Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Tunnel of Light in the Spider's Web.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Need I repeat myself in yet one more way to present the same thing? Well, this time, let’s put it this way, these are strange times to be living in. The degree of ubiquitous criminality, coupled with deified ignorance, multiplied against the carnal face of materialism, has given birth to expressions of twisted and mocking countenances beyond count, with no point in counting them.

Those of us who are operating outside of these time zones are getting hit by mega-waves of negativity, generated from dark inner plane locations, which are actually the ruling and generating coordinates for all of the crime, ignorance and materialism already spoken of. As one adjusts, the assault is altered. It mutates like some form of cosmic HIV. It’s alive but, undead, might be a better term. It appears to feed on the life force, while what it generates is fear. Where fear doesn’t apply, confusion will do. Where confusion isn’t effective, appetite will serve.

These locations are like the housing, or the webs of massive spiders, which spread them as if they were they were the largest mono-filament nets of all time. They spread them across the ocean of humanity and between humanity and all of the finer things that are the birthright and inheritance of the awakened being. They separate aggregate humanity from the singular attainments of the exceptional. This exceptional status is not prohibitive to the genus ordinarius. We are all made of dirt animated by spirit. It is the determination and one pointed, unrelenting, unswerving press to the goal that makes anyone exceptional and genius and idiot have the same opportunities across the board. Genius often is defeated by its own sense of greater awareness and knowledge, where an idiot possesses neither of these terrible limitations.

The labyrinthine corridors of the realm of knowledge have been walked by no living being, in anything approaching completeness. The very possession of a large body of knowledge pushes back the parameters of what is contained therein and widens the possibilities of what can be known. Knowledge always generates more from the possibilities of the unknown, born from the impress of the known. That’s just how it is baby.

In an age of darkness, present time not excepted, the path of knowledge should be avoided at all costs and as a result, winds up as the road most taken. The twin handmaidens of Vanity and Presumption attend knowledge as it expounds upon the ears of those waiting for their turn to speak. No one is listening and no one hears. Certainly no one understands because, if they did, they would be somewhere else, where the important things are taking place.

The cruel highway of the initiate in an age of darkness is something to see. They are near exclusively free of companions. They are tried in hotter and darker fires, against the possibilities of the redemption of the rest of humanity in their times. They suffer without rhyme or reason just because it pleases the divine to see how far he can push it. Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

I feel I must once again add that great quote by HPB;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe: I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling—the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

It is exceedingly tiresome to hear the uninformed make so many judgments upon her while they praise Crowley to the rooftops. Crowley considered all of these types to be fools and obscured what wisdom and insight he possessed in the times when that applied. He had precious little of either in the latter part of his life. The attraction of Crowley is like the attraction of Rajneesh. They cater to particular areas of attraction that are resident in the wider body of humanity. On the one hand you have the promise of power to ascend and rule from a personal sphere of enlightened self-interest. On the other hand you have the promise of unrestricted freedom in everything without cost or censure. Figure it out.

The population figures of those known for attainment, compared with those who are anonymous in their achievements, tends to indicate that anonymous far exceeds those whose names are known to us. In those cases where names are made to be known it is often a burden taken up for the purpose of demonstration and something given to those most in need of making it real. Those known find the blessed anonymity in their surrender of all that their times and history seek to confer on them. Those who are anonymous have their names set in lights for generations beyond count. I direct your attention to the stars of Heaven.

The tragedy of all great masters- and The Christ would be a particularly strong example- is that their message is so seldom understood by their followers and more likely abused and defiled in the act of worship and testimony. The thundering hypocrisy of the rank and file, along with those who herd them toward the lands in which they seek to rule, must cause the tears of the liberated to fall and feed the secret womb of sorrow that demands yet one more sacrifice of birth again and again.

Earth and its mysteries and obvious states, are eternal. It moves from light to darkness and back again ...but it is generally a land of the temporary and the mortal. It is filled with wonders that are ignored and treated like refuse. It is reduced to servitude and prostitution, as if somehow, everlasting virtue could ever be corrupted or compromised. Those who attempt it only profane themselves.

The Earth sees and feels everything that happens upon her resplendent and reclining form and she is the certain and unavoidable source of punishment and reward in her kingdom. Failure to recognize and revere her cannot be overcome by anything else that you might imagine you could perform. She can be conversed with and grants intimacy to those proven to be of the worth of her company. She is the bower of understanding and all magic of the higher arc in natural exposition, without the need of any stand alone performance. She is protection absolute and the relentless Hell Bitch of all time in the pursuit of those who defame her being, her children, her friends and lovers and her gifts. Mark my words.

The divine is the active potentiator of every lasting state and every sincere request. It is on the footstool of Earth that the human heart can unite the two and seat them equally within the vast and only ever partially explored reaches of its potential. The appearance of imbalance between two states of equal importance is the cause of much mischief and travail. Not knowing who to see about what can be a real problem. There are many statements and declarations about what is the single most important thing that can be realized in the pursuit of the divine; immortality in the blessed spheres, liberation for all time and the cessation of all personal suffering forever and what I have long believed the most important... the presence of the divine conferred through persistent request. I now believe that to be chosen as a friend of the divine is the greatest accomplishment to be had.

I have seen some small portion of what is contained in this unspeakably great gift and I would not compare it with anything. I would add that all the rest comes as a reflex addition, to an ever widening whole that cannot be fully explored by the recipient, through all the vastness of the ages. The divine routinely walks in many locations and selects his or her companions for these outings. Those who are so named and known as a friend can attend at any time without invitation. It takes certain particular qualities to be chosen as a friend of the divine and each heart must inquire after the means. Certainly seeking that condition above all others would be the primary step. Certainly loving the divine more than anything and everything else put together would also serve.

Dark times offer tremendous potential. We weep and bemoan our state and the relentless persistence of our persecutions and difficulties, while failing to acknowledge what is possible and certain for those who combine all of this into a tribute to and a celebration of the divine. We fail consistently by not recognizing what is freely given and by not wanting it enough. This is a time of remarkable potential for those seeking to awaken to their capacity to succeed at the greatest work of all. Take it for what it’s worth.

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No Lies said...

Remarkable, beautiful and divinely inspired. Head shakingly deep.

Mark said...

Please excuse this off-topic post. It probably belongs on Smoking Mirrors, but it is Visible Origami time and I am impatient.

It is the holiday season with Christmas approaching, and most people will be heading for the malls to spend money or whipping out their plastic to buy presents.

There is a man named Max Kaiser who has been asking everyone who wishes a return to honest money to go out and buy one ounce of silver. His plea has been picked up by many others who are repeating his message. It has gone viral and now the Comex is running out of physical silver. Shucks.

If you are fed up with how things are going in this world, understand that it is fueled by fiat currency (paper money) backed by nothing but empty promises and bad breath. Each of us has the ability right now to cast a vote for our future, no doubt the first vote you have ever cast which will make a difference.

This is the first “chain letter” with virtue I have ever seen. Instead of loading up on presents this Christmas, why not do something different this time around by visiting your local coin shop and purchasing a little silver? It can be silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars (all pre-1964) or else a one-ounce silver round. Ask all your friends and family to do the same and tell them why.

Here’s to a silver Christmas.

It is presumptuous of me to come here and ask you to do something, but I wouldn’t ask unless it were important. Not once in a single post have I ever been flamed here, except through a misunderstanding which I caused. This is a testament to the integrity of everyone who posts here, and whenever I visit, it feels like a family reunion because you people are my true family in spirit. Only here do I feel safe to open my heart, and you are my heroes.

Like it or not, the rough beast has been slouching toward Bethlehem for some time now. It doesn’t matter where you live, it is headed your way. My two kids are watching me closely for a cue to how to be a decent person in spite of the unfolding madness. I have to show them how. One of the things they wish to know is what I am doing to make the world a better place, and to ensure that they will have a world fit to live in.

I have had to become somewhat selfless and disregard the consequences of posting my true feelings. Look, everyone who comes here is already on a list whether you post or not. Every word I type on my keyboard is monitored by people who are not my friends, and I am now occasionally receiving a pop-up ad…”Swat teams are hiring” and a photo of a soldier pointing his rifle at the camera, which is pointing right at me. Then again, you know I’m paranoid.

If you belong to a church, you have no doubt been advised to render unto Caesar. The lines have been drawn, and each of our corporeal fates has already been sealed in the eyes of TPTB. This does not mean that things are going to unfold the way they wish.

Let’s find the courage to make our children proud.

Visible said...

There's a new 'visible streams of consciousness up-

The Terrible Irony of Beautiful Words.

Endwell Road said...

Oh Les,
these words, they are nectar for the soul.

Without a doubt in my mind, I recognise and acknowledge YOUR light.
Even though you will probably remain anonymous to millions of people, your message has touched me to the core of my being.

The divine has moved through you and is so present, right in this moment.

Thank you

♥One love♥


Neko Kinoshita said...

Again and again,
No matter what is happening or how I am feeling, there you are, touching the very depths of my seeking soul.

Howl on herald.

I'm still hear listening from the alley, perhaps I will have more to say after I digest these words a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Truly outstanding commentary.

Your command of English is extraordinary.
As is your heart.

Anonymous said...

At the end you wrote: "Take it for what it’s worth"

It's worth WAY more than I have on me right now Les. Way More...

Many Thanks and I will do my part to pay ya back (grin)...

Love to all,
DW in The Tahoe National Forest

Anonymous said...

I suspect, but don't know, that part of the reason that some do not entirely understand some of the things you write about, is because some of the words bleed out past the right side border in your posts.

some of the smaller words such as to, he, if, the, us, we, at the end of those lines are gone altogether and I personally find myself having to stop everytime that happens to try and fill in the blanks.

I don't know if that is on your side or my side since I am not all that great with computers, but I am pretty sure I am also not the only one experiencing this happening.

Visible said...

I suspect that is a rarity indeed or I would have heard something before and this is the first time. Also, on my screen it is fine; also on different computers at my house and there are a whole lot of readers- if the traffic page is any indication. I would put your situation into a search engine and also into blooger and you'll get a solution. It could be as simple as your screen resolution.

Anonymous said...

( 10 min. later )

WWWOOOOOOWWW!!! Whew, speechless.

I Feel the Peace,Light,Love

I FEEL the piece of light you love to give, Les.

I, Walking Hawk, Love You All

Thank you Les.

chipster said...

We are humbled and should be by the simple clarity of the truth expressed in the instant moment by the sages of grace. A brother I [that's Me] thought lost has blessed and cured a tattered situation. My prayer is answered. Stars look down to remind me from where I come and all The Destiny is One. Bless prasad.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel so alone anymore. I am not crazy. Thank You or having the balls that I don't have.

EtherEagle said...

Just like a warm spring day when you realize everything awakens from the winter slumber and bursts forth with fragrant majesty and colorful display. My favorite moment after a long winter of soul searching.

James Stuart Sinclair said...

"The Earth sees and feels everything that happens upon her resplendent and reclining form and she is the certain and unavoidable source of punishment and reward in her kingdom. "

You DO understand. :-)

Love and light,
James Stuart Sinclair

siamsam said...

Like the spiders shadow that casts at night
We walk life’s tightrope with hope in sight

Distant cousins from distant lands
We stand together – make not demands

From east to west and back again
We’re all Gods children
We’re all Gods men

Stand up for freedom, take life back
Make peace and love
Not hate - nor spite

Like the spiders shadow that casts at night
The truth is seen through shining light

A web of lies is never strong
When truth is cast we stand as one

Let’s band together in every land
Let’s love and build
Come join with hands

Like the spiders shadow that casts at night
Make peace with love
Not war with might


Anonymous said...

Repeat I a chord progression that begs embellishments, turnarounds, and solos...

Thesis: Coercive "utopia"
Antithesis: Permissive cornucopia
Synthesis: ? we get our asses kicked hard by nature and rebuild... ?

"A notional society capable of providing almost magical satisfaction of individual yearnings has no need for coercion. It can be permissive - indeed - it has to be permissive - for in a cornucopian society all wants can be met, and met on a highly individualized basis. Since all desires can be satisfied, all are thus also equally good. It follows that neither coercion nor self-denial is necessary. But a society in which self-gratification is the norm is also a society in which there are no longer any criteria for making moral judgements. One feels entitled to have what one wants, whether or not one is worthy. Thus, moral judgements become dispensable. There is no need to differentiate between "right" and "wrong". Instead, for pragmatic reasons of social order, the critical distinction is between what is "legal and "illegal"; thus legal procedure, especially the court system, substitutes for morality and for the church as the principal definer of that morality. Religion as the internalized guide to individual conduct is thus replaced by the legal system, which defines the external limits of the impermissible but not of the immoral."
-Z. Brzezinski, Out of Control

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law?

Canst thou WILL an erection!!

"erectfully ever after fails, and we've poisoned by these fairy tales. the lawyers clean up small details, since daddy had to fly...

you can lay your hair back on the ground.
and let the cum splash all around you. Offer UP your common senses, 'cause this is the end....
this is the end... of the impotence!!"

(Voiceover in an Andrews Sisters style:

"But in modern society, both politics and economics conspire...."
WHOA!!! Brzezinski said the C WORD!!!!

....both politics and economics conspire to create a culture inimical to the preservation of an important social domain reserved for the religious. An increasingly permissive culture, exploiting the principle of the separation of church and state, squeezes out the religious factor but without substituting for it any secular "categorical imperatives," thereby transforming the inner moral code into a vacuum."

Chinese Sneakers said...

Well, if you were worried about repeating yourself, you needn't anymore. That was well worth reading/hearing again.

And i must admit that i needed to be re-introduced to HPB so that i might start hearing her. It's like somebody put a hex on her written work; no doubt so we wouldn't find it for what it really is....

Oh, i also wanted to share this: i used to balk a bit at repeating myself, too; but it slowly dawned on me that there was an on-going time line that unfolded in such a way that there were new people coming in somewhere down the line from where i'd begun. At some point, they needed, and benefitted from being brought up to speed, too. And the older sojourners invariably gained a little more from revisiting the origins of their travels. i Wouldn't go so far as to suggest this is a matter of degrees, because that would be too obvious for the likes of you and i.

And don't worry about charging real money for your novel--you deserve it. In fact, you might even go so far as to ask us to pre-purchase it, if, say, the initial printing costs were presenting a problem. in that case, though, i would like my copy signed.

Be well, all

esteban said...

every single
star in the sky

shines directly
on you [us all]

they shine
day or night

except for
that big one

when the sky is bright it's day

darkness is the night
[from] a shadow no less

if you are feeling heavy
throw off some ballast

this spiritual / material

is starting to bug me
two words / same thing


what if it was black ?
the universe i mean

nothing nowhere
or at least
anywhere else

except for it's self ?

nothing exists
yet something is formed

how'd that happen ?

we are god

we created it
all of us [together]


we used to plant seeds
and watch the moon

how did we stray so far
from a peaceful fate ?

we used to have to work together to survive

and thats exactly what we must do now

the enemy is well defined

ignorance fear anger

but the balm of forgiveness is so soothing

what beast cannot be cured ?

let's find out

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible!!
You wrote:
"Those of us who are operating outside of these time zones are getting hit by mega-waves of negativity, generated from dark inner plane locations, which are actually the ruling and generating coordinates for all of the crime, ignorance and materialism already spoken of. As one adjusts, the assault is altered. It mutates like some form of cosmic HIV. It’s alive but, undead, might be a better term. It appears to feed on the life force, while what it generates is fear. Where fear doesn’t apply, confusion will do. Where confusion isn’t effective, appetite will serve."
Do you mean this literally or is it a metaphor?
The reason I ask is because maybe there are vortexes on earth where negative energy is being summoned or brought about?
One time I went to a very secluded beach. We had to park ver far and walk a long distance to get to this small beach. There wasn't anyone but my family and I and we were there for about 6 hours.
After a while, i began to feel so much joy, peace, and allot of playlike energy filled me, I was completely care free.
As we started walking back, I would say I was about 30 feet from the power lines by the parking lot and then I felt a huge jolt of energy. An anxious fearlike energy jolt that I felt was coming from some form of grid.
It's as if this energy is being purposely added to our surroundings.
Or am I just crazy and it;s all in my head.
Love you so Visible, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to add somethingre: the possibility of negative energy frequency being added purposely.
If this is so, how can we protect ourselves from this negative web?
Is it about meditation and prayer and focusing on more positive intent? is the awareness enough to keep off this or will we be hit regardless?

henry beck said...

It was about time, I guess, to mention HPB, perhaps unknown to most of your readers or if known, as in 'heard of', but never read by them.
It was forty-five years ago, and I was only nineteen years old ,and even then had an impressive amount of books digested to still my hunger to understand, when I run into the Secret Doctrine.
So far reading for me had been trying to fit the offered information in to my frame of reference; not so with the Secret Doctrine: this was inmediately understood as if HPB knew how to trigger my memory. There was nothing knew in the book, only all and everything I had somehow forgotten.
Since then I didn't stop reading, but I gave every book ample time to survive; only few did and the Secret Doctrine was one of them.
HPB has been throughout my live an exemple of indepency and absolute courage.
The reason I am glad to see her mentioned is because on this site a lot of commenters love to talk about love; yet there cannot be love without courage first. People usually like to skip the difficult part; nevertheless, there is nothing to it; after the first time you jump in the deep all you can thing is, wow, that easy. And for the rest of your live you can only be mildly amused, when they tell you: where did you get the courage from.
Make sure your kids can jump.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring...good medicine.

kikz said...

“But a society in which self-gratification is the norm is also a society in which there are no longer any criteria for making moral judgements.
One feels entitled to have what one wants, whether or not one is worthy. Thus, moral judgements become dispensable. There is no need to differentiate between "right" and "wrong". Instead, for pragmatic reasons of social order, the critical distinction is between what is "legal and "illegal"; thus legal procedure, especially the court system, substitutes for morality and for the church as the principal definer of that morality. Religion as the internalized guide to individual conduct is thus replaced by the legal system, which defines the external limits of the impermissible but not of the immoral.

....both politics and economics conspire to create a culture inimical to the preservation of an important social domain reserved for the religious. An increasingly permissive culture, exploiting the principle of the separation of church and state, squeezes out the religious factor but without substituting for it any secular "categorical imperatives," thereby transforming the inner moral code into a vacuum.”

don’tcha just love hegleian dialectic circle jerk logic?

freedom from constraint of dogmatic religion necessarily degrades the individual/society into vacuous immorality.

as if morality and virtue had not existed prior to - and in spite of religion.

what, thru the ages, has spanned the breach?


which is exactly why it is no longer taught.

TPTB have always known its dangerous import, and have surgically removed it from greater humanity’s access.

Anonymous said...

I once came to Pa. from Texas to visit family.

I was walking the old hood when suddenly I was overcome by a cold wave, distorted vision and nausea. I felt it coming from one particular trailer house and did look to see if I could spot any demons personally but saw nothing.

When I told my brother what had happened he said, "oh, do you mean that trailer where the devil worshipers live?"

I said, I reckon so..

(my initials are HPB)

Visible said...


the answer to each and all of those questions can be "Yes" or "No".

It seems complex but it's not. Everything we go through is connected to the divine interacting with our life and every event's purpose is to make us aware of that. We attribute various causes to everything that happens to us which murks up the water. There's only one cause and then there is our perceived distance from it.

There's a phrase in the bible that I've always appreciated, "Those whom the Lord loves he chastens." It explains a lot. It's actually supposed to end at some point (grin), or so I hear.

I'll be talking about that tonight.

Hang in there. It's good to have some kind of practice or procedure to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

Hey awesome people. I'm so... sad! I moved away from my family and friends and again I'm struggling financially and it sucks. I really don't enjoy money. I don't have any and my mind keeps thinking about "how am I going to pay rent" etc. etc. etc. I've been in this situation for ahwhile. I keep leaving jobs where I get money off of people getting drunk and it makes me want to cry because this is so stupid, I get super pissed off, I just want to live in my tent now, in the forest. I'm in debt. It's stupid, how can they loan me fake money and expect me to pay it back.

I don't know what to do.

My family doesn't like to be around me, can't live with me 'cause I "do some drugs".


Sigh. I don't know... maybe that'll help.

I find myself not caring if I "end up on the street".

Anyone else in a similar situation? or have had similar experiences. I'm 23 years old, male, living on my own.

Anonymous said...

That was great Les, you are one of a kind. When I was going to college I was interested in everything. I continued to take general ed classes after I received my BS degree. (back then it didn't cost much to go to state college) When I graduated I was very disillusioned, it seemed I only had questions and received very few answers. Didn't even bother to pick up my diploma. (my wife obtained a copy years later)

Anyhow after taking over 200 credits (they used to call them units) I would say I had only a hand full of instructors that made any impression on me. To think now days people end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt for an "education". There has to be a better way, there is.

Didn't you say you dropped out of high school and didn't attend college? (at least something like that) Well I would put you in the same class as those half a dozen worthy instructors. You could teach philosophy, (among other things) no need to buy a text. Maybe you were Giordano Bruno in a previous incarnation.

Be sure to read that Wikileaks article "is the internet 9/11 under way. (Truth Seeker) Go to source article. I love the cards at top of article. Will an alien invasion be the third card they play? Time will tell. They are so damn predictable.

How to get Les mainstream. Damn we need a widely circulated internet newspaper. Maybe that is what the PTB are afraid of, hence all the Wikileaks publicity. That dangerous subversive internet.


Anonymous said...

Kalu said: "how can they loan me fake money and expect me to pay it back".

You are only twenty three. Learn this lesson even if you don't learn much else. NEVER BORROW MONEY. I used to make an exception for real estate but things are so fucked up that doesn't apply anymore. Interest rates are low enough that I guess a person could buy a fixer home and come out ok but unless you know what you are doing even that won't work. Look at all the people that own real estate along the Gulf and are probably stuck in more ways than one. If you rent you can always pack up and leave. This Gulf thing should be an eye opener. They could pull the same shit anywhere.

As far as the fake money goes, thats' the system. It is amazing that a family can starve to death on the street because they don't have the right kind of paper. Paper that is printed out of thin air backed by nothing. What a farce. What a crime against humanity.

There is an alternative to having no debt that might be appropriate in this brave new world. A young person who is slick could get a job, establish good credit and then charge on credit cards to kingdom come. (it is more difficult now) Buy everything is site. Make minimum+ payments and let the good times roll. I knew a couple of people when I was younger who did just that. Unfortunately they weren't cleaver enough to turn it to their long term advantage, but they did buy a lot of stuff before declaring bankruptcy. With the new laws (since 2005) don't go into bankruptcy if you have a job. The judge will stick you with a payment for the rest of your life

Enough, I love to talk about such things but this isn't the forum.


Anonymous said...


circle jerk indeed. hence my hegelian intro. the coercive utopia has been tried, and communism's alleged demise is testimony to the "grand failure".

the permissive cornucopia has its obvious benefits. "Lust for results" and money, and sex, and sex, and sex, and sex, AND SEXXXXXX! all that thou wilt; yet the "burden" and freedom of choice (in a "privileged" democracy) is mine. And that's not quite right either. To truly have a choice is to posess a good, if not "privileged", credit rating.

And what of writings like this? From Dan Millman's "The Law's of Spirit". New World Library.

"The sage's voice grew softer, as if she were in a reverie: 'Can you grasp it, Traveller? Can you feel the truth of my words? Do you understand that you are the burning child in a war-torn village, and you are the pilot dropping fire? That you are the mother and the newborn babe, the victim of a brutal assault and the rapist who commits the crime?
All things done in the name of God or the devil you have done. The highest and most humble are you, wearing rags of torn cloth and robs of gold. You are in every act of kindness or cruelty, of cowardice or courage. Where goes the fool or the sage, and the creatures who walk or swim or fly, there go you. One and many, high and low, bitter and sweet, you are the Earth, and above, and below."

nothing new there really, but, would this fly?

"You're the nazi!
You're the Jew!
You've got breasts,
and a penis too!


Anonymous said...

in defining indefinable
confusing unconfused
ever knowing unknown
existentialy atune
true and lasting ever
liberating touch
brushing whisper silently
swift the four winds rush
reaching ever deeper
from down to up and high
all around in everywhere
ascending inner light


Vanguard said...

Marauders have savaged the cubs, but the Lions stir now, just discovering the bloody setting, and the mewling cries of pain. They shudder with intensity at the realization, as they tread softly, ominously forward.

Woe to the reavers of children, the undeveloped kin. For those in their strength come now, to set things aright.

Ye have no comprehension of the capacity of the adults, mature in their power and capability, for ye have reveled in brutalizing only the weak.

The fierceness of response shall bring paralysis to the butchers amid tremendous fear.

Who thinketh that they may steal away the children, and that it shan't be answered, with furious vengeance?


The Truth is light spilling over the mountaintops of the eastern sky.

Who of this fallen world, content in their godlessness, can stop the sun from rising?

There is no silence for Truth awakened.

There is no darkness for Light amassing.

There is no hand upon earth which can stop the flood of Truth and Light which God's hand has set into motion.

Darkness has held sway for oh so long, but now cometh the dawn of a holy age, of Light.

Let all see, and know, and proclaim that the Light of Heaven, only, is worthy of our lives and our lights.


Souls come and go, daily, moment to moment. And they cry out unto God and His servants, at the painful, lost existence which overwhelmingly greets them in their worldly sojourn.

Evil has been granted license, and the servants thereof have done all that is expected and predicted, for they lie trapped in layers of sin and control.

But the children of the Lord are tested, with a great testing, in the fires of adversity, and begin to be washed clean, and purified.

They begin to realize a Truth that may not be concealed.

They begin to feel a Love that may not be undermined.

They begin to act with a Power that may not be withstood, in the heavens and upon the earth.

Anonymous said...

Alrighty, that was a great radio show. Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

some songs going around my head as I read this.
George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"... Hari Hari.
U2's "how long must we sing this song"
and posthumously adding Cat Stevens "sitting on my own, not by myself, everybodys here with me"

repeating yourself? hell no, how many songs are about 'love'. how many words Innuits have for snow. how many Hail Marys on a rosary bead? how many breaths in a lifetime, etc


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Helen Thomas and the Zio-Ogres from the Synagogue of Satan.

Pstonie said...

I've been thinking about the truth of Matthew 19:24 a lot recently:
"And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

An investment in belief and knowledge probably works the same way as a monetary one.

Anonymous said...

There is no light without darkness and vice versa. Balance is the way.
Darkness may rule the Earth till the end, but of course it is meant to be. If you can learn to observe and not play this game, you can find the gold key out of this 3rd density game. To those who hide while they rule this place, have fun finding the next Earth, since you cant leave, and have all the time in the galaxy. To those who are ready, see you in the astral.

Vanguard said...

In the last days, the masters of the world shall openly reveal themselves and their allegiances, to Satan, and all of the dark lords from beyond, in their diverse names, powers and practices.

They shall be compelled out of pride, and profane oaths, to give public glory to that which is anathema.

And in the vast seas of humanity, far, far too many shall scream with orgiastic glee and embrace the horror, knowing death comes for them in their commitment to abomination. Their madness is a repulsive wail of the damned, bringing cringing to the soul.

There shall be a great divide, and war will ensue, in the nations, in the communities. Hand-to-hand.

You will fight for both your mortal and immortal life. And for those you love.

And God and His Angels shall arrive from on high, as dawn breaking over a hellish siege, a scene of violent, bloody carnage. For it is written, and is promised. Born of Life, offered in Love.

And God shall overlook the field of battle, and He shall speak, and shall gesture the saving charge.

The enemies of all that is good and right shall intensify their efforts, hewing and violating all upon the shrouded earth.

Sound shall break them.

Light shall pierce them.

God shall smite them.

The servants of the Lord shall be transformed in their faith and their fury, and shall join in the victory of the eminent hosts of heaven.

And the darkness of evil will and act, and all comprised thereof, shall be constrained and cast down into the pit. Sealed with the Might of God. Measured with the Scales of Justice. Guarded by the Watchers of the Throne.

This shall come to pass.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Vlad the Impaler at the Armageddon Film Festival with a Match.

No Lies said...

Wow! Vanguard... GREAT posts!So great I will print and frame them.. You are pretty savvy with this spiritual 'stuff'.. If we know God, we know He is a jealous God, like a husband on earth, is jealous of HIS rightful place. After all, HE made up the rules.. God first in the family, Husband next, Wife to be treasured, just a little lower on the hierarchy, children next, and so goes the list. Doesn't look like any of this happened. Hence we have hell. HOWEVER there is a group of God lovers here who are ALSO jealous of GOD and HIS love for us. Each of us. He made us specifically with the qualifications that we possess.. Siamsam go back to Helens post please, I want you to read my last post.
Mark, my heart goes out to you. You have some real fears that God can put to rest. He is waiting for you to talk to HIM. When He takes us out of here, and only then will the crash of it all begin. Silver and gold will help no one. TRUST ~ FAITH ~ LOVE~ These are the unseen factors that we need in our lives at the moment. God KNOWS what you need. What I need. Is HE not GOD? Have you read Rev. 17-18 recently? Daniel 8? I used to read these chapters when we weren't here. Now we are here. It is plain to see. Just Trust in God, and believe that HE is BIG enough to get you through it. Whatever the 'it' is. I am living proof.

This morning I read this:

Do you think Gazans have had any help from the world? They have been held hostage for years from the evil ones. Bread will now be withheld from them, along with water, shelter, clothing, or any hope. "I WILL LOOK UNTO THE HILLS FROM WHENCE COMETH MY HELP" saith the LORD THY GOD.

With everything else on the brink, God will rise up the leader from the north, Pres. Ahmedinajad, and he will march toward Babylon, amerika, with 200 million men. I can give you the scripture, but you can find it if you look. ALL the signs are here. PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD! Now is the easy time.. the hard time was in getting to this place. I know what I am talking about. Believe it, and act, or don't. God will love you anyway.

Vanguard said...

My thanks to you, No Lies. And I appreciate your comments too. Everyone has a unique voice!

If I write anything of value, especially spiritual, or philosophical, I give credit to the Lord God above, who inspires me the more I listen. In the early days, there were more of my thoughts, but the timings and messages now have become something else, sometimes in response to inner wrestlings of the soul regarding world events and these times.

I remain ever mindful of my status as a guest at Les Visible's sites, and appreciate his accepting my comments in his capacity as moderator. He's said people are welcome to comment as long as they're not repeatedly antagonistic.

I became interested in these sites because of Visible's profound insights and ability to translate them into powerful prose, and also because he champions the principle of individuals finding God.

I tend to post spiritual things only at Visible Origami. And there are very many who read and some who comment here and all are of diverse backgrounds and interests. I'm glad that the general consensus is one of peaceful coexistence, and encouragement, regardless of path. “Let your light so shine...”

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Thanks again for your enchanted post. This one particularly resonates with me. I feel those mega-waves of negativity and I was wondering whether there was a cosmic dimension to it. I'm also quite confused and do not know where or how I should focus my energy, perhaps I should engage in something more grounded to keep my feet on the ground.

The question of avoiding knowledge in a time of darkness because genius is often defeated by its own sense of greater sense of awareness, relates really closely to the novel Siddhartha by Hesse. Are you familiar with it? I am reading it for the first time and there are many similar themes. "Too much knowledge had hindered him". Siddhartha was certainly chastened by the Lord.

I agree with Gudrun, your words are nectar for the soul.
Thank you,

Vanguard said...

All is dust. Dust, crumbling in their hands, and drifting to the barren ground.

Their desperation, and increasing fear, is a pungent scent, wafting on the winds of brutal change.

In the dimness of the twilight scene, they spin about, striking, and pummel and harm, now, more and more, their own.

Death is a soothing howl, of finality, sucking away their jubilant satisfaction, as they see no more their fevered mirage, splashed with the blood of the endless fallen.

Treasure chests, and coffers, are coffins, beckoning. The weight of the world pulls them, down, down into the darkened, musty depths. Devoid of all that that is sweet life.

A dust mote drifts by, in the sudden, gray expanse. Bodies and souls missing, former lords of the land, gone down into tombs of hard, leeching regret.



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