Friday, March 19, 2010

The Music and the Dissonance of the Spheres.

It’s been said that harmony is the prerequisite to beauty and Pythagoras was into harmony. He came up with the concept of the ‘music of the spheres’ and developed it into a system, a science or a theory; as you prefer. I began to study in the occult and metaphysical sciences at a pretty early age and that’s where I got my concepts and understanding of history. It is amazing how much divergence there is between official, state approved history and occult history. Not much happened the way we’ve been told and the point of that is to keep us uniformed and confused, as well as to make us accept present day injustices, justified by previous events that never happened or certainly didn’t happen the way we’ve been told.

Some things you can’t question without fear of a prison sentence. You never get a really good explanation for this because... well, because there aren’t any.

This kind of manufactured thought control is for the purpose of crowd control and also a license to steal and assume exclusivity. It’s interesting to note that nothing in Nature is exclusive in the same way. Everything works together and maintains a general balance, which is a prelude to harmony which is a prelude to beauty. These days there are no more guidelines for beauty and symmetry and the classical view is often considered passé and unhip. Some pretty ugly things are considered beautiful now and the extremes press outward by the day.

Back in the more civilized times of Pythagoras, there were deeper understandings which were shared by those industrious and diligent enough to discover them. I wish I presently lived in another time because in this one, the ruling family is King Trivia and Queen Banal and the anus is an organ of speech.

My understanding of the music of the spheres is the sounds generated by the planets rubbing against each other. I’ve even felt and heard it when in a heightened state of awareness; thank god for psychedelics. Some people don’t like me mentioning these things. They’re quite comfortable with more dangerous and less enlightening substances but as for the hidden side of the mind and heart’s potential, they’ve got too much daddy and mommy in their heads. By now they’ve turned into their parents and lay the same crap on their children’s consciousness that got laid on theirs.

In more rarified times one wouldn’t need psychedelics and if one were to be lucky enough to have the attentions of a real spiritual master they wouldn’t need them either but this is a period of dense materialism and it can be very hard to see outside of it at times; not that that bothers most people who prefer the variety and pleasures of the mortal body appetites.

One thing I have noticed that is different between an altered state and ordinary consciousness is that in the former I am very aware that the ineffable loves me. In ordinary consciousness I am often not certain of that and it puzzles me. In the altered state I hear wonderful things and am assured over and over of the affections of the universe and the ruling consciousness. In ordinary consciousness I am often threatened and messed with. I wonder why that is?

The altered state is more real than the ordinary consciousness and that’s something I’m certain of and no argument will sway me; much less, the arguments of people who have no experience in these matters. That’s another thing I find simply amazing; how people who have no experience and no reference points can be so damned sure of something they know nothing about when some of us have many years of direct experience in these matters. They might want to read this if they have the patience. It makes for a good argument and I’ve copies for those who have the temperament for it.

This isn’t about getting high or being straight. I’m just setting up a scenario so that I can explore this condition; the condition where one state of mind presents the universe as a conscious and loving entity and the other generates uncertainty and fear. I’ve come to believe that there is a material consciousness that is interposing itself between us and the true version of what is. Something unpleasant has hi-jacked a particular segment of bandwidth and is broadcasting negative messages that aren’t real.

Because of what’s coming the planets are in a certain relationship to each other and the music they are giving voice to is disconcerting. It’s shaking things up on surface and on deeper levels. It’s become near impossible in present time to maintain a consistent sense of harmony; speaking only for myself at the moment. I have to take steps to shield myself, which is difficult because I blew a lot of those shields away in an effort to get beyond the gravitational pull; outside the deceptive network of time and the temporal. I’m a sitting duck in some ways.

If you’re not being harassed it could be that it isn’t necessary since you are already in the paddock or are wearing the collar of cooperation. Once you have the collar of cooperation on and the heplock drip line you don’t require special attention and you can do your time at the Paris Hilton or in line at the social services until your next posting is announced.

I’ve become adept at a few small things and dancing is one of them and I will tell you that the dances of the moment require a lot of fancy footwork and the larger portions doesn’t involve the feet. There’s the sensation of being two dimensionalized in a forty ton press... if you’re not careful. Life has become something of an apple press. So what do you do? You keep your head down and remind yourself that you really are loved, no matter how hard it might be to feel it. It’s like a 24/7 replay of that footprints in the sand routine without the comfort of the understanding.

It’s going on two years for me now with barely a respite overall. You know how it is when you have back pain and become less tolerant of people? I don’t have back pain but it’s like that. Part of you wants to lash out just for the exercising of the tension but that doesn’t lead anywhere except into the Valley of Self Recrimination. You only have to go there a few times before you realize you don’t want to go back. You carry your wound and you hold your mud and you grow a stiff upper lip.

I’ve never seen it to be as difficult as it is now and easily as difficult to find the necessary palliatives and comestibles. I think I got put in Al Gore’s lockbox with the missing social security and I can hammer on the lid all I want. The usual portals provided by prayers and chants are sealed and you can bet this is going to prompt some Jesus junkie to set me straight on why. One things is for sure, I’ll take where I am any day over anything they are hawking because that is another collar of control and heplock drip line only it’s got big hair and a gold watch.

I’m not meaning to depress you folks out there but merely to articulate what I think a lot of us are feeling so that you don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. We’ll get through this I don’t doubt but it does appear that what we have been anticipating and in some cases dreading has finally made its way to the ‘any day now’ demographic.

I wish I could offer you shelter from the storm but that’s not my department. My department is to tell you that there is one even if I can hardly see it much of late. I know it’s there because I have seen it and some things you have to take on faith and this is one of those times. Whatever is going into operation is relevant to those it applies to.

Sometimes when you are digging you hit a layer of rock. There’s no telling how deep it runs but you have to bore through it cause that’s how it is. The hardest thing in the world is to keep going when the highway feels too long. You could fall down and die by the side... and some do or... you can keep on keeping on and that seems to be the mindset of the day and it is damn well going to be in place tomorrow too and the day after that and the day after that. I’ll see you up the road.

Visible sings: The Tangled Woods by Les Visible♫ The Tangled Woods ♫

The New Shangri La


David said...

Always, I feel it also.
Thanks herald, I was beginning to think these feelings were being caused by something lacking in myself.
I will buckle down and continue, I be seeing you later in the ifalong.

Anonymous said...

Sitting duck
Thanks for open and clear ideas. I respect and love your will to share and guide. You are to be a lone ranger(I think)but as you show us, its still cool to share and shape ideas with others? Once fear is gone and love fills your life, a sitting duck works well and is welcome! Hit me!!!

The Fool

Visible said...

So I take it you've got less than 17?

Not a fan of blackjack or pain inspired sexual release (grin) but the way things are these days that may be all there is to be had.

McKenna Fan said...

Obligatory Jesus Junkie Comment:

LES! You are feeling the way you are because you haven`t met Suzie... and Meg... and Yasu... and Lixy... and Sam... and Laura... and... well, the list goes on...


One person at a time, you understand what it is.

There are two ridiculously hot twins who live in France, also. I`ve only seen them on youtube. Maybe we can get them to visit you.

That would be interesting.

It`ll probly never happen. But y`all would be an appropriate bunch of people to meet each other.

This girl I know: We are Tokyo denizens, after all.

We TFI people are not big on "Churchianity."

I thought it was interesting to read St. Paul the first time. I mean, what an asshole. All those rules.

Then I started studying the Bible with Chris Bennett (spiritually, I mean), and later, TFI, and I realized that the important part of St. Paul`s writings was in the whole You Are Free bit.

"So now that you are free, does that mean you should fuck up everybody else`s shit? (Can I get a witness?) -HELL NO!"

Love God with all your heart, etc. Love your neighbor as yourself, and that fulfills the Law and the Prophets.





So, genuises, now that you are free, try not to screw up people who are not free- St. Paul, in a nutshell.

Otherwise, have a ball!

The only Rule Xtians should be quoting is the Law of Love.

Anything else is an artifact of pure Satanism.

The Multiverse, love it or leave it, assholes- and you can`t leave it! Ahhhh ha ha haaa. You`ll have to love it one of these days!!!!

Obligatory Jesus Junkie Comment, over and out.

Anonymous said...

Right!!! LoL I stand on 20 most times, what a fool right? I beat the dealer big time or try over, whos keepin track anyway?

Neko Kinoshita said...

It is just amazing,
Earlier in the week I'm just frustrated trying to get those around me to "wake the fuck up!" And there you are in the Petri dish.

This morning, I'm disheartened because no one else is awake and I feel as though I've lost touch with the universe, feeling separated and alone. And here you are in Origami, reminding me that it is all under control.


Pstonie said...

You know, when the fecal matter hits the rotating blades, we sure are going to miss the simple things we have now and don't appreciate. Like switching off the light and going to bed in peace and quiet, not having to worry if unseasonal storms are going to rip the roof off your house or the sun is going to microwave you in your bed.

I can only speak for myself really, but I think we look forward to those times now because we're sick of this cycle of sleep we've been born into, and anything to shake things up and wake up some people is welcomed. We think we're the awake ones but we don't have the courage to say no or the inclination to accept life. Because we want computers and internet, we have to be happy with all the rest of it too, because it's all part of the same system.

With everything we've learned, we still don't know how to leave the future to the future and enjoy what we're experiencing now.

Visible said...

You know? These comments are like jasmine on the night wind to my war torn consciousness. Absolutely the best sort of people come around here and I am awed by the presence. I could go into more detail about how rough it is but I can't stand whining. There's an old song called, "May the Good Lord Bless and Keep you." It is probably on Youtube though I haven't checked. I think it's what makes me look for the silver lining and if I have to materialize it by force out of my own being I will.

As for the Blackjack angle (grin)... I have no fondness for games that remove the personal strategy part so I have no use for dice, blackjack, slots or any of the rest of the random chance scenarios. Poker roundtables, pool and hands on realities I have taken pleasure and profit from but not from games that completely favor the house being as I am not the house (grin). Don't do that much any more since I don't have anyone to play with. It's been strange spending ten years alone except for very few companions who don't engage in any of these things and therefore neither do I.

Don't miss the games. It was the camaraderie I liked in the first place; the game was secondary.

Anonymouser said...

The games are just a backdrop to get together with people you like (and sometimes don't like) to have fun.
Life is supposed to be fun.
We forgot how toreally do that as we reached adolescence.
Thinking of you Les.


Anonymous said...

I was coming down from a rather enjoyable and laugh filled LSD trip during Spring in 1980. I was in the kitchen with that "glow"....when out of the blue, the most rapturous sounds that I had NEVER heard were massaging my mind. it lasted about 15-20 seconds at best. The closest that I can come to describing it is to think of the sweeping chromaticism as heard in Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra in which you will find dramatic modualtions between B and C major.
"you're always a half-step away from the right note" said Charlie Parker...I then went and listened to Close To The Edge by YES.
"The time between the notes relates the colour to the scenes. A constant vogue of triumphs dislocate it seems."

Anonymous said...

Just a thought Les. My first memory in The Life is like what people call The Rapture, and it had to do with love and other people, specifically my fathers sister Aunt Selma who we lived with during the war while Dad was in the Marines. It was 1944-45 and I was almost one year old. People always say you can't remember that young but they are wrong because I clearly recall when Dad came back in the summer of 45 and watching him handstand walk around the house. And I remember us driving from Vicksburg to Las Vegas before my brother Stan was born in 46. And returning to the house we lived in there in N Las
Vegas at the southern edge of what became known as area 51. I remember the big deal they made out of my four hour absence which I have no memory of. since those days I have total recall of every thing. I may not remember the names of people or places but [somehow] it's all there. I guess I always knew I was different, a prodigy, but one thing never changed; the sense of destiny that turned out to be my religion. We all create this world, we all are god/gods. I could never understand injustice. What goes around has to come around so we need to create only truth, justice, freedom, peace and love. Isn't that enough? The world, the universe is alive, why can't some of us see that? By the time I was 20 I had lost my joy and was out for revenge. All I did was cause more pain and suffering in seeking to wake up others even though I was myself buried in ego. Fortunately by the working of destiny, psychedelics were introduced to me and I was re-enabled [somewhat]. After many years of fairly moderate use of the herb brothers and sisters i learned something; the final frontier of personal growth is mature self gnosis, meditation nutrition and intention. Don' believe me, try it. The world is us. It's real and it's astoundingly aware. Find it and enjoy the sacred fruits of its everlasting love. I know that you do.

Visible said...

People; the hammer of god is coming down on my head so that I get no peace but peace is my intention. I know everyone has pain; we all have pain of some sort but imagine burning pain and no relief and no end in sight. At that point belief becomes your only structure for awareness and everything else is a lie.

Where do you go and who do you see...? probably no one... You have to walk that road by your lonesome and not all the brilliant and articulate fantasies of any age will quell the fire because it doesn't wait, it presses on.

My friends... the time is at hand.

Anonymous said...

One of the best reads there on the site you link is concerning the crystal healing bowls. They can be kind of expensive though.

My intention with this blog is to help people to wake up to secret truths and use that knowledge to creatively create a more positive world. One aspect of that is to raise your energetic vibration. On the surface that might sound like spiritual hoo-ha. Actually it’s a scientific fact that the human body runs on an AC electric current and vibrates at different levels.
When you’re depressed your energetic vibration lowers, when you laugh it goes up. Science, but not rocket science. Using crystal bowls is one way you can slow down, get centered, raise your energetic vibration and be more powerful in your life.
Read on to learn from Crystal Singing Bowls:
Hearing the haunting sound of the crystal bowls seems to awaken an ancient remembering, touching the essence of the soul. How can we explain what it is? Is it the crystal from which the bowls are made? Is it a refrain from the ethers? Is it our connection with the source of our creation?
Let’s explore a few questions. Undoubtedly, more questions will arise for you, inspiring you into your own study of sound and vibrational healing.
What is sound?
Everything that moves vibrates, from the smallest molecule to the universe itself. As long as it is vibrating, it is making some kind of sound. We may not perceive the sound, as it may be below or above the threshold of our hearing. The human ear can hear sound vibrations between 20 and 20,000 cycles per second, although we also perceive sound by skin and bone conduction, ingesting and consuming it with the whole body.
Many cultures and religions revere sound so deeply as to believe it called the universe into being. For the Hindus, all was dark and quiet in the universe, until the first movement in the universe created the sound “AUM”. It is the mother tone, containing the frequencies of all other sounds.

Pstonie said...

One thing I find solace in these days has been said many times in many ways; that the night is darkest right before dawn, or when you're lost is when you're closest to being found, or you're lost because sometimes lost is where you need to be. There's no script for what we're going through, if there was it would be boring.

I'm still lost, my dawn hasn't come, but I've decided fuck time. It's an illusion and what must happen will always eventually happen. There is a place in time where everyone is free of this system, and that lone fact is enough to make me feel better.

I don't pretend to know what you're going through, but I know my own worst pains have been self-perpetuated, because I want something I can't have (which in the end I realised I only wanted because I didn't have it and I realised that I really didn't want it). Your worst pains have to be self-created because you know you best. No one can torture you like you can. I mean, look at where we are. We created all this and it's the finest form of hell this world has ever known.

Also, there's a polarity in our minds, probably related to strategic planning that's the devil's advocate. As soon as you decide something it goes "but what if?" and then you've switched polarity, ready for another ride around the thought snake. It's fueled by conjecture and feeds on our fear of being wrong and a lot of other things.

Anonymous said...

That brings me back to a subject we have touched on before here. This vibration of the earth/universe is ongoing whether we can hear it or not. You can hear it by putting a seashell to the ear or putting both fingers in the ear. You will hear a vibration.

The native Americans tried to attune to this vibration. The various gemstones they wore enhanced this vibration. They were not just something to strut around in for ceremonies etc. They drew this vibration.

Now precious metals, silver gold, copper platinum also enhance it, bracelets, chest plates, bone, necklaces etc. are all of value. The trace metals of the various ornaments eventually give up part of their oxidation to the body and are absorbed by the skin.

It is how much of these metals are inside the body that count, hence the value of silver colloidal, monatomic gold etc. That is why I strongly recommend a silver cup to drink from and copper pots to cook with. I think we can see also some of the gold washes we see on silver cups are there for a reason, to absorb it.

When these metals collect in the spinal column it is much easier for the energy to reach the brain with beneficial effect.

It is why teflon, and stainless steel and aluminum are not used for computer connections and precious metals are. They transfer energy at a more optimal rate. You can actually die from aluminum poisoning. Jethro Kloss the doctor almost did until he found the source of his problem.

So that is my two cents for today and the reasons the native cultures were so high on silver and earthenware pots which also are loaded with minerals.

Anonymous said...

Pain is a great teacher Brother Less and we all have much to learn.
Many Blessings Less

Unknown said...

"These are the times that try man's soul". :)

Just went through a wheel barrel full of medical issues and came out the other end alive and well. Yipee!

This community of "those who can see" has been a life saver. it is heart-warming to feel part of a community. This is one of the gifts you have brought into this reality Les! Your insight has been the gold icing on the cake.

Yes, the days of reckoning, or whatever label fits, is upon us now. We have rung the bells of warning and those who can hear have heard. Like Noah some hear and some don't. Although it is frustrating to hear and not have a boat. :(

I must find solace in being where I am which is not bad at all in the moment.

How the story goes from here is a combination of personal story and universal story. We are all the boat of earth together. It does seem that if you are standing in a puddle the boat would appear to be sinking. Best to move to dryer ground than to try and bail out all that water. This boat isn't going to sink, only some people will stand in the wrong spot way to long.



The Doktor said...

"Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is still a mystery yet. Live today as if you were drawing your last breath because you very well may be doing just that..."

The difference between life & death; one single breath. Live & love now, with no regrets... ;-)


paolocaruso said...

I am with you on this Les.

Everyone has pain, especially those who do not accept the collar of control, which is always there for us to surrender. Sure take a job at Walmart or Bank of America. Join a church, spend time talking sports and discussing American idol winners.
Spend your savings on a vacation in Las Vegas or Disney World. We can give in, compartmentalize, accept the charade and block out reality.

But we are way beyond that point Les, wthere is no compromise now. We here are rebels. Intellectual rebels at this point, but the day is coming when disillusion, outrage and even anarchy will hit the sprawling now tranquil suburbs.

One can only imagine the confusion ...perhaps we will rise as leaders.

Joe Bloggs said...

LOL - when you're high you ain't yourself, you're just hooked up closer to the main hooker and of course it'll be whispering sweet shit in your ear. WTF - the goode olde daze, sure, sure, everything was better in the goode olde daze; even our kids are wise to we be winding dem up when we spin that yarn. OMG - "my friends, peace, pain, belief, the hammer of god, the time is at hand" blubber-blub-blub...

Juiced Kitten, Les; no harm meant :) had you going a mo though, eh? Come on over for some superfly alphabet soup... you'll probably hate it - but then again, what are friends for? Not to mention love (barf) and all that rot.

Anonymous said...

I am so very happy you are back Les- You were missed.
You always give me something really beautiful to think about.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even more - It's in the *resonance* of the beholder.

I have faith that it's all going to work out. Even though - on the surface at this time, it seems a bit doubtful. Me and my boyfriend are both without work/incomes now, but I know it will be ok.

I just know we will be taken care of. It's a leap of faith we both share.

I've hit that layer of rock before. many times. I'll just plow through it, as I've done before. I will never give up.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are one amazing person.

The neocons are probably nearing phase three of the PNAC global domination scheme. Something they like to call what would make a child killer laugh, sounds like a masonic inside joke, "Joint vision 2010".
Forget the strategic retreat, these pyscho killers are going for broke. Its now up to the discerning public to let them know they won't make a clean getaway to Dubai, or some hole in the ground paid for by the honest working average citizens.

They've lost on all fronts. Especially the war they declared on the human race , wanting the hearts and minds, and souls, the sociopaths are losing to the good forces working in the place the neocons proved short sightedness , (as in everything they went for), the regions of cyber space.

Billy G.

Josey Wales said...

Thanks Les,

A perceptive description of how it looks and feels to me also.

Lock and load

Fear Not. Luck favors the prepared


P.S. Also loved the St Crispin day speech before the battle

Anonymous said...

Les I love your work but I love your songs most of all.

I have downloaded all your songs and they are all free. You are a prince. I lay awake at night and listen and your feelin it now aren't you. Life hurts

Your not alone.


Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,.. I have just stopped reading at the 'footprints in the sand' statement - I WAS GOING TO PUT THAT ALLEGORY IN A COMMENT YESTERDAY - no shit and no sychophancy!!!! Truly,truly! I was going to suggest you look behind you, for you would see TWO SETS OF FOOTPRINTS in the sand! FUCK ME!!

I never posted that comment.

Dearly, sweetly, we are onto the sauce here! Please explain!!!

My Light IS your Light!

Please explain!!

Yours with goose-bumps..


Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,.. Oi! Mckenna fan - fuck you and Saul of Tarsus! You are a fool or a fool; take - you'are a'p(r)ick! It's you'are chose!

Les, I mean LES! This farkin id-jiot is obviously a tool. AND NOT A FAN OF McKENNA!

How simple do the sayanhim think we are here?



Jamo said...

these posts have really resonated with me lately and now psychedelics... hell yeah. Rock on Les, rock on world and live out our collective yet individiated destinies

Tom said...

Thanks for your post. I am finding it very hard to see out of this dense materialism as you put it and I feel as though I have dug as far as the rock and it's very easy to despair. But I will persevere with the knowledge that there are many others in the same boat as me, so thanks again for your words.


Visible said...


Just keep digging. This moment I cannot tell you how hard it feels but if even one of us breaks through then the rest can follow.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for psychedelics???? Those drugs are poisons that uniquely target the nervous system and bring about a near death experience in the mind. Sure, you feel relaxed. As relaxed as someone about to be put in a coffin!

They are all highly addictive and most do permanent nerve damage - even after a single use. That's why people that use LSD trip out again years later. Irreversible nerve damage.

Drugs have been THE tool of TPTB for suppressing populations for ages. They have nothing to do with God. They belong to the other team entirely.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors up-

Watch Closely... at no Time does the Hand leave the Wrist.

Visible said...

Every now and then someone shows up who shows quite clearly; an object example so to speak who knows nothing about what they are talking about. I have taken psychedelics over one thousand times and you? Heh heh... how do you manage to stay alive while being so stupid and uninformed? Let me put this as kindly as I can... you are full of shit and don't know your ass from your elbow though I don't doubt you've tried to inset the one into the other; purely for research purposes of course. My suggestion to you is to get your head out first before you attempt it. It's easier now isn't it?

TheSparkle said...

Wow. I thought it was just me.

Resonating like two tuning forks close to each other.

I had a button once which said, "Reality is for people who can't handle drugs." The one next to it said, "Teenage Dope Fiend".

I took them seriously and not so, depending. Seriously was best, with pure intent.

You are onto something with the material intelligence interposing itself between us and 'reality'. The Architect wasn't such a kind old white haired man, now was he? So are we in a slave soul farm or a soul-tempering oven which prepares our mettle/metal for the next step?

We are cursed with interesting times.

Anonymous: Just say "No!"

Just 'John' here. I made a blog but am absorbing not emitting at the moment.

Visible said...

One thing about reality, it knows itself. Ignorance knows nothing except what is untrue about everything it encounters.

Peter said...

Her song delivery reminds me of yours.
God Song

Anonymous said...

You've taken psychedelics over 1,000 times and have not been reduced to a gibbering idiot yet? That's quite a feat. Hip, hip hooray for you and all that sort of stuff. Your central nervous system must be made of pretty stout stuff. Let's see how father time treats you.

As to my statements - ask any doctor or just google it. Look up the facts for yourself.

Or just keep justifying your actions by calling people names when they point out the obvious.

And here's one for you -> Asshole!

Visible said...

I'll be 64 this year and whatever your age I doubt you would fare well against me either with your body or your mind. You've already shown little restraint or ability with the latter.

ravenise said...

Les Visible, you aspire to the greater good of all regardless of whether people understand it or not. You can’t go wrong there... there are always those who just don’t seem to get that.

At the age of four I was indoctrinated into Christianity. My mother went as far as to be my teacher in Kindergarten Christian School. I won’t say it was entirely awful… some of my experiences were incredible, and largely shaped me into who I am today. It was difficult… seeing that religion, or more appropriately, my environmental exposure to it was one of the most horrific ordeals I ever went through. Having to tear down and re-imprint an entirely new approach to 'reality' when you are a young teen is no simple task, especially when there are few guides and companions to assist on the way. Jungian philosophy and particularly the archetype of the shadow was the guideline I used for coming closer to balance. A great article about this... please, check it out, it isn’t that long.

At first it was like digging a hole from which I could not escape… total dementia, having no map or understanding of who I was or where I was going. I realized there was nothing I could do but continue to dig… each shovel full peeled away the veils like a snake shedding its skin… painful, itchy and hard to scratch, but hurt so good. Eventually I broke through into an space where I could finally start piecing myself together.

Now most religious and spiritual ideologies would drive make me bananas, I couldn’t imagine living like that… however, I am attracted to those who are open minded, well balanced spiritual examples, because I have never really been exposed to that myself. It's important to understand how a sane spiritual being should behave.

Who is the magician who makes the grass green?

Nature to me is what spirit is to others. Nature is full of music, archetypes, patterns, energies and mystery that fascinate me to no end. To me, nature is God. No one can defy the laws of nature thus no one is in control, therefore everything is under control. IMHO, nature is our greatest ally and protection.

I love psychedelics. A dose of acid has been waiting for about 4 years to take me, it is still waiting for the perfect moment. Anyone out there who is fascinated or dumbfounded by psychedelics or why people would take them… this is one of the most fascinating videos I have seen on the subject.

Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger – Psychotropic Drugs and Nature of Reality

On another note…
Haarp was used to cause a few earthquakes of late, one of which actually sped up the rotation of the planet by a millisecond or so… not to mention China's record breaking dam which recently caused a measurable shift in the planets axis of rotation. Billions of years of planetary equilibrium have been shifted in the blink of an eye by our species. I don’t know if it is significant or not… but perhaps this accounts for some of the disharmony that people are sensing.

Things are getting intense... factions within the elite are waring amongst themselves. Israel and the US relations are getting quite bitter. Global tensions are at an all time high. Our lives are on the line whether we sit back and let everything happen, or even if we don't... so we must keep moving forward by whatever means or capacity we can.

Best wishes and much love to all...


ravenise said...

Oh man, what a great clip... Youtube - Bill Hicks on the dangers of drugs

McKenna Fan said...

Knight Templar,


Wait until the Five Dried Grams wear off before you start typing comments.


Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,.. Yes false friend of McKenna; I certainly barked at you and I appologise if this offended anyone else, you however should familiarise yourself with the scriptures if you're going to diss' them. The ten commandments were not given to us - the gentile followers of Jesus, and there was more than ten; I assume you get your bible study from Cecil B Demille. I only experiment with organice entheogenic substances - never use amphetamines or Lucy(not my poison, doesn't help me).

Here's a lesson on Saulus, your mate - he never met the Christ when he was a Prophet nor was he ever considered an apostle or disciple of the Prophet - Jesus never met him! The followers of Jesus never made golden calves nor were they in Sodom and Gommorrah when God put the zap on that shit-hole.

So, there is no reason for 'Goys' to dismiss texts not intended for them - if you had ever studied the teaching of our coming Christ you would not gobble on pointlessly.

Sayonara Sayanim!

Nameste to all..


Visible said...

C'mon guys. You're both good people don't get curmudgeonly.

Knight Templar said...

Hey Papa,..Friend of McKenna - I rest my case and wish you all the love light and peace this day may bring you.

Nameste Papa.


Anonymous said...

Les, I had a dream you and and me were in jail together.

There were three rooms.

Room 1 was for complete neophytes who had no stature or connections.

Room 2 was for those who had escaped room 1 and who seemed to be a little at ease and settled in.

Room 3 was for those who were bosses, big men, etc.

You were free to roam and did wander from room to room, accepted by everyone as a friend, while I stayed in room 1 chanting Hare Krishna while most either ignored me or laughed at me. One or two were very angry and threatened me but you stood by my side as a friend.

I remember you smiling at me..


Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Jesus love me this I know, even if some of you don't.

Lukiftian said...

For some insight into the more practical applications of the music of the spheres, I recommend The Roads of Heaven by Melissa Scott. It is a science fiction trilogy, but apart from being a ripping good yarn I really believe she's onto something.

Anonymous said...

Gotcha Les I will be 65 soon.



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