Friday, June 28, 2013

Two for the Tango or Dancing in the Dark.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to the Origami sector! Many things are in the flow as we go. Some of these things seem quite optimistic in the sense of, “its time has come”. That's what you usually see, when things come together with very little effort on your own part. It's something you can usually trust. Rather let us say it is my nature to do so. On the other hand, I'm getting some amount of input, intending to let me know that the country I have in mind for relocation, is a hotbed of intrigue and crazy shamans beating up on wannabe shamans, in a location I have no intention of visiting in the first place; so it goes. It's my plan (insofar as I make plans) to stay in one place and immerse myself in my work. That's how it usually goes and I have no motivation to change that. It works for me. I figure you can sit in the lake and make no ripples if that is your inclination.

I've been contacted by Rixon from The Truthseeker. He tells me that Smoking Mirrors is now permanently blocked at his site. I don't know the details of that but that's how it is and I suppose it's another feather in my cap, were I the sort to wear a cap. We already know about the Facebook announcements, which state that my sites are toxic. We know that they are blocked in different locations and that those locations rotate with others and that commenting is shut off at different times and places. I don't concern myself with that. My job ends with publication. Whatever follows, follows. Most people don't know that life is a movie. They might hear that and... they might agree in principle ...but the full awareness that we are starring in a film about our lives, doesn't compute in a real and meaningful way. It should.

Movies have scenery, actors, costumes, a director, hopefully a plot, though, I suspect, there are variable plots. Sometimes we decide on a single plot as the totality of our participation and sometimes we move back and forth between plots, sorting out what's best for us. Experience informs us (hopefully) of the value of any given plot. We're granted ample time to change. Some people are forgiving, given what they've learned from and about their own behavior. Some people are not, given that they haven't learned much at all; still convinced that everything is someone elses fault and are more inclined to 'dancing in the dark', as opposed to learning the Tango, which as you know, requires two to perform.

We've all heard that phrase, “the truth will out”. Just like the phrase about life being a movie, most of us hear this, nod in a form of recognition ...but the deep and resonant impact of it goes astray somehow. I recently learned some telling things about a couple of individuals that I found myself on the outs with, due to interactions that didn't go the way either of us might have expected. It was an eyeopener to me to discover that certain people have a long history of being other than what they presented themselves as. The internet has a long memory. It is fair surprising what you can discover if you have the right amount of due diligence. In this case, it was not the fruit of my own efforts but the fruit of anothers; one more capable of these things than myself. My surprise was great. I won't be going into any detail about this. Others might but it's not my style and I'll gain no great reputation for having made these revelations public. Sometimes in the effort to justify ourselves, at the expense of others, we only tarnish ourselves further. No matter how deserving some might be at having truths about them made known, it's not my place to do it. Like I said, 'life is a movie' and life will take care of every detail in its own time.

When I say that life is a movie, I mean for that to be paralleled with the Chinese saying, “character is fate”. Some say that character is fixed. I believe it to be fluid, unless one fixes it themselves. It's a personal affair. We do not move into darkness or light, usually, in a dramatic or immediate way. We move into either of them by stages, usually. Of course that 'road to Damascus' thing can happen but usually, we move by increments and degrees for a good reason. Common sense ought to tell us that we are moving into dark country and common sense ought to tell us we need to change direction. We're given time. We're given sign posts. We're given events and interactions that can transfer wisdom, if we read them aright.

I've noticed two main traits in humanity. One is the willingness and capacity to learn and to change. The other is to already know everything and possess no desire to change. In times of materialism overload, the latter tends to predominate over the former. These conditions are matched by one's innate desire to see deeper into life or, conversely, to be amply satisfied by surface trivia and a narrow range of appetites, aggressively manipulated by mendacious corporations, unrestrained by the usual legal and social inhibitions that might have existed in previous times. Witness that psychopathic ogre, 'Nestles'. If you haven't seen this documentary you really should. It tells the tale about how bad it can get when the corporations own the governments and when all the laws are vetted by corporation lawyers and lobbyists. It's a snatch and grab free for all.

Of course, no governmental or social system can expect to prosper for any great length of time, when their sole operating intention is to suck the public dry. Cosmic law says you can't continue in this way for very long, before you chew off your own foot. In keeping with this kind of behavior, you make lasting enemies, both visible and invisible and your doom is fixed and certain. There is no reprieve. There is only one question; will they destroy the world before they destroy themselves? Logic tells us that they cannot destroy the whole world but they can very well destroy those parts of the world that they service and occupy. Whatever is in the slipstream of their whirlpool, will follow them down into that location, earmarked for the speculations of future archaeologists. It's a known fact that when something has outlived its usefulness, provided it had any in the first place, as it is going down, something else is coming up. As those cultures, steeped in corruptions and rotted from the inside out, enter their inescapable terminal phase, they are counterpointed by emerging cultures in new locations. It behooves the observant to be able to tell the difference between them and to show the necessarily sagacity to relocate themselves to a place where living has more currency than dying.

In respect of things under discussion today, I've put up a Les Visible blog posting that is going to provide a clearing house for updated information, having to do with possibilities for relocation, in those cases where it may apply. Everyone else can feel free to ignore this (grin). I would appreciate being spared rumors, projections, innuendos and cherry picked news items, about locations at a far remove from the one under discussion; as if places many hundreds of kilometers away, have some sort of connection. It is as if someone reading about an unfortunate incident in Texas, decided to contact me in Idaho, about the possibility of it happening there too. Anything can happen anywhere. The odds of it doing so, are largely dependent on the same personnel and conditions being duplicated. Sometimes that's almost to be expected and sometimes it is rare indeed.

Fear is an attractor. It's a negativity magnet. Most of the time, the things people worry about do not happen but... if you invest the necessary amount of concentration and meditation on negative possibility, you can definitely make bad things happen. It's beyond debate that all kinds of physical maladies come out of worry and anxiety. Pressure and stress are a guaranteed intestinal, Molotov Cocktail, when added in with worry and anxiety. Given the state of the world at present, these things are not in short supply. They flourish like runaway Kudzu through society at large. You either take the trouble and show the courage and confidence to reject these imposters out of hand, or they turn into that gang of thugs, waiting at the street corner every day on your way to work, or lurking under your bed at night. Your fear puts them there. They were never there before and they aren't even there now. It just looks like they are, so you wind up getting mugged by shadows, chased by wraiths; whistling past the graveyard, as if the dead will be impressed.

Certain things are meant to happen but the way we respond to them is not fixed. If we adjust our response mechanisms ahead of time, maybe things pending might never even need to happen. Many things only need to happen in order to bring about a certain awareness in us. If we embrace that awareness ahead of time, the cosmic GPS adjusts our routes. We don't need to go through things that we don't need to go through. If we had the capacity (and we do), to just let go of everything and take everything as it comes ...and never depart out of the moment, we'd be very pleased with the results. Unless we're pleased with our results, we need to change the way we go about our lives.

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The John Friend radio broadcast is here for those who missed it at the last posting-


Anonymous said...

More awesomeness!!

Thanks for being that open channel, Vis. Good stuff comes through when that happens. (Well, in your case anyway!) :) can I really do it? Can I just simply stop being afraid and fearful and just totally accept everything that comes my way as meant to be for my own good???

Well.... YES!!!

Ok! Is there a good reason why I shouldn't do this right now? No!

Onward then! And God help me when it's time for the cosmic pop quiz to test my conviction. :)

Jim in FL

wiggins said... Bullguard security always allows me onto your three blogs but blocks Mr Friends for some strange reason......where there is a will there is a way. ;-)

Sim said...

Not even vaguely on topic; just a reply to Bryan who (in the Petri Dish comments) has a problem with orange colored links on some of Vis' sites.

The problem isn't with Google or Vis' sites - your browser has caught a cold and needs to be fixed.

Most commonly the bug will result in random words forming green links but orange links aren't exactly a rarity. If these orange links you see are underlined (or double underlined) and if you hover over them you get an annoying pop up, then it's definitely a malware problem.

There's info at those links which should help you fix it and good luck!

Visible said...

Wow! I was getting those too; not now though. I thought it came with Blogger

deputy day shift said...

Well Les, good post. You are prolific, I don't understand how there can be only one Les given the amount of output.
As far as plot in our movies goes, I think the movie, like time and space, is not linear...but simultaneous. A theatre of all possibilities. Our character may really be fixed - but we're still trying in this confusion to discover it. Purposes of demonstration, as you say.
You have to expect the swine to disregard the pearls, as far as 'blocking' goes. But some very special and 'important' piggies understand about pearls but (for reasons only known to themselves) don't want anyone else to find them.

dirtykid© said...

Blogger doesn't add links to content unless you've turned on AdSense, and even then it doesn't link your content but puts a "sponsored link" between paragraphs or between posts somewhere...

I have seen sites that use those annoying pop up advertiser links as an actual means of advertising... But if they are happening at any of these blogs is probably time to run spybot or malwarebytes.

kf said...

"Given the state of the world at present, these things are not in short supply."

Once again my friend I must say "Amen"


Flecker's Magick said...

Was wondering myself about the following question, and i found your answer most interesting and timely:

"There is only one question; will they destroy the world before they destroy themselves? Logic tells us that they cannot destroy the whole world but they can very well destroy those parts of the world that they service and occupy. Whatever is in the slipstream of their whirlpool, will follow them down into that location, earmarked for the speculations of future archaeologists."

I believe you've just about summed it up.

Amazes me the way you can do this.

Thanks again for being vis.

Go well good people.

mick said...

You're the only guy left who's smart enough for me to read.

Live forever, Les Visible.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

"Enjoy your Double Bloomburger on Hard Roll with Toe Cheese".



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