Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Orcs in the Rafters and Trolls in the Woodpile.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It must be the stress, coupled with fear and uncertainty, as primary players of the moment, in the minds of those who are not solidly rooted enough in anything, to grant them an anchor against the howling winds, inside their minds and... inside their hearts; seemingly all around them ...but it is the winds within that count. It is the winds of disturbance, within, that count.

I mention this today because there is a sudden large and noticeable uptick in strange behavior, coming out of nowhere ...and generated by nothing I am aware of. One fellow showed up in my email box yesterday, ranting and raving at me, about not doing some kind of internet search for him. He wasn't real clear. He made some comment about, “sure, you're busy but you can't be that busy” and something about having read at the blogs for 7 years and it bestowing certain privileges on him.

Then a gay guy, upset by my not taking his lifestyle choices seriously, decided he would do a segue sideways into a hissy fit that took the shape of reading me my inventory, while failing to get most of the actual items contained there. This was part of a triple pronged assault, each of which attacked with a different slander and none of which are backed up by fact in my existence but... I could see how someone who never met me, might make certain assumptions. The unfortunate thing for those who seek to off balance me, make me insecure, or get to me from one angle or another, is that they really ought to have legitimate ammunition when they come at me, otherwise it just makes me laugh to see how far off base some of these people are. I don't know if they have some kind of a Hasbara instruction book that lists the general terms (one size fits all) of intended injury, along with various delivery systems that they can employ in the pursuit of intended injury.

These are intentional sorties and have been in the planning stages for some time. The cannibal swine are ramping up the opposition because... because the wind has shifted and Mr. Apocalypse has intensified the pressure on those, whose activities are in the process of being exposed to the eyes of the world. Because of this they are releasing armies of faux human robots, who troll the web in an effort to disrupt the missions and operations of those who are in the employ of Mr. Apocalypse.

It's true that a great many people can be made very uncomfortable and discommoded by slander and name calling but... for that to have any impact or power on one, the person targeted has to be under the influence of vanity, self importance and attendant liabilities. As Lao Tzu said, “He who feels pricked must have once been a bubble”. When you can free yourself of these forces, drawbacks, shortcomings; call them what you will, nothing anyone says to you means anything, neither the good nor the bad. The good you pass back up the line. The bad reveals to you the weaknesses resident in your assailant and... should they occasionally actually hit on something valid, the sane and unencumbered soul acknowledges whatever it is and takes whatever actions are necessary. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do. We're all saddled with certain limitations that we have for some period of time, for reasons best known to whatever drives and motivates us. Sometimes we're the way we are because we have no interest in changing ourselves for the better. Sometimes, no effort we make, changes anything because we are the way we are for (drum-roll) 'the purpose of demonstration'. There are a few things that I advise anyone so inclined to have branded into their consciousness; should they be inclined to believe these statements to be true in the first place. One of them has already been stated but... let me put all of these things into the framework of a dialogue.

“What is the reason for all of the things that happen and which often make no sense to us? It is for the purpose of demonstration”. Let me call up The Bard himself and quote him, “All the world's a stage”, we act out according to certain dynamics, within the parameters of our understanding and awareness and we are the lifetime prisoners of what we believe to be real, about ourselves, about others and about all of the elements of life we have so defined, according to our appetites and values in respect of the war that goes on between them.

“What are we supposed to do about all of these terrifying and threatening things that are looming on the horizon, seem to be looming; the phantom thunders that signify a conflagration in the heavens and a storm upon the Earth?” “Everything is under control”. How can everything be under control when everything appears to be out of control? There are all kinds of ways to look at that. One of them is that the more out of balance things become, the more radical the shifts that are necessary to bring things back into sync, whatever and wherever sync is. It's been so long since sync has been around. Didn't he have something to do with the Symbionese Liberation Army? That didn't work out too well from what I remember.

The last thing that should be branded on the consciousness, will be defined in the following terse dialogue. “How come things happen in the way that they do and make no kind of sense to me”? “Things happen the way they do 'for a very good reason'. The idea is to accept that phrase, “things happen for a very good reason” as being absolute. I can hear the screeches already flooding the airwaves, when I mention something like 'an absolute'. I can hear the screeching, when I say that 'everything is under control'. Heck, I can hear it when I say 'for the purpose of demonstration' because people don't like the demonstration.. The things is, we are expressions of what we believe is true. We tell ourselves that certain things are true but we don't make a convincing argument. We say we believe something but we don't, not really. This is an argument that is made by any number of spiritual masters. What is amusing (well, maybe it's not all that funny) is that we can very easily be convinced into believing our own bullshit. That seems to be one of the easiest activities that a person can engage in. It's practically effortless.

We are seduced by our own reptile and atavistic mind, into believing all sorts of outrageous and impossible things that ,if we were sane and not a common sidewalk hooker for our appetites, would look as absurd to us as they look to everyone else, who isn't in on the scam we are running on ourselves but... to get us to believe things that rest on sound and timeless principles, which have been demonstrated in the lives of exceptional men and women, all across the centuries, well, for some reason we don't seem quite up to the task. We got big problems believing what's true and deathless. We're all day suckers for the ephemeral and transitory.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the people informing us about the deathless and true, are among the most boring people on the planet and are also part of a huge disinfo campaign, where the ministers of the established church, shill for the killers of the one upon whom the whole thing was based in the first place, in order to groom the young and clueless, into being canon fodder for the most despicable aggregate of monsters on the planet. They take the teachings of the Prince of Peace and turn them into exhortations for war.

Any halfway intelligent person, knows that these ministers are spinning a fairytale that bears no resemblance to the real thing. So you get a lot of people who call themselves atheists, running around not believing in a God that doesn't exist and effectively throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I can prove irrefutably in several ways that there is a vast hierarchy which exists in the invisible, beyond the bandwidth of the senses but not beyond the bandwidth of those who control the senses. We have the very least of existence here and the poorest choices of anything and everything, compared to what's available elsewhere and the same exceptional personages I have already mentioned attest to this.

In these times of false prophets, there are all too few, who recognize that you cannot charge money for something that is priceless. If you do, it's no longer priceless. It's like that old dialogue between a rich man and a young lady that he is trying to seduce into a sexual encounter. He asks, “Excuse me, would you go to bed with me for a millions dollars”? The lady responds near instantaneously, “Yes, yes I would” “Well, then, would you go to bed with me for a hundred dollars”? Offended, she retorts, “Of course not, what do you think I am”? He replies, “We've already established that, now we're just haggling over the price”. The reason I give out free advertising on my sites (even though I have little to no money- depending on the particular day) and do not charge for what I do, insofar as what I do has to do with the ineffable, is because I know the laws that govern certain things and I am bound and determined to honor them, irregardless of what anyone else may get up to.

Of course it's okay to charge a nominal fee for speaking engagements but not 250 dollars and up. It's okay to charge for books because it cost money to print books. Money is okay and a necessary tool. It deserves respect because it has a lot of power and will kick the shit out of you if you are not careful.

In conclusion, whenever people with phantom injuries and imagined slights, get up to seeking to diminish or tarnish me, you should be forewarned that I am extremely capable of doing that on my own and I care not one wit about the opinions of those whose motives I am very much aware of. I only care what my employer thinks and my employer will spark a resonance, or appreciation, in the hearts of those so chosen, just as the reverse will also be generated for those so chosen and the reasons for any and all of this, partial and total, will be revealed at the appropriate time. Have a nice day.

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Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Vis, you gave us some absolutes -- “things happen for a very good reason” and "everything is under control" -- and I hope you will accept mine -- nothing you write is ever boring -- absolutely! You make me laugh, weep, rage, think and sometimes dance but never do I nod off. (And believe me, others can make me nod off when I'm doing my daily puttering around on the 'puter.) So, no screeching here (grin). Having a nice day, hoping you and all are too.

flyingcossack said...

stay in the light
keep your target in sight
darkness in two
fools on the run

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"We have the very least of existence here and the poorest choices of anything and everything, compared to what's available elsewhere and the same exceptional personages I have already mentioned attest to this."

Yet we do so fight to stay here. Well, some of us. I'll just take whatever as it comes, for I can't wait until my contract is up and I can move on. I've seen it. I also work for that 'invisible hierarchy', and it seems to be my main employer these days. The pay sucks big time, but the fringe benefits are out of this world.

I'm preaching to the choir her, huh?!

Odin's Raven said...

What are the purposes of demonstration?

To show the steps of a logical proof? To show how something operates? To cause ridicule? Nowadays - to make a publicity seeking protest at the way things are?

For whom is the demonstration made? For those who participate, or those who observe, or those who run the show?

Is the demonstration effective if no one notices or understands or changes as a result of it?

Is divinity just demonstrating how the rules of existence work, and if we deserve the name 'homo sapiens' we eventually learn to understand them and improve our performance, like monkeys under test?

How do we acquire the wisdom to improve, except through bitter experience, before we become objects of demonstrations of cruder failure?

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I can prove irrefutably in several ways that there is a vast hierarchy which exists in the invisible, beyond the bandwidth of the senses..."

I agree, of course, with this... (grin)

One of my favorite recollections is when we were on the Isle of Iona (off the west coast of Scotland) with a group. In a previous trip, I had met with (real) Elves there, and knew where they were most likely to be 'seen'. As we trekked the island, sure enough, there they were. Although, I seemed to be the only one able to sense them. They came up and started looking the group over. One came up very close to a lady of the group, and I told her of this. She was not frightened, but opened up to the possibilities present. Shortly after this 'examination', a wind and rain storm blew up out of nowhere and sent our group packing. I knew that this was the (real) Elves' manner of clearing their area of 'lower consciousness' beings. Very cool.


Vis: "We have the very least of existence here and the poorest choices of anything and everything, compared to what's available elsewhere..."

Once, a group centered around a channeler, which I was among, decided to camp out in the desert a bit west of Twenty-Nine Palms, CA, in hopes of seeing UFOs. Sure enough, that night, there were all kinds of 'lights' appearing in the air. Fortunately or unfortunately, my aerospace and military background stepped in, and I knew that they were defensive flare-strings dropped for exercises at the Marine air base further east. I told the group, and became a mini-pariah.

As the group prepared for bed, though, an interesting thing happened. A small number of unseen beings walked into our camp. I let the group know, and this time we had a few sensitives who could sense their presence. They moved among the group, checking everyone out. I waved at them (grin). They came up close and examined 2-3 people. Then, they left unceremoniously.

During the time that they were there, I was asking Higher Self questions. In short, they were Pleiadians, and were good guys. They were curious about us. I have no idea whether they were unseen because they were 'up' vibrationally from our visual range (like some Druids), were 'cloaked' by some high technology, or were simply messing with our visual system in some way. It was very interesting, if somewhat enigmatic...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

I have often admired the fact that you make it in life without charging for your words of wisdom. Hopefully your other readers are in a better financial position than I am to help. My wife and I watch speakers on you tube almost every night. Sometimes I will go to their website if I like what they have to say only to find they want seventy dollars to stream a video or eighty dollars for a book they have written. I never listen to them anymore. I once read that the truth will always be free, if someone wants to charge for it, walk away. I don’t knock anyone for making a living but the amount of greed that some people exhibit is unreal. I do miss some of them. I have watched SO three minute news for a long time. I remember when he would not take donations, when he asked that nobody buy anything from his you tube store, that he was ashamed of it. Now he has a premium channel for paying customers. He is no longer in my bookmarks. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

"Faith without works is dead" or, as like to put it, if what you claim to believe doesn't change the way you live, then you don't really believe it.

"Part of the problem, I think, is that the people informing us about the deathless and true, are among the most boring people on the planet and are also part of a huge disinfo campaign, where the ministers of the established church, shill for the killers of the one upon whom the whole thing was based in the first place, in order to groom the young and clueless, into being canon fodder for the most despicable aggregate of monsters on the planet. They take the teachings of the Prince of Peace and turn them into exhortations for war."

Ever read "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, The Unbeliever", by Stephen R. Donaldson? His second "Covenant" trilogy delves into that very phenomenon. An organization that was victorious in a desperate battle against the forces evil has become, 2,000 years later, the vehicle of control and destruction used by those very same evil forces. Its high priests have taken on the name of the victorious leader from the previous battle. They feed their power source with continual human sacrifice. Black becomes white, and the natural order is turned upside down.

Of course, it's all just fantasy fiction. Nothing like that could ever really happen...

David V

Smyrna said...

'Halfway intelligent'. A great discription of those types, Vis.

The 'haflway intelligent' are where the useful idiots are sourced from.

Anonymous said...

Logical Love
She: Do you really love me? I mean really?
He: Why honey, out of the blue?
She: Well, it’s more like “out of the red”!
He: Honey, are you ok?
She: I am. But you still didn’t answer my question?
He: I love you more than anything and anyone in the world. You know that. Don’t you?
She: Does that mean you love me more than you love you?
He: You’ve got me thinking?
She: Did I offend you or something?
He: Not really, but I never had thought of that?
She: Can I trust you?
He: Come can trust me with anything. You know that. Don’t you?
He: Yes, but I don’t know what you might think?
He: Out with it, it must better be something good!
She: Can you kill me someone who has really hurt me?
He: What? You know I can’t do that? I am no killer?
She: I am not asking you to do it personally. Can you provoke someone else to do it?
He: I can’t do that. What’s the difference anyway? I can’t lie. I never lie for something like that?
She: Who ask you to lie, my TRUE lover? Just hammer the TRUTH.
He: What has he done to you anyway?
She It’s not a he, rather a sh/e.
He: Sh/e?
She Yep.
He: What has sh/e done to you?
She: Sh/e has done heaps of horrible things!
He: to?
She: So many good and evil people.
He: And?
She: All what you have to do it is to keep hammering it until someone gets mad enough to kill sh/e?
He: No honey! I can’t do that. I can’t be any part to something so...
She: Evil?
He: I can’t believe you said that!
She: Said what?
He: Never mind. I get it. What has sh/e done to you?
She: Sh/e first made a holy hole in my heart.
He: You had a crush?
She: No I was kinda grinding a grudge!
He: And?
She: Then stole my portion?
He: Portion? I didn’t know you are.... But why weren’t you hiding it?
She: Hiding? You must be kidding?
He: OK I kanda get it.
She: I was hiding it to be found you silly!
He: Sh/e stole the portion and then?
She: Swallowed it of course!
He: Just like that?
She: It was so tempting like nectar to bees!
He: What does the portion do?
She: Make evil good not to mention....
He: So are you saying sh/e is now good?
She: I see all the signs. So do you.
He: Do I know sh/e?
She: Of course, you do! In fact you do more than you know?
He: Do what?
She: Do what not?
He: I am not gonna play your game. Give me one sign I can see.
She: Compare your True Love with Sandy.
He: I don’t know of any Sandy.
She: Be patient.....
He: What’s that look?
She: It’s not the look. Call it hook. Sandy Hook. What I meant was Triplet Towers and Sandy Hook
He: I am thinking......
She: So one is a false flag with true victims and the other is.....
He: False victims with true flag.....
She: You bet! And, heaps more! You’ve got to think it to see it!!
He: Are you thinking what I am thinking?
She: You bet!

Anonymous said...

Logical Love continued.....

He: Ok I get it... But is sh/e still doing the same typical things ...
She: To him and her and pretending to be like him and her....
He: You bet!
She: Because sh/e had the Prole version of Portion.
He: Prole version? and sh/e didn’t know?
She: So sh/e wants to go for mass production of the portion.
He: Oh, no! I can’t help....but
She: Laughing?
He: No, No.... Crying!
Sh/e: You so soo sooo sentimental soul.
He: So you have an Elite version?
She: You sound like you prefer the ....
He: It’s not what you think but...
She: It’s what you feel?
He: Something like that.
She: The Elite version is not for anyone to steal.
He: Hidden in a safe and secure place.
She: You bet!
He: So why can’t you and I mass produce?
She: It’s a matter of time, cost and convenience.
He: Time, cost and convenience?
She: 3 months v 30 years, Time is money, and why sweat when imagination doing the wonders.
He: Don’t you love me enough to give me what I want?
She: You know, as far as sex goes, I am a committed Catholic.
He: And?
She: You are not committed enough.
He: You think so?
She: No! You feel so, you think so, you know so, you say so and you act so.
He: I am thinking....
She: And?
He: Feeling?
She: I think you are over committed for the Prole version.
He: And?
She: Under committed for the Elite version!
He: and the Factory will be built?
She: Almost complete!
He: What about the last time?
She: Well, Prole version took time to kick in and sh/e hurriedly designed a holey factory.
He: And?
She: Factory had to be re-designed to make it Wholey.
He: Are you saying what I am thinking?
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He: be part of finishing the factory!
She: You bet.
He: And then we can ....
She: Yes, if you can prove consistent commitment before it’s all over!
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She: Yes, of course, if you can get it up and pounding!!
He: I think, no correction. I feel I love the way you love.
She: I will feel when you will.
He: Wait! one more question? What if I am not committed enough?
She: Like Him and her at best and like everyone else at worst.
He: Wait! One more question?
She: Shoot.
He: Can I ....Can .....Can I......have the Elite version?
She: Sure, I hope you know what Elite version means?
He: O’ Bummer!

Visible said...

Boy... I'll tell you, people are really losing their minds. Today I get two emails. One is from a curmudgeon who has been coming around for years, a bilious, sidewinder type that I've had problems with.

Apparently that bunch in Mexico never lets up. I know they poisoned other associations who had no physical contact with the scene and it was several years ago in any case but... the wires are jumping with manufactured gossip to no positive end.

I did what I had to do there so that I would not be forced into a guru tag team with people not qualified to be gurus. The venom that still comes out of that locale is proof positive there are no gurus there.

Anyway, this fellow comes in snorting and ranting because I didn't post his off the wall assault on me that was inspired out of Mexico, where indirect but totally obvious (to me)attacks always show up as supporting canon fire when other attacks arise. There's some kind of time release thing going on.

This fellow says to me, "You know that dream you had in India (can't even remember what he's talking about), well, the person in that dream was me". There are some real nut-jobs out there. Then he talks about me being all unstable on the John Friend interview and how he was watching and he could see this or that about me. The problem is that that was a radio show and there was no 'seeing' possible.

Then some guy writes in to tell me that whether I like it or not I'm famous down there in Orange county California so why does every single picture of me have to be me standing with that hand pose? I think there are 3, maybe 4 poses like that and many many pictures that do not include this. I have explained this over and over and over and over and over again about the poses and the Kundalini and this guy has been around for years.

Well, I get dozens of emails every day so a few like this are to be expected but, I have to say, I get some really loopy communications from people who think I am talking to them in their heads, who dream about me all the time, who see me in various colors with 4 arms and sometimes six arms, who have events relating to me while walking down the streets. Why these things happen I have no idea. I'm also not knocking anyone these things happen to, I'm just saying, there's a lot of this kind of thing.

What I do know is that some people who fancy themselves gurus can really hold a grudge and no one wanting to be a guru should be initiating underground, behind the scenes, guerrilla warfare against people.I recognize harms done at odd times (intentionally) and I also recognize a far more overwhelming body of good done and I recognize many habit patterns left by the side of the road but not by some, not by some.


Visible said...


There must be some kind of astrological thing going on at the moment, concerning me and people like this. I'm just going to let it roll right on by.

Maybe I shouldn't have done certain things but the fact is, I didn't really do anything. In both cases, which are the ONLY CASES, it was the fear of what might happen and NOTHING DID. NOTHING DID. So people over-reacted out of fear based paranoia that came to nothing and they blame me for coming off looking stupid and they especially resent me because it exposed their cowardice.

The shrinking violet who visited me in India wrote one of the readers here to say. "I'm in grave danger. I am sure I am going to die. If I get on a plane and that planes crashes I want you to know that it was murder! No matter how it happens, it will be murder". Of course, nothing happened, nor was there even a hint of any kind of threat from me. I thought I was engaged in scintillating conversation (from my end-grin) and neither I nor anyone else who was there suspected anything else.

It does not pay to have a ramped up ego, to be vain about yourself, to be self important or (in certain cases under discussion here) megalomaniacal. What happens when you don't get your way, or turn out to be completely wrong about something is that your brain catches on fire and you seethe with a terrible rage because you have falsely accused someone and are unable to make any of it stick because none of it was real.

The real mark of anyone who wants to consider themselves a teacher or a guide, of any kind, is the possession of a forgiving nature and an understanding heart. Without these you are an imposter and worse. We all make mistakes. We can get dirty rolling and tumbling in the material world and we, all of us, will find ourselves in all kinds of situations in life. Best to remember, "there but for fortune goes you and I".

People who hang on to their resentments, who lie about events, who scheme for years about payback over imagined slights, whose hearts are filled with anger and all kinds of darkness, should take a long hard look at themselves while they can, before certain inevitable things come upon them.

I'm comfortable with who I am and I like the direction I'm headed in. I've stopped just about every behavior anyone could call negative and I feel fantastic. We'll see how it all comes out in the final reel. Those standing around and hoping for others to fall, or worse, busy looking for ways to make that happen, should be advised to keep an eye on their own balance as they go.

Visible said...

LB; Let's get the proper address into your internet GPS so you d9on't wind up in locations where you'd rather not be by accident or on purpose.

I'm a little mystified by this most horrific event in history that you're talking about. Do you look like the character in Munch's "The Scream" when you think about it? This collective Hasbara zombie uprising is doomed to fail miserably. I saw you coming from way back

flyingcossack said...

speaking of hasbara zombies, im dancing with some ziotrolls here, Darkmoon site

seems they like to debate people not ideas, so as to create conflict between people

they even go on as if there is some conflict, even when there isnt

just as long as the attention is off what the jews are doing and have done

Anonymous said...

fucking briliant Vis

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

more distilled wisdom from the moonshiner...

As Lao Tzu famously said,

“He who feels pricked must have once been a bubble”.

When you can free yourself of these forces, drawbacks,{orientation} shortcomings; call them what you will, nothing anyone says to you means anything, neither the good nor the bad.

The good you pass back up the line..{attitude}

speaking of appendages..

once met a guy born with two fingers...{the middle ones}

he told me his stories from college skipping HIGH school..

he volunteered to be in the Marines and they turned him down,

NO TRIGGER FINGER, ...said he volunteered to be a decoy.

my sides were cramping when he had finished...

telling me just some of his this life.

mostly I like your attitude, you impress me {GRIN} in that you have a commitment to not lie to yourself, and from personal experience having had two sisters who married BAPTIST PREACHERS after going to BAPTIST PREACHER COLLEGE, lying to oneself can have seriously negative consequences for those related to those -
{JEW WORSHIPPERS} - programmed -

... conditioned to believe LIES.



Anonymous said...

The following revelation is going to fuck up the Dark Side's plan to control all drinking water in the world. I am assuming they will hurriedly try and pass laws to prevent people from desalinating ocean water using this inexpensive method. Anyway, it's good news, check it out:

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Lighting up the Bughouse in the Age of Looney Tunes

Visible said...

Flying Cossack; I consider Ms. Darkmoon not only to be a good friend but one of the smartest and bravest women I have ever met. The nasties are well aware of what she says and they key on her site relentlessly. For some reason they all but ignore me.

You can definitely get into rough and tumble over there. Occasionally people even go after me over there and I have no connection (other than invisible) with that place.

Anonymous said...

Throw some boxes of Crunch N Munch to the freaks in the rafters so it will keep them occupied. As for so called alternative lifestyles they can keep that to themselves and refrain from pros·e·lyt·iz·ing about how it is the only way and so wonderful for all. The stinky trollturds are out all over the web. Usually it is name calling, I have noticed the older you get the less you care about some smelly brown opinion. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear



Anonymous said...

I don't like the word 'believe'. 'Believe' implies commitment, to me, anyway. Some things I think are true and some things I think are not true. If I get compelling information which counters what I think then I change what I think. I don't 'believe'. I think.

Beliefs are dangerous things and true believers are the most dangerous people.


Visible said...

No one cares if you believe or not and no one should care whether I do or not. I think that's how it's supposed to work. and there is no one who has ever walked the earth, not a single exception who didn't believe in something because the word is relative and cannot be pigeonholed as the exclusive property of any concept or life form. it takes the shape of what employs it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

steve said...

Holy cow Les,
I shouldn't praise your essay, ain't I supposed to counter and confound you with my smartness (for your own benefit of course, to show how benevolent and compassionate am I)...
But brother you really hit one out of the park, home run.
Why my lad, I could na' had done better meself (he he he)!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Commenters are good too.
-steve in H-town.

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz, I think a person knows what they want. And I think there is a body of information like: the sun rises in the east, 2+2=4,..., etc.; things that are axiomatic. The rest of the universe is up for grabs. But it doesn't mean one has to believe anything. Makings suppositions out of things you observe is not necessarily believing. When people do take on beliefs that is when they start to pidgeonhole the little bits of their reality and that is when they start to get defensive about their mental/spiritual territory and that is when their minds begin to close.

In my humble opinion.

Hope all is well where you are.

Respectfully Submitted, McCob

Visible said...

thank you my brother!!!

McCob, what I was trying to say is that all that is just 'semantics'.

Anonymous said...

Les, You are my friend and my brother and you (your writing) has done a lot for me in terms of helping me sort out my thoughts. Basically, what are healthy thoughts as opposed to unhealthy thoughts. I thank you for that!

I look forward to reading the new Smoking Mirrors.


Visible said...

Thank you McCob. I am glad this is so and that my appearing (grin) to project some slight contention about what you said didn't mean anything.

From my perspective belief has mostly to do with 'who' is doing the believing. That colors the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Someone famous said "Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything". This involves belief. I believe there is a god who is active in human affairs. I believe in devoting one day a week to resting and communicating with god. I believe that angels and demons exist. I believe there are other dimensions which we can't normally perceive, but which are real nonetheless. I believe that the Golden Rule is the proper way to live, and that your life will turn out much better as a result. I believe that "with what measure ye mete, shall it be meted unto you". You can choose to disbelieve in all of the above, but if you do claim to believe these or other ideas, your life should be an expression of these beliefs -- albeit an imperfect one.

David V

Anonymous said...

Dear Viz, I don't expect what I say in here to go unchallenged. I am a flawed human being who is often wrong. But I am a big boy if I got an ass whoopin' coming I can take it.

To Dave: You are certainly entitled to your view point. In truth experiences in my life have pointed out to me that there is more than the physical universe. There is more to reality than what science can explain with reasonable certainity. In my opinion beleif is a loaded word and once a person commits to a belief it can become a dangerous.

Be well!




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