Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the Same Old Same Old

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One thing is certain. No matter what your karmic condition of the moment or what territory you are passing through, both internally and externally, your state of being and your circumstances can be exponentially improved by regular meditation.

I like to think of meditation in several ways, though I will only list a couple. One of them I call ‘coring’ and one I call ‘immersion’. Coring operates on a premise that there is an opening in your material state into which light can pour. Let’s just say that your material state is composed of your body; your situation and the way you think and feel about them. Of course, mind and the higher emotions can transcend the physical state but we are talking about getting there, not already being there. Parsers and proponents of certain viewpoints will say that you are already there and realizing it is the key. You can go ahead and apply that to what I am saying if you want. It works either way.

Coring widens the opening through which the light pours and you can visualize yourself working with a variety of imaginary tools to make the opening bigger. Chanting and prayer are tools of this nature and you can see them as actual hand tools being employed for the purpose already mentioned. As you work you can feel a greater degree of light enter in and experience it lightening and revitalizing every part of your being. Most importantly you can feel information from higher dimensions also coming in and presenting themselves in clearer and more understandable ways. Consistency is the key here; consistency and focus or what might also be called, ‘being one-pointed’.

Immersion is best described as believing that the universe is filled with light the way an ocean is filled with water. You can think of it as an ocean of light. You immerse yourself in it and let it bathe your being. You allow yourself to float upon and dissolve into it. You let go of all concerns, thoughts and feelings about anything else. You become part of this light and you remind yourself that it is conscious and conscious of you.

I could go on at length about these ideas and others too but the point here is for the reader to play with the concepts and come up with their own system. All systems work best when they are personalized. A lot of the time people are turned off by certain practices because they seem too generic. It’s like rote and routine. Rote and routine can be useful but only if you breathe life into them and love what you are doing. It is much easier to love what you can identify with. It’s a little like the difference between music you enjoy and music you would rather not listen to.

As has been mentioned here now and again, I am a believer in better living through chemistry. I am also a believer in the obvious truth that we should always be ready to cut things loose and open ourselves up to new ways of being that are improvements upon the old. I am only bringing this up because it has something to do with the next example which follows.

While engaged in the study and practice of different martial arts forms, I noticed that I didn’t enjoy some number of them and it very much hampered my enthusiasm for practice and my ability to get into it when I did. During certain altered states, which also involved playing around with martial arts forms, I discovered that all the movements I was playing with were extensions of an inner awareness of motion applied to a certain purpose. I found that I could manifest my own forms of movement right out of that inner awareness. It is true that they resembled the classical movements of which some of us are familiar but they were different too. They were easier to do and they had a flow and a presence to them that I had not been getting from my previous efforts to improve at something I thought I should know at least a little something about; given the worlds I sometimes had to move through.

As time has passed, these movements have come to have little to do with resolving external conflicts and everything to do with harmonizing internal conflicts and coming into a deeper and more solid balance with Nature. I assume they could easily be applied to external conflicts but these things very seldom appear once the internal conflicts have been addressed. I find I am able to apply the principles I have learned to just about anything I engage in. You name it and it can be performed as an expression of your personal style; your personal Wu Wei, your own kind of effortless action.

The world outside of us is an extension of our mind. You can throw in your emotions too. They are also a part of your mind. Everything is composed of mind stuff of varying density. It is true that the world is in a tense period of transition. We all agree that there are certain things in evidence. This might also be the result of mass hypnosis or collective illusion too. In a cosmic sense it certainly is. You alter your internal world and you will find that your external world will change around you.

Meditation greases the wheels of your existence. Meditation shapes the plastic mindstuff. Some of us are quicker and more efficient at it because we are deeper into it and have been doing it longer. Some people are much better swimmers because of having applied themselves more. But... there’s another thing to consider. Some people are just more naturally disposed to and capable of certain things. There’s karma involved and some of us have been working at certain things for more than one lifetime; all of us have, in fact. That’s where you get 12 year old concert violinists from.

Everyone can meditate but some are going to be better at one method than another and that is why you have to find what works for you because you won’t be doing it for very long and certainly without real results unless you find your personal style. You’ll give up.

A dimensional shift is coming. You can think of it as a really enormous holographic flying saucer that will be lowering a ramp once it gets close to the Earth. You can think of the ramp as being composed of sound, vibrating at a certain frequency. If your frequency is sympathetic to or resonating with it, then you can glide right up the ramp into this saucer of consciousness.

Upon entering the ship, your consciousness will be further altered so that you are now able to perceive things you could not see or hear before. It will directly impact on your consciousness so that you can think and comprehend in ways you could not before. You will have access to new senses of perception that have been foretold in some of the chemistry experiments that early pioneers experienced; although in a temporary sense. Eventually they integrated back into the same old same old. Albeit they were somewhat changed and certain information and abilities remained with them but... in the case of this dimensional shift you are going to be changed in a way that continues and does not return back into the same old same old. The same old same old will be a thing of the past except for those who are determined to continue living in it. There will be, as there already are, parallel dimensions. It’s something to look for and to seek after and meditation is one of the powerful tools available to you in terms of preparation and making ready.

In future posts we are going to talk about some of the other tools; tools you will be using when you are not meditating. I’ll be talking about this same subject on this Sunday night’s radio show.

Think of it as something like learning to drive a car. Think of it as familiarizing yourself with the controls of an unfamiliar machine. Think of it as being ready instead of not being ready and rising to meet it in the air. It is quite possible that those too deeply immersed into the denser regions of material consciousness will not even know it is taking place. You don’t want to be one of those. The divine is compassionate beyond our ability to know all efforts are being made to reach everyone; even if that means trauma and bowel shaking fear. Be one of those who can awaken from a gentle touch on the shoulder.

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Anonymous said...

A difficult thing to overcome in deep sixing the program and its' FALSE belief system is the notion that we progress through memorization. That we assimilate the "way" through reverent attendance to tradition and the flatulence of "society". It seems that the first lessons of life are of our inadequacy and helplessnes, that we are rewarded by our instructors approval of that curriculum we are graded and classified by/in/on. That there is external to us, a truth that is fraught with danger in its becoming part of "us" resides in something called "salvation" that those like us who are "newborn" may or may not grasp. We are, therefore must overcome the teachers telling us that we don't know without THEM to evaluate our knowing. "Don't you know that you are gods?" Teachers ego often harms the tiny soul just born. They are whelmingly nuisance and distraction of little angels in need of nourish meant. Some and Lots of things are better NOT experienced at all. Walls are mistakenly built around and maintained by pedantry and learnedness, to box the creative soul trying to evolve its reality. Baby love is the sweetest, it needs [almost] to be worshipped. Maybe innocence IS worship. About meditation...and everywhere I saw myself transfixed. All and every thing is being drawn inexorably to the eternal reunion. All an "I" must do is love the ones we're with as we love "tha" self. REmember that words are tools we use to define the objects of thought we contemplate in imagination. They are melting in the clean fire at the core of infinite being. Our learned attitude of humble and modest incompetence is gone, replaced by assurance that perseverance has success. Om Shambala

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more! Meditation is absolutely necessary and is always an accessible tool, if one is ready to do the work. And, it is work, at least in the beginning, it is definitely work. May I suggest, also, that when one finds the work overwhelming, or when one is unable to see any progress, that inspiration can be gained by learning the histories of the great masters. They, too, had to start somewhere in search of truth and a meaningful existence. One master who is inspiring my endeavors at this time, is Padampa Sangye. The book is called "Lion of Siddhas". Although not for beginners necessarily, if his story and words can be read with an open mind there is much to be gained for anyone who is seeking some meaning in their lives.

TheSparkle said...

Times are hard and heavy.
Hey, brother, can you spare a Śaktipāta?

Did you practice any Aikido, Les? I know nothing about martial arts, but the Aikido videos just blow my mind.

Scissortale said...

Why do you think your methods are different from what the Christian Bible says?

Anonymous said...

Like finding the right pattern and lining up with the straight and narrow can make life easier to understand.

Billy G.

brian boru said...

I have been told many times that meditation is easy. However, I find it extremely difficult to do. I can sit for an hour or more and still have a stream of disordered thoughts preventing me from reaching that area of calm that every meditator talks about. I don't doubt that it is beneficial or that it can eventually help achieve spiritual evolution, but it ain't easy.

Visible said...


One of meditation is just to watch those thoughts and cast them out as soon as they arrive. You will find that over and over you bet caught up in the generation of thoughts. However, with continued focus on the appearance of the thoughts and casting them out you will find there are longer and longer periods without them. After awhile you can turn your attention to a particular thought, image etc.

Visible said...


Where did you get the idea that I discussed this difference at all? Hopefully you'll point out where I made that distinction complete with my reasons and so forth.

I'm also like you to point out for me the passages in the Bible where meditation techniques are presented. I know I'm going to get a quote that has nothing to do with practical application other than some amount of "therefore I say go ye and meditate upon the Lord" but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Finally I'd like to know what makes you think there's a difference between the color of the sky and the color of the grass.

Karyn Weese said...

Beautiful post today, thank you for the inspiration and encouragement. I am looking forward to the "future posts" that will discuss other things that have potential to move us into a state of readiness for the coming shift in consciousness.

I've been using the Holosync meditation program from Centerpointe for several months and highly recommend it to others. It has transformed my ability to meditate deeply and noticeably improved my responses to various stressors.

It is frequently amazing to read the comments posted on your blogs and some of the more personal attacks of late regarding your "religion". This is clearly your own creative effort and you can write anything you feel like! If someone disagrees or doesn't like the content, who is forcing them to read it? And, who cares what they think anyway?

It is simply amazing to observe what you have put up with sometimes and I wouldn't be surprised if you eventually stopped allowing comments at all. But, then you wouldn't hear from all of us who love and support your work and look forward to hearing what you have to say each time. Thank you for the effort -- it is truly appreciated.


Visible said...


Thank you Karyn. Mick Richfield presents an interesting scenario in the comments section of the latest Reflections in a Petri Dish and it's probably not far from the truth- tactics wise.

What I notice is the need to taunt which I suppose is part of the religious modality of a particular school of people calling themselves Christians. Of course, the are not Christians and realizing that has had a useful effect on my state of mind.

Now, as soon as I see any of the myriad variations of malice channeled through this particular lens, I know to not give it any attention.

Real Christians get the message of Christ's teachings and are most likely to behave according to them. Anyone who does not therefore, immediately identifies themselves to me as not being a Christian regardless of whatever fantasy might be occupying their minds.

None are more certainly serving the dark lord they claim to be saved from than those who exhibit his characteristics in their dealings with others. Somehow they are able to reason the obvious away due to certain tools that are made available to possessed mentalities. Hopefully they come to their senses before their condition gets demonstrated to them.

Still alive said...

It really is unfortunate that life interferes with meditation and consciousness. I cannot help but think that life is a cruel trick played upon us all just to test our ability to remain in contact with the divine.

Joseph Alexander said...

There is a quote in the book The "Adventures in Consciousness" in essence says " Whatever you can achieve with thinking you can achieve hundred times easier without thinking." Keeping the mind quiet is the key to awareness and eventually a bliss filled existence. By regular meditation and increased consciousness your surrounding circumstances improve , because you have improved .

There are so many important saying by spiritual masters that point this out .To quote one by George Ivanovich Gurdjieff that relates is
"the only sin there is unconsciousness". So a totally alert consciousness prevents a person from becoming a mind manipulated from outside sources. This decision to become conscious or unconscious is the very root of all humanities deep problems .

I have been meditating for 45 years and there is definitely a karmic factor in play . It takes years of education to become a doctor or artist musician or any type of professional . Why should the pursuit of spiritual awareness or higher consciousness be any different ,in fact its takes longer because , we evolve through many lifetimes and experiences.
Everybody may have a different technique for meditation the important aspect is to practice
consistently . What you find in the silence is eternal .This is your consciousness ,deathless ,immortal no beginning or no end . You don't have to take anybodies word for it
or believe it on faith, Meditate and become of aware of who you are.

Les . Your so right . meditation is
the key to the kingdom .In fact when it comes to meditation . Les is more.

Liz said...

Thanks for a great post, Les. Meditation is the only way. Shoot, Stevie Wonder told me that back in 72? It is not easy, and it is commitment and practice...
I would also say that if the content of Visible's blogs do not resonate with some readers, perhaps they should not waste their energy reading them, and posting annoying comments. Love to all.

abe said...

I'm not a big fan of public television in America, but a recent NOVA episode on epigenetics resonated with my own thoughts on our karmic inheritance being reflected in our genetic inheritance. DNA as a repository of past generational experience and it's consequences seems an elegant weaving of science and spirit. We shouldn't assume a bad lot in life is necessarily a punishment or sign of past evil. Many exist purely as Buddhas of sufferings (I see many Our Lady of Sorrows statues in East LA)offering us the opportunities for compassionate growth that is like a secret source of salvation hidden in plain sight. But many are indeed suffering according to the fruits of their own trees.

Anonymous said...

Les i have been reading your work for a long time now. I love it and I admit it; I take some of it and post It on another forum filled with mocking hyenas. For some reason every time I do the cutting and posting their laughs end up in echoes as they read your words. I am sorry i have to borrow your guns. But, I always make sure to mention the Author. I envy your intelligence but I cant steal your brains. :)

DodgyOne said...

A beautiful harmonic resonance of words and impressions, feelings and principles flows from you as you effortlessly glide through the cosmos of light and truth. Whereapon being one and all at once with the creator, the knowing and the existance one departs the realms of the alone and the unknowing, the depressed and sorrorfull, the deluded and the pridefull who are stuck in a one dimensional existance where light has departed and the dark finds small comfort in annonominity. A wonderfull little spiritual touch on the shoulder this lovely Sunday morning, Good Morning Les and all.
The enemy thinks they can endure the light and still return to serve the darkness, such is ego, there dark hearts cannot be concealed, yes by all means come into the light and be turned to ashes.
As has been shown before we in force can invade there domains also but come out again unscathed, we need to do more concerted attacks on the dens of iniquity, shine the light in the dark places and send the roaches scurying for the cover of their darkness. Perhaps doing so as a force from an unknown source would have an even greater strategic effect (;

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

This post gave me things to think about.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Prophet Muhammad before he was given Prophethood by The Divine, stayed in the cave of Hira in Mecca for days and weeks. This was his way of meditation, trying to find God and eventually succeeded.

The five daily prayer of a Muslims is supposed to be a meditation, a connection of a servant, a feeling of gratitude towards his Creator.
In my group, we were also supposed to do meditation on our own during the early mornings (3-5 am). After taking a bath and ablution, we were required to sit towards the direction of Mecca and chant the names of Allah. This is the basic requirement. The minimum time is at least 2 hours a night. However I regret to say, though I had been into this for more than 3 years, I still lack the concentration, the consistency that some of the members in my group has. I know being a wife and a working mum is not the reason for this deficiency, because I have seen other members also in my position who succeeded in reaching higher realms. But still the experiences that sometimes managed to penetrate gives so much satisfaction especially during the 5 daily prayers.

I know I have a long way to go. I wonder how long, you Les, had been into this?

Salam - Nur Ilahi.

Scissortale said...

lol Sorry, I was rushing and didn't phrase that very well, and I wasn't talking specifically about today's blog only, but your methods in general.

Maybe I should have asked, What are the differences between your methods and those of the Bible? In other words, do you believe there is salvation in Christ...or at this phase of the game, the return of Christ?

And do you see prayer much different then meditation?

Scissortale said...

and btw, I have behaved in a Christian manner, and I didn't vote for Bush. I know the difference and try to live my faith.

There are those on the other side of this road, too. I have met a few that spend most of their day trying to bring dissent against Christians.

amarynth said...

The question: "And do you see prayer much different then meditation?"

Yes, there is a difference. Prayer is talking to god/the divine/all-that-is/creator .. meditation is listening to god/the divine/all-that-is/creator.

In my world, both actions have a place in my own dance with creator.

Visible said...


I was going to answer you right off but after my meditation I thought I would take the dog for a walk on this beautiful morning; no one else is up. I come back to find Amarynth saying something extraordinarily close to what I was going to say and it made me laugh.

I can see where the two combine and also meditation is a hard thing to interpret because a lot of things can exist under that umbrella. For me it is control of the mind in order to practice the presence.

You've been coming around here for years and I didn't intend to be sharp. I was reaching for sarcastic and I over calculated, or something (grin). I much appreciate your followup. I am a tad gunshy but it's going away.

The worship (perhaps emulation is a better word) of Christ, like the same with any other bonafide representative is the same I think except that they appear to differ and... and I can't say too much more right now because my head is somewhere else...

Salam nur ilaha;

I wonder about that too (grin). In this life I would have to say pretty much all of it, with radical departures into the hot sinks of the world and radical returns into the pursuit to the exclusion of most else.

coletteonice said...

les as you are.. consistently same old same old...sweet music sweeping through these same old same old are present.. that is all from me now..

Anonymous said...

I practiced yoga for many years and enjoyed doing so, but the "sitting around in corners humming to myself" part did nothing for me.

The last time I tried I vaguely recalled passages from Oate's "Bellefleur" wherein the mountain hermit, Jedediah, meditated/prayed for weeks asking to see the face of God. At long last, God granted Jedediah his wish by way of the worst case of Montezuma's Revenge.

Nonetheless, those who CAN do it and find it beneficial are to be envied.

Thanks Les,

Scissortale said...

I appreciate the explanation, and I know you must be gunshy. I saw this thing coming, long before it erupted and actually laid back and waited for it. I had hoped there might have been a more open dialogue, but understand all. It seems everyone is quick to pull that pistol these days, including myself.

"Who has claim? All have claim."

By saying this, I am not approving, absolving or condemning either party. Mine is but a quest to understand all.

Anonymous said...

Hari Om, Les,

This is great stuff you're writing. Funny that your "holographic flying saucer" reminds me of the Shambhala prophecies as told to me by Tai Situ Rinpoche many years ago.

As he put it, there are these "wheels" in the heavens, and "not like wagon wheels" but rather "vehicles". One of these would come to Earth, whereupon Shambhala would become visible to the world. And all the weapons of the barbarians would be powerless against it. Then the whole world would become Shambhala. Nice story, eh?

Anyway, I like to regard such grand prophecies as metaphors, as one can take all phenomena metaphorically, when there's neither inside nor outside, so to speak. "Business as usual" ended for me quite a while ago. :)

Mucho blessings,

Visible said...

I'll be talking about meditation on the radio show tonight... as well as other things (grin). See the right sidebar of the blog for Feet2thefire radio or Visible's Radio Shows for later download.

Ben There said...

Riffing on my favorite subject.

Thanks Les...

Sams Bar None said...

Meditation, medication, prevarication, procrastination; whatever, vocation works for you.

Anonymous said...

Always great Les. Generally speaking it can take 3 day of efforts to quiet the drunken monkey mind; things will slow down and you can watch the "mind" tossing out thoughts to think. If you can stay serious about it for three weeks things can really change. It is very hard work for the lazy, I know. PEACE BE WITH YOU

walter washco said...

The Philosophy, Psychology and Practice of Concentration and Meditation - Part 2

by Swami Krishnananda

Anonymous said...


Frickin sweatness!!! Thanks man This is the calling, help people by walking them though it. You have a great gift Les, man people look to and use your ideas as their own. Just wonderful and very useful.

If I was to "want" someone to ask me about anything, it wold be about meditation. Nothing Ive done has helped me more. Ok just opening my mind to oneness and love begain this whole thing, but thats seems to be just an idea too, it gets super cooler with time!
Your movement/med stuff is real big and I can say for myself, the key to action after deep meditation, someime while too, but thats far to hard to put in words. Id have to do a little dance for ya, to explain!
Ive been working at meditation for over ten years. The key is just doing it! If you ever need an outlet or a friend, just close your eyes and the light will find you. If you keep it up, that light will help focus your ideas and mind.
Its a life long deal? I have just opened a small fraction of what is(I think)after many years of doing this stuff. I find using the ancient path of energy helps keep things in order? Following the flow of energy is hard with the ocean thing going on but I start with the heart and move outward?
Could go on forever, better shut up now. Thanks Les

The Fool

ZenHG said...

It is interesting that you should post something like this right now.
Understandably it is not something personal, but I have been a practitioner of Martial Arts for a long time, just recently gave up teaching because of some personal discoveries and am now on a path of transcendence.

I have often felt that the impersonal nature of the arts is limiting, and often stifling to the true nature of a person.
To be placed into a box is suffocating.

Thanks for sharing this...

gurnygob said...

Joseph said Re: "Why should the pursuit of spiritual awareness or higher consciousness be any different ,in fact its takes longer because , we evolve through many lifetimes and experiences."

I am not being cheeky but how do you know "we evolve through many lifetimes and experiences"?

I don't know that we don't, but how do you know we do?

I read this all the time from many different sources on Les’ blogs and I might be wrong, but I think Les also believes in reincarnation, if that’s what you mean by many lifetimes. As a Christian I find it hard to fathom the concept of reincarnation. I mean, where does it all end, is there an end, or do we just keep been reborn. How do you know when someone has reached the light or Heaven or wherever it is and doesn’t have to come back? I know Jesus said something like “a man can not enter heaven unless he be born again” but born again in Christian terms means something different than reincarnation. This is probably a lot to ask in one comment.
Confused dot com!!!!!!!!!

TheSparkle said...

Les, the radio show was wonderful.

I personally find it extremely difficult or at least extraordinarily unappetizing to lie. And, I'm not lying. ;)

Maybe you will talk about meditation more soon, please. I once ventured and was lured away by other influences.

What do you say to someone who is afraid of what might be found during meditation? I don't think I'm afraid, but I have been scared by things before.

Anonymous said...

One meditation that works for me is imagining a long ribbon,Its yellow :)as I inhale it goes up my nose and travels down to my abdomen where it curls around and spins and then it goes up and out my nose as I exhale.and waits to come back in again ..

Ben There said...

Les -

Downloaded the last 3 radio shows and thoroughly enjoyed them this afternoon. Had more than a few laughs on the one where you'd gotten into the liquor cabinet. I can relate!

Also really appreciated the comment about what happens when you start trying to carve out some time for regular meditation; something about trying to wake up 15 minutes earlier and go to bed 15 minutes later and see how life even tries to take that away from you. The truth! It's nothing short of comical in my own experience.

Here's a song that really clicks with my experience on the spiritual path. It's a simple song but listen to the lyrics. I think you and your readers will appreciate it:

Unknown said...

I really needed to hear this post, read it more than twice this week :) I have been thinking about how i really need to devote attention to beginning meditation and sticking with it! Am going to start with breathwork first then follow through with other techniques that I find. I must break the cycle of just doing school stuff and going home to chill, no no, i need to include things like this during my days.

I also thought I'd let you know I sent you an email a few days ago or last week, just letting you know since I remember you mentioning that sometimes some comments could not be posted and that some emails would not get through due to outside forces. Otherwise I understand if you are doing other things and attending to emails at a time when you could!

Your writings continue to help me to keep a grip on life, like daily reminders

All the best,


Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

In for a Penny, in for a Pounding..

long john said...

Is meditation different from simply living life?

A great little book by Steve Hagen addresses this same question.

Here are some passages from Hagen's book that is titled "Meditation: Now or Never":

"Quiet, please, I'm meditating" is a contradiction in terms. In meditation, we allow, without judgment or control, whatever appears, whether it boils up in our thoughts or wafts in through the window. If, as you sit in meditation, a car alarm goes off, a lawn mower starts up, or a crowd of loud boisterous people decide to have a conference outside your window, simply let it all be part of the experience."

"Don't try to block it out. Don't get all worked up about it. Don't even think about it. It's not necessary to leave off with meditation as if you're supposed to do something about it. What is there to do?"

"In most trance meditations, you turn inward and tune out awareness of your surroundings, your body, and your mind. Your attention becomes filed down to a very narrow, still point, which can feel temporarily blissful."

"But every trance is itself temporary. When you come out of it, you're back to all of the problems and confusion that were there when you went into it. There's no transformation."

"Gotama, the historical Buddha, mastered various trances in his early spiritual training and came to this same conclusion. He realized that if he entered into a trance while confused, he'd come out of the trance still confused. He realized that if he was going to wake up, trance meditation was not going to help."

"As long as we insist that meditation must have some use or purpose or meaning, or fulfill us in certain ways, we fail to understand it. As my teacher (and many other teachers before him) used to say, meditation is useless."

"...Here is why meditation is useless: meditation is, finally, just to be here. Not over there, in some other place called peace or freedom or enlightenment. Not longing for something else. Not trying to be, or to acquire, something new or different. Not seeking benefit."

"...Meditation doesn't mean anything but itself -- full engagement in whatever is going on."



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