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Separation and the Worlds of Differences and Unity

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It seems that the things we notice are the things that hold importance for us. Because something is important to us does not make it important, unless we know the purpose of our life and are living according to it. Then the relative importance that we notice, attaches itself to the cosmic importance upon which it rests, for the purpose of attracting us to the awareness of that which it rests on. Everything that the senses report, rests upon that which makes it perceptible, therefore anything of relative importance can be cosmically important, when the connection is made in the consciousness of the person to the relationship.

This is why no religion is more important or truer than any other. It is there to give evidence of what it rests on. If that is understood then its purpose has been fulfilled. Otherwise it is just a well of confusion and mischief. This is how so-called ministers of the faith are seduced by wealth, power and the attraction for carnal enterprise. They have not seen the connection between the evidence and what it gives evidence of. Having done that, none of the temporal attractions can compete with the beauty and completeness of that which rescues them from and sustains them against the duplicity of the world. It’s not the fault of the world. The world is what it is.

I noticed some years ago that when I ate fast food I was hungry again shortly after. This was not the case when I ate real food. It did not matter how much fast food I ate, I was always hungry again a short time later. It did not contain the special nutrition of real food. Similarly, trivial entertainments, superficial books that advertise deeper understandings and all of the attractions that purport to be of the deeper ocean of infinite being, are nothing more than shallow pools that lead to greater dissatisfaction and an empty existence. Everyone learns this but most do not register the import that it is evidence of. Everything is evidence of something so, wiser minds can associate everything they contact with the deeper ocean, because all water is common to itself. Otherwise, nothing of lasting meaning can be found no matter where it is being looked for.

This present world is one of complexity and differences. It is the usual state, for the mind of ordinary thinkers, to be engaged in a constant weighing of differences against each other, while learning nothing. Value is given to things of no value because of the competitive pressure of association, with those who value one chosen difference against another. There is no real difference because everything rests on the thing that gives life to temporary phenomena. Every religion and philosophy has made an intricate hell, of differences, weighed against each other, in support of the personality that weighs them. It is all a ploy to feed the importance of one personality over another.

It is such a simple thing but it eludes nearly everyone because everyone defines themselves according to the arguments they have constructed to make themselves more important than the thing they rest on. One can look right at this and not see it because it is a mortal threat to the existence of the separated beings who have devised the argument that defends their separated state. Everyone who is remembered for the possession of great wisdom has proclaimed the similarity in all traditions and teachings. Ramakrishna entered into every religion in the world and experienced enlightenment in each one. The test of whether one possesses the true hunger can be found in the delight taken to keep reading the sayings until there is no more to read of these sayings. The mastery of anything relies on the love of the medium one masters, for the expression of a unity of being. It is not the instrument that makes the music but the music the instrument makes. There are many competent musicians and very few who channel what the music is made to carry, as evidence of the reason for music in the first place. It is all about the kind and quality of the hunger and passion.

We see this in many ways, if we see it at all. One vehicle makes the message ring, while many vehicles may be stating the same message, even with the same words and has little or no impact. It is a matter of the integrity of the vehicle. Some see the differences as evidence of differences and some see them as evidence of the thing upon which they rest. This is why some make war and some make peace and often are unaware of which it is. It is why most waste their time in the pursuit of pointless gain and why some gain that which renders all of the others pointless by comparison. You know it when you find it and, not having found it, you know that you lack it, no matter how you may lie to yourself, you know there is a lack or fullness.

One who is sincere in their search will succeed in the possession of the thing that is sought. This is an unalterable law. One who is not sincere will have this revealed to them by the lack of that which they profess to obtain. We want to have the thing itself and we want to become important in the possession of it. That can’t happen. Either we or everything else is important and the thing itself is obscured or we and nothing else is important and the thing itself is revealed. The greater and more sincere the hunger, the quicker the possession of what is hungered after. It’s a no brainer but the mind and heart rebel because they are not capable of the price which is required. They prefer to pay a much greater price instead. The usual reply to anything like this is, “Yeah, but...”

This is a remarkable time. It is a time of indescribable grace for those who would take advantage of it. It is also a time of tremendous loss for those who must look upon it in the aftermath. My saying this means nothing. Each must see whether this is so or not and despite the truth of the singularity of this momentous time, a sane mind will operate as if it is always a remarkable time to be in search of the remarkable. My mind cannot think or reason except in this way because it has recognized the single thing of incomparable value and makes all of its arguments in the defense of the acquisition. This has also rendered everything else of little or no importance. Most would consider that unfortunate but that is because they are not in possession of the understanding of the real value of the thing itself. As children we possess the thing itself. When we cease to be children, we lose it, in most cases. One’s primary life drive should be the reacquisition of it, for most, senility is the result instead of regenerated innocence.

None of the differences are important. All the political systems and religious and philosophical systems are just comparative differences of something seen from one angle as opposed to another. None of the angles defines the thing itself because it is at a right angle to everything else. This might be metaphorical and it might be literal. That it is is the important thing and it is best appreciated on its own terms and not on the terms of the personal separated mind defining it, which is only defining its own separation.

Some may think that I am meandering on at length here, without saying anything but there is a critical and serious point to it. Following Jesus, or Mohammed, Buddha or Krishna is pointless, unless you are actually following them or simply a construct that has been provided by those whose purpose is to distort the actual teachings of the one you are following. Taking selective scripture, which makes your god more important than the other gods, simply leads you into a not so exclusive wasteland of the separated mind. This is the purpose of those who put divisive meaning into an original message of unity.

Terms like liberal and conservative are meaningless. They perpetuate the frustration and confusion that perceived differences are intended for, by those who divide and conquer. Terms like being and not being, Advaita and Dvaitha or Sankhya are pointless when one is mired in differences, regardless of claims to the contrary and eternal truth can be found in either. Divisions of the one into aspects necessary for the performance of universal tasks- and then opposed to the same in other faiths, are meaningless because they are all expressions of the one in their particular performance of the duty that attends it. Father, Mother and Son, as well as Brother, Sister and Friend, or what have you, are simply relationships of the one to itself and a gift of what works for you and which only works if you get that.

Now is coming a time of trial or expeditious redemption for those who cannot get past the differences being manipulated by the deceiver, with your permission and those who can. Redemption is there for those who can put aside the differences, in respect of the completeness being embodied, by the avatar who is here for that purpose ...and whom you will see distorted or in true form, dependent on your capacity for the surrender of your need for differences. Otherwise it is only to express your importance in the understanding of something you don’t get and aren’t likely to, until you surrender to the vision of the one who has returned for your great benefit and who will be obscured by your conflict in the need for definition, until you release it. It’s all as clear as mud, isn’t it?

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Zoner said...

Yes! So very timely as always, and much appreciated. Nothing much to "say" anymore but "thank you" seems the least one could offer for such an effort.

Thank you, Visible. Now off to capture a glimpse through the vibration of wood and wire - if I am to be so fortunate.


mayaseri said...

As I alluded in an earlier post We would have had to invent you if you did not already exist one other poster seemed to echo that sentiment Mark I think it was you are what we have required all the time-the truth and time after time you deliver nothing is by accident the universe is perfect I am here because Iam supposed to be here I want to here I choose to be here to get where you are leading.
I am blessed that I am able to listen to your words and for that I thank you.


Anonymous said...

There is a parable told by Sri Ramkrishna. A disciple of a certain Guru was unhappy about not getting any Siddhi. So he left his Guru and wandered off. After five years he returned to the Guru and told him that he has attained Siddhi. He took the Guru to the banks of a river and then crossed the river walking on water. He came back thinking that the Guru would be impressed.

The Guru took out 4 Annas (1 Cent) and gave it to him. He was shocked. The Guru advised him that this was the cost of hiring a boat to cross the river. So the Siddhi was worth 1 cent. And the disciple had wasted five years for this.

Decide what you want by reciting the Mantra? Ashtama Siddhi? What is the earthly use except joining a freak show?

Siddhis are the biggest impediments to self-realization/Mukthi or whatever is the final goal depending upon your tradition.

doubtingneil said...

Thanks brother les, clear as mud lol, but this piece evokes a thought picture in me of a parable in the christian bible. the wise man built his house upon the rock. The house being the personal belief system, and the rock being the unyielding truth of reality. The stability of the structure depending on how well it is anchored to the rock, or not anchored as the case may be. Once again your words create a map of the path we try to follow, and show me how far there is to go especially when I can't seem to take the first step on the staircase.

wv drogl, something to do with a clockwork orange?

Anonymous said...

"like a bridge....over molten lava, I will lay me down. Like a bridge...over molten lava, I will sear your mind. LIKE A BRIDGE OVER MOLTEN LAVA I will sear your mind!"

that's how I feel right now

DaveS said...

"Everything is evidence of something so, wiser minds can associate everything they contact with the deeper ocean, because all water is common to itself."

Les, you're whacking balls out of the park with statements like the above. Good stuff that I can readily understand.

Thanks, peace, and good tidings to all...

Erik said...

Thanking ...

Anonymous said...

Les --

As opposed to the saying "You are what you eat" the truer statement is "You are what you are." At the risk of sounding moronic, what that simply means is that if you conduct yourself in a spiritual manner then you have understood the teachings. They are the same for every religion. People fail at being Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus... Failure is the norm so one should embrace spiritual conduct wherever and however it is relaized.

What is spiritual behavior? It's like pornography. You know it when you see it.


wv: remnies -- Followers of Rennes?

the BCth said...

You've said it all right here. There's nothing left to say except yes, this is how it is, and thank you for putting it into such elegant language. How I wish we could all "get it" and stop the useless conflict and posturing and self-inflation... But wishing is an ego desire and accomplishes nothing. All one can do is to seek the real and embody the living truth to the degree that one is capable of doing so. That means accepting what is, as it is. Letting go of all that is not aligned with the will and nature of the Divine. Crucifying the deeds and desires of the flesh... in a manner of speaking... and how many there are who would take those words to mean something other than the truth toward which they point...

wv: carchas

Visible said...

It's interesting, as I mention in the radio show tonight. Visible Origami is the metaphysical spiritual blog and for some reason, the traffic there is a great deal smaller than at any of the other blogs. It's linked on what really happened today and will soon be up on Rense. The blurb at WRH seems interesting enough but it is as if the surfing reader knows that the contents are something different than the usual fare and just bypasses it. This has ever been the case with this sort of thing. I'm not complaining or anything. Why would I do that? I'm pointing it out as one of the curious anomalies that attend the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

Whistling psst the graveyard?

Anonymous said...

consciously in rooted
reflecting liberation
transcend in inner passages
cycle's in creation
electrifying wonder
multicolor charges
vibrations of connection
advance on everlasting
magnetising potency
expressing out and through
circling the harmony
impressions of a truth
magnify in living
sweep across the dream
flow within the moment
on the everlasting stream


Kevenj said...

Yes- you're hitting wide receivers from all the way back in the end zone & racking points.

"Once stupidity has got its hooks into you, due to the pursuit of blind, comfort oriented progress; the imperative of self will triumph over any and all restraint. You become the victim of imperfect awareness that accompanies this kind of mind set and behavior, then torment, enslavement and certain death are the inevitable results." (PetriDish)

One of my favorites. Seems to speak to me in my own silly ignorance.
Kudos Les.

hypnagoggles said...

"None of the angles defines the thing itself because it is at a right angle to everything else. This might be metaphorical and it might be literal..."

Funny, but the diagonal of a domino (2 joined squares) is (according to what Pythagoras learned in Egypt) the square root of 5. This irrational number (an oxymoron suggesting math only points down the vortex) is so without pattern as to appear as complete chaos!

This complete chaos is what the golden mean, or phi, or love is derived from... Phi = sq rt 5 / 2 +- .5 It's like the illusion of separation is made from the very fabric of love.

So 1 & 2, at right angles is the source of all. Red & violet also golden mean apart - time to start using that corpus callosum to hold a 90 degree phase shift back to the quantum! Imagine a bright red left hand fusing with bright violet right hand... or better still channel it through a musical instrument - magic!

Maybe all the New Testament marriage metaphor was about loving here & there (our inner Shiva & Shakti falling back into love) over the event horizon - fusion harmonics baby!

And so the cream is about to get separated from the milk (along with the dairy yard mud & shit) - how - thru the centrifuge - heavy flung into the void - light to the central exit vortal. This is the milky way after all... ; )

"everything in nature eventually bifurcates..." Bill Mollinson (Permaculture Founder)

Odin's Raven said...

..."This is why no religion is more important or truer than any other. It is there to give evidence of what it rests on."

Hence the usual derivation of the word religion from the Latin religare, to bind (to divinity) and the ancients' religious tolerance.

edna loves you, too [smile] said...

This was incredibly grounding, thank you.

Les, as someone who used to skip Visible Origami I offer this bit of anecdotal insight.

Many people like me dismiss the aesthetic/esoteric as bullshit because of the naval gazing/ religious nature: the hypocrisy of most self proclaimed gurus, the mental-fucking-masturbation of it all.

It wasn't until I actually read it that I came to read it, ya know.

Anonymous said...

"Awake, arise, or be forever fallen!" - Paradise Lost, Book I Line 330
"He who ascends to mountain-tops shall find the loftiest peaks most wrapt in clouds and snow;
He who surpasses or subdues mankind must look down on the hate of those below." - Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto III Stanza 45
"I have no mockings or arguments; I witness and wait." - Song of Myself. 4

- Fastillion

the BCth said...

By the way, Les... your sentences are a heck of a challenge to translate.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered an artist named Al Gromer Khan, born Alois Gromer in Germany. I checked into his Space Hotel CD with a cup of coffee and a joint this evening...
from the liner notes;

I am Al-Kahira, the comparer of nonsense and flowers.

I am grateful for my stupidity, admitted easily, yet I am concerned with specific details of style as I sit here in rags.

By circumstance not by choice this shrub has blossomed: by choice and not by circumstance this life has been kept plain.

I made an effort and found stuff to ignore, leaving rusty strings unsstruck.
I neglect the spectacular and overlook the apparently important with deliberation.

I've waited aeons for the reversal of my interests: Now life has become the joke and the sweetness and hilarity of my own thoughts have turned into a point of fascination for me.

No matter what anyone tells you: I don't belong to any creed or sect, culture or race, nor to any period in history.

My only qualification is the age of my soul: I own three hillside palaces of quiet pre-dawn moon-sound.

Humiliation is my clothing that I wear to sit and bark with the dogs. I disconnect like dusk and most likely no one will bring flowers to my grave.

I am ardent without deed and I am information zero, unimportant iridescent: Grand Palace of Mercy.

My contemporaries have declared society to be the central item and are discussing things of importance as I am speaking to you now.

As my mother taught me, I keep to myself a lot.

I am the lover of trees, found worthy of lonliness.

I am the unknown dervish.

Anonymous said...

Anyone read one of the latest books of HH Dalai Lama, "Towards a True Kinship of Faiths"? Here is one teacher of a religion who constantly reminds his followers of the value of all religions in promoting the development of a warmer heart and true compassion for all sentient beings. Truly an inspiring read!

Anonymous said...


I'm sposed to leave a smart comment. Somthin Like oh yes I 'm tied into the cosmic vibe.

My underwear glow. My comment is I
don't know shit never have never will.

I lost my dog last week. Your story came the same day. She fell down a fuckin cold air vent she was 6 pounds a pappillion. I loved her more than god. I had to put her to sleep cause I didn't have enough federal reserve notes to keep her alive. I watched the life go out of her while they asked for my credit card. I curse the creator for creating this shit and I'm not smart enough or cool enough to have a fan club.

I don't care. My truck is older than earth and that's why I think I will be the master of the universe. Why not, seems as good a
reason as anything fuckin else in this existence.

I never could see those pictures that everyone else could see in those pics these sold in malls with all the colors. I knew then i was doomed.

I can't get special K where I live so homemade booze does for now.

If i move i get slapped. Ya'll need to do the work for me cause I'm not allowed.

But ya know I'm not scared. Just pissed.

Bring it on. Embrace the horror.

Anonymous said...

I agree fully. Thank you for putting it into words.


Pstonie said...

"For now we see through a glass, darkly"

I used to think you were being intentionally vague about these things, Les, but we can only brush it with our imperfect selves and our inexact language.

We should be happy that we don't know it all, for once we do there will be nothing left to learn and nothing left to do.

If things are most difficult it means we are playing at the highest skill level. It will be over before we know it, and then we will see the most amazing missed opportunities in these otherwise dark times, hopefully not too many.

kikz said...


thx! al gromer khan... nice additions to my utube ambient playlist!

great find!

Anonymous said...

Govindum Adi Purusham:

From the hymns of Lord Brahma

wish I could make it a click on link like long john does...

Anonymous said...


I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord,

who is adept at playing on His flute,

whose eyes are blooming like lotus petals, whose head is bedecked with peacock feathers, whose beauty is tinged with the hue of blue clouds,

and whose unique loveliness charms millions of Cupids.

Whose limbs whose organs, possess all the functions,

See, maintain, manifest for ever the universes.

Blissfull true, full of meaning, His form dazzling,

Govinda the Original Person I do worship

Neko Kinoshita said...


Origami is always my favorite.

I would say more, but I can't think of anything that doesn't sound condescending.

I just soak it up and try to keep myself on the right track.


wv: execo - To Exit coporate control.

TheSparkle said...

Les, Origami is my favorite.

Great radio show, timely and pertinent to something I just read this morning, and it sounds eerily similar to something you said in the radio show:

"Hence our simple 2D world of one real and one imaginary axis shows how a zone can be created within that world in which everything is linked to everything else by zero distance. From this unique perspective, the whole cosmos is in fact a zero-dimensional singularity like that at the centre of a black hole or the Big Bang. And yet this singularity exists within a vast cosmos where any two points can also be separated by anything other than zero distance. In one and the same cosmos, we have everything separate and everything connected. Both statements are simultaneously true. So much for Aristotelian logic. Now you see why only dialectical logic suffices in these extreme conditions. Imagine holding a needle sideways in front of you. You clearly see its whole length. Then rotate the needle until you only see its point. The cosmos operates the same way. From some angles you see it as a substantial object, yet there is an angle where it becomes almost invisible - a singularity. Everything depends on the angle. From the viewpoint of the needlepoint, it is connected to everything! This domain, outside space and time, is where our afterlife is guaranteed. The part of us - our mind/soul - that has the perspective of the needle tip cannot die. It is immortal. It is linked to everything else. It is linked to God.

At this very instant you are linked to everything that has ever been, and everyone who has ever lived, and to God. You are in direct contact with any of your loved ones who have died. The only reason you don't know it is that your consciousness is trapped in a certain time-space perspective. When you achieve gnosis - enlightenment - your perspective instantly switches to that of the needle point and you are at one with the cosmos.

Can you begin to see the light? It's all in the mathematics. Mathematics is reality. Mathematics guarantees that part of us - our essence, not the mortal part of space and time - is immortal. If you accept Einstein's special theory of relativity you have virtually accepted the existence of an afterlife, of souls, of God. Isn't that amazing? Atheistic scientists have wilfully ignored the astonishing ramifications of one of their own key theories. They are DETERMINED not to see God, such is their slavish devotion to materialism - which has become their strange, hopeless religion."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

"It is not the instrument that makes the music but the music the instrument makes."

As I see much of this life as one long song of love, youre music is much loved man.

Love Your life

Tannon said...

Pstonie said, "We should be happy that we don't know it all, for once we do there will be nothing left to learn and nothing left to do."
There will be Infinity to Explore Freely...

DaveS; I was immediately struck by the same piece of wisdom that u were. The wise man seeing the divine in everything, if u will. I think it's right on par w/ an old Smoking Mirrors quote that went something like, "..vultures perched on the dead branches of democracy overlooking a material wasteland.." Man that was a good one. 7 out of 7 Stars on the divinity scale.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Hey Sparkle,

I was right there with you, right up until you said “Mathematics is reality.”

To the extent that the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not true; and to the extent that they are true, they do not refer to reality.
- Albert Einstein

Einstein was quite simply contemptuous of experiment, preferring to put his faith in pure thought.
- Paul Davies.

Einstein further muddied the waters when he replaced a mathematical description of the effect of gravity with an abstract mathematical description, by factoring in time as a physical dimension - the fourth dimension. Few, however, now dare to question this scientific scripture, but can empty space really be curved?

Don’t get me started on “Non-Euclidean Geometry,” I have read my Gödel.

Mathematics is always a simplified model of reality. It is not reality; and limiting reality to what can be expressed in mathematics, is to take the beauty out of it.

I discovered the secret of the sea in meditation upon the dewdrop
- Kahilil Gibran


Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Visible Origami is my favorite blog. Seeking the 'pearl of great price' is all that is required and, then, all is well.

Anonymous said...

A little girl named Phyllis once asked Einstein if scientists pray.

Here is his response:

Dear Phyllis,

I have tried to respond to your question as simply as I could. Here is my answer

Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the actions of people.

For this reason, a research scientist will hardly be inclined to believe that events could be influenced by a prayer, i.e., by a wish addressed to a supernatural being.

However, it must be admitted that our actual knowledge of thee laws is only imperfect and fragmentary, so that, actually, the belief in the existence of basic all-embracing laws in Nature also rests on a sort of faith.

All the same this faith has been largely justified so far by the success of scientific research.

But, on the other hand, everyone one who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe – a spirit vastly superior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our modest powers must feel humble. In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is indeed quite different from the religiosity of someone more naïve.

I hope this answers your question.

Best wishes,
Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

Pray to speak, meditate to listen.

Speak to who ever or what ever moves you, I pray to trees, friends, our great mother, my grandfather, etc.

Meditate with the body, with the mind, or with the heart. Walk and listen to the birds, sit by a tree, sing a song, smile, dance, cook dinner, paint, build, clean, watch the rain, smile.

Oh and say thank you, ask for help, know love wont let you down and try not to know much more then that. Smile

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Out on a limb but... One world religion, aliens, gods coming down. I feel this is a very spiritual time but I have also read a lot on Blue Beam and like NWO projects. Is anyone else worried about a set up in this regard? How do you tell the genuine from another deception? -mike

Anonymous said...

Unless of course you're doing mantra meditation.

I find it honestly quite impossible to "meditate" without falling asleep.

Mantra meditation accomplishes two goals at once.
Well, actually three.

1) Prayer.
2) Meditation.
3) Stay awake.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Anonymous said...

I honestly hate this blood and guts material overload crappola world quite a lot.

If I got nuked, poisoned, shot, drowned, pushed out the window, etc., I truly would not miss this place at all.

Not that I'm a gentleman, but this is certainly no place for one or an aspiring one.

When i place this in the proper context of "we all got it coming, kid" it seems even as if I'm at times a little anxious to get on with it..

a GrebBear said...

The tipping point ?
I thought I'd talk it out a bit ...

There is WAY MORE to life, than WE have been made aware (as WE have all learned, or WE wouldn't be here ?).
... I believe in order for US to become aware,
WE're going to be thrust into high adventure,
where \\\NOTHING/// is certain ...
but for, the LOVE WE poses in OUR Heart's
(or fear, its OUR choice)

... WE're on the cusp of the 'quickening' stages of an Apocalypse.
... there will be (I believe) some very BIG 'eVents' in the NEAR future
... the eVents will be portrayed (deception) as, 'the end times'
... causing a large fear
in the global con-sc-I-O-US-ness
(created by, mass-media-mind-control)
BUT ... I've come to believe there is conscious balance in the Universe, a push for equilibrium (life begets life) and a golden ratio pull for Love (life's spiral nature)
... So if, WE're drowning in d-ark-ness and fear ...
WE're 'able' to be swimming in the golden light of LOVE.
(again, its OUR choice)

This is all from my perspective which is limited )), but I'm now, determinedly and 'doggedly' seeking the perspective of not knowing, experiencing the 'wonder' of this moment without interrupting it, with me.
... as in, "I don't know" ??
(Thank YOU Dog Poet, this has really helped ... and will surely continue to amaze, it is a Universe and all ))
[[not knowing]] the limits of the possible ...
allows/opens and is a catalyst
for the {{{Super Natural}}}

WE are (undeniably) walking talking miracles !!!
I Believe ... its a VERY 'small' step,
to the {{{Super Natural}}}
... WE just need to "re-member" what it {FEELS} like.

... why is the word 'natural'
in the idea of {{{Super Natural}}}

... what does natural mean to YOU ?)
... Me too !! -)

so, Will WE embrace the challenge,
or will WE surrender OUR experience,
to the liabilities of the 'known' ...
OUR personal limitations ??

I Believe ...

YOU are "THE ONE" in y-OUR experience !
. you are the HERO !
.. you are the "THE ONE", you've been waiting for !
... and, WE"re ALL "THE ONE'S",
WE've been waiting for !!!

so, With Love in y-OUR heart (as I believe you poses) there is nothing to fear. All that is needed, is to NOT re-act (don't be surprised, or rather, expect to be INCREDIBLY sur-PRIZE-d, paint y-OUR future, visualize the beauty, be ONE with loving energy), be a witness to the incredible change((s)) ... then progress forward with Love as an answer to all questions and 'challenges'. There are NO such things as 'problems' ... and there are NO challenges that can't be overcome, by a group of people intending to bring more Love into existence, while moving forward with Love in their hearts.

Sew y-OURself a Super Hero suit,
because, from my perspective,
you're ALREADY A HERO !!!
... and its only a matter of time and choice,
that you SEIZE y-OUR FULL human potential.
I'm going to start sewing me
a Super GrebBear suit !! -)

I don't know whats coming, but it {feels} BIG ?

I hope this helps ... no, not in confirmation that I need help ))
... although if nothing were to happen on sunday, I suppose this would be all the confirmation you needed, LMAO ))

... WE could only be so lucky ??

Thank YOU Dog Poet, you have made a loving impression in my life ... I share it in my circles of awareness, and I believe it is growing and that one day it will travel back to you, wise gardener.

a GrebBear

Peace Love Light TRUTH
(- ;
; -)

ps ... my Super Natural power of choice,
Cosmic Serendipity ))
(WE have access to ALL Super Natural powers, as they are highly likely connected to OUR imaginations, of course, geesh ! lol ))

estebanfolsom said...

i couldn't resist
said the wind
the window was open
so i came in

around i swirled
out i went
then i died
my energy spent

me also
said the rain
i fell down /
rose up again

and the sun lit
warm brown earth
spinning through space
for all it's worth

Pstonie said...

mike, I don't know, but I trust that we will know when the time comes. I'd say that there's not much else to do here than grow in the understanding of our origins, and orthodoxy/religion is stagnation.

Frankly I'm more concerned with what the web bot guys are saying about how bad the destruction of the dollar would for the ruling scum. If that is the case, why are their buddies like helicopter Benron and Zoellick doing their damnedest to destroy the dollar and jack up the price of precious metals? They could supposedly plan so far ahead as to plant the one world currency myth in christianity, but they couldn't see the inevitable destruction of the dollar, doing the exact same thing as every other paper currency before it?

What I see is that a disproportionate amount of the bigger voices in the truth movement are telling us to buy gold and silver, when returning to a resource-based economy would do nothing but further solidify the hold of the ruling whores over us. Interest-based lending is not an effect of paper money, it's an effect of money.

You have to think like a criminal to catch a criminal, and this is one I'm glad to say whose sad plan I can't work out. They will stir the pot to increase their profit, all we can do is our best with what is available to us. If that's not enough then it isn't, either way we'll face the true nature of this world. My feint connection to The Source tells me though that we should prepare for the most amazing and not the worst.

WV: mings. Yeah, the mings probably thought they'd rule forever too.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Bending End of Conspicuous Damnation.

Pstonie said...

Haha, that should be "faint connection to The Source", not "feint". Quite a large difference of meaning there, maybe I'm trying to tell myself something. :D

Anonymous said...

nice stuff people,les and everyone some lovely comments when reading over ...neil

Anonymous said...

@ Super GrebBear suit

Thats the ticket man! You nailed it. We are what we are lookin for, love. Super cool man thanks
Ride that wave and youll find yourself here on this mothership earth now and for as long as you wish, give over love and light and other will be there with you!

Love Your Life

brian boru said...

Thank you Les for some inspiration to help me through my despair. My mother died yesterday and I was looking for relief from the pain. Platitudes would only anger me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, Amazing LV.
I'm fortunate, indeed, to have come across your posts.

On the various postings: Bear in mind the simple truth of the key statement of General Semantics -

The map is not the territory.

All systems of thought and belief, philosophy, science, are only maps, created by humans with their culturally, historically, and geographically influenced and skewed minds. The territory is the Ultimate Unknown.
LV has said it in other words.


“The mathematical equation that ushered in the atomic age was discovered by an unknown Italian dilettante two years before Albert Einstein used it in developing the theory of relativity, it was claimed yesterday. Olinto De Pretto, an industrialist from Vicenza, published the equation E=mc2 in a scientific magazine, Atte, in 1903, said Umberto Bartocci, a mathematical historian.”

Visible said...

A New Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

A Congregation of Vipers at the Charity Ball.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Demons Among us at the Cannibal Feast.

Vanguard said...

Behold, it is with great fear and trembling before the Lord God above that I proclaim this:

These times, these things. They are to come to pass. They must come to pass.

As it is written. As it is foretold. As it is foreseen. As it must be.

And I looked out over the ocean. Yea, as I looked out over the sea.

There came a cloud as a storm front. And a violent host agitated within. And it spread upon the lands which bordered the sea.

And the mighty powers of the earth were amazed, and hoped and feared it was an answer from their dark god. That is was their kingdom come.

But it was not thus. Nay.

The judgment of God cometh to the wicked who revel in death and darkness, and exploit the children of God upon the earth.

The fury of the Lord is present. The consuming fire cleanseth the wounds of the world.

And I saw the song of the Lord proceed forth. And it was not seen or heard, but was felt. And all were amazed, and love sprang forth from within. Great love. Or great fear. People were moved as never before. And I smiled in wonder at the power and glory of the Lord.

And this is so: The time has come. Now doth the Lord stretch forth His mighty hand above all the lands, and now doth His people rejoice in righteousness.

Hosanna to God the Most High.

And I beheld those dark powers who rule men. And they are wicked and loathsome. And they cannot do but destroy. They are evil, and evil is their every thought and deed.

And the Light came.

I am light, and song.

The time is now. It begins.

Hear me, oh ye fallen princes. Hear me, oh ye fallen peoples.

Look to the heavens, the lighted glory. Your eyes need not see. For God turneth His gaze upon you.

Ye are seen, in all that ye do. And the servants of the Lord shall speak great truths, which shall effect power. And it will seem as a dream, but it is more real than the lives you have known, or the deaths ye have suffered.

The Lord of Life claims His own. Lift your voices and rejoice. For Justice reigns in the Heavens and upon the Earth. So sayeth the Lord God of All Creation.

John C (UK) said...

Right, i haven't read the comments yet, so i am sorry if this has been said.

I discovered 'the secret' about 4 or 5 years ago, which lead me to Atkinson, Theron, Wattles, Larson, Holmes.... and I started to explain to people how I 'thought' things worked. The biggest response that I got, after people had actually read the books that I gave them was, "Why are you not rich?"
My response is, "I am", people still don't understand. I am happy and content.

I just posted a comment at SM, a reply to DumbGoyNot (sp?), as anonymous, which i would like to apologize for, it was very flippant and should not have been said, but I have had some serious acid tonight and my 'humour' ran away with me, not an excuse, just being honest, sorry mate.

Vanguard said...

This is of the first order.

In all the world, ye who deal death and destruction. Ye who sow disease and dissent. Ye who imprison truth in guarded tombs beneath dark towers.

Yea, ye who crucify that which is most good and holy so you can further your hellish plans.


Now doth the Light of Heaven illumine your deeds.

Your light is darkness. Your song is pain, and madness. Your treasure is death.

Ye have wrought many and one great work upon all the lands of the earth. Through many ages.

Thus saith the Lord: The darkness rolls back. Your cover is repealed.

Your lies have no savor. All are sickened by the stench.

I reveal to all what ye dare not have known.

And the voices crying in the wilderness shall find succor, and call from high places. The peoples of the earth shall hear. And they shall see. And they shall know, whereof their bondage comes.

And they shall see you. For what you are. For justice demands it. That they know their tormentors. The thieves and the butchers, who so long have harried them from the cover of dark lies.

In all the world, the abomination of power which oppresses and brutalizes the children of the Lord, is broken.

Hear this call, my people.

The chains are broken. Though pain and madness threaten, yet ye are raised up from the pit.

The power of evil is broken. I say again unto you, you are my holy children, and I love you. Suffer not the deprivations of the wicked.

I so command you.

Vanguard said...

They stand grinning, naked in the cloying dark. Proud of their power. Anticipating yet more depredation.

The mark is upon the shoulder.

Say unto them: “Your soul is not your own.”

This shall give them pause.

Say also unto them: “Harm me and your remaining life is forfeit.”

This includes harm inflicted by their underlings, peers, and hellish masters.

By placing you into such a position of victimhood, they have entered, seemingly unilaterally, into a contract. They are an agent for they and theirs.

You are an agent, if you so choose, of you and yours, regarding your self.

You have rights and protections. Under heaven.

Call ye upon the Lord, in the face of affliction, and name the crime and punishment by and for your oppressors.

In this manner, shall the worst begin to be checked, as they stand shocked and halted. Or else push forward with angry, haughty determination: They shall die, of a sudden.

For God has stretched out His hand over his children, those who call upon Him in their hour of need, who love life and light more than death and darkness.

Those shall He save from such evil men and their doings, so that the Way of the Lord may be prepared, from the heart, with tears of thankfulness.

Great is the Day of the Coming of the Lord of All Creation.

Prepare ye the Way.



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