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Deep... In to the Base of the Joining

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May your noses always be in the roses and not focused on what they are growing out of.

Here we are again at Origami, engaged in a metaphysical discourse and interchange and by metaphysical let me describe how that word interprets to me and keep in mind the word, 'physical' as well. Physics is the study of the known as far as it can be mathematically messed with, which often places it outside of it's demographic in any case, like the fact that the universe is thought-born and that everything is composed of mindstuff. It almost makes you want to be come a Buddhist but I don't see the point of that when you can become a Buddha or Bodhisattva instead. I'll add here, “thinking makes it so”. Of course that thinking must be determined and filled with faith and certitude.

We are all gods in the act of becoming and there is a theory that has been bandied about, or maybe that's one of those things I came up with but don't want to take credit for because I know for sure someone must have said it before I did; every star in the sky was once like you and I. We are Gods in the making and if we are not that then what is the point? Rocks become plants, Plants become animals. Animals become human so... the system suddenly changes and humans don't become gods? I don't hold with evolution from the gitgo but I do hold with evolution through the get all. One of the reasons I don't expect to wind up in Gitmo is cause I get less and am not impatient for more (*would that be Gitless?); “See if I shall not open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing too big to receive”. That and, “I look to the hills from whence commeth my help”, are two bits of scripture I have had since a child. I dutifully read The Bible as a young boy for long stretches. That's probably why I'm so tall. It comes from having to stretch out of the way of bad situations.

End digression... So, if physics deals with the known and that being the realm of mortal lives, does it not serve that metaphysics treats with the unknown and the realm of God and immortal lives? It does for me and that is how I mean it. I know that one of the reasons that I experienced so much brutality through my life and such a degree of treachery over the term, was to reduce me to the point where I don't trust anyone but God. I am well aware that when I am looking at someone, who thinks very highly of me, that their opinion can change a lot quicker than my heart would hope. I've made it happen just to see what I would rather not have seen but... in my case, God is usually the instigator and I know this because of the way it works out in the aftermath; the results have never disappointed (pun intended). I was kept safe in conditions where no one would expect such a result, unless they were eight feet tall and weighed four hundred pounds on a iron freaks frame; and that's no guarantee either or, people have seldom surprised me; speaking from my own higher mind.

The point of this was to reduce me to the point where I only trust God. That statement can be misleading. Yes, I only trust God but keep in mind the translation of Emanuel; God with us. I prefer, God in us. So I am at liberty to trust the divine in people but not the people themselves and looking for God in others is an evocation. Keep in mind that I always use any word intentionally. Successful evocations depend on a preceding invocation. God rises when summoned and so does The Devil and both are potential residents within us. “Who ya gonna call”? The deity arising, is an intentional affair. The Devil arising is an automatic affair. You get what you put into it or it gets put into you. “Get thee behind me Satan” Well, all of this is simple, unless you are complicated and complications lead to a house divided against itself.

I believe in the Supreme Personality of God. Heck, he came and said hello a few months ago and my invisible friends let me know what an honor that was and I was told I had missed all but one previous event; not that there were all that many of them. So, when I say we are all gods in the making, I do not mean that we will ever be The Supreme Personality. We will not, no never, no how but... there are beautiful and mysterious truths that attend this and you wouldn't have it any other way, trust me on that. There is a wonder to being a servant of God that passeth understanding. Nothing beats serving The One and I am sure it is more satisfying to a human being than being the one served ...but most people don't get that. We'll laugh about these things, once we have somewhere to do it in. In the best of combinations, people vie for the opportunity to be the one serving. They know what it means and... people like that, don't even care about the payback. The opportunity to serve is payback enough. Some of you know what I mean and some don't but... those who do, understand how I savor this and hope it goes on forever and ever. Nothing beats being a servant, given you have the most righteous of masters and that leads to what? That leads to being granted his favor and named his friend. That is exclusive territory indeed.

Over time, many win residence in the kingdom of Heaven, for all kinds of reasons but very few are granted the favor and named friends and only those who are friends, know and can comment on that. God likes to travel but he seldom does it alone. He gets in touch with different friends and asks them if they are up for (or free for) a trip to somewhere. It might be a place created only for that. Of all the things I value, or could EVER value, being named a friend of God stands supreme, far above everything else. I remember when I first heard this. I was in prayer and I was ecstatic, though ecstasy does not always attend my prayers. On this occasion I was there and I said to God, “Lord make me immortal, only so that I can serve you to the end of time and beyond. I'll never forget that because he told me that I was now his friend and he showed me what that meant; how what I thought and wished for meant and this makes me think of the haunting beauty of what Helena Petrovna Blavatsky said; “There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come”

She also said, “The duty of the Theosophical Society is to keep alive in man his spiritual intuition”. People like to point out the flaws in the human ointment and Helena, like they were anything special themselves; keeping in mind the mote in their eye and the beam in your own but... people don't get to say things like this, cause the critics were right? Now, since I have studied the lives of certain people; you know what impresses me the most? It is when the critics reveal their ignorance by missing fundamentally, important features of the individual under consideration. I'll add one more thing about Helena; you'll have to intuit what I am trying to say and I have to paraphrase, though, not to the point that it affects what she was saying at all. She was supposed to be wed to some guy. He might have even been a prince (grin). She was 17 and she ran away. She said, later on, “I was not going to be a slave to a man. I am definitely not going to be a slave to God”. Now what did she mean? I can see her right now, riding in the carriage with Gurdjieff, as he was probably sipping one of his 24 coffees a day, with a shot of liquor in each one. Don't try to find the sense in what you read and hear. Find the truth intuitively... because I guarantee you that you can find it no other way ...but what do I know? I know Jack Shit and his brother Off. What's that, sons of a different father?

I sincerely respect certain people but that only comes from 'reading between the lines'. My heroes may not be your heroes but... they are still my heroes, cause I know the viscosity and dreadful pull of the shit they had to walk through. I wrote my song “Fade Away” about that. Now, my music may not be all that good over this last decade but I can't do what I do alone and that's been shown to me over and over again. So let's make something useful happen before we share the common fate that no one wants except the common; not that they want it either but dumb is as dumbass. I'm not sure if that got leeched from Antonin Artaud or Voltaire; probably neither, although I do like Rousseau, just for the romanticism of something we no longer see and he never saw it in his time either. It is not about whether you win or lose. It is about where you are coming from and whether you stuck to your invisible guns and sometimes they were hidden from you as well (hint! Hint! Wink and nod and nudge).

Now, of course, I don't know what is going on and god has been gracious enough to let me put it into print (grin) but... since I am his friend, I don't really care if I miss some little factor here and there because I am not what jot and tittle were about in the first place. Those of us that suffer the most, especially when young and ...especially later on, have obviously awoken God's innate resistance to having too many friends. Ah well.

We're coming out with a line of books now, including the long suffering novel and you will see them all by half time next year, if there is a half time next year. This is made possible by my good friend Sim and a little Scottish influence as well; since that leaves both of them anonymous, until they let me change that, here is the cover to the first one.

Visible Stream Kindle Edition

The initial response is; why the poetry first? I don't think I will dignify that with a response. I'm not the poet. I'm your waiter. Would you like to hear about today's specials?

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Anonymous said...

Great post,lots for me to ponder thru..(you have a wonderful & sometimes spooky way of verifying & clarifying things that I merely suspected)
Would like to serve better, so much distraction, dark forces throwing bad memories & spooky thoughts keep pounding on my faith ( I need to endure, & stop freaking out on ' where I stand with the universe ' )


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

But you gotta give a little more data....you keep mentioning "God"...."God" as a he. But God is BOTH Male AND Female. So, the Soul, an Energy that's even been discovered by Science. There is such a thing as a Soul. (and you know, if science could get hold of it, and exploit it, they would...that's the nature of the beast, science...but I digress)

So, since God is both Male and Female, that's why, when We, fell into this Level, the energy was so powerful, that this Level couldn't handle it, so It split...into two energies...Male and Female.

You have the photo of Shiva at the end of the article, and Shiva is both. That's us, ourselves in the Higher Level.

Everybody talks about Shiva the Destroyer, but nobody remembers that Shiva is Lord of the Dance bringing in Creation, as well. He/She is Blue Energy... the deep Ultra-Violet Light at the far end of the EM Spectrum.

Origen the heretic said...

" So, when I say we are all gods in the making, I do not mean that we will ever be The Supreme Personality. We will not, no never, no how but... there are beautiful and mysterious truths that attend this and you wouldn't have it any other way, trust me on that."

I agree 100%, BUT we might become as powerful as God is now in a few googolplex raised to the googolplex years (or the equivalent). This is one scary thought (too much responsibility for this irresponsible person). And yes, I'm familiar with the philosophical arguments that God can't change because She's already perfect. However, I suspect that God is growing along with the rest of His creation.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

roger that....

eye hath not seen, nor ear heard...

but on the flipside...


such a beautiful day, and the resonance {viscosity} of the vibrational {Love} waves [TRUTH]

kinda just go hand in hand...

when listening to your music, the thought always occurs...just imagine what this would be like with a symphony...

truly we are only limited by "our" imaginations...

and the fact that sometimes we argue for "our" limitations...

I think the rocks and trees are screaming at me again....

just imagine when the workers of iniquity are just a pile of ashes...

Barney Holmes said...

Could just be me but I'm getting a strong feeling of needing to stick to those guns at the moment. All those things I know to be genuine Sciences. Astrology. Richard C Hoagland has documented the physical recordings made of gravitic changes around the time of an eclipse - http://www.enterprisemission.com/Hyperdimensional-Eclipse.htm - There are many other examples of "unscientific" or "pseudo-scientific" areas being downright flat real - Parapsychology - Dean Radin (The Conscious Universe). Michael Cremo - millions of years old cultured ancestors (Vedic history). I could go on and on with this list. But the social script or program appears to be being turned up to full at the moment. I'm really feeling it. The social conditioning against accepting "occulted" information is strong and I'm not exactly some beginner initiate when it comes to these things. I know that when the breakdown of that social program finally occurs it will be good, all good ! Its sort of outlandish that some people will see this as some kind of failure of "Reason", like ushering in the irrational pop culture beliefs of the "the masses" (re: Farewell to Reason by Paul Feyerabend).

Visible said...

If you think I got gender concerns, see paragraph 6, Chapter 26 in Book 12 of "What the fuck was That" wherein I unequivocally state that God has no sex but simply because of the misfortune of our own gender we qualify this shit. In the meantime, go back to your husband or wife and don't spoil the party for the rest of us who don't take that shit seriously. If you don't think I know the ultimate expression of God is female then maybe you are a bitch in training.

No offense intended, it's the anonymity that offends me. How much am I supposed to say in my few words? You expect me to do and say everything... I'm not capable of that. I'm only a messenger and a herald, I am not the font of information itself. I'd like to tell you to take your pretentious vegan bullshit and stick it up your ass but I won't do that. I ask one thing of the people that read here, live it or get the fuck out of the way.

Were you there when I danced with Kali and saw her in all her dreadful aspect or when I was in the graveyard with Smashin Tara? No, there was no one there but me. Even my ripped friends, some of whom had a lot of courage would not come along. It was the same thing in the bad bars and bad environments. Do it or talk to someone else, don't talk to me. I don't give a flying fuck about gender, it is what it is; this is the very essence of what is wrong in the first place. This is why assholes put veils on women. Some kind of Tower of Babble, after the fact, disinfo started making us think we should learn Esperanto.

It doesn't work like that. I speak as an expression of it and my mother loves that. She has only one concern with me; when I get torn and dirty. god or human, do I run for her skirts? In my case, "Yes" and "YES"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have to call me on something, call me on whether I am doctrinally comparative to the truth, don't call me on whether I somehow make gender equal to this clusterfuck. God is!!!!!! and generally is not concerned with dick or what it goes into. That is for those who argue it out on the plane of effect, not for those who live in the land of everlasting results.

Anonymous said...

well there you go...

had a drill sergeant @ Ft. Leonard Wood...Drill Sgt. Below

he could talk like that, also.

great guy....had a good dog, too.


para 8, Chpt 26 covers some good ground ....hope that you'll remind them of that also when the time is ripe

Visible said...

Okay, I'm sorry; didn't take me that long but, Jesus, it is tedious. Gos is God. Male, female, non gender, it all depends on the seeker, what they require. God is sufficient to all of them and responds accordingly. Given you are born in India and be a Hindu or a Muslim or even a pig toilet Christian. God doesn't change, only our perceptions of God change and what the fuck can we know in mortal coil? Not much... or else we would not be in mortal coil.

Yes, that is the same immortal serpent that coils regardless of which bus station you are waiting in.

I can't speak for God but for the moment I will attempt to. God doesn't give a flying fuck what gender you see him, she or it on. God only cares that you seek him, she, it to begin with.

This is one of a various amount of mortality causing deceptions that rob people of their eternal heritage and make them mortal; sometimes I despair of you and wish I had never come here. It's a real pain in the ass. Do we concern ourselves with the ways in which Love can be formerly expressed, whether it is Confucius or Paul, or do we take the essence from Lao Tzu or Jesus Christ? Do we listen to the revisionists and word interpreters or do we listen to the word itself.

God doesn't give a flying fuck what gender you see him, she it in; or did I already say that?

God is... Om tat sat. Want all the other variations? Got that. Understand how the variations of la ilallah il allahu reverse themselves in each nostril, got that. None of that matters. Only the absolute sincerity of the heart matters (as a little child). Everything else is literally bullshit. All the wisdom of Solomon is garbage. All that magic, all that power, all that temporary presence is what? Yeah, temporary. You got it or you don't. It is, or it is not. It really is that simple and it can literally take millions of lifetimes to get it.

Let me make it perfectly clear and you check with God, should you have that access. It is all about sex in the manifest here and all about not being controlled by that in the place not too many of you are spending not much time getting to.

Visible said...

See the followup 7:56 and thank you. I knew someone would be paying attention. Obviously you must have laughed when I mentioned getting 30, 300 and 3,000 readers. After all, the one within is i9n touch with every living soul.

How's that for resonance? It's called 'delayed reaction'

Never mind... I'll just leave and walk home, tomorrow is another day and I have forever.

Anonymous said...

ignorant 0reader comments 101

"Thank you. But you gotta give a little more data....you keep mentioning "God"...."God" as a he. But God is BOTH Male AND Female."

this person appears to have stumbled in from somewhere obtuse and is taking it upon themselves to lecture 'IT'. for as we know -- if we know anything -- IT is what writes these blogs with the manual assistance of a certain fine employee. so in fact this is very funny in an arrogantly naive sort of way.....

dear anonymous aka pompous and forlorn -- come back anytime but try listening....you'll get more out of the experience.


miss marple

preacher said...

I hope I don't anger anyone with my vision of the universe and all, but I think it's very simple:

The Divine All and Nothing split up a piece of All or Nothing and created in the proces of doing so. So now you have male and female, positive and negative etc. and those split pieces want to reunite to be whole again. Love!

Great book cover Vis and loved your song!
Blavatsky and Gurdjef: I was really into them when I became enlightened; the seperation with the love of my life also helped. I was ecstatic most of the time.
Then I lost it all due to the lust for some bimbo and dragged to her level of being.
Still waiting for that feeling again...

preacher said...

Lifting the Veil

Prove I am not a robot:
ssadam 5

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I checked with God and He told me to mind my own bidness.

I said OK. Thank you. Sir.

david griffith said...

I read the news headlines, then the articles that interest then .... oh goody goody .... some prod, prick and caress to the spirit from Visable.... no puns intended.

the 'news' usually leaves me feeling slightly tarnished so thanks for the variously heated showers to help wash away the grime from my eyes.

it's not about praise and I won't keep writing a regular 'thumbs up' but - hey - shocks coming thick and fast, if not so much in my life, then in those around me and the encouragement that we give each other in these times really does matter.

you do that.

polyb said...

As usual, friend, you are playing the chords on all levels. Regarding a prior post on another blog you conjured to mind the following: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B4Z1PB97KY Interestingly enough you chimed through on another post that thematically struck the same chord again though in all sincerity I am not surprised. Of course sitting here in my corner of the cosmos mulling my circumstance and the chords you played I came up with ... 'Theme music for this years' apocalyptic narrative!': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQEgZNqa8jE Enjoy and good luck on your journeys!

Ray B. said...

afindex 30Vis: "...looking for God in others is an evocation ... Successful evocations depend on a preceding invocation. God rises when summoned..."

This reminded me of a wonderful demonstration from the 80s, concerning your 'invocation/evocation' theme.

My then-ladyfriend, her 13-year-old daughter, and I had just moved into an apartment complex which had an outdoor pool. We adults were just sunning ourselves at the pool, and the youngster wanted to play with other 'kids' there. Being new, though, she was being 'shunned'.

My first instinct, being protective, was to ask/tell the other kids to be more friendly. However, I knew how that would go over... (grin)

So, I went inside into my higher, neutral space. I summarized the situation, kind of gave the situation over with a 'hmmm?', and released it.

A few minutes later, one of the girls shrieked because she had lost an earring into the pool. All the girls dived into the pool, looking for it - including the 13-year-old. To make a long story short, by the time the earring was found, the ice was broken and everyone was good friends. Pretty slick!

That was a profound lesson in God having more 'options' than we (current) mortals can dream of. I refer back to that incident, whenver I start thinking there is no satisfactory outcome to a new situation in my life. Works pretty well, though some of the outcomes were not remotely what I expected...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ok,,no more headbutting the anus of society with the thy own anus,,,
All though it is good fun...
Some people don't like multiculturalism,but multiculturalism was born out of colonialism,or the coveted resources spirituall or material of those particular people's that we're colonised,,,,
Multiculturalism I know is used as a means to divide the indigenous culture and water it down,,thereby making it easier to dominate,,
People should realise that masonry in England is run by the very same people who run Israel,, that should be obvious,,
If anyone were to check out aangirfans site,,it would soon become obvious,,The perversion leads through all the churches all the way to through the royal houses
I know most people know,,but do they really know,,,
And surely if you love culture you love all culture,,right,,
So if you love all culture,,you want to see all culture put right,,,,surely it is correct to treat all people the same from where ever they come from,To favour one culture over another,,surely that is wrong,,,


Visible said...

John; I can't quite understand what you're doing but I can't publish comments like that, especially at Visible Origami. I don't know why you feel the need to be provocative; not to mention the Hail Satan thing. I've never done you any wrong. I've treated you fairly and even defended you at one point. I'm perplexed.

Visible said...

By the way, I did see that movie. It was very funny.

kenny said...

Great radio show Vis.

Your mention of Alice Bailey re-confirmed my thoughts that a study of metaphysics is lacking without digging into her works.

Guy, U.K. said...

‘It is not about whether you win or lose. It is about where you are coming from and whether you stuck to your invisible guns and sometimes they were hidden from you as well (hint! Hint! Wink and nod and nudge).’

I cut and pasted that line where I can get to it easily – should be included in the ‘Oxford Dictionary of Quotations’ or whatever - if one had lived a life truly worthy of writing one’s own biography (and that doesn’t include me!) ‘Invisible Guns’ would have to be the title.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirror-

Mr. Apocalypse is not Looking for a Little Head.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

That's one of the prettiest book covers - ever.

Visible said...

Thank you my dear friend. Sim did that.

Anonymous said...

no matter how many times you slice it, there is always two sides.

I serve the knife.


Anonymous said...

pierre said...
I might not know Jack Shit but I do know OffAll, pronounced Ofal.

life's a laugh and deaths a joke it's true ♫

one thing in my on the edge, waiting to dive in, mind, is does God talk in language, meaning really with words like a voice. "God said", at a practical level, what is meant by that?
- I know it can be anything, associated events in the natural world, feelings, and depending on the tools used by the Carpenters maker, but "God said" is easily read, but not many convey the "a voice told me", perhaps it is culturally not acceptable as loonies also do this.
and most importantly, if God is also a she, does he have hairy tits (how many?) and would the Germanic neuter word Das be better than He or HeShe or SheHe or IT or Mein?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

origen the heretic -
this should interest you.

"Dialectical Spiritualism"
the early theists - "Origen"




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