Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cave Dei Videt and Hearts of Wonder

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(scanning... scanning... “a little early in the post to be scanning Visible, isn't it”? “Hey, I'm not even in 7th Grade yet and... and... uh... I'm slow, I think- therefore I... I was? ...scanning ...scanning)

Once again, we find ourselves at Visible Origami. Maybe a word about Visible Origami is in order and that would lead to some explanation, for all of the other sites, presently active, or presently dormant. There's reasons for all of this. Some of them might get discussed and some might not. Principally the thing I want to say ...and don't care much, one way or the other, if anything else gets said... is (scanning... scanning... heh heh). No, that is not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that Visible Origami was the first blog and it operated all on its lonesome for a couple of years, I think. Maybe it was somewhere between one and two years, maybe more.

In the beginning, I told myself, “if I can only get 30 readers who came around regular, that would be great”. Then I told myself, “If I could only get 300 readers, that would be great”. Then I told myself, “If I could only get 3,000 readers, that would be great”. Then I told myself, “If I could only get 30,000 readers, that would be great”. Well, I'm somewhere between the last two. With some posts I've gone well over 30,000 but there is no consistency to that.

I got those 300 readers at Origami, more or less and then I realized, intuitively, that I wasn't going to get any greater increase because only ten percent of the people have enough curiosity about metaphysics to want to dive into it to the point that it might change the course of their existence. The majority of people fear change. Civilization is humanities reaction to pain and discomfort. We have a plethora of excuses, rationalizations and justifications for what we do. We need to convince ourselves that all the unnecessary and confining traps of material existence, are necessary and that somehow they lead to some form of liberation from them but... they don't. When I talk about 'metaphysics', I am talking about 'applied metaphysics'. Any other metaphysics are just a vanity projects, where people sit in their comfort zone and talk about these things from the safety of not having to do them. Eventually they become intellectual ponces, who are capable of any kind of immoral excess, because they are at a distance of remove from themselves. The shadow twin is in charge.

I realized that there was another 90% who were more interested in socio-political and cultural affairs and that if I was ever to get them to invest some thoughtful time in Metaphysics, I would have to suck them in, via another avenue first. Thus, Smoking Mirrors and Reflections in a Petri Dish were born. Profiles in Evil was around for a bit but I wasn't comfortable with that. I have my own sins and shortcomings and I don't ever want to forget that, though I strive daily to be rid of them. They are in place, until the time I have earned release from them, or that particular 'purpose of demonstration' has concluded; may it come soon. I was correct in my intuitive sensing and it was not long before a site in the UK picked up on me, Signs of the Times picked up on me, for awhile. The People's Voice picked up on me, for awhile. What Really Happened picked up on me and finally, the biggest site of it's kind picked up on me. I'm trying to stay out of the feud zone but it isn't always easy. I got in the middle of a few feuds and didn't come out of them well.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the internet is that it has bred an army of anonymous trolls. They know, as all of us come to know, that they are cowards, with a mean streak. Many cowards take upon themselves the persona of a bully because of poor fear management within. The internet has become a playground for all their former insecurities and poor sense of self worth, along with their feelings of insignificance; given their lack of accomplishments and indifference to personal development, they take their pleasure in seeking to diminish others, through ambushing, sniper attacks, fabricated slanders and an arsenal of insults, probing, looking for weaknesses, in those who don't have those weaknesses. They are the ones who, in fact, have the weaknesses and they are, by projecting, actually assaulting their own unexercised potential. However, you can only (as Lao Tzu said) feel punctured, if you are a bubble. Don't be a bubble. Don't get puffed up with the usual vanities of self importance and excessive worth. There are 7 billion people on the planet and it stands to reason that there are a host of people who are better at every single thing you can do. Even if you are truly exceptional, it never serves to consider yourself so, because the moment you do, you are automatically routed toward a demonstration of your insignificance. That's how it works. Diminish yourself and avoid having to be diminished. Believe me,there's a big difference in impact. God is not mocked.

Anyway, perhaps a decade has passed since I started Visible Origami and Smoking Mirrors, has about 5 million visits. Petri Dish, has 2 million and Visible Origami has 1.5 million, even though Mirrors came along much later and Petri Dish much later after that. You would think that Origami would have the most entries but actually Smoking Mirrors does; supply and demand. I know people have come to Visible Origami as a result of the other blogs and some number have signed up as followers, so that they can be informed of each new posting at whatever blogs they follow.

Not long ago Facebook became an item. Years ago, I had signed up in a rudimentary way and then promptly ignored it. I kept getting messages that people wanted to be my friends. This went on and on and began to annoy me, so... I thought why not just take care of all that in one fell swoop. I suppose destiny wanted to step in at that point. I hit the wrong button and sent out a friend request to everyone in my Inbox. This turned out to be many hundreds of people, some of whom I no longer was on good terms with; people who had contacted me to vent and so forth. Next thing I knew, Facebook was operational and something very curious happened, a whole new group of readers showed up who only comment at Facebook. I never see them at the blogs. Finally one of the Facebook readers did come over, just to show that he could. That was amusing. Now I've got going on 2,000 friends and sometimes they come in by the dozens on any given day. I don't care much for Facebook and don't go there much but, on the whole it has been a very satisfying endeavor, which has led to all sorts of interesting things and probably will lead to more.

Recently, someone got on my case for having advertisements on my site, not knowing that I take a special pride in giving free advertising to those I consider deserving. I turn a great many people down, no doubt creating new adversity, as a result of breaking eggs to make an omelet. A fine fellow gave me a callous maker liquid for my guitar playing. I want to feature him too but I have misplaced the item and now don't know how to find him. I know that people have found true relief from the ayurvedic kidney stone treatment. If you've never had one, consider yourself very lucky. My doctor recently told me that it was possibly the most painful ailment there is. Interestingly, only one of those advertised has ever cared to get in touch with me ...and some haven't acknowledged it at all but that's not why it gets done. I believe in Cave Dei Videt, “beware, God is watching”. I know I'm being watched all the time. Even if it is no one corporeal, it is certainly someone more important than that. God watches life through our eyes.

I'm neither so good as some people make me out to be, nor so bad as others project. I'm just a work in progress, in hope of redemption and self realization. The things I really want, are not physical manifestations. How many of those will accompany me on my continuing journey? I've had some hard knocks with people I was deeply engaged with and was mystified as to why some things occurred. Given the cold continuance so much later, I now realize that God arranged all of that to show me this very thing. I've had a novel published by someone who closed me out entirely and all this time later, never receive any accounting or have any idea what is happening. The divine has done his part to show me where my reliance should be. He's made some number of relationships untenable. It's my reluctance to play the guru that is at the heart of much of the trouble. If I would just dress myself up in the expected outfit and stare at people with a faraway look of wisdom in my eyes well, well then, a certain portion of those I interact with would be satisfied. If I played the role there would be that expectation of consistency and I could work the magic of mystery and inscrutable presence. I'd have a fine place to live and a lot of money. The divine tells me that I can expect all kinds of things once he has made the changes he intends to make in me.

I feel like the one thing I most want to avoid is to operate under false pretenses. After all, Cave Dei Videt. I avoid being exposed, by exposing myself. I avoid having undeserved labels placed on me, by routinely acting out in a certain way, that leaves us all on a level playing field. I strive for ordinary in my contacts, even though extraordinary things happen now and again.

Anyone who has come here for any length of time knows about the unique resonance that goes on here. The divine tells me there are few, if any places like it and I know it's got only a little to do with me. Life has shaped me a certain way, with a hard hand, that has grown softer in more recent times. So I am an instrument, as we are all instruments and something plays through me, due to the forceful shaping of my being. It is, by no wise, an easy road. There aren't more of us because the demands and rigors are extreme, as is the leap of faith that needs to be taken at intervals of greater frequency than one might like. The quality of souls, who are attracted to the communion that takes place here, are nothing short of amazing. It often blows my mind, how informed and articulate, so many of you are. Then we get the regular appearance of new, interesting and entertaining souls, like the fellow who does all the song parodies, “Sheep Dreams are made of this”, indeed.

There's no telling how many extraordinary people are lurking in the woodwork. The usual demographics say that only about 2% of the people become actively engaged. I'm genuinely proud of one thing. Though I have had my fallings out with people, I bear zero ill will and am always ready to pick up with a new leaf, in search of what should have been and still might be. Sadly, none of them are the same way inclined and that answers for whatever happened, as has already been stated.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me. We haven't touched the best of times yet, nor experienced anything close to what awaits us 'up' the road. You have my word on that. Reincarnation is all about falling by the wayside. Let us not fall by the wayside and we shall have tea and cakes in Shambala one fine day.

End Transmission.......

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Unknown said...

Thank you Brother!!! 3 blogs in 3 days, and a bare minimum of Zio-Monsters to boot!!! haha I must say that it is refreshing and inspiring to see yours post taking on a more positive and spiritual quality. Yes, I know some of these unpleasant things need to be said, ad nauseum at times, but the fact remains that often we give those "entities" power by focusing in on them, instead of working on the solution, which is, utimately, our own self realization. Sorry for the rant, no judgement intended, you are John the Baptist in my book and I have nothing but love and a deep sense of gratitude for your vision.

Anonymous said...

"I'm as mad as Hell and I'm not ready to play nice." Dixie Chicks

"You've got to get mad as Hell!" Network

DaveS said...

Most Visible,

Thanks for everything!


Anonymous said...

You would have a lot more than those millions of hits, and will.

As a christian (and not a pseudeo one) I was a little bit turned off by the references to Kali Yuga and Brahma and such. That was an indoctrinated knee jerk response and prejudice.

I would remind other christians that Joseph interpreted 2 symbolic dreams to be the same one and so did Daniel. You have to admit that the workers of iniquity have polluted and diluted each as much as they could get away with, yet the power shines through. You have to have a rememberance before the scriptures can bring to rememberance and the workers of iniquity have no such remeberance. So, their editing powers are limited. They can't see it in plain sight.

I call it christianity, from Genesis to Revelation and before that. Enoch built the great pyramid because Enoch was the only one who could have built the great pyramid. As incorruptuble as a thing exposed to time and the elements can be. It also "brings to rememberance". Go by the fruit.

In the Bible, David is the model christian.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Vedic architect who designed the first pyramid in Egypt.

PSO said...

Vis says:
"...Thank you all for taking this journey with me. ..."
Psuedo-patrick-spiritual-being-wrapped-in-dense-compressed-dark-matter-appearing-as-an-individualized-separate-distinct-unique-self-contained-energized-magnetically-polaraized-eternal-soul-LIGHT-has-travelled-in-time-and-fluid-space-and-chased-by-the-hounds-through-dangerous-angles-being-helped-by-amazing-Angels-having-opened-spiritual-eyes-within-his-human-skull-throneroom-via-DMT-production-of-pineal-gland-and-aware-of-the-masters-of-Orion-the-Pesky-Martians-the-congragation-of-Satan-the-serpentine-brotherhoods-and-the-worst-gland-of-all-Mother-England-will-publicly-announce-Now-that-ALL-lighted-souls-have-been-sealed-and-protected-against-the-coming-'Red-Tide'-may-God-and-Eternal-Wisdom-guide-you-all-the-days-of-your-eternal-endearing-expression-of-Love-Divine:, says
"And I thank you Visible!"

patrick from western Kentucky

Rob in WI said...

I used to be one of the intellectual ponces you mentioned. Having had some intense experiences under the influence of psychedelics, leading to extensive study of metaphysics, I thought I had gained some understanding. Riigghhtt...
In '89, at age 43, I went through a spiritual awakening experience lasting several months, and very difficult to describe. My mind was racing, and madness seemed inevitable. A Serbian Orthodox friend suggested the "Jesus Prayer", as a way to quiet my mind, and let true spirit work its way. I added, "and may my arrogance become benevolence". It was like being born again, but not in the evangelical sense.
Your writing truly resonates with me, and I'm most grateful to you for sharing it.
Thanks, and be well, Rob

Visible said...

I don't exactly know what the meaning of it all is but those with an excess of darkness within are definitely being pressed out into bizarre speech and actions. You have all seen some of the nasty comings and going around here of late. It seems to be connected somehow. Now Godsend, or more correctly Demonsend is frothing at the mouth at me and attacking the Hindu deities and tossing around whatever insults he has at hand.

I'm not going to print them, it serves no purpose. He's always been an unhinged demagogue and since he can't get anyone to come to his website he comes here to try to spirit people over there but no one wants to go there. Eventually he dispenses with the surface politesse and turns into a raving maniac who sentences everyone to Hell.

I cannot understand how he thinks God views him. He's got a poor opinion of God if he thinks God is tolerant and supportive of this kind of thing. Fundies are dangerous people and there are millions of dead as evidence of this.

Ah well, I mention this because I'm a trends kind of a guy and I see a trend at work here. Some one planet or another has gone into batshit mode and all those as are batshit are acting out according to their internal nature. Well, let's us try to take the high road and not get dragged down into this vile sewer of hate and recrimination. He just came out of nowhere with no provocation. I hadn't even said anything about Ganesha in some time, Jai Ganesha!!! Yeah, it's a rash of emergent insanity that's making the rounds at the moment.

Religious intolerance is a sign of serious immaturity... all those Gods and religions are one and they are all legitimate. If you don't know that then you are walking blind and not anyone that anyone should listen to.

Yuri-expat Russian in New England said...

"Russian society is now finished. The Jews finished it off. It grieves me to see that the same people have now got their hooks into America.

They call themselves neoconservatives…but most of them are Jews…or led by Jews.

These vermin are now beating the war drums for the devastation of Iran. Not content with having been defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan, after having started illegal wars there built on a stupendous mound of filthy lies, they now long to incinerate innocent women and children in Iran.

I look at the dead faces of Americans around me, their bloodshot eyes like the eyes of demented rats. Poor wretches, they don’t even know what’s happening to them! That they are being led like lambs to the slaughterhouse, unaware of the fate that awaits them.

According to Solzhenitsyn, 66 million Russian Christians were cruelly put to death in the gulags by Stalin and his Jews. These Americans don’t know this. They’ve never heard of Solzhenitsyn. They think the word gulag is a Hungarian meat dish.

Any day now, my friend, any day now … I see the coming doom of America! … I see the Lord of Terror fall from the skies!"

Anonymous said...

The baal priests rule with fear and exploitation of ignorance. It's how you spot them. That's the litmus test.

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

I haven't got anything against god send really,,I think he is stubborn and refuses to question,,
He's a strict king James biblist I would say,another fundy
At some point he's going to have to question,,,he's going to have to really really look open his eye up wide and see,,,with his heart,,,
Is the Brazilian amozonian tribe going to hell,because no-one notified them that Jesus was their saviour,,,or the kalahari bush man or any other number of well intentioned indigenous people's,,,,or is it these Christian fundamentalists under the lies of underhand war mongering insain monsters that are actually turning this world into hell,,,,

I know what I think,,but I'm open to change,,,,,


Anonymous said...

I have to agree, sometimes you worry about petty shit too much. "Godsend" wants to be the ruler of hell. How can you trust anyone who has to scare you into obedience? Fear is the mark of a baal religion. His vanity chose his religion and that drooling idiot smile has some wickedness behind it.

Should I kill him? There is a time to love and a time to kill.

Let's clean up our own house, first.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

One thing I try not to do but which people sometimes do around here- and some people have a track record for that and show up when they think it is opportunistic for them- is that I never make assessments on what is taking place unless I have seen all the evidence. To imply that the author is overly concerned with petty things would necessarily require one having seen all of the evidence of the exchange. In this case, only I have seen both sides and the degree of vituperative venom was impressive indeed.

One thing I have is a good memory of the occasional behavior of certain people who come around here. I can remember unnecessary conflicts in the past that got, more or less resolved but we know certain resentments burn fierce and strong and some people also have long memories where they are still offended by not having their extremism taken seriously.

Racist mentalities don't easily forgive. They're convinced that the people their real enemies set them against are their real enemies. There isn't much one can do about this. The unfortunate truth about delusion is that truth doesn't simply clear it up. Truth usually offends delusion and such people have long memories but... so do I.

In any case, what's said here will be understood where it needs to be. Obviously certain things are getting ratcheted up now and we'll have to be circumspect in addressing them.

Anonymous said...

“Intelligence is the capacity to receive, decode and transmit information efficiently. Stupidity is blockage of this process at any point. Bigotry, ideologies etc. block the ability to receive; robotic reality-tunnels block the ability to decode or integrate new signals; censorship blocks transmission.”


“...I just want to be free of the fears and anxieties and the superstitions of religion. An 'avenging GOD'? One who created Hell for those who don't believe? I thought we were the perfect and holy children of GOD? How could any limits possibly be put upon us? Hell.. really? I'm sorry, but... no. Wrong. You're wrong. That's an insane GOD and therefore not mine. Because, see, GOD would be very sane, don't you get it?”

-Bill Hicks-

Nuff Said!

UselessEater U.K

Anonymous said...

Well I trust your judgement vis,,I only see what's in the comment section,,,
I know what you mean though ,,
By the way There is no resentment coming from my neck of the woods here,as I said before,I like to get things sorted out as quickly as possible and be done with it,,
I also have my own shortcomings to deal with that I won't ever forget aswell,,,,spurs me on
Gives me direction or something,,,
Seems like godsends stuck in that wrath,,,
As I have too,,on occasion,,,
I suppose that wrath should only be aimed accordingly
At the pure evil monster thing,,,never at the little people

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Visible,

My son (12) made a puppet from some old wool, beads and thread he found lying around the house. We call him Guru [he has a glass bead 3rd eye] and both speak to him all the time. I receive regular lessons in levitation and enlightenment. So fortunately, I don't need you to be my Guru.

What I would like to say though is thanks for being you and doing what you do!

Love and peace,

Anonymous said...

"Semitic Minds"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Suspicious Minds", by Mark James, made famous by Elvis Presley.)

We're caught in a trap
We can't walk out
Because they twisted our minds, baby

It's plain to see
How they screwed you and me
'cause we can't believe a word they're sayin'

We can't go on together
With semitic minds
And we can't build our dreams
On semitic minds

So, if my friend Ernst Zundel
Drops by to say, "Be well"
Would I see semitism
In your eyes?

Here we go again
Watching "Goodbye, Children"
You can't see these tears are real
I'm crying

We can't go on together
With semitic minds
And we can't build our dreams
On semitic minds

Oh let the goy survive
Let's don't let a good thing die
When honey, you know
I've never lied to you
Mmm...yeah, yeah

We're caught in a trap
We can't walk out
Because they twisted our minds, baby

It's plain to see
How they screwed you and me
'cause we can't believe a word they're sayin'

Don't you know
We're caught in a trap
We can't walk out
Because they twisted our minds, baby

Don't you know
We're caught in a trap
We can't walk out
Because they twisted our minds, baby

Don't you know
We're caught in a trap
We can't walk out
Because they twisted our minds, baby

preacher said...

I think that will be the undoing of this world: People going more and more crazy...

What it is, I don't know. Could be the solar flares and the diminished magnetic field. Whatever...
I just see the crazies more and more.

The ones who are centered and grounded are the most likely to survive this; if not killed or injured by the actions of berserkers.
Take care!
Hope I've got it wrong...

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, the "UK pedo scandal" was a limited hangout (as I suggested it was the other day, here at one of Lord Vis's blogs).

The Puppet Masters planned to reveal a little bit of the abuse, then pull a "mistaken identity" ploy, create some faux outrage, and sweep the larger portion of the operation under the proverbial rug...mission accomplished -

Now, the Pedo Puppet Masters' "mainstream journalists" are screaming in moral outrage at the heinous accusations made by these "Internet rumor mongers", who accused Lord McAlpine of diddling children; how DARE anybody accuse the lordly and the filthy rich of pedophilia??? - why, the whole Internet must now be shut down, in order to squelch these lies and horrible accusations -

So, basically, the pedos/Satanists who run the world, planned this whole thing out. They allowed certain accusations and stories to appear in their wholly owned press. And, when they did this, they had the entire problem/reaction/solution scheme hatched out well in advance.

Plant a couple of stories in the MSM (about Jimmy Saville, and MP's in the British Parliament). Then plant a "mistaken identity" story, to provide cover for the wider abuse, so as to discourage anybody from investigating it further. And as a collateral benefit, they can now accuse the dastardly INTERNET of being the real perpetrator here, and they can swiftly ramp up some hardcore legislation that will place further restrictions on the Internet (which, of course, they have been eagerly seeking to do for some time now). the Drooling Elite can go back to diddling our children and sacrificing them to their Dark Lord, while knowing full well that the skids have been greased in such a fashion so that they might exert a much faster and firmer degree of control over the Internet.

Don't it make you prouder than shit to be a human being?

Rob in WI said...

Hi Magnus,
Glad your son included the pineal eye in the puppet. For many of us, and I gather you're included, Visible is not a guru, but a virtual friend. Used to be, we didn't need no damn internet. Hope you're enjoying the levitation, its alot of fun.
Be well, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Anon @ 11:11 p,
Great analysis, especially if you are UK, and have greater insight than we colonialists.
Thanks and be well, Rob

preacher said...

David Icke's site was also under attack...

Anonymous said...

pierre said (fossil rock mode)

♫ Long may you run♫ and may your ellephants roam free.

some of your outrageous statements stand out in my memory.

primarily, and given the history of the Wall St bankers, the Cheka and the bolsheviks, and what they plan for the USA, en mass "and they will fuck your children" - haunting.
then "everyone says that what goes around comes around, but nobody thinks it will come round to them"...
"perpetual hamster wheel Condos..."
"rat a tat a tat" (is there a mister hanky poo - or a Young Frankenstein there?

Nice to see reconciliations and peace getting there with you (here) , don't go soft though (like Neil (repeats) NoLongerYoung). Mr HankyPoo knows the balance between hard and soft. Mr Apocalypse says, if the stick fits bear it ..

preacher said...

And another one bites the dust:

George Entwistle resigns as director general of the BBC

Tony said...

haha this "scanning scanning" is killing me only because I never thought you would run with what I said about making simple errors a 7th grader would make.

Your the man Visible and I hope you can create your community soon so your brothers from N.A. can visit.

Clarity said...

This had a comfortable feel, Vis. It was interesting to hear about the progression of your blogs, and you managed to slip in the important things, too. You blended them in so smoothly, some probably didn't realize, yet they left feeling curiously satisfied.

My time here began at Smoking Mirrors. I wasn't even aware of the others in the beginning. Origami was revealed to me at a time when it was exactly what I needed, and then I discovered everything else you had to offer.

I had noticed the Anonymous trolls, and as you know, the unusually high number of them got me a bit ticked off. You may not be a bubble, but that doesn't keep the crap from being draining. Yours is a thankless task, and while you do receive your share of appreciation, the unfortunate thing is that one well-crafted attack can undo countless thank-yous. Wondering why there seems to be such an abundance lately, I could only think that things are starting to fall apart, and people are getting desperate. If they can't save themselves, they'll try to pull others down with them.

If only more people couldn't realize this: Even if you are truly exceptional, it never serves to consider yourself so, because the moment you do, you are automatically routed toward a demonstration of your insignificance. That's how it works. Diminish yourself and avoid having to be diminished.

I can back you up on what you said about kidney stones. They are extremely painful.

The quality of souls, who are attracted to the communion that takes place here, are nothing short of amazing. It often blows my mind, how informed and articulate, so many of you are. Then we get the regular appearance of new, interesting and entertaining souls, like the fellow who does all the song parodies, “Sheep Dreams are made of this”, indeed. Amen to this! And yes, the resonance here is unique to say the least. Some might say that this can happen after spending a lot of time with others, but my feeling is that the reverse may be true. People are directed here because they have some level of connectedness with each other. The resonance is the impetus, not the result.

Thank you, Visible, for allowing us to accompany you on this journey, and for all that you have shared with us along the way.

Much love,

insiam said...

Yuri expat ....

Having read quite a bit re. the Bolsheviks - 1917 revolution etc, and those behind the scenes that set the whole thing up. I concur with your assessment 100%. But alas, the average America seems to be totally unaware.

The whole script is being repeated. It is not rocket science to compare then and now. If i ever mention the basic tenets of what was then and compare to what is taking place now, 99.9% of people simply develop a glazed look and lose their attention span.

Vis: re Godsend. I think i have made several negative comments here in the past re this person. My basic intsincts told me that his kind were the cause of much of todays ills - certainly not the cure. His use of the passive aggressive was fairly evident.

'Repent you sinners or be dammed to the depths of hell where you will be boiled in excrement for
eternity .'

Now the way i look at it is - i am a mere mortal learning as i go, but if someone commits the worst of sins - and they then repent or learn - then they should be given a much more lenient sentence than that :)

Anonymous said...

Gold and blue
And seeds and stones
And bones of soldiers
Half disposed
In grains of winter
Cartels crimes
In lies they told
That multiplied
And drove and drowned
Into the lake
Ground to dust
Where Essence wakes
The gates of virtue
In senses dwell
The heart the soul
Where love tells


Anonymous said...

Pierre or anon,2.58 stop drinking alcohol and making no sense,,,neil

est said...

'god watches life through our eyes'

that one jumped out at me, as i agree

whatever we perceive our maker to be

'reincarnation is all about falling by the wayside'

est said...

i know this belongs on other posts
but i was too slow so it's said here

i too was dosed a long while ago
there was no anxiety as i didn't know

we were driving out west and were somewhere in the south

as the medicine took hold
i felt increasingly humorous

i have never been able to drive while tripping due to uncontrollable laughter

so i gave up the reins and discussed with my companion

the what and wherefore of our singular existence

we pulled into a filling station
and i went in in search of water

i asked the guy and he said
oh yeah right in there - inside

i went into a room covered
floor to ceiling with uv art

you know the kind dogs playing cards
and all sorts of jesus on velvet

do to my intoxication i failed
to see the water fountain right in front of me

this is the closest i've come
to actually being in church

and i exited knowing i had
dodged a bullet in many ways

so much for revelation i got mine
i can't guarantee yours

i felt no resentment for being dosed

in fact i ended up enjoying it
and was thankful to my friend

Arthur Silber said...

"And because most Americans have been taught to obey, because they now obey happily and without ever examining what their obedience means, because they have also learned to idealize the authority figures who rule them and to believe that the president and his fellow murderers have only the best of intentions and only want to protect them, they will believe all of it. In this way, the murders will begin here at home.

Once they have begun, they will increase -- and the murders will target steadily growing numbers of people, while the justifications and explanations will become ever more sketchy and meaningless. If the nightmare gathers sufficient force, it will one day reach the point where the State will routinely murder Americans here at home and offer no reason whatsoever -- and no one at all will be heard to object. This is the meaning of the principle that the State has already established.

Yes, we are speaking here of immense evil. We must call such things by their rightful names.

Almost no one objected in any way that mattered when the State first announced this principle, just as they do not object now as the State acts on this principle repeatedly. Thus, almost all Americans have voluntarily surrendered any reason they might have had to object when the State targets people they know -- when the State murders their uncle, or the lovely woman who lives down the street, or their child, or you.

They had a chance to object, and to register their protest -- and they resolutely refused to see what was before them, to acknowledge what it meant. On the day the murders reach into their own lives, when someone they love is torn to pieces, perhaps while they watch helplessly, they will have nothing to say. When the first victims and those who love them scream in agony for endless minutes and hours, as the unendurable pain reaches into the remainder of the survivors' days, Americans close their ears, their eyes, and their minds; they refuse to hear the screams and to understand what they mean. When Americans themselves scream, when they feel pain of a kind they never thought possible, who will hear them and understand what they are feeling?

No one. No one at all.

This is the horror Americans have invited into their lives. They could have seen and understood it, they could have objected, they could have said, No. They chose not to."

Arthur Silber said...

"The disfavored members of society have less and less economic resources of their own to be extracted, and fewer (and often non-existent) opportunities for improving them. Simultaneously (and inextricably connected to this point), the same disfavored members are increasingly unable to defend themselves in any area of their lives. The growing surveillance State watches over them day and night, privacy approaches the point of complete eradication, and the State continually adds to the weapons it uses to harass, intimidate, brutalize and imprison them. The State's methods of control are increasingly, brazenly explicit and crueler by the day.

As the society's resources continue to dwindle, the problem of the "surplus population" becomes more acute for the ruling class. The State now controls a population which is far larger than the ruling class finds useful for its purposes. What do States do in such situations? As much as we understandably resist stating the obvious conclusion, we would be well-advised to face it now: the State kills the especially disfavored parts of its population -- those who cannot work, those who are old and/or sick, those who produce nothing the ruling class finds of value.

If we broaden our perspective, and if we look beyond particular developments and attempt to grasp what is happening over a longer period of time, the nature of the horror that awaits us takes on a clearer shape: The West's ruling class is embarked on a program of killing and elimination. A general caution should be kept in mind. I'm not suggesting that this program is one that the ruling class has explicitly identified, even to itself, at least not necessarily. The ruling class is intent upon increasing its own power and wealth; in one sense, that is its only concern. I suppose, in some fantasy world, the ruling class would be content to enjoy its immense power and wealth while "ordinary" people pursue their own lives of contentment. This, of course, is the goal which the ruling class announces, and which it desperately tries to convince both itself and us is true.

But we don't live in that fantasy world. In this world -- and, I would argue, in any world where brute power is the final means of settling every dispute, especially when that power is consolidated in the State -- the ruling class seeks power and wealth by dominating and controlling the weaker segments of society. The ruling class may not set out to kill those people it finds unnecessary for its aims, but if the ruling class can maintain and increase its power and wealth only by eliminating them, it will eventually eliminate them. This is the logic of the ruling class's desires. It is certainly true that the ruling class could change much of this if it wished to: the productive capacity of both England and the United States could be reinvigorated, and much new wealth could be created and enjoyed by many more members of society. But the ruling class believes that would necessitate the diminishment of its power and wealth, so they will not consider the possibility seriously."

Visible said...

Well said Arthur, finely articulate.

And thank you Est. comments belong wherever you want to put them.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk from Don't Give a Shit Central.

insiam said...

Arthur Sibler ....

i may add to your excellent analysis that they can not stop moving forward towards their ultimate goal. They have committed so many evil wrongs that to attack is their only defense.

Bush senior acknowledged this with a flippant remark he once made:

George H. W. Bush's comment: “If the American people knew what we have done , they would string us up from the lamp posts.”

Anonymous said...

When I talk about 'metaphysics', I am talking about 'applied metaphysics'. Any other metaphysics are just a vanity projects, where people sit in their comfort zone and talk about these things from the safety of not having to do them.

Wow that's good....and I've been guilty of the comfort zone charge.

Bryan in the UK

Laura said...

I always enjoy when we find ourselves back at Visible is where I came in and my heart resides most within these divine explorations. This post touches my heart, dear Vis, as to what it stirs within me. We are works in progress as we move through our redemption and walk our path to self realization. Love and fear is definitely polarizing ever more so, as evident in what is expressed and the level of "attack." Authenticity and lack of pretences are amazing gifts and outpourings of beings who walk the path of Love. We either work through our shadows to reveal and unveil our true essence, or the shadow runs the show. I am honored to walk this divine journey with you all as well.

With Love and Grace ~

Ray B. said...


I'm a little late to the party as usual, but I wanted to express my appreciation for a most well-done column. It left me both informed and with an inner warmth that is seldom felt (in general) these days. Thanks.

Vis: "When I talk about 'metaphysics', I am talking about 'applied metaphysics'. Any other metaphysics are just a vanity projects..."

How true. It reminds me of Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" cycle, where someone leaves the comfort of the clan (the known), journeys out, learns new things, returns, and then applies the new knowledge to the betterment of all. Campbell explicitly required the last step for it to be a "Hero's Journey."

est & Clarity: Enjoyed your postings in particular. Thanks also.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

the gardener said...

Millions of Americans have had and are right now being devastated in every way-outright murdered in hospitals all over this land, after being used as test animals by those without an iota of empathy or conscience.

Properties stolen by fraudulent lying devils in suits. Assets stripped by the courts where everyone involved should be looked upon as the Devil himself until proven otherwise.

People dying with and without health care. Families thrown out in the streets. Falsely accused and convicted languishing in prisons all over this land-used as slave laborers by corporations.

NYC and coastal enclaves suffering whilst the banksters and gangsters toss around millions for set up politics.

"Cave Dei Videt!" that is what this nightmare reality for so many on this planet right now is about. It is all it is about. Everyone has had this time of the past eight years of heightened stress to show who and what they really are. Cave Dei Videt!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Metaphysics is me asking the Lord for a favor.

The answer transcends metaphysics.

Not to be confused with, as Mark Twain so kindly reminded; "believing something you know just ain't so."

Visible said...

Words are not static but have the meaning attributed to them by the person using it. This is why there is jnana yoga.

Anonymous said...

pierre said (sourcing mode)

concurring, but pointing out...
strange that Arthur's name does'nt come up as a Blogspot link nonetheless more there.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Neil, you're right about the wine there on that account, but there is sense, non-sense. there is also abbreviation, I could make even more non sense expanding. that's poetry and nonsense for you. I'd say sorry, but I wouldn't mean it. cheers :-)

Peaches said...

Another talented, thoughtful post inspired by the Divine. Thank you.

I am reminded of the Tao.


the gardener said...

When one is outnumbered by gangs of GI Joe dolls, well dressed wax mannequins who have you by the short and curlies and twist 'em hard,ghoulies and ghosties saying bad things about and to you... there is one simple technique that can break up the most serious of intents.

it goes like this -just sing it, everyone knows this ditty "if you're happy and you know it... THEN CLAP AS PIERCINGLY LOUD AS YOU CAN... *CLAP CLAP*... this disperses crowds like ummmm errrr magic! Maybe do a little head clearing left nostril snort first.

Instead of a rally of '2 minutes of hate' 2 minutes of robust laughter would be more cleansing of spirit and soul and minds.

get those giggles on

the gardener

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Bang the Drums and Make the Speeches, You Vicious Leeches..

Anonymous said...

Hey pierre : ) Neil

Anonymous said...

Your alright LINK,we all have our lessons to learn.The truth movement blogers have a whopper, its called HYPROCISY.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Vis, I love Origami. It makes me feel capable, of learning and understanding. Mirrors and Petrie Dish are sharp and inciteful but sometimes they amplify the sense of impotence I feel in the world. I've learned so much here it is wonderful.
ex-pat Yuri, I read Gulag Archipelago when I was a teenager, when it came out. It really stuck with me.
Words aren't static Vis and they've been used as a tool by "them" to limit and control. I told someone recently that I'm an anarchist and he is now afraid of my loosing a volley of cannon fire at him. One small example.
You're all wonderful, even godsend who helps us all remember why we come here.

Visible said...

"why we come here" and don't go there (grin).

est said...

words are like stones
you find on the ground

you can pick them up
and carry them 'round

but sooner or later
you got to
throw them back down



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