha!

Tally Ho, Brothers and Sisters, and Good Luck!

Praise the One Infinite Divine!

p.s nice post, Les, thank you :)

Visible said...


We never know might come out in us but my biggest surprises have been what comes out in others. Sometimes seemingly bad behavior turns out to be a blessing in disguise by protecting us from future and more involved episodes with the same dancers.

onething said...

We have free will, sure, for God is no rapist and ravishes only the willing. We have the freedom to say yes or no to God, all the rest being derivative detail.

I'm not sure I agree with the conflict between free will and omniscience. If the divine mind is outside time and we here can hardly even understand how that might work, then God might see the future despite not having forced it to go a certain way.

Anonymous said...

You'll know something going down when YOGI and his friends start to leave yellowstone.They won't need all those hollow head bullets for protecting.Mother nature is gone split the great SATAN in half.

Anonymous said...

This young woman is expressing her free will-refusing to do her mandatory service to her country

"On Monday, Israeli teenager, Noam Gur, began an initial ten-day prison sentence because she publicly refused to serve in the Israeli army. A second teen, Alon Gurman, presented himself at the military base in order to refuse service, along with Gur, but according to a tweet from Gur was sent home without being jailed.

Noam They are afraid! Alon just got a 21 profile so he free and going home. Even thought he told the mental office his refusal is political.
Apr 16 via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

In a short video produced by Jillian Kestler d’Amours for the Alternative Information Center, Gur explained – at the gate of the military camp where she is serving her sentence – why she has chosen to resist conscription:

I’m in prison because Israel is committing crimes. Israel has been committing crimes since Israel was established… It committed crimes since 1948, when the Nakba occurred. People were banned away from coming here, which is a crime that Israel is still committing, not allowing them to come back… Israel is committing crimes when its occupying and killing people, not allowing them to have any kind of human rights, it takes land and water resources. It’s committing crimes in the siege of Gaza. Concluding all of that, it makes sense that I would not want to serve this country."

This Israeli woman is now in solitary confinement because she would not put on the uniform in prison.

We can never give up. The children and young people need us to encourage them to always do the right thing for their selves. Express bravely their free will as human beings first.

the gardener

Paul Von said...

Pssssst! There is no god, other than the balderdash god you've been programmed to absorb and waste your brainpower on.

If universal unity was the goal, why initiate or utilize a disintegration process?

If ‘god’ was/is all knowing, the learning curve would be???

Just sayin’

Nice post by the Gardener. If Every living person would refuse to serve in the army, the result would be? ?? ??? No army? Correct! No more armies.
If every living person would refuse to believe in gods, the result would be? ?? ???

Steve said...

Mmm, I wonder what would happen if everyone stopped believing in you Paul?
No more Paul?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Paul Von:

I think that you are oversimplifying the God question. There are many ideas about what God is, which is partly why there are so many religions. There are even different ways of being an Atheist. I have had it explained to me by several Atheists that you can believe in a Universal Consciousness, and still call yourself an Atheist; methinks that opens Atheism to inclusion of some of the religious groups. Many Buddhists and Buddhist sects claim to be Atheists, even though they believe in Reincarnation. (They say that what reincarnates is not a Soul, but a temporary aggregation of a false identity, or a false entity.)

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

one of my favorites from Goethes Faust (as Jung introduced me to it)
"That which would do evil yet engenders good".
pity I cannot put Hitler into the same Kamf, though he had the problem definition slam dunk(irk).

the wvs will get harder over the next few years until only quantum computer bots can do them. then we'll be forced to meet in person on the streets, just like the good old days.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

having naught else to add, and it being allowed comedy, I'd lost this link and have found it again.
the elmo version of the WTC7 investigations computer simulation that tries to pound square pegs into round holes.

yes it's now vintage news but, Lord, how long, how long, must we sing this song. (I border on quoting U2, I refrain having already gone too far. like children we are all brainwashed to a degree). Who's your Nanny?

Paul Von said...

Hey Gregory F. Fegel,

I generally like your posts, as you often work conceptual material pretty hard, and you don't appear to be an intellectual slacker. My compliments to you.

In my opinion, the notion of a unified Universal Consciousness seems utterly irrelevant to physical survival on the Earth plane. The concept lacks any definitive function, other than individual delusions, intellectual entropy, social collusion, or politically motivated deception.

The insistence that belief in 'god' should take precedence over a common goal like physical survival, has brought nothing more than blackened lands of war and social conflict. If that’s how Universal consciousness functions in mankind’s honor, I'd rather not pray for more...

Paul Von

nealn said...

Ok. The learning curve, well, curving leads to all kinds of interesting things, resonating, in tme, not just western intellectual spaces.

You people really crack this up, that is Ok.

Swimming in water, flying in the air, the rest of this does not sit around and speculate about the lack of experience, or memory, they just do it, and are called Beauty.

You all, you know who you are, will end up with mutiple bad histories, with fevers, and tortures, and such. That is an invitation to marry into it, and you will be such a whore for that, once tasted, that you might really start to help, where and when it matters.

Real will leads to learning about jumping, that is only tracing over roads less traveled, and some always wait for the rest, just because you can go there, is not the point, unless personal survival is some kind of issue.

We leave small prints, in numbers, and diatoms, and geometry, the ones you see are at Giza, and such, the ones not erased.

Take 160 of nothing, show up at this place, and you get light, and space, but only a little while to figure out, in a manner of speaking.

If more would follow the little hidden traces, just my friends spelling this out, would not the major changes be not only less invited, but even more free to change their course?

Now, that would be something, if what is coming could be persuaded to circle around until the targets changed their hearts, and minds.

And why do Atheists act suprised when that interaction with the Divine, or whatever, results in confirmation of that break with the real world?

Maybe you all should be thinking about invitations, and what should be done, those resonant instincts are being broadcast most everywhere, and responces, as always, depends.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

One Person's Heaven is another Person's Hell.

brian boru said...

Thanks for that Les. Love the song!



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