Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Cost of Truth and Honesty can be Severe

You hear people all the time saying that it’s better to be honest and truthful but that doesn’t seem to bear out in the wider world. People can become very quickly outraged by honest and true speech. In the defense of this certain event we restrain our honest nature and shade our truth. Most people know what’s going on and they do a little dance and then pat themselves and each other on the back for what amounts to casual dishonesty and deceit.

Anytime I’m around other people I see it all the time. It’s mostly unconscious, this ‘go along to get along’ thing. People forge powerful reputations based on how they appear to be. A lot of them have private lives and some of them pay people to enhance the way they appear in the world and to camouflage what might upset the other hypocrites. I suspect a lot of people don’t actually know what hypocrisy is.

The dictionary says this about hypocrisy; a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess; a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. I think it can also be defined as saying one thing and doing another. Hypocrisy is not the personal shared exposure of one’s true behavior, former and present. It’s not a public revelation by one about one’s weaknesses and shortcomings; quite the opposite in fact. However, one anonymous poster accused me of hypocrisy for my being honest about these things. What this is, is a no win situation.

I suppose I should apologize for being honest and truthful. I should keep my private life private and manifest a stable and consistent posture, saying all the right things and working that whitened sepulcher thing. I thought I had good reason for doing otherwise because it presents the clear evidence that one is not better than you. I thought that was desirable for some reason but it appears to be the reverse.

Talking about politics and religion is sure to cause an argument and that is why many intelligent and aware souls avoid talking about them. With religion and politics, a good argument can be made for just about any point of view and the same applies to philosophy which is why there are so many of them. There are a lot of religions and political points of view as well. Within the major groups there are literally hundreds of splinter groups covering all of the extremes and middle ground.

I believe it to be true that religion has less to do with God than it does with operating a business. Politics has much less to do with social equity and helping people than it does with self-advancement and deals with the devil. Philosophies are endlessly adjusted to incorporate personal preferences. One changes their philosophy to suit the justification of their behavior instead of the other way around. Sure, sometimes people adjust their behavior to suit the philosophy but this often gets them ostracized and marginalized because they’re not playing the game and they make everyone else look bad, which is how it should be but no one likes it.

We live in a time of rampant alcoholism and prescription drug addiction. We also live in a time of epidemic casual sex, which now regularly happens as soon as puberty arrives if not before. We live in a time where the rich and the powerful take full advantage of this and they use and trade young people like baseball cards. They’re a commodity and the ability to indulge without fear of consequence is a sign that you have arrived. It’s just another perk like huge bonuses and not having to pay any taxes.

Hypocrites see nothing wrong with the use of alcohol and prescription drugs but they are experts on the dangers of illegal drugs. Apparently they do not know that prescription drugs kill far, far more people than illegal drugs and that alcohol kills more people in a year than illegal drugs do in a century or more. One of the reasons that certain drugs are illegal is because they open your eyes to what’s going on. Alcohol and prescription drugs do the opposite. Social controllers at the political and religious level demand suppression of the use of illegal drugs because they do not want people thinking outside the box. There’s no argument that can be given to continue to make marijuana illegal when alcohol and tobacco are not. Some illegal drugs are definitely not good for you and you’ll get no argument from me about them.

Enormous sums are spent to make war on people who can barely defend themselves while the bare minimum is spent on bettering the lives of the people living in the countries that make the wars. Money is cynically given to vested interests under the guise of helping people who have to live in these bombed out wastelands but it never gets to them The level of hypocrisy among our political and religious leaders is staggering. It’s off the charts.

People engaging in all manner of non mainstream sexual activities have armies of lawyers who rush in wherever there is a complaint about unfair practices, like the girl in Mississippi who wanted to take another girl to a prom. Mississippi is not New York City where anything goes. Community standards have a right to be upheld and certain parts of the country have the right to maintain them according to the wishes of the majority. There’s a lot of sophistry at work.

Some would say that people have the right to be themselves wherever they are. I don’t agree with that. My feeling is that you move to where you are tolerated and don’t make waves until you’re old enough to do so. I’m sure all sorts of people have arguments against this but I think it is common sense more than anything else and you can’t legislate morality in either direction. It doesn’t work, period. Besides the hidden agenda on the part of those who are trying to force certain behaviors on every community, there is no way to make everyone equal without making a lot of other people unequal. People have the right to demand certain standards in their communities and if you don’t like it, hit the road. There are plenty of places you can go and be among your peers. Some people just like noise and attention. There’s also money in it. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

People fall in love with you when you tell them what they want to hear. They fall right out of love with you when you don’t. As our awareness expands, so does our area of influence. The stars in the sky were once individuals like you and I. These stars are not close together and they shine alone. The rulership of our sun changes every three to four hundred million years. I think its somewhere around that number. What is possible for us is much more than we suspect but mostly we are content to behave in ways that beasts are not inclined to do. We have unlimited potential but we do not rise to it. We squander a most precious human birth and there’s no telling where we will wind up later on. We place terrible limits upon ourselves in order to conform to a sick system and enjoy a common fellowship in darkness. We tolerate and support the most heinous acts and call it patriotism. For some reason I am not inclined to accept this.

Certainly it is politically expedient to get behind all the self-indulgent excesses of everyone and call it freedom when it’s no more than license. Telling the truth pisses people off because you are messing with their income and power structure. Every interest group just wants to be more powerful than the others. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about money, influence and power.

Trying to be honest and truthful besmirches one’s reputation and makes them a target so maybe it’s better not to say anything because, sooner or later, you are going to run afoul of money, influence and power. It might be your job for awhile but it’s no walk in the park; you just begin to feel tarnished by the prevailing, general misconceptions about the meaning of life. The amount of people walking a fine line with their eyes on the upward road has always been a very small minority. Many of them are celebrated once they are gone but an unwelcome and general pain in the ass while they are still around.

It’s not easy to know what to do and what to say. It’s all trial and error. We just hope we will be guided and have the good sense to reach for an understanding of that guidance. We’re at a critical point in history and a critical point in our own history as well. I don’t know what else to say so I will say no more.

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Anonymous said...

As they say: 'no one likes to be shown thier own arse'

Personally I have a few select friends who prefer to live their own lives and are quite happy to meet up when the wind happens to blow us together. I have always thought that people who service large groups of friends appear to be somewhat disingenious. Just the way it is, having to agree with so many differing opinions!


Strum said...

Right on Les

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Honesty has other rewards not seen by the shallow self serving hypocrites who make up the vast majority.

ThinkingWolf said...

"We also live in a time of epidemic casual sex"


You mentioned this topic more than once recently. This is where I “come from.”

I was forced into [catholic] religion and exposed to movies, advertising, and TV from adolescence until now. I had parents who came from generations of uninformed parents. I had no sexual relations until I was 20, although I likely would have earlier, but I was a bit of a “loner” and very angry.

I DO NOT KNOW why I seek sex… even that with my wife. Is it just because the act gives pleasure? Is it because the union makes me feel wanted? Is it because the result indicates that I may be attractive in some way to “earn” this reward? Is that it; all my ego? Do I have these urges because I never satisfied them in my youth? Or is it the relentless bombardment of SEX in everything now, and somewhat back in my youth? Have I been programmed this way? Did those designers of this physical body contribute to this lack of understanding that I have? Is human sex simply intended for procreation? I have read that it appears dolphins have sex for pleasure. Does that “work” because they do not have the corruption and abuse surrounding it that we do?

I have no defense that I enjoy the look and feel of a woman’s [naked] body, back then, and now. Something in me still says to pursue that nakedness to the sexual conclusion. Where is that switch that says “OK, you’ve had children (or whatever criteria you like), stop with the sex thing?” Is it a spiritual thing that relieves you of this burden?

I am common, I am male, I appear to be a product of many environmental stimuli, and I fear worst of all, that I may either be designed this way or simply flawed.

Anonymous said...

Les, Oscar Wilde remarked on the fact that far more people are offended by the truth than are by a lie. You're you, warts and all, personally I read your articles, and some I like some I don't like, but they're yours. You are you and I think you are spot on with most stuff. If I don't like something then it could be me who's wrong. Just be yourself Les, and let them go take a walk. Ian. Scotland.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. It's nice to know You are still rounded. I feel like an Anti-personnel Round most of the time. The HE type - that's 'High Explosive' for the Neo's.(neophytes?) phuq me! There are two types of HE: Blast and Shrapnel - Blast relies on the shit that the Round expresses from its mean-point-of-impact and Shrapnel Rounds generate thier own premeditated metallic shit.

There is no win here.

There is no JUST war.

We need, however, to survive this next onslaught; if you choose to sacrifice yourself for family and friends: Then fight. If you don't
find a HAPPY place and stay there.

Me, I have a family...



Visible said...

I've got nothing against sex. the whole universe is one big sex act. I'm talking about the impact on the culture and its sense of reality in relation to its children. I'm talking about the Jon Benet Ramsey phenomenon and hot outfits for 6 year olds. I'm talking about the hothousing of mind and emotion shaping.

At the same time I don't care for the repression of the sexual force by religions that breed all manner of perversions. I guess what I'm talking about is balance. We've lost it. When I culture loses perspective and balance it goes out of control.

Anonymous said...


although I agree with rixon stewart
that most professing christians today are clueless and have no idea who or what christ is!

that does not change the fact that you are lost in the world, and pratice new age luciferianism!

I have read your colums for 2 years now, and the reason I kept coming back is you always let out truths mixed with comedy that I have not found anywhere esle.

also there is more truth eminating from lost sorces then from those who claim to be christian!

the reason I will no longer visit your sites is, you practice censorship which is clearly luciferian. and shows that you are also controled by the powers that be (lucifer) and his cohorts in mens clothing! because true believers of GOD are not afraid of what others have to say, because the light of CHRIST will always shine the brightest

so you can rationalize your religious beliefs any way you want, but in the end it will still lead to the lake of fire!!!

you see real CHRISTIANITY is not a religion, it is the reality of GOD, JESUS CHRIST and the HOLYSPIRIT!!!!!!! as the the true WORD of GOD says, there is only one way to his kingdom and that is through JESUS CHRIST!!!

so if you believe in reincarnation, it is no different from believing you evolved from a monkey or an ameba? they are all LIES and FALSE teachings!

so either wake up to the reality of GOD!!! or end up in the lake with the rest of the evil basterds.


Visible said...

Here's something from one of those true Christians sentencing me to Hell and cursing at me just like I expect he thinks Jesus does.

He keeps saying he's going away but he never leaves (grin).

I guess I better never talk about reincarnation. I will never understand how these people become experts on things they haven't studied and don't understand.

One thing I can say... wherever they are going I am glad I'm not invited. I don't think it's going to be much fun.

Anonymous said...

I never fail to be amazed that they don't, or won't, understand what Jesus says when He says "My Father."

(not to mention thou shall not kill)

Anthony said...

Hi Les,

I've been smoking grass for the better part of two decades. I drank a lot as well, when I was younger, and still do enjoy the occasional bottle of scotch with a good friend.

The whole weed thing is a disgrace, especially in the US, where hundreds of thousands have been incarcerated and doing slave labor for 'defense' industries for smoking a joint.

But like all drugs, even a non addictive one like weed, can be used too much.

That's why I tossed out my little green bag this morning. Going to quit the daily joints. Going to stop fighting myself smoking that joint earlier every day, haha.

To busy too, to smoke so much.

It's good you're in Europe now, I'm in Holland, nowhere easier to get a good supply than here :-))

Drop by some day. You are welcome. I have a vaporizer here. Have you ever used one of those?

Have a good one!

Grab Ur Partner... said...

Sex is a mystery.
You can't live unabashed with it and you can't live unabashed without it.
It's a conundrum (sp?).
Hard wired into our beings to remind us we're alive - from puberty on.


Anonymous said...

"In Defence of Smoking Mirrors
Rixon Stewart – March 24, 2010"


I'm laughing my head off because I have personnally spent several days recently with Les Visible and his wonderful wife Susanne and they are as normal and wholesome as apple pie.


Glenn Dormer

Anonymous said...

Oh my god your a Lucifer devotee now eh Les?

LOL good lord will it ever end?


Visible said...

Lawrence, you're making shit up and the majority of Americans and English consider their nation to be Christian. If I had meant all Christians I wouldn't have used the word 'fundies' would I?

I'm not explaining myself anymore. People are free to take it or leave it. I didn't really read all you had to say because you were preaching at me and I'm not in church. I'm in Nature, the first church besides the walking temple.

You won't be convincing me of anything so you can probably save yourself some time and effort.

jim said...

Am an engineering contractor, so it is my job to put out fires and get the job done quickly. By the time of my departure from most gigs, many enemies are made. This is because part of my job is to be as blunt and truthful about the situation as is possible.

People hate facts that are inimical to their beliefs and way of life. Does it surprise anyone that dead beats love socialism, sodomites love sex education in kindergarten, corporations love outsourcing of labor, etc... . All of these things weaken and eventually destroy the country they live in, but most people only care about themselves.

Jesus absolutely told his flock to "treat others as ye would treat yourself". Eighty percent of the US claims to be Christian, but tell that to the Iraqis, Afghans, and Pakistanis. If even half of the so called Christians obeyed this one simple rule, the World would be a paradise of peace and light, instead of the current domain of utter darkness.

In fact Christian ministers and Priests contradict themselves every sermon. They occasionally expose the Golden Rule, but then tell you to worship God's chosen people. There cannot be a Golden Rule and chosen people, as the Golden Rule rule implies everyone is equal in God's eyes.

Jesus also stated "what good is owning the whole bloody World if you lose your soul"? Acting as a hypocrite may earn you temporary lucre, but the future bill is not worth it. Unfortunately, most of Humanity only lives for the moment and has no consideration of Karma.

PS - Jesus Christ = Sun.

Anonymous said...

Les Right on man!!! As you have seen much more of the world than many and spent time in true reflection, your words ring true!
I have the same problem with people, but I have to let it go? They just dont want to hear it, and me pushing only make them more pissed. I say look to my actions and not my words, you dont want to hear them? Thanks for venting out this issue, I feel better!

ThinkingWolf - Im with ya on the sex thing. I havent found peace on the topic but theres still much time to work on it?

The Fool

laws said...

you are answering a different site ... and thanks for NOT reading my post. Some "open mind: :)

The cost of "truth" and "honesty" can be severe.

Oh yes! Spouting off new age babbley-gook about God, but NEVER researching what God has said about Himself is .... hypocrisy at its worst.

" I suspect a lot of people don’t actually know what hypocrisy is. The dictionary says this about hypocrisy."

Yeah well let me tell YOU what it truly is: "hypo: under. crisy: judgement". That's Greek. So to be a hypocrite is for one to be under critical judgement.

1950 years ago, someone much wiser [bc he surrendered to God] than you preached

Act 17:30 Truly, then, God overlooking the times of ignorance, now He strictly commands all men everywhere to repent,
Act 17:31 because He has appointed a day in which He is going to judge the world in righteousness by a Man whom He appointed, having given proof to all by raising Him from the dead.
Act 17:32 And hearing of a resurrection of the dead, some indeed mocked; and others said, We will hear you again concerning this. "

Some mocked and refused to obey, just as now. Mockers abound - BUT, one day each will find that the words of Jesus were and are truth: "Fear God - the One who has the ability to throw you into hell."

Luke 12:5 But I will warn you of whom you shall fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yea, I say to you, fear Him.
Go worship nature lol

nina said...

I read somewhere recently that the more exclamation points a person uses the less genuine the statements. I'm sure you can identify with that, like speaking, shouting is just like puking, its regurgitated action where simple, thoughtful articulation is enough. If everyone who authors blogs used three or four exclamation points after every statement, very quickly your readers would move on or start wearing ear muffs to surf.

Neko Kinoshita said...

I never can get past the fact that a healthy social order should allow for and enjoy a discussion of any topic.

All my life I've heard "never discuss Politics or Religion."

Why not? In the first 100 years in the existence of the U.S. Those were the MOST COMMON subjects of discussion among the residents.

It is sign that you are comfortable in your position on a subject when you can:
1. Have an animated discussion with someone who has a different point of view.
and 2: Still want to be on speaking terms afterward.

Of course if the other person no longer wants you around them, you are probably better off knowing that fact.

Just an observation from the alley...

Anonymous said...

Les I dont do much but pick at you but I wouldnt minded sharing my view today?

Lucifer is the king of the earth, or its "seen" parts? He rules over us by using light(the suns light). Many worship him for this and are misplaced. The true light is within and he just tricks people into lookin outside themselves to find it.
Im not a follower of the church or any cult. If I need help, I ask the divine? If I ask about "seen" things I let Lucifer's will in? If I ask about love and my soul I let the real light and love in? Using the world around you to answer questions only helps Lucifer. But if you ask yourself with your eyes closed, you will find the path to the divine love within?
Ok this will blow up in my face but Lucifer and the "Lord" most people talk to, are the same guy?

Im a mixed up Buddha lover and Hindu follower, the debate between the two systems is the core of neat stuff? As you suggest today, many people know what they are doing but like the silly dance. Im still likin the dance but try to be open about what Im doing. Its all good to be open to Lucifer's light but rememeber it a dance too?
The Fool

nina said...

I hope you talk about reincarnation more. I hope you talk about all the mysteries and wonders that wink at us from another consciousness and evade us in this one. I hope you talk about love and compassion and humility and selfless giving more and more, these are pressing areas obviously shaking us by the shoulders for acknowledgment always, anytime, anywhere. What is the point of this journey on Earth if we are not learning to adjust our state to the next? We must speak of these things regardless of how we may appear to someone else - we are not just fertilized eggs paying bills until our envelopes are cremated. Listen to yourself and take a lesson from the miraculous writings from your own heart. It doesn't matter at all what criticism is thrown in your path Visible, we cannot control others' thoughts beyond overstanding they are merely still ignorant (and afraid) of greater heights. Their investment in accepted fables is too concrete to let go. You can only be harmed by it if you choose to go backwards, a choice not unlike a lobotomy.

Visible said...

Nina, as you can see I am staying moderate in my responses or not responding at all. I only said what I've said in recent times to clear the air and clarify my position. I've got no more to say really and I'm done trying to reason with stone.

Here's something a reader just sent in. If he wants his name mentioned I suppose he'll let me know. He's a bright and articulate soul who often corresponds with me.

I post this because it is something I am very familiar with and represents my own understanding of the matter-

"Perhaps this description from my book will help clear up those accusations of Satanism.

Satan: The Hebrew term is derived from the verb saTan, which means to lie in wait. Satan as Satanas, "adversary," diabolos, "Devil," "adversary" or "accuser."

Devil: The supreme spirit of evil. Diabolos means slanderer.

Therefore, to ancient Jews, Satan was quite literally an adversary who, in a supreme spirit of evil, lay in wait with accusations and slander.

Surely in these definitions you can see the minds of those accusing you, after all who is making the accusation? What Satan do you think tempted Jesus three times, and from the top of the temple no less? By the way, the temple was located on top of a mountain, so “Satan” did not have to move the location very far to tempt Jesus a third time from the top of a mountain. And guess what major city of iniquity lay below the temple on that mountain from which Satan made his promise to give Jesus his “world”. No, it wasn’t Washington DC, that’s the “world” the lord promised to Dubya. You see one man’s Satan can often become another man’s lord and master.

Remember, Jesus said a prophet is never recognized in his own time and place."

Rixon Stewart has also appended a footnote. to his commentary-

Animadverto said...

I do accept the Gnostic interpretation of Earth. Earth is Hell. Dante did not expand man’s interpretation of Hell, he defined Earth. Christ died on the cross and walked the fires of Hell. That is correct – his soul walked the surface of the Earth. The fallen angels were cast here; we are here with them. The rulers of the world have a saying – “better to rein in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. That makes total sense; it is why so many people have reincarnated here. They like hell. Far be it for anyone to speak the truth and rain on anyone else’s parade, while on Hell.

Earth has never been in “balance”. It never will be balanced. No matter what ones say, there is always an army who will defy it. Intrigue, machinations, murder, destruction, poverty, disease, war, greed, desires, hate (and the list could go on ad-nauseam). All things in the Universe have a purpose, even Hell. At what point, however, does God determine that Hell no longer serves a purpose? God does love the hypocrites; they will admonish him from any necessity.

Visible said...

That's one way of looking at it certainly. I believe that Heaven and Hell are in our minds and there are many degrees between which house people in collective envelopes of consciousness.

The greater one's personal selfishness, the more they dwell in Hell or one of the related kingdoms of suffering. Everything is a construction of mind and mind is plastic and circumstances are always being adapted according to improved understanding any mind while moving through the shared reality agreed upon by the collective mind.

Of course there's more. There always is.

Anonymous said...

No one has ever interviewed Lucifer or Satan on Barbara Walters or Bill O'Reilys, and only demented drug addicts or lying fools claimed to have met one of them, so how can an adult human with two functioning brain lobes believe in them? There is no such thing as discarnate spirits, as your existential essence returns to where it came from upon death. There is only the ocean of consciousness (Infinite Creator), and by definition only a physical body can cause machinations in the physical world.

Karma is an extension of Newton's third law, and reincarnation makes sense in it allows a sentient being with Free Will to eventually evolve to become the ocean. But is should be obvious that Lucifer and Satan are creations of human imagination. They scare the crap out of the congregation, while they get fleeced by the local ministry.

Playing on people's fear of death is as old as civilization, and is the ultimate con game. Ever wonder why these representatives of God, Rabbis, Priests, and Ministers always get caught with their pants down and their hands in the collection basket? Religion is a scam and should be discarded, as it has caused most of the ignorance in the Human Race.

Humans created religion, not the Infinite Creator.

Anonymous said...

Les thanks for sharing that!!!(oops sorry nina)

"The important thing here is the inner meaning, not the outward appearance."

The drug opening issue seem correct too and Im living proof of it.
Your friend is really on to something and thanks man.

The Fool

Animadverto said...

Even you have stated in previous postings that you don't plan on coming back here. Yes, we have to make the best of it while here. And some of us are here to help others see. Most will never see. In the Gnostic text, even Christ said, walk through life without leaving footsteps.

I believe that God sends all of us here at least once. To be here once is to desire heaven even more. I would rather serve in heaven. I don't believe that one, per se, serves in heaven, but become one with the creator and that there are many dimensions, steps along the way to that understanding.

Visible said...

color me if not lost then certainly confused.

Yes, that is how I see it, many dimensions and steps along the way.

I was in a field of torment not long ago and then it just went away. It's like night and day; two different worlds and both states of consciousness. I've no idea why these things come and go but I am starting to have some suspicions.

Anonymous said...

"There is only the ocean of consciousness (Infinite Creator), and by definition only a physical body can cause machinations in the physical world."

This seems pretty true to me? I say the group consciousness kinda creates the "discarnate spirits," and to that end they are real enough? Fear feeds on itself so these spirits feed on our fears and help create them too, but yes we may have created them to begain with?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Good stuff today!

I say "God" doesnt send you anywhere but you choose? "God" is or are the places you go to? I do believe you can choose to not return to earth. I feel many of us want to return becuase this is a wondful learning ground. Once we fill many lives with understanding and love we are ready to move on? The battle over fear/love is created for gain not loss. Once you move passed these issues, the earth isnt for you?

The Fool

Doggystyle said...

If I were Joe Bloggs I'd probably say: I guess you couldn't care, Les - but you might find this doggystyle worthwhile and even maybe priceless

;) The missionary man

Neko Kinoshita said...

Hello kitties,

Welcome to Pre-school Physics.

I'll be your host (or is that punching bag, I'm so easily confused) Neko Kinoshita.

Here in the alley we have discovered that the universe/multiverse/existence contains only two things.

1. Dust
2. Life

This is pre-school so we'll keep it simple. Dust is every object that takes up "space" and Life is all forms of energy that can animate the dust.

Since we have not yet reached high school (Yes Nina, I know, now hush!) You will have to take it on faith that the "Life is conscious."

This leads us to our one question Final: What name do we give to this "universal consciousness”?

Anonymous said...

Well, Jesus did mention a little something about corrupt souls - (mostly US Christians, probably. The types who kill for Christ and pray to that sweet almighty dollar) -getting in his face and demand from Jesus for him to give them a break; "Did I not cast out evil in your holy name!!!?"

Billy G.

Mother Cathy said...

Hello Les,

I understand why you are no longer speaking freely about your recent topics concerning religion. This seems to inflame those whose minds are closed. Many people who visit 'Visible Orgigami' will miss your topics of reincarnation, and the other beautiful topics that you no longer will share with us. I do respect and understand your decision.

Thanks for all you do and best wishes always,

Mother Cathy

Visible said...

au contraire, I must have presented myself wrongly. I fully intend to talk about those topics. I'm not concerned about the rise of the zombies... I'm just not going to respond to them any more.

Unknown said...

Hi Les,

Been enjoying your musings for some time now, thank you for sharing.
My personal philosophy is that truth is a jig-saw puzzle, little pieces are to be found everywhere. It's up to us each to intuit what fits together and in the end the picture will always be a reflection of ourselves.
Recently four ideas came at me from completely independent sources that somehow meshed into a
digestable epiphany that will serve...until the next one comes along :)
Some believe we create our realities...however there must be some sort of buffer to protect us from our 'lower' instincts. For instance, 'that @#$%!!!! so-and-so, I wish he were run over by a bus!'We might think it to relieve an inner pressure, even if we wouldn't actually want it to happen. Some would say the thought alone an act of spiritual violence. So what happens when those thoughts ARE instantaniously manifested? (of course so-and-so would have to agree to be hit by a bus!)
Some believe we are bound for higher dimensions, higher vibrations, another octave, heaven or what-have-you. In this greater state of being your thoughts and feelings could very well manifest instantly. How would chaos be averted?
The solution is for these thoughts never to arise at all. For that to happen all must share awareness of their connectedness and be grateful for it. We must all live in a state of profound love, which is what all the 'mystics' say awaits us.
So what better training ground to plum the very depths of our capacities for forgiveness, gratitude & LOVE than this very cesspool in which we find ourselves?
If I cannot forgive, love and be grateful for Hitler, Cheney, the Federal Reserve, Chemtrails, the bullying zealot down the street, let alone lucifarian bloggers (wink wink) for their services in helping my soul grow, than how can I ever hope to earn my place at Christs table? (metaphorically speaking)
Say yes to it all, and be Grateful for the opportunity to self reflect every challenge brings. Hate spawns more hate. Anger spawns more anger. Love disarms, empowers, and uplifts all it touches.
I know you already know this, just consider it a reflection. I felt like sharing this morning :)
By-the-by, where I live are folk who give great thought to the sound vibrations they put out. Even saying something negative in jest is considered questionable. Some change their names to promote better feelings. I know a girl who changed her name from 'Les' to 'More.' Gotta say it always makes me smile.
Hope your day is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've lost count of the number of times I've been thinking what you've been thinking.We don't know each other but it's an odd sychronisity.You get to the core much quicker though with way more insight and power of expression.I find your writing a big help in that it speeds up my attempts to get to grips with things.
I think your detractors are suspect;after all, they can, as you say, go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


just to clearify, I did not come here to read your post and I didn't.
I came here as a reply to rixon s.
at the truth because, as far as I know he does not allow comments at all.

in reply to your reply I didn't curse you, you cursed yourself! your the one who bows to other gods and chants in ignorance. GODS word is perfectly clear about people who repeat vain sayings in the belief that GOD did not hear them the first time?

your religion is the same as the one world religion about to be thrust upon all the inhabitants of the world. so I guess your one step ahead of lucifer herself!

just remember I have cursed no one, and I don't have the power to sentence anyone to hell. you make those choices all by yourself!

for someone that is semi- inteligent you are spiritualy blind as a bat, and abide in spiritual chaos.
see I will pray for you though because time is short and you are heavily confused!

good by les

GOD open the eyes and remove the vail from les and his like. show them the truth of CHRIST JESUS, if it is in your will!!! amen


Visible said...

God, Please do the same for John. Save him from his self righteous all knowing attitude.

Why are you still here? Really... You've left half a dozen times already and you're still here. I am not a crack pipe John, I'm just a blogger.

Anonymous said...

Like many in the world of deception, john is simply a role player.

Billy G.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your postings.
I do not see why you feel that you have to 'explain' yourself.
Yourself is explained/revealed when you freely share your truth that you have worked so hard to uncover.
There is stuff you say that I do not agree with, some I will probably never really understand, and some things resonate with such intensity that I will chew them over for days.
There is much I have learned from here about the 'real' world - politics, religion, interconnected power structures.

I am so glad I have a standing invitation to your place; to read your thoughts and those of your other guests.
Some of those guests are, to my mind, pretty useless, so I skip over their posts.
Maybe you should too, although, then again, maybe not.
Please, just continue to be your own inimitable self.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work my friend.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise, the war mongering, self righteous, holy rollers, cursing Les, because he has the f%*king audacity to state their are many paths towards God. So called devote Christians are the first to cast stones, and it usually is because they have more s#*t to hide than anyone could possibly imagine. They worship the vampire Jews, because some other parasite minister tells them too.

This same minister scopes out the girlfriends, wives, and children of his ministry while he poaches the collection basket. However, he states that you can commit any number of sins, as long as you invoke the magic word Jesus, so he must be holy. Hell, who cares if he had that 10 year old boy suck his phallus, as long as he condones my holy roller madness.

Guess what, all the true believers are going to make the "official" version of 911 look real, because they are all going to teleport to some place called Heaven. The rest of you devil worshiping infidels, like Les, will be left on Earth to burn for your perfidy. That will show you sinners.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the assholes badgering you on your thought about the pretend christians are Zionis jew filth doing what they do best.Muddying up the water and causing distraction.The motherfuckers are very good and skilled at ms-info and dis-info.Anything to shut *you* up or better yet shut you down.The son's and daughter's of satan will stop at nothing to shut one up who is presenting *TRUTHS*,that would be you Brother.
Be not swayed Les, Your on to something and when your exposing the vultures they get angry.
Blessings My Brother

Anonymous said...

"your the one who bows to other gods and chants in ignorance. GODS word is perfectly clear about people who repeat vain sayings in the belief that GOD did not hear them the first time?" - Ok there might be a good lesson in this. John doesnt get that you arent chanting in ignorance, but to release yourself from it?

Now this makes more sense if you add...
"your religion is the same as the one world religion about to be thrust upon all the inhabitants of the world. so I guess your one step ahead of lucifer herself!" - You are a step ahead of her, and thats the whole plan. The world's inhabitants are being groomed to walk a dark path of old via ignorance. John seems to want to stop right there and be happy to sit in a newly formed state of ignorance, waiting only for a "god" to enlighten him. Its true she(devil or what the fuck ever floats your boat) has given us a mind and will to go beyond John's new state. I think he is just scared to walk the path looking into her eyes the whole time, thus no chanting for him. Im talkin out of school again Les, but Ive seen her and love her and moved on, one step ahead!
The Fool

Visible said...


I received over 30 letters stating that both the condition and the message were the best so far. the same is the case with the host of the show.

I take exception to anyone and everyone who has all the answers. As soon as I hear the spiel my mind closes. In this case I will have to say the majority opinion rules. I should point out that there isn't a single slurring of words or any sense of disorientation during the 15 unscripted impromptu recording and any and everyone can hear it for themselves.

If as you say, such a large amount of people are listening then they must be getting something. I'll continue on and you are free to follow your own advice since that works for you. Others have other roads and sometimes there are conscious reasons for things that can be divined by paying attention instead of passing judgment.

I'm very leery these days with brand new nicks when there's been a certain amount of sock-puppetry.

Anonymous said...

Of course you are right. Telling the truth today is like committing social suicide. You had it. I just wonder when the time will come when all this comes to an end. It always comes to end. And the deeper the morass we are in, the bigger the eruption. There will not be much left of what we now know as normal life. It is amazing that the most intelligent species between apes and cockroaches is also the dumbest. Does anybody know how we could have become so stupid and ignorant and self-defeating in a mere 100 years?

Visible said...

A constant barrage of banal trivia in a suffocating materialism and a sabotaging of the educational system for starters.

Anonymous said...

"the condition and the message" are the same thing? Someone is always trying to speak with us via all things? Heheee

The Fool

Visible said...

Someone took me to task over the general atmosphere of my recent radio show. I would have posted the comment but it is one of two in recent days that I chose not to post because it was sneering and slanderous while being couched the occasional positive. It's the method of "first the kiss and then the whip".

I've got to exert some control here because something like that brings out a slew of responses from many others.

This is one more example of someone I've never heard of or from telling me how I should be because they know me better than I do and they want proper controlled behavior. I might as well join thee Republican party.

I operate outward based on certain internal flows and controls. sometimes it isn't easy to ride because there's a lot of white water but I must ride it in my own fashion and not under the instruction of those who are not doing it yet seem to know exactly what is involved because they'll caught up in their own trip and they think I should be on their trip too.

Something is happening right now and this is all part of it. I expect some kind of revelation or insight to follow all of this. I've no idea what it will be but it seems obvious to me.

If one were to follow all the advice given here they would be in a constant state of contradiction. One has to trust the inner voice and take everything else with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

I was outside today having a smoke and staring at some naked trees. The way their branches reached up & out, they appeared to be mimicing a shrug...not so much stretching & reaching for the light.
In my life I have lied, stolen; fabricated stories to make myself appear more interesting; I've said yes when I wanted to say no; I've said NO when I lacked the courage to say YES!!! I've cursed; manipulated; coveted; and whined...
I make the mistake of thinking that just because my behaviour can be duplicitious that everyone else is, or capable of it, as well...
I haven't resolved my acts of deception yet,my sins...How can I "know" ANYBODY else? language sometimes becomes part of the trap.
I'm seeking balance...

Anonymous said...

No judgment, DogPoet, just a helping hand. Too bad you don't see it that way. Jeese, for someone to dishes out righteous judgment on regular basis, you sure aren't much good at taking it. Who's judging who, DogMan? Take your own advice and reap the benefits of my comments before you judge me. Why didn't you post my original comment(just your response)? Come on, Bro, your better than this!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Papa,.. The question of what is and what isn't is pointless. Why ask a question that cannot be answered? Rhetorical prosthelytizing is like a vain person masturbating - having sex with someone they love. The Divine ineffable, is just that. It is a matter of faith not dogma nor a career for the quizlings. Oh, The Fool, your last few comments have been, well...neat, are you being coached or is there a tag-team doing shifts?

Les, I am often taken to swoons when an epiphany overcomes me, I don't know anything about this world we inhabit, I feel you are much like a tuning fork, how can it know it is on 'Key'? Does it, is it supposed to? Or is it just a device of the divine ineffable designed to resonate at a certain frequency so that those that are wirelessly tuned to pick up that resonance, can?

For me you resonate within a certain range and the energy that manifests in me with some of your expressed thoughts are like dramatic landscape, one minute I am swooning over a beautiful sunset and the next I am in awe of a tremendous storm. When I am at your blogs I feel closer to the divine ineffable - go figure. If I need a dose of resonance I listen to "Walk through the Fire".

Nameste my big Brother.

Sometimes I embarrass you, excuse me, I get it wrong because I am too zealous and/because I am too scared of the unknown.


Visible said...

Bhaqirit, or whatever your name is, that's an outright lie and the comment from you was a long and nasty piece of work that would have offended everyone and made you look bad.

I realize that a number of people want to tell me how to do what I do. They can't paint but they want to tell the artist how to paint. They can't compose but they want to tell the songwriter how it should be done. People who can't themselves perform what they are giving advice on are unfortunate people.

I'm walking my own road, not your road. I respond to you at this time hoping you get a clue somewhere on your Olympian heights of special awareness. If even a couple of people had criticisms I would consider them but everyone except you was very positive and complementary. This means you didn't get it but others did.

My advice to you is to talk to James Jancik and see what he thinks of your take. By all means stick in the nasty bits and the constant judgments which you claim not to have made. Do you not even recall what you wrote?

I'm trying to be fair but also direct. You are not the conductor or the choreographer. You do not produce or direct. The most you can do is listen and have an opinion. You are welcome to it. I'm going to march right on to the sound off my own different internal drummer. If he wants to shake things up sometimes and do them in an unusual fashion well, I'm going to let that happen.

I don't know how many times I have to say this (grin). I am not required to behave in any particular fashion according to anal retentive input telling me how I should be. I am what I am.

So, that said I think I'll leave off this kind of a thing for the next while as I already said I would and attempted to. the only reason this comment of yours went up is because it lacked most of the really unattractive behavior of your last one.

Anonymous said...

John I don't think most here feel a need for you to pray for them. However if it feeds your ego and convinces you that you are capable of some type intervention with the universal mind on our behalf please feel free to do so. The universal mind already knows the heart and mind of all.

I have never known any other religion which offers to pray and intervene on behalf of others like this one. In fact to my knowledge no other religion does so.

This is orthodox Christianity at it's best. One summer of Sunday school and one is qualified to intervene with the cosmic mind on behalf of others who disagree with them in a harmless discussion.

Personally I don't need any religions, all I need is God. It works for me. Of course we can all benefit from the arcane teachings of the higher sciences.

I read Rixon's reply and as always his reply is very close to infallible. Stewart is a man who has long ago done his homework and has much to offer for many people. I have a great respect for him.

As far as drugs when the term is used I don't think anybody here is advocating for people to go out and become a crack head. It damages the brain and kills the neurons. My occasional drug of choice is merlot wine but to each his own. I don't feel a need to lecture people on these matters either.

Les it has always been this way. If you keep this up some may want to put a crown of thorns on you. Telling the truth didn't work back in the day either.

If I didn't think Les was telling his own truth as honestly as he knows how I wouldn't be here either.
It is a very interesting place to me, watching something very rare, a real human interact with others.

Anonymous said...

Not telling you how to be, DogPoet. my original comment was offered with good intentions and maybe a dose of "tough-love". if you're not interested in constructive criticism and only want to hear praise, why are you in this business of "transmitting" Truth? I REALLY appreciate most of what you do. can you take that in? your last radio show i did not appreciate. that's my opinion...not the word of God(or the Rebublicans for that matter). i'm just like you. i don't know anything. take my opinion for what it's worth or not. if you have NO-thing to defend then there's no need to be defensive. my comment was meant as a firm and hopefully helpful nudge, not a "whip". Keep up the good work(and leave the bad).
best of luck on your on-going journey toward truth and presence.

limited said...

I had a long response to John and Bhaqirit. But then... there is no use, for they certainly have an agenda which refuses to be penetrated by any amount of logic or truth. Maybe, for all who come here to hear the rhythms of the Dog Poet, the best response is no response, at all, from anyone? Maybe then, when they don't receive the attention there sordid pitiful little minds so deeply crave, they will cease to return. Maybe?

Visible said...

I suppose one last response is in order. Maybe you're just not very good at presenting criticism. Maybe you're just hammer handed and that's how you do it.

In any case, the liberties that you take with familiarity are not the province of a one off just showed up poster. It smacked of arrogance and, as I said was the 'only' negative comment out of over 30. I think it within my rights to go with the larger flow.

Secondly, there are way to present criticism. First off, you don't alienate and/or assault your subject because you are not going to be successful. Thirdly, you send it in an email. You don't publicly lambaste your subject while playing to the crowd. This alone brings your sincerity and judgment into question.

For some reason there are people who think they can confuse me or slip something past me and then explain it away as something else. Like most readers here, I can tell what's going on. Your intentions are clear to me. I've considered what you had to say and I'm going with the greater weight of collective opinion.

At the very least you don't have the chops for constructive criticism and you're also no intimate of mine who would have permission to offer tough love. You overstep yourself.

Whatever I go through on occasion is part of the process of me being dealt with by a superior power (as is the case with all of us) and it can put one into all kinds of situations. It's not a by the book being. Those who insist that the divine obey certain rules of procedure or behave in a predictable way are unfamiliar with one of the key realities of the divine.

In any case, there's nothing more to say on the matter. I think I've been pretty clear and there are some things you can consider technique wise next time you feel the need to have no positive impact at all which is what happened. People who really want to help understand the need for a careful approach. I don't think being helpful was your intent. It looked to me like you wanted to perform injury and you didn't spare much in the process. You even used the same phrases over a number of times as if relentless hammering would insure you made your point. You didn't so, at best the fault is shared. At worst it's all your own.

Visible said...

Well, I just found another one from him that's full of nastiness and insult. I'm not going to let this interesting thread get dragged into an alley fight. Whatever his reasons it proves all of what I just said moments ago.

I'm beginning to think this is just mind fuck with an element of agent provocateur.

I feel pretty good right now so its just business as usual. Most of the time we're lucky here but... the whole world is going through a rough patch so the less tightly (or too tightly) wrapped are crawling out of the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

you're right, dogpoet. i overstepped my bounds. thanks for putting me in my rightful place. i promise not to presume intimacy or constructive criticism with you again. i feel much better now.
best of luck truth and sobriety to you.

Visible said...

One peculiar thing I noticed. When you were haranguing me in the last post you implied that I conceal my name so possibly you are a newbie here. My name, my real name is common knowledge here. Even what my name was before it got changed a long time ago is also known to anyone who wants to know it. Just about everything is an open book including things people might wish were not.

People often just don't understand what's going on or, even worse, think they do. I try to avoid that myself but I'm not always successful. There is often more to things than meets the eye. In fact, i would say that is always the case which is why treading lightly can often have the desired effect. Sometimes it's merely a stage in the process and not under anyone's control no matter how they might make to effort to have it so.

Anonymous said...

DP, so far you've called me a liar, arrogant, anal retentive, judging from Olympian heights, agent provocateur. as far as i can remember all i asked of you was to practice the same honesty that you preach. and like i said before that's just my opinion. why not post my original comment and let's see if your readers think it's nasty and arrogant? come on, what's it going to hurt besides your pride or mine?

Anonymous said...

The Infinite Creator created Humanity in order to have sentient bodies with Free Will to live through. What is most amazing is all of you have the infinite creative potential of your primal creator, and you all make up fantastical myths about Moses, Jesus, Mohammad, and other idiotic characters instead of doing what the Infinite Creator wishes you to do.

Become your own Master for God's sake. No one will save you but you! Use your Free Will, exercise, eat healthy, and meditate upon the mystery of why you even exist.

If enough of us wake the f#&k up, we can eradicate the masters of darkness through sheer light. They can either slink off to Israhell or just plain die because they will have no more victims to drink blood from. Screw the Jew created garbage of Christianity, meant to control all non-Jews.

See the obvious fact that the Sun and Earth created Humanity and make serious effort to communicate to them. Do not waste any more time looking to corrupt Rabbis, Priest, ministers, and other sellers of lies about reality. Only you can find reality, because the path to God is different for everybody.

Visible said...

Look, this is getting tiresome and i get the sense that you're gaming me now. I can't post your comment because it's gone. I'm also not going to post redundant nasty commentary. There are better ways to say things and that's what we expect here. The other blogs are loser. I'm not going to get into it with you. I have other things to do that are much more important and there's nothing going to be resolved here. I said what I said and you said what you said. My study of and sense of the matter is that I'm being gamed. Over and out.

Anonymous said...

Great story Visible; but I must confess that I am not into the drug thing but I do take your point about alcohol and tobacco.

My own feeling is that these people who go along to get along are going to be in for a big surprise. Just as the words of the bible says:--he who tries to save his life shall lose it while he tries to lose it for my sake, the same shall find it.

What these hypocrites fail to realise is: we are only here for a short time. This is not our final resting place and if you are not truthful and sincere here, then you can't be trusted at the real place. This earth is in many ways a trial ground for the real home.

We all have to earn our rights to the real home by our conduct here. So all those of us who allow all the glitter and glamour of this illusion to ensnare us, we will find oursleves trapped here in worsening conditons; and instead of being able to kick the vicious cycle of death and rebirth will find ourselves returning.

According to the Ascended Masters teaching, the earth is moving from the piscean age into the aquarian age; a situation that should be accomplished by the year 2012 or thereabout; and all those who haven't got their acts together will be doomed.

Anonymous said...

I've read your blogs for a couple of years now, Les, and I have a true appreciation for what you put out in these blogs; you're a truly interesting human being, and that's saying a lot in these days of cookie cutter souls...

However, I've noticed that you occasionally allow yourself to be swept up in bitter little wars with some of the readers of your blogs; that woman a few months ago, now some pissed off Christians :)

You're too clever for that, but despite that fact these people manage to push your buttons somehow, and aggravate your life.

Why waste your time? If you pissed off a couple of hundred people with every post, they'd still be greatly outnumbered, probably in the thousands, by the people that look forward with visceral pleasure to reading your posts.

Ignore these people, Les--filter out their emails automatically without reading them--and just do your thing baby. No need to read their drivel, or pour your energy down a rat hole. Stay strong.

amarynth said...

"Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing. There is a field ... I'll meet you there" Rumi

Somehow the C.Fundies never want to meet there - where ideas of soul, spirit and creator are not influenced one iota by ideas of wrong doing and right doing.

The 'wrong and right doing' part is a result of the soul, spirit and creator part. Not the other way around. And once you have been to that field, the wrong doing and right doing falls into place, naturally and fitting for each of us - with no words.

Anonymous said...

Les, I've been reading your various blogs, and the feedback from the readers comments for a couple years now. It is and has always been my hope to find some bit of wisdom from the interaction of you and those who read you. I can tell that you have spent much time studying and practicing the various methods of spiritual communication and interaction. What I have learned from my visits is this. It's the same ole, same ole, as everywhere I've ever searched. For every bit of potential wisdom there are those who jump in and twist it into another form with a different meaning or discredit it totally. CHAOS, It's what this world is ate up with. I sense your frustration. you must feel like a candle in a torential downpour at times. I'm a simple man and in all things I do, I try to interprate them into the simplest of terms. In spiritual matters I do the same.When I ask to speak to my God,I demand it to be the God who shares his love, who keeps me safe, who provides for me, and I do so with childlike humbleness and respect. I know from many years of experience, at first there were years of rebellion, that resulted in hellish consequences and a face to face encounter with a demonic spirit that halted my rebellion and made me realize that if I believed what my eyes just saw then I could also believe in the good and Divine God I described above.It was a long road back but I know that I'm headed for a Good place at the end of this trip. We live in a world of syzygies which causes most of the masses to remain in a state of oblivion. Give them a diploma of any kind and they're instant geniuses, and the arguing begins. And so, here you are trying to educate those who already know it all wrong. To top it off, if your intentions are truly righteous, you have all the forces of evil waging war against you. I don't know if anything I have to share can help your cause but take it for what it's worth. Good Luck, Jimmy

Lukiftian said...

When is the Lie true?
When your Mark believes it, and
You believe it too!

Bhagrit... Bhagrit... Lester is only upset with you because you are ahead of him in several ways and behind him in others...

...and this always irritates a TA. But I am confident he will eventually achieve his spiritual certificate and make us all proud. In the meantime, be kind.

I liked this post, Les. Yes, I know this one--- in a world where the baseline is pathological, telling the truth can be a hazardous pastime indeed.
It can be better to lie. Better still, be the Prince of Lies... At least you know where you stand. And it's a great view because you make it up as you go along.

I could be lying to you right now, and if I am lying about lying, then I'm being deceptive in my lies, and I'm really telling you the truth. But if I'm truthfully lying to you, then I'm really lying and my falsehood truly is falsehood....

... where was I?


bearwalk7 said...

Keep bangin' on tha transformers Visible for all those that are tuned in. Lovin' the way you holdin' it down. And I ain't sendin' roses just to hear my name called out over the intercom... I'm tellin' the truth. Excellent job as always and keep on speakin' that heart wisdom. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Les,
Has Bhagirit left yet? Talk about the long goodbye. Could you please do me and all the other folks on here a favour? Don't post any more of his crap,such a waste of your precious time my friend

Steve B

Unknown said...

Les, your comments as of yet have been extremely honest and forthright. It is extremely refreshing to read about somebody brave enough to post their inner demons online.

However, for your consideration I propose that yes - many of us have been addicted to alcohol - and yes - many of us are on prescription meds. I understand that you are in a rant type mood but it would behoove you to realize that many of us realize the potential of non-prescription medications as a remedy as well.

Prescription medications can work wonders, and yes they are addictive. But no, people like us have to use them with a certain amount of adjudication. When used in such a manner, with proper societal monitoring they can indeed help.

Jesus never isolated Himself from the people, even though they never got it. Don't become isolated.

You are also right about the fundamentalists, they would become the Pharisees that He spoke against. He would be crucified again in an instant, as anybody that thought differently than they would. Listen, the world is full of people that think differently and our challenge is to see the perspective in each of them.

Peace be upon you brother, and the same to any sisters reading this.

Long John said...

Well I'm coming into this a bit late I see. I guess thats because I live in California which is about 9 hours time difference (earlier) from Europe.

I have some of my own reactions to those two commenters (john and Bhagirit) who have been antagonistic towards Les, but I will post about that in a subsequent separate comment.

First and foremost, I would like to make something very clear so that nobody accidently mistakes me for another poster.

I always sign my name/ID as "Long John". [there are a few reasons for this, which I will explain below]

I would like to state, just so there's no confusion and for the record, that I am NOT that other poster who simply goes by the name "john".

Les knows exactly who I am, and a lot of other things about me. But for the rest of the old and the new readers, please do not mistake other posters who may call themselves "John" or "john", as being me.

Also, if someone else who is not me starts posting as (ie steals) my particular name, then I will change it to something else that only Les knows and so he can identify me by that.

Now that being said, the reason I always use "Long John" for my ID here, is mainly so that it will not get mistaken for other persons that may be named John.

Also, that name happens to be a particular nick-name given to me a long time ago by a certain musician friend of mine for various personal reasons and because my real name is John.

But don't confuse me with this other guy who calls himself "john".

Long John Silver was a song (on an album of the same name) written by my friend Jack Casady and performed by him and fellow members of the Jefferson Airplane.

The song was quite apparently about me, but with his typical twinkling eye and mischievous smile, Jack (aka "God") always declined to say. Nevertheless, the nickname stayed.

Long John Silver

Long John Silver, ring in his ear,
He's the hero, make that clear.
Does the same thing his father did,
Sailing around the Caribbean,
Robbing kings with his talking parrot,
This time I think he's on the high side.

Scabs are forming, scraped his knee.
Guards are warning, a bad man is free.
He's like an electric clock that needs no winding,
Keeps the time without your hands.
Western feet need no binding,
Take a barefoot run through old Japan.

He's seen a thousand countries,
They're all the same.
Some men are crazy,
Some of them sane.
But all men are ruled by a flag or a game,
And he knows nobody's got you if you don't sign your name.

Long John Silver serves no king.
No land holds him, that's why he feels like singing.
Every country now and then,
Roars like Irish, drunk and singing.
Every monk will now and then call his men to hear the wenches,
Night bells ringing.

Anonymous said...

Les, I don't always agree with your take on things but I think all in all you are preaching spiritual truth and spreading enlightenment as much as any incarnate soul walking the earth in a human body today.

You have got a handle on a lot of the very slippery things that, it turns out, for any sentient being are the things that really matter.

brian boru said...

I would recommend that you continue doing what you are doing, Les, and tell it as you see it. You give useful insights, even if you sometimes make people feel uncomfortable. No one is forced to read what you write. Maybe the suggestion that you are a Lucifarian was because you have been expressing the truth too often. Telling the truth has a price. Just look at what has happened to the people who question the Holohoax.
We live in a world of lies. Some periods are better than others but we are definitely in some of the worst of times because the worst of people control the information.
Religion was always a racket, even since we lived in caves and a conman told the hunters that he had influence with the gods of the hunt. It is hardly a surprise that religion and government have been interdependent for people-control for so long. You start messing with a profitable racket and you won't be thanked, as Galileo and many others have discovered.

Long John said...

To the poster named "john" and "Laws" (whatever):

You are way off base. Les is not any kind of "new age luciferian".

Like many other narrow-minded and dogmatic judeo-christian fundies, you don't have a clue.

I could tear each and every one of your lame-brained comments into shreds if I wanted to, just like I have done countless times to other fundie religious nuts for the last five years over at another Blog... but why bother.

I can tell that you are so full of holier-than-thou babble and bullshit, that your mind is totally shut. So you will just have to continue to roast in your self-created judgemental hell. You no doubt need a good long cooking anyway.

I will leave you with something that a friend of mine used to say about self-righteous and judgemental people like you:

"IF YOU ARE NOT HERE TO HELP, then we don't need you and we don't want you around, so go away."

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Going Mad or Becoming Sane is the Nature of the Game.

paolocaruso said...

Ciao Les,

I applaud your never ending logic.

Hypocrisy and deliberate deceit is a critical component of representative democracy.

This is why most of the founding fathers were freemasons and that many presidents were Skull and Bones types. BTW the Freemasons are on a nationwide recruitment in the US.

Secretive societies openly mask the machinations of the elite to exploit the masses.

TheSparkle said...

"Some would say that people have the right to be themselves wherever they are. I don’t agree with that. My feeling is that you move to where you are tolerated and don’t make waves until you’re old enough to do so." So nice it would be if people in the blog world behaved so as well.

NYX said...

Pure genius.

You give my rage and frustration a voice, which makes it melt away - And then you remind me to keep focused on the real goal: Conciousness.

Thank you.

revenise said...

The ship is going down and there is nothing these ziosaurs can do to stop it. When smoke clears, not even the richest of the rich will maintain even a fraction of influence or power which they currently struggle to maintain. When she sinks beneath the waves, and the final sigh of their hour evaporates into the heavens, I will be fast asleep in my broken lighthouse, dreaming of the sunrise to come. Why so many useful tools choose to go down with their captors is beyond me. Perhaps they imagine their best interests are at heart, well they are not. When all is said and done, their cowardice shame will dribble silently down the empty sockets of their sunken faces and freeze upon the windowsills of their hollowed chests. Honorable Individuals within the world community, the military, and intelligence agencies abroad know exactly what this gang is up to and where their loyalty stands… No matter how compromised a lot of the players may be, when the ship goes down... they’ll see, deep down, they’ve got nothing to lose… and much less to gain in bowing before the cockroaches of the day.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

It's not a Total Wasteland Yet..

Anonymous said...

@ veritas6464

Im being coached!

The Fool

Anonymous said...

Ralph124C41 is online. Visiting a yogi friend I was moved to borrow his I Ching or Book of Changes translated by
Wilhelm/Baynes with foreword by Carl Jung. I came home and threw a nickel and two pennies six times to make a hexagram {one of 64}. Long story short you can throw four possible combinations of three coins if the heads counts three and the tails is two . Three tail 6, a tail and two heads 7, a tail and two heads 8, and three heads is nine. A six[three tails} constitutes a "changing" or broken line and a ne [three heads makes a broken "changing line. If there is no changing line you have one of 64 chapters to. Changing lines refers to a further reading from another chapter under changing lines.An unchanging hexagram is very predictive applying to present 'concerns. Tonight, after 3 or4 years of neglecting, I asked the counsel of the Oracle of random number and was delivered the 23rd Hexagram [six lined] reading. A reading is an response to a silent query... It was Splitting Apart[Ch.23]which is sandwiched between Pi[Grace]22 and {Fu]24 Return or the turning point. Between grace and the return, splitting apart, no changing lines. Five broken lines below and a single unbroken line above. This is serious..."the dark lines are about to mount upward and overthrow the last firm, light line by exerting a disintegrative influence... The inferior and dark forces overcome what is superior and undermining it that it finally collapses. the lines....preasent the image of a house, the roof is being shattered [ the house is in collapse] THE JUDGEMENT splitting apart-It does not further one to go anywhere...a time when inferior men are pushing forward and are about to crowd out the few remaining strong and superior men....due to the time, it is not favorable to the superior man to undertake anything. For it is a question not of mans doing but of time conditions,which according to the laws of heaven, shaow an alternation of increase and decrease, fullness and emptiness...since its impossible to counteract these conditions of the time. Hence its not cowardice but wisdom to submit and avoid action. My "take' on this is in line with a lot that's on Visible Heads...regarding this time. The IMAGE of the mountain resting on the earth. The Mountain ia leadership. It requires steadiness and to rest on a broad foundation or it may fall..."Thus those who rule can assure their position only by giving generously to those below." This blog is for superior men who mobilize compassion and seek to harmonize the diunified and weakened foundation. Be vigilant and stoic in this time of tribulation. have confidence in the One that truly IS. Maybe more manana/tomorrow. Ralph124C41



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