Friday, November 16, 2012

Sandblasting the Dancing Wraiths in a Temporary Darkness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Lately it has been coming into my mind, on a regular basis, that one of our premier, collective difficulties, has to do with the appearance of things. I've mentioned this more than a time or two, over recent months. It used to be that The Wide Ass Media, told us most of what we came to believe as true, if we weren't looking any deeper ...and most of us weren't. In former times, there were still some columnists and writers, who retained a small amount of integrity and would sometimes let the truth out for a short walk off an even shorter pier. CNN came along and gave some amount of credible journalism, until the Zio-Ogre ripped it out of Ted Turner's hands, in one of those corporate bloodbaths and turned it into a novelty, toilet paper machine, with the fecal matter already imbedded in it... you didn't even need to wipe, just toss it into the can and flush.

Before the internet, there was just The Wide Ass Media, word of mouth and those few writers who somehow managed to slip through the ocean strangling, Zio-filament nets. LSD and the transformation of consciousness, provided an earlier awakening, before the internet came around and there were those couple decades of dark, material efflorescence, in between the acid and the internet. Reagan, Thatcher and a host of bad actors, joined in with the 80's Wall Street, crocodile swine mentality and the cocaine and pricy wines just flowed and flowed; I'm presuming a whole lot of 'in and out' went on as well.

All that child abuse and brutal murder abroad, was just going on and going on ...and, going on. I got nothing to say about the '90's cause people disagree with me about the state of the culture but I don't. The less said the better. Then we got the internet and everything has been changing since then; simultaneously for the worse and for the better.

Prior to this, we were already living in a world of media saturation, flashing billboards, LED sneakers and neon under-lights for Honda Civics and Accords. Violent, jackhammer thunder-fucking, olfactory abuse, was pumping out of those Voice of the Theater, car speakers, as morons rode that blind highway to nowhere and worse. The culture had already been fragmenting into hundreds of splinter groups, seeking some kind of temporary community among kindred souls. That included before and after moments, concerned with the hereafter. (As either Cheech Marin, or Tommy Chong said; “I used to be all fucked up on drugs, now I'm all fucked up on God*) The People's Temple and Heaven's Gate. The cult of the corporate mercenaries, was gestating, as the pornographic rich, worked to get themselves into place for the planetary, cold-pressing into servitude and a, perpetual victim engineered, kill-off. It's either a screen pass or a play action fake.

The Internet blew into town and changed the whole game board. It sucked in the rich and the poor. The people with too much, saw plenty of opportunity to acquire more and the disenfranchised finally had a forum to be heard on. The enemies of humanity got exposed and we know all about Central Bankers now and who controls the currency printing presses. We know what happened in 1913. We know about the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the Schiffs. We know who funded Hitler, who Stalin worked for and all kinds of things we can't talk about but... we know. Mr. Apocalypse showed up and starting flushing naked shit-golems from the underbrush.

The internet is a good thing but it's also a matter of too much information. There's just so much information to process and a lot of it is wrong; intentionally wrong because the same killer clown, cartoon thugs that had been running the previous media scams, jumped up on the internet, like it was some kind of trampoline and started telling lies out of both sides of their mouths 24/7. All of this was about being able to continue their relentless, disinformation push, whose intent was ever greater and greater profit margins, as well as the continuance of a terrible agenda that had world enslavement in it's windshield but... that wasn't all. Many horrible things came dancing like wraiths out of the fog machines of Armageddon Central.

9/11 got done by the people who reported on it so... with both the official media and the political puppets in their pockets, they've gotten away with it so far, including all those Central Banker Wars that have killed and displaced millions. Our petition to bring this hideous act to light, now has 317 signatures and the red lettered tag that gave you the opportunity to report it for abuse, which was there all day yesterday, is now gone. WTF? All that's left now are buttons to promote it. It makes you wonder.

We are all being affected by information overload and it has made our impressions of our world, far more grim and difficult than it may actually be. Then again... what do I know? The appearances of things is causing a world wide, collective depression. They are creating legions of hand wringers and negativists. It has unleashed armies of dutiful drones, who do everything they can do (they're on a payroll), to bring us down. The corporations are completely out of control. Proposition 37 was hijacked by massive polling and voting irregularities. But what is this I see? People are now regulating supermarket products on their own. All over the world, under the radar of the fecalist, crass media, people are working as they are inspired to and come together and fight the machine. Big Brother is building panic boxes and dreaming of massive reductions in population. On the one hand it looks pretty dark. On the other hand it's hopeful, when you even hear about it. I'm hopeful.

I want to tell the reader and hope the reader will tell those that the reader encounters, that all is not lost and that the way things might look, they are not actually like that. They are only being made to appear that way. Mr. Apocalypse is laying it on with a will and he hasn't even warmed up yet. Mr. Apocalypse has got your back, if you got no problem being up front. The truth is always more powerful than any lie. I know that injustice has stomped on this planet for many a year and that many of us have been salted away in the darkness for longer periods of time; this serving as a warning to those others who might feel inclined, out of some shred of human decency, to do the right thing but... truth is inexorable and will out. It will come and not all the lies and armies of darkness around the world can prevent it. It is a new day and the cosmic imperative, toward irrevocable and irreversible cosmic change, will not be hindered or denied.

Some amount of vampire lizards have been kept alive, in order to see this day. As the fiends from the inner planes, are pushed out into the physical realm, where they take up residence in stolen bodies, the Elves of Mr. Apocalypse, are on the loose, lighting them up for The Punisher. Appearances make us doubt this inevitable denouement but it is coming none the less. You have to have certitude in your hearts and minds. You have to believe. Collective belief, for good or ill, is one of the most powerful things on this Earth. This is why those organized forces, that work to our detriment and for their own profit, are so obsessed with dividing us against each other. They know the power of a unified public front. This is why they were so brutal about the levitation of The Pentagon. They know what can happen in these circumstances. This is why they have set out to destroy the economic system and destroy the job market, as well as throw people out of their homes. Keeping you in distress and off balance is the whole intent. This is why they launched a treasonous assault on American soil. The Zionist Israeli overlords, their catamite intelligence services and bought or compromised politicians knew that Mr. Apocalypse was coming, so they blew up all kinds of offices, filled with files and records in New York and then went and did the same thing in Virginia and you may be sure that they had special teams on hand, to make sure nothing was left. I still wonder about all that gold as well. I definitely wonder what is going to happen with Germany's gold and where that is going to lead. Germany has a history, when being fucked with (simplistic, I know; back off fang!).

I'd like to point out something I have discovered in the last decade. I've never come across more honest people than the Germans. You can leave your wallet in a phone booth or bar and get it back with the money in it. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee about any of that but I've seen example after example. They might be suspicious, or like the Bavarians (who might not be German-grin... a little humor), 'grantig' but the honesty is pretty remarkable. They like Americans but they think they could do with a little reserve, and some restraint on that boundless optimism. Given what they're experienced, I can understand. You can't leave your wallet anywhere, in any number of other places and then again, sometimes you can. You shouldn't be leaving your wallet in any case. Pay attention. That's also what I mean about appearances. Pay attention. Things are not what they seem and the whole thing actually is under control. There are variables in this dynamic; such as personal will, in opposition to what is best for one, as well as collective delusion, giving impetus to things that might not and should not happen but do happen and- then again- sometimes don't happen.

Recognize that there is this blanketing force of negative appearances, that swims in cold and hot currents, around the world. Yeah, hot and cold can be both good and bad depending. Thimk! The key tactic of the enemy, is to get you to believe what is not real. If you think something is so, it can be a significant motivator to act, or not act, to move or not move, to stand down, or to stand up ...and it's been going on apace. It's all a bunch of bullshit and has only the power given to it, to perform it's purpose of demonstration. Mr. Apocalypse is also attended by an army of really good electricians, who know all about routing power.

*Mr. Visible answers to both of those descriptions.

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Visible said...

If you've already read the post, there's a new link at the bottom of the posting where it talks about electricians

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. I really needed these words today in light of yesterday's news. Every nugget of hope and light is all that enables me to continue these daze.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Knowing :

couple billion inhabitants...


my favorite canard....

Vote or you can't complain

did you ever get to meet Dean Stonier ?

of global sciences ?

Dear Freedom of Speech supporters,

This is the the second Legal Update from regarding my pending Sec. 319(2) CC “Willful Promotion of Hatred” court case initiated by Richard Warman and Harry Abrams on behalf of their taskmaster, B’nai Brith Canada.

Allow me first to say that I am thankful for the opportunity to be still able to post this update on my website without fear of the thought police commissars busting down my door at midnight and hauling me away to some jail cell. Big thanks to my lawyer Douglas Christie for his professional assistance in court yesterday (Tuesday, November 13, 2002) via telephone from his Victoria, B.C. office.

Truth is a Powerful weapon...


Anonymous said...

Magic numbers on computer screens
Ink and paper a house of cards
Banking cartels caught in perverted deeds
Elitist minds collapsing into shards
A house of miscommunication
Nowhere to run no-one to trust
The British crown toppling over
Where Paedofiles and monsters lust
Israel shooting innocents in gaza
The stolen land for thieves crooks
The Jewish land that never was
Built on suppremacism from evil books
Whilst the western world just hangs on
The indigenous people should fight truths cause
Like Ernst zundel or David Irving
Stop the Jew the causer of all wars

Anonymous said...

With Radicalisation implemented from birth
Conditioning ruthless and merciless
Strip the child down whilst it's young
Demoralise and take its purpose
With years of miseducation
Historical lies to take its worth
Shackle the mind with trivia
Then send it out to rape the earth
Singing god save queen and country
Consuming anything that moves
The patriachal system
Built on indigenous abuse
But the indigenous always a fighter
When known reclaims its heart
Come people of the western world
Together we tear this system apart

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Wraiths and their equivalents
make up at least 90% of the human race in Kali yuga.

Disciple: Today, so-called civilized people are actually just cannibals because they maintain themselves on eating the flesh and blood of cow, goat, buffalo, chicken, camel, sheep, etc.

Srila Prabhupada: Yes. And they are suffering. Therefore you’ll find that in recent history, every twenty-five years there is a big war with mass slaughter of people.

Nature does not tolerate animal slaughter.

"As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields."

There will never be peace until the humans cease and desist their demonic activities against God's beloved creatures.

Anyone who does not believe animals are beloved of God, deserving of their lives, are demons. Period.

Demonic activities are performed even as compassion, wisdom and so-called religion are paraded around like some perverted Devil's scripture.

Here's a hint.
Killing the Jews won't make it all go away and everyone lives happily ever after.

Do you think this will somehow atone for and negate the sins actively committed against the Lord's lovely creatures each and every day without end?!!

This is the reality, the real exhibition of the Kali yuga criminal existence.

"Forgive them Father, they know not what they do."

Oh really?

Visible said...

That starts me wondering about all the things that Krishna said in the Bhagavad-Gita to Arjuna.

Anonymous said...

No-body has to die,not one person,,,but the parasitical vampire system created by the parasite must die,,,,it is the cause,,it would be nice to think that no-one would die,,,but I fear many will die,,,,,,
As long as the system is allowed to go on the problems will persist,,,innocents will be ruthlessly exploited,killed in ever more wrongful ways,,and humanity will have to watch in horror,,,with that disturbed feeling that basically just hurts,,,
Homer,,,I agree,,we are less than animals if we treat animals Any less than we wish to be treated,,,
I cannot eat an animal,,but I do not have resentment to those who do,,,,

Mark said...

Anonymous 7:41

You are not wrong.

I believe in a supreme intelligence, a creative force which set the heavenly bodies in the firmament in an act of love. I also believe in a law of attraction which, through original intent, acts as a safeguard against those who would violate the true nature of the creation and the original intent of this creative force. As long as we are present in this physical realm, the law of attraction holds sway over our mortal coils, and whatever we do to others, animals included, is inevitably visited upon us.

Most of us eat meat, which makes us complicit with the slaughterhouse functionaries as though we each held the knife. We do not need to eat meat to sustain ourselves, but we have developed a taste for flesh and blood. Perhaps the ones we have dubbed most evil are merely the creator's instrument of retribution. This is not a pleasant thought, but it sounds a note of truth. Maybe that is why we are called cattle. And perhaps, until we change, nothing else will.

Visible said...

The dietary karmic laws move by degrees, some offenses are worse than others. It depends on what yuga is taking place, what happens AND the penalties in terms of discomforts and returns on ingestions (grin) are relative to the time frame in which they take place.

All relatively sane religions (there are some?)forbid pork. Then there are religions, should you go to the Punjab or to someplace in the Middle East, where they ritualize the killing and spiritualize it. It happens. It does not happen, god knows. I am of the opinion that everything, in some sense is God, so you are eating yourself.

This is why I bless my food and consecrate it to The Great Work. I have been mostly vegetarian for decades with intermittent periods where conditions demanded I eat fish or fowl or some meat. One might recall that there is tale that the Buddha died because he could not refuse bad food offered by his host. Many strange things go on in this life.

On the other hand, Vegans, those who think using honey is stealing from the bees and who won't eat eggs or drink milk because it is stealing from the calves, maybe there is some place these sensitive souls go to. What of a Muslims locked up in a western rendition center where they put pork into his food? Karma neh?

One thing you can be very very sure of. God knows the true intentions of every heart and the reach and expanse of every mind and knows the meaning of the effect of every circumstance on every specific person and that person's effect on life as well and what that person meant and did not mean.

I walk my life with this remembering and I seek counsel by the hour, on and on it goes. I do not know but someday I might. In the meantime. I do the best I can and I pray that you all receive good counsel.

Anonymous said...

I too have eaten lots of meat in the past,,it is part of the western culture,,as a people we eat meat,,,
I think a lot has to do with the way the animal has been treated through its life,,these mega corporations force feed the animals foods that are not natural to them,keep them in cages,when they should be roaming around,,,when the animal gets ill they fill the animal up with medicines that wouldn't be needed if the animal was kept in its natural state in its natural environment,,bit like us humans really,,,
As humans look at what happens when we are in an unnatural state,,,which I know we are in,,,
The Jewish oligarchal parasite,has no idea what it is doing,,,if it did we as a species wouldn't be in the condition we are in,,,the greedy parasite that has put its hooks into the world has to be removed,,,balance would then be restored,,,
That is my opinion anyway,,,

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Visible prabhu there are all these for certain and God certainly knows.

There are things we are able to do for ourselves also, to help ourselves be better.

It seems the single most important action taken which will result in the greatest good, now and in the future, for all living beings, is vegetarian diet.

It's Pythagoras and Plutarch and Shelley and Blake and Tolstoy and Thoreau and so many other truly blessed people who have our best interests at heart in their attempts to help us all.

We don't require this horrible degree of destruction of life to thrive and advance.

Such a glaring defect which manifests as uncivilized societies.

"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

"What is it that should trace the insuperable line? ...The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?"
-Jeremy Bentham

Anonymous said...

"Blub Hurts"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Love Hurts", written by Boudleaux Bryant, made popular by numerous artists - song parody suggested by Niijii.)

Blub hurts...blub scars
Blub wounds and marks
Any gut...not tough
Or strong enough
To take a lot of pain
Take a lot of pain
Blub is like a shroud
Wrapped around your brain
Blub hurts...ooh, ooh...blub hurts

I'm dumb...I know
But even so
I ate a pig...or two
I gulped Yoo-Hoos
I ate every sandwich
Ate every sandwich
Blub is like a dame
It clings when you are rich
Blub hurts...ooh, ooh...blub hurts

Some fools dream of baby backs
Huge Big Macs - no heart-attacks
Some fools fool themselves I guess
But they're not fooling me...

I know it isn't true
I know it isn't true
Blub is just a lie
A tub of poison goo
Blub hurts...ooh, ooh...blub hurts
Ooh, ooh...blub hurts
Ooh, ooh...blub hurts

JLOC said...

Les you are amazing.

niijii said...

Here goes,
It seems some ignore the loss of habitat and the effect on the wildlife. There IS much death involved with your grains and veggies if you open your eyes to see it. The feed lots and slaughter houses sicken me, so I do not support them. I hunt, fish (KILL),cut up and wrap with the blood directly on my hands. I AM NOT IN DENIAL. I love those vegan deer and have been fighting off the damn corporate agribusinessmen since the 80's so the creatures have a place to be. Clean ground water is also nice to have. My body can feed the wolves, worms, maggots and make the grass grow greener for the grazers. You take and you give back and there were people that understood that It is all a big circle, but others that only wanted to make nature their bitch and make money off her and here we are. Is everyone happy now? Anyone? I almost lost someone very precious to this vegan fad so yes I'm a bit biased. Feed your head, or not and see how that works out for you. I'm no better than you nor you than I but believe whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

East,west,twain, whatever.

Best to all and a little extra for those in denial.

preacher said...

Israeli officials tell nation to prepare for 7 weeks of war

Thanx Vis!; I will pray for you too...

niijii said...

Thanks George,
Is definition 2 the blub of which you speak?

If so, I'm kinda fond of my blubber, man.

Best to all, blub, blub, blub......

Anonymous said...

Your reference link brought something to fore in my mind, and thought to share a little SCIENCE (non metaphysical - sorry Les).

There is this stuff called, Hydrogen Cyanide. It's a liquid - generally.
However, it boils/vaporizes (only) at about 27 degree Celsius. (this bit of fact is important)
The Germans took plain sawdust, impregnated it with this liquid, put it into sealed cans - to kill bugs with. BTW: The can's directions advised to use a hot plate heat source to release the gas. Oh, yes, before I forget: They called it Zyklon-B.

The other big scientific question is, what was the temperature in Poland from October through May one-and-a-half meter underground, in an uninsulated, unheated, about 3 meter high concrete box (roughly half the box is in the ground, half is above). Don't forget November, December, January, February, the snow, the cold, the blizzards...

I think enough plain, simple verifiable science facts have been presented for now, and it's time to ponder...

You of course understand, this is a purely scientific comment. All connections made and conclusions drawn (if any) are your own...

Visible said...

I would say that the motto of Kali Yuga is, "Shit Happens" and it is guaranteed to be new and improved.

If you are a purist, you have to walk a fine line. Good luck with that, given the trapdoors and intentional efforts on the part of certain entities to sneak things into your food. I've been that route.

I'm not pure but I do try. Tonight I watched that beautiful film, "Pure Country". My God, I identify with it so many ways and in some ways not. I don't rope cattle for one thing and I don't eat bacon but that is all by the by, in terms of the film, I could well be Dusty; the character in the film. All the other elements have manifested in my life in different ways so that I sometimes feel like that film was made simply for me to see but I realize there is no me. There is only us. That is what the resonance is. Sometimes I think it is like Ramana Maharshi sees it, as the living single self in all.

Degrees of separation. I thought about trying to get my songs to George Strait, Willie Nelson others. Something always gets in my way and fucks up the effort. I guess that dovetails with me going to Shambala somehow. Boy, do I have an imagination. Still shaking it here Boss. Hey! You never know AND I certainly don't know but I have been told things all up and down the highway, some true, some false and some unhappened. What I do know is that ANYTHING is possible. God has no limits whatsoever, period, exclamation mark! We are limited by karma, shortcomings and this and that but essentially we are not limited either. It's getting to the place of that awareness that counts.

Maybe that is why someone once said Shambala is in your heart. It is and it is. It does not exist for the people who cannot get there. Also, if you took a poll of people asking them if they were going there or had thought about it, you might get some surprising negative results. "Is that a store in the mall"?

Well, I am being comfortable to be tossed into the sea for the fishes to eat my container, or burned actually for the incense or burned otherwise for the compost. They are both burnings. I do not know what will become of me but I am hopeful.

Smoking Mirrors tomorrow. Way I feel, I might get started tonight.

Visible said...

Nature is a circle with a hidden spiral. I figure anyone directly related in their minds to the cost of things in the conditions of things and all due proportion has not got their head on sideways. I read a lot of Jack London's work, Rudyard Kipling, different folk influenced me. It's funny how the right people get certain people wrong about their intentions in explication. Zippity do dah.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome @ Niijii...thank you for the parody suggestion. And, yes, it was actually Definition 5 in that link you posted (sorry if I'm blubbering on here, heh). Viz, that link you posted in this piece (which floored me by the way), the one that went to the astrologer's take on things? Wow. Three nights ago (which would be on the 13th, the day of the eclipse, which I had no knowledge of, prior to reading your piece) I had a full-blown soup-to-nuts vision of an entire screenplay. I have wanted to do a film for years and years (have an acting background, writing background, music background), and the whole thing just plopped into my head unannounced on the night of the 13th. Which coincided with the eclipse, as it turns out. And now, three days later, I have the whole screenplay outlined and basically completed, including all the scenes, characters, music, etc. And while this was going on I had this simultaneous knowing, internally, that anything was possible. That everything IS possible. And all we have to do is dream it - and realize that it is a dream, and not a fantasy - and then all we have to do is be the dream... - G. George

Erin Parsley said...

I'd like to thank Mr. Apocalypse for the good work he is doing... :)

I agree with what you are saying Visible - it's on!

And here's an encouraging development:

(sorry about lack of hot linking up there)

And thank you for the good work you're doing to help guide us through this Mr. Visible. :)

Neal said...

You know, in the False Face Societies, there is a lot about separate but entwined destinies, in that whole you are what you eat, and sacrifice, and merged uplift, but that kind of stuff just gets carried about, and hidden, and not published due to much loss of the way things are supposed to work.

Too much should just happen, it is not really magic, just permission, and authority. Kind of still happens in time, not so much in space.

Nate said...

I witnessed nature at her finest this morning.

Condensed, it means big buck in the freezer.

Even though these animals are eating frankenfoods, it is the only readily available source of necessary omega acids that are no longer present in commercial meat.

God was present through the whole ordeal. I let a forkhorn walk yesterday.
Quite an ordeal, but put food on the table.
beautiful Michigan 11 point buck.
All about respect and gratitude.
Thanks Vis for what you do!
You are not gonna believe the wv:
buckform **

Anonymous said...

Viz, question regarding karma: If someone does something deliberately with forethought and with the intention to do real harm to you and you forgive them, does your forgiveness nullify their karma?

Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

it's about time someone stood up for the humble carrot

or was it "never be mongry again"?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

You have a fine imagination, Visible prabhu.

As you say prabhu, and we believe - "God knows."

I struggle simply trying to sandblast a wraith or two..

Barely able to spy my heroes, who number in the hundreds.

Nrsingadeva, Hanuman, Mowgli, Bagheera and on and on and on.

Sometimes I can't remember Who is real and who ain't.

Rob in WI said...

Anon@10:36 y niijii,
I agree with your comments regarding the meat that nature provides vs the "factories to the table world" we live with. I grew up on a subsistence farm (memories are mostly from '50s), and we raised and ate lots of animals, fished and hunted, too. It would have been most difficult to be vegan, as we only got fresh vegetables 4 months of the year. Pork raised on our farm, and ferrule hogs harvested, tasted great. So did chicken. Now, most everything "tastes like chicken", including pork.
I still eat the sh*t though; it just requires alot more spicing. I could never understand the religious pork prohibitions. Hogs would love to eat us; why shouldn't we eat them?
Be well, Rob

Visible said...

Looks like I can answer everyone just by answering Laura. Karma is an inflexible reality. Somebody has got to figure out that Tower of Babel thing and all of the difficulties of comprehension that doesn't allow us to communicate effectively because that is the sand in the oyster shell. I am after the pearl of great price. Self consumption has to be 24/7 on my watch. It is what it is. Often it is not what it is; appearances can be deceiving.

bee wrangler said...

A quote from my 10 yr old daughter- "you can do waht you can do"- it is on my kitchen wall among art from all of my children. Inspiration for us all- just like natures beauty. It is always there- we are in for quite a show i believe! Your words are right on time..and your links on my site have "woken up" lots of my customers! Thanks for being here now- Jen the beewoman

Mark said...

Speaking of karma, check out these comments

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"It would have been most difficult to be vegan, as we only got fresh vegetables 4 months of the year."

I'll say this and be done.

Why do you say "vegan" instead of vegetarian?

Veggies only four months? That's nonsense.

What's in the cellar?
Our cellar walls are lined with the harvest.
One entire wall is quarts of canned tomatoes alone.
The other walls lined with all the other canned veggies, fruits, salads, relishes, sauerkraut, horse radish, apple butter, applesauce, rhubarb sauce.

Winter cabbages, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, celery, kale and spinach are preserved all winter under their snow blanket with a little mulching effort.

And the freezers filled with the same.

Garden herbs by the pound. Basil, parsley, rosemary, sage, mint, etc. All superb.

The fresh milk and cream and cheese and yoghurt.

Walnuts, butternuts, hickory nuts, chestnuts and baskets of dried fruit.

Also the readily available rice, beans, oats, olive oil, peanut butter, etc.

"most difficult?" or in reality an easy way out choice?

It's a CHOICE and to pretend it's not a choice is self defeating and untrue.

It's just EASIER to use the animals who don't need to be killed at all.

What's really killed is compassion, industry, reason and ultimately our humanity.

Anonymous said...

"If" by Rudyard Kipling stuck with me from the first time I read it in grade school, even though I didn't realize it at the time.


Anonymous said...

LMAO Anon 12:49

Here's the most hilarious thing: If you have a gas chamber, you don't need gas. The dog pound has gas chambers and they just evacuate the air to an equivalent pressure of 50,000 feet altitude and the animals just fall asleep and die. No need to safely dispose of unused lethal gas. No worries about the pockets of gas between the bodies and the floor, in their noses ears and mouths, being stirred up back into the air.

How did the greatest scientists in the world ,at that time, miss such a simple thing?

LOL, of course they didn't miss it. The dumb liars missed it.

Funny shit!

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Those were the most powerful words I've seen yet. You have REALLY DONE IT NOW, Mr. Les Visible! I see beasts in human form writhing and hissing and spitting all over this internet for the lake of fire you use for ink! Myself, I achieved a new post broken arm personal best on the pushup bars for the lake of fire you lit in my ass. I love that lake of fire! I can see 100 again.

Seriously, that was so hot I'm afraid to read it again. But, I will when I print it and make everyone I know read it too. I felt the teeter on the 13th too.

Interestinger and interestinger.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to credit that last link in your post, the perfect compliment to it. We do have our prophets in these last days, in the most unlikely places.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

Ben! Where you been?

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

oh no, Ray, you are on fire, I'm just twinkling like flint on a stone, or something.

Visible said...

I'd like to thank Mr. Apocalypse for the good work he is doing... :)

I agree with what you are saying Visible - it's on!

And here's an encouraging development:

(sorry about lack of hot linking up there)

And thank you for the good work you're doing to help guide us through this Mr. Visible. :)

Thank you...
Aka Lifeincreation

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Rob, please don't be offended. I think you're a gentleman and that's a big part of why you come here to Visible's fellowship.

I grew up like you did, in the 50's, in the cold hard North. We had hardly any money but we weren't poor because we need or crave a lot of excessive things.

We were outdoors strong and the land was very rich and Were were conditioned to the land and each other.

Though brutal was normal at times, the times were not nearly as degraded as it is now, just 50 years later.

Best of health to you, sir!

Rob in WI said...

Hi Homer,
I used vegan because it was shorter, realize there's a difference, sorry. We wintered some potatoes, carrots, squash, apples, etc, but they're not fresh. After a month or so, things gets soft and taste like crap. Same with canned stuff. Milk and eggs, sure, but meat, poultry, and fish were our staples, and why not? If the Divine wishes for animals not to be eaten, why are they permitted to eat one another?
Be well, Rob

Visible said...

Visible definitely likes that kind of shit.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Kali Yuga Twilight in Skank Town.

Rob in WI said...

I wasn't offended, but thanks for the comment. I responded, just to make clear that I understood what you stated, and that though we may disagree, I respect your position.
I'm not easily offended. It makes me sad when my honesty is questioned/ridiculed, re. encounters with dolphins, 16yo son being pressured by homosexuals, but that's life. If one can't survive a few slings and arrows, one should stay in the fort. Will continue to comment, and look forward to reading yours.
The best to you too, sir, Rob

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis,
I sincerly apologize for my outburst on wed. but I see it may have been cosmic ?

Back in the day, I used to watch alot of c.n.n. during the bosnian war bullshit and when I heard them say "there were apx. 1200 women and children killed on Snipers Alley in one year my heart broke...

Pissed and angry, I literally cried to god and said I was sorry to even be a part of mankind. kind?

Well, anyway I ended up here to see the world in a whole new better view with you and the crew.

I love this place.
walking hawk

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up now-

Cans of Whoop-Ass Wholesale, by the Light of the Darkling Moon..



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