Friday, October 05, 2012

Marvelous and Meaningful Things

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Right off the bat. As most of you know, my dog Poncho has been suffering from seizures for some time. I got an email from the people from Natural Awakenings, which is one of the free advertisements on my blogs; speaking of doing the right thing on occasion and... they told me that the pure coconut oil might help. Since I have been giving it to him, there have been no seizures. Now, he never gets these seizures outside and rarely in the daytime but, a couple of weeks ago, we were coming back from a local store, when he started acting funny in the parking lot, looking disoriented and snapping at the air. He frothed a bit and then, in a few moments, shook it off and friskily walked home with me. It happened again, a few days later at the house, same thing, one of the lightest seizures I have ever seen, both of them. They were different in category and type than ever seen before. I cannot help but draw certain conclusions. I highly recommend this to anyone who has similar problems. I am stoked beyond all measure of description, should it prove that this is so.

These last days have been among the most exciting I have ever known. A number of people from different locales, some I had never met before, descended upon Casa Visible and the home of a nearby friend for dinner and greets. There was the new folk, Scott and Michaela, then Stuart and Michael, along with the various others already about and song and dance filled the air. Scott is one of the most amazing musicians and singers I have encountered and you have already seen a portion of our impromptu collaborations. I'm hoping we meet again. India seems to be on the menu for that and I go to the UK and Romania shortly. This includes Glastonbury, with a conversation about the festival there so, it's all woo woo at this point. I don't know what to make of it. My recent sessions with the divine have been off the charts, into territories I have never seen before. It defies all expectation and belief. I am stunned but in the best possible of all ways. It doesn't get much better than this but I am told it does. Stunned, very stunned.

Today is October the 5th. I was told it was all going to get much easier and lighter after today. We shall see. I haven't been steered wrong yet, except according to my own perceptions being flawed and faulty as they sometimes are, given that I live in Fawlty Towers. I have been waiting and waiting and striving toward some unknown end. As ever, some kind of end, some new beginning, some form of change awaits.

These are strange and eerie and marvelous times. Given what you see in the news and in the world around us, there is an ominous and deadening appearance, joined with apathy and indifference, as well as callous and self serving behavior. This is juxtaposed by heroics, seen and unseen, by the usual minority players. It's always a minority of players but it won't always be that way, if that makes any sense. The change is coming and it won't be long.

I'll tell you and I probably already have, I've never seen anything like recent days and if I have, it was a long time ago, time out of memory. I've seen things recently that promise a world I've never seen before nor imagined, with amazing clarity. The serendipity and convergence of events, in these visions. The way they circle around and then return and define themselves, from apparent horrors into blessings, well, it's a bunch to take in, in such a short space of time. The things I have seen and I can't say a word about them but I have tried, in my way, like some kind of bird on a high tension wire (grin).

All these trips to everywhere that now beckon and indicate a permanent change in address and application, are of supernatural origin to say the least, so I have no choice but to go with the flow and no inclination to do otherwise either. I observe that it is the nature of the human mind to mistrust things that operate and appear beyond the usual scope of ordinary events. I am clearly seeing that it is the general tendency of the human mind, to disbelieve what seems to be too good to be true. Even in the face of indisputable evidence the mind rejects what is in front of it. I'm seeing these things up close and personal. Of course, all of this is for a very good reason. I wouldn't be going through this, except for a very good reason and it is all in order to erase all doubt from my mind and heart, for all time. Everything in life, is being caused to occur in our lives for this reason. There are levels to all of this and you don't get to the more amazing levels of life, without getting through the mundane first, or without having grown tired of the mundane, to the point that you are permitted to move beyond it.

It is funny how so much that has appeared to me in a certain way, no longer appears in that way anymore. Things that were hardwired, as being true, are no longer true. Things that seemed to certainly be a certain way and what most people believe to be true, have been shown to me as not being true at all. I can't put most of this into words and that is something I am fairly competent at but these things and especially recent things, go beyond what words will do, no matter whose words they are.

It is one of the most difficult things to move beyond our entrenched doubt and the false faith we have in false things. As hard as we try, we find it near impossible to move beyond these things. We cannot move beyond these things on our own, we have to have assistance from one who has moved beyond these things, because we cannot find our way on our own. We simply go round in circles, the same way we would in the woods, without some kind of guide, guidance or knowledge and we always get these things from somewhere else. The knowledge we have within, is not revealed to us, unless someone reveals it to us, or allows it to be revealed to us. That's just how it goes and most people doubt that this is so but I am unconcerned with that; with what most people believe, or what most people think because what most people believe and think is only going to drag you down, into the hole that they are in, just like the teachings of the false prophets and teachers who operate all around us. They proliferate these days. They're always around but in these days they proliferate. These are those days.

Those days and these days come about every now and again and this is the time they come around in. They come around in the days of Mr. Apocalypse. These are the days of Mr. Apocalypse. You can tell people about it. They will nod their heads, as if they believe you but they don't, not really. The fundies believe that the days of Mr. Apocalypse will come. Some of them believe these are the days of Mr. Apocalypse. Not a century goes by, when they don't think that that is the time of Mr. Apocalypse but they have not been right so far. Maybe I'm wrong too but the ones who tell me what they tell me haven't been wrong so far so, we'll see.

It's very, very odd how things look to me at these times and how they have looked for a long, long time. I know they don't look this way to other people and I've stopped wondering why that is. I know we all see variations on a theme but even the theme is not the same. The theme changes as we change. There is no constant theme, except beneath all of the themes. In that place, out of which all the themes are woven, that place all the patterns come out of. That is the place we want to get to and we can't get there until we get past the themes. Each person is operating from a theme. Each theme is temporary, so each person operating out of any of the themes, is mortal, within the parameters of the theme. It is only when you get to the place beneath, or above (if you prefer), all of the themes, that you become immortal because you are then resonant with that place, where all themes proceed from. You go even beyond the archetypes. That is your destiny and it may take many lifetimes for this to happen, or it may happen very quickly, if you are energetic and motivated. That is a personal decision.

How real is real? How unreal is unreal? How far is far and how far is too far? These are questions we need answers to and those answers are within us. Sometimes they are revealed. Sometimes they are revealed to us and sometimes, by some spontaneous and unknown means, we discover them. Sometimes we can read between the lines of the great books, where revelation exists and revelation will occur from. Until then, scripture has only so much meaning, according to the pattern you are operating out of. It doesn't actually speak outside of the pattern, even when you think it does and that is where all the misconceptions and prejudices, all the inquisitions and intolerances, along with all the brutalities and other things emerge out of. It's why we have them, along with all the other unpleasant conditions and circumstances that temporary life is heir to.

Ah well, we've run out of the appointed space and we will see you again, in another theme on another day. Much love to you and many greetings. Many, many greetings.

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The spontaneous radio show will go up in the next day or so. Scott and I just winged it. We'll see if you like it.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
May the Blessings of the Divine continue poring on you. May the Blessings of The Divine arise like early morning dew, to feed the Rose Garden of the Heart.

Robin Redbreast said...

Something is happening
I wish I had your vision
Worn down but not worn out
It does feel like a new page
I wish it was a new chapter.
Whenish are you over to the UK and wheresabout will you be?
LLP xxx

Visible said...

I'll be various places under a hundred K outside of London

Anonymous said...

"Death by Nutrasweet"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Dancin' in the Street", by Ivan Hunter, Marvin Gaye and William Stevenson, made famous by Martha & the Vandellas.)

Calling out around the world
Are you ready for a brand-new treat
Summer's here and the time is right
For death by Nutrasweet
They're dyin' up in Chicago
Down in New Orleans
Up in New York City
All we need is you sick - yes, you sick
There'll be sickness everywhere
There'll be tinglin', swayin', brain-cell slayin'
Death by Nutrasweet

Oh it doesn't matter what you eat
Just as long as Aspartame's there
So come on every guy, grab a girl
Everywhere around the world
They'll be dyin'
Death by Nutrasweet

It's just an invitation across the nation
A chance to cull the sheep
There'll be M.S.-bringing, ears a-ringing
Death by Nutrasweet
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore and D.C. now
Can't forget the Motor City
All we need is you sick - yes, you sick
There'll be sickness everywhere
There'll be tinglin', swayin', brain-cell slayin'
Death by Nutrasweet

Oh it doesn't matter what you eat
Just as long as Aspartame's there
So come on every guy, grab a girl
Everywhere around the world
They're all dyin'
Death by Nutrasweet

Way down in L.A...every single day
Death by Nutrasweet
Let's form a big strong line...and commit suicide
Death by Nutrasweet
Across the ocean me and you
Death by Nutrasweet...

Anonymous said...

It's been like walking a tightrope,,,
I have become aware of this in myself,,
Especially today,,,there seems to be extremely strong energy,,,

Gratitude neil. : )

the gardener said...

yes yes yes yes *clap* *clap* *clap*!!! I am so glad to read your words right now Vis... heavy times, heavy people... the hollow ones won't know what happened! hahahaha

I felt the need to see if you posted for a boost for what I'm doing right now-survival 2012... and I've got a feeling.

I'm so excited to hear about your company and your traveling plans in the now not so far off future.

I, too, have been having some good company here with more to come immediately. A dear musician with a lifetime of work under his belt came and stayed with me a while... he has grabbed his moment-hit the road to his promise land and I wish him nothing but outrageous success...may all his dreams come true now that he is ready for it.

I am working as hard as I can to do everything that needs to be done. Had a great adventure in my little apple orchard under the moonlight last night. Last picking before deep freeze tonight. :) going to be strudeling up... wish you were here. Wood stove cooking away... kittens in bed with their mama...

the gardener

the gardener said...


pretty amazing how much they want to not only have us all die but profit off of it both ways too.

and there was so much in your post today... I am so glad about Poncho and the coconut oil. I've got a few friends who need this help... I was actually feeling kind of seizury the other day. Yesterday.

the gardener

Mark said...

So who are the bad guys? The archons? Reptilians? Or were we dragged into a shitty timeline? I would rather be in the one where the Titanic never sank. But I'm here, and my job, since I've been blackballed out of gainful employment, is to observe and report. Which is not easy, as my pineal gland has calcified. I used to astral travel when I was a kid, but that ability got slapped out of me along with a few other abilities, to the point where I have not remembered a single dream for at least 15 years. Someone once said of me, "If Mark ever stops smiling, we're in big trouble." We must be in big trouble. My older brother, a true horse's ass but a good mason, brought two people into my life: his wife (CIA) and his best friend (Army Intelligence). As fate would have it, these two interlopers wreaked holy hell with the people they knew in no time flat. One of them was my wife, only she's no longer with us to complain. Another was yours truly, now persona non grata in the more affluent circles. Randy Quaid claims he is being stalked by a highly organized, relentless group of attack dogs in human form whose sole function is to make targeted individuals' lives basically intolerable, so he and his wife are on the lamb. Along with many others. This is just one of the invisible highways which run through America, and most people are not aware of them. I don't think it matters just who cut the cheese and why. They are everywhere, and like the Duracell bunny, they never stop.

Clarity said...

Visible, a very uplifting message today. I'm encouraged, not just by your words, but by the feeling I am getting from them. How great to hear about Poncho Moonlight. That was pure coconut oil, and lots of love and prayers...

Things are changing. Whether it's only for some, for all, or available to all but not everyone can see, I don't know, but two people just told me they see a difference in me. I know that is what is causing some of the differences I've seen in some people around me. It is part of the work I need to do here, although I am waiting for specifics. Right now it is something that is coming from me, and soon (but not soon enough...), it should be getting much stronger.

As someone who does not remember dreams, I found I the more I meditate, the more I could begin to recall of them. I confess I have been negligent in that area since I began working on a birthday surprise (grin), so you can do the math on that. But on Monday I had a dream, and I remembered so much of it - probably more than I've ever remembered of any dream. The most significant part was that a friend was in my dream. This was one of my very few, truly best friends, who died about ten years ago. I don't recall ever having had a dream about her, and I cannot get over how real she seemed - just her. The rest is always a bit fuzzy and all, but she was so clear. She spoke to me telepathically and I spoke aloud, and possibly telepathically at one point. I told her I'd be seeing her soon, but I didn't mean I was going to die.

From your words today, Vis - this part - so important...

These are questions we need answers to and those answers are within us. Sometimes they are revealed. Sometimes they are revealed to us and sometimes, by some spontaneous and unknown means, we discover them.

...and so true. I have been fortunate to have been getting some answers, but I need to get back to meditating.

dw - I don't know if you saw in an earlier comment, but what you sent me was so big, and gave me major answers - for sure.

To my girlie friend - check out the comments - a fun little synchronicity relating to something you said shortly before we left today.

neil - What I said to you, others have noticed as well. I hope you realize how important your words are to many. Keep shining your beautiful, positive light.

To my partner in crime - Smoofies!

Love, light, peace, and hope to all,
~Clarity (Happy owner of a three-day weekend - woo-hoo!)

Anonymous said...

Listened to you on Red Ice radio. You mentioned you had a kundalini experience. I had one too, two years ago. Mine was weird, but I'm sure it was kundalini. It freaked me out so bad I checked myself into a mental hospital. Like being "locked in" in some kind of electric river. At first is was the best experience of my life, but then I though I was going to have my soul ripped out, it was the most intense thing I've ever experienced. I thought I had died and been reborn. I begged god to help me and he did. I was an atheist, now im not. For a long time I felt crazy. Now I know more,through intuition and research,and I know I'm not crazy. Just waking up.

Most people who say they experienced kundalinei are full of it. You're the first I've seen who doesn't seem fake.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

certainly worth taking the time of day to take a deep breath, leave the lines behind, and contemplate the infinite and all embracing eternal.

Anonymous said...

yHello Visible,
October the 5th, 21hrs (GMT) spells the beginning of the end of every false construct imposed on the living planet. The human animals still have work to do, but the tides have shifted and the mothership is moving into uncharted waters. Thanks for being YOU! Sent with LOVE from your silent friend Finn.

Anonymous said...

Why Achieving Enlightenment Is Impossible

Your natural state is already present now. It's not something you can achieve any more than becoming a human is something you can achieve. Enlightenment is something you what you realize yourself to be when you strip away all sense of self and all sense of identity. Like a halloween costume, each identity is just a costume you wear that masks your True Self. The goal is not to achieve enlightenment, but rather to let go of all false sense of self that are overlaid on top of your true nature.

Anonymous said...

Last night I did want to try and do a poem for the gne,,,
Just add my little bit,,,there was really strong energy all day yesterday,,and still now,,,As I have had about four hours sleep...and I'm up already,,
Would of been really nice to try and do a beautiful poem,but I don't think I can,,due to some of the pressures surrounding me,,,

sorry people if anyone was expecting anything

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

Will have a go at a poem tonight or tomorrow.,
I find though any just about acceptable poem just comes out by itself,,with little or no effort from me,,,
If I push or pull,,I go round in circles,,,,
So will try to relax today,,although that maybe difficult as I am working all day,..

will try though

Respect neil

Mouser said...

Ryan Dawson's 3rd rant touches on a crucial fact worth repeating IMO. The zionist matrix system requires that all people and all governments on earth are beholden to them. The system requires all construction to go through them so that the everything is under their control. By making sure anything built or produced on this earth can only occur by the individual or country taking a loan from the zionists, these international money issuers hold control over everything and everybody. A country like Lybia or Venezuela or Iran that has a resource which can free that country and its people to manufacture and build without borrowing from the zionists is a direct threat to the zionist system hegemony.

Usury is the icing on the cake where by borrowing from the zionists the person or country is placed in a debt they can never pay back because the money for the interest does not exist. The result is the person or country must borrow more money the next year to pay the interest on the principal, and then to pay the interest on the interest ad infinitum. The final result is the zionist bankers who "legally" create money out of thin air and loan it at interest to people and countries end up owning everything including the land the people and the countries originally owned.

It is organised crime at an international level. Counterfeiting money and lending that fiat out at interest with the land of the borrowers as collateral. The zionists have lobbied (bribed) the politicians over the years to legalise this counterfeiting and usury practice. The final analysis sees the international zionist bankers (mobsters) having the "legal" right to seize all the land all over the world. The people will then become serfs. Workers who rent a place to live from the zionists.

Oil in Lybia, Venezuela, Iran represents an opportunity for those people and countries to get out from under the zionist system. The mobsters do not want anyone to be free of their usury control so that zionist controlled troops are sent in to those countries to change the regimes to one that will be subserviant to the zionist matrix system of usury and total control.

I do not like being a slave in a zionist matrix system. I don't believe I am alone in the desire to be free of zionist usury.

the gardener said...

RE: Mark... have you tried melatonin? I'd suggest just the 2mg or take a 3mg and cut it in half to start... gets the dreams going again and vivid enough to remember. I do it about 3x a week-take a half dose of the 3mg and I am out in 15 minutes and always have interesting dreams again.

Agree that this is a new cycle with a lot of the old ways no longer working for the archons, Vril or what ever the devils behind the mannequins are.

I love Stewie like I love Vis... here is a new one from him about how to share the light and the love and the healing-I have a tendency to touch things in my goings and comings... I am going to add this to my collection of experiments upon the energies of this world. I used a tree to scratch my back today... hahahah that was a good thing to do.

And -Mark- Randy and Evy Quaid's stories are all valid... it has happened to me and mine too and I need to do a youtube song about 'not having to be a star to get whacked for your assets'. " You don't have to be a star ar... to get whacked for the shit that you ha-ave"... Happens everyday in this country.

There's a good article out there somewhere detailing the lawsuit the Quaids filed about the banks and other creeps associated-realtors, title companies and other motley despicable corps and all the officers of the courts who framed them and ran them off to Canada who were involved with the thefts of their property and since that suit it has all quieted down on them and how 'crazy' they are.

here's Stewart Wilde's link

the gardener

Gonzo said...

You have said that: "It is funny how so much that has appeared to me in a certain way, no longer appears in that way anymore. Things that were hardwired, as being true, are no longer true. Things that seemed to certainly be a certain way and what most people believe to be true, have been shown to me as not being true at all."..... So here I am hoping that you have finally come to the realization that Karma does not exist except as the exception to the rule in our grand universe. Love. Gonzo.

Visible said...

No Gonzo, that is your projection based precisely on what was said and what you are drawing your projections from. You don't see the irony here? It's a tad disheartening when people sit at pontification central and imply how I have now finally or will soon come to their rarefied station that I, mere grasshopper, am so far short of.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Dark Hearts not on the Mend.

Laura said...

I so enjoy and jive to these Visibile Origami posts, dear Vis! These last many years, where there has been the conscious choice to transcend patterns and themes have been the most transformative of my life. Letting go of the "old clothes" I was wearing has been freeing and liberating, to say the least. And I haven't done it on my own, as the divine has become my constant companion, or more accurately expressed, the divine flows within and through me.

In fear, the state of experience is karmic; in love, the state is grace. What you speak of, is grace manifest. It has not truly been collectively experienced thus far in Kali Yuga, until it is in one's life, through self-work and perseverence. It appears magical, but if experienced, it comes about through what we think, feel, say and do, and we know the road traveled to get there.

This feeling of change and redemption in your words is appreciated ~ balm to weary souls. Wisdom born of experience is the gift of the divine, when we allow the divine to be unveiled, revealed within.

Much love and many greetings to you, and all ~

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Many thanks to the gardener for the link to "The Infection of Goodness". Shall put it into practice.

All good wishes to everyone.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Gangster Jackals and the Power of Appearances.



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