Friday, April 06, 2012

Hammers and Nails and Avatars, Oh My.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is one of those cardinal days having to do with the Sun King. This is the death and resurrection sector, just as the date on the other end has to do with the birth aspect. Personally, I have no problem with the virgin birth, or any of the miracles or mysteries of that faith. I take exception to the perversion of the scriptures, at the hands of those manipulating the believers, for the purpose of conquest, plunder, land theft and the use of the twisted scriptures, to justify the abuse and theft and put a divine imprimatur on all kinds of crime because God said it was okay. Like the song says, “Onward Christian dumbasses, marching off to war, with the sign of Satan, going on before”. Or, that's how it should be sung. Fundies and traditionalists might and will take exception with my use of the language and all sorts of ancillary complaints but, none of this is about Jesus Christ. This is about the pernicious plague of Zionism, that manipulates the Shmoo's to join up with the Teletubbies and other factions for the purpose of mayhem and malice.

Those actually following the master, can expect all manner of contempt and smear tactics; shunning and pariah status, cause it goes with the territory, God forbid you should really behave according to the principles laid down, especially when there's money to be made by those “zoomin who”. It's a solitary road. It's a narrow path. It's a lonely highway; accent on 'high'. It's about liberation and revelation and that runs counter and contrary to the plots and plans of the big ass, mucky mucks who are running their own version of a Smithfield meat packing plant.

It's about the difference between confinement and true freedom and there is nothing more dangerous to the interests of the demagogues and sanctimonious predators than someone in possession of true freedom, because it is contagious like a brush fire in the wind. This particular dynamic, concerning confinement and true freedom demands a deeper exploration. If you've ever been to a zoo, you may have seen some of the examples I am going to present to you. Maybe you have seen monkeys throwing their shit at the public, as it makes fun of the monkeys, without realizing that they behave exactly the same in a different fashion. If you go over to the elephant enclosure, the elephant will come to the bars and stick his trunk through the bars for peanuts. If you don't have any, he will blow elephant snot all over you. Animals behave a certain way when they are in confinement. People are the same.

Confinement is hard to recognize when you own a home (or used to) and have a job (or used to) and tend to 'believe you can come and go' as you like. Confinement likes to hide in the underbrush, or camouflage itself as something other than what it is. There are all kinds of confinements. Let's take sexual confinement for instance. The sexual dynamic, in ordinary traditional Christianity, is perverted and evil; subsequently it becomes perverted and evil, as it has in the Catholic Church. The actual translation for sin is, 'missing the mark'. As opposed to the lyrics in the song Allison, your aim is not true. Well, repressed sexuality leads to rage. It's bottled anger and just the thing for war, not to mention seething resentment toward one's neighbors. When the plumbing gets messed with, the pipe will burst at the weakest link, sort of, or it will flow in a direction other than it might naturally go. Plumbing, in its professional application, will send the water, or whatever, in the direction it is channeled.

The Essenes and the Gnostics had a yoga. Yoga is basically plumbing too. You run the currents, or 'our water' through channels to get a desired effect. I'm not literally specific about “our water” here but that's because I picked up on the process, in the process of discussing it here, at a later stage than where it starts out at. This whole paragraph will be Greek to most people, as opposed to Aramaic (grin) but that's how it goes. When you can mess up people's plumbing then you can channel the pressure that builds in any direction you like. The public is a body just like your body is a body and collective force is channeled all kinds of ways, depending on how the bankers, politicians and priests want it to be channeled, depending on how much money is in it. All of these people, most of the time, work for Satan. Satan's chosen are the same as they ever was and the natural and enduring enemy of anything having to do with essential Jesus Christ.

In a time of pervasive materialism, confinement is the order of the day. The senses are bound by sense objects and 'strange lusts' are everywhere to be seen. Once it gets totally out of hand, and it always does, one avatar or another has to step in and restore balance. They're all Sun Kings. The 'my way or the highway' people who misinterpret the meaning of that scriptural passage, “no man cometh unto the father save by me”, will tell you there was only ever one avatar, same today and for all of eternity and it you don't like it, look out. Sure, it's all the same avatar, given that those who arrive at that station have been transformed into a likeness. What a lot of people don't get is that Jesus was a man and Christ is a station. One is a person and the other is a state, or place, if you prefer. The thing is that the other conflicting religions all have that 'my way or the highway' thing too and they're all right.

A sage mind looks at this world and sees that it is a world of conflict and of appearances, warring against each other, so the logical result is that they crucify their saviors. That's how it works and they all fancy a little pink slime, pork surprise, on those days when they celebrate the things they would be glad to do all over again, if you just give them the chance. Some people would find such an existence pointless and meaningless; a fiery redundancy on a flaming wheel of grilled hamsters. It's not pointless. The point is to graduate out of it. It is a place of conflict, where those who choose to make peace with themselves can accomplish it, albeit with a degree of difficulty, given the squirrely and rampaging, temporarily tumescent, Shmoos and Teletubbies that make the effort so interesting.

Sure, I could use more prosaic and flowery language on such a colorful subject and I have done so and I've done it more than once and repeated myself in the bargain, because if it was so at another time, it's still so now, or, conversely, if I was wrong then, then I'm still wrong now, but I prefer blunter language on occasion, because the times are blunter, with not very many sharp knives in the drawer. The cooling and illuminating waters of the divine are drawn up out of the wellspring of Nature.

Whatever we have morphed and grafted the incomprehensible into or on to, is just our frustrating and futile efforts to give picture and voice to something that can't be contained or defined in either medium. It's always beyond our grasp and reason doesn't enter into it, though it might take you a ways. Generally in times of material darkness, reason is used to dispute, what should be self evident, in terms of its existence; accent on self.

Many people will spend the day hammering the avatar back up on a cross, in one way or another. They'll keep doing to the least of them what they do to the rest of them. They'll continue to fail to love their brother as themselves and certainly they won't be loving the creator with all their heart and mind because that requires a submission that can be pretty scary, though they have no problem submitting themselves to the people and forces who really will mess them over in a big way at every opportunity.

We get people coming around here who have finally succumbed to their cynicism and who want no part of whatever gets said here but they need to keep returning because there's a chance that they might be able to kill someone else's faith, due to the misery loves company modality. Others whine about not being shown the way out and how it's all a bunch of words, when they've been shown multiples of ways out for a long time, but aren't interested in that route because somehow they know better, while admitting they have no idea and wouldn't be asking if they did know; would they? Certain things make people brutal and mean. Confinement does that, especially when you don't think you're confined and don't understand how all your freedom as license has confined you.

There are a whole lot of people whose cynicism and disbelief has grown to ridiculous states and where the only enjoyment they are able to experience anymore, is when they can mess with someone because the wrong thing crawled up inside them and died. In the process they evicted all their good friends who made life worth living. We all have invisible friends but if you treat them indifferently or wrong, they're going to be distant invisible friends. We all have the opportunity and capacity for regenerated innocence, as opposed to senility but we make the choice to harden our arteries at the same time that we harden our hearts. It's not so hard to forget who you are, along with everything you thought you knew, when you never bothered to look for yourself in the first place. Then when what's on the surface begins to fade away there's nothing underneath it.

One's life is the sum total of the qualities, insights and experience acquired. You don't take anything with you but what you have become. That's the good news and the bad news. It's all happening right this moment and most people are too busy to take it seriously but it takes them seriously, oh yes it does. The key phrase here is, “where there's life there's hope”. The problem for most people is that they can't see the hourglass. The divine is the life within us. There would be no life otherwise, just as there would be no life on this planet without the sun and I guess that says something about The Sun King. Happy Easter, where it may apply.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Arise and walk
ye lame and halt.

Arise, into the light of dawn.

Like those accent marks:

...the view from above last night was truly unbelievable,
and exciting to boot.

Praise Jesus the {little} people are blessed by your astute observations,
and being the tunesmith you are, its' a twofer..


Peace, Davy

mike m said...

Just want to say again thank you Vis for reaffirming what was always on my mind.

For most of my life it was a glowing ember but lately has become a healthy fire.

And yes, this is a celebration of the SUN or Son, whichever floats your boat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis - ever think about offering a Mr. Apocalypse "End Times" doll for sale on your site? (Walking stick sold separately - ha ha.) I'm serious, though, you could sell little T-shirts for the doll as well. One might read, "When Mr. A comes gunnin', the Tribe will be a-runnin'." Or "Kali Yuga Rules". Seriously, with the traffic you are getting at your site now, that would be a natural way to monetize said traffic. Just a thought. Peace out.

Richard said...

Mas and mas Visible


It seems that the ' carpenter ' has needed to become a ' plumber ', both of the carbon based natures, maybe it is bamboo pipes now-a-days.

Every day it seems that 'the cat is out of the bag', for whatever purposes those who open the draw-strings put the cat, the lioness, to. As long as it is of a win-win-win nature, Shiva/Shakti tango is on.

Oh how the sheep tremble at the lioness' growl.

Perhaps the horns they have make them mountain-goats, or are the horns indicative of another nature?

May the contents of your Bull-Elephant snout be read far and wide, and more so, reach the marrow !!!

Woof woof from the Dog Nation. Siempre Fi

missingarib said...

vis, we are both the brick that fashions the building ,the steel infrastructure that holds up the building we are also the building. we are one building among many-the stone lion an interpenetration of all things, - the sun rises and sets -thankful for the word, thankful for the rolling of the great wheel of dharma.

well said are your words ,well collect your thoughts
thank you for taking the time to refresh the moments between darkness and light
live long ,

Visible said...

Anonymous, that's a damn good idea and I have had several similar as times go by. The problem is, with my sensitive situation, this kind of thing comes fraught with problems. It's not like I couldn't use a little income and it would also be something I think people would love to have. That's really funny about the tribe running and walking stick included separately. What I need is someone who would manage that side of things for me and make a percentage of the operation and then kick some over to me for the day to day, oil greasing of the wheels as they turn here.

I know it would be the same thing only different, indirect, but in my own head that makes all the difference. I've had some rough goes on the collaborative front over the course of it and even now, important elements of what I do are tied up at a distance for no rhyme or reason I can understand, except some darker motive but I really don't know. All I know is how weird it is.

I think a whole little collection of things like that would be very cool and also help to get the message out. Maybe some entrepreneurial sort will come along and pull it all together. I lack that left brain element.

Anonymous said...

Well, hey, I can appreciate sensitive situations (having one of those animals in my backyard at the moment, myself). But there are ways to get around anything (regarding the Mr. Apocalypse doll idea). Speaking of which...have you ever looked into offshore incorporation. Especially in the Seychelles. Google it and you'll see the hard facts - Seychelles incorporation. It's amazing what can be done when one thinks outside the box (as you know). You have been through shit and it seems like the payoff is coming fast - do yourself a favor and look into that, Vis...I imagine a lot of monetary opportunities have been ignored on your end, due to your sensitive situation. After you check out the bottom line on that little tip I gave you, you just might be more amenable to revisiting old ideas. Peace out. - Chris aka Anonymous

brokenbeat said...

Some have made assertions that Jesus was a mason (little m) as most structures at that time consisted mostly of stonework. Others have said he was an alchemist. Well, I doubt he was playing around with lead, but no doubt he was getting gold with inner transformation. And there has been many a claim of pharmacopia with the Essenes and other Gnostic groups with regard to annointing oils and other sacraments. Admonishments to
eschew pharmacopia in the bible aside, perhaps he was a chemist. Certainly he was a man of science with
regard to the spirit and all things related to fostering it's
development and relation to the one true God.

When Jesus said that all must come through him to be
with God, most other than fundies understand that to mean acheive Christ conciousness. Another less well known but compatible understanding comes from the distinction between his moniker as Jesus the Nazaren as opposed to Jesus of Nazareth. There is some debate as
to whether a town called Nazareth was in contemporaneous existence. There was, however, a
Gnostic group called the Nazarenes who practiced kundalini yoga and placed great emphasis on Ajna, the
sixth chakra or third-eye. Could the " through me" statement by a Nazarene be a reference to the sixth
chakra and "to God" be a reference to Sahasrara, the crown chakra? These are by no means my original
thoughts, but in keeping with Vis' plumbing theme, there are many physical fluids and piping involved as well as ethereal complements. Turning water into wine fits right in with this as well if interpreted ala Tantric techniques if not simply sublimation.

I imagine many have also heard of the interpretation of The Book of Revelation as detailing the raising of
kundalini through the seven chakras and the attendant drama in cleansing blockages, but I'll spare any more proselytizing along those lines. There are certainly other layers of wisdom in that book and many other portions of scripture. Or is it just the fractal nature of reality that the structure of external social events can also be found in our inner development? Macrocosm/microcosm, without/within, above/below?

In any case, whether it's spontaneous and natural or encouraged through kriyas, kundalini activation is part of the process and WILL be experienced on the way to Christ conciousness. In my not-so-humble opinion. ;-)


John V.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Prisoner. . .confined. The Western world is a prisoner of the clock. You HAVE to be here at such and such a time. I've known I was, forever. And isn't DETACHMENT the way to peace? And in a former post I have these . . .um. . .'people' coming down on me for having no attachment to anything here that I can't walk away from?

Life itself is a prison. You HAVE to do things to keep going in this state of being. You HAVE to eat, and you HAVE to destroy things or have things destroyed for you, be they animal, mineral or vegetable. Not so on the Otherside of The Veil. You don't need anything to sustain your being, unlike here. All this place is, is a bunch of limitations where you can experience a lot of things that I think I'd rather not experience in any way, shape or form. . .again? Was I burned at a stake in a former life? Was I an Arawak when that twat-plug bastard known as Christopher Columbus landed and destroyed 'Hispaniola'? Or a victim of Tamerlane, or Rome, or the Khazars, or the Mongols, or whatever? In how many ways was I killed in the past, and WHY DID I VOLUNTEER FOR IT?????!!!
But here I am again, in this distasteful cesspool for one final round. The round that finally makes me see life as a skin to shed, like a snake. (I LOVE snakes by the way. The long, graceful reptiles. They're quite nice if you treat them right.)

Ah yes! Like I said in a comment a few days ago. Ego. In a lot of ways ego equals stupidity. I have done some pretty amazing things due to ego, and not in a good way.

Well, whatever. This is my last round, and that wall between here and There seems to be getting thinner every day. Then never again. And I personally think that if anyone is so damn stuck on this place, that's there problem, and it's not going to become mine. I'm just taking things one day at a time, and a lot of things by my own rules, even if they do make the extremely unpragmatic, 'slavery loving' strangely prioritised majority cringe.

Hey, if you don't love slavery, why do you have a credit card, and buy things you don't need and can't afford?

Thomas said...

You're on a roll, Vis! last Petri dish and Mirrors very both fucking hilarious, and very sharp

This is just pure gold for the people. It's crazy how you explain it, again and again. Blunt, no? or maybe this is sharp like the subtlest shadow, eh? "Let them with ears to hear..." God is inside, speaking through you also, how It uses us when we just surrender, just let go, just let go. Thinking you fall to sharp rocks, and first you take a hit like that but then the rocks turn to soft marshmellows that start morphing and shining like little laughing lights spinning round your head, sweetest smells of Natures most secret flowers... Non-derstanding is the way to go. Surrender to the One Divine Will. Why not? It knows it All, as well as having all the levers in It's reach. Trippy trippy. The serpent godess is rearing her head, oh so sweet she is. Jesus Christ, God is the Best Lover, no doubt. Plumbing is fixed, and the tiny Ghanges from my crown is sent for healing our Mother Earth. Very astute observations you putting out here.

Like you say. Faith. Surrender. Then we are tested, and then... Boom! You are doing a great job of trying to get it across to people, and perhaps what you deem blunt is pinpointed like laser light, in someones subconscius. Hm, I don't know anything. What a bliss to empty the mind of All concerns and let God take care of the important stuff. Just to let it work through you and begin to know the meaning of "The Ways of the Lord are Mysterious"... Oh yeah...

For what it's worth, people, VIS IS RIGHT. VIS IS RIGHT. SURRENDER TO THE DIVINE IS THE SUREST WAY OUT. IT HEARS KNOWS SEES ALL. TALK TO IT. THERE IS NOT MUCH TIME LEFT! I guess most around here know, and I'm sorry for telling anyone what to do... Otherwise, why come around? (You said it, but maybe for Laughs also :D)

Thank you, Les,

& Best Wishes to Everyone - May your Lives be like Dances on Star Light and The Christ be Awakened in Your Hearts :)

Happy Easter ! Praise the One Infinite Creator!

brokenbeat said...

My apologies for the typos, extra carriage returns and such. I must stop doing this on my phone! I have difficulty editing on it and sometimes publish without doing so. If I expect anyone to wade through my musings, I owe it to them to get clean work that actually conveys my intent.

For instance, in my last post "social
events" should have read "societal events". Big difference in meaning. I'm new at writing anything other than emails and such and I promise to increase the quality and decrease the quantity...and stop using my phone whenever possible. Thanks.

John V.

Francis Soyer needs to lighten up said...

I was just listening to some Elvis Costello. I like to be alone that is why the look and smell is there. Always love those oddball questions they throw in at the mchealthcare such as, do you feel safe in your home, any thoughts of suicide, do you own any guns. The veekodins and drink hardly work anymore cue the Huey Lewis need a new drug.

Anonymous said...

"Make your own action figure!"


all ya gotta do is find the "face" of Mr. Apocalypse (maybe Mr. A has a dog too?)

(i think these people did a Max Keiser action figure a few years ago?)

vids on the process

Denny said...

Love To Push Those Buttons:

Nah, not convinced. Maybe it's simply a case of knowing the right contacts on the "other side" who'll see to it that you don't "come back" as the usual soldier, serf or slave. This place really can't be that bad, especially when you're absorbed in creativity or in love etc. But true what you say about time. I've never worn a watch in my life, and I have to laugh at all the "slaves" I see with their noses glued to jewellery shop windows, gazing at all those ridiculously expensive timepieces that cost more to service alone than a Rolls Royce.

Be honest, I bet you wouldn't be in such a hurry to get out of here if it was you who just won the national lottery...

Sex is the allure that brings us here. Money is merely the means, sex is the end. Constant craving from the cradle to the grave.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz:

You've held up an expansive mirror for us all to see ourselves.



Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Von said...

Love to push those buttons said:

"Ego. In a lot of ways ego equals stupidity. I have done some pretty amazing things due to ego, and not in a good way."

Sir: Don't take this as a personal assault on your comment, but the whole 'evil' rap on "Ego" is a highly effective physch-op program, which was/is designed to cripple an individual’s ability to function on an integrated level of practical discernment and critical thought processing. The program has been widely implemented since the days of Freud and Jung, and the program performs exactly as intended.

Divide and conquer is the name of the game, and the function of the program is to remove your ability to view the world in a personally sustainable integrated process. ADHD is only one of the intended results of this implanted intellectual paradigm. The program often induces one into emoting about how one is “feeling’ or responding to emotional processing, rather than allowing the possibility of how one is integrating within a systemic- functional process, which is based instead on factual observation.

When people do 'stupid' things, it is more often a simple result of poor quality information processing, or social coercion. The later feature is a secondary conditioning process, and has proven quite effective.

Perhaps someone will comment that I am “projecting” (another simplistic ploy granted from our psych-guardians) but most modern forms of human ‘spirituality’ are grossly polluted and/or impregnated with psych-op conundrums. Nice place ya have here, once the fog lifts…

Best regards,
Paul Von

Anonymous said...


You're headed right back here with the rest of us. And when you arrive, you'll be perhaps incrementally less a slave to your ego. You'll still be learning to get out of our own way along the path.

All for the purposes of demonstraton, of course.

More Risible

Visible said...

Paul Von; Well Done! d'accord.

Stella Blue, JCSS is one of my favorite movies. The soundtrack and lyrics are outstanding. The first time I heard it I was on LSD and an older Jewish lady said to me, "I'm going to put some music on for you, just listen to it. I know you don't like the way the world treats spiritual beings so that's why you didn't want to hear it before" I didn't know what she was talking about, given that I was very high. It blew my mind. I had not wanted to hear it at previous times (call me a purist-grin) for whatever reason but, oh yeah that kicked ass. The opening with those guitars.... ooooweeeee, heh heh. Only two other soundtracks had that effect on me, Hair and The Mikado but they were each in their own way, although eerily similar at points.

Nice imagery there with the rest of your ride.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Visible, you never fail to get the wheels of my mind turning. I wouldn,t be interested in a Mr.Apocalypse doll, but a ceramic form with combo walking stick ramrod would be awsome. I sure miss the Whimsical Wizard and his bubbly talk, but he turned into a crackpot from the cold.


brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the link to the 4/11/09 VO, "Easter in Her Spiral". Solid stuff, that. I can see that I'm going to be crawling through your attic of archives for some great and glorious time. Your work has a measured balance of insight and resonance for me with tremendous wit and wordplay.

Even with the current event and pop culture references (not so much in that post, being VO), it stands the test of time. Do not ever doubt for a moment the value of your service - it will keep on giving.

And expressing the same basic truths may be like an touring artist including old hits in the songlist, but like any authentic artist sincerely performing inspired songs, you make each rendition fresh, spontaneous and real.

Now I really must explore your music as you've
expressed a passion for that. Just know that however much deserved, a successful career in music may have
precluded your effectiveness in your current role. Thank
you for your dedication and courage.

John V.

gurnygob said...

You're all going to burn in hell. Turn or burn!


Visible said...

I appreciate that John, I'm usually not much for responding to comments and that's probably a good thing but I'm putting together tomorrow's radio show and watching Bad Santa on the split screen; it being Easter I expect I went South, sort of an Amitabha kind of thing according to strange rules that don't apply most of the time (grin), plus I've got a special friend visiting and that always tunes up the woodwork.

Every day is the same day here. It's always new, of course, but it's the same day; not for much longer though and no one could be more pleased about that than I, even if I have only a little clue about the implications.

Yeah, lots of time bombs in the vaults.

Hempy the Clown said...

The poster that said this place is just a series of limitations gets a hat full of WIN. The limits are for demonstration? You really are in Shangri La Lo Vizier. Here the food is all toxic. When you are looking to avoid a certain poison it seems all the alternatives have some other poison. Diseases that used to be rare are now common. Everything is geared for the lowest common donominator. When you make everything idiot proof the world comes up with a better idiot. For all the people that just want to be left alone there are at least ten that want to be taken care of by government. To agree to disagree is long gone. Now even trivial topics are approached from a purely emotional mine is bigger standpoint. Trying to get some health issues sorted out then it is time to beat feet to the nearest border. The velvet cage is highly overrated.

gurnygob said...

Only joking about the last comment.

I watched the movie, Jesus of Nazareth on Good Friday evening. I skipped the first half so I could get to where he starts his ministry. I wanted to hear those life giving words he spoke that so many of my Christian brothers and sisters have trouble with, like, 'love one another as I have loved you,' and; 'do unto others as you would have them do to you,' or words to that affect.

I miss the mark so often it's laughable, or it would be, if it wasn't so sad. Thanks Les for your constant reminders on these important points. It may not feel like it to you that you make a difference but it does to me. May Jesus the Christ bless you and all who pass this way.

Happy Easter to you too Les.

Ps, WRH has an image up on the main page that some might find funny but I don't. I do take offence to that sort of thing.



brokenbeat said...


At first I thought you meant that in jest, but recalling some of your posts, I'm just not sure. If not, I know you meant it with sincere concern and it is with the same concern that I am replying to your comment.

I apologize in advance if I am offbase - I cannot go back and read your previous comments at the moment. With that caveat:

Do you really think mere belief - blind faith - is sufficient for salvation? I understand the suggestion that anything more being required is blasphemy to many, but how does that square with all the work that Jesus prescibes?

And what about when Jesus states that one can reject Him or the Father, but rejecting the Holy Spirit is unforgiveable? Does that mean merely stating, "I reject you, Holy Spirit!" - that's easy enough to avoid saying - or does it mean rejecting the experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit. Is one automatically filled with same upon accepting Jesus Christ as one's saviour and getting baptized? Is it just that simple or is it remotely possible that there could be more work for a follower of Christ to perform?

Are there not inconsistencies and contradictions in the heavily revised and censored Bible? Is there not some which must be taken figuratively? Perhaps "...whosoever believeth in Him..." means more than accepting "saving grace" but fully understanding and integrating all that he stood for and following the way he showed with faith in the process and the outcome. This might just require research outside of the doctrine and dogma of the church.

Are we not to be like Christ? What does that really mean? He did not come here to start a religion...especially one based on literal (or authorized) interpretation of a few edited books selected out of the many written at the time. There are great truths that survived in the Bible, but there was so much more said to those with ears that could hear.

Not doing the work and merely believing is not only ideal for the worldly authorities, it may prove to be your undoing. Dying to one's self and being born again in the spirit while in the flesh is essential (IMHO) and those are not just mere words to be spoken but real work to be done.

I apologize if I misread you and I respect your free will in any event and am posting this comment out of concern - not to be argumentative or derisive.


John V.

Visible said...

Yeah, I saw that, that's the Bad Santa version.

brokenbeat said...

Oops! ...nevermind! ;-)

gurnygob said...

Namaste,when I first started coming here I would have said things like "turn or burn" and; god bless the pope and so on. I have learned a lot from Les and others on this blog/blogs. Your questions are many and varied and at the moment and I am not fit to answer (take that whatever way you want) (grin) I am going to take the Vis option here and say,,,,,,,I don't know!

BUT,,,,,,,What I do know is that I try to live my life forgiving people and even though I might sometimes sound harsh; I seldom if ever hold a grudge, in fact, if truth be told, I don't hold a grudge at all, as far as I know.

The truth, or lack of it, concerning certain situations sometimes gets my heckles up and I hate it when the innocent suffer but that is because I have difficulty understanding karma and incarnation and such. I am not sure how one sins against the Holy Spirit and I don't want to. Gosh, I am exhausted just keeping peace in my own house. It is true what Jesus said,,,,, mother against daughter, father against son and so on. I sue for peace on every side with people who have never been wrong their entire life. Sorry if I have not answered any of your questions.


Richie (Dana) said...


Please keep the following in mind on your travels.

The evil that rules this world will ALWAYS make you feel as if you did something wrong. Some of them are very cleaver in presenting half truths that you recognize and take to heart. This is designed to create an emotional response on your part which is when your Divine energy is extracted.

Just so you understand this.....50% truth = 100% LIE.

It is not necessary that you "prove" that you are a True Being, because that is already true.

You have only to recognize this for yourself and the magic manifests. It is always there, just waiting for you to see.

I caught your little joke and enjoyed.

If I were to counsel you on anything you might do to "better" any condition, it would be something simple that solves all "imagined" difficulties.

Seek the Divine and all else means nothing.

God Bless


Ray B. said...

From 'Easter in her Spiral', April 11, 2009

"The enemies that are set against the fulfillment of life’s great task are many. Your parents and your associates; the governments, religions, education systems and the world of business; all of these oppose you. The enemies in the outer are mirrored by the inner enemies and you do seem to be quite alone. It is for this reason that the inspiration of those who have gone before is of such great value."

This quote from your earlier work really tugged at my heart chakra. Blessings to all who have endeavored on the Great Work.

Ray B.

brokenbeat said...


I'm glad you don't hold a grudge. I would hate to have alienated a regular being new on the scene. I guess I should have followed my first instincts when I thought your comment was in jest.

My questions were semi-rhetorical and answered with my current understanding. I didn't mean to challenge your faith but rather to challenge you to read between the lines and see greater truths and enhance your understanding. Again, it was all on the assumption that you were serious. Perhaps it might not go to waste and assist some other that actually feels that way.

I should explain that I am a bit sensitive with that kind of declaration having grown up in a fundie family. My parents were Southern Baptist missionaries, but were actually quite tolerant of my comparative studies and questioning from an early age. I benefitted from being the caboose in a family of five, and my older siblings got the brunt of their intolerance.

My remaining sensitivity sterns from reconciling my own relationship with Christ with all I've come to learn outside the church. I consider myself a Christian, but in the early esoteric sense with eclectic hybridization with Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist and Gnostic aspects.

I do hope you find peace in your home and life. You have friends here as I can see. I would be honored to become one as well...

Your brother in Christ,

John V.

neal said...

that whole blessings and curses resonance, that can bring just one to tears. salvation, better investigate being other than human, lord knows that has lasted, big karma and the more focused.

hiding it in the blood, only the minds interested, just the way given freely. give us your minds, but stay holy, that is really easy, for somethings.

i think you can be exposed to what is going on, and be transformed, not just in your head. mutation is demonstration, and reminder, but even if it has been passed along in a hidden way, you would not have to be in your head when the rest becomes .

Rivera, he thinks the blood got killed back then, yet he transcribes the ongoing science/occultic war of what is behind the headlines.

the irony does not dry tears, we do not make the damn rules, if we did, you would not like it, but soon i guess this wll just be the wayof things, just not for humans, and such.

did anyone ever wonder why the pantheon of humanoids in the spirit world contains so few souls, compared to all the wondrous nations of others?

grow a pair, of something, most anything, you are going to need it, when things present options that involve needing saving.

now that is what really happens when blessings and curses get together, and smell what can be. there are probably rules for that, but who cares.

siriusdogstar - Eric said...

God Bless all this day of easter.

I feel in my Heart, this is the year
of rebirth. So easter "year".

You are all beautiful, and very much Loved. Know that, know that LOVE is Here, and NOW.

And know too, that this Ascension, this coming of tides ... always was YOUR choice, and that this CHOICE does required work. ...GBob ...

John 14:6 (before meddling, and the sweet poetry added) only meant the Heart Chakra ... the place of empathy, the place of surrender to the simple fact that we are in reality ALL ONE. It IS the only way, to the the "Father", AND Mother ... God.

The work will include dealing with everything unresolved in one's lower three chakras ... 1: fight/flight 2: animal desires, gluttony, greed, 3: thinking you're (or have need to be) better than the Other ... competition against self.

No do this work, No go the Heaven. (double period)- the fourth is Christ Consciousness ... Love.

Fifth is expression of same, Sixth is perception of same, and the Crown Chakra is being same. Plenty of time later for all that fun.

We are being "Ascended", right now.
Those that refuse, in this freewill existence will go elsewhere, to continue their work as stated above.

Those that CHOOSE Ascension, will have all the assistance required, and simply have to do as above, already proscribed by many, many before me.

This is what is different. This has never happened on earth prior. Too much darkness, not enough ready and developed souls.

Ask, and you WILL receive. And do this soon.

You are so Loved, and soon ALL "with eyes to see, and ears to hear" will understand.

God Bless everyone. Be Love.

Anonymous said...

cbs sundays ben stein - for christ rising day - tells believers it's time for israel to attack iran.

no more blatant will it ever get in words - short of the fact.

Anonymous said...

"Rejecting Truth places one in Judgement" : Wayne Martin, Mt. Carmel Center - 28 Feb 93 during the 911 call to Mclennan Co. Sheriffs' Dept. Lt Larry Lynch.

The Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT of Truth...the comforter.

The Davidians believed the Holy Spirit to be feminine.

The "MEDIA" and the so-called USGOV were/are owned by the Synagogue of Satan...Talmudic Anti-Israelite/Anti-Truth ..."Religion".

We can adjudicate REAL TIME by Knowing the Truth.

Knowing the Truth enables one to REJECT the LIE.

Deuteronomy 28 & 32 were written when no "JEWS" existed on Earth, just as no so-called "JEWS" existed during the time of Christ Jesus.

The Truth hating ECONOMIC TERRORISTS placing souls in BONDAGE at that time were called MONEYCHANGERS & Pharisees, enabled by the SCRIBES & LIARS/LAWYERS....same as it ever was.
...Thanks for Helping to bring forth a NEW/PURE Language...

Remember the Alamo & Waco...Davy

Anonymous said...

yes. there was an outstanding quality to the match of words, and the meaning they were conveying.

an even, almost dispassionate tone, singular in it's matter of factness, as if stein were but an apostle of the obvious to the reasons for an event that had already happened.

(well, what did you expect us to do?)

timing? not a believer ... in coincidence, as such.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Denny, I've thought about that lottery thing. I also repeat that I am near death survivor. I have seen the other side, and I can't wait to get there regardless. I'm not for sale. I don't like being a slave to bodily functions, either.

I'm also technically celibate for unconventional reasons which are entirely based on negativity. (And trust me. Sex can't measure up to what can be done on the Otherside. Curious? It has to do with mindshares, and there are a couple of individuals on the Otherside who I am quite fond of, and who have haunted my dreams for a long time, with one being with me since I was still a worthless liability less than 6. Have been for years. Not much of a drive left anyway, not that there's much of me left. I must also say that I love being alone, though I'm pretty cool with my room mate. We've been together for almost 18 years, and mostly we work together as artists and to make life mutually easier for us both.

I only wear cheap watches because I have to (when do I have to be at work when on a gig, when does the store open, when does it close...), and cheap everything. Vanity is not a strong point of this chick since I do not consider myself a fashion accessory, and I don't exactly appreciate being valued for my looks, not that I'm another Rachel McLish, FloJo, Stevie Nicks, or Cory Everson. I'm into taking care of myself and compromising myself as little as possible.

What I value more than anything now is to be able to access Akashic Knowledge. I'm obsessed with it, and can't do it to the degree I can't. Everything else is secondary. I've also done a lot in life. Like everything I set out to do, and a little more. I don't need this crap anymore for my own sake. I find this very distasteful, but I have rules to play by, otherwise I would have committed suicide a long time ago. My near death experience was from a suicide attempt. It didn't work. I also got yelled at when I knocked myself out of body later with a potentially lethal outcome, and some things are just not an option for me. But I sure as HELL ain't gonna fight to stay here.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Paul Von, and Anonymous. First, I am no sir. Not that I really identify with being a chick, but hey. That's what my drivers licence says I am, so it must be true.

I will confess to being an arrogant little shite. I have been, since I was a teenager, though for different reasons.

I see no reason to come back here. I am convinced you only come back because of the desire for the experience. Because you just haven't gotten life out of your system yet. Eventually you do, and you move on. And being in the Bay Area of California, I'm in a good place to do that.

Ray B. said...

siriusdogstar / Eric, Sunday, April 08, 2012 8:42:00 AM

I saw your lines on the various Chakras, and felt like sharing what I had learned about them over the decades. (These are presented with the knowing that each will 'see' it different, depending on their life experiences and levels of healing.) This understanding has helped me immensely in understanding why I 'feel' better or worse in certain areas after an encounter with another.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.


Basis of Chakra:

Crown (at least 9 levels) - Oneness (various dimensions)
Brow - Intuitiveness
Throat - Harmony
Heart - Lovingness
Lower Stomach - Empowerment
Loin - Relationship
Base of Spine - Existence
Between Knees - Past lives (approximately human)
Between Ankles - First adventures (earth plane)
Below Feet (at least 7 levels) - Manifestation / Demanifestation (various dimensions)
Wrists - Revealing self to Self


When Cleared, Chakra Expresses*:

Crown (at least 9 levels) - Vision of God (various levels)
Brow - We Are One
Throat - We Are Important
Heart - We Are
Lower Stomach - I Am Here, Too**
Loin - I Am Important**
Base - I Exist, or I Am**
Between Knees - We Are
Between Ankles - Life Is
Below Feet (at least 7 levels) - A Manifestation of God (various levels)
Wrists - I am Complete

* Damaged or conditioned Chakra either refutes this knowing or attaches a condition to it,like "I am important if I agree with you, have green hair, etc."

** Note that this is NOT a judgement of being greater or lesser than another. It is a quiet assertion.

dave1010 said...
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Anonymous said...

I was into t shirts once, tydyes, then I created a t-shirt that said go to hell, and on the back were directions, sheol next right, and gehinnon 20 miles south...etc lol

onething said...

The Holy Spirit is your connection to God. It is the spirit of God, the uncreated energies of God, it permeates all space and spaces, it is both masculine and feminine, it is the life, the love, and the wisdom of the universe. It is the treasury of spiritual gifts.

To sin against the Holy Spirit is to obstruct it, to keep others from having it, finding it.

When Jesus spoke those words about sinning against the Holy Spirit, it was right after he healed someone on the Sabbath and his detractors were ready to pounce, and they said that he had healed with the power of Satan. So, you see something good, something life-affirming, and you shame it and stifle it.

Those pharisees were saying that if Jesus healed outside of their rules (Sabbath) then it was of the devil.

THIS IS THE SIN! To take (pretend) ownership of the Spirit of God and deny it to people, deny to them that they have FREE access to God and tell them that they can only access God through the official religious channels and not on their own.

The ONLY way to know God is on your own! To sin against the Holy Spirit, then, is to stifle the natural spiritual connection that people have to God.

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, Monday April 9

Your two postings were quite profound. I like your spirit and honesty (for what it's worth). If I might enter the conversation:

On mindsharing: I have experienced a few 'soulsharings' with higher-state types (which may or may not be what you are calling mindsharing). They were quite expanding, and (as you) whetted my taste for being on the 'other side'. (In passing, you might like the SF novel "Time is the Simplest Thing" by Clifford D Simak [1962]. That was where I got the ideas which jelled around my practice.)

I have the same 'problem', as the 'other side' is far more attractive to me than here. I have met the problem by (a) screaming a lot, and (b ) expanding my awareness to where I can do 'both sides' to some degree. There are also some things that can be done in a 'cooperative collaboration' with other side beings to the benefit of all, while 'passing the time'.

On near-death experiences: I met Joseph McMoneagle - of the Army's remote viewing program 'fame' - at The Monroe Institute, who had moved close to there. He related details of his two near-death experiences, and being 'batted' back to earth-plane. On his second experience, he even 'blarneyed' his way past one set of 'guardians before a second higher set 'caught' him.

I also met Dannion Brinkley, who had one of the longest near-death experiences. He had strange chakra 'settings': His upper chakras were wide open; really expanded. Meanwhile, his lower chakras were closed up - whether from him having previously been a real-life mercenary soldier, or from the lightning bolt which 'took him out'.

Enjoyed your comments; let us hear more (if you wish).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous at April 08, 2012 8:49:00 PM:

If Jesus Christ endorsed capitalism and free enterprise, I see no good reason why he should have driven the "moneychangers" out of the Temple. After all, pastors, ministers, and priests of all denominations do solicit funds.

If the "moneychangers" were loaning money at interest (does the NT say that they were?), the solution is simple: don't borrow money from them. If Jesus wanted to establish an alternative to usery, why didn't Jesus establish a Christian Credit Union that loans money without charging interest?

Just asking.

brokenbeat said...

To Gregory F. Fegel,

I know you addressed Anonymous, but I'm going to throw my two cents in (interest-free).

I'm not aware that Jesus "endorsed capitalism and free enterprise" per se, but don't know that he specifically spoke out against it either. It is my understanding that he favored a more communal style of living, though I doubt he'd approve of any totalitarian goverment of any political/economic flavor as he opposed oppression and certainly the proliferation of needless laws such as we have at present. Talmudic infuence permeates our society.

Part of the reason he drove the moneychangers out of the temple is that is no place for secular commerce. You don't find a market-place environment in most churches even today. Fund-raising events and solicitations are a different matter - not ostensibly being profit-making vendors - though I doubt he'd approve of the abuses along with practically everything done in his name.

Another reason he drove them out was the sale of "approved" sacrificial animals. This probably included an authorization fee paid to the temple priests. This is not much different from some of the practices prior to the reformation when sins were absolved and salvation guaranteed for a price. Some form of that may be going on now in more subtle fashion, but again just because a church exists in his name means that he would approve of all their activities. The body of his early church was the congregation and the teachings. All that has followed has been mostly corrupted and usurped for political authoritative control.

I will leave the usury-based discussion raised in your second paragraph for anonymous and others to address in greater detail especially as to whether usury was cited in the NT with regard to the moneychangers in the temple. I am not a biblical scholar and rarely read the bible but have a cursory understanding from my childhood. I don't place much reliance on the accuracy of modern translations, nor do I accept the legitimacy of anything post-Council of Nicea for that matter. I have even less regard for the OT, but I seem to recall some kind of prohibition on usury, but perhaps only between Jews...or is that the Talmud? I don't know, but it is clearly a cancer on our society now. If anything, there should be negative-interest on money to discourage hoarding and encourage investment in real projects and purchase of real items, not virtual financial instruments and derivative speculation.

OK, so that was three sue me! You're either a banker or a lawyer, right?

John V.

Anonymous said...

things moving on,,,300 mercenarys have just handed themselves in over in syria,mr putins speech i would of thought put the shakeners on ptw, ,,,israhell making the usual threats,this time lebanon again,,,spain has gone,,,,greece is now egging and yogurting the looks like tptw maybe tring to kick off a little race war,,,it would be nice if the good lord farrakhan would say something about this,,,we can get these race issues sorted out when we have those aristocratic familys and their minions in those nice new jails they have been building for the citizens of america
and also...the great great love that permeates the whole of existence is still and always will be completely and utterly beautiful....
and am sorry for not writing a poem,,

love you people....neil

Neko Kinoshita said...

Love to come here,

Love the song, it is my favorite after all.

Love to all in this time and place.

Love the comments, and those who make them, and can't help the smile on my face either.

Good stuff as always Vis,


Gregory F. Fegel said...

Eleven-plus Chakras - including Chakras at the knees, ankles, wrists, and below the feet! The ancient authors of the Upanishads and Tantras didn't mention those extra, distal Chakras -- time and science march on, I suppose. Unless, perhaps, the ancient authors actually had a good understanding of the functions of the spinal column. A person can live without their arms and legs, but if you sever the spinal column, you lose control of your distal functions.

New Age eclecticism has provided a mix-and-match approach to ancient traditions. Some doctrines, however, cannot be reconciled, such as the Eastern doctrine of Reincarnation until Self-realization is achieved, versus the Western doctrine of a single lifetime followed by either Paradise or Eternal Damnation.

Gregory F. Fegel said...


My impression of Christian churches, and organized religions in general, is that most of them are very much about amassing funds, property, and power. There may be some limited communalism and token charity, but most religious organizations re-create the hierarchial style of commercial corporations. If the churches were truly communal, the structure and nature of Western society would be quite different from what it is.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I worked at a seminary for more than 20 years.

When I would say, to one and all at every opportune moment, that all the churches should be open 24/7, should have kitchens, clothes closets, first aid and every member of the flock/congregation/group should regularly bring in their excess goods (and services) so these might be made easily available to those who need such items, I would get a how naive chuckle or a patronizingly sweet "good idea."

If I were feeling extra feisty, I would also ask what good are these buildings sitting here empty, devoid of compassion and PEOPLE!
Because when they're empty that's what they are. Empty.

Then would come the downright do I know my place looks and remarks.

I was pretty sure I did and still do.

brokenbeat said...

Gregory F. Fegel,

In this, we are in total agreement. What exists as churches now have little to do with what Jesus represented in his Christhood. I never suggested that the communal society was represented in the current day churches, but was addressing your claim of his endorsement of capitalism.

Per my understanding, I explained that the confrontation of the moneychangers in the temple was not out of line, and that usury was just one aspect of that event. The paradigm-shifting negative interest concept was just put forth to suggest a system that would be more in line with his teachings, striking at the root of love of money.

In any event, trying to glean the wisdom of that avatars' mission from the actions and structure of the religous institutions that sully his name is futile. And turning to scriptures that only retain some of his teachings, distorted at that, is not a basis for true understanding either. There are other sources for insight and growth and ideally gnosis is attained.

Peace be with you,

John V.

brokenbeat said...

To Gregory F. Fegel,

Incidentally, I just read your article, "Missionaries are Colonialists" and I have to say you are 100% spot-on with your assesment at least with regard to modern practices. I cannot speak with any authority on the matter of the early church, but substantial evidence exists for what you assert for the recent activity and I have limited first-hand and significant second-hand knowledge that supports your assertions.

Alongside missionary activities, NGO's such as The Peace Corps play a supporting role in our empire-building, albeit without the proselitizing. It is also a not-so-secret secret that USAID is a major intelligence front. And we know of the good work the IMF, WorldBank, WHO, Unicef and other UN organizations are doing for the developing nations.

Ultimately, it is all in service of MNC interests to which the west is beholden. At least that is how it always appeared to me -- now I see there may be other controllers, perhaps even a hierarchy of such.

I will say, however, that there are well-intentioned people in the missions, just as there are in our government and military that are convicted that they are doing "the right thing". Some may be doing no more than their ostensible roles and are tools while others conciously engage in activities that are clearly beyond scope.


John V.

Anonymous said...

...concerning the ape analogy.
When I was 12 I have been thrown at with shit by a chimp.
He/she was swinging back and forth on a car tire amidst hysterical laughter coming from the "spectators" standing off a save distance. It was quite some sophistication involved as the chimp managed to defecate into his hand while swinging back and throwing it out through the bars of his cage in cascading intervals.
Thinking back I must say that I envy this dude more and more.
I was stunned though and since then I cherish any lesson coming from the animal kingdom if not so much of a stink is attached to it...
Have a nice one

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ray B., I do both:

(a) Screaming a lot, and (b ) expanding my awareness to where I can do 'both sides' to some degree. But I KNOW there isn't much time left, so I'm happy about that. Perhaps I'll be let go when the beginning of the overt mass destruction of this era goes into effect. Maybe I'll be nuked, maybe I'll be shot fighting whatever government enforcement bastard wants to take me to a FEMA camp, or whatever.

I've already 'collaborated' with the Otherside, and to my knowledge 'we' are finished with 'our' work.

Denny said...

Love To Push Those Buttons:

Never heard of "mindshares". My understanding is that at death we enter the "Bardo" or "Twilight State" and thus start the process of returning back to the physical world. Obviously the physical world per se cannot be our true home because (evidently) it is fleeting and impermanent. And neither can the "spiritual world" be our true home because (presumably) it lacks he tangibility of physical sensation we all crave. So I guess that means our true home has to be a synthesis of both. Hey, maybe those guys seen walking around wearing "50s style overcoats and fedora hats" are the ones living in that "best of both worlds"...

If those "other side allures" you mentioned also include the tangible, physical sensations of this 3D material world then I can't see why anyone would ever choose to reincarnate solely into the latter along with all its "limitations and slavery".

Maybe we should all just drop everything and meditate in a cave someplace...

Ray B. said...

Gregory F. Fegel, Monday, April 09, 2012 8:44:00 PM

Gregory, I honestly can't tell whether your posting is more supporting or tongue-in-cheek critical (or both) of my Chakra post.

Let me tell you of how I came to my conclusions. I had two contributors: First, a powerful psychological technique called Focusing (from Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D. in Psychology). Second, the Consciousness-shifting classes at The Monroe Institute (among others). The wisdom came from combining the two.

I started using Focusing in a 'normal' manner in my counseling practice to help people resolve issues/conflicts. When I re-started my practice after taking The Monroe Institute classes, I again began using Focusing in this 'normal' manner. However, I became gradually aware that part of me now 'shifted awareness' to where I would 'track' a certain part of the client as the process unfolded.

Focusing works sort of like moving down a series of mini-aha's until some root issue is resolved. I found that my 'tracking' would shift from place to place with each 'breakthrough' of the client. After a while, I noticed that my attention corresponded to the client being in a certain chakra area at the time. As side 'proof', the client's verbiage, body language, symbology, etc., all matched with that particular chakra.

After having this happen with multiple clients, I simply correlated the list that I gave above - for the ordinary chakras. It matches "the ancient authors of the Upanishads and Tantras" pretty well.

However, a small number of cases 'tracked' below the torso to an area between the knees. At the same time, the client would become aware of totally different 'sense of self', imagery, symbology, etc. The issue would 'resolve' with additional Focusing work there. After a number of these, I realized it was probably having to do with past lives - or at least unresolved issues around past lives.

The same thing happened with clients very occasionally 'dropping' to the area between the ankles. At that time, very non-human 'sense of self', imagery, symbology, etc., would appear - and the issue would resolve with Focusing. After a number of these, I realized it was probably having to do with 'first time on earth plane' lives - or at least unresolved issues around these lives.

(By the way, the knees each have minor chakras, as do the ankles, etc. The above paragraphs refer to a large area 'between' the knees and another large area 'between' the ankles. I currently see each as an energy center 'aligned' along the body axis, and not normally noticed BECAUSE of history.)

I became aware of the importance of the areas above the head and below the feet toward the end of some sessions. If the client was 'heady', large amounts of energy would move up from the area below the feet into the body (unprompted by me), and the client would feel relaxed, supported, and grounded. If the client was too grounded, i.e., lacking in 'higher consciousness', large amounts of energy would move down from the area above the head into the body, and the client would feel elevated, 'aware', and more spiritual. (In some cases, energy would come in both ends, oscillate through or past each other in the body, combine in some way, and flash out of the body. I believe it was to manifest something, but that is just a theory.)

I hope that you can see from the above that my Chakra post was not just 'gleaning' from intellectual material, but from years of observations (if 'unprovable' to ordinary eyes). I would be glad to answer any questions that you have.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

gurnygob said...

John V, we are all brothers in the eyes of Christ. I hold you to be both a friend and a brother on this journey we share together.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I've got blisters on my chakras!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Ray B.:

I'm a traditionalist about interpreting ancient wisdom traditions; I prefer them in the forms in which they were developed and handed down over thousands of years, which I think makes them generally "tried and true". I'm skeptical about attempts to revise the ancient traditions with modern ideas. My reading list reflects my bias toward the ancient texts -- I read a lot of "original texts" (in translation), but I do comparatively little reading in modern spiritual literature. When I do read modern spiritual literature, which often mixes modern ideas with the ancient traditions, I usually find the mixture unconvincing. So I prefer to spend my time reading the original sources. The volume of Blavatsky that my friend gave me gathers dust -- time being a limited commodity, why would I bother reading Blavatsky (or Jung -- I do not agree with Jung's theory of Archetypes, which I see as an unneeded metaphysical explanation for cultural traditions), when I can read the Upanishads, the Puranas, or Patanjali?

I don't want to show disrespect for the experiences and discoveries you have made with your clients. No doubt what you experienced was real, and I sincerely wish you well in interpreting your experiences and developing your ideas.

brokenbeat said...

Ray B.,

With regard to your "extra" chakras, there is basis in ancient tradition for this. In kundalini yoga, the aura is considered the eighth chakra and I understand that there are some South American and African traditions that describe up to nine additional chakras to the more commonly accepted seven in-body chakras. Some are above the head, some below the feet and some around the hands, feet and torso, as well as the overall aura.

From your elaboration on the topic, the grounding of your "heady" clients and energies flowing in from above with overly-grounded clients is not uncommon and may not neccessitate the existence of additional chakras (but then again could very well involve them).

Speaking from personal experience, I discovered the need for systematic grounding as part of one's practice. "Back in the day" when I consistently meditated, I followed my sessions with an hour or so of barefoot gardening. This was not a concious intention to ground, but was apparently effective.. More recently, I resumed regular meditation including some kundalini kriyas, mantras and pranayama but neglected any grounding activities. After participating in an incredibly powerful gong meditation session (naad yoga), I was left completely ungrounded and was barely functional. An instructor reminded me of the need to ground and I halted my practice and spent as much time at the beach and in my garden as I could. It was fully a week before I felt that I was back in my body.

I researched this extensively and now include daily grounding, burnt and spent karma and samskara flushing and aura-contracting visualizations/affirmations into my practice as well as spend some time barefoot on soil in the sun (great for Vit. D as well) when possible.

I appreciate hearing of your learnings and experiences in your practice. It must be very rewarding to help people as you do. At times, I feel that counseling might be an appropriate endeavor for me and have been advised by many that I am well-suited. In some ways I am doing just that but have no shingle outside my door.


John V.

Ray B. said...

Gregory F. Fegel, Tuesday, April 10, 2012 8:17:00 PM

Thanks for your gracious reply. I understand. I am a 'victim' of the engineer/scientist modus operandi who refuses to throw away data points until they are proven wrong. Well, time will tell...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

No harm intended but sometimes you guys make me laugh; all this intellectualizing about something without visceral connection to the thing. all these other chakras are not actually chakras but more like meridian points. If they were of any real importance in terms of spiritual advancement they would have been and would be in the spiritual lexicon and teachings of any and all of the greats in recent and earlier times. In any case, it is far more important to have a balanced and 'awakened' relationship with the main events as opposed to all of this minutiae which is irrelevant in any case without real activity going on in the main spheres. Case rested.

Denny said...

Chakras or no chakras, someone just gave me a "coconut chocolate ball" as a present, and after having gone through an exhaustive list of toxic chemical ingredients that was well hidden behind the wrapping, I couldn't see how there could possibly be any room left for the actual coconut and chocolate.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Denny. Bardo. Isn't that from the Tibetan Book of the Dead? Read that aeons ago. I'm more with the Bhagavad Gita. What you expect after 'death', or transition; in my book, you get. You can go anywhere with no discomfort. The sense thing as we know it is for the Physical Plane. I don't think a passion fruit mousse pie with whipped cream is worth the inconvenience of being so compromised anymore. I'm just getting more and more disgusted with this realm. Especially now that I'm more into a high fibre diet that makes my day (NOT) every time I have to get rid of. . .oh, never mind.

Visible said...

new Smoking Mirrors-

Scum of the Earth, Blood Hungry for the Kill.

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:51:00 AM

Thank you for such a kind and expanding reply. Your words demonstrate how far you have come!

On grounding, etc.: Good wisdom. I am copying/pasting the words around the practices and will look into them. I tend to do practices for a while until they 'internalize', and then am off on a new direction (grin).

I have an internal 'visualization' to estimate how far off being grounded I am. I 'step back' and kind of hold an energy ball inside me, with the intent that it 'float' to my energy 'balancing point'. If it floats to somewhere between my stomach and lower chest, I am sufficiently in balance. If it goes higher, I am 'losing touch' with earth-plane. This can be through too much higher-plane emphasis, or avoidance of accumulating pain (junk in the lower chakras or physical body). And, the reverse, of course.

On counseling: We are similar on this matter. I have no formal 'shingle' any more. I do most counseling 'on the hoof' these days. I see it this way: The bad guys have so 'shut down' the human race that anybody who is 'ahead of the pack' can be usefully engaged. Think of a great battle where all the true medics are overwhelmed, and anybody with training is beneficial. Two realms where 'anything is better than nothing' to the populace is training in tracking feelings to their source and a bridge into the energy realms. (In this day and age, make sure that you tell them you are operating just as an individual; you can be sued...)

A lot of the time these days, I work in background energy realms. For example: Once, I was sitting at the entrance boulders to Macchu Picchu. A couple came up close to me and just stopped, yakking quietly with each other. This just went on, to an impossibly long period (with Macchu Picchu beckoning!). Finally, I got intrigued and 'shifted up'. All kinds of energy work was going on to them; quite amazing. So, I just sat there, energetically 'watching'. Eventually, the energy work ran down. At the exact moment it 'quit', they spontaneously started walking down to the buildings. Cool stuff.

The exact form of your 'counseling practice' is up to you, not the establishment's idea of time and place.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Denny said...

Love To Push Those Buttons:

I think that a passion fruit mousse pie with whipped cream would be worth coming back here for provided it was 100% organic and preferably served up not in the usual glass dish but rather on a... Oh, never mind (erm...grin)

Yeah, "Bardo" is from the Tibetan of the Dead. And I bet you won't be able to get a "tangible" passion fruit mousse pie there organic or otherwise (let alone my idea of what I'd like it to be served on..)

Personally I think that when I get to wherever it is we're going after death God's gonna probably throw the book at me anyway for even thinking such wanton thoughts.

Ray B. said...

Visible, Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:06:00 PM

Your blog entry has some truth to it. I may disagree on "all these other chakras are not actually chakras but more like meridian points," but there you go... Thanks.

Also, I want to comment in a psychological-front way:

Independent of the chakra banter, I was having a good conversation with Gregory and John V. I was learning about their 'background workings', and they were learning about mine. Community was building. In that context, your abrupt response was surprising.

Second, I would like to propose a 'meditation' for you. Place the (above) "When Cleared, Chakra Expresses" blog entry of mine before you, and read it few times (ordinary chakras only). Then, read your blog entry as if you were a stranger reading it. Try to be 'in' your chakras as you do so. Simply note what comes up, and where. Thanks.

Best Wishes.
Ray B.

Visible said...

Ray B. I really don't think so. There was nothing abrupt about my comment. It was merely a statement, an observation.

What has been suggested here is something I've never come across, ever, before. I stand by what I said, they are not chakras. I'm not going to engage in some strange meditation in order to grasp the ungraspable. We have to be able to agree to disagree.

These sorts of things (to my mind) add a needless complexity to something that is already complex enough. I note an impetus toward complexity around here and it's my job (in my mind) to opt for the simplistic because I am committed to the Bhakti modality and because I believe that this knowledge accumulation thing is not advantageous at this time.

I am not supposed to walk on eggs around here to embrace anything and everything that comes across my vision line. I've had an enormous amount of experiences concerned with the kundalini and not once have I ever encountered such as is being brought up here.

I'm not saying these things are not so. I don't know. What I'm saying is that it's something I have NEVER encountered in any shape or form and I find that strange. Also, my intuitive sense doesn't engage this and I would expect it to.

I hear all kinds of things here; vague historical allusions to things far, far off that don't (in my mind) contain a great deal of value in terms of present conditions. I hear theories about everything under the sun. Maybe they're true and maybe they're not but it is whether they are practical that carries any kind of weight with me.

I'm not here to wholesale embrace whatever comes up. People are free to accept or reject what I have to say and I've no opinion on that. It it's true, it's true and if it isn't, it isn't. The idea that I'm going to go meditate on something and have some kind of breakthrough struck me as humorous more than anything else; not meaning to sound arrogant, closed minded, or like I know it all, I don't, anything but.

It's perfectly okay to me for people to engage in all kinds of convoluted exchanges here. I seldom comment on any of it. This is between the people getting pleasure, information or entertainment out of it.

I'd be less than honest if I just bought into everything that comes up. I don't. I don't reject it necessarily either. I just occasionally chime in with how something strikes me.

A lot of the time I hear intricate things from people that I know are just intellectualizing about things they aren't in a position to apply; that are intellectual, not visceral and I am into what works and can be proven so.

Taking this much time to say all of this is probably not a good thing. People have investments in what they believe and it can cause bad feeling if I appear cavalier about them. I don't mean to, if it comes off that way. I just sometimes call things into question. It's how I find things out. So far I haven't found anything out and I've never come across these things in the teachings of anyone I admire or have been changed by. Not a single teacher I know of that is in my icon folder has ever brought these things to my attention. They are mostly very simple in what they have to transmit. It being Kali Yuga, I stay with surrender and devotion as being key.

When I see a practical demonstration with positive effect concerning something, I take it to heart. Until then, the jury is out with me. Like I said, agreeing to disagree seems the way to go. It promotes conversation and insight and it should never be made personal. No one should be 'attached' to ideas where the division is more important than the unity.

Ray B. said...

Visible, Thursday, April 12, 2012 11:57:00 AM

Thank you for your lengthy reply. I know how busy you are, and appreciate the time it took you to write it.

On chakras: I understand your point of view. I even acknowledge that it's not in the ancient wisdom that I know of. I think of it this way: If nothing happens around these bits of 'data', then they will fade into obscurity. If something big and positive happens (especially, to me), then I have done my 'duty' and left a trail of bread crumbs. Task done.

Just for anyone following bread crumbs: Whatever it is 'in' each of my knees is about 1" across. Whatever it is 'in' each of my ankles is about 2" across. Whatever it is 'between' my knees is about 15" across. Whatever it is 'between' my ankles is about 8" across. For reference: Whatever it is 'in' the base of my spine is about 15" across. Whatever it is 'in' my upper hip is about 16" across. Whatever it is 'in' my belly is about 13" across. Whatever it is 'in' my chest is about 15" across. Nuff said.

On my "strange meditation": I have used variations on myself and clients for some time, with good results. Perhaps, I should not have labeled it as a 'meditation', though it does bear some of the hallmarks.

A brief aside: In my universe, thoughts have power, especially if backed up with strong emotion. As such, even buried or 'locked in' events/decisions from the past help to manifest our future. I had this driven in when I dated a Lifesprings graduate, long ago. We were both familiar with the above manifestation technique. She was driving an older car, and wanted a new one. So, she did the above. Lo and behold: Within a short period of time, another car smashed into her car from behind at a stop, totaled her car, and a generous settlement got her a new car. (She was also in a neck brace for a time.) At the time, I had an absolute 'knowing' that - in some deep, conditioned way - she had an 'inner program' going that required her to 'earn' the new car with a certain amount of pain and effort, rather than just because it would make her happy. So: Held stuff can 'condition' a manifestation.

In my long work on myself and clients, I have evolved a 'shorthand' technique of pinpointing where 'issues' lie. It appears as the "When Cleared, Chakra Expresses" blog entry of mine. Modifications to these basic 'stances' about oneself mean that there is likely 'conditioning' in some manner. (See above paragraph for reason of importance.) If desired, these can be seen as psychological insights, rather than chakra expressions - though it is suspiciously similar.

Now, to the core of my "strange meditation." The psychological practice of 'Focusing' involves an odd combination of concentration and relaxation. Concentrate on an issue, body sensation, etc., and relax any expectations of outcome (while having a general intent of 'movement'). [As such, it is remarkably similar to the techniques of The Monroe Institute, where you have enough 'Beta' brainwave pattern to keep from zoning out while accessing 'Alpha', 'Delta' or 'Theta' for the actual work/insights.] Then, 'boom': You have some knowing or clearing, and you 'feel different' from the inside. So, your life changes (manifests differently, in my language) on the outside.

By reading the 'shorthand' and then relaxing (this is why I labeled it as a 'meditation') into the chakras, anything that might be held would have a chance to 'spontaneously' appear and clear. This was an offering, both to you and to anyone wanting fast progress. I hope it makes more sense, now.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Well, i was just coming around to add something to the commentary. In the Tree of Life meditations from the Western Mystery School there are ten centers at different parts of the body, the original 7 and then 3 more that relate to the ten sephiroth and which I have studied in my courses that went on for several decades.

I don't know about this other stuff, I've never come across it and if it's useful to people, more power to them. I do know that if you chant nom myohoh rengeh kyo you can also get a new car (grin), or anything material. They promote this in the orientation lectures with the Gohansens and so forth.

For me, I don't focus on the chakras at all, just on contact with my guide, invisible friends. This gains me all I need concerning anything and is the course I have chosen. The greatest simplicity is my way and it will take me to Shambala or Cold Mountain in due time. Others have other goals and to each a technology exists for that purpose. There's nothing I want here except out of here as expeditiously as possible.

Once again, I'm not in a position to comment on what I know nothing about and have never heard of. I do know there are "more things in Heaven and Earth than were ever dreamed of in your philosophy". Well, back to whatever it was I was doing.

Visible said...

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Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

The Swine Flu Smorgasbord Cuisine of Rot.



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