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Mr. Apocalypse and the Judgment Face of God.

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The radio show has not yet manifested. I'll make mention of it when it happens.

It's always good to start off a blog posting with good news and definitely great to close one with the same thing. I include entertaining and uplifting in that same category so... here goes (grin). Following that, I just got my new novel back from the editor, who makes Speedy Gonzalez look like a laggard by comparison. I had never in my wildest dreams expected this kind of speed. Kudos, Dave! Of course, if he gives me permission to post his name I will do so. I never know how comfortable people feel being associated with me (grin). Anyway, it looks like we might well have it out for my birthday, which was always my wish and- regardless- it will be out some time in the next couple of weeks, once the reviewers have given me their read on the book and the ending and once the cover and back cover arrive at my Inbox, we'll have it up on Amazon, or hopefully somewhere else that prints on demand because Amazon rips off a huge chunk of the money from me and also takes withholding taxes out, even though I pay my taxes in Europe. I don't quite know what to do about any of that; ideas? The digital copy of the book will be up on the website, as soon as the details for that get ironed out. Failing that we will have it somewhere else. Yahoo!!!

Now I can turn my attention to recording all of those long overdue albums and publishing that collection of Neil Roger's poetry along with 'In Memorium' commentaries, from those wishing to make a personal statement, along with the inclusion of 20 to 30 of the most favorite poems picked by each individual commentator. It had always been my intention to publish this book as an anniversary release (that's usually how these things are done.) which would mean, if I remember aright, somewhere in the neighborhood of Valentine's Day, so there is plenty of time to get your portion of the book into my hands. I caught a small whiff of behind the scenes controversy recently and the usual plottings, which makes me laugh more and more as I encounter them. It is nothing short of amazing how these things come to my attention. I should probably give a heads up to all of you out there who are engaged in this. You should be aware that not everyone is who you think they are and are more than willing to tell me what goes on; are even involved and playing along for no other reason than to inform on you. All of my friends are not invisible (grin).

One of the things that never fails to astound me, is the off the cuff, knee jerk reflex, propensity for people to make assessments and pass judgments on things that they were not present for. Earlier this year I was witness to this taking place, simply as a result of an unsupported blog posting, very quickly removed. I didn't bother to read it or the comments. I'm simply going on what I was told and though I had a host of witnesses and my accuser had none, I was painted as the bad guy. The truly amusing part of it is that while this was 'not taking place', a collection of Indians, as a result of the pronouncements of an (allegedly) 300 year old guru, were declaring me an incarnation of deity. You can't make this sort of thing up. Well, you can but it would sound preposterous. The interesting counterpart to all of this is that I am completely forgiving of the slanders and way over the top exaggerations but not so on the other side, oh no, my precious (grin). The thing is that you pretty much only hear about the presumed bad stuff but you don't hear about the good stuff like the more than a dozen visits I have received from and made with others, where conditions were not much different than in any other case. Of course, my engagement with certain comestibles was lower but... as anyone being truthful about the matter will tell you, you can hardly notice the effect of any of it on me in the first place (most of the time-grin).

What puzzles me is the sudden appearance of several people who had been in remission but who suddenly sprang to life in a sort of negative carpe diem, almost as if they had been on notice and awaiting it all, like it had been set up in the first place. I know in one situation the individual operates under an alias and is in expatria, indicating all sorts of possibilities. In another instance there is association with morally questionable enterprise. Then there is someone under the influence of a demented Madame Cleo, who gives her questionable marching orders, in order to hang on to a meal ticket. I feel like I can almost see something, tantalizingly close, in a peripheral way but I can't get a handle on it. It's elusive. This is all Mr. Apocalypse's territory and I expect him to take care of it. That's one of the reasons I remain so optimistic, regardless of what obstacles and stumbling blocks get placed in my way. I know Mr. A. is going to shine a light on all of it in his own time and in his own way. That includes me too and I'm more than comfortable with it, given that it can only lead to vindication for me.

I'm speaking obliquely in this posting and I've got my reasons for both speaking about it and the oblique presentation, as it were/was. I get a most definite sensation that things are really going to come steaming round the mountain (when she comes) in the next couple of months, in a very big way. All the signs are there, more than enough signs if you know how to read them. As I have mentioned before, the bad guys are racing against time, racing against Mr. Apocalypse, which is a pretty futile thing to do because Mr. Apocalypse is behind and ahead of everything; what has been, what is and what is yet to come. Mr. Apocalypse is The Judgment Face of God and he's coming and wearing the Mask of a Thousand Faces; the Hero with a Thousand Faces (according to Joseph Campbell). Joseph Campbell is referred to as an atheist. I suspect many people fall under that heading, who are not specifically so. Many serious thinkers and powerful intellects have an extreme contempt for religion and the ends to which it has been put. The reverse is also true. People's minds are very complex in terms of the conclusions and perspectives they come to. One thing you see fairly seldom and much more seldom, as time goes by, is an open mind. When we give up our open mind, we become the captive of something. We become the prisoner of something. We become the servant of one or another God of limitation. What we need to understand is that there are no Gods of Limitation. That is not the province of Gods. I'll leave it to your imagination whose province it is.

Anyway, we might tend to forget that Mr. Apocalypse applies to us all. All of us who share the general space and time frame on this plane, are engaged at some level with the industry of Mr. Apocalypse and Mr. Apocalypse is what one might call 'dual use'. This should be an important factor to all of us, given what one side of that dual use implies. The whole dynamic can be seen in terms of degrees of a wakeup, either quite forgiving and assistive, or quite stern and unforgiving; in terms of the intention of awakening. In other words, you wake up or else you get woke up, period.

One would think that anyone and everyone would be deeply concerned about the actions of a force of such uncompromising and relentless efficiency as Mr. Apocalypse. One would think you would want to be on the good side of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of us are doing our very best to get on Mr. A's good side, which is why there is such a serious emergence of 'so called' truthers but what I mean is, anyone who is gainfully employed in the process of revelation, in some shape or fashion. Since 'imitation is the most sincere form of flattery', it stands to reason that the object of that flattery is more impressed by activities in that direction, as opposed to those who are employed at covering things up and also messing things up. You'd think this whole construct would be seen in terms of basic survival, especially by those who place such a premium value on it, given their low brow awareness of real existence and the endless stretch of it but, for some reason, Low Brow City has something in the air and something in the water that clouds the operative clarity of undimmed vision, with psychosis and neurosis, as well as obsessions and compulsions in vast multiples. These serve to interfere with cognitive function and nothing short of a baseball bat to the forehead, or back of the head, will get the attention of far too many of us these days. Well, the guy with that particular baseball bat is in the on deck circle, warming up at this very moment, which is what I mean when I make reference to the next portion of this year. To be generous, let's include the whole of the rest of the year as containing, at some point, the sweeping upheavals and irrevocable change I am speaking of.

Ergo, keep a weather eye out. There are some numbers of us perched in the crow's nest. There are some greater numbers of us not so much perched as shackled. As Mr. Apocalypse is also involved in the business of liberation, after the long hibernation of nightmare sleep, those who have struggled for so long... or come late to the party, are now in line for various promotions in respect of our particular direction. I'll close with something Christ once said (I think it was Christ). It was part of a parable if I remember correctly, might even have been the prodigal son. Someone was arguing about the treatment the prodigal son was receiving (must have been the good son) when he had never left home and always served the father well. I suggest looking up what the father had to say about it all and how that relates to those who have come late to the party.

I'll leave you with this.

End Transmission.......

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Zoner said...

Hearty congrats on reaching the finish line with your novel! It always helps when one is ably assisted and aware of the process by which truly inspired art flows.
I look forward to experiencing the resulting journey.


Unknown said...

"you wake up or else you get woke up"

That is actually quite comforting. It's nice to have a backup plan!

DaveR said...

Thanks for the thanks.

I'm not the editor. I'm the layout guy. You may direct any contacts toward me, especially if there is some paying work involved.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings to get some $ for my efforts somewhere along the way here.

Also, if you send the stuff for the poetry book, I'll build that too.

BTW, you still have some proofing to do...

Visible said...

I'm pretty sure I answered those comments on the proofing in the email. Mayhaps that was overlooked in the complexity of everything else.

I'm pretty sure mention was made about the financial angle as well. It must have just been very complex along the route is all I can figure (grin- supposing one would fit here)

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the birthday boy this week. August 22nd, is it?


Anonymous said...

A promotion!!?

If it's coming for me, I'll take it, thank you Mr. apocalypse! Looking forward to rising out of the dirt. :)

Can't wait for the book, Vis! My credit card is ready and I'm calling now. :) Looking forward to the release. And, considering what you said in the last paragraph there, I hope I'm still here to buy it when that time comes! If my time comes first, well then I'll be sure to take it out from the Akashic Records Library (just hope my card hasn't expired).

Speaking of signs, millions of dollars in food, water and antibiotics to be delivered to FEMA Region III in Amerika by October 1st. (That would be DC, Maryland, Delaware, both Virginia's, and Pennsylvania). The 360,000 UN troops that are supposedly here already are required to have their nine week training course in the use of US weapons systems, "urban warfare", and learning English completed by..... October 1st! The Emergency Broadcast System will be broadcasting tests DAILY beginning September 26 and running to sometime in.... the1st week in October. DHS employees who use guns in their job description are required to qualify with their shotgun, AR-15, and sidearm no later than... September 27th! National Gaurd riot control and disaster training to be completed by the end of September. 300 school distrcts in the US are required to have 3 day emergency kits for each student to be delivered by October 1st. 14.2 million dollars worth of MRE's to be delivered to Region III by... October1st. 2800 of those friendly looking MRAP armored vehicles are to be delivered to DHS by... October 1st. NO leave for any US military from September 28 to November 5th. Northcom yearly training for "civil unrest" to be suspended until September 27th and to be performed in Northeast coastal areas. Coordinated testing of GPS and communication satellites (first time EVER) to be done on September 29th. Yes, there's more, but you get the picture. Apologies for the run on paragraph. The source of this info came from a study of National Preparedness Research by Ret. State Senator of South Dakota Sheldon R. Songstad. And from another Internet source about 3 weeks ago ( sorry no link).

Well, time to get back to casting out all thoughts! And why not after all of that! :D

Not trying to cause fear, btw. Just making folks aware. Is it all true? I have no idea, but it is interesting. And, I suspect, "all under control." Now where have I heard that before? :)

Jim in FL (and not under water, yet)

Rob in WI said...

We've been talking a bit about chubby girls of late. Check out the lead picture at
Be well, all, Rob

Visible said...

Wow Jim!

Yeah, I was thinking October; why I said next two months. There's none of that sort of thing over here so it makes one wonder what Europe will think. We know sooner or later they have to hammer down because all of their lies are catching up with them and along with what they've done to the economy people are going to be out for blood. Citizen response and rebellion is showing up all over the place. Small time at the moment but it will grow

DaveR said...

I want to post a clarification on the book I built for Vis.

Yes, he is paying me our agreed amount. It's a fair amount for the work and he's not shied away from the issue at all.

When I said that he could send paying clients it's not because Vis won't pay, it's because I get many 'offers' to do work for free. One woman actually was offended that I would charge for my time when (her words) "All you do is sit at a computer and press some buttons..." Needless to say our professional relationship did not flourish.

So, to be clear, I have no problems with Vis, especially since he puts it out all the time and does it for FREE. Yes friends, he puts it out for free.

The book is 98% ready. Just some very minor proofing yet to go. I stand ready.

It also shows that I shouldn't post first thing in the morning.

dirtykid© said...

Congrats on the book, I'll make no promises as my credit card is fictional, but maybe I can find a willing proxy.

The Amazon 'tax' thing? is that 'sales tax' or 'income tax'? Sales tax might be unavoidable (although I thought that was added to the books cost when ordered from certain states), but there must be some waiver to sign for the income tax... I have found this: which is directed towards U.K. residents, so there must be similar for the rest of Europe.


Old reader said...

When can i buy it? Read the last one about four and a half times since i bought it way over a year ago :)

.......must. Have. New. Read.........must. Have!

Visible said...

Odd that. So I'll post them and strip. I'm thinking that will counteract the things.


Here they are:



I would have hotlinked but I got to go pick someone up.

Anonymous said...

hi Visible you should check out for book distribution - you can send them PDF files and they can then print the book on demand as it's ordered and in different formats.

the gardener said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sim, Happy pre Birthday Vis. :)

the gardener

neal said...

God does not set limits? I heard that being tossed around, back in the day. "Listen to me, you will not die, cross the street without looking, kill your twin, it's all good!"

Do what you want, think it, be a god! No wonder this damned War just is becoming one thing and another.

Even demons are thanking the One for certain limitations, the only Hope for Man is dancing around in that.

Those ugly ones are lining up for limit, not to far, too fast. All the heavens rejoice, and are confused at so many that choose lies over service.

Roth Cop said...

According to the Stark Raving Viking:

"The Definition of a 'Roth Cop' is any police officer, military troop, or any official who has sold out to the globalists, UN, Agenda 21, the bankers, and international organized crime."

Visible said...

Thank you, I'm already on to Lulu and arranging to go in that direction. It's the wise choice.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Jim in FL. . .is this the link:


Title to above link: FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st- “DHS Buiding An Army” Warns Marine Colonel

Les, tons of sources are agreeing with your timeline. And if I'm lucky and get shuffled off this year to the next realm, I'll see ya on the Otherside. You're welcome to my worlds, even if a few may be like Thomas Kinkade meets the Twilight Zone.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to enlarge the comments made about Joseph Campbell's religious orientation. Though he may have been an atheist (or possibly agnostic), when the time came to bury his lovely wife who he adored and spent his life with , he requested a full Christian burial for her. Perhaps when one of the greatest events happens in ones life, you take extra precautions and honor such a task with deep reverence.

Anaughty Mouser said...

"The shaman people that inhabited North and South America prior to its brutal Anglo European takeover built a vast and organized civilization. They lived in structured societies that were democratic and very connected with spirituality and nature. There was very little sickness and they had medicinal plants for every condition which were far superior to today’s pharmaceuticals. The indigenous people were extremely happy, things like depression, mental illness, crime or greed were not nearly as prevalent in their culture, as is seen in ours.

...the kind of mass violence seen in the west was certainly not present. There were many different tribes scattered throughout North and South was literally a whole new world inhabited by a vast network of societies each with their own unique culture.

One common myth about the native people is that they had no respect for property rights or trade. In reality native cultures had complex systems of trade which even included various currencies, using anything from shells to animal pelts...

To say that there was just one civilization here before colonization began would be a disservice to the diverse culture of the pre Columbus Americas. Making the generalization that every tribe in that hemisphere was the same would be like saying that Canada, Mexico and the United States had identical cultures today.

Contrary to the Europeans claims that the Americas were a vast uninhabited wilderness*, there was actually a massive native population that numbered in the hundreds of millions**.

Traces of this large population seemed easy enough to destroy at first, considering the natives put a great deal of care into making as little an impact on their environment as possible. However, as time passes archaeologists are continuing to uncover evidence that the pre-Columbus civilizations were much more advanced and populated then the historical record tells us."

* The Balfour letter was based on Palestine being a few Arab tribes in an otherwise empty desert.

** In ca 1550 Egypt had 6 million inhabitant, now is 80 million. The 85 million slaughtered indigenous Americans would now be half a billion.

We Anglo-Europeans killed a beautiful culture living in harmony with nature and each other instead of learning from it. The polluted, debased, violent and corrupt American culture of today is what we have achieved.

Shut it all down and let the continent and the world heal. We failed miserably through greed and usury. Our continent is a toilet and our families and our relation with Gaia and God are broken.

Anonymous said...

Time for a new religion. Better still - time for everyone to come up with her or his own.

The truthers are on the move because for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction - physics and metaphysics as well. The offspring of the father of lies have had their run for far too long, their time is up; the harder they try to stop their demise by way of truth outting them - the more truth will out.

Anonymous said...

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To meet Nobody,
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Anonymous said...

Wow Vis,
Yeah a lot of sources ive come across recently on
tinternet are mentioning the next couple of months!
It's like we are witnessing the final wobble stage before the punch drunk heavyweight hits the canvas with a resounding thud.
Loads of mysterious synchronicities abound with acceleration, like a Hollywood car chase choreography, turning corners with a fearless certainty.
Its exciting to let mr apocalypse take the wheel and recline In the passenger seats with a redundant "I fucking told you so" t-shirt.
All the best

Rob in WI said...

Re football injuries; I believe all the focus on injury prevention, and protective gear, adds to the problem. A helmet, heavy and well padded, becomes a weapon. Sure, spearing is illegal, but it happens anyway. Padding lets you make harder hits without being hurt. Rule changes are just that; rules are made to be broken. Artificial turf, and aggressive shoe design add to the problem.
I played rugby for 3 years back in the '60's. We used no protective gear, but only standard soled athletic shoes were worn. We had bruises and sprains, but the worst injury I witnessed in that time was a broken collar bone. The play, the hits, were pretty intense, fueled by youthful recklessness and alcohol (in moderation, of course).
The football team used leather helmets and thin shoulder pads, and we teased them about being pussies. They said "well, we're not allowed alcohol".
There weren't rugby scholarships though, the ref wasn't paid, and we weren't "allowed" alcohol either. It was just part of the tradition.
O'well, enough reminiscing. Hope the injuries slack off, as we really don't need the nfl as Rollerball.
Thanks for the forum, and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

When is your birthday Vis?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States.

Visible said...

August 22nd would be the date.

Anonymous said...

The auspicious Appearance Day of Lord Balarama is observed on August 20th.

"That Maha-Visnu who lies on the Causal Ocean is actually an expansion of Balarama, who is Krsna's first expansion, and, in the Vrndavana pastimes, is the brother of Krsna. In the Hare Krsna maha-mantra the word Rama refers to Balarama."

Anonymous said...

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 5.14.13


Sometimes, to mitigate distresses in this forest of the material world, the conditioned soul receives cheap blessings from atheists. He then loses all intelligence in their association. This is exactly like jumping in a shallow river. As a result one simply breaks his head. He is not able to mitigate his sufferings from the heat, and in both ways he suffers. The misguided conditioned soul also approaches so-called sādhus and svāmīs who preach against the principles of the Vedas. He does not receive benefit from them, either in the present or in the future.


Cheaters are always there to manufacture their own way of spiritual realization. To get some material benefit, the conditioned soul approaches these pseudo sannyāsīs and yogīs for cheap blessings, but he does not receive any benefit from them, either spiritual or material. In this age there are many cheaters who show some jugglery and magic. They even create gold to amaze their followers, and their followers accept them as God. This type of cheating is very prominent in Kali-yuga.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Rat Fink Nation; King of the Garbage Heap in the Great Unwashed World.

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 3.31


Those persons who execute their duties according to My injunctions and who follow this teaching faithfully, without envy, become free from the bondage of fruitive actions.


The injunction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa, is the essence of all Vedic wisdom and therefore is eternally true without exception. As the Vedas are eternal, so this truth of Kṛṣṇa consciousness is also eternal. One should have firm faith in this injunction, without envying the Lord.

There are many philosophers who write comments on the Bhagavad-gītā but have no faith in Kṛṣṇa. They will never be liberated from the bondage of fruitive action. But an ordinary man with firm faith in the eternal injunctions of the Lord, even though unable to execute such orders, becomes liberated from the bondage of the law of karma.

In the beginning of Kṛṣṇa consciousness, one may not fully discharge the injunctions of the Lord, but because one is not resentful of this principle and works sincerely without consideration of defeat and hopelessness, he will surely be promoted to the stage of pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness.


"We should not feel resentful when we see the gap between our present position and final surrender. We should not mind that Krishna is asking of us more than we seem able to give. Neither should we feel hopeless or defeated. Our own endeavor weighs very little in our success, actually. We will be successful simply by Krishna’s mercy. So when Krishna says, “In this endeavor,” we should be clear what that endeavor is. Our endeavor is simply to put ourselves in line for mercy and accept it when it comes. We are wayward children, and Krishna is a loving father. His actions are always to rectify us to our original loving relationship with Him. Since Krishna will reciprocate with our desire, we have to learn to desire Him. We cannot lose in this, because if we want Krishna, He will give Himself to us."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Darkness at the Break of Noon as the Dawn Breaks and the Dung also Rises.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A-Listing and Immanentizing the Eschaton in Blowjob Heaven.



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