Thursday, April 10, 2014

Noah and the Hard Rock Transformers meet The Village People.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

"Noah" is playing along side this post; what an incoherent load of shit. Sometimes I think they get paid so much money because of the degree of embarrassment that comes with the job. They should have called the film, "Noah and The Hard Rock Transformers meet the Village People". I know that title makes no sense but neither does the movie; pomposity and grandiosity war with flat out disbelief, all wrapped up in the tinsel town scriptures of Hollywood. It's the Tribe Pederast Kingdom of Tranny Christianity.

There's a selfie today by some atonal Bieber clone, milking the Instagram, Instant Celebrity Cow. Apparently he's 'chillin' with his homies at the hospital. I never use that word, or 'wassup'. I definitely don't use gentile, genuflecting, pink plastic flamingo on a drinking glass, bondage terms like, "go figure", "who knew" and "meh". I don't do fist bumps, tongue lolls or twerks. I'm out of the loop culturally and headed, hopefully, where that loop is some distance below the horizon line behind me, or, more likely, parked where the sun will never shine again.

It is the rarest of things to see a film that does not feature Tribe phrases, gratuitous Tribe characters and either a Tribe wedding or one of those Mitzvahs. I'm amazed at the frequency of them these days. I have hardly seen anything lately that is lacking in an excess of irrelevant cameos of the type and that includes films 20 and 10 years old. I'm experiencing a run of bad luck in that regard.

For the last ten days, my soon to be former Mother in Law has been at the pflegeheim fur de alten altern leute. So... I go there each day with the newspaper and some ice cream so that she doesn't feel abandoned. In the process I get to see how people end up at the pending departure zone of their lives. A lot of them are in wheelchairs because they can no longer walk. Some number of those have dolls under their arms, or in their laps and some number of them are drooling on the dolls. Some of them spend all day rubbing their foreheads and cawing or quacking like some forest or farmyard creature. Some of them still have their wits but most do not. My former mother in law does but she's also a trifle dingy at times. I'm more than a trifle dingy but that's purely for effect.

This last half hour of "Noah" is exruciating, it's just one long wail (picture a thousand blue rinse dowagers screaming, "I vant to go to Miami!") and a whole lot of violent overacting. Emma Watson is wailing so hard that Arthur Janov has come back from the dead to adopt her. I couldn't imagine going to the theater to see it. It cost 125,000,000 dollars to pass through the Hollywood intestinal system. The fact that it actually did pass through is an unfortunate thing because if ever there was a reason to be responsible for an impacted colon, this is it. Of course, it's possible that did happen and that led to a kind of breach birth, granting us the lumbering, shit gollum this film became. Avert your eyes! Close your ears! Run! Run far away!

Here's what the most recent IMDB review said about it "I'm not religious, putting aside that fact and any relation to the old testament. The movie, acting, directing and script were all just awful. People walked out of the theater 10 minutes in to it. I can only liken this to a low budget Peter Jackson fan adaptation of a fable. A movie of this cast and budget should be able to entertain anyone, instead it was a caricature of Christian propaganda movies. I've seen better paliwood movies." What's a paliwood movie?

Now the little witch, Emma Watson is singing to her baby before Noah tosses it into the drink (grin). This is so very, very bad. It's got CIA zombie, Jennifer Connolly in it. Oh wait, Noah's going to stab the baby, not drown it. Now, that, is the most overhyped non stabbing ever seen in a film and they even smeared some ketchup on Russell's cheek to make it look like he had been In Search of a Shishkabob that the lord told him he needed as an energy drink. Anthony Hopkins is no doubt saying to himself at this point, "Thank god I died earlier on!" Hmmm... well, they definitely didn't land on top of Mt. Ararat. Now it looks like Russell Crowe is getting potted. This is what you do after God performs one of his great miracles, right? Ordinarily, one usually goes out and hits a couple of clubs after but... there are no clubs, just the ones people bash each others heads in with and The Hard Rock Transformers have those.

The movie was directed and written by one Daniel Aronofsky, who I assume is a member of The Seventh Day Adventists, from the sound of his last name. Now, Noah is crying. I know why he's crying. It's just dawned on him what a gigantic bowel movement this film is and that he's probably lost all credibility from now on. Oh... Thank god! It just ended and I have already forgotten that I ever saw it. That's a new record.

"Divergent" is on now. That's got to be better, right? Right? I'll find out. It's not looking better. Already there have been too many things that make no damn sense and were put there for effect in lieu of a plot. So, she's divergent cause she wouldn't have sex with the German Shepherd? Oh wait, here's a GQ boy. (I only kiss chicks on camera). He hasn't kissed her yet but he will.

Boy, this is a really stupid movie. It's kind of like a flash mob, meets Matrix meets Point Break. It looks like whoever was responsible for putting this together said; "get me someone who looks like Jennifer Lawrence, 'before' the nose job". Oops, she just jumped off a roof thru holes in two ceilings into a net and here's the next Broke Back Mountain, Calvin Klein underwear model. He's doing his Marine drill sergeant thing.

I was talking about old people but I got distracted. This is an interesting thing. Across the street from my new home is a phlegeheim. My place is mostly hidden from the road but you see the place when you come out of the driveway. Also, the first mental hospital I was confined in, I had 'grounds privileges', meaning I could come and go and so I used to wander through all of the wards on the complex and check out the types of residents. The geriatric wards were something else. My god, my god. I've never forgotten it. I have some kind of a connection to the elderly. I've often hung out with people much older; looked out for them, lived with them. It varied but then, so did I.

In no way am I trying to make light of their condition. I described it exactly as is, and they look. They are very lucky to live in this country. The staff is highly compassionate and the treatment is world class. You wouldn't get this in the U.S. except for a whole lot of money and even then, they'd probably be faking it. The people in this country are the largest collection of decent and good human beings that I have ever seen, as part of a nation, that I have encountered in various locations within it. You can leave your wallet somewhere and quite often get it back with the money still in it. I've seen direct evidence of this.

People have a real cognitive disconnect about old people. I observe the smirking, the disrespect and the contempt of the young toward the old. I thank God I never had that perspective. They don't get that that's where they are headed? No... they don't. This is why I have often suggested that every reader take the time to wander through an old folk's home. You can say that you're scouting it for your grandfather. Walk around the grounds and check the people out. Understand what you see and what it implies. Then walk around some playgrounds, kindergartens, elementary schools, teen hangouts and watch and listen. Be sure you have a reason to do this cause the thought police are everywhere. Go into the workplaces, factories and also the watering holes of the rich. You can find all of this in a relative sense, not far from where you are. If you are truly, objectively watching, with Broad Daylight Awareness you will see so much. Surf through the singles sites; Christian singles sites, seeking sex sites, alternative seeking sex sites, seeking romance sites. Look at what people think they want.

In New York City they have these sex personals newspapers that can be seriously amusing, if they weren't so terribly sad. When I went to body working school in the city, I scanned through one of these once, It was a hundred pages long at least and there were all these 'stress relief management' ads. It turns out that that is a euphemism for showing up for a body working appointment to work on one particular area of the body, with orgasm being the result of your ministrations. That's the stress release factor. I later heard students at the school talking about this; apparently a lot of graduates form the school, matriculate into this kind of work. I can see why. I was there for nearly a year and besides myself, I encountered maybe 3 people who became at all competent at the various forms, including Shiatsu. It's a simple thing really but there is a most definite intuitive side to it and most people are not intuitive. Because I have had some credible success on the application side of these forms, I feel competent to comment on them. All you have to do is love what you do. It makes it possible for you to care and that makes it possible for you to feel and there's nothing like being an empath in these fields of endeavor.

Anyone can become an empath, all you have to do is care and allow your care to be nurtured by the secret sun and watered by the secret springs.

Boy! This is a really dumb movie. Either I am getting much more selective, or the material is getting much worse; probably a combination, I suspect. Increasingly I am finding that less and less of anything interests me, except anything having to do with the ineffable. I can't tell you how much this pleases me. Things don't bug me like they used to. I find this is because I just don't care about any of it enough for it to have that effect anymore. What this leads to is greater periods of sustained serenity.

Oh... this is a bad movie and I was right about The Matrix thing. Yeeck! This is soooo bad. It's the next day now and it still looks bad. Sorry about the cynicism of this post but now you can see what it was Mr. Visible used to get up to in his stand up days. I've got all these videos that are slowly gravitating to decrepitude because I just can't seem to transfer them to DVD (yuck, there's the Big Brother House kissing scene). I guess it's to be expected that a lot of one's work ceases to be at some point. I just never found the right tech to do it and couldn't afford to send it out to get it done. Now I'm carrying them to my next location. Anyway, about the cynicism... how else is one supposed to view all of this? I'm looking for options and I don't see any. Ah well, at least it's a little different. Time for me to move on to something else; past time probably. God! What a stupid film. It keeps getting worse and it makes NO sense.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dude! You're making me wanna watch that classic, 'PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE', or something.

No, not really. I'm on a work gig, and I actually have 2 shifts in 24 hours scheduled. Never thought I'd see that again.

As for being dingy, 'Space Cadet' is one of my favourite nicknames for mine self, though it's not used much, nor has it been. (It has a nice ring to it for a formerly rabid Trekkie.) I try to be only as conscious as I have to be. After all, I am retired from life, and I'm just waiting for the body to catch up with the mind.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Even though you may be doing it for more extensive commentary, sometimes an act of gentleness towards one's existence can be learned from others. That is to say 'walk out of the theater' by pressing the off button before the 10 min. mark.

May the new life-cycle include ' una buena suegra ', seems like you are ' un buenissimo yierno '.

Be well, be Alert
Cheerful Love

Anonymous said...

Hey, Viz, I didn't find this post cynical so much as it was whimsical.

If you get a chance to see a flick called, 'Sound of My Voice' you might want to check it out. Low budget but a clever and original story that is well acted. I think it won something at Sundance a few years ago.

Good read.


Jenny said...

I know about the old folks home- saw my dad die in one. Though he had plenty of $ he chose to be tortured there.... hmmm. Makes you think about why we do what we do. I will never let my mom die like that. Us kids had no say about dad, his new wife said it all but we do have say when it comes to mom. Empathy is an important word and I am glad to see it in your post.
I now understand why I missed all of those movies... lady nature just had a lot more to offer. Todays job sends me out west of town to remove bees from a trailer- the bluebonnets are bursting out of the fields along the way. I will be singing while working today no doubt! Reading your post got me off to a good start-thanks!-Jen

JerseyCynic said...

Thanks for the "heads up" on Noah. I''m still catching up on 2012 movies. Just finished Silver linings Playbook. Going to watch it again today!

Does anyone know What's next after you've reached the pinnacle of cynicism?

Best answer: (and even better ones!)

Visible, you are THE "stand up guy" in my book

Flecker's Magick said...

'Noah' the Movie: Talmudic-Kabbalist, Global Warming, Nephilim Propaganda, With No Mention Of "God"

Follow up on: 'Noah' Movie Trailer: "It Begins"; And 'Meteorite' Propaganda 11-27-13 "First message communicated in these very fleeting images is the identity of the true 'religious spirit' behind this 'religious epic' movie - that being of course the Satanic one-eye-of-horus, which is, as is well known, the very symbol of the 'spirit of antichrist'. No surprise... The next thing made very clear by the seven-second trailer is the fact that the plot of the movie is in no way concerned with scriptural accuracy. That is a "no-brainer" anyway because nothing purportedly 'biblical' coming out of Talmudic Hollywood ever has or will be true to the Word of God (nor can it be - Rom. 8:7) how is it that anybody would expect anything different...


The Secret Gnostic Key to Aronofsky's "Noah" that Everyone Missed. The Kabbalah

All those bizarre additions to the story make a lot more sense now...

Anonymous said...


I agree, Noah is a mess. Is it really that bad? Perhaps. I've always found even horrible movies have a touch or two of something resonant. Consider: early on in Noah, after a bunch of 'village people' thoughtlessly kill an animal, Noah's son asks, "Why did they kill it?" And Noah responds, "They want to eat it. They think it gives them strength." And his son says, "Does it?" Noah, perfectly confident, says, "Strength comes from the Creator." I have found myself repeated that phrase at different points during the day, because I think it's absolutely 100% true. All strength, at any times, in any amount of force, comes from the Creator.

You may turn off the movie after this scene.

Scott in Iowa

Copernicus Kidd said...

for some reason, this video only has 85 views

hyperlink code

spiller23 said...

I view the decline in quality of mainstream entertainment as a major sign that our culture is hitting a peak or a turning point. It’s as if they have exhausted all novelty while progressively regressing the quality of their output. I’m seeing this is in some of the major sports I follow as well. Things have gone flat, stale and uncreative.

There can’t be much of a future for this current mainstream western culture. I just can’t foresee how it can continue to evolve on its current course. It’s a sick culture and it appears terminal to me. And this is why I see it as yet further evidence, if we needed any, that this world will be a very different place in 10 or 20 years’ time if not sooner. Because by then this current culture will either be dead or complete a journey into the pit. Either of those places would involve some pretty massive changes in the makeup of our civilisation that will not transpire imperceptibly.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing/appalling to consider how often upwards of $100million has been spent to produce a film that is forgettable crap. And $100 million is chicken feed these days for an intended blockbuster. That price tag is in the 200 million range.


Love to Push--my vote goes to The Giant Gila Monster. I never tire of that epic.

Anonymous said...

re hollywood films....yes the new films are loaded with constant propaganda for the chosen people...but the old ones are even more bizarre because when i first viewed these i swallowed it unthinkingly -- now i go back and watch older movies -- i find the 80's is where it really begins -- and i see much clearer now. a friend rented chariots of fire the other night and i had to walk away -- too much! much less blatant than now -- quite sly at times -- just slipping the tip in i guess.

Anonymous said...

"But on account of this Kali-yuga, we are all very, very slow. We think that "Spiritual cultivation is meant for old age. Now let us enjoy our life in this material world." That is our wrong conception of life.

What do you mean by old age? Nearing death. So who can guarantee that he is not nearing death? Everyone is nearing death at every moment. Why should you wait for old age? That is manda-mater, bad intelligence.

We should know that death may take place at any moment. Therefore every one of us are already old. (We) generally understand that old age means nearing death, but who can guarantee that there is no death immediately? At any moment.

Therefore śāstra says tūrṇaṁ yateta anu-mṛtyu pateta yāvad, Before meeting your next death, you should endeavor so dexterously that you complete your Kṛṣṇa(God) consciousness before your death comes. That is intelligence. Not that "I am now young man, let me enjoy. And in old age, after passing sixty years, when there will be no other engagement, at that time I shall chant Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra." No. Immediately, tūrṇaṁ yate."

Prahlada Maharaja

Bhishma Stuthi

Skepticfrog said...

The only time I see and watch movies while I'm flying transatlantic (about 6x/yr). At least it's free. The Hollywood fare is utter garbage. They are literally unwatchable. On my last flight I had about 20 or so movies to choose from, one worse than the other. At one point you must conclude that these were written and made by a fine combination of ghouls and retards. (All chosenites - of course). The European fare (usually with subtitles) were the only ones with any redeeming merit, humor and humanity.

Even the movies where they are trying to be "artistic" dealing with human emotions, the human existence, feel completely empty, hollow, contrived, compared to the European films. As if they (the creators) lack something deeply human to understand, feel and comprehend, and instead are throwing in cliches, worn-out copies, simpleton licks (to borrow the word from the musical idiom), because they inside are a black empty hole feeling nothing human.

BTW: This is why these fake events (Sandy Hoax, Boston bombast, Batman shooting) are so blatantly fake and contrived; they feel nothing human, therefore they are unable understand, feel and to train the actors and collaborators (who are for the most chosenites) to reflect the gravity and tragedy of the situation in a convincing manner. So the fake comes through - glaringly. They just play Hollywood and their movies.

The best polite description I can come up for the Hollywood crowd is: Depraved Satanic degenerates; the bottom putrid sediment of humanity.

Ginnie said...

Ever since I was a small child I always watched my mother take care of others...always saying to never complain that you are doing all the work, be GRATEFUL that you have a strong body and mind so that you can do these things.

So all my life, wherever I have lived I have always adopted an older or disabled person to be their "buddy". Shopping, visiting and sharing my children with them. I never thought about being any different. Always looked at it as "Since I cannot always be there to help my mother now that she is old, by my helping someone else that, through God, she will be taken care of by another".

And it was true.

I also have reached a point of age where my income is smaller than is required to exist and...voila! A friend from long ago has given me a free place to live for as long as I shall live and all I have to do is help in the garden!

I have planted gardens everywhere I have lived and have had to leave then behind for others...never got to enjoy them for myself, but knew someone else would benefit from my efforts.

Now I shall live for free and tend a garden and what little money I have as income is considered extra income.

Your whole life is made up of intentions.

I am living proof! God is great, beer is good...and people are crazy!

I can live in my teepee and make them for others!

Yay...regenerated innocence is a ton of fun!

Anonymous said...

For those of you who like to think outside the box, here's a very interesting read. "Le Cercle and the struggle for the European continent - Private bridge between Vatican-Paneuropean and Anglo-American intelligence". The article, which is extremely well researched - complete with heavy Internet-link footnotes - ties together an array of extremely interesting, fascist characters, and puts them squarely in bed with Marc Dutroux, as well as other nefariously notable individuals. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

surprised no one else mentioned it but that was seriously funny and had me cracking up.

bullpasture said...

Hi Vis,
Great Origami today! Your comments about having to search high and low and everywhere about in order to acquire the necessary perspective to experience true empathy and understand the continuum of the “human experience” reminds of some comments once made by Dr. C.G. Jung who wrote:
“…anyone who wants to know the human psyche will learn next to nothing from experimental psychology. He would be better advised to put away his scholar’s gown, bid farewell to his study, and wander with human heart through the world. There, in the horrors of prisons, lunatic asylums and hospitals, in drab suburban pubs, in brothels and gambling-hells, in the salons of the elegant, the stock exchanges, socialist meetings, churches, revivalist gatherings and ecstatic sects, through love and hate, through the experience of passion in every form in his own body, he would reap richer stores of knowledge than text books a foot thick would give him, and he will know how to doctor the sick with real knowledge of the human soul.”

est said...

i am a stone rock hard cold
down from the mountains to the sea
i'm a billion years old

i am a flower in warm spring sun
from a seed and rain i came
i dance in the breeze this freedom i've won

i am a cloud adrift in the sky
scattered by wind then full with rain
i never wondered or known why

i am the void light filled space
nothing i grasp hold or let go
i am nowhere surrounding every place

i am a man two eyes two ears two legs
everything is in my reach though i touch not
all answers are one every question it begs

i am these words a page of my life
dust breathed life into my chest
took my rib made me a wife

i am a song on an instrument long broken
out into space until the end of time
'till it strikes an ear and the heart is awoken

Anonymous said...

Here's you a movie...
Treasure of the Sierra Madre...with had more God in it than any of those '50s 'biblical' flicks.
Did you know it was taken from a novel written by a mysterious reclusive?

And about death...

"To die alone, on rock under Sun at the brink of the unknown,like a wolf, like a great bird, seems to me very good fortune indeed."
-Ed Abbey

Gracias friend Les,
-the beggar (among Saints, that's y'all)

Anonymous said...

Ginnie, I love you.
May the sun nuture your garden and caress you with his arms of warmth and light.
May you never want.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Suicide Antipasto and the Age of Hypocrisy.>

John C (UK) said...

I had to look up paliwood

Anonymous said...


LOL, brilliantly funny.

Regarding Noah, The Urantia Book says the only time the surface of the earth was completely covered by water was during those Archeozoic ages before the land had begun to appear. That was long before Noah, but Noah was real and there was a flood in his area. He and his family lived in a houseboat and only they survived that flood.

The history revisionist gollums invented the worldwide flood story. They wanted to trace themselves back to Adam but that was a difficult fiction for them to pull off so they killed everyone off in the flood story and then traced themselves back to Noah.

I can't afford new movies, probably wouldn't want to anyway. I watch my old stuff, especially, "Pirates Of The Caribbean," "The Fifth Element," "Brother Sun, Sister Moon," "Ladyhawke," "Shakespeare In Love." Lately I've been watching, "Bridget Jones Diary," Don't know why. I just like it. Also get "West Wing" and "Jesus of Nazareth" on Netflix.

Carry on, dearie. Moving is highly stressful. Consider beer.



Ginnie said...


Thank you for the love! And as the place is the Mojave desert...the sun will definitely embrace...but, hopefully, not scorch me!

Almost missed this post because of the new blog!

coletteonice said...

Very gorgeous poem est...may I copy it?
Would like to do an oil pastel accompaniment.

missing munich said...

I work in einem Pflegeheim fuer Alte Leute, and every day is a struggle. To follow your heart or to follow the rules. I decided to bend all rules to the point where I am still legal and won't loose my license, but I am committed to be there to listen and laugh with my patients. Nothing gives them more pleasure than "shooting the shit" (sometimes literally unfortunately - sorry for he visual...) and telling all sorts of off-the-wall-life-stories. Today a lady told me her story about rolls of toilet paper that she would hoard just in case the government would stop making it (her greatest fear is running out), and it made my day :-)Just saying. Can't wait to get back to the homeland (D), work im Pflegeheim there and hear their crazy stories.
Love your work and am looking for it every day. It keeps my head on straight, for sure.

Unknown said...

Ginnie, you're mother was a very wise woman! Thank you for following in her footsteps and passing the learning on to us. You have the answer to a full life!


Mick Hoss said...

"It cost 125,000,000 dollars to pass through the Hollywood intestinal system." A true and rare "lol" for me. Thank you.

est said...

certainly, colletonice

i'm pleased those words inspire you

let me know what becomes of it


Visible said...

A new Petri dish is up now-

Dirty Harry Sun Bathing at the Dead Pool .

Prakash Mishra said...

Many religious communities spent millions or billions $ to spread there orthodox literature. I just walk away from these peoples and their bloody creations. It just waist of time. I will donate the amount to some needy peoples rather to watch this type of movies. God may bless you for watching the movi.



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