Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's it all About, Visible?

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Some truly freaky things are happening around here. As I mentioned, I wrote an Origami but did not post it. I went to finish it off just now and it's gone. That has never happened before. It is mystifying. Then, about 20 minutes ago, I went and made a comment at Petri Dish, hoping to defuse a megalomanical outbreak and I went through the comment and edited it and then I posted it. I took some time editing it, there were a number of mistakes. I went to the comment to check it out and it was just as it had been before I edited it. That has never happened before either.

Today, I went and took care of some important details, concerning getting my visa for India, because I go to Munich tomorrow and stay overnight too, hopefully I accomplish this aspect of what is proving to be a complex and now expensive endeavor to get done. Then I find out that I have to have a return ticket from India, or they won't let me in and now I have to mention that to the person who bought me my arrival ticket and my initial stay there that this is the situation. Not anticipating this, I went and made some expenditures, not realizing what should have been obvious to me. I hear God laughing in the background. He was insistent with me over the last few weeks, telling me he was going to take care of everything and what that has amounted to is my having to jump through incredible hoops; the like of which I haven't seen before.

A few days ago, I sent an email to the Indian consulate, which has actually outsourced their visa department to some corporation. India is outsourcing? Is there a little irony here? I give my phone number and the most unlikely thing happens. They actually call me, in fact, the same fellow called me twice to drill into me the requirements for my visa. I have never had a bureaucracy respond in this fashion. Meanwhile, on the first call, the fellow tells me that now I have to come to Munich because it takes 2 weeks to do it by mail. I pointed out that I had 3 weeks. He said we can't guarantee it. So now I have to travel 550 kilometers and stay in a hotel to get this done. I'm guessing that God is watching my reactions to see how I respond to this (poorly so far- grin).

I'm only listing a few of the incredible events that have happened in the last days, since Thursday, since Thanksgiving, when I was told that everything would change now and told that my ease of passage was going to be incredible and uncanny. As it so happens, a certain side of the progress of these days has been remarkable. Some things have happened that were seriously unlike what I am used to. Everything is topsy turvy. Perhaps I should back up and, as much as possible, tell the story about last Thursday. I'm going to leave some significant features out of the tale, because they reflect on me in a way that I would rather avoid being responsible for and if the situation goes sideways on me, I will look like an idiot. Now, arguably, I have some experience at that ...but I'm also more seasoned than I have ever been and God said, “Go ahead and wait to post that Origami, it doesn't make any difference. You'll see, won't you”? I do agree with that. I was also informed that it doesn't matter anyway because he is about to start doing things in the lives of different readers and that will take care of whatever reticence I have on the matter.

I'm going to send Sim some photos and hopefully he can put them up. One is Poncho and the others are The Little Guy and Lilly Nelson and a shot of me and Susanne's mom, Liselotte. As those of you familiar with the story know, I found this wet bedraggled pooch when he was 5 weeks old, hardly hanging on, living on olives that had fallen to the ground. If you have ever eaten an olive off of a tree, you know how they taste. I couldn't figure it out, why his shit was so black, until I saw him under one of my trees eating olives. It was all he knew.

Take a look at him today.

Poncho Moonlight
Poncho Moonlight

Look at this prince of dogs who, when there is an altercation among other dogs, steps in and parts them and has proven to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. This is what comes of stopping your car when you don't want to and taking some creature into the car that doesn't look like anything at all. The whole of him fit in my two hands when first we met and those who read here will remember the story of my looking for my glove and him going into the other room and bringing it me. At that time he was about 2 months old. He's done nothing but blow people's minds since. I wanted to keep him so bad but I knew he was not for me and he has wound up in the hands of some really fine people who know a great deal more about dogs than I do.

My friends. These are trying times. Yesterday the reader, 'insiam' got very angry with me because I have a link to Jim Corr's site on my pages. He is angry and offended because Jim supports Alex Jones. The God Honest Truth is that I knew nothing about this. I met Jim about 5 years ago when he flew down to see me in Italy. We spent a fantastic few days together, just talking. The simpatico between us was amazing. We've all had those experiences where we hit it off with someone. It's a nice thing to have happen. Then, a couple of years ago, he called me on the phone and said that he just needed to talk to me. We spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes, talking about his family, his son and a few other things. That is all the contact I have had with him. I haven't been by his site in I can't remember when. I'm just too busy to go many places, besides the places where I get my links. I may have had one other contact with Jim, I think it had something to do with supporting him in some effort. My memory isn't clear about that.

Well, 'insaim' wanted to make his objections a public thing. I wondered why he didn't email me. He's been around for years and you would think some kind of virtual friendship might have come to pass in that time. I responded a little briskly because I was offended at this treatment and can't understand why someone would hold me accountable for someone else's opinion, which I knew nothing about. This morning I find two separate comments about my being a fraud and what lickspittles my readers are; that I was a liar among other things. What I have stated here in this posting is the truth. I haven't lied about anything. Now this fellow is rip snorting pissed at me and I have no idea of what to do. I did not post his comments because I know many readers would have taken him to task and we don't need that kind of stuff here.

I've been the object of some number of resentful behavior on some several person's part. A lady, who used to be a prominent commenter here, decided to lambaste me about being a dirty old man and launched into a nasty series of statements whose intent was to diminish me because I mentioned Kirsten Stewart, in whom I have no interest whatsoever. I objected to this treatment and she took her ball and went home. That was very strange because I thought we were good friends. It was mystifying. At one point Gardener wanted to visit with her and asked me to make that request of her. She very strongly said “No” and it gave me the eerie feeling that something more than I knew about might be going on with this person. I'll probably never know what that was all about.

I like 'insiam', no doubt more than he likes me. I defended him when that glitch about so much poetry happening here occurred. It is so odd that only a few days later, he would turn on me with a vengeance. I'm really open to being criticized, if the criticism is valid and I can make the connection through being honest with myself and being able to admit somethings as true. I can't do anything about being slammed for something I knew nothing about. Maybe Jim just doesn't know. I will let him know but this whole thing has come at a cost.

There are a number of people who resent me for all the good things that people say about me. They feel like I don't deserve it and need to be taken down a few notches. It's God that makes this happen, not me. He told me that directly. He said, “It should be obvious that it is me making this happen. There are few people on the internet, with actual intelligence, who garner the support you get. I want this and what I want is immediately so, no matter what it is. I'm going to do a whole lot more than that with you, so, brace yourself, Visible and... rely on me”.

I hope the readers don't think I sit around and gloat about people saying so many nice things about me, or that it is a sop to my vanity. I intensely dislike vanity and I scourge myself in making sure I am not victimized by it. I pray every day for God to remove my shortcomings and grant me his qualities. I try to talk to God all day long about the things that happen to me. I'm really sincere in seeking God's ear. I love God more than everything in this world all put together. The feelings that upwell in my heart on occasion, sometimes leaves me breathless, or in tears. A love affair with God will consume you. You have to be prepared to have your whole life turned upside down. You have to be prepared for anything and everything. You can't have a life like it seems other people do. Your life is over at that point because it will consume you. When God wants your attention and total service and obedience, you have no choice. There are those reading here that know what I mean. Certainly Homer knows what I mean and Cap'n Spadgett, as well as a few others.

My friends, these are tough times and a lot of us are being run off the rails from the pressure and confusion of the times. I'm going to publicly apologize to you, insiam. I'm sorry I reacted the way I did and I hope you can forgive me. I don't think people realize how busy I am and that sometimes I make mistakes simply from juggling too many balls. I don't want to lose any of you. You are important to me. You validate my life. You make me more effective and more real than I could ever accomplish on my own. I've nothing but gratitude in my heart for your beautiful presences in my life.

Visible with Liselotte, Susanne's Mom
Visible with Liselotte, Susanne's Mom

I got up at 5 this morning. It's now 7:52. I'm off to Munich in a couple of hours and if any of the readers are in Munich then email me or comment here and we will arrange to meet; maybe have dinner and a couple of cocktails, or just walk around. You have been notified. If the photos are not right up, please come back and look at them. I really want you to see what became of The Little Guy.

Another of Visible's Pooches; Silky Lilly Nelson
Another of Visible's Pooches; Silky Lilly Nelson, Rest in Peace...

The small white dog is our dearly departed Lilly Nelson and Poncho is there too. He's my good little boy, is Poncho. I notice when we go for a walk that he is proud of me and that makes me feel like... I really can't tell you. It puts me on top of the world. All his attention is focused on me so much of the day. If I could only give God the attention that Poncho gives me... I would have it all won in the most speedy and energetic fashion (grin). Please my friends, let us not contend with each other. That is what the enemy wants. It breaks my heart when this kind of shit happens. I'm not a fraud or a liar. I have my shortcomings but those are not among them. I'm the real deal, so far as it goes ...but I've got work to do, for sure. There is definitely room for improvement and you may be sure that I work to that end every single day and even when I am sleeping.

I want you to study the pictures of The Little Guy, as a puppy...

The Little Guy as a pup, shortly after Vis found him...
The Little Guy as a pup, shortly after Vis found him

...and as a grown dog.

The Little Guy
Visible's Golden Boy, The Little Guy

Who would have imagined he would turn into the golden boy? Let's all keep The Little guy in mind as we go about the routines of our days. Let's keep him in mind. Don't pass The Little Guy by.

End Transmission.......

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Lokey said...

You are a gentle soul Visible.

Anonymous said...

"Don't Tell Anyone What You see"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree", by Lew Brown, Sam H. Stept and Charlie Tobias, made popular by the Andrews Sisters.)

I wrote to Jeff Rense, and I wrote David Icke
And I'm writing you sheeple, too
I'm sure of Jeff Rense, and I'm sure of Ole Dave
And now I want to be sure of you

Don't tell anyone what you see, unless you agree with me
Unless you agree with me, unless you agree with me, NO NO NO!
Don't tell anyone what you see, unless you agree with me
Till the New World Order is here...

Don't go researching anything, unless you agree with me
Unless you agree with me, unless you agree with me
Don't go researching anything, unless you agree with me
Till the New World Order is here...

I just got word from a guy who heard
That the Truthers worked for the Fed
He tried to pass the word along
And now he's freakin' dead

Don't tell anyone what you see, unless you agree with me
Till the New World Order is here...

Then we'll go, arm in arm
And be all that we can be
As long as you agree with me
Till the New World Order is here...

Don't you loosen those lips of yours
Unless you agree with me
Unless you agree with me, unless you agree with me, NO NO NO!
We want the sheep, to stay asleep, so
You'll have to report to me
Till the New World Order is here...

Don't go wandering off the script
You better be true to me
You better be true to me, you better be true to me
Don't go wandering off the script
You're getting the third degree
Till the New World Order is here...

You're on your own where there is no phone
And we can't keep tabs on you
Just keep quiet, and I'll guarantee
That you're gonna make it through

Don't tell anyone what you see, unless you agree with me - NO NO NO!
Till the New World Order is hereeeeeee...

Steve said...

You have certainly been coping it of late Visji. Stick with it bro, you'll come through, my thoughts are with you.

I certainly know what it is like to have my life turned upside-down, and I know what it is like to reach within myself within those times. I fucking know for a fact that this whole manifestation of millions and Billions and trillions of universes with countless living entities springs from and rests within an omnipotent all knowing God (I'm still uncomfortable with that word from its prolific misuses), who remains cool as a cucumber, waiting, waiting, waiting from time immemorial, waiting for us to turn within and ask why/what/how,,,

Creative Surrender.

I know He/She/It can take on any and many beyond imagination varied and wonderful names, forms and past times. I know this Extraordinary Being has a wicked sense of humor and is nothing but Love.

I know all this and more,
but myself and my relationship with this force I don't know,
and so the search continues.

Travel well light one.

Questioning said...

Thank you, love you.

Anonymous said...

so where does Bad Faith come from...?

and what does good faith mean ...?

that extra mile, shirt off your back thing{y}....{repects neil}

in fact, the spiritual dynamics of BAD FAITH require that the self absorbed {asshole} =
[JEW worshipper] ....must be always RIGHT-CORRECT - *god* -

[the very center of their own little universe]

and whatever it is they don't agree with, that doesn't mesh with their "opinion" or what they allegedly wrong, BAD and like that rhino in The Gods' Must Be Crazy...will just have to STAMP OUT what they don't find agreeable ....TRUTH.

[Objective Reality]

now one further question...

if the German people are not the Tribe of Judah...{Hosea 1:11}

why did the "Jews" Mass Murder so many in the last century...?

curiously, Vis...years [40 yrs] ago my sister played

"In the Garden"...

the last recital I was able to attend...

sacerdotal intrigues don't alter or change the Truth...

and maybe ...JUST MAYBE

Jesus doesn't HATE PALESTINIAN CHILDREN just cause Khazars claim to be all 12 tribes...

Heads up


Sim said...

Visible is asking if people will pray for the success of his journey...

Thank you all.

Unknown said...

"Do not despair and do not give up.
Reach within for the living light that is reaching for you." Les Visible, Survival p95.

"Copy yer work to one a those flash drives." Geek buddy of mine.

"I wish you were coming to my town. We would have a time." Me.

Anonymous said...

Respects Davy
And may the suppremacist invoked yaldaboath thing be completely eaten by squiff and wolfman,,munched up and left beyond any recognition,,,
Along with any of it's dodgy tricks,,,,

By the power of wolfman and squiff the cat,,,
And the daily truths of the loving heart....Tee hee hee

Anonymous said...

I might not be one of those "different readers"but... might e-mail went down yesterday after forwarding a post from
Goon Squad wbste.Microsoft want "more info to keep my account secure."Turns out you need another account to get an account...hmmmm!
Then this morning I asked the postman if there was anything for me (giving name) and he went ape shit about harassment and was going to call the police.WTF!
There's been other weirdness but you'd need personal involvement to see that.
Oh well, I'll just have to keep on keeping on.
Bryan in uk

insiam said...

I feel very bad - and have done all day - for lashing out Vis. I did not seek to blame you for your links merely to point out what i found at odds. Really i should have PM'd you. It all went a bit pear shaped and my ugly short temper took the reigns.

I may spark quickly at times but with that i hold no grudges.

I don not question wether Jim is a good guy or not. No doubt he is. A lot of people come through the AJ channel. I have friends that don't know shit so i fully understand what you say.

I have experienced a very strange sort of negative energy all around for the past day or so - very dark. Strange. Not making excuses - just saying how it is.

So please let me apologize unreservedly. I wish you nothing but well and hope your journey goes well.

Good luck Vis ...

Unknown said...

you know where its at and how to hit the hammer on the head. The spirit is in you, Thank you for sharing it and I wish I had your eloquence. I really do feel things are about to turn around.

Smyrna said...

My wife's healer/guru is off to India for four months early next year Vis. Somewhere in the mountains studying Ayurvedic medicine and what not.
This woman is the real thing and has a good vibe. She works part time as a nurse in a hospital and full time at her own natural therapies clinic, healing people she finds at the hospital (grin). If she is heading there now, I have no hesitation at your passage to India.

I have been away holidaying and shangri-la scouting for a few weeks, with next to no interweb reception, and have been out of the loop here.

I will back track through the sermons I missed.

Anonymous said...

By heart by love by truth that calls
In warmth of sunshine where union pulls
Where light induces and opens wide
And gifts the journey deep inside
And leads us forward traveling on
Seemless paths of truthfull songs
that stretch and open and reconcile
In tones and notes from peacefull isles

Anonymous said...

First one has to believe deeply, in goodness and the virtues in its' springs. The eternal One. Then, KNOW and REALIZE that you and everyone else is uniquely special, even the shitbags. You have to love to be happy. Get that and be my FRIEND.Of all the virtues bestowed, humility is the greatest. Not that someone is greater or lesser, but that each needs to mind his business and do it as best he can, not for profit but for abundance and enough for every one. Thanks readers for reading and receiving these tender morsels o wisdom here with little brother. Be touched by the secret light. Chip

Arthur said...

Keep your chin up. These people obviously have too much vested in you and not enough in themselves which is ass backwards but relatively common these days. We are of the flesh and flesh makes mistakes on a daily basis.
I live in the bible belt buckle and while I don't care for church,your blogs give me what I would consider communion with familiar souls. I'm a big fan of J.C. too, just not the people who claim to be his followers. Like Vonnegut said " If only the Sermon on the Mount were in courthouses" or something to that effect.
I'm rambling so I'll go about my day on this rock. Peace.

Zoner said...

What a stunningly beautiful creature........

Anonymous said...

I bought 16 tickets for the $500 million Powerball Lottery. If I win I will purchase whichever farmhouse/compound you want, Vis.


Anonymous said...


The Lord was asked by devotees about what they should eat and the my King responded; "That which enters into the mouth doesn't defile the man; but that which proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man." Keep your armor on and hold true to your experience. God is about to slide many into 4th gear with overdrive just around the bend. Two witnesses will provide the necessary balm on the infection called the synagogue of satan. They're famous man.



Anonymous said...

So this blond overhears her boyfriend telling a friend over the phone about how he really, really, really, wants the End Times to come soon. He just can't wait any longer. So she locates a llama dealer and she makes arrangements to give her boyfriend a very special birthday present. She hands him his gift on the morning of his birthday, and she is very expectant and excited to see how he responds. Her boyfriend unwraps the gift, opens the box, and sees this purple, gummy, fleshy-looking mouth inside - and he immediately says to her, "What the hell is this?" And the blond, visibly disappointed, says to him, "Well, I heard you saying a while back that you couldn't wait for the Alpaca Lips to come..."

Sim said...

Hi Insiam

Peace be upon you.

Visible may be absent for a couple of days, I truly don't know.

He sent me a mail asking if people reading this will pray for (not him, but) the success of his journey...

Please, will you all do so.


PS: Rambo, fuck off, I'm not publishing your crap, either.

missingarib said...

Vis ,much of what we see and hear and react to are knowledge in your writings and for that connection i am grateful .
The current of world events so very strong and one often feels swept along. revelations of death and injustices ,ghostly news of death, terror,safety ,security stories and events washing into the temporal river .

-disconnects are painful thus we are reminded as to what is central to our lives.

This prayer has its origins in Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises.

O Dear Lord
Three things I pray.
To see thee more clearly.
Love thee more dearly.
Follow thee more nearly.
Day by Day.

live long

DAD said...

May your journey accomplish the important things that are needed .
Thank you for the words you publish. Anywhere there is light there is darkness scampering around the edges. Keep your chin up .
What a beautiful dog you have . Do you know what breed? D.A.D.

preacher said...

Just letting you know that I wish you the best on your adventures! I prayed for you, so I hope the Divine listened...

Thanks for the pics! I just love dogs and your Golden Boy is a beauty.
A while ago I thought about adopting this guy from the animal shelter:

But I hesitated and decided to wait till the dust settles in my life. Just learned that he turned from well behaved into agressive and they castrated him in the hope of improvement. So maybe it wasn't one of my better decisions. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Just keep on fanning that spark, Les Visible prabhu.

Breathing words of faith and adulation on our small ember of devotion compels the Lord (the only thing which does) to produce as He wishes, a small flame and then a larger flame until ultimately this becomes a roaring fire of love and devotion intense enough to consume our karma delivers us from ourselves and places us in our eternal position.

I had the falling dream, recently.

Falling, spinning, wind whistling, robes and pants and beads and sandals and hair and skin flapping and fluttering as five or six of us sped down into the darkness, together.

As we hurtled into the abyss our singing and chanting and laughing and crying transformed the impending moment of impact, (fear and anxiety), into one of great expectation.

With a small fear of being impudent, I must admit we were actually very anxious to impact our destiny.

Oh Lord Nityananda Prabhu
ki jaya! ki jaya! ki jaya!

Doug Pearson said...

Well Vis, I'll say one don't talk shit. You're consistent in your beliefs and for me that about says it all since you lay it out in truth. Nice to see someone who doesn't chase the distractions and minor bullshit and stays on course. Never let em divide and conquer. Don't let em get you with the shaky cranberry bog ground of indecision. You stay on course....Touche

preacher said...

PETA: Stay Firm and Fresh

(maybe NSFW)

Mark said...

Belated response to Rambo's Petri Dish rant

I can't let this pass, because I see the same mentality posted all across the net chat rooms: that the baby boom generation is to blame for destroying the world.

Sir, whether you know it or not, the world did not turn to shit just during the boomer generation. It is a multi-generational plan that has been incrementally carried out over at least a 300-year period. Their timetable calls for a world takeover right now. It is only possible due to all the fuckery that went down during the watch of previous generations, such as: the Civil War and the Reconstruction which followed, the result the destruction of state sovereignty; the formation of the Federal Reserve and debasement of the dollar during the 20th century; WWI, WWII, and all the wars since.

The generation which fought the Civil War had little choice in the matter, as it was rammed down their throats. The generation which fought WWI had little choice in the matter, as it was rammed down their throats. The generation which fought WWII had their war rammed down their throats as well. As for the boomers, they alone tried to stop their war (Vietnam), which is more than their predecessors ever did. But it, too, was rammed down our throats. Do you see a pattern here, or are you so far gone in self-pity that the truth is no longer the issue?

Every significant event during the life of the United States was carefully planned and executed to bring us to our ripening present-day hell on earth. This is all I will say to you, as I do not believe you have a rational mind. I will say that your misplaced anger plays into the hand of the hidden hand, and your blindness is music to their ears. By all mens, knock yourself out.

Steve said...

Hey InSiam,

Peace be with you bro.

Ray B. said...

Vis: Thank you for a very open and honest piece. We are all wishing well for you and your journey. Loved the dog pictures...

Gardener: I have a strict neighbor who insists on obedience from 'his' dog. I have rough & tumbled with that dog from a pup (foreboding looks from neighbor), and both she & I get a great deal of satisfaction from it. I just look for what she needs, and supply it... (grin)

inSiam: "I have experienced a very strange sort of negative energy all around for the past day or so - very dark. Strange."

I have much experience about this kind of thing, so let me ramble for a minute. Just trying to be helpful/useful.

Two possibilities:

The first is of something trying to work itself out of you. As our energy raises, anything not of that vibration is forced to come out and depart. It can be subtle or messy.

Secondly, you may have been 'visited' by a negative-type human. Sometimes, they simply 'dump' all of their pain into a bucket (you), and the bucket overflows. Or, they may want to 'play' with you, if they are more 'developed'. The 'secret' to dealing with these types is to become more conscious of your inner states. Then, if something radically different occurs, you can 'flag' it as probably "not me" and deal with the source accordingly.

(I have seen this from the 'outside', also. Occasionally, Liz acts in a radical fashion or goes down like a pile of bricks. I note this, and ask inside if it is 'her' or an outside influence. If the latter, it is soon 'dealt with', and the change in her [for the good] is swift and remarkable. Once you can see the world in this light, it is both more unsafe and much safer.)

Hang in there. Don't let the 'bastards' get you down... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Vis, your dogs are beautiful!! This is an urgent message to all of your readers who care about life, wildlife in particular. The government of BC, Canada has announced in just the past few days how they are planning to do a wolf cull here in BC. Those individuals who care about stopping this should write, phone, fax, email to help stop this planned slaughter. I am attaching a link so that your readers can get all the information. I am sick at heart to even hear about this.

Help Stop The B.C. WOLF Management Plan!
Phone Blitz NOVEMBER 29/30!!
Everyone who cares about having a sustainable future with wolves in B.C....
Phone, Fax, E-mail the below Ministers to voice your opinion on this urgent matter. We only have until Dec. 5th to have this management plan delayed or even better STOPPED!

Some comments you might want to point out:
The draft was created by wolf haters, livestock producers with no wolf advocates involved and no public input.

The Government has had this DRAFT in their hands for the past 16-24 months and has only made it public as of mid-November.

This is our only chance to speak out against this one sided plan.

Hunting regulations will not change; this means no bag limits and no tag year around. People can hunt and trap not only adults but also puppies; even when the Alpha female has pups and is pregnant, this is the only animal that can be hunted during this time.

The plan states that the most ethical way to control wolf populations is to do aerial culls. (You might want to let them know that the evidence found by biologists in the Yukon Territory states otherwise and no longer use this practice.)

One of the main reasons to cull wolves is to save caribou. It is well documented by goverment biologists that the main cause of caribou decline is habitat loss. It is not predation by wolves. You can
cull (kill) every wolf in British Columbia and the Caribou will still disapear due to mismanagment of the environment.

Let the Minister of tourism know that you are going to encourage people not to visit the province of B.C. because of how they manage the best place on Earth. If you are from another country or province, let them know you won't be back if they pass this management plan which gives them an excuse to kill wolves.

This is just a little information to help you with your e-mail , fax or phone calls... It is important to let the three ministers and the Premier Christy Clark that you are not in favor of this Wolf Slaughter (management plan) in
Super Natural B.C.

Premier Christy Clark
Fax: 250-387-0087

Minister Of Environment: Terry Lake
Tel: 250-387-1187
Fax: 250-387-1356
Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources : Steve Thompson
Tel: 250-387-6240
Fax: 250-387-1040

Minister of Tourism: Pat Bell
Tel: 250-356-2771
Fax: 250-356-3000

The only Big Bad wolf in this story are the people who work for our government!
Let's make a howl of a noise to make the Liberal leader know that this is not
their decision it is the people's and we do not want a wolf slaughter plan!

Phone! Fax! E-mail! Do all three keep their lines busy!!!

To see the DRAFT yourself, go to

Anonymous said...

More on the planned slaughter of wolves in BC

ATTENTION: To all citizens of Canada and surrounding areas.

The government of British Columbia released the DRAFT Wolf management Plan to the public on November 14th, 2012. They are giving the public till December 5th to offer their input in regards to this plan at This draft does not state any beneficial outlook for Grey Wolves (Canis lupus) in B.C.

The money that will be spent on the lethal action towards our Grey wolves should be going towards education on how to protect livestock using predator friendly ranching practices. There should be implementation of “No Harvest” zones along with limiting recreational activities in sensitive caribou habitats. Also, the government of British Columbia should stop or at least minimize the amount of crown land it is leasing to livestock producers. Up to 80% of crown land (wildlife habitat) is currently being leased out to livestock producers.

Wolves and nature sustain their own populations; humans cannot control the natural process of an environment. One of their objectives is “to ensure a self-sustaining population throughout the species range.” Their idea is to allow harvest rates of up to 34% = 2890 wolves of approximately 8500 to be killed.

In order to sustain the quality of life for wolves there must be explanation to the public about what happens when a pack has been disturbed first. Not just going out using lethal actions on the wolf such as hunting, trapping, poisoning, aerial shooting and sterilization.

The draft states:
• “Control specific populations where wolves are preventing caribou recovery.” This is just like the sterilization program that Hon. Steve Thomson Minister of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations began over 10 years ago, which is still ongoing.
• “Packs typically composed of a breeding pair and offspring 1-2 years old...” Wolf packs that have not been interfered by humans have naturally stayed together until they are 4 or 5 years of age.
• Hunting seasons will have NO change; no bag limit, no tag year round
• Impacts of Agriculture, livestock farming & ranching have not been calculated.” Why haven’t they???
• Impacts of roads, railways, logging & wood harvesting not a threat.” How are these not a threat to wolves and other populations of species such as, the caribou who is endangered and on the Species at Risk list??
• Livestock producers will still be allowed to hunt & trap wolves on their property.
• “Aerial shooting is most effective and humane” How is this moral?
• Conflict of interest as same person who wrote the caribou management plan has wrote the wolf management plan. (Steve Wilson)

B British Columbia has the most genetically diverse wolf populations in North America. The furtherance
of lethal methods to control the wolf populations in B.C. will also affect the surrounding areas. This is not healthy.
As mentioned in the beginning man cannot sustain a healthy natural process in an environment.

You can help save wolves not only in BC and the rest of Canada, but also in surrounding areas
Please contact:

Hon. Terry Lake Hon. Steve Thomson
Minister of Environment Minister of Forests, Lands & Natural
Tel: 250-387-1187 Resource Operations
Fax: 250-387-1356 Tel: 250-387-6240
Email: Fax: 250-387-1040

Hon Pat Bell
Minister of Tourism & Skills Training & Labor
Tel- 250-356-2771

Hon. Christy Clark
Premier of British Columbia
Tel: 250-387-1715
Fax: 250-387-0087

Robin Redbreast said...

God bless you in you travels Visible, safe passage.
Your canine friends are beautiful.
I had to change my profile picture to show off my boy!
His name is Jay. He was born in Bethleham (a place in West Wales, UK) on a farm, so we think.... in a stable! We couldn't call him Jesus- so we shortened it to J(ay) - he a beautiful tri colour welsh sheep dog, so affectionate, he's my boy.

preacher said...

@Anon 9:23

I placed your comment on my blog, with this vid.:

Aerial Hunting of Wolves in Alaska

Thanks for raising awareness about this!
Couldn't give you credit though, because I didn't get your name or nick.

Anonymous said...

via kathy

Vis-someone once told me "what you think of me is none of my business". Just do your thing.

The energy is intense, high highs, low lows, not my usual. I know something is trying to work itself out and I know what it is but it and me seem to be at an impasse with regards to the out part.
The beautiful shepard who shares our home is out of sorts lately too. She is clingy and watchful, pacing and barking as though she knows something she thinks we should know too.
I don't think I'm selected for any dimensional jump or instantaneous enlightenment, but I hope it for each of you.
Vis- the Creator knows your heart and your journey will be as it should be.

covkid said...

My prayer is with you Vis...but relax, you are in the safest of hands.

preacher said...

Just sharing this in case it is of some importance:

Planetary Alignment on Dec 3, 2012 Confirmed

Clarity said...

Visible, what absolutely gorgeous pictures! I can see why you felt so strongly about sharon them. Thank you Your stories of them have much more meaning to them now that I have pictures to go with them. It's hard not to feel your love for Poncho when you see that picture. How could anyone NOT love him?

My prayers are with you always, but special prayers are going out for your journey...

Sim, many thanks for getting those up, and I love today's song.

Ray B., catching up with you... First, thank you for my birthday wishes. They are truly belated wishes, as my birthday was over a month ago. walking hawk has a good memory, because I had already forgotten about it. :) I appreciate the feedback on the communication too. Interesting and informative, as always. I also saw your more recent post about the apps/Monroe. It sounds like it might be what's out there for meditation, or maybe very similar. There are many different meditation videos on YouTube, along with other video and audio-only meditations.
They use different frequencies that affect your brainwaves for healing or to stimulate certain regions of the body (chakras, pineal gland, DNA, etc.) Many use binaural beats. You need to wear headphones because different sounds are coming into each ear to work on your brain simultaneously. That's a horrible description, and I apologize. My computer is sluggish right now and I have to take my son out to eat before he goes away for 4 days. If you or anyone wants more info, please email me. You are a wealth of information and your sharing has been of great value to me. Thank you.

Neil, beautiful poem! Loved that one @ 1:59.

insiam, I respect what you did. It takes a big person to apologize publicly and say what you did. I honestly felt that something was "off". It didn't seem like you, and I wasn't surprised to hear about your negative energy. After what Vis wrote in Origami today, I think your words will mean a lot to him.

Goy George - another good one.

Cap'n Spadgett - your messages genuine honesty and caring. They are inspiring.

to the gardener - again, you know so much about an area which is foreign to me. I appreciate you posting all you do. I find it fascinating and relevant.

To All - There have been so many great comments - especially lately. I am blessed to have found this "home" and have learned so much. I am a different person than I was the first time I read a Vis blog. I've got more work to do, but I have changed for the better.

You - I love you. What more can I say?

Much love,

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Vis: May your journey be everything (and more) that you want it to be. I wish I could comment on this your latest gift to us but your words and your photos have left me weepy (in a good way) and wordless (that's good too). I'll just leave it at THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.....(sideshow bob mode)
to go with the Aplaca Lips, for all the procrastinators, a special introdctory offer (sorry for the delay) - do not put this executive purchase off - all those things you were going to do when you "get a round to it) now her here it is
A round tuit
no excuses now.

(ahha, got you, that yellow lampshade is suspiciously skin colored, possibly American indian shade, and you said you were a really nice guy ).

Anonymous said...

Seasons change time draws near
The dusty walls of dried up tears
Of cold as ice and worthless means
Scopeless hatred that has no seems
And corrupted turns the sleep must wake
Duty calls at loves first gate
And binds the rhythms that touch the dawn
That brush the seeds that open all

Anonymous said...

In regard to the wolf culling,the BLM here in the US is also trying to rid us of the wild horse population in the west as well.
These bastard monsters that call themselves human are the ones that need to be culled. Not only do they enjoy the slaughter for its own sake, they also want to make sure they deprive the rest of us from enjoying any of Natures Beauty. They'll be happy when there is nothing left in this miserable hell hole of their making. I would rather see Mother Nature destroy everything in one felt swoop,then let these fuckers skin us alive, one way or another, one by one.

Citizen Elle said...

Visible, bless you for saving the little guy - what an absolutely gorgeous beast he is, just like his savior. Praying for (y)our safe journey always. I am so blessed to have been able to share the virtual journey here with you for so long.

Mandocello, bravo & right on - may your numbers be winners!!!

Insiam, thank you for exhibiting humility here today & you are not alone in these current bizarre & extreme energy vortexes

Ray B. thanks for the ramble. I needed to hear it, too

"only in relationship can you know yourself, not in abstraction & certainly not in isolation." krishnamurti

what a great classroom this here blogspace can be....

blessings & love to you all
~~~~~~~from the deep~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

In sunlight streak,,,beaming color
Leaping stream,,,heart to lover
Chanting seeds,,,dreaming summer
Weaving paths,,,of totem brother
Father mother,,,sister other
All the people,,,rising upper
up from under,,,sweeping summer
Eternal lighted,,,round in wonder

Anonymous said...

Prayers have been sent for your trip to be successful and for you to soon see all the desires of your heart. You deserve it, Vis.

Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

Sim, could the pics of Lily and poncho possibly be reversed?

I remember Vis writing about poncho as being a small dog?

Just asking.

Clarity said...

FTR - I was in a rush, my computer was sluggish, but I checked over my comment before posting and it did NOT look like that.


I'm sure y'all are smart enough to correct the errors.

I'm at a loss on that one...

kathy - I don't know. (As if I would know?) My gut says you're moving on. That may not be worth much, but I'm throwing it out there.

elle - what a great classroom this here blogspace can be....

What a perfect description!

Neil - thank you :) More good ones...

Love to all,

Sim said...

Anon, you could well be right; I also understood that Poncho was a small dog. If I've got it wrong, then Vis will probably sack me, again (grin).

I guess Vis will clarify what is what and who is who; until then maybe some of you could pray for me?

est said...

if i could say it better, i would.

"As soon as you're born they make you feel small
By giving you no time instead of it all
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all

A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
They hate you if you're clever and they despise a fool
Till you're so fucking crazy you can't follow their rules

A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

When they've tortured and scared you for twenty odd years
Then they expect you to pick a career
When you can't really function you're so full of fear

A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you're so clever and classless and free
But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see

A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

There's room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the folks on the hill

A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

If you want to be a hero well just follow me
If you want to be a hero well just follow me"

ChewyBees said...

Mr. Visible,

You always raise new thoughts, and questions in my mind with every post of yours that I read. It's the reason I keep coming back.

A new thing came into my mind during this reading. I'm sure it is something I have thought of before, though under different terms.

No two people have ever shared the same truth.

8 billion on the planet now, billions passed and thousands of civilizations, some known, many more long forgotten. In all of that, all of those souls and spirits, no 2 have ever shared the same truth. Two or more may attend the same gathering, may attest to the same preachings and vows, may even call the same idealism 'God'. But yet the difference is definite and unyielding. Like fingerprints, ear shapes and DNA we are a living proof of the infinite, chaotic diversification of life.

This leads to our (or just my) approach to everything. Everyone is just as FOS as I am, and I am with hard work and great meditation the greatest manifestation of all the brilliance of the universe. Granted, I fall somewhere in-between there, maybe on the lower side of the bell curve. Still, I fall back on the attractive, energy driven center of all known existence, and that is love.

If I thought for one minute the writings you present were driven from a source that wasn't the amplification of our spirit, and the declination of the institutions that suck that spirit like leeches do blood, I would never come back here. It would not be the first time I simply said no more and left. No parting comments, no I told you so, just later alligator.

I guess my point is this. When I have admonished attackers that have posted on the comment boards of your writings, you have been kind yet firm, and let me know that isn't proper. While I may have initially been put off, after review of myself, the situation and the ground rules clearly laid down at the top of all comments, I knew that I had broken the rules of the site as well as the basis of intellectual, critical thinking. It is not my place to take anyone to task at any time, as that always results in ego driven accusations and insults.

We can attack organizations (dead, corpus), corporations (dead, corpus), governments (dead, corpus), cults (dead, corpus), institutions (dead, corpus) and any other fictional faction of life that involves people pretending to be what they are not, nor could ever be in the real. But when we attack each other over disagreeable claim or circumstance, rather than teaching and learning as we should, then we are playing into the hands of that which only wishes to enslave our minds and hearts.

An open environment of debate should pervade all of our lives, but that cannot happen as long as vindictive response based on personal egoism is evident. I wish for us all to find heart in the diversity of the thoughts of others, and as long as those thoughts are not threatening to life, then how can they be harmful in the least?

I wrote a difficult letter to my children about many topics and my beliefs in the event that I might pass. There are 12 topics, each 1 page, and the final one is forgiveness. What can ever be greater than that? Forgiveness isn't taking on a relationship with that which hurt us, but is instead a release from that which hurts us. Any relationship that causes pain should be analyzed, and ultimately abandoned if proper interaction cannot be established. Forgiveness is a necessary factor in all of that, regardless of if the relationship continues or not, or even if there was a relationship was there to begin with. When we forgive, we forgive ourselves for entering into the negative to begin with.

Thanks for the personal pics, it's good to see more of the man, and his companions, behind the words.

Anonymous said...

Insiam, and anyone else who found the "Hemi-Sync® therapy" suggestion to be something worth investigating - it would be wise to do some research into Robert Monroe, before considering using Hemi-Sync® or its equivalent.

There is a mountain of evidence that exists, which points to Robert Monroe being an intelligence agency lapdog who specialized in using "out of body research" as cover for Project MILAB/mind control experimentation. (Google that last one - Project MILAB - for more information.)

Things are not what they seem here, as we float amongst the mountain of New Age sewage, which exists pretty much everywhere on the Internet (and elsewhere).

That includes the Mayan End Times date of 12/21/2012 as well. (But every single one of you will figure that one out for yourselves, in about 24 days from now...)

Clarity said...

@ Sim and anon @ 3:46 -

No, the captions under the photos are correct. The Poncho photo was named Poncho.

Lilly is a Silky, which is the type of dog in the third picture. I've seen her pictures on Facebook.

I think it was hard to fit them in to the Origami text.

Much love,

the gardener said...

Full moon shining brightly over the light snow blanketing the land, willows glowing orange in the night sky. Venus shining brightly in the sky, the only gems that catch my attention.

Taking a mini watercolor class tonight painting western mountain scene cards tonight. Many were murmuring about the eclipse and the moonlit night. Very good company, my first outside where I didn't feel obligated to work it in a long time.

Candle works help focus the intent for as long as the flame does burn.

green=abundance and prosperity
gold=riches and gold friends etc
orange=personal power of self
brown=legal problems
red=directed anger, Mars
pink=heart healing, love and friendship

those tall glassed candles sold in markets and dollar stores burn for a long time,many days. I give all candles a good scrubbing from a bowl of salt to burn off any others imprints on the candles. Soak in salt water or wipe down the glass cylinders to cleanse them.

You can annoint them with oil and the roll them in herbs for added impact... like basil for attracting money...cinnamon for heart health and love and money too.

You can push quite a bit of healing energies through that focused intent of candles reminding you to keep your focus every time you see it. Put them in the sink when you are gone clear away from anything that could catch fire.

I am in constant prayer for those of us in the world who are in need of protection or are lost and alone or sick and dying. I've experienced many miracles -more miracles than travesties and I've experienced a lot of wrong and evil doings in the past few years especially.

As the Moon grows to Full, focus on what you wish to grow. When it reaches full moon it then diminishes in two weeks to the dark of the Moon, New Moon... use this two weeks to focus on what you want diminished in your world and life and always do protection on yours and everyone else you can fit in.

the gardener

Vis, of course, is in my heart and prayers every day. He need not ever worry he is covered with light and protection all the time.

Anonymous said...

I swear I see a photo of Pee-wee Herman in Visible's post here...

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada..

The blazing fire of material nature is supervised by Durga. Often she is portrayed with weapons in her hands. She has ten hands, and each holds a different type of weapon. This indicates that she is ruling all ten directions of this universe.

She wields the different weapons to chastise the demons.

There is one famous picture of a demon struggling with a lion, and the goddess Durga is pulling the demon’s hair and pushing her trident against his chest. If we study this picture we can determine that we are the demon and that the trident is the threefold miseries of material existence from which we are always suffering.

Some miseries are inflicted by other living entities, some are inflicted by natural disasters, and some are inflicted by the mind and body themselves. In one way or another we are always struggling against these three types of miseries.

No one in the material creation can say that he is free from them.

Anonymous said...

All the best for your trip Les


Emmanuel said...

Hey Visible,

Just want to throw out my kindred spirit support to you. I am experiencing some interesting feelings lately. I wonder if others are experiencing a heightened sense or sensitivity in emotions dealing with people and relationships. The Apocalypse is not only shedding light upon the baddies of the world, but shedding light upon (speaking only for myself) all of our thoughts and our relationships in a micro manner. As you have said things are for purposes of demonstration. There are things in my life that are coming up as if spirit is taking a big full length mirror and dropping it forcefully in front of me and saying "take a good look!"

I feel as if I am being confronted to look into my feelings toward my step children, wife's former marriage, my parents, sibling, and anything that puts me in a dark space. I use the word confronted because it is a realization from being an observer of my thoughts and realizing that I am aware now of personal issues that need to be acknowleged and hopefully resolved. Ignorance is bliss is no longer acceptable. What I am realizing is that whatever issues I have stem from a lack of love, or love not being applied. There are issues of forgiveness in some of these things. I think forgiveness has to be one of the highest expressions of love there can be. It is tough and a continual process. Forgiveness is an ongoing thing. It's not something where someone says they forgive once someone and that's it. If you keep seeing the person you've forgiven you have to keep maintaining that forgiveness especially if the other person doesn't know you have forgiven them. Intent is the key. I realize that forgiveness is the solution to arriving at a place of peace. I'm finding that forgiveness is a seed that needs to be planted in one's heart toward its subject. Forgiveness is a process that requires nurturing and growth until it turns into a plant and then flowers into what it will eventually become: unconditional love. Right now the seed has sprouted and looks like a little seedling. But, it is there and whenever I am with the person I have forgiven and find myself resentful and in a dark space with this person, the voice from deep within says, you intended to forgive this person...keep doing it. And I do and it brings me comfort. The seed of forgiveness has sprouted at least but it's far from the beautiful flower it will become. Is this not what our time is on this Earth is for?

So, anyway, Vis, I feel your sense of the surreal things going on with you and around you. I think folks are tripping out to an extent. Something is being amplified or amplifying our feelings and emotions at hand. Mr. Apocalypse is touching everything. Revealing things within that I'd rather not think about, but at some point must. This must be the time.

Just want to say I'm with you. Not with you locally, but in spirit I feel you.

Take it easy.

Kevenj said...

Went back and checked your comments concerning insiam. Yup, you were a class A dick Les.

Glad to know you really are human.

Kudos to you for apologizing to him, dude.

Anonymous said...

pierre said....(ghoper mode)

@ emmanuel, I havent read this yet and it sounds like youve got the theory slam dunk, but this might embellish on the issue of foregiveness, a key elements in salvation, renewal and a better world (but not for THEM until they recant and desist). (THEM is the ahsenazi/talmudic cabal in corporate for and corporeal* power). * new word, obsolete in Websters, no it ain't I just used it.

Robin Redbreast said...

Missing you Visible already - please let me know if you pop to the UK again.

preacher said...

Kate Bush - Love and Anger

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Emmanuel- the feelings you are sharing are exactly the ones I was ineffectually expressing above. Very personal intense relationship emotions of which I'm cognizent but which aren't resolving for me. When I try to forgive and put my resentments away, I keep thinking that I shouldn't put myself in a place where there are things to resent, but not being ready to leave or separate from these relationships, I continue a cycle of resent, forgive, get over, forget (momentarily)then it starts again. Lately these peaks and valleys are becoming much sharper. Thanks for bringing my precise issue into the light for me.
thank you Clarity but...
Pierre- re your link to forgiveness - this is why I don't think I'm chosen for the upgrade. I have no discipline and little conviction. Maybe next time
Lisette must have been breathtaking in her youth. She shines even now in the photo.
The moon was the most glorious sight last night. It took my breath away. Even in the middle of the city with lights everywhere it shone so brightly that the brain dead were talking about it at work tody. My selfish self thinks they don't deserve to see it.
Feeling many emotions and I don't know how to express them.
Palestine won observer status. I hope it bring them solace, the world finally recognizing them.

Lokey said...

Hey Kevenj,
Feeling a little bold right now that Visible can't answer you since he's busy with his trip hey?
Exposed you are as a totally trolly troll you troll.
And don't call him Les.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

via Kathy, don't forget that everyone of us deserves the best.

And like the Plato quote rightly offered up, all these people you see are for the most part, innocents.

They really don't know what they're doing. At all.

The way we see them and relate to them is the same way we treat ourselves.

Be nice to yourself, you deserve it and you'll certainly feel it!

The sentiment you offered Visible prabhu is the best and applies to everyone.

"the Creator knows your heart..."

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of an old friend of mine. He had a beautiful German Shepherd, Shy was her name. Peter had a consistent way of stating the obvious with an unintentional humorous twist. While he and I were sharing a pipe, Shy observed us as we observed her. She had that unmistakable love and good will in her eyes. Mirrors. He took a big draw of smoke and blew it into the room, looks at her, and then me..."you ever consider the three letters, hmmmm? D - O - G! Dog, man's best friend! GET IT!!!?"

Remember Shakti!! I'm glad that you've met John Les. I've spoke with him twice in Toronto. Remember....a force went to Palestine asking all to "remember Shakti"

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are lovingly on you right now Vis.

I wish I was there in Muenchen, my old stomping ground. Lived in Augsburg almost 5 years.

Having lots of powerful "confrontations" today with family and my true feelings. I gratefully accept them. Seems like Mr. A is hitting on all of us. Pardon the pun.

Laura in CA

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, November 29, 2012 6:56:00 AM

" would be wise to do some research into Robert Monroe, before considering using Hemi-Sync® or its equivalent. There is a mountain of evidence that exists, which points to Robert Monroe being an intelligence agency lapdog who specialized in using 'out of body research' as cover for Project MILAB/mind control experimentation."

Sigh. I thought we'd covered this all before...

First, see Anonymous Tuesday, June 05, 2012 7:52:00 PM :

Then, my two-part response on Thursday, June 07, 2012 5:23:00 AM & 5:24:00 AM (2nd page of comments) I called it "Disinfo 101" in honor of the poster:


Here is how I saw (and see) Monroe:
( which says: )
Over at Smoking Mirrors, Onething mentioned, “Another pioneer, Robert Monroe who founded the Monroe institute and learned to travel out of body and did so with increasing boldness of a period of perhaps 30 years...” I met Monroe several times while taking a number of week-long, on-campus versions of their consciousness-expanding classes. It was toward the end of his life, which may account for the following.

On two separate occasions, Monroe began to ‘flicker’. Two separate images were ‘displayed’ in a high-speed alternation. One was Monroe, and one was a distinctly different person. The latter had a strongly copperish skin complexion (Monroe's was pale white), was totally without hair (bald, etc.), and had more angular features than Monroe. This lasted for roughly a minute.

Finally, I got up the courage to ask him about this occurrence. As I did so, a classmate (a 30-ish French woman, who was there with her husband) also exclaimed that she had seen it, too. (Cool; two witnesses!) Monroe looked shocked and then sheepish, kind of like being caught with his hand in a cookie jar. He owned up to it, and then ‘explained’ it as an Atlantean past-life.


In summing up, I'd like to quote from an old 'Clarity' posting (grin):

"Additionally, your comment has given me something to think about... I will consider just what it was that you felt was threatening. Others will be thinking the same thing, so really, it's like you're giving us clues."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Cultural insignificance invasive delusion
Controlling debasement administering confusion
Of patriachal elitism in a Judaic infection
A parasitical thorn parading deception
Cloaking the mind thats induced into irrelevance
Cascaded patterns disrupting the elements
Chaotic thought streams leave minds in despair
drunk on the abusive societal warfare
The stairway to hell is a fascist state of mind
Blind men leading the blind to the divide
Discolouration congregated on untruth
Man needs to stand up and put a stop to the abuse

Anonymous said...

Where is the Vizard. Is he still on his travels? Come in, Vizard...

Anonymous said...

via kathy
Homer- you're a prince! I know they are innocent and in my arrogance I think I can take it b/c they don't know any better. What a knucklehead! Everyone outgrows relationships but the wise know to move on.
Laura- you too? It is endemic.

Anonymous said...

Either Robert Monroe was a CIA asset or he wasn't. That's the issue. It doesn't matter what one person says, or what another person says. Anyone who is interested in finding out what the truth is, should consider all the evidence - otherwise their minds have been made up for them. Google this - "Robert Monroe CIA" - Google this - "Robert Monroe MILAB". Read everything you can find on the subject of Robert Monroe. Read the good, and the bad. If you dig deep enough, and look at the entire body of evidence, you will eventually find the answer. The same thing is true of any topic. Global Warming. The New Age movement. Peak Oil. Mr. Apocalypse. Communism. You name it, the formula works in every single case. Only someone who has an agenda, will try to dissuade you, from examining all sides of an issue. It's that simple. I am encouraging you to examine all the evidence and draw your own conclusions. Other people will try to dissuade you from doing that. And that is your first major clue about who is who, and what is what, and whether or not they have an agenda. Those who encourage you to examine all sides, have no agenda. Those who discourage you from examining all sides, have an agenda. It's that simple. Have a wondrous day...

est said...

poet sentenced
to life in prison

we got it easy
'round here

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have an interest in such things, here is something to ponder in regards to OOBE's (out of body experiences). The comments about Robert Monroe made me think of it. The New Age movement is full of intelligence agency shills. This is a fact, if you take the time to look even half-heartedly at the evidence. For example, the notion that a person has an "out of body experience" is in itself a classic intelligence agency misdirection play. What if you actually DIDN'T go "out of your body", when you had an experience for which your limited knowledge base on the matter offered no accurate explanation? I'll try to illustrate this - what if you had a "dream", and it was extremely vivid, and you swore that you were staring at your ex-girlfriend, as she was asleep, from above her bed, as if you were "floating". You woke up the next day, and by gosh, the whole "dream" was so real, that it HAD to be real. But, since your knowledge of the situation is very limited, you might either call it an "out of body experience", or, more likely, you would chalk it up to the realm of fantasy and try to forget about it. Or try to rationalize it. Now, what if your ex-girlfriend called you the next day, and told you that she had seen you last night, floating above her bed? Well, you would probably be jolted back to believing that you did INDEED have an out of body experience.'s the kicker. What if these "episodes" are NOT out of body experiences. What if we actually have two bodies - the physical body, and the dreaming body. And what if we sometimes are AWARE that we are inhabiting our dreaming body, with our normal everyday consciousness, while we "dream" at night. And what if everyone has both of those things - a physical body and a dreaming body. And what if we could do exercises, to learn how to control our dreaming body, while we "travel" during our dreams. And what if not only could we learn how to control it, what if we could learn how to inhabit it, with our physical body; what if we could make our dreaming body into a visual replica of our physical body? Well, this would certainly explain "out of body" experiences. Of course, you won't really read about that in the New Age literature very often. Carlos Castaneda addressed it, but most "New Age gurus" only discuss "out of body experiences". Which brings us to the final point - what if, by practicing, you could not only learn to inhabit your dreaming body, and have total control of it...what if you could get to the point where you could then use that dreaming body, inhabited by your physical body, and ESCAPE this world, and go into OTHER worlds? Hmm. that would certainly explain the intelligence agencies' penchant for pushing the "out of body experience" idea. And it would also explain how the Mayans, and the Incas, and the Aztecs, and the Easter Islanders, and the Anasazi Indians, and other cultures, DISAPPEARED...

Anonymous said...

You know what I wonder about. Whenever Visible is gone for a protracted period of time, I wonder, "Hmm...doesn't he have a laptop? Can't he access a computer and an Internet connection, on the road somewhere?" Maybe we should pitch in and get him one, if he wants it. What do you guys think...I say, "yes", if he wants it. I will definitely donate to the cause...anybody else? (I mean, if he wants it - just to make this clear.)

Anonymous said...

Oops. I answered my own question about whether or not Visible has a laptop (or computer access) when he is on the road. Part of his post above - "I'm off to Munich in a couple of hours and if any of the readers are in Munich then email me or comment here and we will arrange to meet; maybe have dinner and a couple of cocktails, or just walk around." By writing, "email me", that answers the question. He has access to his emails when he's on the road, which means he has access to a computer when he's on the road (duh). So he could indeed post and/or comment here while on the road. So he probably just wants a break from it all when he's on the road. So never mind my post regarding pitching in for a laptop for bad!

Anonymous said...

Dog spelled backwards is God.

Man--God's best friend--in the best, most comprehensible of way we can understand a relationship with God.


Anonymous said...

Anon. 2.43
That is really interesting,,The dreaming body is something have often wondered about myself ,,among other things of course,,the Mayan,Incan,Easter islanders,toltecs had a very exotic view upon things all those years ago,,,,
You obviously know quite a lot about this,,could you explain your thoughts a little more,,

Anonymous said...

Expanding on the idea of the dreaming body vs. the physical body, as per the request of Anonymous at 6:39:00. This is a dual world. We are trapped here, inside duality - no two ways about it. We are forever making pairs of everything - good, bad - hot, cold - up, down - etc. - and we are forever pinned down, somewhere, between extreme opposites. Quantum physics acknowledges that everything has a twin - matter and antimatter. So thinking that we have a "natural twin" (and thinking that everything else has a natural twin), is not so far-fetched; in fact, it falls right in line with this premise. Our natural twin is our dreaming body. And it is totally possible to engage in dreaming exercises, and learn to make our dreaming body (which is also called the energy body), more compliant. Here's a good way to get started. While you are lying in bed, each night, try and hold the thought in your mind, tightly, in your mind's eye - so that there are no other competing thoughts at all - just prior to falling asleep, that you will look for your hands in your dreams and you will find them. Carlos Castaneda ("The Art of Dreaming") recommends this technique; he based it on teachings passed along to him by a Yaqui Indian sorcerer (a "sorcerer" is actually someone who is searching for total freedom of mind, body and spirit). After you have learned to find your hands in your dreams, now expand the exercise. Pick out three other items in your particular dreamscape, in addition to your hands. Let's say you are dreaming that you are in a room inside a house, for example - whatever your dreamscape provides, use the attendant objects of that dreamscape. In the case of a room inside a house, pick out a lamp, a wall, and the door, for example. The goal is to pick out three or four other objects besides your hands in your dreamscape, and, shift your gaze from one, to the other, to the other, and then look back at your hands; then repeat - shift your gaze to the lamp, to the wall, to the door, and then back to your hands. Keep repeating this, over and over. Make quick glances, gazing for only a second or two at the most, while taking in these three or four additional items in your dreamscape, and always return to your hands as the starting point. By practicing this, you will actually begin to be able to hold the continuity of your dreamscape - it won't switch to something else, the way that typical dreams do. After you become proficient at this, you can then begin to actually focus on any single object in that dreamscape (say, the door, inside our hypothetical room for example), hold your gaze on it, and the dream will shift to a new dreamscape. Where you repeat the exercise over again - find three new objects in your new dreamscape, and do the exercise again. Eventually, with practice, you will have a dreaming experience that is no different than your waking experience. The dreaming world be as real as the waking world. You will have full recall, when awake, of exactly what happened during your dreams...pick up "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda for more in-depth information about this process.

WarmZephyr said...

Hi Vis,

I'm praying for easy flow on your visa (Sim needed to clarify that for me) because I just assumed you wanted us to admire that magnificent beast...the 'lil guy) Wow is he spectacular. ;D

~ INSIAM, I AGREE THAT THERE'S SOME REALLY NASTY ENERGY GOING AROUND RIGHT NOW - and I'm sorry that I called you 'King o' Siam' before. You're a character like most of Vis's communit-e and thank gunas for THAT! It's part of the charm of this place. ~

This particularly creepy current of bad juju has me dealing hard and fast with moods all day which are normally not a problem.

Visible and those who post. THANK YOU for sharing yourselves and taking time to write. I've never encountered so many extraordinarily profound ideas strung together and in such a funny way...lots of geniuses around here I've noticed.

Given the nature of the material that gets discussed and how paranoid most of us are - it's little wonder that we'll get accusations and sniping on occasion but as been shown to me again and again...The divine is the inspiration behind these blogs ...and thank GOD for it!

Anonymous said...

Israels just a lost lost cause
The banking cartel a house of fools
Corporate ideals with false intent
The disease of empire enslavement spent
Diverse cultures warned all before
We must make peace crush down all war
Savage Judaisms demonic games
Elitist greed led toxic chains
That crash the mind subdue the spirit
But with people conscious truths will visit
The natural path love conquers all
This sacred earth will never fall
So sign your name onto your feet
Forget deception make a leap
For the love of earth the righteous cause
The path to peace contained in all

est said...

-and then they came
for the poets-

[maurice ogden]

Into our town the hangman came,
smelling of gold and blood and flame.
He paced our bricks with a different air,
and built his frame on the courthouse square.

The scaffold stood by the courthouse side,
only as wide as the door was wide
with a frame as tall, or a little more,
than the capping sill of the courthouse door.

And we wondered whenever we had the time,
Who the criminal? What the crime?
The hangman judged with the yellow twist
of knotted hemp in his busy fist.

And innocent though we were with dread,
we passed those eyes of buckshot lead.
Till one cried, "Hangman, who is he,
for whom you raised the gallows-tree?"

Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye
and he gave a riddle instead of reply.
"He who serves me best," said he
"Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree."

And he stepped down and laid his hand
on a man who came from another land.
And we breathed again, for anothers grief
at the hangmans hand, was our relief.

And the gallows frame on the courthouse lawn
by tomorrow's sun would be struck and gone.
So we gave him way and no one spoke
out of respect for his hangmans cloak.

The next day's sun looked mildly down
on roof and street in our quiet town;
and stark and black in the morning air
the gallows-tree on the courthouse square.

And the hangman stood at his usual stand
with the yellow hemp in his busy hand.
With his buckshot eye and his jaw like a pike,
and his air so knowing and business-like.

And we cried, "Hangman, have you not done,
yesterday with the alien one?"
Then we fell silent and stood amazed.
"Oh, not for him was the gallows raised."

He laughed a laugh as he looked at us,
"Do you think I've gone to all this fuss,
To hang one man? That's the thing I do.
To stretch the rope when the rope is new."

Above our silence a voice cried "Shame!"
and into our midst the hangman came;
to that mans place, "Do you hold," said he,
"With him that was meant for the gallows-tree?"

He laid his hand on that one's arm
and we shrank back in quick alarm.
We gave him way, and no one spoke,
out of fear of the hangmans cloak.

That night we saw with dread surprise
the hangmans scaffold had grown in size.
Fed by the blood beneath the chute,
the gallows-tree had taken root.

Now as wide, or a little more
than the steps that led to the courthouse door.
As tall as the writing, or nearly as tall,
half way up on the courthouse wall.


est said...


The third he took, we had all heard tell,
was a usurer..., an infidel.
And "What" said the hangman, "Have you to do
with the gallows-bound..., and he a Jew?"

And we cried out, "Is this one he
who has served you well and faithfully?"
The hangman smiled, "It's a clever scheme
to try the strength of the gallows beam."

The fourth man's dark accusing song
had scratched our comfort hard and long.
"And what concern," he gave us back,
"Have you ... for the doomed and black?"

The fifth, the sixth, and we cried again,
"Hangman, hangman, is this the man?"
"It's a trick", said he, "that we hangman know
for easing the trap when the trap springs slow."

And so we ceased and asked now more
as the hangman tallied his bloody score.
And sun by sun, and night by night
the gallows grew to monstrous height.

The wings of the scaffold opened wide
until they covered the square from side to side.
And the monster cross beam looking down,
cast its shadow across the town.

Then through the town the hangman came
and called through the empy name.
I looked at the gallows soaring tall
and thought ... there's no one left at all

for hanging ... and so he called to me
to help take down the gallows-tree.
And I went out with right good hope
to the hangmans tree and the hangmans rope.

He smiled at me as I came down
to the courthouse square...through the silent town.
Supple and stretched in his busy hand,
was the yellow twist of hempen strand.

He whistled his tune as he tried the trap
and it sprang down with a ready snap.
Then with a smile of awful command,
He laid his hand upon my hand.

"You tricked me Hangman." I shouted then,
"That your scaffold was built for other men,
and I'm no henchman of yours." I cried.
"You lied to me Hangman, foully lied."

Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye,
"Lied to you...tricked you?" He said "Not I...
for I answered straight and told you true.
The scaffold was raised for none but you."

"For who has served more faithfully?
With your coward's hope." said He,
"And where are the others that might have stood
side by your side, in the common good?"

"Dead!" I answered, and amiably
"Murdered," the Hangman corrected me.
"First the alien ... then the Jew.
I did no more than you let me do."

Beneath the beam that blocked the sky
none before stood so alone as I.
The Hangman then strapped me...with no voice there
to cry "Stay!" ... for me in the empty square.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:39 If it turns out our glorious leader doesn't have a laptop and just uses internet cafes or something, I'll chip in, too, for a laptop. What a great idea!

Reggie: I adopted 2 weanlings from the BLM here in CA 6 years ago. They are the smartest horses I've ever trained. The lead mare even protects me if she senses the others are going to bolt she stands between me and them. I recently read that a BLM employee got his buddy 1800 wild mustangs for $1 a head. The buddy sent every single one to slaughter and even had the balls to comment on how tasty the yearling colts are. Disgusting. This whole thing has me livid.

Re: Monroe The military has been involved in psy ops since at least the 50's. Rumor has it Eisenhower had a meeting with an "alien" (I hate that word) out here at Edwards AFB also in the 50's. I used to belong to Richard Boylan's yahoo groups on ET's and remote viewing until someone else from the group said I was in the "illuminati" and he supposedly dowsed me and it came out yes so he kicked me out. What a friggin' idiot. I'm glad though now.

Vis, I had a dream about you last nite. About 10 of us were meeting at your house and going to be hopping a train together somewhere. We were all waiting around wondering where you were. Then I went outside and looked up and there you were in a small plane doing acrobatics, twists and turns, flips, coming down real low and waving at us with this huge grin on your face. I didn't know you knew how to fly. lol But man you sure were happy.

Guess that's all for now. Sorry for rambling. Just want to keep in touch with everyone here at "home."

Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

Hey...for anyone who might be feeling a bit down lately, I guarantee this will pick you up -

preacher said...

Tom Lescher:

"So who ever thought the Great Awakening would look like this ha ha?! We must not forget that out of mass confusion and chaos (Neptune now in Pisces) will emerge the individuated, liberated consciousness (Uranus now in Aries)! I think we have to face it that all our buttons are going to get pushed (some simultaneously) to trigger our evolution these days."

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Oh yes, I meant to say..
The dogs are all beautiful.

The small one I briefly mistook for my very own baby picture. (haha)

Steve said...

I suspect there are quite a few "little guys" in these parts.

Anxiously awaiting for there time of bloom.


Failing that I was thinking, there is so much talent around here, must be we could find a way of collaborating in some project and raise half a mill easy enough?
I have never had that sought of dough , but I know it can come quickly if it should. Ideas????

Miss Citizen Elle,

I remember you saying something about architecture of earth dwellings a while back.
May I ask what type?
I have exp in building mud brick rammed earth, poured earth, straw bail. I like the poured earth/concrete for simplicity. I find the others are very labor intensive.

Any way, I am keen to learn of your methods and thoughts on this:-)

Cheers all

Anonymous said...

Laura in CA: I hear you about the "alien groups" and the "gurus" who "dowse" to determine if you are a "troll" or an "agent" - lol. Here's what people who drink the New Age Kool-Aid have problems with - the continuous search for truth. Once they attend some seminars and meet some of the gurus and try some of their techniques, and get some results, they think they KNOW the truth, and nothing can dissuade them. In their minds, there is nothing else to know. They have a hammer lock on reality. And at that point, they actually start doing the work of the intelligence agencies FOR them. (It's mind control, basically.) I'll illustrate. Back in the day, I thought Robert Monroe was "the man". I read all his books, I tried his suggestions about generating an out of body experience, I mean, man, I was GONE. Likewise, whenever I read a book by the latest New Age guru, who offered up some interesting new ideas, I would slurp that down, too. I never realized that most of these people were working under the aegis of intelligence agencies. I had never been exposed to that idea, at that point, and these gurus, hey, man, they had some POP AND SIZZLE. I mean, if Monroe says, "Try to project yourself out of your forehead at a 60-degree angle after you feel your body start to vibrate" - or whatever it was he actually wrote, I could care less at this point - well, if I had even modest success with his step-by-step suggestions, I would think, "Wow, this guy is one four-star individual. He is the real deal!" So then, I would PUSH that agenda on to others. If their recipe and/or opinions about OOBE's (and Monroe, in particular), didn't mesh with mine, I would lash out at them. I would think I was superior, and I would suspect THEM of having an agenda. It's hilarious when you stop to think about it. It's like a brainwashed fundie Christian being confronted by a question for which his religion has no logical answer, and he spouts, "What do you expect from a NON-BELIEVER?" Knowledge is like an onion. There's a layer on top of the one you are currently immersed in. Knowledge is infinite. There are no absolutes. There are only platforms and gateways. What you are, is not what you were - nor is it what you are becoming. So many people who swallow the New Age Kool-Aid, STOP LEARNING. They think they, and their gurus (or their masters), know it all. They think their views are "correct". And if you start doling out some actual truth (i.e., about intelligence agencies controlling the whole New Age show, and the fact that Monroe spent much of his earlier years selling electronics equipment to the Feds; and, he openly admitted, was quoted as saying, he passed information about his out-of-body experiments to the CIA), they will POUNCE ON YOU and accuse you of all sorts of crazy things - just like they have been programmed to do. Hey, I'll tell you what. You can dowse me all you want. You can call me a "disinfo agent", whatever you care to call me. And at the end of the day, you will be the one trapped inside your own prison of disinformation. Just like the intelligence agencies planned it all out from day one. All the New Age garbage is agency controlled. The plan is to control the opposition; lead them down a blind alley by giving them morsels of truth mixed with heaps of freaking lies. Convince them they have to accede to some "enlightened master". Convince them that they are on the right path, and anyone who says differently should be viciously attacked, labeled and castigated. No different than any organized, mainstream religion when you break it all down. Have a great, spectacular, amazing, open-minded day.

Visible said...

Cap'n; there's a project in the works and I think you have a main play in the operation only you haven't been contacted yet. The people that have been contacted will probably contact you.

Fake Poncho is now the real Poncho on the post. This was not my error, someone had a switch in their back-swing, or somethin.

Strange brew and good things coming. I hope you don't mind.

dave1010 said...

I've never seen a puppy change so much into a grown dog. Looks like two different dogs. What a majestic looking dog.


Robin Redbreast said...

Praise be
Thank you God.
I was given a wonderful opportunity this morning to reach out to someone extremely vunerable and in need.
I feel blessed.
I may have saved a life.
Thank you God

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:06:

And certainly no different operatively from the mainstresm political establishment and academia as well.


the gardener said...

This is how I feel about 'these end days' we're all experiencing. Change of guard...

called "Solar Revolution-Does the Sun have the power to transform humanity?" by Dieter Broers

with one of the posts at above link
Solar Storms, Magnetic Field and the 'Lifting of the Veil'

having this link in it... what I have been feeling for a while now.

They're spraying our skies worldwide like demons on meth-aluminum, barium all kinds of other horrid products-they do seem to be blotting out that Sun as much as they can blanketing them with the thick haze of the chemtrails which cause me to manifest thick sick snot in my entire upper head.

The last few solar storms emitted by the Sun I made sure to get outside and get me a full dose as much as I could. Arms wide open, head thrown back... 'do me, do me'... lol

the gardener

Citizen Elle said...

Cap’n, thanks for the inquiry. Sounds like you certainly have more experience than me in this. To be clear, I am merely a recovering architect/project manager who no longer sees much value in conventional construction where the products sold & codes written benefit the profiteers. I seek an ideal alternative as I continue to be guided by my invisible friends who told me years ago I was to be part of a very large project of a non-conventional method (if I heard them right).
FWIW, what I have studied & only moderately taken part in with “green” building has all been very labor intensive but, truth is conventional construction is the same with a compromised end product. The method that I first pursued was Mike Reynold’s earthships in Taos which struck me as absolutely brilliant. In the end though, I found it would not necessarily be feasible for most conditions due to the materials required (old tires, lots of bottles or cans, +). Next was Nader Khalil’s work which also really resonated with me but, the use of plastic bag tubes put me off in the long run as it seemed a sad & inconvenient material compromise to integrate. I’ve explored cob (tricky but, some of the finished products I’ve seen are amazing); strawbale works in some places but, there seems to be some serious mold potentials as well if not detailed correctly; adobe bricks seem ideal if you have a concrete mixer to expedite the process & are in the appropriate environment; the latest interest has been George Swanson’s work with breathable building construction using MgO boards but...even though the end products of all these types are often amazingly functional and creative, the costs and compromises have put me off as far as being practical solutions for anyone, anywhere. It is in this regard that my (absurd?) idealism has put a damper on my initial enthusiasm for pursuing this type of construction (although I still haven’t given up seeking the right circumstances). A cave sounds good to me right about now although, it seems they may all be taken soon by a certain nefarious type.
The method that my friend wants to teach is a stamped earth panel which seems a lot like adobe brick only using larger building blocks. It takes several weeks to complete a 4 meter by 5 meter dwelling unit but, I hope to experience this process in the next year should the Divine wish it. In the mean time, I seek alignment with the next project that needs my diverse skills for expediting an important project into manifestation.
Random: movies I enjoyed recently the Prestige & the Final Cut (what’s the message is in these movies?) + anyone who hasn’t seen the film about Mike Reynold’s work may like to check out the “Garbage Warrior” & don’t forget that seasonal classic “what would jesus buy?” recommended by Visible years ago.

Anonymous said...

Here's something to consider, since we're on the subject - the thing that really makes the New Age Kool-Aid guzzlers vulnerable, is when they have a fervent belief that they are communicating with a "benevolent entity" who is not of this earth. These entities might exist at different "consciousness levels", or "densities", or even from other galaxies (use your favorite New Age label here). They might openly communicate with them while the enlightened Kool-Aid guzzler is "in a meditative state". What these gullible fools never stop to consider, is this - do the deceivers exist at ALL levels of consciousness? Hell yes, they do. Infinity dictates that it is so. As above, so below. Yet, these people who read the gurus' books, these people who attend the gurus' seminars, these people who hobnob with those very same gurus, they never stop to consider that little chestnut. Just because you think you are communicating with a benevolent entity, who claims to reside at 6th Density - that doesn't mean it is so. Do you believe that every single person you communicate with, when you walk around here on the earth, is on the level? No, and with good reason. So, why would you think that some alleged "benevolent entity" at another level of consciousness isn't messing with your head? Hmm? Now, if the intelligence agencies are in firm control of all the New Age hotshots (and, yes, they are indeed), then that sure puts a new spin on this whole thing, doesn't it? Especially when you consider the following - let's say you believe that you are communicating with a benevolent being from...oh...heck, let's say the planet Spongemuffin, in the Andromeda Galaxy. You can hear this being plain as day. He's in your head, right? He's calm, he's patient, he tells you things that turn out to be true sometimes. So, being the good Kool-Aid guzzler that you are, you swallow the whole pitcher without taking a breath. Yum. Good stuff. And now you fervently believe that the being is exactly what he claims he is. Well, so let's say this is a military MILAB operation (which is what Monroe was peripherally, if not completely, involved in, by the way). Basically, the technology exists, and has for a long time, to project VOICES into people's heads - not only voices, but VISIONS as well. Oops. Now, that would certainly wrap the whole New Age scam up in a neat yellow bow, wouldn't it? This is exactly what the "alien abduction" phenomenon is all about, by the way. These people are not abducted by "aliens"; they are fucked with by high-level agents of the military intelligence community, using MILAB technology. They are implanted with devices, so that they might be tracked, have their energy drained periodically, and have their behavior modified at well. They are human lab rats, plain and simple. Tagged like cattle. It's a military intel op all the way. But don't take my word for it (even though everything I have written here makes a hell of a lot of sense). Research it. Drop that Kool-Aid, kick that guru in the ass, and go check it out. Make up your own mind. Always. Or some New Age mindfucker - or maybe a "benevolent entity from the planet Spongemuffin, in the Andromeda Galaxy" - will make it up for you...

preacher said...

Thanks @Gardner for your link(s) and your 'do me, do me' brought a big smile to my face; a difficult feat these days...

And so we patiently wait to find out how Vis his mission was.
Some entertaining music in between:

Cream - Strange Brew

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

anon 7:39
I picked it up .
that is one ambition of mine , active imagination is what Jung called it. she'd have had no problem doing Vis on his flying trapeze, without the trapeze.

maybe I should sell my paper copy

then again, I just read that she,Christine Douglas the woman with amazing ability in this regard, died an alcho. in '69.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

oops Christina Morgan,

Douglas wrote a book about her.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

some newer stuff from the author of Inside the Laurel Canyon.
starts out with a special "christas message", the US elections, and the Talmudic witches of the antichrist.
Kennedy's assassination was repoted in Australia before it happened (I cant find a link)? like the WTC7 on the BBC

Steve said...


Cool, I like post and beam for a couple of reasons. The main structure goes up fast, providing shelter from elements while continuing with the infill, whatever you choose to use which I guess depends somewhat on the location and available materials.

The old adage of, many hands make light work applies to building out of earth materials, someone mixing, someone laying, a couple supplying, one finishing. Keeping the ball rolling. I have found doing each of these steps yourself, while fine, chews up lots of time.

I have heard that a clay floor also works well, although I have never seen it.

All said and done though, I would prefer a boat :-)

Rob in WI said...

A boat is certainly worth consideration. There are many for sale these days, at closeout prices. While one cannot ignore the instability of the oceans, the obvious frailties of any landmass construction are incalcuable. Perhaps, the Noah's Ark story is not to be ignored. Be well sir, Rob

Anonymous said...

A word about Carlos Castaneda, in case some of you, in addition to Pierre, are interested in reading his books and/or doing some of the dreaming exercises he outlines. A lot has been made about Castaneda's possible connections to the intelligence communities (surprise!). Castaneda was one of the Supreme New Age Gurus of his time (he was extremely hot on the New Age scene, back in the very late 60's and early 70's). I think there is little doubt that he was co-opted to a large degree. Also, much has been made of the numerous contradictions in his writings. He authored several books about his experiences with his Yaqui sorcerer friend, and in those books, statements are made, which belie other statements he made in previous books he had written, etc. Academia basically piled on him, after a while, in an attempt to make people disregard everything he ever had to say. These contradictions can be explained, due to the fact that much of what Castaneda wrote about, occurred while he was in a state of consciousness called the Second Attention (where the rules of time and space do not apply). In my case, I had things happen to me, personally, that were eventually verified, when I finally got around to reading his books. In other words, I had what others might refer to as being, "paranormal experiences" or "consciousness-expanding experiences", on a mind-boggling scale, for which I had no explanation, prior to reading his books. So for me, reading his work explained a lot of things that had happened to me, and it explained them in practical, down-to-earth terms. I guess what I'm trying to say, is, every guru passes along some juicy morsels of truth in their writings. If they didn't, nobody would believe that they were gurus, and nobody would swallow every glass of Kool-Aid that they placed in front of them. With that being said, there are things Castaneda writes about, or claims, which I believe simply do not ring true. (Because he was a New Age guru.) As far as practical dreaming goes, I have practiced what he outlines in "The Art of Dreaming", and it did indeed work as advertised. His books are all worth reading; here's a complete list, in the order he wrote them -
1968 - The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge; 1971 - A Separate Reality; 1972 - Journey to Ixtlan; 1974 - Tales of Power; 1977 - The Second Ring of Power; 1981 - The Eagle's Gift; 1984 - The Fire From Within; 1987 - The Power of Silence; 1993 - The Art of Dreaming; 1998 - Magical Passes; 1999 - The Active Side of Infinity; 2000 - The Wheels of Time

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that info anon 7.29.....
Dreaming and dreams I suppose are another form of artistry,,,thank god for people like Carlos castaneda and others that opened up a whole new avenue of different ways to look at things and the god given tools that each of us have,that are crying out for us to learn them,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mr. Visible...I noticed this photo of you at Visible Origami. You are making a hand sign of some sort. I have seen people making this hand sign in other photos. Can you tell us what it means?

Anonymous said...

Hello again, Mr. Visible. Forgot to add this one to my last post. In this photo which appears on your blogs, you appear to be making two separate hand signs. Can you tell us what they mean, as well?

Anonymous said...

Israels a lost cause

Empires fall by tyranical deceptions
The minds of the people the tyrants favoured weapon
But minds wake up come aware of the mistakes
Get to work on the wrongs pushed on the human race
In patience striving the truth never stops
The parasitical system strained and at loss
Indigenous peoples everywhere victims of predatory forces
The north south east west deviated from true sources
The world run by zionist corporates and their minions
banking cartels with desolate fascist visions
Of corruption hell a normal person can't equate
But the truth resolves opens full and creates
Comes forth and sweeps through along the living feilds
zionist crushed by the lies that are revealed
Where the people stand together strong and brave
the minions of the tyrants collapse and cave
Change reidentifys alights true concepts
The cause always won with true intent

Dodgy One said...

First that great song and now the truth told to power ->

There can be no more pretence of the perenial victimhood of the state making victim of any thing not rooted in evil for that is its ally.
The west is shown by its deeds to be the despised minions of that illegitimate spawn of greed, that lust for power and dominion over all others is an addiction of the spirit.
This protocol must be defeated by the lights of truth and love that have been delivered to us by the great Roger Waters.

Anonymous said...

Dystopian values preformed in the cattle shed
Predication ruthlessly spurned where the shackle spread
Miscalculations of factions torn thrown into the precipice
With deviations and concoctions of judaic suppremacists
Dissolving to error the banking house and Israel
This zionist interlude caught by its hate grown spell
Along with the octopus and it's corporate tenticles
Clutched by the truthful humain felt sentinels
The sentient forces dwelling earths true appetite
Radiating in formulas realised deep in paradise
Harbingers of a doomed armeggedon
Dragged by the people with the truths intervention
With love of mother earth the beauty that's superfluous
Animating through instinctual resonating total purpose
Strung inner sequences harmonic patterns like a flower
On the forces of mother earths unstoppable true power

Citizen Elle said...

Visible, I've found the "before & after" pix of little guy/golden boy and the seminal close, "Let's all keep The Little guy in mind as we go about the routines of our days. Let's keep him in mind. Don't pass The Little Guy by" have kept calling me back to this original post all week. In sharing just these 2 photos and that profound truth with a few people, 1/2 of them added this site to their favorites for future reference who would normally not ever visit here. just sayin....

misc: I was told to drive by and check out the "awesome" LED christmas tree display featured on the ferris wheel at the ocean amusement pier near here so, I did last night. I could not believe what I found! A pyramid shape (albeit elongated height-wise) with a circle at the center (that has a somewhat spiral like moving dot matrix) that is obviously a symbol of the all seeing eye looking back from the Atlantic Ocean. It was truly eerie in the foggy setting... This is a family owned business. They were a client years ago. It's so in your (my) face right now, I'm feeling amazed in wide wonder.

Thank you for being here now to share as I couldn't imagine going through this without you (all).

from the deep

Thomas said...

mrmmrhmm... I have a couple of things to share... First of all, I will say this: You are Brilliant, Visible, and this is the Truth. So perhaps your light sometimes smells a little like sever, or takes on an eerie off-colour glance, But LIGHT IT IS, or I am blinder than the world... Which (arrogance alert!) I AM NOT! I would guess that the people lambasting you are mostly jealous, without admitting it to themselves, or putting their angers and frustrations about their own shortcomings and seemingly lacking speed of enlightenment onto you "Why don't you do it MORE obvious, Visible?! Isn't READING the TRUTH ENOUGH? MUST WE REALLY LIVE IT, TOO? (to them I will say: work work AND WORK HARDER PEOPLE! But don't forget to rest). As I am sure you know, this is just an immature reaction, and should be forgiven as such.

Personally, I am enjoying the pace. If there is infinity, it is senseless to rush, since growing in itself is such a wonderful and sensual pleasure, and there are other things to do than grow, even if All is FOR GROWTH.

Here is something. My experience finds 2 divinities inside, equal and ONE, entertwined. Feminine and Masculine. The Feminine is rock-hard, bone-tough and Punisher as well as Source of All that Feels Good, and of Energy, Mother and Protector, Lover and Willing Slave. She knows where every grain of sand in the entire Universe is, and can feel the wind before it comes. She Loves being treated rough, but she will return equal measures (and don't fucking even dream of challenging her power over your fortunes - WILLING slave were the words). Besides, she is so honeysweet that worshipping her like the Goddess comes very naturally. She Likes rest, Peace, ACTION. Breathing. She is Now, Always, Everywhere. I DONT KNOW HER. I DONT UNDERSTAND HER.

Then there is "God", the Source of All intelligence and Beauty. He is a lazy cad, and brings ideas ideas ideas, but doesn't do much besides. He doesn't really care what we choose, but he Certainly Loves us more than we can know. Wether we are stupid or wise he just keeps pumping us with ideas, imaginings, images, but the quality of His outpourings depend on our own VIBRATIONAL STATE. Drinking coffee, eating junk and smoking cigarettes all day on the couch in darkened room, well God gives ideas in that vein. He is not so easily impressed, Limitlessly Mysterious, and with him, I find, it is more a question of reaching UP to him, because he rarely gives free treats. (Other entities do, and they can EASILY masquerade as God - want a treat, child? ;P). Sometimes, he comes on in a manner that is NOT TO BE MISTAKEN, because in these moments, the borders of the imagination are stretched and warped, beauty beauty beauty. I DO NOT KNOW HIM. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HIM.

I understand Pure Being to be the Strongest Prayer. Gratitude, Enjoyment, Curiosity, Movement, Creation; these are Strong Prayers. Words do not matter so much to the divinities, I find, and it is so easy to speak and not do.

Well I AM NOTHING BUT THE DUST UNDER YOUR SHOES AND THE LIGHT FROM THE STARS. I Know Nothing but Life and what I Feel. If it sounds like that, It's just my imagination.

Big Respect Visible. And thank you :)

Everyone, Peace & Please be Well.

Anonymous said...

If you want to leave those poems off,,
Will leave it up to you visible or sim,,,,,

Anyway have a good day the pair of you
And may new things dawn your horizons

Visible said...

Hand signs? Activated kundalini, hands go into positions automatically. What does it mean? Probably "be not deceived" and that includes by me. Hope that clears it up.

Anonymous said...

Down israhell,, down down you go
For all that death that you push,,
all that hate that you sold
All those lies you told the people
Now you are despised,,
All those wars you proliferated,,
Dressed as a victim disguised
Hiding behind holocausts
Used the media as a tool
Remember all those Russians you killed
Starvations very cruel
it seems,you just won't listen
Your cause is just insain
You initiated your own doom
You should hang your heads in shame
The world knows you are a predator
sucking country's dry
With parasitic instincts
You are a dinosaur inside
Fleecing all the people
On a colonial project
Colonialism never worked
It was based on disrespect
Their will be a new world
But not the one your hoping for
You've been flushed down the toilet
Kicked out humanity's door
Leave Palestine alone
Get those settlers out of town
Get back behind the 67 borders
Or israel you will surely drown

preacher said...

Gnostic Parallels in the Writings of Carlos Castaneda

Anonymous said...

Your pups are lovely,looks like the Little Guy grew to be quite the stunner...

(p.s. I humbly apologize for my previous stupid transgression)

Visible said...

Since you are anonymous, I have way of knowing how to respond to that. That is my response. I apologize for no post forthcoming of late but the things going on in my life and also the things going on in the wide world have occupied my time.

Anonymous said...

Preacher - thanks for that link you posted. The nuggets of gold to be found there are truly beyond words...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

picking up on fleecing in the poem,
Goy George, The eagles

Peaceful easy feeling.

I got a fleeceful, sleazy dealing,
(something about carpark deals and secret cult meetings). then again, Im accenting the negative as usual.

anon 8:08. noted (Jung is my 'guru', someone told me he'd been 'debunked' but, like Vis, Jung did the hard slog and didn't make any absolutist claims A good example of the difference with newAge phonies, apart from Faud himself - is a dream interpretation book. If you dream of a horse and a goat, you look up what they mean in the book, and that is it, concrete, inflexible, all encompassing - and not relational. Useful for general ideas but as a recipe, forget it. Dream the Dream, not some publishers panacea).

DreAmeoba said...

If this message posts, I'm going to feel very, very, freaking stupid in that I was under the impression that I could not post here any other way than as 'anonymous'

DreAmeoba said...

I have no way of knowing if that last message even posted but the header on top says that it did,had to create an account (didn't really want to originally-I'm a wee bit uncomfortable with another account to keep track of) but if it didn't I guess I'll have to email my info to you. Sorry about any confusion,& again I apologize for my stupid post at S.Mirrors the other day.

Stella Blue said...

"You'll never know the hurt I suffered
nor the pain I rise above
And I'll never know the same about you,
Your holiness or your kind of love
And it makes me feel so sorry."

Idiot Wind ~ Bob Dylan ~ 1974

Anonymous said...

pierre said (gopher/librarian mode)

for those interested

Visible said...

Not a problem Dre; My problem was that I completely missed whatever your stupid post was and could not connect it to you and saw your name and disconnected from that too. So, I am the dumbass here; carry on.

No problems all around for that matter. We all do weird shit. The best of us get over it.

My visa for India came in this morning.

Anonymous said...

Pierre,,,fleecing in England means to steal,,
Maybe not in middle class english,but In the language of the poorer community's,,,,,which their are many many of,,,,

So if somebody was to fleece me,,,that would mean to steal something from me,,,,
In England one word could have several different meanings,,depending on the context of the conversation,,And also where you live,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

via kathy
congrats Vis, it must be quite a relief, now you can consentrate on the next phase of getting there

Anonymous said...

A glow that's bright
A heart that's found
The wind the stars
The sacred sound
Of open earth
A rolling spring
The palms the fingers
Revolve and spin
Where sunlight bursts
Where love touch
A rush a swirl
A stirring gust
Of moving onwards
Turning through
Where true love reached
Beamed and grew

Anonymous said...

I often hear the word 'debunking' as if it actually means something. Debunking is what people do when they can't actually prove anything; when they can't actually refute anything. Debunking is just opinion. It is just making a counter claim which may or may not be a better explaination.


Anonymous said...

You certainly are "less visible" lately - hope things are shaping up for your upcoming journey, and that all is well. What date are you planning on leaving, Lord V? - Goy George

Visible said...

December 13th; Smoking Mirrors coming right up.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Oh Brave New World, that has Such People in it.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
that was my intended meaning, Neal, but as usual is comes out half scrambled eggs (and half poached or fleeced), needs all the kings horsemen and King Goy George to put together again.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Batshit City and Organ Harvesting, Disney World.

Kevenj said...

"Exposed you are as a totally trolly troll you troll."

Nope, and I'm fairly certain Les will verify that. Perhaps when you grow up and graduate High School, you'll understand that being critical of a friend does not mean you throw them under a bus.Now go make your bed, your room's a mess.



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