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The Fractured Fairy Tale Land of Visible Origami

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The inimitable Patrick has done another.

Here we are again, in The Fractured Fairy Tale Land of Visible Origami. Here we are with little more than 2 months before the end of this signature year and just about that, before the significant date that winks on and off, like one of those flashing light, sawhorses, at a highway construction site. It's off to the side there, winking in and out of focus and view but peripherally present nearly all of the time; hypnotic, narcotic, sometimes inducing forms of neurotic and psychotic. One has only to look around them, to see the effect of the building pressures of denial and intransigence, along with operative evil for evil's sake “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones”. I suppose that accounts for the lust for fame and fortune at any price.

The degree to which some people are compromised is stunning. I look at people like David Cameron, Hilarious Clinton, Bwak! Obama, Mittchief Romney and practically everyone in the quick-limelight, laying in the shallow graves of their future, already buried in the basement of some unnamed serial killer. Some of the noteworthy reptiles just go on and on, like Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Little Georgie Sorrows and George Herbert (Johnny Stroll Walker Black) Bush. They're presently on 'any day now' status. A huge sigh of relief, a burst of cool cleansing wind, shall attend their departure. A noxious amalgam of toxic fumes, will waft in temporary flight, as The Bill Gates of Hell opens and swiftly closes. You can hear the door hit them in the ass, as it makes it's way to closure. Laughter and maniacal chortling, will follow in the waft, until an immediate silence follows. There's nothing like The Voice of the Silence, especially when you can actually hear it.

This voice becomes singularly prominent, once the chatter of the world recedes, due to a personal lack of interest in it. Too many people think they're going to miss something and, as a result, they most certainly do. They most certainly do.

It's an interesting phenomena, to watch people go through their whole lives, dancing around the main point of the exercise, because, they think they're going to miss something and they do.

You hear people say, “Well, if I had all that money, I wouldn't mess it up. I would do good things and make the world a better place”. People underestimate the power and ancient awareness of money, as it contemplates itself. People underestimate the force and influence of power and position. Once they get there, the all consuming concern is that they might lose it and so they go to any unnecessary lengths to make sure that they don't lose it and, of course they do, sooner or later, attended by ignominy and historical censure, even though they take great pains to rewrite it. There is an interesting thing that happens, after people pass onward, or downward, or upward, as the case may be. The public perception of their lives and works, suddenly takes on a whole new appearance. Sometimes their end is accompanied by a trenchant irony, like the welcome passing of Nelson Rockefeller, expiring between Megan Marshack's legs, while she was spread-eagled on his desk. Sometime earlier, the beloved Nelson had had a steel rod placed in his penis so that he could get it up. One only hopes some exceedingly humorous circumstances go along with the demise of the earlier aforementioned. I'm suspecting something dramatic, given the ingenious sense of humor possessed by The Cosmos. They burn and learn, as we all do, or they don't.

Most people, when they come into a lot of money don't do anything the way they imagined they would. Many of them lose it quicker than they imagined they would. There's an old saying that, “If all the money in the world were equally redistributed, it would be back in the same hands again in 60 days”. That's one I've never forgotten. Then there's that old saw about, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Position is another one of those imponderables. It paints a gigantic target on your back and you find you can't maintain it without endless compromise. Lao Tzu talks a lot about this sort of thing but I think the reader needs to get themselves a copy of the book. It's a must have for anyone contemplating the challenges, dangers and pitfalls of 'upwardly mobile'.

Most people don't know the difference between notoriety and fame, or the difference between famous and legendary. Then again, they don't see the relative value between mortal and immortal, nor even consider the possibilities of the latter. As has been mentioned, the power and capacity of imagination is limitless. The mortal mind places limits, the immortal mind does not. There's a reason that those entities, depicted by the Asian figurines all have pronounced foreheads; unusual skull shapes. Strange things can happen in The Pineal Gland. Course, that's just Wikipedia and Wikipedia don't know shit and mostly they make it up anyway. It's just one more Zio-revisionist vehicle, courtesy of Zio-Ogre 'Smoking Jimmy Wales'. The degree of penetration and infernal manipulation going on is truly impressive.

The main problem for everyone, is the granting of power to the external; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. We imbue shadows with a greater power than that which makes shadows possible. Everyone should study the dynamics of shadows and how they come about and can appear larger than they really are. This is an ancient form of deception and it keeps humanity enthralled and chained to the wheel, which is the ongoing intent of the slave masters. One of the things they do is to get rid of- and/or pervert, every human quality within themselves. This is the objective of Satanism. These qualities are considered weaknesses and hindrances. They have to be burned out, in order for whatever peculiar demonic force they are looking to have take up residence in them. They are courting a presence, just as those of us on the opposite end are doing the same. It's all about temporary gain as opposed to lasting gain. ♫C'mon without, C'mon within. You've not seen nothing like the Mighty Quinn♫

So, the atmosphere is filled with The Winds of Change but that transitioning force is not all that easy to see. It's that 'thief in the night' thing. These sorts of things can come upon you all of a sudden. The same old same old, continues to come up in the windshield and the same old same old continues to recede in the rear view mirror and then, suddenly it's not 'the same old same old' anymore. It happens so quick you don't even see it take place and that is why you need to be in position in advance, or else. Or else what? Well, that varies. Getting into position requires rooting, otherwise, when the strong winds blow; you get the picture.

The most important thing to remember is that 'evil destroys itself'. People have heard this statement, ad infinitum and ad nauseum. They know the phrase well but if you ask them to explain how it is that this happens without exception, they would be hard pressed to tell you. The principle is imbedded in the genetic code of Evil. It's inevitable. Let's look at it as a system. Some systems come out of cosmic schematics and they are populated with archetypes and eternally repeating. Some systems are essentially flawed and what happens is that the flaw destroys it. The seeds of it's destruction are resident in the system, like a blocked heart value, like a brain tumor. It's just a matter of time. Everything false comes up against The Truth, sooner or later, no exceptions, no exceptions. There are more intricate features to all of this but the reality of any and all of it, is right there in the objective mind, in those persona who possess one. In these days, the subjective mind has become preeminent and it is manipulated in all sorts of sophisticated ways, by those who have their reasons for doing so.

We could go on and on about these things but... what's the point? There is no point in saying something over and over unless the point is taken. Otherwise it's just redundancy and handballs bouncing off the walls.

The Roulette Wheel of life is in spin, black and red but no white; Rajas and Tamas but no Sattva and that would be the key and why a gamble is just that; soon enough you lose. Luck? WTF is that? It's like The Brass Ring in the bottom of the bottle, ♫Message in the bottle♫ Oh yeah. See you over at Smoking Mirrors in the following days, hoping for more mirror and less smoke.

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Lyrics (pops up)

Songwriter by Les Visible

Working on the radio show. Hoping to have it up later today or tomorrow.


Mouser said...

Greetings good Sir Visible. Your work is very appreciated.

John Kaminski's thoughts on Lasha Darkmoon's latest post - a must read.


'. . . the main purpose of keeping alive the Holocaust is to protect Jewish banking practices . . . '

Leave everybody puzzling over the fantastic Holocaust claims and nobody can focus on Hitler’s genuine economic miracle — which is exactly what the U.S. and the world needs now.

Listening to Bruce recently about how Hitler turned around Germany’s situation from a million marks for a loaf of bread to full employment and Germans taking cruise ship vacations IN 18 MONTHS (!) is clearly the smack-me-in-the-forehead epiphany that everybody can understand, and will get behind, if WE can make it clear to them.

This is why Untermeyer jumped on it so quickly in 1933 and rallied Jews into declaring a worldwide war on Hitler — because his plan vaporizes Jewish outlaw bankers immediately, and permanently. And almost instantly restores prosperity to the people.

Lincoln, Hitler and Kennedy all tried to make this happen and were obliterated for their efforts. Holocaustomania covers up the obvious fact that we could fix all the problems miraculously quickly — with debt free currency implemented by a sincere government. Bye bye bankers and all their confusing scams.

The world continues to bleed toward its death solely because of them."

Better said it has not been before. Israel is the embodiment of the ongoing lie of the 6M holocaust which enables the continuation of the zionist Rothschild private fractional fiat usury banking system around the world.

The truth about the holocaust lie is more powerful than israel's 300 nuclear weapons because it will end the zionist ponzi banking system enslaving the world.

Visible said...

I did notice that the last time it got posted in the comments, being not a total dumbass (grin).

mike m said...

"Once they get there, the all consuming concern is that they might lose it and so they go to any unnecessary lengths to make sure that they don't lose it and, of course they do, sooner or later, attended by ignominy and historical censure, even though they take great pains to rewrite it. There is an interesting thing that happens, after people pass onward, or downward, or upward, as the case may be. The public perception of their lives and works, suddenly takes on a whole new appearance."

The life and times of Joe "Pa" a fucking tee!!!

niijii said...

Thank you Visible,
these lyrics keep dancing in my head...

Talkin' heads are talkin'
But listen to what they say
How they sit in judgement
An' claim to know the way
If dreams can be dismembered
An' our worth can be ignored
Need a new direction
Cause this one we can't afford

There's bad stuff happening
An' no one does a thing

What can I do
What can I say
When they just speak at
Us in riddles
How can this be
Why can't ya see
That they just speak
At us in riddles

Got ourselves in trouble
With no relief in sight
Everyday is such a stuggle
Cause they had to pick a fight

How can this be happening
Can't we do anything

The peace is the war
The rich are too poor
An' they just speak at us in riddles
How can this be
Why can't ya see
That they just speak at us in riddles
We're stuck right in the middle

Clear skies baby
Healthy forests
No Child Left Behind
Wake up people

Big Brother is watchin' you
They're takin' all your rights away
Don't claim that you represent me cause
I don't believe a word that ya say

What can I do
What can I say
When they just speak at
Us in riddles
How can this be
Why can't ya see
That they just speak
At us in riddles

Let's see through the riddles

Joan Jett

Best to all.

Glenn Dormer said...

John Friend has found a winner against the "jewish" occupation of the world.

Ernst Zundel.

By exploding the myth of the holocaust the heart of the present zionist beast will be ripped out.

What will be left for all the world to see is a Rothschild created apartheid state pushing the world to world war, and the Rothschild ponzi usury banking system enslaving all people on earth.

Say no to the fake holocaust, say no to central usury banking, say yes to freedom and truth for all people in every country.

preacher said...

"Governing a great nation is like cooking a small fish - too much handling will spoil it."


Anonymous said...

Why aren't people commenting? Are they intimidated by the didache around here? If you don't hate instruction or fear correction, you don't have anything to worry about. If you can take a scolding with some class, your faux pas will soon be forgotten forever.

Get in the fire. Let's forge some iron. This is a day to celebrate El Shaddai.

For all the V-ster lays out there, you could at least show some acknowledgement.

Ray Zerwitt

Ray B. said...


"So, the atmosphere is filled with The Winds of Change but that transitioning force is not all that easy to see."

I thought that I'd ride on the above statement to put out a small 'news bulletin' on my version of the 'Winds of Change'. Readers of the last year or so know that I have weird and woo-woo friends, unseen and seen (grin). Here is the latest; take it as you will...

When we last left the theater, there was great consternation because 'tipping points' had been reached for most planets, including Earth. Most in this Sector had indeed 'tipped', with the exception of Earth and one other. Great celebrations at the success of the Enterprise (sorry; couldn't resist).

At the time, 'Other' was denser than Earth. With the 'tipping' of so many worlds (around 640 at last count), a lot of 'help' was available. It shook out that about 350 worlds went to work on 'Other', while around 50 went to work on Earth. This was fair, since our planet has (real) Elves and Stone Circle Entities, while 'Other' does not.

At time of writing, a dubious distinction has been reached. The work on 'Other' has been so successful that Earth is now the densest planet in the Sector. Neither planet has 'tipped', which is still puzzling to all. A normal 'tipping point' has been far exceeded for both. So, we will just keep 'chipping away' for now.

I see great things just over the horizon...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Thanks to Vis for the columns, and to all for the discussions and poetry. Appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"Monster Cash"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Monster Mash", by Bobbie Boris Pickett.)

I was working at the Fed, late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
A noise from the printing press began to rise
And my surprise

We made some cash
We made some monster cash
Some monster cash
It was a Wall Street smash
We made some cash
And it spread like a rash
We made some cash
We made some monster cash

I called Ben Bernanke and spilled my guts
I told him the printing press was going nuts
His ghouls all rose from their Zionist lairs
To feast on the cash that was twirling through the air

They took some cash
They took some monster cash
Some monster cash
It was a Wall Street smash
They took some cash
And it spread like a rash
They took some cash
They took some monster cash

The zombies were having fun
The party had just begun
The guests included Dov Zakheim
Alan Greenspan and his son...

The scene was a-rockin', all were digging the loot
Greenspan drank blood, Zakheim snorted toot
The stun-gun wielders were about to arrive
With their neo-fascist group, "The TSA Five"

They took some cash
They took some monster cash
Some monster cash
It was a Wall Street smash
They took some cash
And it spread like a rash
They took some cash
They took some monster cash

Out from his coffin, Ben's voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
He opened the lid and screamed into the night
He said - "If anyone complains just call them anti-semites!"

We made some cash
We made some monster cash
Some monster cash
It was a Wall Street smash
We made some cash
And it spread like a rash
We made some cash
We made some monster cash

Now everything's cool, the USA's dead
And our monster cash is hidden under the bed
For you, the living, there are FEMA camps - true
When you arrive at the door, tell them Israel sent you

We made some cash
We made some monster cash
Some monster cash
It was a Wall Street smash
We made some cash
And it spread like a rash
We made some cash
We made some monster cash...

est said...

i'm not sure why
the sun chose

to shine on me
in any event

i don't take
it personally

Anonymous said...






Sir Visible, It is really not about hating someone or someones,
it is much more about pride & recognition of a great and most terrible tragedy that was avoidable
but the Crown , Bankers, Bolsheviks had their own most dreadful agenda, you are well versed in History & you know the great tragedy that was wrought upon the Germans , Austrians,Russsians,Ukranians,Poles& many others as well.

99 red balloons go by.......



Visible said...

Heh heh, cool parody.

I'm tired, going to bed. See you all on the morrow.

Anonymous said...

I do not kiss butt or suck up to anyone,
So when I say let's appreciate
& Thank the Visible ,Rense,Dees and some others I mean it!!

Watch out for.........

Did you see the News about the files released by the Oregon Supreme Court on Friday???,
(Timing,coincidence can be interesting sometimes)
how many dead/vanished cub Scouts/Boy Scouts as well????
(Any ZIOS involved????)
& then the oher major Scouting Organization...
In our Democracy , yes , a lot of Corruption & worse in positions of Authority & Officialdom.
(I am sure someone can throw in a
few really long words as well on this,

Oh , Schwarz , you & your bully zios leave my emails alone & stop sending me any more weird CRAP, :)


There are some other blogs maybe I can check out as well....

No Vis, & Jews against Extremist Zionism & the Atzmon's no Gas Chambers dancing like sugar plums in my head , :)

Anonymous said...

Evil IS temporary and self destructive, no doubt it's its nature.

Mouser... SO appreciate your 'feed' today, sure worth a 2nd helping. I paid it forward.

and Ray B, It too felt to me the Transmutation is over due. It's been feeling heavy. what's the hangup? All ways, in any way, appreciate your servings.

Hello to Les in there, it's newbie me, Shirl E, w/my worn out rubber waders schlepping, (or is it trudging) the often dirty road to happy destiny.

My pleasure for sure to stop by and see my kinda sanity.
Les, you're so very appreciated.

Shirl E

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously, and rereading the poetry in prose of this Origami foments the growth of the same. Almost time to put on 'Blade Runner' for some origami statements, too bad the original ending is not my dvd. Maybe ' the Outlaw Josey Wales'
Thank you again.
Indeed work makes one tired, but when it is good work, even exhausting one, the tiredness has a certain sweetness in it, that good rest only makes grow.
May you find the rest in ' going to bed'.
Be well
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morn dew.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I hear you loud and clear ... sssshhhhhhh!

♫there's a kind of hush all over the world tonight♫ - but generally the wrong kind. ♫looking for love in all the wrong places♫

parody request Beach Boys
♫good good good inflations.♫
♫gold only knows♫
♫in my doom♫
♫We'll have mon mon mon till Benanke takes the printers away♫

nina said...

There are so many applications suitable for your words I could fill this comment page, but why? ... okay, just one: the fungus on steroids injections massacre speaks for itself. Its a rather perfect micro demonstration of evil chains in the linking.

I do love your Origamis. One day I will tell you the adventure of a long solo journey where I could have accidentally swerved into the chain link repeatedly had I not been solid with the Origami position. In a certain light it reminds me of faith, but so much more, maybe an invisible shield.

est said...

it is really sorta psycho-logical
in it's intent, i believe
as we can't all
be at the center

of the universe
or can we ?

yes we can
and we are
i've yet to see proof
to begin to refute it

Everyman said...

Damage control? A MSM article in the MailOnLine throws dirt at the Rothschilds. Limited hangout? Oh, and the "article" states alfa Lord Rothschild only has 471 million pounds in assets.

What a bunch of mudstream media horseshit! The alfa zionist Family owned 52% procent of the world in 1951 according to Time magazine. Are we supposed to believe the world's wealthiest banking family lost it over the years?

The zionists number is up. And the Rothschilds are the poster child for the private fractional fiat usury baking system enslaving the world. Zionism is trying to start a third world war. Zionism created israel through the Balfour declaration. Zionism is responsible for the genociding of the Palestians off their own land.

The Rothschilds are the quintessential Shylocks of right now.

Anonymous said...

Seems the Fake Jewish banking cartel has thrown us a bone to chew on ,,,
Nat Rothschild is small fry,,,it's the entire parasitical cartel that needs removing including politicians corporate entity's the whole thing,,,,

Nat Rothschild looked like he was doing good when he was cleaning up the oceans and stuff,,
The city may of said goodbye to him
But the people of the world need him to help them make things right,,,,,

So come on nat Rothschild,,you need to speak whole heartedly and openly,,,,,
take your seat by the fire,
be the true brother that you are,,,


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Shitstream Media, Crown Colony Syndrome and The Black Nobility..

Visible said...

Yeah, he's a real prince; friend and sustainer (or is that creator) of widows and orphans.

Visible said...

A little puff piece on Natty Nat.

Anonymous said...

I know lord vis....let's give him a chance not to be though,,,

If he could bring all those underhanded deals and all that murder and poverty his family have been dealing in over the years to light,he would be doing good,,,,,
If he can't...well he's finished
We must remember he has been indoctrinated from birth,he needs to clear that away,,get past it,,,,,

Respect neil

Visible said...


the gardener said...

Just prior to the Nat Rothschild investment stories came the breakup of the Goldsmith/Rothschild families merger-

Rothschild wife leaves Goldsmith hubbie for a big black rapper... lol tweeting it all out for the world to see and comment. yessssss

Big changes whether one can see, feel, affect or accept them.

Very big lull before the storm. Everyone on this planet has had the full opportunities to show who and what they really are in these escalated time lines... that cycle of 'showing' is over now so how many are going to fear the reaper?

the gardener

ps-am ordering the book-have had it in the past-got lost in the material world shuffle. It's exactly what I need at this time.

jbvtme said...

on the issue of zionism. read aurthur koestler's "the thirteenth tribe".

Anonymous said...

We can imagine fake instruments, singers and composers, robots as slaves, toys or human posers, and different colored dead daughters by skull-capped Mozers in 5 starred painted armored shiny bulldozers.

Unimagined we can't the poor at our door, child rape with tape and dead on the floor; they trashed mother so bad and made her look so sad, that the Lord is here once more, but to settle the score.

They spoke of his crimes of the last 3 times, but played down his roll,
thieving, murdering, one-eyed, phucking troll.

With the release of Barabbas we continued to hate, with two simple words we sealed our fate; and now Fat Elbert holds what, the next promised East Gate?

Crucify Him is an echo that's 100 times 20, the cost of doing business will be paid by plenty, believe in the Lord Christ and forgiveness be gently as he holds the scales to measure guilt or innocenti.



Ray B. said...

Shirl E, October 21, 2012 12:51:00 AM

"Ray B, It too felt to me the Transmutation is over due. It's been feeling heavy. What's the hangup?"

I, too, have been questioning the 'wait'. To date, I have found out a few things about it. I did find out that the delay is not subject to a certain date or a certain set of accomplishments.

Also, Higher Ups say that we literally could not understand the 'tipping' event because we are not 'built' that way. The Higher Ups have said they would provide a so-so 'analogy' for it when the time is right.

In addition, the 'tipping' event is to be brought about by purely Earth-based beings. By this, I mean those of high-enough levels to 'enact' it. In our case, they are mostly (real) Elves, Stone Circle Entities, (real) Angels, etc. Humans and (real) Faeries are just not in this picture.

Plus, the 'tipping' event is of an 'active' mode. By that, think in terms of two examples. Picture a balanced teeter-totter with a Higher Up on it. To move it while on it, the Higher Up has to reach down with a hooked stick and pull the teeter-totter down. It is termed more 'active'. Now, picture an off-balance teeter-totter with a Higher Up not on it. He/she/it is just holding it in place with his/her/its hand. To move it, the Higher Up just has to let go. It is termed more 'passive'. They tell me that the situation with Earth is more the former example.

Sorry about being enigmatic; that is all they will tell me. As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

mike m said...

Thanks alot author of Monster Cash, now that song will be in my head all day!!!LOL!

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

The Voice of the Darkness and The Hasbara Trolls.



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