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The Devil and the Deep Blue Apocalypse.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to Origami Country. We do not form paper into interesting shapes. We seek to shape the words into interesting forms. I have always been a between the lines guy. Long ago, I learned that that is where meaning lurks and if you adjust yourself appropriately, revelation can follow. In earlier years, I used to drop acid and then read “The Way of Life” (Witter Bynner edition) by Lao Tzu for hours, seeking to imprint the contents upon my mind. I did this quite a few times. I tried to do this with The Tarot once and it closed up on me. I went, “Ah hah, what do you know”? My reply, since I talk to myself and consider it a healthy practice, was, “Not very much”.

I've been looking for God for a long time (like I say to people sometimes, “I didn't know he was lost”). Part of the reason for that, was my not understanding the things that had happened to me, from the moment I stepped out on this “sweet, swinging sphere”. Part of the reason was my fascination with all things metaphysical. Part of the reason was the things going on in my heart and another part of the reason, was that God wouldn't have it any other way. Of special note and of extreme importance, is what Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “If you don't look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter”. I remember that putting the fear of God into me when I read it. Then I recollected that I had indeed done that and I was good to go, or continue, as the case may be. It is a wonderful thing, to come across a quote by someone you highly admire and find that it applies to you. That doesn't happen a whole lot around here.

Lately, when in rarefied state, I have had the peculiar experience of God coming into my being, speaking, acting out, talking to me with my voice, while I am right there and thrilling me no end. It is unmistakeable who it is but... you would expect that. God doesn't come across as all soft and gentle, neither as harsh and insistent. It's one of those, beyond good and evil things. God has a wicked sense of humor. I don't mean 'wicked' bad but rather wicked good. He's also got this confidence and certitude thing that is way past anything I possess, or probably ever will but... God IS part of us, just as are the less savory forces, resident in those who work for the other side.

I've mentioned before, a certain irony concerning those who serve the infernal prince. From what I can gather, Satanists get certain promises, of particular results and states of being, should they carry out those portions of the program that are specified by His Lowness. The idea is to rise up in the ranks by vice of certain acts of horrific performance and general fealty; in other words, “I will do anything to anyone at any time, in order to get what I want”. Engaging in external destructions, corruptions and ritual abuses, effects the same internally, within the practitioner. In other words, you do things outside to bring about states inside, while preparing the ground for the practice of the presence of Satan, or one of his minions.

As with anything of this nature, either positive or negative, it comes with it's own atmosphere. It's as if you were in a self contained bubble. The result of this, is that you are denied other perspectives of states you have rejected, in order to reside in states you have accepted. As you move up the ranks of the infernal hierarchy, your awareness of the indwelling potency increases and this works the same in both hierarchies. So, Satan is with you every step of the way, advising, encouraging, suggesting and so forth. There is the promise of a cushy position in the realm of Hell, once one has departed from this realm; shuffled off that mortal coil and so on and so forth. They fully believe this, even though Satan is called, 'the father of lies'. They buy into the idea of, “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. The thing is, as has been stated here many times, 'the devil works for God'. The Devil functions as instigator and District Attorney. What he really does, is gather evidence, all along the course of the existence of those who have delivered themselves into his service for personal gain. They do acquire these gains in the course of their tenure. That goes with the territory. Satanists suffer from a form of terminal myopia. Everything really does look a certain way and... for the purpose of demon-stration, it is that way, until it is not.

In the times of Mr. Apocalypse, which we happen to be resident in these days, one of the features of that period is Judgment; that quick and the dead thing. Court convenes, in mid air or somewhere and The Devil arrives, in his three piece suit, with briefcase in hand. Imagine the surprise of the defendants, when their mentor and protector turns out to be The Prosecutor. “But, but, you said...”. “Yeah, well, I lied”. Usually The Devil will laugh at this juncture, experiencing the fiendish amusement, that no doubt occurs in moments like this.

Now, it may act out in a slightly different manner than what I have presented here but I've got it on good authority that it, more or less, goes down this way. We need to get the awareness that it is all scripted. This is the purpose of surrender and “rely on me”. As the director, God knows exactly where the story is going. God knows all of the twists and turns and is resident in everyone in the movie, in some fashion or another. Having made the necessary surrender and having embraced the necessary reliance, you are now in a position to directly relate to the God in everyone. The suggestion by many teachers, is to converse and interact with the God in everyone you meet. You invoke or call forth the deity in others and that is who you treat with. It's a much better situation than to be dealing with their temporary, fabricated self.

This is what one notices in those ashrams, where a bonafide master is resident. He/she, addresses the God in everyone he/she meets and greets, individually and collectively. This creates an atmosphere of harmony and unity. It is a real pleasure to be present under these circumstances. I had that distinct pleasure in Philadelphia a long time ago, when I was in the company of a living saint. The power and serenity that came off of him was remarkably palpable. He didn't have a line on his face, even though he was over a hundred years old. He had been discovered some fifty years previously, already with white hair, sitting in a tree in Ceylon. I say, Ceylon, since it was called that then. When I used to hear him speak in the main room of the fellowship, the room would fill with light. He ate about a tablespoon of food a day and this never changed.

The problem with the whole scenario was the other followers. Everyone agreed on Guru Bawa but many people did not agree with each other. Some good number of the resident there were serious ingenues, both spiritually and life experience wise. This made them experts on what others should be and do. After Bawa passed away, Carolyn Secretary ( she was his secretary) and Dick Tambi ( I think he was called), along with a few other high mucky mucks, paved over the beautiful lawn in front of the fellowship, had parking lines painted on the asphalt and then gave themselves assigned parking places with their titles inscribed thereupon. There was some number of seriously, self important people there and that kind of thing irks me no end. Of course most of them really did not care for me. In all honesty, I can say that my behavior was a tad outrageous during that period, embroiled as I was in a questionable relationship, having recently abandoned a much finer relationship, due to my being in a certain amount of turmoil about who and what I was and what I thought I wanted to do. Here I made one of those critical decisions that affected the course of my life. I remember saying to myself, “Well, I've got to rock and roll". I was the only person Bawa ever told that it was okay to do this (“Okay, you go and do it and then you come back”.) and that caused a furor because there were a lot of musicians there. It led to Bawa having to devote an entire discourse to the matter. Another time, so the tale was related to me. Bawa was sitting in his window, looking down upon the area in front of the fellowship. I happened to be standing there talking to someone and Bawa said, "What waste of such a brilliant mind (grin)". In any case, he signed off on me later, saying to my friend, Michael Green, when he went to him about my being in jail on Maui, “He'll be okay, he's just chosen another path”.

I've never had much serendipity at ashrams and that is a pity because I can't think of any other living situation that I covet more. That's the motive force behind my drive for a community. I love living with other people and sharing in common goals. I love the experience of that kind of personality fusion and the terrific energy that is possible when people can put aside the separated personal and achieve 'group consciousness'. I don't know how it all turns out yet, maybe a virtual community is all I am going to get but, maybe that's not so bad. There's always that community of kindred spirits in the heavenly realm of The Impersonal Life, awaiting the possibility of residence later on.

So we come to the end of another Origami, here in Origami Land and we hope we shaped the words and thoughts into an enjoyable interlude for those who have found their way here. May the encircling light encircle and permeate you. May you find tranquility in the midst of confusion and discover the secret wellsprings of that mysterious oasis from which divine intoxication flows.

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The radio show should be up, as James told me he was putting it together last night but so far I don't see it. I do think it will be up soon.


Anonymous said...

can one imagine "genetic" memory ?

is there really such a reality, or do we inhabit a dream/nightmare for the demons prostrated before "God"...

all the blood & Treasure...

all the vain notions..

the self inflated ego's...

oh well,....

argue for your limitations and sure enough they're yours...

Viva Hugo,,,,respects neil

whats in your wallet...

Erica said...

Thanks Vis,This one spoke to me,as did the extract from 'The Impersonal Life'.
Hadn't heard of that book before-but have ordered it,to reinforce your ongoing guidance.

Anonymous said...

I try to be the best that I can.
I try to be good and kind to others.
If I catch myself acting out in a selfish or uncaring manner to others..
I stop,I have a word with myself and then I correct myself.
I feel really good when I share what little I have with others..
I wish I had more,
because then I could share more.

But I do wonder about my darkside sometimes.
Do I have the Devil or one of his many demons leaning over my shoulder and whispering in my ear?
Because when ever I see that smug Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne on T.V.
All that I can think of is punching him in his pudgy over privileged face over and over and over again ad infinitum.....

I just know it would feel so good.


UselessEater U.K.

Visible said...

The radio show is now up. Please go to the end of the post where the active link is.

Anonymous said...

Les, the Tarot "closed up on you" because it is Kabbalistic (Jewish and Babylonian). Unless one has a Jew-permeable psyche the Tarot won't work.

I notice that O.T.O. and Masonic types are into the Tarot.

Great post as usual.


Anonymous said...

Hey Vis ,

I value your spiritual take on the world as we know it, so I have a question for you and the readers here in Visible Land.

I was just introduced to Nichiren Buddism yesterday (sunday) and went to meeting in northern Ohio.Being open minded and following native american medicine wheel teaching and practice and all , I was very curious about the nichiren practice.

Any one with direct experience ?
Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks Vis and All.

walking hawk

Visible said...

Jesus! The Tarot DID NOT close up on me for that reason. Good grief! The Hebrew alphabet is not Jewish. It is derived from The Chaldean Flame alphabet and they merely appropriated it. The Tarot is NOT Jewish. I don't know know where you people come up with some of these things. I very clearly said it closed up (and only for that day) because I took acid to do imprinting.

nina said...

I do enjoy your stories Viz.

Small comment about: "Lately, when in rarefied state, I have had the peculiar experience of God coming into my being, speaking, acting out, talking to me with my voice, while I am right there and thrilling me no end." There are people who have passed though our lives leaving great love and compassion as we go on in bizarro world without them, but they speak to us from time to time exactly as you describe with incredibly comforting responses to the mysteries still holding us, the living.

Thank you for your efforts today and always.


Anonymous said...

yeah, engaging Oneself sooner than later seems a more likely yield than the prospect of digging out from under decades of deeply entrenched notions of a world that is not.

still, i remember a friend of mine's response whenever asked what he was up to he'd say; "just shoveling some more s$#t". he believed true education to be the process of unlearning pretty much everything we'd been been taught since day one.

a healthy predisposition to 'veritas' is the more likely scenario, but you never know what combination of letters or actions might spark recognition in another.

never a follower be, cause you simply can't see through another's eyes. the most valuable material i come across seems to find me, as if to confirm that which i've just realized or recently remembered.

wailuku? just another (mis)step in the dance. only mine was to be just the first 'night' in a rather protracted 'no-star tour' of the islands. hi-ho.

always moving on. still enjoy your literary sojourns into our not so 'separate reality'. those who embrace their inner magician,do not 'journey to the east' alone.

Anonymous said...

there's an ashram in the cosmic world where we gather as spirits when we realize the power we have and who we really are. when we forget...the ashram falls apart and we are back in this world -- alone and lost. and searching.

this world is not our own ...we're just passing through...(i read that somewhere)

realize your power and who you are.

midnight at the ashram...take your camel to bed.


Anonymous said...

anon 6:03;

"I AM."

as if in confirmation.

Visible said...

I ran into Nirchen Shoshu and their Gohansens back in the 70's. All of the members were chanting for material things, new cars etc. Apparently it works though I never got into it. I'm not judging it here, I'm just telling you what my experience was. I knew a number of people who were into it.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

You Visible prabhu, are anything but impersonal.

Reality chanting for dollars!! (and cadillacs)
Money mantras and auto Aums.

Christ consciousness is hardly impersonal either. Elvis vote of confidence or not.

Anyone with even a modicum of reason can realize what Christ's consciousness is.

My Father! Hari Nam!
My Father! Hari Nam!
My Father! Hari Nam!

Right up to the grisly end.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Vis.

From what I saw yesterday, there are prayers for self, then others, and then for world peace.

Three part system!? (smiles)

walking hawk

Visible said...

Homer, it's an expression of the Christian religion. Each religion differs in presentation and any religion that insists it is the exclusive province of truth is wrong. That's just my take. "In my fathers house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.

I don't hold with any dogma or cant so I can't (grin) endorse anything over anything else. Whatever works for people is fine with me. Impersonal means that the one personality prevails and not a competitive mishmash of opposing personalities. Elvis name on the link had nothing to do with me or the reference. That's like associating an advertising dialogue box with the article on the page.

Anyway, people will believe what they want. I don't know who's right. All I know is what my internal communications reveal to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking we as humans have always had the origonal teachings no specific race or culture had exclusivity,,,,

ancient artifacts everywhere,each culture has added something everywhere in the world,,wether its rocks and story's or great temples and statues,,

I am reckoning wo/mans history is a lot older than what science is saying,,

Anyway,,one day we will all know,,,

If we take up our challenge,,whatever that may be

Respect Neil

Mouser said...

It appears the corporate media is finally acknowledging what many of us knew to be true all along.


Anonymous said...

By the love that holds and gives
Climbs and turns,
Lives us full
Eternally guides us
In unity
One Mind heart soul


Anonymous said...

Her instance the divine touch of wildness
Opening precious jewels
turning into springs of wonderment
echoing the heavens
blossoming flowers
in the universal field of all


Anonymous said...


an invitation to dissociation. just another divide and conquer.

maybe okay for acute psycho-therapeutic triage, but in the long run, well ... just a long run.

nuthin' more politically incorrect than the truth.(grin)

Anonymous said...

I've learned through personal experience that once you lose touch with God, the Devil is right around the corner to pick up the slack. The saying, "an idle mind is the devil's workshop" is so true. There's really no middle ground. You are either operating on behalf of the glory of God or you glorify satan by your thoughts and actions. I feel that some are born to follow satan, others are born to follow God. The rest are given the option of choosing which path to take. The left hand/satanic path is so attractive because its rewards are swift and punishment is delayed. Doing what is right means accepting punishment/chastisement (bad karma) at each wrong turn and learning from it. The bad karma/punishment is swift, but the rewards are eternal. Satanists do not believe in eternal life let alone karmic retribution so they do what they wilt and it does indeed work in their favor until that day when they take their final breath and realize how unenlightened they really were. They exchange their heart for a millstone.

Anonymous said...

no offense to partakers.

just a cautionary tale. with true clarity comes optimism, but when it's hard to see the forest for the trees, sometimes it's a bog (of emotions) that one is rising above, to gain their perspective.

a nice place to visit, perhaps, but contra-indicated as a long term solution.

Visible said...

The best thing, before making a judgment is to have personal experience of the subject. Without that it is pure speculation, except where obvious, such as jumping off a roof. Lacking experience and simply resourcing superficial information in an authoritative manner makes no deeper impression. World wide Ketamine is now being used to treat depression and according to those in the field there is nothing so effective and comprehensive. End of story. By the way, disassociative is a term created by those who have no personal experience on the matter. It is anything but that in my case and people socializing with me would certainly agree.

rainstorm said...

I have been following my intuition around like a puppy for the last four or five months, and my intuition led me to your blog.

I was hoping you'd do a more in depth post on Kali Yuga,as the info I get from the net is always contradictory on the subject.

I seem to be obsessed with Time and it's Cycles.

I would lke to see how the Yuga cycle ties in with the Mayan Calendar and the Precession of the Equinoxes.

I find it excedingly PROFOUND that there are TWO 26,000 year cycles converging NOW,at this moment in Time.

My intuition tells me the Yuga cycle ties in as well, but I don't know how.

If all of these cycles(there are others, which I won't get into here at the present)are converging at this Time, it seems to me that THIS time is exceedingly more important than any other time in perhaps millions of years.

For instance, the Mayan Calendar has a periocidy of 25,625 years (and represents and tracks the up and down motion of the Solar System across the galactic plane)while the Precession of the Equinoxes has a periocidy of 25,920 years. These two periods converging at this Time has to take MILLIONS of years to converge in this way.

What are the odds that WE would be living here,at this moment in time? Why am I here right Now? Why are you?

Anonymous said...

We live in a giant mental asylum. If you aren't depressed, what is wrong with you? Horse tranquilizers for the masses to treat depression? Hm. Ketamine is strangely the only psychedelic oriented drug that is used in hospitals with kids. K for kids. New pharmaceutical commercial on the horizon. I can see it.

These times are weird. And darkness abounds. I think the patriarchy needs to die. I don't think teaching caring and highly dissociative women the reverse kaballah in a circus tent is the answer. What is this life? Why are we creating this circus for ourselves? The tent is hanging lower, the lights dimming, the makeup getting sadder. Aggression is the same old. Judgement is the same old. We all are the same thing. The only truth is vibration. People make mistakes for all sorts of reasons. We have to to grow. Core vibrations usually shine through regardless of said mistakes.

hurting others is hurting ourselves. id rather get injured than be an injurer, however, i'd prefer neither.

Visible said...

Yep, judgment remains the same. It so happens that 'horse tranquilizer' is a generalized catch all and that item has been used in a variety of formats. There is usually a considerable backstory to things that the superficial treatments do not embrace. John Lilly's tremendous success with dolphins can be traced to his use of Ketamine for decades. He lived to be 86 years young.

Visible said...

rainstorm; i am not a left brain mathematical meta-physician. Because of this I cannot answer your questions but there are some here who can possibly illuminate things to some degree. I am more of the visionary, mystic mode and my awarenesses come through intuitions and revelations that spring upon me whole cloth. I know need to know the details of the conclusions that are given to me most of the time and when I do, they are given. Others come to their conclusions 'through' the details.

Anonymous said...

i know of no studies which refer to 'special k' as disassociative, which is not to say they dont exist.

i have only my own experience and personal observations of others close enough to me and over a more than sufficient span of time. i am not in the habit, neither is it in my nature to source 'official' studies, exclusively, as a substitute for my own considered opinion ... or as a convenience to support a personal bias.

as per psychiatric tool, ketamine may well be useful as a (temporary) alleviant, even insight, for depression within an otherwise structured therapeutic program. certainly not a magic bullet, in and of itself.

the danger exists in its relative subtlety to other 'comestibles' (you know the ones) lending its supernormal, if grandiose, enhancements to a more transparently rationalized and frequented 'recreational' use.

this speaks, at once, to the potential for a widening gap between (anaesetized) emotion and intellectual access, and to the nature of it's attraction to many of its users.

hey, to each his own. i am no stranger to experiential adventurism. just dont forget to send flowers for algernon.

p.s.: did you know that you tend to get froggy and presumptive when you disagree, quiet (somehow) when you dont?(grin)

Visible said...

You know, not to be rude or anything but this conversation with you and I is over. Ketamine is commonly called a disassociate all over the place; rather coincidental. I don't accept the opinion of anyone who just bombastically projects things with no personal experience. It's offensive and sweeping comments about it only being temporary and no cure and reflecting what seems to be an Olympian perspective on things one knows all to little about is something that rubs me the wrong way and I suspect I am not the only one. I'll do what I see fit at least I base my judgments and behavior on personal experience and not whatever this is.

Chances are you're just fucking with me so we'll leave it at that, as something uninformed that had no impact whatsoever.

Visible said...

Mainstream media horseshit aside.

I Am said...

There is no other God

NOTHING comes from the outside. Nothing exists outside that did not arrive in and find its power, but by your inside imagination first and your willingness to believe in its presentation. It is the only invisible plane that has the power to prove God exists because it is the residence of the resurrected Lord. God speaks to you in your voice because you are he and there is no other.

When you can teach someone that their imagination is the residential palace of the Lord and that all outside creations come from within the internal palace then the moniker of teacher is appropriate and the blind have been healed, the dead resurrected, the crooked made straight, and the lame mended.

Seek and ye shall find, ask and all will be given; from your internal residence called Calgary where you are entombed but guaranteed to meet thee. No one comes to the Father except through the Son. You are the Son of Man being animated by You the Father and there is no one else. These are not my words but, our Fathers.

Neal said...

I Am, that is doctrines of demons. Nothing comes from the outside, you know better. Everything is outside this place, that is the truth, embedded through these times, as invitations, escape doors, and roads less traveled.

There is an outside. You are not that. You could become very small, and petition for Mercy, if you could just understand the need, and the lack. It would be better to be dead many times over, than to pretend to some life without serving. You make me weep. You knew better before you started stealing, you should know better.

Ray B. said...


The Anonymous multi-poster seems to be adhering to the methods of my months-ago "Disinfo 101". He (vibes of a 'he') obviously saw across the months that Ketamine is a 'core' value to you. If he can rattle you there, it will spread throughout your system. Very similar to the poster who went after Ramtha and Monroe some time ago, with me. I have not checked to see whether he is paid or an amateur; just wanted to post my observation.

Enjoying your columns. Keep up the good work (please)...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. For the record, I have no feelings on Ketamine usage, not having experienced it.

est said...

why is it so hard to understand
that inside and outside are the

same place separated only by a door -that is built from words-

there's a reason why it's called
'en-trance' and 'ex-it'

as hard as it is to believe we are
on both sides simultaneously

Anonymous said...

i'm not your daddy, so shut the fuck up. you've got a younger audience, so man up and practice what you preach.

if you cant come off that low rent ego, then why bother to be?


'the israelite' (you pompous idiot)

Clarity said...

@rainstorm, here are some Kali Yuga links for you:

Visible's Red Ice radio show: Kali Yuga: The Age of Darkness

This interesting video is only 46 minutes long. Food for thought... don't be put off by the title.

Golden Age of This Kali Yuga

Kali Yuga: The Patriarchal Dark Age

Surfing the Kali Yuga

I hope you find something helpful here...


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with ketamine,,,I can't see what the problem is,,,if it helps and brings about a positive influence within society,,,why deprive that,,,
Years ago we wasn't in the Kali yuga,,chances are we didn't feel like this,,,their was more peace felt within society,,,,creating a better atmosphere,,,
I would say Ketamine has come along through the need of the people,,,I expect years ago,when we had clarified knowledge of plants and the properties that they contained,,,their would of been an equivalent doing the same job in society,,,I really don't know seems rational though,,,


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

The John Wayne Gacy, Clown Clones meet the Pedophillirasters at the G.M.O.

Anonymous said...

Re-read the post Neal without the Vodka. I know you and your heart when it isn't pickled. Sober up or sit on your hands. It is the clearest response on here. There is no causation on the outside that did not arise from thhe inside and I believe you'll determine that was said.



Anonymous said...


The truth: When you say I AM anything and believe it, the truth bears fruit. I am a writer, I am a guru, I am a rapist, I am a soldier, I am a pedophile, I am a rock star, I am lonely, I am depressed, I am a drug addict, I am an alcoholic, I am sick, I am tired, I am poor, I am wealthy, I am healthy, (it's not what you put in your mouth that defiles you it's what comes out that can.) I am secure, I am safe, I am alone, I am awake, I am asleep, I am an American, I am Russian, I am Jew, I am Mexican, etc. None of these states become hardened reality until they are moved into or possessed with faith, hope, and love or jealousy, anger and hatred. The Lord speaks through a man and says, in the 12th chapter of Mark: 'Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.' In the Bagagavita Krishna admonishes Arjuna for not desiring to kill his cousins in a battle when that is what his cousins imagined he would do and desired to have happen. As Krishna, Arjuna had to fulfill there desires as they are Krishna as well. There, all the mystery is done and the bullshit can disappear and the bogus cards, ouji boards, outside avatars, books, and every other crutch outside of you can be cast away as you are healed.

Throughout history the Lord has powered human imagination so that each of us is our own personal savior called Jesus Christ. These are not my words, but the Fathers. You were sent here to save the world not judge it. The East wants to teach stillness and emptiness when nature abhors a vacuum. The West wants to teach that someone outside you has paid the price for you and yet the Lord says: I AM in you. In order for the cross called Ghana to bear life Jesus Christ must be its power of consciousness. There is no other and I am he.


Anonymous said...

@ 5:07

I am he and so are you, cept you walk around stating: "I AM an asshole!" Loud and clear and like I said, you believe it and shazam... you're an asshole.


ghana(the pompous idiot)

who is a gentile possessed by Jesus Christ, yet never to be confused with a Christian

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Personal Hygiene..

At the time of getting up in the morning, one should say: "O Original Personality of Godhead! O consciousness of all three worlds! O Lord of Laxmi! O Vishnu! According to your order I am getting up in the morning so that I can become engaged throughout the day in activities for Your pleasure."

There are seven kinds of bath: mantra, partiva, agnia, barupia, dupia, varun and manasa.

When one puts water on his head by chanting mantra, that is called mantra snan.

When one touches sacred soil like that of Ganges and uses it as tilak, that is known as earthly bath.

When purified ash is smeared on the body that is called fiery bath.

When one applies the dust that flies from the hoves of the cows, that is called aerial bath.

When it rains in sunshine, taking bath in that rain is called celestial bath.

When one takes bath in a river or a reservoir of water, that is called watery bath.

When one remembers Vishnu and meditates upon Him, his body becomes purified. It is called a mental bath.

The sages have confirmed that of all kinds of baths, a mental bath is the best because just by remembering Shri Vishnu, one becomes purified both internally and externally.

Anonymous said...

To the commentor asking about Nichirin Daishonin Buddhism: I was introduced to this practice back in the early 80's in LA: I chanted until I was raw.

Never did it with any real conviction and maybe that's why it didn't work for me. It always made me feel rather silly once all the gonging and chanting was done.

I recall going to a HUGE spectacle in Los Angeles, where celebrity Buddhists like Marcia Wallace joined the throng. I seem to remember that the head honcho from Japan was on the podium than evening, so it was a rather big deal.

I was rooting around in a box the other day and found my Gohonzon, still wrapped up in the same scarf I'd bundled it in all those years ago: I suppose it seemed sacrilegious to just pitch it back then, and even now, over 30 years later, I did not throw it out.

Someone in my family will find it after I die and may wonder what else this crazy person was into. I've never spoken about my brief dalliance with Nichirin Buddhism.

I agree with Mr. Vis: everybody I knew seemed to be chanting for more STUFF, or visible fame or better fortune, including me at the time.

Anonymous said...

To Annon. fri. oct. 12 6:10 am

Thank You.

To Vis,
I Thank You from my Heart for All the help you have freely given to all of us in all ways.

walking hawk



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'I Need More Light' from the Les Visible Album
God in Country

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With gratitude to Patrick Willis.

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