Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Ascent and the Descent and the Dead Zone Zombies.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

As the world changes and the world remains the same, more and more loopy, bizarre, absurd and ridiculous statements and events, present themselves through the individual, human conduits of the cosmic, Cloaca Maxima. The Conduit in Chief, Twinkle Toes Obama, can now moonwalk like Michael Jackson. We should perhaps call him the backpeddler in chief. He's got the super slide feature operative because the floor has been greased by the blood of his constituents. Zionists, dual nationals and lobbyists, are nose-hosing the ground for nutrients, which 'build dark bodies 12 different ways'.

Yes, Obama, trying to speak through a mouthful of crow feathers, has let the Europeans know that everybody does it; “what's the big deal?” Is this a thing of beauty or is this not a thing of beauty? First they create Al Qaeda, then Israel attacks the U.S. in Al Qaeda costumes, then they pour out financial, logistic and military aid to Al Qaeda in Syria, after having done the same in every other country they trampled under their feet, under orders from Israel. John McCain is taking photo oops (spelling pun intended) with Al Qaeda. Is that a great country or what? ...or was? or... or... uh... uh... sigh...

Yes, this is Origami but... in the interest of being timely, I could not overlook the burning tire and excrement stench of a hypocrisy barbecue in the morning. Oh... just wait until all of the blackmail details, on all of the political pawns, becomes public knowledge. Don't think it's not going to happen. Mr Apocalypse has been doing the old soft-shoe but now... now he's putting on his football cleats, for a little parietal lobe, tap dancing. It's like Gene Kelly, a month after he gets bit by a werewolf, or a Hollywood agent. We have entered the arc of steep descent, paralleled by the arc of irrepressible exposure. Don't ask me for the geometrical math dance, by which the two manage to touch each other at the point of peak descent and ascent. You'll need to take all of this up with Euclid. You might want to take a little acid too. It can't hurt.

Is there a point any longer to trying to make the world a better place? The reason I ask this is, looking at the world in its present state, it appears that the world cannot become a better place, until all of the worst elements have departed and that means a transition and stages of change, so dramatic that one can draw no comparisons between what seems to be and what has to be. Since what seems to be is intent on declaring and defensing its existence, precisely because it has none and is only an ephemeral hallucination, born out of a collective, diseased consciousness. It only seems to exist because the pathologically incontinent minds of bulk packaged, big box store, Dead Zone Zombies, fertilizes this hallucination, with the product of said incontinence, giving new meaning to the phrase, “shit for brains”.

Everything we see external to us, came out of us. The world we inhabit is a projection of our minds. If we have shit for brains, then we are residents in Shit City. Otherwise, our world is built out of whatever we used to construct it. This is where we get the understanding that we all live in a world of our own creation. There are general rules that apply across the borders of all of these worlds and then there are the specific rules that apply to the specific worlds. By example, consider what it means if in your world, up is down, black is white, right is wrong and wrong is right.

Let's consider anyone who plays by the rules, according to certain longstanding moral codes (no longer in existence, except in isolated pockets around the country). Let's consider the increasingly more and more bizarre belief systems that accompany these moral codes and the wider world they encounter, now and again and... hear about through their electronic devices and down at the corner store, if they still have one. Their Jesus got hijacked by the one's who killed him. Their religion and the founder are routinely insulted and laughed at by The Chosen, who are supposed to be God's special people. You don't have to look far to see them behaving at a level of refinement beyond anything that we lesser humans can aspire to.

So... here's a little exercise in logic. No rational person would accept that The Jews are God's chosen people. It defies all reasonable expectation that a people who have caused and are causing so much trouble, who were directly involved in bringing about the Russian and Ukrainian holocaust, who make up most, if not all of the Central Bankers, which, by extension, are responsible for most of the wars in recent and not so recent times. There is no peoples on Earth who are more directly and comprehensibly responsible for manipulating information, fleecing the international public and double crossing their allies. Some of the most (under the radar) powerful political and financial individuals in the west are dual nationals, whose first loyalty is to Israel. This has been proven any number of times. The attack on the U.S.S.S. Liberty says it all. So now, with all that has just been said; how can these people be God's chosen people when, according to the teachings of EVERY other religion, except for their own, they are in violation of every code of conduct that there is? This cannot be brought into dispute, except by vested interests and those entities whose loyalty they own, for one reason or another, and all of which they came into the possession of, as the result of criminal activity, or terminal ignorance.

So... if they are a chosen people, whose people are they really, according to the scriptural phrase, “by their works ye shall know them”? Somewhere out there in the land of the great unwashed, there must be someone who, given the information just presented, is unable, or 'unwilling' to follow a logical argument but... I would imagine that most of the readers understand the implications.

However another might slice it, to me this is a metaphysical condition, as well as a world problem. The power to do the things they do, does not come only from economic low jinks and endless deception, honed over the centuries with the blessing of their peculiar faith, which sees all other life forms as lesser beings than themselves. This grants the justification for any malevolent actions committed by them against everyone else. No guilt is to be felt and no apologies are offered. Then a professional con and an inflexible agenda, is created to display and portray themselves, as if they were the people who they victimize. They do this, even while they are engaged in contemptible offenses against the actual victims.

Where do they draw the strength and power from to do the things they do? Where do the Satanists draw their power from? The Catholic Church, the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, all have a multitude of deities that they petition for specific things. The Catholics have a saint for every need and occasion. The Hindus have a God for any purposes and the Buddhists have a Buddha for whatever the concern is. For those serving the dark side, the same thing applies. They have a demon for every purpose. According to ancient spiritual traditions, there is a code of acceptable behavior. The Buddhists have the Eightfold Path. Each of them has something similar. Apparently, if you have the need for things that fall outside the job description, if you want something that violates all acceptable standards, you have to take the elevator down to where you find those types, that perform the tasks that are against one's own humanity and the natural order.

None of these infernal activities come free of charge. Usually there is a blood price. Some kind of sacrifice is required. Maybe it is one of those, 'virgin kid' things, involving a real kid. That gets the juices flowing in high ticket seats underground. You don't honor, placate or impress any high end deities with the smell of burning carcasses, blood sacrifices or casual genocide of a people whose land you have stolen. Who you will impress is the underground king of darkness and his many minions. If you put out a plate of honey, flies will land on it. If you then put out a plate of shit next to the honey, all the flies will leave the honey. You will attract the invisible entities that match your aspirations and actions. That is another logical outcome along the lines of “like attracts like” and “birds of a feather flock together”. Heh heh... I just went looking for a link that stated this and found both of those phrases together as examples. Interesting.

I've tried to bring in certain spiritual angles here today and interplay them with a logic dance, so as to show that it is not all that difficult to use logic and reason, to prove all kinds of things that you might first imagine to be out of the reach of these things. The truth is, if you are disposed to finding the truth, all kinds of tools will take you there or indicate the direction. If you are not so disposed, then none of them will do this because that is not your objective. You already believe what you want to believe. This is one of the terrible misfortunes of the mind, when the ego sets about formulating a cosmos that agrees with what it wants to believe. One should carefully weight all the evidence they encounter in their quest, should they be fortuitously motivated to be on one ...and factor in what cannot be seen but can be intuited through the mind's algebra and trigonometry, in the sense that a triangle has three sides. In metaphysics, the interacting energy from two poles, postulates a third. It is similar to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence.

I don't have the time to go into intricate detail about things that have already been gone into, in intricate detail over the years. No one should have to have things spelled out for them, as if they were incapable of figuring it out for themselves. Unless you do figure it out for yourself, insofar as it can be figured out, you will not have a particular advantage that you simply cannot do without.

Yes, it appears that I have been hammering on the same theme for awhile now. I got my reasons. They are similar to my reasons for why I might answer some comments in a certain way. It has less to do with any emotional connection to what's being said and more about seeing what results from it, like, “what happens when I push this button”? When you want to comprehend motivation, you set things in motion to see what follows.

Until the world gets a clue and the reality of the ugliness afoot becomes clear to them, these things must be put forth into the public eye, until these truths are shouted from the rooftops and street corners and from electrical devices in millions of homes and wherever they are active. You'll have to bear with me for a short while. Some things just have to be said because not enough people are saying them, yet.

End Transmission.......


Visible said...


I need to point out something that came to my attention a couple of weeks ago (was brought to my attention), though it's been going on for awhile. That said, a new effort has gone into operation that is more pervasive, focused and concentrated in recent times.

I and some number of others have been targeted by the Zio-Bot armies of internet trolls whose job is to spread dissension and discord at the sites they visit.

From what I've been told, they are operating according to a new game plan, which involves creating multiple personalities and even employing multiple practitioners to go to sites and set up a modus operandi of benevolent aspect. Then over time, once they are ensconced as members of the community, they gradually drift into a state of disaffection and, in tandem with others, seek to sow havoc.

I need to point this out because you may well, probably will, see it in operation shortly. This has nothing to do with recent commentaries except perhaps tangentially.

It's not always going to be the cause of all controversy. Some people simply don't like what gets said at these blogs and they're welcome to their opinions. None of that is here nor there to me. I just go on doing what I do as I always will.

Sometimes it's just insanity. I know someone who goes to one of those bogus psychics; most of them are. This psychic tells this person I am a bad influence because this gives the psychic more power over the mind of the duped. Given the ridiculous things I have heard that are attributed to this psychic, I'm on sure ground with what I am saying here.

If I were demon possessed or driven by devils, I would scarcely be in opposition to all of the things they stand for and by this time, certainly, I would have worked the usual games that come out of establishing trust for the purpose of personal gain. Somewhere, over the years, the scam would certainly have emerged by now.

That I am occasionally unstable due to kundalini outbreaks and other pressures is not something I will argue against. One has to determine whether the good outweighs the bad; if good it is, if bad it is, given that everything is for the purpose of demonstration

All things will be revealed and uncovered in due course, over time. The value and lack of value in everything will be assessed when such things are summed up, wherever that takes place. I'm comfortable with however that turns out. We'll see, eventually.

In any case, I wanted to draw your attention to things that might be going on around here, ahead of time. It's always better to be forewarned and... forearmed (grin).

Alright, carry on.

Anonymous said...


rosko said...


has anyone here ever read the 'Seth' series of books? They're quite heavy going and if you can't get your head round the notion of 'channelling' they won't be of much interest to you but I've read a few now and recommend them highly.

'The Nature of Personal Reality' is a good example and fits well with all Vis writes on this matter. The motto of this book is: 'you create your own reality' and after reading the latest Origami it just reminded me of this concept.

Sure, there are ground rules for everyone like gravity, or the fact you can't grow a new limb if you lose one but after that, well anything is possible!

I am living proof of this, my whole life is as it is because I chose, quite consciously, to create a new reality.

People, this works. It takes effort and dedication plus routine and persistence but - it works!

Visible said...

It's only necessary to post a comment once (grin).

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. A new game plan? Sounds more like a variation on a theme, only using bigger and better technology for the same old malevolent purpose; to deceive, manipulate and plunder. Same ol’ shite; different day. Divine spark nurtures true creativity with a mind and intent to benefit all. Without that spark, there is no true creativity. The beings who serve the lower entities are obliged to parasite creativity and harness that energy to serve their own purpose. And so they do. And by their works, we shall know them. – Love to all, Serena

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the hysterically bogus "priest-beheading" video, allegedly demonstrating the actual decapitation of a Catholic priest and two other individuals? For purposes of experiencing sheer hilarity, you will want to check it out -

Michael Rivero, ex-Hollywood special effects guru, posted a link to this video on his site, along with a warning about the graphic contents of the video, and an admonition to the US Government about the perilous path it was currently traversing. (A thinking person might want to consider that for a moment. Rivero, an ex-Hollywood special effects master, can't tell that this video is fake? Heh.)

You will notice a few eye-catching details as you watch this allegedly "genuine" video; during the "beheading" of the first dummy (er, I mean, person), the video freezes up at the critical moment that the "beheading" actually begins (how convenient for the theatrical stagers here, eh?). Then, after unfreezing, it clearly shows that a dummy has been positioned on the ground in place of the previously observable human being. Next up, you can see weird bulges underneath its clothing, among other visual anomalies. After the "beheading" is finished, the "head" is placed atop the corpse, and, prior to the moment that the second bogus beheading actually gets underway, the face of this supposedly detached head actually MOVES, you can see the mouth moving, and other facial movements - hilarious!

Then it gets even weirder - while watching the second "beheading", you can likewise clearly discern that this is not an actual event. The camera jitters around during the beginning stages of the actual "beheading" process, so that it's hard to see exactly what is happening. And, when it finally focuses on the action, so that you can clearly see what is going on, there is no visible blood spurting at all - the blood runs out of the "neck" of the victim (only in one location) directly downward, like a rolling river. After a brief time, it stops flowing altogether. If a person's jugular vein is torn while a "rebel" is sawing away at a "victim's" neck area, blood spatter would gush out in all directions, like a freaking lawn sprinkler.

I turned the video off at this point and didn't stick around to watch the third "beheading" - a little child could easily tell it was all staged (but not a sleeping, "truth-seeking" pajama person, who is being led down the primrose path, to La-La Land, by Pied Pipers like Mike Rivero)...

Stay sleepy, my friends.

Anonymous said...

“what cannot be seen but can be intuited through the mind's algebra and trigonometry, in the sense that a triangle has three sides. In metaphysics, the interacting energy from two poles, postulates a third.”

In the literal sense, this may help explain the white triangle I saw against a black background of what appeared to be a series of computer weather radar screens, on the way to sleep a few weeks ago. I could see the depth of the white triangle in the foreground to the left. When I looked left to focus on it, the scene was gone.

After all, I am a gazillion shades of gray.

Thanks again for the clue, Vis.


katz said...

we may have our differences, and often you do tend to be somewhat negative, but still, I consider your work to be important, and value you as a person.

things will always come up....but if they do, you have my support.

KUDOs on your work. we are all trying.....

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post is gonna b a little weird, and speculative, but why is Israel the way it is? The video I am about to post is 1 3/4 hours long, it's called "Zero Point : Volume III - The Legacy of the Ark", here's the link:

Here's what I think of it, from the content of this video. Someone was at the right place at the right time, or should I say 'wrong place at the wrong time' when a technology was found by or delivered to a tribe that would be corrupted beyond measure with the military power this technology could provide. It's a reason to consider yourself chosen if it was delivered by someone obviously not from here who was erroneously deified simply for the fact of having superior technology. Judging from our history, it is in human nature to dominate those you can simply because you can, and if you have such power over another; people generally consider the weaker a lesser being than themselves as evidenced by so many genocidal conquests of the past.

The weapon was lost a bit more than a couple of thousand years ago, but something was established that was not lost. Then Judaism gets hijacked by the ruthless Khazars who seemed to have taken over, who the world has never managed to free itself from.

Nothing lasts forever in this cesspool of a realm, however; and maybe people. . .what's left of them. . .will finally be free not only of the Ashkenazi misery, but of the monetary system which must be the worst invention that ever hit the planet.

My opinion, not necessarily fact. It is a cool video if you have the time, and I've seen other videos on the same subject with the same information in different words.

dirtykid© said...

A new tactic? I figured that was what this whole 'your comment will appear after it's been approved' thing was all about...

The shills are already known to use multiple names each for these comments and trolling operations, so it was simply a matter of time before they started 'acting' like your friend for a while. Given that simply trolling tends not to have much effect on intelligent people who are alert to brainwashing.

In any case, best of luck with vetting the fakes, as I am sure that's going to get much more difficult.


Visible said...

Well, I comment on what I see and the majority of it is? Uh huh. Now, I could blow smoke and paint all kinds of cheerful images but... that would be a lie. I do extend positive projections for the future and I'm optimistic all through my day but that is more due to my interactions with the invisible.

I just cooked up a batch of Pasta Fangul (grin), which reminded me how much I love to cook. All through my life I have known men who could not cook. I sincerely pitied them; not that I could understand why they were unwilling to learn. I think it comes out of being too attached to your physical mother.

On the novel front, the good news is that I am now steady at it every evening, as I am right now and have been for a week. I got just the one short chapter to go and the brief epilogue so it should be out in August. I think I will consider it a birthday present to myself. I'm watching "The Sopranos" (second time) series on half the screen as I go.

Next book to follow, coming around Christmas (it's a lot easier to write and shorter) is, "The Care and Feeding of the Sweetie".

Anonymous said...

Many posters here (and Visible as well) have noticed a type of mass insanity afoot in the general populace. This just might explain it -

To read a dazzling essay regarding the occult symbology of the JFK assassination, go to the following URL -

Anonymous said...

Who speaks ill of the great Rivero? Is this one of those shills on the troll payroll allowed to comment for the purpose of demonstration?

missingarib said...

vis,amen to your hammering home that---- "here's a little exercise in logic. No rational person would accept that The Jews are God's chosen people. It defies all reasonable expectation that a people who have caused and are causing so much trouble,"
Jesus said to the chief priests and officers of the temple and elders who had come against Him, “Have you come out with swords and clubs as you would against a robber? 53“While I was with you daily in the temple, you did not lay hands on Me; but this hour and the power of darkness are yours.”
“Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. 2“But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. 3“Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.

4“I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that have no more that they can do. 5“But I will warn you whom to fear: fear the One who, after He has killed, has authority to cast into hell; yes, I tell you, fear Him! 6

Your message should be clear to all conscious people everywhere "where the "dead zombies draw the strength and power to do the things they do? Where do the Satanists draw their power from? "
much love
live long

Visible said...

This is why these blogs must relentlessly work to expose these fiends.

Anonymous said...

There is some hubbub at WRH over other blogs posting articles and not naming sources. Who cares as long as the message gets out to the most people in the shortest amount of time. I can always read the headline paste it in a search engine and get the same article from somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

You should feel honored, if the trolls are after you, you must be saying the right things. Yesterday on the WRH website I read an article that said Obama was afraid of an awake America. I think the man is paranoid; we don’t want to kill him. After we set eighty percent of our prisoners free we will provide him a private cell along with every politician and banker in the country. I would personally volunteer to see that he is well fluoridated and vaccinated. He would be given main stream media 24/7. We would spray his cell daily with a little chemtrail dust just like the type he gives us every day. He would be fed all of the fast food and GMO’s that he could stand to consume and we would make Dr’s Burn, Slash, and Poison his personal physicians. Well, on second thought, I guess we do want to kill him. (Grin) Have a good one.

geobro said...

vis my computer lit up when i pressed on your blog from the rense site first time i seen that happen ?? the nra must be watching

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,
Thanks again from a longtime reader. I think I last commented over 6 years ago, then got put off from that... But never stopped reading. Keep up the GOOD (in every sense of the word) work!

Parzival said...

From Veterans Today

zepheri said...

all about the drama, gotta love it
600 velpsubl

Skepticfrog said...

The depraved Ghouls of Zion know one thing: it takes only ONE person of the right ingredients to lead (and succeed) in a game-changing movement. History is full of individuals like that.
They don't know where he/she is, and who it is (or will be). It scares them shitless, as your (or your kind of) words may (or will) reach that particular person of that unique ability and he/she will SEE and then begin his or her ascent, culminating in their demise or destruction.
Of course, they think they can catch and kill such an individual in time. However, as history also shows, they don't always succeed, or succeed in time. For example, they killed Jesus. However, it was too late regardless; the idea/teaching/belief system lived on and succeeded (for good or ill - depending on your point of view).

The sheer depravity of Rome on every conceivable level was a significant (in fact, critical) help for the success of Christianity. The dead-on same depravity of the hideously ugly and depraved siamese twin 'freak of nature': USrael is a superbly fertile ground for such change to take root, spread and flourish.

I'm convinced, it will happen again, soon, as it happened in history many times before.

Parzival said...

You'll find this applicable:

Anonymous said...


and quite interestingly..

The paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual...,7340,L-3083,00.html

the righteous indignation born of the overpowering LOVE energy available even to the least of these my brethren is the KEY...

fortunately, there's Visible



Anonymous said...

Two NSA recruiters tried to recruite students at the University of Wisconsin. Listen to this and enjoy the biggest ear-to-ear grin you will probably have today.


bee wrangler said...

great post. Waking up the sleeping masses is not easy. kinda like sucking bees out of a house is not easy. one of my customers said it must be about as easy as herding cats. ha- that's a fact jack...
be well my friend- jen

the gardener said...

Heard about the 'anti-semitism' offered up by Alice Walker yet? And the vicious denunciations of her personally and professionally by those whose works of her have offended? LOL HYSTERICAL!

(couldn't find the site I'd originally read, did a search and HOLY MOLY! There's a whole lot of screeching going on!) (GREAT photo of her... she is a very healthy person)

there are many more samplings of the hatred poured upon this 'Palestinian aid flotilla witness Walker' for speaking TRUTH/REALITY!

Never know where it is going to come from-that is for sure. *grins*

along with my readings of Springmeir who really gets into the political/financial backings of the 'churches' the histories of their 'leaders' etc... and look what happened to Fritz who is always left out of the 'murdered for their speaking out'... what about that Adam kid who started reddit etc... his 'suicide'?

These 'chosen' ones are very very serious about their 'sacrifices' and blood/death oaths they take and practice so much in secret with thousands of dead souls working their black magic upon all life on this earth.

All a matter of timing. Love you Vis...

the gardener

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Sheikh Sayed Hassan Nasrallah is a very rare and great person of this present Kali yuga time.

A bonafide General/Acharya.

His dharma is ripening. This will undoubtedly be of remarkable assistance in fulfilling karma for multitudes of demons.

If people cannot or will not realize who this person is, well, what can be done?

Those who do are rewarded with the satisfaction (among other things) of knowing they are linked up with the truth.

the gardener said...

RE: beheading video... call me jaded but I just assumed it was a gory way to bring in those who fake their care about any living force on this planet-stir them up so they want to KILL KILL KILL! (and be given honor and pay for it too!... until Johnny comes marching home)

the gardener

PS-spent the SECOND late evening of this week listening to maniacal bomb sounds disturbing my peace and upsetting my innocent animals. under the guise of 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATIONS???? Imagining the ghoulish grimacing of who ever was doing the works for over an hour... wtf!!!! causing me to go into a 'bad place' wishing those big horrible BOOM BOOMS would go off in the face of whoever was perpetrating such violence upon the night.

Just how many times can a person 'oooh' and 'ahhh' over FIREWORKS in one life time? (unless one is really inebriated or ?)

Fire and gunshots sounds, bombs bursting do not resonate with freedom to me. Maybe the ethers need this kind of shake up-wake up cyclically?

the gardener said...

RE: Seth books... I read some back in the late 70s... a dear friend of mine got back into them and extolled their virtues to me right before she passed on (not being able to 'take being here' another minute)... A lack of love killed her as it does so many on this planet. I will search out Seth books however, thanks for the reminder.

the gardener

the gardener said...

RE: Springmeir's book online "pdf] Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier
Fritz Springmeier
told his disciples

BE Wise as Serpents is the history of the systematic destruction of Christianity and the building of a 1-world-religion. As you read this research based on a. confidential interviews with participants within in the conspiracy, b. interviews of unwitting participants within the conspiracy, c. and historical documentation you will discover that there is great evidence for a history we have not been told, and a great struggle before mankind as the one-world-power/religion comes into focus.

Fritz Springmeier
for private circulation only
copyright 1991 by Fritz Springmeier"

This SHIT goes way back-the need to secretly take over the wealth and energies of the WORLD for the HAHAHAHAH prophets etc profits...

Smyrna said...

This fucking wind!

I'm a good cook, Vis. What do you want? Gumbo? Paella? Some French thing involving pastry?

I picked up this book once in a good second-hand shop called 'Linda Goodman's Astrology' or something or other. In the Virgo sun/Libra moon section it started off by telling me I was a good cook.

Robert Phoenix is a Virgo sun/Libra moon too I believe. There's obviously something hip going on with that distinction.

My mother is/was a bland cook. My father was a terrier at the stove-top. Mainly offalesque numbers like tripe, lambs fry, brains, rabbit etc that was his comfort food from growing up in the great depression.

Cheers. Keep on truckin' brother.

mike m said...

Did you all see where Oblamo is now stopping head of state international travelers in his newest version of "Where's EricSnow"?

Whatever comes of this sideshow I hope in the least it exposes to a wider audience what a fraud Oblamo is and what a mess the U.S. of A holes has become , not that a lot weren't aware of these facts already.


Happy Fourth ;-)

mike m said...

They are on a roll.......

"Newspaper forced to apologize over anti-Semitic clue in crossword puzzle

Tribune Media Services newspapers printed a crossword clue where the three-letter answer for Shakespeare's 'Shylock' was 'Jew'
In response the Anti-Defamation League asked the paper to print an apology and refrain from using clues that perpetuate negative Jewish stereotypes

The paper issued an apology and promised not to print the clue again"

Another bunch of pussies who won't just tell them to go fuck themselves.

But when you tie yourself to their material illusions you leave yourself open to all kinds of abuse.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "So now, with all that has just been said; how can these people be God's chosen people..."

The difference is that, indeed, these are god's chosen people. By god, I mean the paranoid, mean-spirited, control-freak, third-string Anunnaki, YHWH (or Yahweh, Jehovah, etc.), who certainly made a 'deal' with the ex-Hyksos leaders (proto-Hebrews). Some while ago, I made the following comment that still applies to this 'problem':

I kind of divide religions (not spirituality) into two camps - Universal and Tribal. Universal religions have a to-the-core feeling that 'we are one' in some manner, and so some actions toward others are naturally proscribed. Tribal religions have an 'in-group' and an 'out-group', and subsequent freedom-of-action toward the out-group. (Some Tribal religions have mini-groups that embrace Universal values, and vice versa.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...


You did WW 1, yes you did!
You did WW 11, yes you did!
You did 9/11, yes you did!

Nobody loves you, do you?
Nobody cares you, do you?
Nobody trusts you, do you?

You did WW 1, no you didn’t!
You did WW 11, no you didn’t!
You did 9/11, no you didn’t!

Do you love you, yes you do?
Do you care you, yes you do?
Do you trust you, yes you do?

You did WW 1, yes you did!
You did WW 11, yes you did!
You did 9/11, yes you did!

Time for WW-3 is here!
The space for WW-3 is here!
The players for WW-3 are here!

You did WW 1, no you didn’t!
You did WW 11, no you didn’t!
You did 9/11, no you didn’t!

I wanna do WW-3, yes I do!
He wanna do WW-3, yes he does!
You wanna do WW-3 yes you do!

You did WW 1, yes you did!
You did WW 11, yes you did!
You did 9/11, yes you did!

Bow the hat with no love!
Wear the hat with no care!!
Just DO IT with no trust!!!

I don’t miss you, Miss You
Miss Duality

marilyn said...

hello les visible,
it made me smile as i was reading the comments to come across the gardener's words, 'lack of love'...i posted that on the door of my business 15 years ago. actually, it said, 'closed due to lack of love'...
seems like i've told you that before but not sure..if so, sorry for repeating.
a question for you. if you can create your own reality, can you create your own reality that includes most everyone else?
if so, i'm thinking it's time for the feminine side to step up.
ps. i love the fireworks. the only thing wrong with the grand finale is that it is the grand finale. i love them because they are like a mega dose of liberty-mindedness for my heart and brain.
be safe.

Anonymous said...

In December 1969 300,000 people turned up at Altamont for a free concert featuring some of the biggest rock luminaries of the era including, notoriously, the Rolling Stones. It was supposed to be Woodstock 2, or some such.

Long story short--it ended up being a bad vibe nightmare for all concerned as 300 bikers hired for 'security' --less than 0.1% of the crowd succeeded, by their very presence, in turning the place into the last-act bummer of the apocryphal narrative of the "1960s". It was 300,000 vs 300. Had the crowd awoken and rallied it could have stomped them out of existence within 5 minutes.

Same thing is happening today on a global scale with the ziofreaks.
There's not much sign of any widespread awakening, yet Stockholm Syndrome still prevails.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

OBarnum and Co. threw their sacred 'perception is everything' mantra to the dogs and simply went plain old gangster on Evo Morales. Nothing fancy really. Just the ancient same old same ole offer..

Simultaneously rubbing one of plenty more to come cream pies into the world's collective face.

flyingcossack said...

the greatest threat to international jewry is one of them awakening ... many ziotroll hasbara sayanim are teetering on the verge of consciousness ... all it takes is for one to have an epiphany ... and decide not to live eternity by the conditions they have applied to others ... and do their penance now by shooting up that control room

Visible said...

A Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Cup of Upchuck Formula, Down at the Paddles Club.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

It's the American Way; not to Go, C'est Terrible

Visible said...

there is a new Petri Dish up now-

Stalking Horses and Robot Whores of the Kali Yuga.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"I don't like you
But I love you
Seems that I'm always
Thinking of you
Oh, oh, oh,
You treat me badly
I love you madly...

Shiv's really got a hold on me..

Anonymous said...

so i'm sitting here thinking
about l v and all of you

and this puzzle we're trying
to tear apart piece by piece

when we finally get to the end +
we see a completely fresh slate

on it we can create anything we like
i would suggest you choose wisely

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

est, that slate is our own individual slate and can be erased anytime we choose to do so. Anytime.

Right this moment, in fact.

Write on..

Anonymous said...

Much like a cat can't hide its catness - a troll can't hide its trollness. A low functioning person caught in the dark swirl of its own mind can't pretend to be a high functioning being. A high functioning being could pretend to be a low functioning person, but in reality they would have no motivation to do so. Much like psychopaths can only mimick emotions so can trolls only mimick high functioning beings. One of the fundamental problems is they simply can't tell the difference between the two other than a difference of opinion. To them people are all at their level, so those in disagreement with their reality must be brought to heal. They simply can't resist this driving compulsion to berate and tear down others. So it is only a small matter of time before what they really are shows up and probably sooner rather than later.



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