Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Inward and Outward Bound, Somewhere or Other.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

To say that I am perplexed and confused at the moment would be a serious understatement. I can talk about some things and you will get the jist of it. Some things I cannot talk about because I don't know what they mean and until I know what they mean, I will eschew (what a word) any commentary on specific matters. Once you are aware of what took place and the stated motivations, you will possibly understand why I am perplexed and confused.

I should add something, which I have noticed over recent years. I'm not like everybody else. Well, everybody else may not be like everybody else either but I'm talking about a different kind of measurement. I can't really talk about this either because I don't know what it means but I notice, when I am around people, I often have what seems to me (given the reactions and lack of reactions of people around me) an alien perspective. Some might think me paranoid or overly imaginative. They do not apply. First of all, I don't think people are out to get me, except in that general way that all of us, outside the ordinary spectrum, are considered enemy agents due to a (presently defined) unnatural love of freedom and the right of self expression.

However, for sometime now, whenever I am out in public, whenever I look up, I find people staring at me. Sometimes it is with something like an undefined curiosity and sometimes it is with negative aspect that seems to be some combination of apprehension and an inability to define whatever it is they think they are looking at. When I got back on Monday night, I wanted to get a couple of beers to relax with. The stores were all closed, so we stopped at a pub in town. You can buy beers to go at any pub. Susanne said something like “uh oh, the men's chorus will be in there, so you are going to get a lot of looks. I went in and there were about a dozen men seated at a big table behind me, as I waited to get waited on. I could feel the heat at my back, so I turned around and saw these fellows boring holes in me. One of them was particularly intense, so much so that I extended my hands in a “What”? Expression ...but got nothing more but more of the same. I went out and told Susanne what happens and she said, “Yeah, that's what I thought would happen”. I said, “But why”? And she couldn't tell me why. That's really puzzling. She knows it's going to happen but she doesn't know why it happens and it happens a lot; like all the time.

I can't say what the degree of absolute truth concerning my trip is. I'm inclined to go along with what I was told and that seems to be pretty much how it was. A friend of mine got eight people together to go to Transylvania. I was one of them. One of them was at the house in the UK the night before and he disappeared and no one knew where he went and I never heard any more about it.

We went to catch the plane to Transylvania. The majority of the guests met us at the airport. I had just gotten my passport on the Friday before I left for UK, on Tuesday. I didn't have time to have my residency sticker transferred to my new passport and that caused recurrent problems with security. The very first time, at Heathrow, I was separated from the others and I could not find them for what seemed a very long time. I wound up way the Hell out somewhere and saw some Muslim employees of the airport. I showed them my boarding pass and one of them said, “Oh, your flight has already left”. I thought, “Damn! What am I going to do now”? They called security and a policeman arrived. He looked at my ticket and said, “Your flight hasn't left yet”. He escorted me a very long way to a gate. There was a large number of passengers collected there but those I was traveling with were not among them. The security office put me on the other side of a gate with one other person. I had priority boarding. I never saw the others and I thought, “This is not the right flight. Where am I going to wind up”? Then came the boarding and I still didn't see them. My seat was in the front row of the plane. Finally all the rest of them arrived and we had the whole front row.

Apparently Transylvania is distinct from Romania. This was pointed out to me over and over. We arrived in Transylvania in blazing sunlight and the weather stayed very warm and sunny throughout the stay. Lovely Rita picked up up in a jeep type SUV and we were packed in like sardines for a two and a half hour trip over winding roads. Before arriving at my friends house, we stopped at Vladimir and Elizabeth's house, where they had prepared some entertaining peasant food. Vladimir is a very gifted painter. I'm still moved by his work and will try to scan some of it at some point so you can see it.

We went to the house and after a brief dropping off of things, someone said we were going down to the pub in town. I went along and near immediately there were 3 drinks in front of me. I could see that this event was going to turn into a blasted state and I didn't want to go there, so I asked Tzabi to please drive me up to the house.

I got driven to the house and settled in. I was in an unheated room but I had a ski suit. Sometime in the middle of the night, someone pushed my door open and I woke up freezing so I went inside the house to warm up and then back out to sleep. The next day was the day of the party and there was a little something I was unaware of. I had been told there would be mushroom wine. As it got toward evening, different people kept coming up to me and asking me to ask about the mushroom wine. Every time I did I got an indifferent response. I didn't know what was happening and I felt like people didn't like me very much. My friend said we had to wait for the musicians to go before we had the wine. It was a matter of respect. That made no sense. My friend remarked that I wasn't drinking any beer and that that was somehow unacceptable. I asked for a beer and drank that. Then went outside. The musician, who had a Korg Pa workstation was very good. I started singing and then I went into an impromptu and extemporaneous series of gospel inflected lyrics. Afterwards, I felt like I had emptied something out that was deep within. I walked over the the others who were all laughing and grinning at me and then I got it. I had been dosed with LSD. The purest and cleanest acid I have seen in decades. It was like something by Sandoz or Owsley. I got 4 hits and went to another planet. I was told the gathering was all about me. I was told the perception was that I had gotten too internalized with the Ketamine and this had been done because they loved me. I suspect this is true, so I am going to say goodbye to the lady and move on.

I can't begin to describe what happened to me that night. Years ago I had had a “Let it Be” trip. I had another one. The things I saw... Whoa. Then, the next morning, a large goblet of mushroom wine was placed in front of me and that led to a seriously protracted episode of yawning and further reaches into the cosmos. My friend remarked that I came all the way to Transylvania and wound up sitting in the little corner I was in. I don't think he understood what was going on inside of me. What occurred, it seemed to me at the time, was one of the most singularly powerful acts of brotherhood I had ever experienced and a tremendous payback for whatever it is that I do around here. I was separated in certain senses, as my diet is very different from the rest of them and, for whatever the reason, I'm not like everyone else. This is not a knock on everyone else, nor some kind of selective elevation of myself. It's just a matter of differences. It's a matter of things I don't understand, though I am told I will at some point.

Things got a little strange as time passed, until we set off at 3 in the morning for the airport; another long ride. I got back to UK and was pretty godawful tired and we were riding around for a long time looking for a hotel. I assumed we were picking someone up. Then I found I was being dropped off there. I had no idea of this happening but I was told I had been told about it the previous Thursday evening because the grandparents of my friend's lady were coming to stay. That totally went by me. It seems a lot of things went by me that I don't understand. Was everything that happened for my benefit or was there some kind of lesson being transmitted to me? When I was dropped off at the hotel, this fellow Matty seemed very annoyed at me. I'm pretty sure of that but completely unsure of why. I was very tired and- after a wonderful steam bath at the health complex next door and something to eat, I went to sleep around 6:00 PM and stayed that way until 6:00 AM the next morning. I had some breakfast and then tried to reach my friend. Finally I did. I had no cellphone and I didn't know his number or address. A lot of what happened seemed to be scripted by God. I asked God how many people were in on it. God said, “Maybe some and maybe none but I am certainly in on it”.

My Italian boots started causing me a great deal of pain. I had to take them of and walk around in socks. I was told that there was a store in the next town over where later I could get some sneakers or something. Then I was told that my size, 11.5 or 12 was too large for the area (strange again). Hours later, all of a sudden, I was directed to a pair of old sneakers that fit me perfectly. Probably all of this is very easily explained.

My friend told me to check out at noon and then wait at the free airport bus stop across the street from the hotel and he would come by. I waited outside there for an hour and a half. I was very cold by that point and had gone into the hotel to see if there were any messages. There weren't. I had no boarding pass and no idea of which terminal I should go to. The people in the hotel said that for my flight, the bus across the street went to the very terminal I needed to go to. I shrugged my shoulders and walked back across the street, just as the bus was arriving. I went to the terminal and presented my passport at check in and promptly got a boarding pass. Wonder of wonders. So I hung around and wandered around the terminal until six o'clock. Then I breezed through security, while everyone before and after me got vigorously patted down. I waited for my plane and got on my plane and flew away.

One thing I noticed about the UK is that a lot of people have a lot of money. You expect to see Mercedes and BMW's in Germany but there were far more in UK than I ever saw anywhere else ever. What I also found out is that things are seriously expensive. They eat a tremendous amount of pork there. Cigarettes are off the charts expensive and tobacco, in pouches with less than half of what you get anywhere else are more expensive than anywhere else. When you can get a pouch the same size as everywhere else it cost 16 pounds. The shops in the airport were more upscale than anything I have seen anywhere else. The computer, camera, cellphone shop was like something you would expect to see in Abu Dhabi. The Marks and Spencer shop had the most outrageous foods I've ever seen, really impressive and top of the line. It is apparent that the UK, which is the banking nerve center for the world has a lot of money circulating. I read The Sunday Telegraph and some clueless op ed writer was going on and on about what a splendid and heroic figure Ehhud Barak is. There were sops to the world's number one, crime syndicate nation all through the paper. It was revolting.

I was so glad to get home and I've been in a really good frame of mind since. I'm still perplexed and confused about some things but I'll get that sorted. I had a wonderful time at different points and the LSD was just what the doctor ordered. There was a fantastic dog there, a Romanian dog and they get about as big as an Irish Wolfhound. There was some violence that went down, I'm not going to talk about that. There was a little suckling pig running around. He was drunk most of the time. I'm not going to talk about that. I'm going to reflect on things, where I am able to reflect and I am going to get it together for India now and this big event I keep hearing about but am not getting any details on.

I'm glad Clarity is alright and hopefully all the rest of you in that hurricane zone. Howdy Doody is president again and maybe now things 'might' change, since he doesn't have to worry about getting elected. However, America is going downhill fast. Besides that, I don't know anything and whatever I think I know, is highly suspect at this point. Maybe I'll get a clue and maybe I won't but this world doesn't intrigue me that much anyway anymore.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Be careful about India, man.

I am not sure you even know the kind of culture, psychological, and spiritual shock that awaits the vast majority of westerners when they visit India.

Let's just say, get ready for your world to get turned upside down. But hopefully in a good way. India does that.

Anonymous said...

....just imagine what you could do with an unlimited


Al & Ben Quida have a secret pancake recipe

bettern' Timmys' suck bomb

B'man called


I win

{Sally R. Matthews said "Off of" was incorrect, like ending a sentence with a preposition, she taught Archie Manning "English", I think she knew what she was talking about}

gotta go ....

Six million are begging to go in an OVEN

dontcha luv it when a plan comes together....Les


Anonymous said...

Mobs are intimidated by you and you should be very wary of mobs.

It fits with these times to be one of a mob or be nothing. A mob is a crutch and it's just a-ok in these days to employ as many crutches as you can. It's a cowardly temptation that you have to spot and correct in yourself when you're young. You won't be rewarded for it until you're old. For sure, you'll pay a heavy price when you step away from your niggaz, your homies, your peeps, when you pas that coke tray right on to the next person. It intimidates and insults them.

Do they think they'll be going to the interrogation room with their support group in tow, to reach in their raincoat and prop up their mien when it starts to get flaccid? Ain't gonna happen. They'll throw everybody under the bus is what will happen. They're not enough of a threat to ever go to an interrogation room. The mob serves them. They'll see interrogation rooms if and when their mob has outlived it's usefulness. This election was mob vs. mob.

They work so hard to earn their uniforms, and they all think they're sitting at the "cool table", until somebody gets up and leaves the "cool table", then they all freak. Feeling emboldened by their mob, they have NEVER done anything bold.

When you confront a group of these cowards, who can't back up their own shit, with a dead eye and determination, they piss all over themselves too. Everything they believed in comes crashing down.

We're kinda fucked. Cowardly crutches like that have been too exercised and reinforced. Their votes count every bit as much, and that ought not be.

End rant

Zoner said...

Sounds like the"trip" was certainly in order. Glad to hear you were well attended.

Guldur said...

Salute thee brave brother Visible,
as all the other commenting souls, I were missing you as well. My spiritual integrity is somehow much more fragile when missing your writings (not that it is any strong as I would like it to be...) in the grind mill of the worldly environment.
Thank you for taking care of yourself and thanks to all gods/angels of the Almighty for watching your back.
Be blessed.

Anonymous said...

what a trip....

4 hits...sail on sail on sailllll on

money money money

there is so much in certain places it has the feel of knee deep rot in an old growth forest...heavy and dark and overwhelming

and so little elsewhere we skate on clouds of air sensing body and soul pulling apart...farther and farther....the earthly anchor unraveling

i don't know. i just don't know.


WarmZephyr said...

...rolling on the floor, having my own acid trip as a consequence of reading my divine raconteur,Lord Visible! ~WELCOME BACK TO YOUR OWN BLOG-IT HASN'T BEEN THE SAME WITHOUT YOU~

Not that I've had the good fortune of standing near you personally but my sense is that your energy field is waaaay **ChArGED** similar to other shaktified charismatics. It would probably be difficult at this point to have a neutral effect on people. But hey, what's this?

"I was told the perception was that I had gotten too internalized with the Ketamine and this had been done because they loved me. I suspect this is true, so I am going to say goodbye to the lady" (L.V.)

You're going to say goodbye to Lady Kundalini because of the somewhat anaesthetic,internalizing effect she's been having on you?

I can't wait to see what the next attunements bring because you already create art from your internal world and share it with us hungry people.

~The effect of your words on our hearts may be les Visible but no less potent~

Mark said...

In California, GMO foods are double-plus good! Even Trader Joe's agrees. More regulations are double-plus bad!

sage691 said...

I'm sorry that you were surreptitiously dosed like that. It is an extremely rude and aggressive action to dose somebody without their knowledge and consent. A person should be in a 'good place' mentally and spiritually for something like that and those people were in no position to judge that for you. Too bad. There are some really wonderful people in England. I found many of them to be very warm and engaging when I visited there many years ago. That group you were with sound like assholes, IMO.

TyrannyNews said...

Listening to "The 9/11 Album" now. Waiting on membership in so as to write a review.

Your timely thematic album (great title) reminds me of this Aussie artist who had depicted 9/11 in Oct. 2001. Here's my post, where you can see this prophetic work he created while I was busy, thumb in ass...
9/11 Symbology Within Childrens’ Illustration

On the topic of your recent Transylvanian deal. Maybe I don't know enough to be getting these signals. Pardon me. I think I see what you're doing here, making lemonade from something less tasty. Plus, not counter-attacking also puts you in charge of the situation, which is your rightful position.

Sometimes we get caught up in the flow, overly influenced by what other people are up to. Yes, you're a visionary. I get it. I do respect acid as well, although I'm a pussy. Anything that can take an innocent hike in the mountains among friends where a beer bottle is thrown, smashing to the ground and result in the feeling that everyone's lives have been ruined is way too risky for me.

That's my point, I guess. Whether it's the acid, the acceptance of being dosed (with likely the mach II acid, cup-holders and all) or being along for the ride, it's all too great a sacrifice for the sake of the experience.

You've earned the right to never perform magic again. If you choose to retire to being a country gentleman, with life insurance, tame dinner parties, avoidance of hippies good or bad and the occasional cardigan then I will understand. Please, pace yourself. Personally, I don't go anywhere where I don't at least have the perception of being in command of my environment. In other words, fuck friends. You and yours are all that matter.

Ask any of your animal friends what the hell you were doing with riff-raff in Transylvania! At what point would the dog have began to growl?

The only wisdom I can end with is this...meth labs don't explode. They catch fire. Seriously, keep the search within. Avoid being dragged off into experiences that aren't your creation.

Anonymous said...

Could it be,,when we awake fully,,we have only made it too the initialisation of the deluge all those 1000s of years ago,,,
When the archonic forces or non forces,,the unnatural perversion of our nature as a species hit us,,,,,
And even though we know but don't know,,,we have to think ourselves to a stable place,,,hold it,,and work from their I cant help thinking we are stuck in time,,,this anti nature is weak though now it's exposed,,,it's parading around having never been hit with the full force of the powers of nature,,,,which we are learning

May the blessings of lord Brahma fill you all to the brim
With the graciousness of all divinity

Love you people. Neil

Anonymous said...

peace be upon you brother Les,

Its me Akram. Don't know if you remember me. I was thinking about you quite bit recently. Really glad to see that your'e back home and in a positive frame about being back. You live in a lovely place. With lovely dogs and a lovely consort. You are very much protected. I feel the same way. I am really missing India planning to go back soon. Everything is finished don't be fooled by the appearances the world is keeping up. It seems its working all the people,companies,countries, elections, planes and trains but I think its actually all finished. I really don't know what do nowadays everything is fine with me. Would really love to spend some time with you again god willing.
Hang on and take care.
respect Akram

mike m said...

Outward Bound is a great flick and highly recommended.

Anonymous said...


Maybe your paranoia has been justified all along.

How well did you know these people in England?

Maybe the zios conducted a stealth blackop on you. To reduce your internet impact and footprint or something, perhaps?

I could be totally wrong, what do I know, but still...

Man, to be dosed like that... I don't know, Vis... I had a similar thing happen to me on a couple of occasions years ago by people I knew well and trusted.

In some ways it helped me along the path but in other ways....I just don't know.

Be careful in India. India is now a zio client province.

Some of us are worried about you.


Anonymous said...

glad you're back, Vis

glad you're safe

what kind of "friends" dose you without your knowledge?

am I mistaken or were you going to work on some of your music while there? how did that go?

Steve said...

It makes me sad reading the way your "friends" treated you Vis. I am feeling sad today anyway, so maybe I am projecting?? I do have concern for you though.

Much love to Susanne, what a splendid person she is in your life.

It is so fantastic to be reading your words again.

Thank you and take care.


preacher said...

When I was 18, I went to London with a friend for two weeks. Mainly to stroll Kings Road, see some gigs and buy some albums we couldn't get in our country, but I never felt at ease there; it always felt like I was on enemy territory.
Then I didn't know about the City and what else. I never went back there again.

About hallucinating: I think those trips are sacred and should be handled with respect. And be prepared to have flashbacks sometimes.

preacher said...

@Aliveinthewastelands 16:00 PM

I see the same thing. Nearly all the puppets are in place now for the endgame.

preacher said...

‘Vampire bloodline’ of Prince Charles

“Transylvania is in my blood,” he jokes. “The genealogy shows I am descended from Vlad the Impaler, so I do have a bit of a stake in the country.”

preacher said...

Just tripped (pun intended) over this article:

Dear Bruce: Obama won't save the working class or the Jersey shore

Clarity said...

Dear Vis,

First, thank you. :)

Next, wow. That's about all I can say about your trip. I can't help but hear Grateful Dead in my mind when I think about the description of your travels.

As to what you wrote at the beginning - well, that doesn't surprise me, and I'm sure it makes sense to many of your followers. WE know you're not like everybody else! WE know there's something extra-ordinary about you. That's why you got so many messages about being missed, and expressing concern for you. I know you read them, but I hope you read them carefully. They are not platitudes. There is a lot of honesty and genuine caring being expressed - and what I love is the variety of ways in which these feelings were expressed. You are a special person, Vis, and you do have a special and unique bunch of fans who appreciate your gifts. Keep in mind that for every sentiment that was expressed in the comments, there are untold more who are thinking the same, but have not posted.

Your messages - written and spoken - touch and help people, probably more than you will ever comprehend. Although people have tried to tell you, it's probably one of those things for which the proper words do not exist.

My thought when reading about how people react to you is that what makes you extra-ordinary comes through not just in your words, your actions, and the way in which you live your life. I imagine it is something that emanates from you. People may be sensing it without being aware of what they are feeling or why. Whether it is an aura, an essence, or something else, I wonder if those who lean more towards light are the ones with the undefined curiosity. They know there is something special about you, but can't figure out what it is. Those more on the darker side might perceive you as a threat, and therefore, view you more negatively.

Whether you skip a day or two between posts, or are gone for a week or more, you are missed whenever you are absent. For all you do, I offer my love, appreciation, and gratitude.


Anonymous said...

I, too, have been thinking a lot about you lately, Viz. I'm very glad for you to be able to make your trip to India but find myself feeling really lonely when I think about you leaving. I know, selfish. But whether you know it or not you are a big part of my life and others', too, I bet.

Somehow when things get really hard and I don't want to see another day (damn! I wish I could get my hands on some K instead of this Effexor-or-not they have me on) I think, well if he can do it without bitching, so can I! So, a big salute to you for that!

Oddly, the last couple days I have been completely uninterested in the political scene which is quite unlike me. It's like I finally see, no matter what they do they are so fucked and I am tightly tucked in in the warm bed that God has prepared for me, with the cats and the dog, patting my head lovingly while I nod off to sleep.


Love to All,
Laura in CA

Tyler V said...

Visible, if there was a tarot deck that you would recommend to someone who as never touched a deck before, what would that be?

Anonymous said...

LV, you strayed into a crowd that does not process signals as you do. I get "Weirdo!" treatment all the time. It's my experience, ever since I was a boy. I am tired of people. Most people who look at me as "Weirdo!" aren't too bright. They aren't aware of the breadth of the spectrum. These are the types that feed the State, every sort of state through time: they are the cannon fodder, the inert peasant, the strongarm thugs, the joiners, the crucifiers and torturers.

This is why I stay out of the way of the State. I'm not fodder. I tried to be, tried to fit in. I just got "Weirdo!" from the mob. Like a wise old chiropractor told me, "Go your own way."

Anyway, welcome back.


Ray B. said...

Vis: "...for sometime now, whenever I am out in public, whenever I look up, I find people staring at me."

You probably already know this, but they are likely making contact with your aura. Spiritual experiences tend to widen them out, and stressful situations tend to contract them. Yours is probably blown way out.

Everyone is 'contacting' everyone else all the time this way.

Vis: "Sometimes it is with something like an undefined curiosity and sometimes it is with negative aspect that seems to be some combination of apprehension and an inability to define whatever it is they think they are looking at."

If you have done inner work, you can recognize what is 'yours' and what isn't, and respond accordingly. Otherwise, it is simply felt as 'other', and the person reacts on an unconscious basis. It is almost like a psychic version of 'sniffing the air'. Each person responds based on their accumulated 'stuff'.

In the bigger picture, your trip synopsis leaves me with mixed emotions. Something doesn't 'feel right'. I will check it out inside, and encourage you and your 'helpers' to also dig deep.

On the involuntary 'trip': Obviously, all-God will do with you whatever is necessary. From a psychology side, though, I have to say that slipping a person a powerful drug without telling them is a major 'boundary issue'. Explaining to a person afterward (while laughing) that it was for their own good tends not to wash with me.

I am glad you're back safely. (I hope...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Patricia said...

Les, it sounds like you are out there trying to please folks. You have to set your own perimeters man. This story does not sound like it should come from a man your age, but some underage college kid with no mileage under his experience meter. One just goes off with folks you don't really know from London, (where you haven't been) to TRANSYLVANIA? What is up with THAT? What happened to you SOUNDS like what would happen to a complete greenhorn. And I am supposed to take your musings seriously? Les, common sense, unfortunately, you can't buy it. But you need some, big time in real life situations, man.

Anonymous said...

More to come - indeed.

1913 the Rothschild banking dynasty politically takes over the United States of America by loaning all public money at interest.

1917 the Rothschild banking dynasty procures a puppet letter from English Lord Balfour to create the gangster apartheid 'country' of israel.

1917 the Rothschild banking dynasty finances the zionist Bolshevik genocide of over 50 million Russian orthodox Christians.

2013 the world collapses under the debt to the international Rothschild banking dynasty's private fractional fiat usury system.

2013 the Rothschild banking dynasty finances the third world war genocide of billions of Gentiles to create the new world order of rulers and slaves.

EA said...

les, the first 4 minutes of the wall is important.


holding pattern. the false one comes first.

Visible said...

Get the Rider deck first to give you elementary exposure. Then, if you like the exposure start taking The Builders of the Adytum courses which go on for years and have information you will not find anywhere else. I never have. The Rider deck has various blinds and graphic altered to conceal certain truths from those who are not initiates. Otherwise just start the BOTA right off, get the cards and then you color them in; a great way to imprint them on the mind.
Flashbacks? I have taken psychedelics well over a thousand times (grin.
Thank you Laura. You might be aware that I think of the readers often and take great comfort from it.

Steady as she goes Cap'n

Patricia, you sound like a person that makes false projections with way to little information; like I didn't know the main players of my journey. One of them has flown over here to visit me several times. Also, your whole presentation is set up to wound me (were that possible) and is VERY like something said by someone a few months ago, who no longer comments here but may well be the same person.

Obviously, anyone with any intelligence knows that there are ways to get things across to someone without using a hammer and an axe and when they do use them, they have a certain result in mind. I hope you got out of this whatever has been simmering in you and looking for opportunity. I hardly think greenhorn applies and making sweeping, blind observations with little or no knowledge of what I am like is not the sort of thing that will have the impact you were after, whatever your name might actually be.

Anonymous said...


Yea, but the emperor Rothschild has no clothes. All it takes is one litle boy or girl in the world to tell the truth - and this slavery out of thin air will end!

Yes or that little boy or girl would be raped, sodomised and ritually killed by the satanic powers that be.

Mammon and Satan - a match made in hell on earth.

IsraHell on Earth

Just ask the Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

"One thing I noticed about the UK is that a lot of people have a lot of money. You expect to see Mercedes and BMW's in Germany but there were far more in UK than I ever saw anywhere else ever."

True, most are on leases. As long as they can pay monthly they can put on da show.

My "boss" has a Merc, £49,000, it costs £425 per month on a 4 year fool lease. The other has a £45,000 BMW, £475 per month 4 year lease.

My ex boss bought his BMW for £28,000 via a loan and paid £525 per month for 5 years, he sold it 6 months ago for £3,000 (losing £28,500, i reckon he paid at least £12,000 in maintenance too.

All a rather expensive way of giving your ego an outlet for expression.


Visible said...

I'm noticing various trends in responses here and maybe I should clarify. I operate off of the 'reality' of 'everything is under control'. I tend not to just believe this but to know it, among the few things I do know. I also believe in a level of protection, given that I am gainfully employed by a certain employer who only puts me places where I can be of service or learn something.

I've got no negative feelings about being dosed, even though that is the first time it has ever happened to me. I've taken more psychedelics and larger amounts than anyone I know and since it was understood that I would be tripping at some point, that kind of sets the groundwork for what happened.

Some things are not clear to me and I don't know what to think about them but it is not my nature to be negative about things I don't understand, or to project into them, because that retards what understanding might come in time.

I will refer back to what whoever it is that communicates with me on God's behalf said to me. I said something like (speaking to God). "Well, who all is in on this"? Meaning the totality of the whole affair. The reply I got was something like, "Maybe some are and maybe none are but I definitely am". So, hopefully this puts things in perspective. We'll see what comes on down the line in time.

In the meantime I bear no ill will and make no judgments. Somehow I think that would be inappropriate. Now let's go attend to the pending but unwritten Smoking Mirrors.

Visible said...

Amen to that. People like to live on credit. I, on the other hand, have no debts of that kind. I've got a Mastercharge that comes in handy for small items while traveling and there are currency problems but i don't use it otherwise.

As far as the ego boost. A friend of mine left his vintage Mercedes saloon with me when he went away once from Woodstock. I remember puling into a gas station and a beautiful woman came out of the station and seeing me, she waved and smiled. I thought, WTF? I don't know this woman. Then is dawned on me, it was the car.


Clarity, sorry I didn't respond to your comment. For some reason, that seems to go by with me. You may be sure though that I am aware of and appreciate it greatly.

JerseyCynic said...

Heads up, Visible! Be careful. I hope you keep us posted. Thanks for sharing your recent experiences -- that was a quite a ride!

Tony said...

Visible, not to not pick, but something seems different about your writing. There are grammatical errors that are so simple a grade seven student would have picked up on them. I don't quite understand it because your mastery of the english vocab is so inspiring. There is a change in you, or your writing staff, that I can't put my finger on. This post is more fluid, maybe it is because you cleared your head with the trip(s), I dont know.

It is great to see you are doing ok and I hope you can get back to firing on all cylinders and exposing these corrupt money hungry lying scumbags that roam the earth.

Clarity said...

Not a problem, Vis! You're busy and it's never expected.

FWIW, I didn't see my comment or a few others on my first visit this morning, but later on, it showed up, and it was within the ones I'd already read. I noticed that Ray B.'s wasn't there the first time, and also was within that first batch.

Maybe something wonky with the site today had them hidden for a bit?

Thanks, though, for taking the time to respond.

Much love,

Barney Holmes said...

I'd be careful of these "talking to God" channels at the moment. I occasionally do that myself and have got some distinctly un-God like responses that are internally contradicted and just plain confusing (and I don't mean the "there is a lesson here" confusing). Maybe he is having a bad time at the moment. God sometimes has to be rescued from his prison cell as some Rasta philosophies say. But would some benevolent all-encompassing force which is the consciousness of the Universe itself (Brahman) give out confusing information ? I find the mark of authenticity in that kind of God question asking is that the answer often comes back to what I already knew - as a CO-CREATOR - but had forgotten or become confused about. Just my take. Take care.

Visible said...

Clarity; they wound up in the Spam folder.

As for who is talking to who and when, that's all subjective and no verification of any kind that the same radio station is being listened too. There are all kinds of channels on the dial. I go by how the information matches up with what happens. If it didn't, I'd change the channel.

As for "grammatical errors that are so simple a grade seven student would have picked up on them" Well, besides the tone, that's the first time I've ever heard it and I have people who check the posts for me besides myself. I'd suggest getting to view these multiple offenses. That would be the only way I would be able to see the warp and woof of it.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Time Like a Ballerina, Dancing at the Bottom of a Lake.

Patricia said...

Les, posting on your comments to me. Yes, "Patricia" is my real name, and I live here in Chicago, was introduced to your writings and comments because I listen to James' show. (as you know, he is based out of this general area, and we both had our youth in the same neighborhood.)
As for what you had to relate, I can ONLY go by what you yourself write, and I do not make "projections" at all. You are the one who chose to obfuscate who and what these folks are to you in your story. I just was alarmed at how things turned out, most like everyone else, and your seeming "everthing is ok!" attitude towards it. I come here less for what YOU have to say, and more for the comments from others, anyway. I've learned a great deal from the community here.
In so far as "projections" go, if one of my more youthful employees or students were to have told me what you related in your story (AS you related it), I would have told them to get some common sense, and to get a new batch of "friends". Friends don't dose each other and pretend everything is ok. That is the type of things we hear happens on college rush weekends for crying out loud. You were the one relating it, and now you say I am cruel? Oh brother, buck up and BE A MAN. You are someone who I read once in awhile, don't take yourself so seriously. There's more of us out there like me; that don't post like the regulars here do, so please be advised of that. It seems I am starting to take you less and less seriously. Sorry, to have bruised your ego, Les. Be well on your journeys through life, though, with divine protection.

Pope Shannogh said...

I just love all of these judgemental people who come on here :-)
Vis was doing fine with four hits actually, and yes he didn't know and yes its usually rude to do that without someone's knowledge and something I've actually never donE to anyone before BUT it was the right thing at the right time, As for me being a Zionist? funniest thing I ever heard, Vis you get some seriously paranoid people on here my friend!

Visible said...

Patricia, it would really please me if you would fuck off and not come back, you're the worst kind of intentional harm maker and don't give evidence unless you have evidence, at the moment, the only evidence we have is that you are a jerk. I pity the people that have to be around you.

Pope, don't worry about it. I'm not complaining. I might be out of the loop about some things but I am not complaining nor have any intention to. Thank you so much for your generosity, in spades.

Anonymous said...

I realize that Viz goes with the flow and operates under the premise that everything is under control. With that being said, I have to admit I don't like the fact that Viz was dosed by his "friend". The whole thing sounds enormously creepy to me - like Viz was a mouse (or a lab rat) and his friend was a cat, and, who in the hell thinks it's okay to drop four hits of some of the most explosively dangerous comestibles known to man into his "friend's" drink at unawares? If a "friend" of mine dosed my drink with acid without my permission, I would - A) Tell him it was a dangerous, reckless, and cruel thing to do; B) Tell him I had no more use for him in my life. And, if he was lucky, there would be no C) forthcoming (Kick his ass). I realize we are all different, that's just how the story of Viz's "trip" (ha!) made me feel. Honestly, the whole story made me think of handlers who "modify" the behavior of mind-controlled slaves. I know you had some heavy military influence in your life, Viz, when you were younger. And I know you spent time in a prison for the "criminally insane". When you relate a story like this, I wonder how deep this all goes. I just hope you are okay, that's all, and like many people here, I care about your well being and feel protective of you.

Anonymous said...

hee hee

patty got served!

she was a bit of an annoying nag, wasn't she?

and tony is really rather insulting with his '7th grade' passive/aggressive anal slam...

you must be doing something big to pull this much energy and attention from the sidelines....

point is -- you aren't some freshman in college and you handled yourself with aplomb and confidence in the 'source'....what is this monday morning quarterback advice all about???? does patty think we are all going to go out and dose our friends now because of this? weird............reaction.........

liz (one of the usual mundane commentators NOT one of the rare bird socialites who fly in to shit on you)

SeaQuesHN said...

Anonymous said...


Yea, but the emperor Rothschild has no clothes. All it takes is one litle boy or girl in the world to tell the truth - and this slavery out of thin air will end!

Yes or that little boy or girl would be raped, sodomised and ritually killed by the satanic powers that be.

Mammon and Satan - a match made in hell on earth.

IsraHell on Earth

Just ask the Palestinians.

Thursday, November 08, 2012 11:43:00 AM

did you order the heavens or put them in place?


let me ask you all?

one died long ago, that one said he would rise again.

i ask you again, how many days are a year with he?

shall you rule in this ones place?

be patient. fill your lamps with oil.

worker ant said...

"On the involuntary 'trip': Obviously, all-God will do with you whatever is necessary. From a psychology side, though, I have to say that slipping a person a powerful drug without telling them is a major 'boundary issue'. Explaining to a person afterward (while laughing) that it was for their own good tends not to wash with me.

I am glad you're back safely. (I hope...)"

was division ever real?

which side of the coin was more suitable?

i thought so.

no problems.

you said...

Clarity said...


who wants tons of people looking through your bathroom window as you take a shit?

if a doctor came, and he found rooms full of patients, would he truly be satisfied?

of course not.

a true doctor sworn by oath would hate seeing all the broken bodies.

Tyler V said...

Thank you for the advice on the tarot Visible. I am ordering a half dozen or so of books you have mentioned recently along with the Rider deck... thank you for passing on the knowledge. There is so much garbage out there, its nice to be able to cut to the chase and hopefully start where it matters the most.

As usual, lots of synchronicity of late... I have notice it here on a small but profound scale, things are running smoothly, I am running into old friends and situations like clock work, like in a book or movie... there was something I was forgetting to do recently that was nagging at my mind, and I thought maybe if I read your blog, it will come to mind... sure enough I read about your experience attaining your passport, and a spark went off in my mind... I now have all the materials and will be getting my passport asap.

I expect opportunities to arise for me, and that 'I' will be somewhere other than 'here' completely under the direction of the cosmos.

It was lovely to read your LSD and Mushroom stories visible... they brought tears of joy to my eyes.



Clarity said...

Ahhh, Vis - I've said it before and I'll say it again:

I love it when you do that!

I'm going to swing to the other side. It's a "just in case" kind of thing. Just in case Patricia really isn't here to cause trouble, or just in case there is someone new here who may think that what she's saying has any merit....

Patricia, I am going to go with the assumption that your words were your truth as you saw it, and that while you could have chosen different words, your intent was to help Vis with some brand of "tough love". My message to you is genuine and sincere. If you choose to take it differently, then your agenda will become clear.

Like you, I learn a lot from the other people who comment here. I consider myself fortunate that Vis provides this venue for us to make friends, ask questions, express feelings, and to learn so much from each other. The comments are full of information, and everyone who posts has varying levels of knowledge about different topics, which makes this an invaluable resource.

If you arrived here via F2F, then I'd think you would have a better feel for Visible. The radio shows allow you to get to know him in a different way. By hearing him speak the words, his passion and sincerity come through loud and clear. What's even more obvious is his unwavering and committed devotion to the divine.

Despite the wealth of information in the comments, it cannot be ignored that what we get from Vis' words cannot be found anywhere else. Without taking any credit from the people who comment, often what they post is inspired by Visible's words. When I describe Visible as extra-ordinary, I write the word that way for a reason.

Opinions and perspectives may come into play, but the bottom line is that if you don't take Vis' words seriously, and if you choose to focus exclusively on the comments, you are essentially throwing away a priceless gift that has the potential to change your life in a profound and positive way.

For your sake, I hope you will come back and look at things from a different angle. The choice is yours, and I respect that. I just hate to see people miss out on an opportunity like this.


Steve said...

Well it looks like I was onto it even though I was out of it. I was projecting. Plane and simple.

When I said your experience made me sad, it was that "I" was feeling sad. I was leaning that way at that time of day anyway, said it here 'cause I saw others saying it also and in a way I felt safe.

But was it the truth?

Naaaa, I missed so much. I was projecting plane and simple.

Pope, I both enjoy and envy your relationship with the Vis. Would I love to get on some kick ass acid with him? Sure!, fuck, if only I could be so free. Would I leave him at the bus stop in the cold not knowing where? Naaa, I would hope not anyway and I am sure there is a good reason for this all coming about.
You hang out with a writer, your bound to be written about;-)

Zoner was onto it from the start, but that doesn't surprise me.

Clarity, you ok over there?

Visible said...

Some things I am good at and some things I'm not so good at. One of the things I am pretty good at is paying attention. I am majorly assisted in this by an almost routine appearance of the divine in my personal matrix. It is exceedingly rare for anyone to speak to divinity itself because of the power and force. One has to be sufficiently evolved for contact within. This accounts for burning bushes and I'm not talking about Kirsten Dunst.

People can argue whether or not it is the divine that I interact with, especially after the last sentence in the last paragraph. However, one can get an idea from the resonance that occurs here and the amount of times people say that what gets said here was what was just, or very recently, on their mind that day. One could then argue that possibly something negative is in me and those readers with that kind of consistency. I will leave it to the majority of the readers to decide what is true and also quote the great master; "by their works ye shall know them" One could then argue that "it ain't over till it's over". Yeah, one could argue ad infinitum if that was one's 'bent'. I'm not going to concern myself with trying to make understood what I have been experiencing for years and have proven to myself beyond all doubt.

Let me address, people like Patty and Tony and the similarity between their presentations and others who have suddenly been making an appearance. The tone, by varying degrees is eerily comparative.

As i said, I pay attention and I am also informed of things internally. I pay very close attention to syntax and feel, while keeping in mind how something 'could' be said. Certain things stand out; "But you need some, big time in real life situations, man". Note also the connection between, "underage college kid" and "seventh grade". Just what is an "underage' college kid"?

Then there's this "I come here less for what YOU have to say, and more for the comments from others, anyway". This is designed to wound and is irrelevant in any case because there wouldn't be any comments unless I were posting.

I understand wanting to give her the benefit of the doubt but I am not in doubt about her intentions. Especially when she says, "Oh brother, buck up and BE A MAN. You are someone who I read once in awhile, don't take yourself so seriously. There's more of us out there like me; that don't post like the regulars here do, so please be advised of that". Here she implies that there are all kinds of readers out there who agree with her. Well, over the long term the comments would reflect that. I very rarely bump a comment and Sim can verify that because he is behind the scenes here. I also don't get what "be a man" is about. There is no context.

There is a possibility, given her mention of "if one of my more youthful employees or students were to have told me what you related" it is possible that she is very jealous of my reach and effect and believes she is more deserving, meaning that what she ascribes to me is a direct projection of herself. That's the only other possibility as far as I can see but her intention to wound and the same trend in the comments of a few others is not in doubt. I'm not wounded however. I'm just watching because in the end, all I want to do is understand.

As for the dosing; it was understood that something like this would be taken anyway and I am no novice when it comes to psychedelics. I have eaten and entire page (one hundred hits) on occasion after already dropping 4 window panes. I have ingested massive amounts of psychedelics and I have to point out that 'all's well that ends well".


Visible said...


The truth is, you would have to have been there and also, there's a lot being said about my not knowing these people. That's not the case in a couple of instances. I do have questions about certain other things which I can't resolve in my mind but those things will explain themselves as time goes by; count on it.

The Mark Twain story was "A Carnival of Crime in Connecticut".

Final thoughts on Patty; she intended me harm. Anyone with any trace of affection for me who felt the need to be as diminishing and sarcastic as she was would have known to put it in an email. This was a form of grandstanding with a desire to sow dissension. All of that will work itself out on her end sooner or later as it will for the others who intentionally used certain language when it could all have been said, to much greater effect another way. In any case, the event is past and I also don't need people trying to make me paranoid about India, as if I've never really been anywhere in my life, or experienced anything. In any case, God has my back and I wouldn't be going if he didn't want me to anyway. Everything really is under control.

I agree that, seen on the surface of the affair, what happened to me would appear to have been wrong but there is a great deal of backstory and I know that any number of you are reacting because you care about me. I'm sure you know I care about you too, that's why this works so well here. I'm honored and touched. Still, it's all water under the bridge at this point and I came to no harm, in fact I had some outstanding revelations that had to do with me inside myself, independent of my surroundings.

Not everyone there was friendly to me. They were eating pork and I don't eat pork or meat generally for a long, long time. This fellow, who through the day was going to the icebox and pulling large pork sausages from it and eating them, one after the other, made it a point to refer to me as a Jewish man from the other side of the door while they were eating the pig. His investment in his right to do whatever he wants to was threatened (in his mind) by my not joining in, which was an expression of my right to abstain. I've got very, very good reasons for not eating pork and those who do to this extent will find out what those reasons are at some point.

Bottom line, I don't throw people away and I wait until I know all I need to know before I make judgments because lie can be very tricky that way and I have learned this over the course of life. I didn't just fall off a turnip truck. Let me absorb the whole scenario and see what comes to the surface from the subconscious, which resolves all of these issues for me. I have managed to make that relationship a reality after decades of studying and meditating on the Tarot, which I no longer use as the connection which that system is all about has been made. There is a famous Eliphas Levi quote about that but I will let the reader find it should it interest the reader.

Visible said...

One final mention; the mistakes from my recent, less than seventh grade writing, do not exist and that is why no multiple examples were forthcoming. I should also add that most 7th graders can hardly read and write these days, especially in the US. Texting lingo is taking care of that.

Now why would someone make a comment like that when there is no basis for it? usually it is to get the newer or uniformed reader to accept a Fox News headline, where the story has little to do with the headline. Okay, off the The Petri Dish!

Visible said...

I made a significant error which I need to correct. I said, "an almost routine appearance of the divine in my personal matrix. It is exceedingly rare for anyone to speak to divinity itself because of the power and force. One has to be sufficiently evolved for contact within". I meant to say, ""an almost routine appearance of van agent of the divine in my personal matrix". I was trying to make a distinction that I didn't make; now I have.

Also, I don't know if it's Freudian but at the end of the second part of the long comment I wrote "lie" instead of "life" (grin).

Cap'n Spadgett; You did nothing, absolutely, wrong. Concern is never a negative and I completely understand all of the comments here; even the ones I wish I didn't (grin).

You and I will 'steal some horses' sooner rather than later. That's in the cards, just as is the location I'm going to be given where those of you looking for such a thing can arrive at. Most all of what I have been told has come true so far or is in the process so I do not doubt that either.

You're an early bird, aren't you? It's a beautiful warm day here. Good weather has been following me around. I had two days of sun in UK, even though the final day had a cold wind and nothing but late summer temperature and sunshine in Transylvania.

I seem to have lost my Hugo Boss sunglasses but maybe I left them at the house in England. They have a way of disappearing and popping up weeks later.

Okay, now lets head to Petri Dish and buggery most foul.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Demented Peacocks and Shooting Gallery Jack in the Boxes.

Anonymous said...

life is an involuntary trip

dosed by the Divine

go with the flow of it and don't freak out

at some point you'll see your friends laughing...

and then you will laugh too.

Steve said...

Early bird, yes Visji, the roosters make sure to that. Some people hate the sound as it interrupts there sleep in time, I see them as my friends giving me a reminder.

"Gods not dead his merely hiding, you can see him in the morning when the sun is rising"

I tend to be my harshest critic in more ways than one. As long as I learn from that and don't beat myself up about it I don't mind so much, but I do need to lay off on myself somewhat. I feel my head going a bit nuts of late, nearly time again to head into the forest with a glass of mushroom wine and Lady Nature to gain some fresh perspective, its been a good 8 months.
Life is running quite smoothly hear despite the continuing challenge of a near 17 year old who reminds me so much of myself (a little bit nuts and has a taste for mischief). He needs to learn his own miss-takes I know, but, yeah, its tough to watch sometimes.
I am making a new post shortly, you can see there a little project I got going on, I will bring it along to the community, God willing.

Later buddy, "stealing horses" with the Vis. That does sound like fun.

Visible said...

You're one of the good guys. I can tell you that. My judgment is pretty unerring. It accounts for my unusual behavior when I am compelled to flush things out and have people expose themselves and I know that you, Fleet Commander Spadgett are hearing reveille most of the time.

As for other players, especially those seemingly connected to us, I refer you to my good friend Kahlil Gibran; paraphrasing and scanning... scanning (grin). You are the bow and they are the arrow. You can pull the bowstring back as far as you like and aim in any direction you like but once you have let go, it is out of your hands.

I knew a long time ago I would come to the state I am now in. What I do not know is where that goes from here but I am told it is good.

In any case, being not confined or controlled by the usual horseshit of "I want this and I want that and fuck you" with a smile, Well, I guess "I can see clearly now the rain is gone. I can see all obstacles in my way". Something like that. Live long and prosper, no doubt others will because you do.

Steve said...

That made me cry, thank you!

Clarity said...

Vis, my "just in case" post was meant for others who might be new and, perhaps, erroneously influenced in the wrong direction. How I chose to write it, conveying something other than my actual intent, is a tool I learned from one of my favorite writers. (That would be you!)

Cap'n Spadgett, thank you for asking! I am fine, and cannot complain personally as I have suffered a few minor inconveniences at most, while others are dealing with significant loss. Of course, if we look at the bigger picture, then things may be pretty much down the crapper. If Jim Stone (scroll down a bit to 04 Nov 2012: Line item facts about Hurricane Sandy that will shock you) is on the money, things are not looking too sunny. I am seriously considering my options, and where to go is a question that has been weighing heavily on my mind.

Enough doom and gloom, Cap'n... YOU, sir, emit sincerity and love in your comments. Don't stop, because the world needs more of that! And quit being so hard on yourself. It is completely undeserved. Sending the love right back to ya!

to you ("anon" @1:59) - You take one word from my comment and come up with.... that? Was there supposed to be a point? I wasn't able to find one, but maybe that's just me.

to someone (IWY) - hugs and smooches and lots of love....


Anonymous said...

"Niggaz" doesn't mean that. A 13 year old black girl brought me up to speed about that and sent me a panty pic, to boot. "Niggaz" is just the people you like the most and it's not just for black people anymore. Nor is the principle; only a glom and a weakling makes an unneeded crutch out of his niggaz.

It wasn't a sexy panty pic, but it sure was a friendly one. The body language of young girls just doesn't say "fuck me". Pleasant, nonetheless. I appreciated it.

Steve said...

Thank you Clarity.

Good to hear you are ok. Take care and be ready to change.

Much Love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do Vis.
I'm kind of like a kid at the grown-ups' table,
I'm still struggling with my concept of my path.
BUT, I saw right thru that a-hole Patricia.
From her pompous "employer/teacher perch,
coming only for the comments. Well she can take her condescension somewhere else,
the cheap veneer of her avatar has been peeled away.
Well, you called it better than I can write it, but I saw it and I'm sure the "many others who come and don't post' also saw what a hollow fraud she(?) is - (never really know in cyberland).
Grateful as always for the chance to read your thoughts again.



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