Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Frottage Fever and a Date with the Reaver

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It becomes increasingly harder to know what to say; to find that there is anything to say. Obviously it has already been said and the same people not paying attention then are not paying attention now. It's not my alarm clock and it's not my world, that so many are attached to living in. I want the straightest route out of Dodge, too many people want a condo in the center of town. The town expands, intent on drowning the outskirts with its unbearable presence. Implosion looms. Empty rockers rock, in empty rooms.

The density of the spider's web, is conversely equivalent to the density of the web inside the victims heads. Shelob's and she hurls, inky darkness, to swallow the world in night and they're all curled up in their beds of doom, sleep tight. Sleep tight. Tight is the word, tightly wrapped and strapped down by the web. These are the things we dream about. These are the things we dread. It all seemed so nice in the Formica life, till the bombs went off in our heads.

So, it's like that, chattering on in unfortunate rhyme. It seems it amounts to no more than passing the time, while passing through. The same people keep assaulting their associates, like they think there's some light at the end of that tunnel, on that losing proposition. Where they think that is going to take them and what their payoff is, I can't guess. Seek and ye shall find it is the operative consideration but it appears simply finding what is already there, or fabricated to suit them will do. Diminishing returns doesn't seem to factor in. They just keep diminishing, until even the one they are returning to is gone. Maybe that's fitting in any case.

It just makes me tired to see it. Picayune wars, devoid of the conscience that would restrain them, seems to be the order of the day. If you can't come to terms with it or move past it, then you might as well kill it and off yourself in the bargain. I can't see the payoff, I really can't and my words fall on deaf ears, when seeking to reach the aggressive principals, no doubt making myself a target in the bargain. Any time I try to make the peacemaker I get a peacemaker stuck in my ribs, making anything but peace and accompanied by the sentiment that I rest in pieces.

I don't know what it is with people. All I can think is Kali Yuga, Kali Yuga. Words tumble like concrete blocks. Walls get built, hard separating walls. Words you can't take back. Words that stand there, set in stone, like the now meaningless words about truth, justice and the American way. It went this way and it went that way and it rode itself out of town on a rail. They did nothing. They knew nothing and it was all to no avail. It makes you sad but you know it's got to come to something, closely equated with nothing but empty words, trailing off into blasted landscapes, brought about by men and women worth less than the words they used to justify, the nothing and worse than nothing, that they accomplished. They tumble and turn and rest in the sad gutters of the culture they washed down the drain, like the dead leaves of their useless words and despicable acts.

What do you do when there is nothing you can do, when the purpose of demonstration is only to show this? It's cosmic laundry day. Suits and ties are marching from room to room. They look out of the floor to ceiling windows of their corner offices, that look down on the ravages and destruction of their telephone calls, their conferences and fountain pens, moving across documents, that authorize the horrors on the streets below. These horrors that they must believe will never reach these upper floors, that they must come down from to go anywhere and that will one day come up the elevators and stairways to get them and none to soon for the rest of us. The age of unreason sputters and flames. Madame la Guillotine cries out for their heads. It whispers in their dreams. It moans underneath their comfy beds. The day approaches. The days advances, boom, boom boom! Here come the footstep like the drums of Khazad-Dum. Boom, boom, boom! Flaming Balrogs are on the march.

Endless, endless Game of Thrones. There are nothing but bodies draped over couches, strewn about the floors, lying on cobblestoned streets, torn apart by angry mobs. The Bank of Karma is in a bull market with The Age of Torus, so many thousand years in the departed distance, looking through the two way mirror at Scorpio, stinging itself into terrible silence and no eagles seeing or seen, except in some Himalayan cave where the smart money got out of town; “where there is no vision the people perish”.

How can hope and promise find any purchase on such a slippery slope, drunk on cheap wine and ever cheaper dope? Yeah well, yeah well. The witch ain't dead and all ain't well. Heading in the wrong direction, does not lead to the road of good intentions. Jeremiah is howling in the wilderness, as usual, he's not drawing a crowd. Nothing has changed in the hearts of men, since the last time we were here again, boom, boom, boom and one of these days Alice, right to the moon. I remember that story about Jackie Gleason, sitting in a lawn chair, out on a golf course (I think). He had a shot glass of whiskey in his hand, when he tumbled backwards, down a slope and didn't spill any of it. What do you think about that? You can't swing a hat in that small crowded room inside your head, without hitting something that's dead.

It gets like this for me and I can only speak in rhyme. It just happens and probably will happen again soon enough. Turn your head and cough. You feel better now? Lord make these things go viral. Lord give me some boom, boom boom!

Fukushima, Iwo Jima, Louis Prima, come blow your horn, the cats in the cradle, with the children of the corn. The Boogie Man is going up and down the road in his brown panel van. His bat wings are sprouting. The closet door is opening and you're only eight years old. The curtains are rustling and the room is cold, cold as the breath of a vampire on an offered neck. We got plenty of those. Just take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, or Constitution Avenue any night of the week, werewolves and vampires out on the street.

They say one of the signs you see at the end is rampant cannibalism, literal and figurative, if you count the amount of people, eating each other alive and themselves as a chaser. Drop an extra shot in your boilermaker. You're going to need it and I got to get out of here on a positive note. I'm sorry for all and every person I hurt, in my impatience to get here and not be slowed down, ripping away from the attachment and unable to explain. You can't explain not being attached to the people that are. You can't explain anything, to anyone, whose mind is already occupied by the subject under discussion. They got frottage fever and a date with the reaver, while Steve McQueen still thinks that laetrile is going to do him some good. I kind of miss the guy. No doubt he's already back and so are a lot of other people. John Travolta went into Scientology, to take care of his problem in the first place, as did Tom Cruise, It's a risky business, when you don't take care of business, cause there ain't no business like show business for the purpose of demonstration. Scientology and Satanism, part of the tripod that keeps the action going and why you can hardly find a decent film sometimes; world unchanging, beneath the coverslip of fear, magnificent metropolitan ruins, always in decay. I decry most the loss of generosity to strangers and after that, the bad intentions of strangers upon their hosts. It seems the greatest of loves must suffer the most. Somehow we reach our dreams, whatever they may be, world unchanging, wave upon the sea.

Somehow I got through this and you will too. You find yourself right here where the words are appearing, before your eyes and going by, as the times go by, while all of the already old but seemingly new things, keep appearing and what was over the mountain and in the town on the other side, will soon be in your town and on
your doorstep. The doorbell will ring and you'll have to sign for it. It's like clockwork, it is, till the clocks turn orange and Beethoven is listening, while he still can. Now he's gone and rolled over and Chuck Berry's still got that roll in his jeans. He used to insist on being paid in cash before he would go up on stage. I don't blame him but I still don't get his lying down under a glass table, while some lady squats on the top of it; Kali Yuga, Kali Yuga. You got warned and your train still got lost.

Alright my friends. Let's be good boys and girls. Santa is coming and he's got a list and that other guy is coming too and he's got a list. Yes, he's got a Mikado style little list and there's cold rage and there's outrage and there's what there is of what there is. We got new and improved underwear bombers and the people
responsible, are so filled up with hubris that they now admit it was all their operation. I want Janet Napolitano stripped naked and groped to the bending end on national TV. I want John Pistole's pistole jammed where the sun don't shine, which in his case could be anywhere. I want Hilarious Clinton to shut the fuck up.
Good luck with that one, Visible, good luck.

Time for these boot-heels to be rambling, while the bad guys are scrambling, to Patagonia and wherever they think it will be better for them to hide out, while they finally get those numbers they been missing and locking people up for mentioning, what no one can say and what that is I wouldn't know neither. Adiós, vaya con dios, away and away!

End Transmission.......

Patrick Willis narrates:

Visible sings:

This Sunday's radio show is available for download and so is the Jeff Rense interview.


Erica said...

Wow!Thanks Vis,you excel yourself yet again.Loved the interview with Rense too.
Whenever doubt sets in you are there to assure me I'm heading in the right direction.Will keep on keeping on- know you will too-nowhere else to go,nothing else to do.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

John Travolta? Hmmmmmmm. I think I found his greatest moment:

Not even I can measure up to that.

Now why did I volunteer for this sojourn?

Oh yeah! Ego. Silly me.

NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I wonder how many other readers of this forum are saying those last two words to themselves.)

Anonymous said...

ok. well that's the 3rd charm in my current synchronistic trilogy.

the 'low men' are coming down the road. just good thoughts, now.

(some movies still worth making.)

'we're young and it's magic and our hearts in atlantis, then we grow up and our hearts just break.

but it's alright, we're just passing through. yes, we're all just passing through.'

Gregory F. Fegel said...

In the schools they teach false history, to glorify the elitist, oppressive State. You can't get a degree, or keep a job, without espousing their lies. Success in society requires a Faustian commitment to their lies and their agenda. Success in their System is a badge of dishonor and a ball and chain. Earning a living outside of their System is nearly impossible. If you try to live as a vagabond, they keep you moving on, and eventually, even the homeless option will be gone. Everyone must be made to conform; the System depends on it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gregory, you can PRETEND to conform. I have, to a point. After all, I have been asked about my planetary origins more times than I can count, not to mention when I was hatched.

Sometimes you can sleep with the enemy then burn theie house down when they aren't looking.

Anonymous said...

the fruit of the tree of knowledge is an imagined separation between the knower and the known.

dunno ... just felt like sharing.

ElvisSweet said...

Mr. Visible you are the voice in the wilderness!
I feel your words, as if on the road to Emmaus - I know this because my heart burns within! We are oh so homesick in this strange and barren land, we are the wayfarers, with nowhere to lay our heads. Seperation is such a sweet sorrow, yet worthy of the coming reunion, then our joy shall be complete.

Anonymous said...

Shelob's and she hurls....
Die spinnerin hat ein web gesponnen.
So now what.....
Thanks for enlightening me about Kali Yuga. When I become overwhelmed I keep going back to
that. .
I can already smell human flesh on the Bar B Que
I want to get of Dodge to.

Anonymous said...

which is to say; you're right. best to not fancy oneself any more or less ... but to fashion oneself the best instrument one can.

so, if you ever get the feeling that you're talking to yourself ...(grin)

Visible said...

Ask me if I'm surprised that that this vile slimeball did this. Ask me if I'm surprised that another Tribe member, no doubt related to Dov Zacheim, defended him.

Anonymous said...

weapons of mass deception. it's how one gleans the 'father of lies' to be the well spring of this faux religion.

to their end, it's every 'beast' for themselves.

JerseyCynic said...

boom, boom, boom...

drip, drip, drip

ching chong chinaman...

I too am stuck in the middle with you. I don't know what to think or say anymore...

Looking forward to the incoming CME?

Stephen Herbst said...

Hi Les,

I too, am immensely confused and frustrated by the complete lack of interest or drive shown by the populace while we are all being so obviously marched straight into the gates of hell.

I have been using FB Aiiiiii.. as a 'public' [friends only] medium, posting 'conspiracy' and real news in my 'status' but have now reached the point where I have no desire to post anything. No one comments because No One cares! People use FB to say things like... "Oh I'm soooo tired today," and get +++ comments.. it's just unfathomable... well to me anyway.

I recently gave David Icke's "They want to trigger world war III - 2012" a viewing and was brought to tears [and I don't 'tear' easily] by the images of wounded children from Palestine, Libya or Middle East [somewhere in those innocent lands] with jaws blown out and other hideous wounds. The thought of that being MY child. The thought that THAT is coming to us ALL, ALL because nobody gives a Shit until it's at their FokKen door... And, well, it IS coming to our doors [each in a different way].

Critical mass is becoming more and more of a pipe dream it seems. It is like trying to shake awake people from a drunken stupor. We are the madmen, the lunatics, terror'ists..

Time is hideously short, ticking as I write, and I pray God will give you and everyone else tasked with this more "Boom, boom, boom".

mike m said...

A "Pulitzer Entrant", which Goldberg really is not a final three nominee, carries about the same weight as those douchebags who pay money to be listed in those stupid "Who's Who" books.

But these tribe members sure as hell do like to bring attention to themselves and they are starting to look like moving targets.

WarmZephyr said...

"What do you do when there is nothing you can do, when the purpose of demonstration is only to show this? It's cosmic laundry day. Suits and ties are marching from room to room" (Vis).

I've never been a patient waiter...but you absolutely KILL 'the graveyard shift! Luv your style. (smiles)

Signed, a member of the choir.

~When all else fails
~You're eating raw snails
~It's then that poetry prevails
~And, of course, VizWiz tales

Clarity said...

Visible and All,

Are you surprised, Visible? I asked, but don't respond. We all know the answer already.

I hear all of your question marks. I understand what you are saying. What else is there to say? What is there to do?

Things have gotten so bizarre that it almost seems impossible to wake up anyone else. I think about what I might say to someone to tell them what's going on. What would I say? Where would I begin? This goes beyond conspiracy theory wacko. Imagine knowing nothing and having someone try to tell you what's going on. Would you believe him? Or would you inch away slowly, hoping it goes unnoticed until you can make a run for it?

Maybe I've been feeling off lately because - well, just because things are the way they are now. It's like a waiting game now. We're in a holding pattern, hanging in and hanging on to see how it all works out. Some people have talked about the tribe going underground and the rest of us remaining above, trapping them down there and making things right up here. The thought does being some satisfaction, yet I question how we could change things enough. With all the people who remain clueless, we'd still have the challenge of filling them in. If they don't understand recent and past history, it is destined to repeat itself.

I have faith that everything will work out as it should. I am feeling more and more that I want this to be my last visit here. I want to move on to a better place. Unless here becomes the better place... Dare I put myself in that group? Have I accomplished what I need to do? Or is there more work to be done?

I'm thinking you were telling me, Visible, what I need to be focusing on. Am I putting in enough to get back what I need? I'm finding it hard to get it all in. I woke up late and have to make up for a lot of lost time. If only I knew then what was important - where my focus should be... Now I'm trying to play catch-up. In trying to fit it all in, I need to prioritize as well. Certain things need to come first. I imagine the rest will follow.

I came across this site, and while I haven't given it more than a quick look, I have seen some of the Spirit Science videos. The few I've seen have been both entertaining and informative. If anyone else watches, I'm curious to hear what you think. The info. might be basic for some, but I'm wondering about the accuracy of the ones I haven't seen. I thought they might be good for older children as well as anyone new to any of the topics. I'm going to watch again the one on channeling your pet and try it out with my dog. There are a couple of behaviors I'd like to change.
Spirit Science

mike m~ I officially pressed the Easy Button in your honor. lol
I liked the info you had put up about Washington and Franklin warning us way back. Louis McFadden had a lot to say about them too. I laughed yesterday because I first looked at Visible's link on the way home, at a red light. I skimmed it quickly, and what kept jumping out at me was that one name. In fact I first thought the article was saying it was being done in Israel. Later I read it through and saw it was his name, but it was so glaring, it just seemed way beyond coincidence to not mean something.

Love and peace to all,

To BPD or not to BPD said...

"I'm thinking they may have just put up one of those filters that automatically blocks off a web site if it has certain key words in it, and Les (or his commenters) tend to use those words. The post on smoking mirrors had some of Les's colorful language about a-holes, so I could see that, but then I had to scroll down to find the likely culprit for the words on Petri dish ("climax?") ... whatever ... I just didn't like the way it was handled in the beginning because I'm literally in here *all the time* and these guys know I don't look at pornography." Jody Paulson

So Stella Blue tells an age-old J.A.P. joke about a nail file, Visible posts it and his PD blog and gets blocked at the libary for Sex.

You just can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz,

Outstanding again! I'm conjuring for viralness. POOF - Truth, Beauty and Goodness

I think that, in the event of an event (supernova, the last person with faith departs, nuclear Armageddon), those with spiritual survival potential will be offloaded to another planet where we can reason together and be allowed to create an Ecotopia, where the dreadful din of millions of motors will be silenced, where we can be successful against the psychopaths and none of them be missed.

I saw Jesus once and he said, "I will always be with you." That was long ago, but I believe him still. Can you hear the Spirit of Truth here? You can get a witness. Amen.



Anonymous said...

Smoking Mirrors Blocked At Library

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...
"Gregory, you can PRETEND to conform."

What I found was that it was insufficient to keep quiet and offer no opinion in the workplace. Anyone who tried to stay "under the radar" was suspected of being an alien intruder. They required you to espouse and endorse their views; you couldn't just be mute. I don't see much evidence of people "working within the system" to change it, within any occupation - at least not successfully. This situation may not be unique to our current System, but a perennial problem in all societies, caused by human nature and mob psychology.

With the CO2-caused Climate Change fraud dominating academia, the workplace, and the government, I don't see why anyone with a truly scientific mind would want to become a professional scientist.

There's almost no honorable work that one can do that actually earns a paycheck. There's little honor to be found in working at anything within the System.

Anonymous said...

Jonah Goldberg appears to have made an honest mistake, regarding his alleged Pulitzer nominations. And yet, I think he still might face severe ad-Jew-dication - but the Jew-ry is still out on that one. His peers are quite Jew-bilant, and confident, however, that his acts will be swept under the porch. Especially since the men holding the brooms are God's Chosen People. And the first goyim who protests, will be cooked on a spit, until he is hot and Jew-cy, and then served up "au Jew" well he should be. HEY! I'll give you 50 bucks for that left kidney of yours, if you aren't using it. And if you won't sell, I'll have Moshe cut it out of you while you sleep. There's big money in organ-selling on the black market...Jew know what I mean? Thank God we are still free - free to use banks, and pawn shops and eat genetically modified Tostitos. It's still a bit early, but...what the hell...Happy Fourth of Jew Lie!

neil said...

That sounds very much like a poem stroke creative writing story telling jam session invitation ,where everybody's invited,lord visible,,I love those days...all sorts of things come out.......and it's always better when everybody takes part.....

And maybe with our fiery sun flare wavy thingy,we may get a little extra boost somehow,,,,

Anyway respects to all

Denny said...

Love To Push Those Buttons:

Nah, I wouldn't say those last two words to myself, no matter how difficult I've had it here at times.

I don't think the "ego" per se has all that much to do with it. It's more to do with a far deeper longing for existence. What you're saying lacks any gratitude, and that can't be the right way either. The fact that there are obviously many people in the world who actually love being alive is proof positive that it's not life itself that's the problem, but rather one's own experience of it. And if this is the case, then surely we should be more introspective in trying to discover WHY we are not loving our own life. Okay, maybe "this time round" there's not a lot more we can do to create a better life here, but it might at least go a long way in creating something more beautiful "next time round". And of course that "next time round" is always "now" anyway, simply because there is no "future" other than what's in our own head.

Anyone who has ever experienced love in their life would never say "NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!", while those who have never experienced love can do nothing else other than go on questioning what the hell they're doing here.

As Vis says, "life is like a mobius strip". There's heaven on one side and hell on the other, yet there's only "one side".

Many people live lives of love and creativity and are never touched by any evil from the "dark side", while others become their worst victims, and there can only be an individual "karmic" reason behind this, because any form of personal trauma, grief or human misery does not happen by chance.

Or something like that, anyway...

missingarib said...

Vis,these conscienceless dudes sure can stand the heat in the kitchen.Always busy serving millions . Flipping all kinds of things besides burgers in the bargain .

The sous chefs of the Kali yuga restaurant have a menu for us to chose from however the local food cart is coming round the corner with the foggy mountain banjo playing loud and strong .

Your demonstration is echoing off the "cannon" walls of the city and you don't need no stinking permit.

Make your list vis,and prepare the troika.
live long,

Anonymous said...

Vis & All -
Damn straight about things getting interesting and full exposure - check this out:
Best part of the article:
The suit goes on to allege Travolta then masturbated and told the masseur he got to where he was "due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his 'Welcome Back Kotter' days," adding "Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity."

Immediately reminded me of John Lennon's quote about the music business being controlled by gays and Jews. Somethings never change...


bholanath said...

Visible sir, and all -

Maybe you're plugged into Game of Thrones, with all the intricacies and extended face-time of the psychopathic characters, but I am recommending the 2nd season especially (and the 1st) of TREME as a balance. Real 'normie' creative types weathering the psychic storms and TPTB insanities in 'this world' as it is right now, and featuring great examples of many kinds of contemporary music played with genuine emotion by famous and unknown New Orleans artists. The production is of the highest quality in all aspects also.
Just thought I'd throw that out there...enjoy....carry on.

the gardener said...

We are now dwelling in a country where:

The doctors kill their patients.

The lawyers throw their client's cases.

The teachers have an agenda to dumb down their students.

And they all profit as we only pay.

When there is nothing left to pay then you realize how expendable you and yours are to those who profit while we only pay.

neil said...

Flowers by the temple
Dreams into the sky
Weaving in devotion
Rise and multiply
Colors never ending
Sweeping through the trees
Opening on motions
Trails across the sea
On the tails of butterfly's
gaze up to the moon
Round and round in cycles
Made of essence plume
Climbing to eternity
Drawn across all time
brush of heavens beauty
The earth the heart the sky


WarmZephyr said...

I've found the John Kettler blog to be helpful at a time like this. Even if it's pure science fiction...which I don't think it's still a 'hopeful' immersion. (ETs/EDs to the rescue!)

Because, you're right...things are just too messed up to mitigate this all by our lonesome. ~humans are babes in the woods next to the nasties ...who have all the advantages~ Everyone knows that it's EASIER to cheat than play fair.

Steve said...

I must be I'm living in a god place. (that was actually a typo but I'm leaving it in)

I find I can regularly "make contact" with strangers. We don't solve the worlds problems on a first encounter and it is rarely more than one encounter. I find you can pick the ones who are open. They may have never read a conspiracy on line but they are open to openness.

Like the lady at the local health food store. I usually spend 20 mins shopping then 20 mins talking. The other day she told me a story about this man who comes in there, (I haven't met him yet) who only has one leg.
One morning before work both him and his wife had this feeling that he shouldn't go, so much so that they both discussed the matter and what they where feeling. Alas, work priorities won over and he climbed aboard his motor bike to make that fateful trip.
He lost his leg that morning as a car pulled out in front of him. He also tells the story of how he felt a hand came from nowhere to place him down as he was flying through the air. He speaks of it as the hand of God and he felt completely safe within that. Needles to say, it changed his life, his inner life as well as the leg.

We then spent the next half an hour talking about God and how we can recognize better those times when we are getting clear guidance.

There was no mention of conspiracy theories nor did there have to be. Maybe one day there will be?

What I'm trying to say is try it.
There out there, we are out there. I have heard it said we compose around 10% of the population, us seekers. That's one in every 10 people. Quite a few when you look at it that way. It doesn't have to be so lonely, just open yourself up, and feel the hand of God guiding you.

See if you can spot them and say hello, then see where it goes, you never know.

Visible said...

I've seen Treme

Lee Ashley said...

Wildpotato said:

Aren't Jew sorry you made me cry?

Oh, my, Visible you are so incredible! Keep it flowing to us!


Anonymous said...

to captain spadgett....a voice in the wilderness. i salute you and hope we make brief eye contact as we pass...nodding and exists. hahahohoheee

all you woebegone typists...get out there and make your presence known. look people in the eye and silently communicate the love of the universe...see if they respond. most won't. but some will. surprises await.

news flash: there ain't no other place you get to pick to live 'next time around'.

'you' are 'here'...when 'you' leave 'you' won't be 'you' anymore. no deals to be made. the entity known as 'you' only gets one go round on this plane...only the spirit will move on....and this life will end in an explosion of brilliant synapse before going dark. and ceasing to exist. hurrah.

enjoy the weirdness. it won't last forever. and you all have front row seats. how trippy is this shit?

i trippy is this shit? people say they are awake and now they are suffering. what's wrong with this picture? maybe you are only half awake...the most dangerous state to be in...maybe truly waking up is blowing all the angst off and just taking what comes as a jubilant freak show featuring an endless loop of life and death. no right. no wrong. just open acceptance and moving through with love for all. it's going to be a long, dull wake if you insist on waiting for this world to just stop spinning.

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

stephen herbst;

right you are. the majority of people don't give a f#*k.

of importance ... you do.

brokenbeat said...


In your Rense interview you did a great job of driving home the most salient points and providing an over-arching context for same. You performed a valuable service in your Master's employ in reassuring Rense's audience that despite appearances, all is in control, and that seeking the Divine and priming the pump will provide real growth and comfort.

You've mentioned the spiral staircase before (and to not piss over the railing), but hearing the concept compells me to share my most meaningful dream, if you'll permit the indulgence. I had this dream some six months ago. It was especially vivid and I am still able to recall it in great detail.

It started out mundane as I was with a group of co-workers in a place of previous employ and we decided to leave the premises to get high. This was odd as I never did that with these co-workers. In the funny logic of dreams, we physically had to get high to also smoke pot, so we all crowded into a car in a repair shop and the mechanic raised the car on a lift some six feet up. This wasn't satisfactory, so we sought out another location.

At this point, the dope aspect was dropped, but the 'getting high' part remained. We entered an old wooden bell tower that had a spiral staircase mounted on the inner four walls. I was in the middle of a line of twelve or so and we started ascending.

At first the tower was well lit, but as we proceeded, it got darker and I started lagging behind. The people behind me could not pass me (the staircase was narrow) and they asked, "John, are you allright?". "Sure," I replied, "It's dark, but I've got this sturdy railing."

Of course, as soon as I said that, the railing started getting lower and rickety and the stairs steeper, and soon there was no longer a railing at all and it was pitch dark. We were near the top and high enough to get hurt if we fell. I came to a complete stop. Across the way, voices of encouragement called to me saying, "Come on, it's OK!".

I mustered up some courage to step out into the darkness and felt a step, but as soon as I put my weight onto it, it started to give way. It then seemed to hold my weight, but proceeded to collapse completely and I was forced to quickly mount the next step which also started giving way.

I awoke in a panic and began to evaluate the dream. I'd had dreams of dangerous heights before but had begun realizing that I was dreaming and began creating solutions as possible with lucidity, but this was different. I simply had to proceed on faith and forge ahead, but I had awoken before making it accross to the 'safety' beyond.

I realized that this was a dream of significance -- I was on a path that others had travelled and that others later will as well. I had a role to play in assisting others; my growth was not just about me. I was drawing on the experience of others and would be of service as well.

I also considered that all of the people on the staricase could be different aspects of myself and that some had made progress while others lagged.

I realized that whatever the overall nature of the dream, there will be (and are) times when I will have to proceed on faith and there will not always be well-lit, sturdy steps and the safety of a railing. The nuance of having to step lively was not lost on me -- I have an increased sense of urgency. It reminded me of the steps on the Fourth Way before the second threshold that require determined effort as the window of opportunity is not open for long and failure to make timely passage can set one back to square one or in it's near vicinity.

I didn't encounter anyone going down the staircase (and there was no pissing over the rail!), but the concept you expressed reminded me of this dream. I dunno if this is a common dream (it wouldn't suprise me), but it gave me some insight and encouragement.

Thanks, Vis et al for your shared wisdom and humoring me my indulgences.


John V.

WarmZephyr said...

Beautiful poem, Neil!:D

Capt'n Spadgett you're right; there are more of us out there than you think. Sometimes you can sense readiness if you put out feelers. You can feed 'em an innocuous 'feeler' line or two and either they will bite or swim away. Either way it's O.K.

Lately, I've been holding an 'audience' in the Y hot-tub. (lol) I've got my regulars who can't wait for the next intallment! roflmao.

Anonymous said...

for those interested in a more comprehensive historic to present day overview of the world in which we now find ourselves (one can only suggest) - search 'the brotherhood and the manipulation of society.'

Patrick V1.2 said...

Hi Vis and all

I know you hear this everyday but GET OUT OF MY BRAIN MAN. I've been feeling so low the last couple of days. Thinking about all the stupid crap I've done in my life and how much I wish I'd known then what I know now. And ya feeling like I'm pissin in the wind. Like no one but a few of us even care what's going on and where the hell's the calvary ?

Then you have to go and mention Steve McQueen to top it off.

I know I've mentioned before how much the movie Papillon affected me as a young man.

It's about enduring. We have to endure. We are the creators hands and feet and we have to do his work.

Like Steve McQueen in the movie The Great Escape. He'd get thrown in the cooler after each escape attempt and he'd take that baseball mitt and ball into that cell and bounce it off the wall endlessly it seemed until he got his next chance.

We have to endure. We have to have courage and we have to do things to escape and they ain't easy but freedom ain't free.

One right man in a room full of wrong is a majority far as I'm concerned. So be it.

I know your voices are telling you things and you want to show us what you know to be true. Last night I heard another predictor say on his radio show that cosmic time and earth time are not calibrated to the same dial so predicting is hard as hell.

So wishing for brighter days for you all. Every dog has his day. Endure.

Stella Blue said...
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david griffith said...

You didn’t know what to say so you painted a picture. Vivid splashes of colour and I laughed with delight at the end of your post - but without quite knowing why.....not sure that matters.

Twiddling thumbs until it all changes isn’t much of an option. With life being so uncertain - as I suppose it always was - just continuing to endure without being overcome by gloom helps.

And there’s always the little nudge which I take to be from God and which says ‘keep developing the gifts you have - keep expressing your life in ways that are nourishing to others.’

I do enjoy the comments and felt like I’d had a good shower by the end.

Some serious weeding and the time to play some music beckon.

Dave said...

LV, funny you mentioned Patagonia. I just heard Adrian Salbuchi say that a super rich Ezra built a 747 landing strip on his ranch there.

Dave, on the East Toast

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

then there's Paul newman and Lucille, a medicine he was under no illusions about.

Anonymous said...

I know you might think this is bullshit but here goes.I have wondered alot about humans who show no remorse or much emotion on our planet.I wonder from scouring the internet at the idea that there might be increasing large numbers of simulacra or clones.The more I thought of the implications and the Law of One, the more I wondered.It looks like we have consented thru the strategic placements.What do you think? Critical thinking RN from Kauai.Love your posts.

Anonymous said...

I often ask myself

who are all these people I don't know?

those who I used to know in my youth?

that sattelite service

of entertaining , yet lifeless commercials?

those whom I've read on the internet?

those whom I know personally and cherish?

I cherish what I cherish

I like it that way

As a matter of fact

I prefer it that way

this being the heart of the soul


I often ask myself

who are all these people and stories I don't know personally?

those who I used to know in my youth?

that sattelite service
with entertaining, yet lifeless commercials?

those whom I've read on the internet?

movies I enjoy?

those whom I know personally and cherish?

I cherish what I cherish

I like it this way

As a matter of fact

I prefer it this way

this being the heart of the soul


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Shithouse Rats on the Armageddon Train.

Thomas said...

This is outstanding, Vis! Poetry like a shattered mirror, and something with dark purple roses...

I threw out all concepts of the Divine the other day. What a relief, and it feels so right. I cannot, cannot, cannot understand It, and the words somehow give me the idea that I can. Like an ant on acid, wooooo!

Coming to the real test of our faith, I think we are. We are not supposed to wake up the sleeping masses, I think. Perhaps we will go away (onwards/upwards! ;)) to laugther, ridicule and scorn... or just lack of attention. Perhaps we are meant to look like Don Quixotes, to the ones that do not see. The important thing is what we make of our spirits, and what we do with our time here... I believe. Dunno, hah. But, darkest before dawn, yeah. It can get much darker, and look far more hopeless, still. Since we manifest things with our minds, or at least influence what comes up, I don´t ask anyone to use their imagination is this regards...

The Divine sings so sweetly inside... So sweetly if we listen. The superficial world is going down down down, rotting from the inside. Good riddance, I say! Like Odyseus and the Sirens, we should tie ourselves to our essence, and hold fast! Ah, how difficult it can be with words. At some point, like you say, words like JAh, Allah, God and such must be left behind so that we can experience the interaction with what is REAL, without human-constructed blinders. "I don´t know" is close to the best mantra there is, haha!

To Everyone, Love and Blessings. May we never forget how it is to laugh, how it is to love, and how it is to be at peace with Oneself and the world of maya. May we all be better at balancing that ray of light in the eye of the storm.

Visible said...

Beautifully Stated Thomas and rather mindblowing coming from you and what little I know about you. Rather amazing.

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ray B. said...


"The town expands, intent on drowning the outskirts with its unbearable presence."

This has more truth than most people know. In addition to urban sprawl, there is a psychic aspect. I learned about this up in Seattle. When you get sensitive enough (or are naturally empathic-enough: Jo, Stella Blue, Gardener, et al), you realize that there is actually a 'city bubble' composed of many (unconscious) minds. Somehow, it 'blends'. If you have ever 'felt' the peace of an old-growth forest as you enter it, that is a positive form of this 'bubble'. When I was moving between apartments in greater Seattle, I 'scouted' the edge of this bubble and picked out a building somewhat outside the bubble. Much 'cleaner' and 'quieter'.

(On the east coast [probably Virginia through Massachusetts, plus Florida], there is such a plenitude of people that the 'bubble' is near-omnipresent. I remember clearly of going to an obscure Delaware beach and still feeling that kind of 'unwashed' sensation that I would get inside a NW city bubble.)


Thomas, Thursday, May 10, 2012 10:00:00 PM

"Coming to the real test of our faith, I think we are."

Ahh, Yoda has entered the building. :-) (Good post!)


On waking-up people:

I have found a good book that functions as a 'bridge' between our conspiracy world and sleepy-land. "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" by Daniel Estulin (2009) is perfect for this. I leave it around, and wait for 'spirit' to draw someone in. Daniel's investigative reporting (and the photos, for those of the iPod generation) leaves a deep, Matrix-like sense of "something is wrong with the world" in the reader. The facts are utterly incontrovertible - the meetings happen and the media 'hush' is complete. Once this 'breach in the dam' is there, the reader can take it as far and wide as they wish.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Jo (and re-welcome to the blogs), I thought of you with the following Terry Pratchett quotes that I had previously 'lifted' because of their wisdom - particularly the first:

(Unseen Academicals, 2009)


Lord Havelock Vettinari: "And that's when I first learned about evil. It is built in to the very nature of the universe. Every world spins in pain. If there is any kind of supreme being, I told myself, it is up to all of us to become his moral superior."



Glenda: "What does 'worth' mean, Mister Nutt?"
Nutt: "It means that you leave the world better than when you found it."


(I Shall Wear Midnight, 2010)


The (old) Baron: " A man of power and responsibility nevertheless needs somebody to tell him when he is being a bloody fool."



The kelda: "Ye know full well that the meaning of life is to find your gift. To find your gift is happiness. Never tae find it is misery."



Granny Weatherwax & Mrs. Proust: "[Tiffany Aching] stepped back as the two elderly witches looked at each other and then held her breath. The hall fell silent and neither of them blinked. And then - surely not - Granny Weatherwax winked and Mrs. Proust smiled. ... They exchanged a further glance and turned to Tiffany Aching, who suddenly understood that old, clever witches had been older and cleverer for much longer than her."



Tiffany Aching: "I want a school here... [Traveling teachers] are useless, sir. They teach facts, not understanding. ... I want a proper school, sir, to teach reading and writing, and most of all thinking, sir, so people can find what they're good at, because someone doing what they really like is always an asset to any country, and too often people never find out until it's too late. ... Learning is about finding out who you are, what you are, where you are and what you are standing on and what you are good at and what's over the horizon and, well, everything. It's about finding the place where you fit. I found the place where I fit, and I would like everybody else to find theirs."


Wisdom from another master...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Farmer said...

Hey Les or anyone else. This is off topic, but I thought you might have some ideas. I also was looking for a way to contact you, and only found your donation email, and did not want to send my stupid question there, and interfere with that process. So I ask here.

I started to play the guitar about 8 days ago, and have been at it non stop. My left hand is swollen now, and in pain.

I was wondering if you had any alternative methods to ease this problem, so that I dont get carpal tunnel before I even learn to play well?

Thanks to you, or anyone else that might have some solutions, if either choose to elucidate me.

Farmer Ross.

Visible said...

Well, obviously you are going too fast too soon. Ease up and allow the muscles and dexterity to catch up. Mental apprehension of things can be immediate but the body requires time to adapt to it. I can't imagine there being anymore that I can say. I'm sure my email is in my profile here. In any case it is lesvisible @ gmail (written that way to discourage spammers and bots.

the gardener said...

re: Farmer and his guitar hand... I had a wonderful Aikido teacher in college... we'd start out every session with hand stretching exercises. Holding onto the opposite hand-with your thumb on outside pinky of other hand... *geez like teaching someone to shift without a shifter in sight-lol* and rotate the hand down and around -3rd and 4th fingers of right hand on mound under left thumb... give the wrist a few good squeezes while you're at it-then bend the fingers in a unit back and forth-really feels good and is like a mass reflexology session of our hands.

Soaking hands in Epsom salts will help you too. Epsom salts is a wonderful healer for muscles.

the gardener

brokenbeat said...


Ease off, as Vis said, and get the inflammation down in your hand to speed healing and ease the pain. Apply ice in a baggie with a cloth around your hand, or better yet, immerse your hand in a ice water bath. Do either for five minutes on, five off, repeatedly. Also, take a NSAID such as ibuprofin. I've done that for my hands on occasion as I started back drumming.

For me, developing good calluses on my fingertips is the limiting factor when resuming guitar-playing after a long break. You might need some in-person instruction on form -- you shouldn't be in so much pain...

Rock on, Ross,

John V.

Anonymous said...

Diplomacy is a waste of time and always gets a piece of cold steel in your back. All the bolt holes and hiding spots are already corrupted so stand your ground somewhere. Mother helped me to build the wall but the hologram still gets in through the cracks and spaces. Get some pain pills if you can and never return to the doctor or hospital no matter how smokin' hot your petite brunette doctor is. McHealthcare is about sickness and not keeping you well at all. If you are well you won't need scans, labs and shitty pills that make you feel even worse. Dig around the Sack 'N' Save and you'll find some actual food that grew out of the earth and soaked up the sun and rain. Don't worry about the future and give up on braindead sheep who love the clank and clang of their slave chains while they cling to some vinyl siding shitbox and shit ridden worldly possessions that aren't worth the raw materials it took to make them.



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