Thursday, April 03, 2014

To Shake, to Rattle and to Roll away The Stone.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I do not want to be an alarmist so I will simply post this link and you can read between the lines just as you can read between the lines of this blatant absurdity meanwhile- and it's going on every day; people from every walk of life are going mad. Some walks of life are already mad and we have multiple examples of that by the day. It just goes on and on. This is no longer a gradual descent into madness.

Boy... you can just feel the tension in the air these days. I find my watchfulness function has gone up a couple of notches. One thing that happens when tension goes up is that the propensity toward the very actions that stir the shit go up as well. This is why those who are capable of it back away from the circus for a period. Subsequently, when things get sorted, one is not among them, having already sorted themselves.

"You mess with that boy again and I'll tear off your pecker like a piece of French bread." I just heard that on the series that's playing alongside these postings for the next few days.

Another Fort Hood shooting; they say it came out of an argument; like I said- the tension is there. It's all over the place. Not a day goes by without several examples and that is going to increase and increase, until even the perpetually sleepwalking dead, rise up from their dreaming slumber beds and the first word out of their mouths might well not be, "duh." Yea though I walk through the valley of the Zio-Ogre, I shall fear no evil other than my own fears and appetites (upon which they prey), which are controllable. One of those anonymous readers who like to prick and probe for weakness and who feel they can slip the censor by including false praise with the attendant intention for injury, sans actuality of occurrence, said something like, for someone who criticizes and puts down desire, you sure have plenty; referencing my admiration for and desire to be more like Guru Bawa. Any number of times I have said that, desire is the agent of God's will. There is certainly nothing wrong with desire rightly directed. Wrongly directed it leads to bondage, rightly directed it leads to freedom.

One of the things I have noticed in criticism of myself is that, more often than not, the criticism is fabricated out of behavior and characteristics that don't exist. This is not to say there is no call for criticism in my case; that could hardly be true but... both liars and those seeing their own distorted reflection in others, are more attracted to what is not so than what is so. That is a mystery, because the truth would not only be correct but have impact as well. I once said to Bawa, something like, "How can I be more like you more quickly." He said, "You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks." What was I to make of that? Here's a classic example of statements from source being capable of several interpretations. What I finally came up with is that one cannot get there under their own power. It's something like "all thy righteousness is as filthy rags." It's also pretty clear on The Emerald Tablet as well; although somewhat concealed.

You can fight the good fight and struggle all your life to be free of personal demons, failings and shortcomings and feel like you've been walking into a sirocco, or the Santa Anna Winds. Every little bit of progress is hard won and you might feel you've hardly gotten anywhere with all your efforts. We are what we are, until we are not, if we are not who we are in the process.

When we are "ourselves again, with yesterday's seven thousand years", everything is relevant and everything makes sense in the context because you are in context. You reflect an accurate picture, meaning you can see yourself as you are. Automatic with this (and not as often mentioned) is that you can see others and other things as they actually are. It has been likened to awakening from a dream.

The author of a best selling book on a predicted future is in the news today. At one point he says, "The short-term goal is to create a 'brain pacemaker' for Alzheimer's patients, so they can push a button and they'll know who they are and where they live." He also says a lot of things that are either totally misinformed or he is consciously misinforming. For instance, he says, "I have something called the caveman principle, or the cavewoman principle, that determines whether certain inventions will be rejected or accepted by the population." He says nothing about the suppression of inventions or the grooving of history for the profit of the few; not to mention the rewriting of history in order to control the present and the future. In this case, the self styled elite are racing against time because of the increasing impact of the works of Mr. Apocalypse upon the public mind. Big lies are on the verge of being exposed and... once they are, the liars will lose considerable power. Of course, in the worst ways, they are also exposing themselves and there's going to be a lot more of that.

I won't go into what I believe to be glaring errors in this authors perspective on various things, except to say a lot of it does not match up with ageless wisdom.

Last night, as I lay in my bed in this empty house; everyone else is away at the moment, I was thinking about the coming West Coast Earthquake and other possibilities such as Yellowstone. It got very visual and I could see a tsunami many hundreds of feet high rolling toward the coast. It felt like one of those dreams when you are falling from a height and there was a roaring sound like the mother of all trains. I could see the waves pass over the Hollywood Hills and into The Valley, or whatever is on the other side. I could see the headlines and listing of people who were gone and the real list was impossible to make because there were so many. I could see San Francisco through some kind of a shimmer. Perhaps that was the result of all of the buildings swaying and then most of them crumbled and a huge crevasse opened right through the city all the way down to Daly City. All kinds of people and things were in freefall down into it. It looked like the people in The Tower card of the Tarot...

The Tower, Rider Deck
The Tower, Rider Deck

...I could feel the indescribable shock of the nation and the world. There were many serious associated effects that played into Mr. Apocalypse's goals.

I fell asleep but did not stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. Then I lay there, probing the darkness in my mind until some light and imagery arrived. I do this kind of thing quite often, probing at the 'incoming'. The reason we see through a glass darkly, as opposed to seeing into an ass darkly, in search of an iPhone5, is because much of the future is not fixed. Of course, a lot of it is fixed for one reason; people are resistant to change. If one were to fully embrace change there is the distinct possibility that they would pass by or through death. This is why 'change' is associated with The Death card.

The Death Card, BOTA Deck
The Death Card, BOTA Deck

Unlike The Rider Waite, which only deals with more superficial aspects; the surface definition of death, The BOTA deck (shown) has a skeleton which is twisted at two important junctures of the spine. You also see a river taking a sudden bend toward the sun, which is the source of all light. The twists occur at the waist and the neck. This is to indicate locations, from one to the other, for the passage of the light force toward the secret kingdom of immortality. This is to say that when the force is directed outward and becomes established in that manner of expression, death will be the result. Should one through keen and penetrating in-sight and the favor of the ineffable, reverse this course, the result is very different and so beautiful and filled with wonder that one beggars the description by seeking to put it into words.

The strides possible for one to make in their youth are not as available in middle age, due to a great deal of added inertia, due to established mindsets; fixed patterns and all the operational magnetics that were put into place over the course of life experiences. Most people can't pack it up and head off... somewhere, inside or out ...because life associations act like anchors on this consideration. This is not to say that one can't get everything they seek wherever they may be. Lahiri Mahasaya comes to mind. Of course, he had association with Babaji so, there you are, or there he is anyway. The effect of the serpent force is clearly evident upon his face.

You can 'rise' to the occasion, or you can sink under the weight of predictable circumstance. The very force that is the cause of our bondage is the force that sets us free. In times of material darkness, the low end energies of materialism pull upon this force. It is literally sucked out of you and all of that is defined as exercising your rights of free expression (which is not free). Those in cooperative depravity see each other as kinsmen and the occasional exceptions as fools, dreamers or mad. It's the price of admission, or better stated, departure.

I have no idea if the dramatic Earth changes I was watching are going to come to pass, or not. I believe a lot of that depends on human actions and choices made. Just as there is great tension among us at this time, there is great tension in the Earth. Earth mirrors the human state. We'll see.

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Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Lovely, thank you.

Indeed it has been difficult to get normal ( whatever that means for anyone ) 'shut-eye' time.

Maybe humans are following Pacha Mama's stirring, conflict and earthshaking resolution. Individuals (as defined by - those who have reached a state of indivisible duality ) will have some tango lessons available.

Kali is getting the orchestra ready, the drums are setting the beat and the rhythm - Cumbre Viejo anyone?

Be well, be Alert

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks."

This brings to mind something Jiddu Krishnamurti said about not fighting yourself. Just let yourself evolve (as you intended before birth). I am everything now I wanted to be when I was still a food product. . .I mean teenager. Well, I was a little slow and didn't stop being a food product until I was 32, but hey. Some of us are slow to wake up. (One reason I CAN'T STAND crotch droppings is how I was when I was a wee sprog. And then I end up disavowing all my genetic ties. I shoulda been char-broiled the day I was born they'd be a'thinkin' if they all knew what's become of me, no doubt. Then again, considering what I think of existence on the Physical Plane, I think that might have been a good idea, too. But I wasn't, so I might as well make use of all available to me in the best (worst?) possible way. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Of course I tried to force myself to be like what I now am when I was a teenager, it didn't work, I was a nutcase for it; not that I'm not a nutcase now, but in a better way. But in this society you don't want to be considered 'normal', so hey. 'Normal' people have so many self-imposed problems, and I can't think of but a small handful that I have that can be fixed; but that wouldn't be very nice so I'll let everything work itself out on its own.

Anonymous said...

Richard, no Cumbre Vieja, please!! I live on the east coast of Florida and would prefer not to be washed away. :)

Actually, I've visualized that very thing a time or two and wonder what it would be like to see that wave coming at me. I try to remember to speak the name Ahmitabba Budda upon the appearance of imminent death so as to at least not ever have to come back to earth ( as Vis has mentioned in the past).

I had a very troubled sleep last night,too. And the animals in the distance have been howling at the darkness for the past two nights now as we'll. tension???

On a happy note, I laughed my ass off at the appearance of the words, "Seeing in the ass darkly, for my iPhone 5." Vis, that was hilarious! :)


BCii said...

"You can fight the good fight and struggle all your life to be free of personal demons, failings and shortcomings and feel like you've been walking into a sirocco, or the Santa Anna Winds. Every little bit of progress is hard won and you might feel you've hardly gotten anywhere with all your efforts. We are what we are, until we are not, if we are not who we are in the process."

This is exactly how I feel. The gulf between 'ideal me' and 'actual me' seems hardly to have narrowed. I struggle with the same things now as I did at age nine... I'm off to investigate what insights there may be to be gleaned from those who know better than I the beast that ails me.

Aelios Kalypso said...

You've mentioned inertia a couple of times recently.

Remember that inertia is not only what keeps us still, but also what keeps us going, once we are in motion. It is resistance to change, whether that be starting or stopping.

As you said, "The very force that is the cause of our bondage is the force that sets us free."

- - -

(1) a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged

(2) Physics a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.

Anonymous said...


What with the 2 upcoming, back to back total lunar blood red moon eclipses starting April 15 (which just so happen to coincide with two major Jewish holidays), something spectacular is cooking in their twisted meth lab:

Yo, Robert the astrologer......what say you about all of this

Richard said...


Between the title of this piece, that iPhone comment, Mas and Mas Visible plays the humour guitar, as usual.

Now we only have to wonder if the picture was taken from undigested food, expressed as intestinal gas, and the rough landing. Surely that other Jim, the Stone kind will have a long article on it.

Be well, be Alert

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

“Other desire means material desire. Because we are spirit soul, our desires should be spiritual. Just like human being should desire like a human being, not like a dog. The… To desire like the dog, that is other desire, and to desire like a human being, that is real desire.

Our philosophy does not teach to become desireless. That is not possible. Desire must be there.”
Prabhupāda: Because they have no eyes to see. They say that “The body is finished. Now…” Gatākāśa potakāśa. They give the example, just like within the pot there is sky, and outside the pot there is sky and when the pot is broken, the within sky mixes with the outside sky.

Bahulāśva: So we say that within the pot, or the body, there is consciousness, and that remains eternally individual.

Prabhupāda: Yes. That is said by Kṛṣṇa. It is not our imagination.

Jai Srila Prabhupada!

Anonymous said...

very interesting synchronicity in your visuals of earthquake on west coast. yesterday (perhaps while you were in bed with your visions) i was reading a book i happened to just pick up -- no obvious intention. it contained a number of edgar cayce readings and the description of what you saw in los angeles and sf was almost identical to what he saw in his trance state -- as well as what was recorded by a 17-year-old boy in 1936(?) who'd had a head injury and went in and out of a trance state for several days during which he saw almost exactly what you described. interesting indeed!

the thread that tantalizes is how our minds are one and somehow -- we are (many of us no doubt) seeing through a veil to something else at this particular 'time'.

thank you for you post


David Alan McBride said...

Mr. Visible, when Bawa told you "You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks." The first thing that came to mind was from Ashtavakra Gita: "Just as the all-pervading space is both inside and outside the pot, so also the eternal all-pervading Consciousness is immanent in all beings and objects."

Thank you very much for that Gita. WOW is all I can say. Thanks again Mr. Visible.

galen said...

Off topic, but today this reminder from Mark gave comfort:


Anonymous said...

Boy... you can just feel the tension in the air these days. I find my watchfulness function has gone up a couple of notches. One thing that happens when tension goes up is that the propensity toward the very actions that stir the shit go up as well. This is why those who are capable of it back away from the circus for a period. Subsequently, when things get sorted, one is not among them, having already sorted themselves.
Yes the tension is in the air.That tension just caused me to quit my job do to threats from co-workers(boy blacks really hate gays).I really wish the TPTB would stop using people like me on their chess board in this insane inhuman game there playing(I hate what's going on as much as anyone here).Yep I'm checking out of the circus to heal my wounded soul, getting ready to do some serious hiking and talking with the creator and lady nature. I've read your blog for 2-3 years now but never posted, materialism is a death sentence to the soul. Looks like your not the only one with change coming, thank you for this blog it helped me today more than you'll ever know!! peace to all

Anonymous said...

On the Cumbre Vieja, La Palma, Canary Island postulated tsunami
referred to in earlier responses.

I'm persuaded by the information, with references, in the article below. The author gives links to Dutch, Spanish, and Brit studies and reports.
The graphics in the vclips were taken from the BBC's "Horizon" show.
"The research and TV program were funded by Insurance companies.
The ‘research organisation’ which provided the information for the BBC Horizon program is largely funded by their parent organisation." The insurance companies are for hazard insurance, it says.
Canary Island Tsumani ?? You have nothing to fear !

The same material is found in

Thanks to Les V.
Best wishes to all.

Anonymous said...

why the big push? The Divine have a schedule of it's own. whats the advantage of a rush? All living beings on this planet, rush all long, spinning 24 hours a day on a blue ball that rides on a fixed trajectory around a yellow ball. and it really gets them no where at all.

Who gives a shit if Jim is right or wrong. The truth always surfaces like creme. I know dang well.. I aint loosing any sleep over any of this. I aint worried all night about the animals leaving yellow stone. I'm aware of both, but i dang sure ain't captivated by it.

a damn trite silly, really.

this all reminds me of this:

"We are constrained by the
inkblot that has been rotated out of the solution, but we are free to explore whatever
inkblot is now visible"

i could post more.. but really, who fucking cares? I could tell you many marvelous things! but really, then i would just end up thinking for you.. and well.. fuck that. i have hard enough time thinking for myself. LOL!

with that,

"And he went his way
through the crowds and
left them, and he
returned to the everyday
world of men and machines."


zepheri said...

american eagles wait while mellow man wordsmiths
devour final hours.
plugged in for hours on a finger tipped delight in a brain worthy flight.
if these waves fail to soar would this life be considered a bore.

zepheri said...

ye who write on shit house walls
roll their shit in little balls
ye who read these words of wit
eat those little balls of shit

dedicated to national broadcasting
from the tongue of uncle ruffle
(top half repost, grin)

bigloner said...

Wise guy eh? How do know he didn't save his Italian Dressing from dinner? Those guys are trained to do that you know. Yeah...yeah...that's the ticket, he knew what they were going to do, so he saved his dressing.

Lubabitz Asskamnazi

Skepticfrog said...

I hope you are ALL wrong with your expectations of coming bad times until I'm out of this Godforsaken country for good. Just a few more months please, just a few...

Then, finally, the Anglo(&Jew) stranglehold of the world will be over, lasting over 300 years.

Once Amerika falls, the others (UK, Canada, Australia, Israel) will follow.
The evils of the world can easily be correlated with the ascendance of England as an anglo-power giving birth to the USA, and during the last century destroying the evolving humane and genteel civilization(s) of continental Europe (in WWI) and giving birth to the darkest of Satanic Evil by the Balfour Declaration in 1917 (England) and of Soviet Russia and the judeobolsheviks (USA's Jew bankers via Trotsky).
WWII was just an inescapable outcome and logical development of WWI and it's aftermath - including mutilating millennia old countries willy-nilly at the whims of idiots and evil maniacs - those mostly of the anglosaxon persuasion from both continents.

It was the same satanic evil Balfour, who not only created the Balfour declaration in 1917, but in 1907 already advocated WAR(!) to curb the ascendance of German technology and economic development. Yes, the record is there, or rather here; quoted verbatim from 1907, recorded by White's daughter:

White (US ambassador):"If you wish to compete with German trade, work harder"
Balfour: "That would mean lowering our standard of living. Perhaps it would be simpler for us to have a WAR(!)."
White: I"m shocked that you (...) should enunciate such principles"
Balfour: "Is it a question of right or wrong? Maybe it is just a question of keeping our supremacy."

Look at the world today, with China (and Russia) ascending. The SAME profoundly sick and arrogant anglosaxon mentality prevails. If these f**kers don't collapse first, they'll destroy the civilized world just as the British - with substantial American help - did in Europe in, and with WWI.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope that tsunami doesn't materialize, because I'm stuck right here in LA. If it weren't for my daughter and estranged significant other, I would have high-tailed it outta here long ago. I believe Kubrick had it right when he said that a sort of malignancy hangs over smell A.

Those bison looked pretty ridiculous following that paved road. What is that? Can't be good for the knees..

Taoist yoga refers to the cranial pump and the lumbar pump in which the natural curves of the spine are sort of straitened out to 'pump' the seminal energy upward to the cranium.

I have stopped smoking weed this month, so I haven't been sleeping well either, and the tension is palpable. One less thing to be dependent on. Anyone else experiencing an increase in 'shivers?' I seem to be getting them all the time and it is a little embarrassing. I can only imagine what I look like.

Anyway, just rambling here. Take care folks and thanks for the space.


Anonymous said...

People who use LOL are definitely not mental giants.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

In the Land of The Me and the Home of the Slave..

insiam said...

Some very odd comments today! Seems to me that a bunch of trolls are attempting to lower the tone following Visibles anouncement that he won't be commenting. 'Whilst the cats away ....."

Those bison running are a poor photo-shop or whatever they do to doctor a video :) Look at their feet - they don't touch the ground like they are floating.

Anonymous said...

Insiam at 10:20,

They're playing good troll/bad troll starting with anonymous at 10:14.


est said...

weed is a gift from god, himself
it is sunshine we can share with, him/her

a sacrament to be celebrated
just as the rest, of the material universe

Anonymous said...


that is how I've felt about it for the longest. But since my back started killing me, I have been smoking basically all day everyday. It is a true blessing at 3am when you can't stop hurting and just want to die. Alas, I can't justify the cost or the dependency. I like how Visible sneaks in some truth regarding the matter in 'Spiritual Survival in a Material World.'


not sure I can get enough resolution to tell if the bison's feet are touching the ground. seems like a lot of work with the shadows and such but then again i know next to nothing about these things>>>



Anonymous said...

Bad news: Vegetarian diets have a major drawback -- vitamin B12 deficiency. Good news: They have a pill for that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Rat Singers, Sirens and Flaming Dumpsters.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Good news - raw milk is rich in thiamin and B-12. Real B-12.

Especially Guernsey and Jersey cows.



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