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This is our Greatest Crime against Ourselves

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We’ve been waiting and watching for some time. We’ve been traveling through a period of fits and starts that has gone on longer than anyone expected; those of us paying any attention anyway. For the rest of us it’s just been an extended period of ever increasing, restless sleep.

It’s the time of The Apocalypse. I know I say this a lot but it is the most impressive feature of the times in which we live. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about and this is but a portion of the things that are about to be revealed and which are meant to serve as roadmarks and impetus for the awakening of humanity. This is the reason that certain powerful temporal entities are seeking to gain control of the past in order to continue the myth of their assumed status in the present based on a fabricated and fictitious past. At the moment, corrupt politicians are seeking to make it a crime in Canada to even criticize Israel.

I hear quite often from people who want me to condemn Jews wholesale for the crimes of a particular collection of groups of bad pennies, which in elder times were called Pharisees (as well as other names) and there were and are other groups who contribute to the evil of these times and are blatantly identifiable in their works by which you can know what they are. Jews are not a race and I’m not sure about it being a religion either, if you include things like The Talmud. They are a collection of many tribes who may define themselves as such but are occasionally as unlike each other as any two groups can be.

Because I do not believe that all who call themselves Jews are evil, I am not going to go down that road. I’m not sure I can define evil but I know it when I see it. It is because of my ambivalence in this regard that I have put a Jew in a major role in my new novel and it will, no doubt, piss some people off. So don’t purchase it when it comes out for sale around Christmas if you’re that narrow and inflexible. It’s not what you think but... what is?

I will never be able to acquit myself in certain circles simply because of the intensity of what I have stated in these blogs and what I am going to state in my musical album devoted to these malefactors at some time in the near present. My views on certain historical fictions and the leverage gained, as well as the plague of Jewish bankers and various, financially and politically connected control freaks of the same stripe, who see all other life forms as sub human, is certain to arouse a judgment against me but I am comfortable with that as I know what I believe and upon what it is based and can argue and prove my points and positions so that they cannot be refuted in any way known to us.

I’ve had to think about the position my position might put me in. I could easily have sidestepped it but it would not have been honest. I would have then been like everyone else who makes noisome apologies for demonic wretches of whom they are afraid. I’m not afraid of them and if I were it would be an offense against the divine. I am not always comfortable with the role I have chosen and been chosen to play. I have had to think about the possible repercussions upon friends and associates and, once again, I am less willing to take the road of a coward out of unnecessary fears that would stand as evidence that I did not, in fact, believe in what I say I do and would also be proof that I am easily compromised, when it comes to the safety of my person. My safety is not in their hands but fearing them might put it there.

I’m aware that 94% of Israelis support the horror that Israel is and the horrors that it engages in. I do not know if the remaining 6% do not support them or are merely silent. That is something that might deserve scrutiny. It is a matter of no small irony to me that they are all gathered in one spot and another irony that their number approaches a figure they have been seeking to make real for some time. Perhaps that is what it is all about. It is certainly a remarkable juxtaposition of several compelling points.

I’ve been told that Zionist Jews are a recent thing and so is Israel. I’ve been told that when I reference times prior to the existence of either that I am talking about Jews period and that I should just acknowledge it. The fact is that whatever they may have been calling themselves, they still fall under the behavior definition of more recent terms and I am not going to condemn an entire group of people, even if those who are not connected to the terrible behaviors of recent and present times is small in respect of their mass. I’m not stupid. It’s not like I can’t see the tremendous weight of evidence against these people, since they have been identified as running around in these environs. BUT... I have seen... met... and know of exceptions and I am not going to play into the hands of the real enemy by making wholesale judgments. In many cases, it is possible that many of these people are deluded and will wake up shortly, just as we hope the Luddite, fundie Christians will awaken from their dreams of vengeance, blood and reflexive damnation of everyone who doesn’t meet the criteria for their Mr. Potato Head religion.

Let me get to the point of which this is all preface anyway. What do you think is the greatest crime that all of us or any of us perpetrate upon ourselves and others? What is the greatest sin that should concern all of us far more than the sins of others or the possibility that an entire group of people is evil to the bone (they’ve got plenty of company)?

Our greatest crime is that we do not let the beauty of our internal animating force shine through us. We block its presence with our diseased personality and all of its obnoxious vanities and presumptions of worth. We set ourselves up as the thing itself and confine and imprison our real self, while we parade around in a chronic blasphemy against everything of meaning and value within us. Because of our reluctance or inability to let our inner light shine forth, we shed darkness upon our world with our every breath and our every movement. We steal the motive power of that which animates us and claim it as our own.

We prance and ponce around like obnoxious, cosmeticized imitations of something we have neither the wit nor the depth to comprehend. We are bad actors who brutally misplay our parts and then leap to the center of the stage to collect the accolades of fools no better informed than ourselves. We deceive each other with every word and act. We scheme and plot for our own advantage, while presenting ourselves as generous and gracious creatures but who wouldn’t know real sacrifice or humility if it bit us on the ass. We’re an embarrassment to life and a perfect expression of why those who truly are evil can manipulate us so well.

It’s a simple thing that is asked of us and that is to let what we really are express itself through us; to truly and consistently live what we say we believe. Because we are too cowardly to do so, due to our attachment to the nauseating spectacle of shameless posturing and assorted shortcomings, which we glorify as virtues, we have committed the worst offenses against ourselves, each other and the one who gave us the opportunity to shine and be greater than we possess the imagination to comprehend. We are a project of remorseless and persistent failure as human beings and a much greater failure at that promised potential that is our birthright and destiny, had we the awareness to see it. We haven’t even got enough presence of mind to be ashamed of ourselves.

I know my failures because I can see them in the moment of their occurrence or very soon after. I’m looking for them. I can only be sorry and strive harder. I can’t do anything on my own. I am lucky I can tie my shoes. I can’t achieve anything nor can I free myself of what holds me back, no matter how hard I might struggle or try. That lies in the merciful hands of the one who leads me on. I try to remind myself each day, just how helpless I am and just how perpetually deceived by the machinations of my mind which, like all minds, is engaged in a ceaseless battle to survive as what it is ...and which is impossible it is. The mind is your greatest enemy and your most powerful friend, depending on a few key understandings. Until that is sorted, it doesn’t matter what else you get up to. It will fall short and it will compromise, confine and kill you.

I am extremely optimistic. I feel good and have increasingly greater moments of real joy. I cannot possibly convey what it is like for me to have my invisible friends to guide and protect me (from myself... grin). I only wish everyone had such friends as I ...and you do if you would take the trouble to seek them out and pay the price of their company. We are missing the point. We are the problem. All other problems are solved once the primary problem is taken care of. “Physician, heal thyself”. Take this for what it’s worth.

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Mouser said...

Dear Les,

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.

May God bless you.


Erik said...

Guilty as charged, your Honor!

...still trying though ;)


Anonymous said...

No truer words were spoken. Each and every day I pray to be able to recognize my own faults and to be less judgemental of others. Outwardly, my actions are those of a saint but inwardly negativities and delusions rage....these are my real enemies and the ones I must face and overcome. As for relying on an outer source....the words of my perfect teacher are inspiring and lead me to continue to strive on a daily basis. I see the imperfections of this world system but this is where I am at this moment in time so this is what I have created for my learning. May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

Anonymous said...


That light is the shekinah glory. Also known as the lake of fire. Pseudeo-christians need to get aware, especially the sadistic ones. It's that light that makes the archetypical jew scream bloody murder. It's the light of day to Dracula. It forces out all error.

I've also been fanatical. Yay team! But we've been playing THEIR game. I repent!

Liberating and confirming stuff. Thanks.

DaveS said...

A magical post Les, thanks.

"We prance and ponce around like obnoxious, cosmeticized imitations of something we have neither the wit nor the depth to comprehend. We are bad actors who brutally misplay our parts and then leap to the center of the stage to collect the accolades of fools no better informed than ourselves. We deceive each other with every word and act. We scheme and plot for our own advantage, while presenting ourselves as generous and gracious creatures but who wouldn’t know real sacrifice or humility if it bit us on the ass. We’re an embarrassment to life and a perfect expression of why those who truly are evil can manipulate us so well."

Sometimes the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. It's recognizing the problem that's hardest... but this doesn't make fixing it is easy ;) it just means you'll know where to start.

Whatever a person wants to call the thing that's happening on earth right now... regardless of name, the quickening is for real. I can feel it and I know many of you can too.

Watch the earthquake page: or hang-out at Eric Klemetti's Eruptions blog:
and you'll begin to understand that Terra Firma ain't as firma as it should be...

If the earth can change, so can we. The earth is showing us how to do the hokey pokey and asking us, "would you care to dance?"



EtherEagle said...

I am speechless and yet I still write.....point well taken!
Blessings Les.

thelevelshift said...

One of the things I am most ashamed of since emerging out of my slumber is how in the past I set up my own "false flag" attacks on people close to me in order to change what I took to be less than ideal behaviours and habits.

I repent at leisure and hang my head in shame. I have no defence. I am the route cause of my own misery. The world keeps slapping me round the face with examples of my behaviour on different levels of scale. However, I am still tempted to repeat the same mistakes.

That small voice is getting louder and I listen more than I ever did. Awareness of my errors are getting nearer the act, so I guess that could be progress. It spurs me on.

You spur me on also Les, and all who comment here with similar spirit.

Thank you


Anonymous said...

I have been fighting a subpar fight and only fighting on behalf of some romanticized version of mankind that is not realistic or evident.

I do not like people.

I am not sane

(I do remember who took my care from me though. I'm hoping others wake up to the British and masons - one rules the jews the other is the puppet of the jews - so one day it will be 4 real)

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an interesting post about the grim prospects for the USA.

Anonymous said...

"Our greatest crime is that we do not let the beauty of our internal animating force shine through us. We block its presence with our diseased personality and all of its obnoxious vanities and presumptions of worth."
How very true.
Thank you for this.

You've mentioned Atzmon. Here's a link he posts as a must-watch. Note his footnote.

Best to all who come here.

Anonymous said...

Les --

Just a short note about how far off base our draconian friends are when it comes to metaphysics.

If you research the arcana of flying serpents and the carnuto horn sign of evil you will discover several amazing facts.

Traced to its beginning the flying serpent cult worshipped the bearded vulture. Among other things the bird lines its nest with golden wool, eats datura and shits out the seeds that then grow to their beautiful ends and call the vulture the flying serpent because when it enters the water all that can be seen above the water is its snakelike neck. Front on the bearded vulture is golden and stands upright looking like a very buff man with a black moustache.

So they're actually birds who think they're snakes because they're too stupid to know the difference.

As to the evil carnuto sign -- its use goes back to Vedic India where it was the mudra for a sign to fight off evil.



bholanath said...

Thanks for all that, Les sir -

I've been going to the same places within, in the silence, where you are drawing your words from and identifying the roots of our paradoxical dilemma. (Synchronicity is fun!) I've been waiting also for you to visit Origami again, cause I knew you would be "tearin' it up good, big time". And you have.

Been plowing my way through P. Kingsley's "Reality" book. Good one. Describing western civ's crucial fundamental error in misinterpreting the stream of shamanic-prophetic understanding of these cycles that involve mortality and the journey out of (self-)deception. From the time of the uninitiated fraud, Plato, the terrible misleading of western man has progressed effectively, but the actual "stream" has never, and can never, be erased - as you, yourself, are the living evidence and proof.

The major factor is that: to take even the first step in heeding the call (to free oneself) is the most dangerous, fearsome, terrifying action possible in a human being's situation. To surrender and admit to one's helplessness and "knowing nothing" leads inevitably to loss of everything, and to death. Of course, as you know, there are two kinds of death.

"We are responsible even for our irresponsibility."
"Human existence is nothing but the divine life unlived."
"[There is] no neutral territory that we can safely retire to, where we can ponder things at leisure and put aside what's important for another day. The laws of reality are ruthless. Somehow or other, we have to contribute; in one way or another we are bound to participate."
"The origin of the universe is now."
"Only one kind of knowledge has any genuine substance and value - the kind originating directly from a divine source."

There's much value in Kingsley's works, but you also are describing, in an almost identical way, here the basically incommunicable truths that are forever available in the silence found within each of us. The outer deceptions and illusions are infinite, and we will never grasp the reality of the situation by trying to track all of the ever-changing permutations.
I thank you for being yourself, with authority and dignity.

Anonymous said...

subtly indoctorinating
farming inner obstacles
restricting creativity
deviating morals
conditioning unrelentlessly
obstructing passageways
zionists psychopaths and death mongers
the cult of hatred play
but on the waves of universal
beaming loving good
uplifting inner sanctity
nourishing who stood
reaching far and far and far
deep inside and raise
stirring up the inner light
the living lantern blaze.



Is anyone based in reality? Anyone? What are you talking about?

The biggest sin is not being yourself?

Knowing yourself takes years and most do this throughout their later years in life. It is much more difficult in today's world of indoctrination which begins in earnest well before institutional school (think TV).

Many of the mind control scientists from Germany after WW2 ended were brought to the USA. Why was that?

We are surrounded by controls and influences on our mind. I know this only because I have had the time to spend, research, contemplate and reason. That's because I can't get full time employment so I can spend my time researching. Most people do not have that luxury.

Once again, like the Christian religion which condemns man at birth with sin, you do exactly the same thing. Telling your readers, in essence, that they are sinners because they do not know who they are or what they are or what they are capable of.

Same dogma fella I've heard for decades that has destroyed the mind from the onset due to religious upbringing. And YOU offer more of the same.

Shame on you. Your words are not always prophetic like you might think. In fact, some thinking outside of your miserable world might be good for a change.

Good luck. said...

Apocalypse means "unveiling". THE Apocalypse that happened circa 5000 years ago was a re-organization of our Solar System, unveiling the present Sun, Moon and the stars from our Saturnian satellite beginning. See and

Get educated and weep.

Siamsam said...

I keep repeating my short fallings, all be it to a lesser extent, although i am well aware of them.

I think I find some form of vindication in your words. To at least be conscious is a step in the right direction.

spoken friend


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Thankyou. My love to you and all who come here.


Anonymous said...

Les stated:
"Jews are not a race and I’m not sure about it being a religion either, if you include things like The Talmud. They are a collection of many tribes who may define themselves as such but are occasionally as unlike each other as any two groups can be."

Amen Les! These Khazar/Edomites who worship the Satanic Talmud are nothing but imposters and have no right to claim Palestine as their home.

What is more frightening are the Christian Zionist who actually think that these creatures are fulfillment of the original 12 lost tribes returning to their homeland.

The 12 tribes have been captured, cross breed, and lost a LONG time ago.

Stupid Christian Zionists!


Anonymous said...

Dear Doggystyle 2:32

Get F**ked you piss ant!

SouthHungary said...

Nicely put Les,Thanks.
On a personal level,I can only agree with what "anonymous' posted above.

SouthHungary said...

Les-just to clarify my feelings,until more jews openly come out and opose the activities of Israel,until more jews call for freedom of research over the holocaust,until more jews start to accept responsibility for the horrors their kind have committed via controlling the banks,media,lobby groups etc..,until then,they remain tarred with the same brush in many peoples eyes.!

Erik said...


This Origami piece is linked on WRH and Icke?

We better watch our language boys and girls ... ;D

I expect lots of new guests around our 'sparky campfire'


WV: brizande the 'bomb' effect of the latest heroic Nigel Farage speech; a must see on WRH if your European, like me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Les, u are right. Still 2 things have to say:
1. Religion is of the most effective brainwashing weapons and one of the most effective mass destruction weapon. Same shit, different scam. Its too late for us to wake up, still not that late.

2. Google the name TONI VICTOR MOLDOVAN. He wrote a book called PROJECT TERRA. He is a Romanian surgeon living in Sweden. The book is written in Romanian. It wasnt translated into other languages because it would have meant death for its author. The Bible is nothing but a huge genetic code. If u know or find a program to make the translation, it would be great. Ur jaw would drop and these arent just empty words.

the BCth said...

Thank you, Les. You speak truth with power. Visible Origami always hits me on a deep emotional level. This post is no exception.

As has become usual for me, the content of your post resonates synchronistically with the content of my recent reading and pondering. The "diseased personality," or false ego, the "I" we think we are but are not, this is what we must wrestle with and observe with constant vigilance, to conquer it. It is not we who do this work, as our human selves. It is God, the Divine Mother, who kills the ego and gives birth to the immortal soul, little by little. Our job is to pay attention and do the best we can to carry out the tasks she sets for us.

Inspiration and food for this work of taming and transcending ego has been abundant in these two books: The Collapsing Tower, which combines science, Tarot, and the Mayan calendar; and Gnostic Astrology, a collection of lectures that synthesize the esoteric truths of all spiritual traditions from a gnostic point of view. (I have the Gnostic Astrology PDF for anyone who wants it but can't download from Scribd:

Neko Kinoshita said...

"We haven’t even got enough presence of mind to be ashamed of ourselves."

Yes I do, even if that is about all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I had an interesting thought this of the few that I have these days. The terms Bolshevik and Bolshevism are still widely used in Europe. You rarely hear it the US since it directly points to the Jewish origins of Communism. If one were to point out the vast majority of people rounded up by the Nazis were communists.............

Oh well.

Warmly yours,


Dave Klausler said...

Sorry for the off-topic request, but a while ago someone posted a link to a story.

The subject was sex; the male character thought that he was exceptionally well infomed on the topic as it relates to [human] females... until he met xxxx, and her true understanding.

I can neither remember his name nor hers, and I lost the link, but would very much like to share the text.




TheSparkle said...

I finished this book recently.

"Israel's wanderings: or, The Sciiths, the Saxons, and the Kymry, by Oxonian"

available in its entirety online here:

@Saturn is Yahweh:

You should also check out the works of Alfred DeGrazia, available online. He was onto the story of the previous 'sun' before the thunderbolts boys, although they have done great work and continue to do so.

wv: holog

Visible said...

Southern Hungary;

I share those feelings and imagine that is evident in what I write. I'm just not able to condemn the whole group. There's something hiding there that I don't want to engage.

They are going to get hammered soon across the board and there's nothing anyone can do about that. In times of high passion and heavy transforming there is a tendency for people to get into mobthink. I don't want that to happen to me. I don't want to lose my humanity because they made me like them.

Jody Paulson said...

If you ask me, the Zionists are about as Jewish as certain right-wing hawkish "Fundamentalists" are Christian. Christ preached forgiveness, tolerance (the Good Samaritan), and peace ("Blessed are the peacemakers ..."). Jewish law was handed down as the 10 commandments. How many of these commandments do the evil Zionists routinely violate or encourage others to violate? Thou shalt not kill, steal, bear false witness, covet ...

Personally, I think Jews and homosexuals have been heavily recruited by the forces of evil precisely because they've been victims of prejudice for so long they've been made to feel particularly separate and alone. That's what the forces of evil want us all to feel, because it makes us so much easier to manipulate.

Mark said...

"We haven't even got enough presence of mind to be ashamed of ourselves."

This is so true it hurts. I would only add that it is ok to differentiate and identify who is the we in we. There are kind hearts (not necessarily pure, but working on it), and there are black hearts working their works and loving every minute.

I am glad you're experiencing joy and optimism, because fear really is a mind-killer. But it will pass, and you will remain. Your invisible friends feel the same way about you.

Copernicus Kidd said...

-sigh- George Galloway just failed the litmus test .... how long, oh Lord?

Visible said...


I wonder about that longstanding prejudice against the Jews. The more I learn and study, the more it seems they have mostly brought it upon themselves. They've really been naughty through the ages. Of course that's not the totality of the people but that core reptile contingent that does the same thing over and over.

One of the biggest surprises I got in years was to discover that they were the major players in the slave trade. That led to other revelations and it's gotten to where it's deeper and darker the longer it goes.

Visible said...

I saw that about Galloway. Well... he is a politician so... some part of him does hang upside down and avoid the sunlight (grin).

I was very disappointed to see that. I was a big fan of his but that litmus test thing is a big deal with me. You fail that and you're done in my book.

Vanguard said...

The lies have stretched ever so thin to cover an entire world.

Truth is a burning sword which ignites the flammable, dark deceptions. It cuts widely and deeply. Sparking motes carry the cleansing power.

The ring of Truth is a clarion call. In the unholy silence which is the deafening noise of deceit, Truth sounds to the ends of the earth with tremendous import.

Yea, even do the scales of evil, attached in precarious fashion, begin to shake and slough off.

Awaken, ye sleepers, who slumber in death of spirit. Arise. Thy bonds are broken. Look ye about, and see the Glory of the Lord.

Yea, even doth the Light of His Coming shine upon you now.

Give voice to the Joy which is only found in the Lord God of Truth, Light and Holiness.

Call out to your God who loveth thee as His own.

Sound ye the Coming of the Lord of All Creation.

May His Light shine within you, and your eye be single, to the Glory of the God in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

Les --

I think most here would agree that the universe is a divine symphony that you have bought a ticket to. The reason you bought the ticket is so you can enjoy the symphony. No different than buying a ticket to a Stevie Wonder concert.

You enter the concert hall and sit down and the orchestra starts playing. At first you're distracted by teens making out in the balcony but it's no biggie. Then you notice that the ushers are pickpockets. As the concert continues the refreshment stand raises the prices tenfold for a soda. When you return to your seat a stanger is sitting there. Then the balcony starts getting really noisy and naked bodies are running from the sound of gunfire...

How long do you sit there trying to enjoy the concert?

How long until the band stops playing and attacks the audience?

Is it your problem you can't enjoy the symphony or the result of bad management?


Odin's Raven said...

1. Here's a thoughtful article suggesting that the usual suspects may be manipulating the North Koreans as well as the Americans.

2. I agree that Peter Kingsley is a profound author.

Amanda said...

Hi Les. These times are strange indeed. On the one hand, it seems like the waiting has gone on far too long and yet, on the other, there doesn't seem to be enough time left to fix what is broken. Of course, this what seems to be and not neccesarily what is. I think I can understand why you are unwilling to condemn the Jews outright. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Jews are people and Judaism is an ideology and it is a mistake to confuse the two. Almost any ideology, no matter how benign, can be twisted by pathological minds into a charicature and parody of itself. In the case of Judaism though, no such twisting is required, as it is inherently pathological. The "God" that appears in the Torah/Old Testament is clearly psychotic, and so all those (including Christians and Muslims)who accept his self-proclaimed divinity must be, at best, in unconscious denial. In many ways, the Zionist factions are really the least hypocritical of the Torah/OT's supporters.
I'm in complete agreement regarding "the greatest crime against ourselves". The only worthy attainment of human existence is allowing oneself to become an ever clearer vessel of spiritual presence. Those who would sacrifice that birthright for the sake of safety or survival are fools. It would be a foolish choice even if one could live forever, but in fact, survival isn't a possibilty. Death is certain. Sooner or later, it will come. It is utter lunacy to give up the only thing worth having for the sake of a few more years of death-in-life. I'm sure some people think John Lennon make a bad choice in living as he did, instead of barricading himself behind high walls and security guards. If he'd done the latter, he might live still, but what would those extra years have been worth if they were lived in fear and separation?

Anonymous said...

"you fail and you are done in my book"

Well grab my testicles, (oh I forgot I gave up flying) that video on truth seeker shocked me too. No way Galloway actually believes what he said. He couldn't be that stupid. Failing the litmus test put him in camp with the liars and terminally ignorant. Not a lonely place to be. In a world of lies and subterfuge might as well jump on the bandwagon.


Neko Kinoshita said...

I do appreciate the reminder of where I should maintain my focus Les.

I always enjoy Origami even more than the others, but I do enjoy whatever you have to say.

Wayward child today told me she thought I had been a good dad for the holiday. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I felt like had failed her entirely. She has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever, and that causes me to feel sad.

Even the catwing kitten is buying into the world’s dusty illusion, although she continually tries to listen. I hope it is just her age, and that she will keep trying to listen as she grows out of it.

Although my wife is trying to get me to talk to her, she freely acknowledges that she thinks I’m crazy. From her perspective, I suppose I am. I won’t even look at a television any more, and so much of what used to be important seems a waste of both time and effort.

Wayward is totally lost, and when her illusions shatter, she will burn. There is nothing I can do to prevent it, and that is why I feel like I have failed. She’s happy with me because I didn’t try to adjust her behavior. But I have stopped trying, since it reminds me of trying to teach a pig to sing.

Keep the lights shining, and we’ll talk again later.

Melancholy in the alley,

Steve Bayley said...

Fuck Les, that was AWESOME!!!!! Thank you.

Steve Bayley said...

I note a few comments about George Galloway, I have to say that any talk about him is a waste of time, simple fact is that old George gets coverage on the MSN so.......... He is not to be taken in the vein that TPTB want you to take him. like so many others, he is a fraud.....
I don't see you on MSM Les. Now if we did, wellllllllll, that would be something, but nooooooo, you might wake too many people from their slumber . And that would never do now would it!!!!!!!

Love you man.

When I grow up I want to be Les Visible.

Steve B

Visible said...


me too.

GTRman said...

Aye ! The brave sir Galloway was brilliant in the role of Dragonslayer in the Senate! FREEEE-DOM!

I have heard that man deliver the most scathing anti-israel polemics in the past.

"Watch yer parkin' meters"

He left "Talk Sport" and we heard he was making a film in Holo-Wood about Gaza. It's still pending.

Meanwhile, gorgeous George is back on TalkSport, a useful idiot hegellian foil on a station that claims to represent the british working class "geezer", and has presenters called Goldberg, Goldstein, Jacobs....propa werkin class names, like.

Anonymous said...


"nazi mind control scientists"....yeah, yeah, the alleged "Operation Paperclip". Has Mr. Jones been scaring you again? Hmmmm, maybe those nazis plied their skills on the Americans and that's why no Stalinist torturer, executioner,concentration camp commander, or secret police functionary, was or ever will be put on trial. Yeah, and then they made sure that a retired 85 year old auto-worker would be hunted down. I could go on and on...

Steve Bayley said...

Les @2.52. See??? On top of it all. Such humour. brilliant.

Steve B

SouthHungary said...

Les-You are correct as usual,I simply feared that in my 'strong red wine' state,I saw a change in your attitude,indeed,an apology towards them :)
Of course I have read ALL your writings and should have understood the underlying message-the 'mob mentality' that makes us no better than them.
Sorry !!
Thanks always and good luck.

Visible said...

Believe me, I have to restrain myself from saying all kinds of things, especially when I'm sure I'm right. It's times like that that I am almost certainly wrong and... there's so much I don't know. I just don't.

Karyn Weese said...

Regarding post by "Kyle" at 4:38 AM:

Confusing "jews" with "the lost tribes of Israel" is part of the Zionist agenda. The twelve tribes were never "lost"; the 10 tribes who lived North of Jerusalem were conquered and deported to Assyria where they later escaped and spread across Europe, then becoming known to history as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and kindred peoples. The 2 remaining tribes were eventually captured and deported as well, and ended up in Babylon. Using "jews" and "israel" interchangably is semantically incorrect and they use it against their enemies. "Jews" are a mixed race that intermarried with the Khazars and adopted Judaism as a political cover. The Anglo-Saxon, et al race has sadly "lost its identity" as a race because of jewish fables, now believing the lie that they are "the chosen people" and all the manipulative crap that comes with it. If/when they ever realize what has been done to them in the name of the IsraeLIE, hopefully there will be some pretty pissed off people looking for payback.

Karyn Weese said...

Dear Les Visible,

On a more positive note, in line with the very important point of your wonderful posting -- we have a mantra in the School to which I belong that goes like this: “The I Am, which is my True Self, is the Power with which I Am Conscious of my world.”

We repeat this mantra at the start of group meetings, before meditations, etc. as a constant reminder to remain aware that each breath, thought, desire and action is possible only because each one of us is an individualized representation of Divine Consciousness, whether or not this power is used for good or distorted into evil. Our teacher, Vitvan, also gave us the following prayer to use as an aid in remaining aware of this “Power-to-be-Conscious” as we go through each day, to help us stay orientated to the higher self and our true purpose. I hope this prayer will be a blessing to all who visit here at Origami!

“Oh Indwelling Center of Light, the Creating Father of my individual being, I pray that I may think, feel and act this day in constant realization that it is Thy Power manifesting in me, thy individualized center. Teach me, guide me and direct me, this day, to be obedient to thy influence in each thought, desire and act. May thy power become so intensified in me that all fruits of action and the action itself may be renounced and surrendered to Thee. May my awareness of thy life become so clear that thy Spirit – thy creating, willing, loving urge – is now the dominating impulse of my consciousness, and may I ever remember that thou art seeking to realize thy Self as me and to manifest thy life through me.”


Vanguard said...

I will suffer whatever comes: pain; agony of mind, body and spirit; indignity; loss of blood, loss of mobility, loss of limb, loss of sight, even loss of life.

This will I do willingly before my God, that some measure of evil will be thwarted, in the infliction of unwarranted pain and misery, that my brothers and sisters upon the earth who also do not deserve such, may be spared.

Though my body be broken, and my God blasphemed, as I call to Him in the depths of my agony at the hands of torturers, under official earthly seal, and they laugh and curse at my worship, even so, will I find joy in my Lord who comforteth me.

My blood spilling, my pain burning, my life ebbing, are what I sacrifice freely to my God at the altar of my place upon earth.

Justice shall remove swiftly those involved directly and indirectly at any and all levels, even the very highest.

The light which is a burning fire which is righteousness snuffed for evil pleasure and brutal ritual and tyranny, shall sear the darkness in an instant.

The measure of the wrath of God upon the wicked is too mighty to bear, or think upon.

Ye shall be undone, in all things and in all ways, for your actions are an abomination before the Lord of Heaven.

Let the life or death of the saints at your hands be a path or ending thereunto.

And though they die, yet they shall live, forever in the Glory of the Lord God of All, whereas ye shall be cast into the fiery pit of hell, eternal death and darkness your burning shame: Beyond life, light, and love.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to refrain from crying "the Jews did it, the Jews did it" to everything wrong with the 'civilised' world. (there was a southpark eposide devoted entirely to Cartman doing just this - but you cant trust Southpark to tell the whole truth). Its becoming instinctive these days and I check myself. The bottom line is that it is a lazy and reactive way of not thinking, and not doing my homework. Its too easy.

I am bad because I choose unhappiness to a large extent (neglecting Mr Feel Good, who resides in my belly - nascently at this stage). But I would not do what they do without wanting to toss myself, which is self hate and miserery compared to just not happy enough.

As for the litmus test, it fails at step one as they mention "the Twin Towers". they cannot count? talk about passing through the eye of a needle.

problems, problems, yadda yadda

TheSparkle said...


What a coincidence. Did you see my earlier post? About this book: "Israel's wanderings: or, The Sciiths, the Saxons, and the Kymry" which I just finished reading a few days ago? It describes in detail the pathway from the Northern Kingdom through Assyrian lands and all the way through Europe and the British Isles etc. Scroll up for the URL if you would like to read it all online, anyone. If I remember correctly, these are the ten tribes (Israel) that were previously in Egypt as opposed to the other two tribes of Judea who led an entirely different history than the other 10 tribes, the Judean collective (two tribes) as the only ones ending up in Babylon. The other ten tribes (Israel formerly of Egypt) seem to have set loose from the Caucasus region to China in the east and the British Isles in the west, defeating the Romans many times on the way, incidentally among many other singular and collective exploits.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

The Psychopathy of International Banker Scum.

Vanguard said...

Oh ye criminals of the world, in all the lands, openly or in secret, thwarting worldly justice.

Know ye this: Justice served on earth, even unto death, is Godly mercy. If ye pass from this life with great crimes unanswered, there is no mercy for you in the hereafter.

For your heart is not turned to the Lord, and thus the full measure of Divine Justice is visited upon thee. And how great and terrible it is, beyond your worst fears, for the worst crimes--those affecting so many, and the innocent.

Oceans of blood give voice to men, women, and children harmed, whose echoes resound throughout the full expanse of heaven. God-given blood shed in foul acts, will be repaired.

Ye cannot on that day cry with true heart unto the Judge of All for mercy, for ye fear only punishment. Ye do not care for your victims. Your cries cometh to naught.

Ye cannot claim ignorance, nor stand upon false pretense.

All is seen. All is known. There is no lie in heaven. There is no deceit. There is no exception or privilege, nor claim of special status, which shall absolve thee for wrongs visited upon yourself and others.

Moreover, all ye involved in perversions of earthly justice are held to account: legislators, enforcers, judges, and peers. Under systems spawned in hell, not born of heaven.

Ye are fully complicit and share in the condemnation of the wicked, for ye are the same, when ye act not righteously. On that Day, ye shall not find mercy, nor sympathy for your pleas.

The travesty of justice is criminality upheld and enforced, at the cost of shattered hopes and lives, amid tears of pain and rage and loss.

Seek ye the Lord. Desist from your crimes. Cast yourself upon the tender mercies of God, and suffer your just punishments upon earth while time yet remains.

Lest Judgment come and find thee worthy of lasting death and damnation, a fitting end to an evil, brutish life.

All will be answered. As the Lord God liveth, it is so.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they're Done.

Linda Podell Goodman said...

Hi there! Your blog is a piece of artwork. Although I don't consider my self very intellectual, here are a few points. I may be naive, but I'm not exactly sure if there's a bit of anti-semitism because of your qualifying some of your statements by not putting all people in a group, I think. I may be a what I call Jewish Plus, convert to the dreaded Catholocism. I was never taught how to be Jewish and we were working class all the way, but I saw things that seem to be orchestrated by what some people would call a higher power. I read Superman comics and I thank God for tiding me over until the real thing came along. I can't be responsible for people (AH's) who pretend to be Christians and go to church. The enemy likes to hang out there (not like hollywood). The Idea of all judeo/christians automatically supporting Israel just because, is not realistic for me even though I now am a believer. I cannot deny that Israel has treated the Palestinians as second class citizens and they are the underdog here and have been for as long as I can remember. I still am journeying and always will be. Conversion isn't a flash and your there. It starts at conception and continues all your life and beyond. I still have much to understand about the bible. I think it's just too big for us to really understand comepletely. A friend said that he calls Him God because of lack of a better word. I've some personal experience which I think was meant only for me so I'll not bother you with my story. Just suffice it to say, I can't see Jesus touching a child in discipline. Hurting them in any way. Whoever spoke like He did. Who loves their enemies? If everyone did that what do you think would happen? This impressed me a great deal. I just want to say you have some good points and some I don't understand. Just that don't be afraid to voice your opinion as I have in the past and Thank you for that. Hailing frequencies out. Linda

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Shrink Wrapped and Processed Formica Life.

Vanguard said...

And as I quietly reflected upon my God, and was sad in my distance from Him, considering my daily walk, the Lord spake unto me, saying:

This I say unto my sons and daughters, who long for me, with a great longing.

I am with you always, in the ending of all things. And in the beginning of all things.

I am Alpha and Omega.

My Light within you showeth all things. Though darkness encompass you about, yet ye are within my arms, lovingly. My words are a song in your heart, which overcometh all.

Partake ye of no unclean thing. Walk not, nor indulge in the ways of the fallen.

My path is strait and narrow, and leadeth to the waters of life eternal.

In heaven shall ye dwell with me, joyously, in time without end, for I desire your company.

I am Lord of All, seen and unseen.

I am God.

The glorious splendor, and thunderous sound of my coming shall shake the firmament. But ye shall feel it first in your heart.

Prepare the Way for my coming unto the world, with humility, and gladness of heart.

Be fierce in your faith, and unmoved in your reliance upon me.

I know my own, and am a conqueror of that which opposes me and my children.

Be ye strong, even as I am perfect in my strength.

Be ye wise, even as I am perfect in my wisdom.

Be ye filled with love for me, for thy brothers and sisters, and for that which is most precious upon the earth and in heaven.

I am Love personified. All is within my kind embrace.

Rise up from the snares of the enemy of righteousness. I free you.

Withstand and overcome the onslaught of the wicked. I sustain you.

Come to me, and worship me as your loving God, and Father. I sanctify you.

Though tribulations threaten, be ye perfected in your communion with me, that ye may be led to me.

That where I am, ye may be also. I so will it. Let your name be written in the book of life, and your place prepared with me, in the heavens, throughout all eternity. Worlds without end.

I proclaim now and forever, that my true sons and daughters are worthy of me.

Anonymous said...

Very humble and inner thoughts! Let's hope entire world get filled with people who have light of APATHY, de-attached with MAYA as-such and always ensure internal-richness than outer-richness.



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